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5 Ways To SAVE MONEY In College | Back To School 2019 - 2020

**5 Ways To SAVE MONEY In College | Back To School 2019 – 2020**



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hey what's up YouTube Bishop Boise to Krypton mining and as school is about to get back into session a lot of you guys going up to college I'm gonna give you the top five ways to save money while you're in college let's get into alright so number five the number five way to save money why colleges do not buy brand new books if you're gonna offer up Amazon eBay you could buy a lot of You professor books through second hand oxygens and stuff like that if you're buying them brand new books could be anywhere from 120 to 200 dollars if you're buying them use it's the exact same book exact same material and you can get it for up to fifty to seventy-five percent off also on the same topic once you finish with that class as a college graduate once I finish taking the class I have never ever once in my life use that book again so don't try to save the book and don't try to return the book to the book store and get it for full value because they're gonna give you maybe 10% of what you pay for it so I said it instead of selling it back to the bookstore what you want to do is you know off of Craigslist eBay Amazon and sell your books back it to another person that's trying to buy next year or during the next semester you just post bulletin boards on the school website or you just post them inside the dorm rooms on kids that's taking that class next semester and you'll be able to sell your books that way for even bigger property so that's the number five way to save money while in college all right now coming to the number four way to save money while in college is to actually do not buy cable okay now if you're living on the dorm rooms and your dorm have cable fine but if you're moving off campus and you're thinking about getting a cable package to watch TV don't get it you could get your internet package for around thirty to forty dollars a month one roommate buy Hulu and the other roommate by netflix and with YouTube combined you guys subscribe to the channel subscribe to China where you two combined you guys can pretty much watch any TV show in our movie available out there and you're already in college so you don't need to be in the house hooked up watching TV shows out there all that you need to go out there and enjoy your college life but you do not need to spend 100 to $150 a month on cable when you could just spend $7.99 on Hulu and $12.99 for Netflix and between the two roommates you guys could split that up over the internet package but yeah that's the number four way to save money while in college all right that brings us to number three the number three way to save money while in college is to it's gonna be a surprise is to actually cook your food and don't go out to eat every single day for fast food for breakfast lunch and dinner okay if you spend on average of $7 for breakfast lunch and dinner for each one that's around $21 a day okay let's just round that to 20 if you spend 20 every single day okay twenty times seven days that's $140 a week and if you do that for a month you're gonna spend a total of five hundred and sixty dollars in a month on fast food if you don't learn how to cook your freshman year okay so guys learn how to cook now if you go to the grocery store is it's been two hundred and fifty bucks on groceries for the month our groceries that could carry up with for the rest of the school year cereal steak anything that you want to eat or even bump there any up to three hundred dollars a month you will still save over two hundred three hundred dollars just by cooking instead of eating fast food every single day so that's the number three ways to save money while in college I bring us the number two the second way the second best way to save money while in college is to believe it or not grab your student ID and use your student discounts especially for back-to-school shopping Apple runs a program where they discount their laptops up to one hundred almost two hundred dollars off their brand-new laptop if you have a student ID you can also go to H&M and and they also have student discounts when you show your student ID so you could write something on your hand whenever you go out and say hey remind me to show my student ID because there are a lot of stores out there that actually discount students for showing that student ID one mistake that I made I lost my idea College and I'd never cared about replacing it so I never got my student discount but I'm passing this knowledge down to y'all so then when you're out shopping buying food buying electronics buying furniture just try to use your student ID wherever you go you never know there might actually be a student discount waiting for you and that's the number two way to save money while in college alright and that brings us the number one the one that you guys all been waiting for the best way to save money while in college and not only with it only saving money but it will actually make you money that's right I said it'll make you money but before I get back into the number one reason you guys got to go down hit the thumbs-up button and subscribe and I'll tell you what the number one way is to save money while I cover all right now that you guys like to subscribe I'm go ahead tell you what it is the best way to save and make money while in college is to actually use what you're learning in college if you're going to college to be a photographer start an Instagram and start posting pictures to blow up and promote your page that way start a YouTube channel if you're going to college to be a sound engineer start making beats and sell them on soundcloud if you go on to college to be a artist sign up on offer up and start painting picture portraits on offer up not only that is gonna add up over time but starting early in college you never know you could blow up to where you can actually become your full-time job you guys make a lot money if you had college for PR and you want to get in front of a camera to learn how to speak in public and in front the camera start a YouTube channel and you guys will started making money that way so if you're in college learn everything you can while in college learn your majors learn your profession learn your trade and actually start using that trade to start to make money while in college so you don't have to wait until after you graduate to get some actual experience using your trade so that is the number one way to make money while you're in college go ahead and subscribe to the channel this is your boy Zeke the crypto minor check out these other videos that's probably gonna be right there over here they're gonna be somewhere but yeah subscribe like it's gonna be more videos to come this is the back to school house of the top five ways to save money while in college and this is your Boise to Krypton minor and I'm out

Hacks To Save A TON Of Money

**Hacks To Save A TON Of Money**



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People will do anything to save a buck, and can you blame them…? Life hacks have become one of the internet’s most popular categories and searches.

10 LIFE HACKS for SAVING MONEY in COLLEGE! | Back to School 2017

**10 LIFE HACKS for SAVING MONEY in COLLEGE! | Back to School 2017**



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Today I’m back with another back to school video! Here ya have 10 tips for how to save big bucks in college & beyond. Thanks again to Slugbooks for partnering with me to make this video! Click for more info: ​

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Want to learn how to save money in college?! Today I’m showing you my top 10 tips for saving that $$$. I’ve got life hacks for the dining hall, buying/renting textbooks at unreal cheap prices, mastering student discounts, and more! Give this vid a thumbs up if you’ll be saving some cash monay from these tips.

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FTC: I’m excited to be partnering with Slugbooks on this video!
favorite is wearing eight and today I'm here bringing you guys my top 10 lifehacks for saving money in college and this is like my second money-saving video in a row but like who does not love to save some money am i right yeah I've enjoyed this video make sure you give it a thumbs up and leave me a comment below letting me know what other money-saving life hacks you guys have for college or beyond and also let me know if maybe you had her in vinny of these if they're going to help you out coming semester looking on my twitter and instagram linked right here and also in the description box that you guys can follow me also if you would like to and also to spread out my vlog channel i've been uploading a lot over there lately just a lot of fun things going on out in LA and a lot of fun things to come in the fall so I'm really excited about everything I have going on over there so that's it for the central Cuba shorts we let's go ahead and get into the money-saving tips right life type number one one of the most expensive things they're going to be spending money on every single semester throughout college especially around this time of year is your textbook as we're teachers just like try to like make you broke and require like literally I've had classes that require two books that is absurd and that is one class here in college if you have ever been calls and you know that this adds up to night time for saving money with your books is to shop on slow Swisscom I'm super excited to be partnering with them on this video to bring you guys this tip basically how the website works is you just take the ISBN number of your books like the really long numbers on the back of all of them just copy that number paste it on slug books and it will pull up all the cheapest online sites where that book is being sold and you can right there on one page compare all the prices and make a really informed decision about where you can get the best deal smells looking at the website I know they're both so we're normally three dollars so we're only ten dollars on the website it's insane it's actually like dumb to not check the website you know like it takes five seconds and you're probably gonna end up saving a lot of money that you'd be spending elsewhere especially be shopped at your campus bookstore because fun facts buying your books as in books or it's actually the most expensive place to get them and I feel like especially if you're going into college right now you might not know that I did not know that my first semester freshman year so I found the deals with slug books be mind blowing and I think that like with all these life hacks it never hurts to try I'm not going below that website if you would like to go get your textbooks and save some money there I thought number two has to do with your meal plan and life hack here is that you do not need as many meals as you think you do I swear back when I was going into school I calculated like broke down like how many meals I was going to eat there every day and like which was not realistic also and then like multiplied that by everything and I'm sitting there thinking I need like an unlimited meal planet no one needs an unlimited meal plan I would do a special if you're new to college you don't really know how much you're going to eat there is sort of like calculate out how many times you think you're going to eat there find that meal plan and go down aside because what happens is as a semester goes on my conspiracy theory I swear the food just gets worse like during the period where you can like change your meal plan they're like storing all the good foods but you're like Douma here everyday and then like I swear it declines over time and even if that conspiracy theory is totally false I promise you that you're going to be getting tired of a suit as a semester goes on I know like every single semester like it's just a decline of how much I eat there I start out getting there a lot and then I go down and I cook in my dorm and I like go out more which is also saving money but if you're not going to eat there in the first place then this save me money because you have this meal plan that you're not using the Millburn couple lot of money so make sure you're like being realistic about how much you're going to be eating there and again even if you're like convinced they're going to eat their x times a week you will not in the long run so always downsize on your meal plan and you will be saving hundreds dollars so that number three is also another dining hall I pack and it has to do with sort of like getting the most out of your meal plan because you are paying for those and when you break it down by a meal like dining hall girls are expensive like they're obviously more expensive than anything else so like I here is to take snacks to go that you're saving yourself money later throughout the day you know at my dining hall you grab like two pieces of fruit you think it's a go box and like fill it up with however much you wanted and then take that with you and that can be like your dinner later just like pop something in the microwave just like realistic advice if you know you have a sweet tooth and later that night at 11:00 p.m. you're going to be wanting to like walk and get like some Froyo somewhere it's better if earlier during the day you just like browse a couple cookies on the way out then you're saving money to be practical about your eating habit and you're already paying for this overpriced meal plan so make most of it live hack number four I just touched on this in my previous video if you have not seen out and have it linked here it was how to travel as a broke college student so again more money-saving tips but student discounts pertain to every aspect of your life and ways you don't even realize if you watch the other video I talk a lot about how they can pertain to travel even just day-to-day you get student discount at some restaurants believe it or not did you know that you get the massive movies you get them a clothing stores I swear since graduating college I use my student ID now I'm more than I did when I was in college which is a huge mistake because it I don't know you don't think about it I didn't think about that much cry seriously recommend like if you're spending a day going out shopping right like student discount wandering in so that when you're checking out you remember to ask its place how to student I'm just shopping couple days ago out here in LA and I was a tough shop and I was like give me the student discount and then I was at Express and I was like give me the student discount and I saved a lot of money additionally I or if you had to buy a new MacBook even though it still was so expensive I use my student ID thanks too much girls Pinterest I saved it literally like three hundred dollars on my macbook and all the adapters I need to buy and then additionally I don't know if this is just like a current promotion but if you buy a laptop so if you need that you get a free pair of beats with the student ID so that was a huge money saver for me I'm at number five is to especially if you're in like a little college town and lets you go to like a super small school then you're probably gonna have some sort of public transportation or if not you can most likely if your campus is small enough phenomenal public transport than as far as small enough to be able to walk everywhere so my tip is to always walk rather than like paying for an uber or for example like my freshman year of college we couldn't have cars on campus as a freshman so my friends I would literally take the public transportation bus from UNC down the South Point well if you're familiar with area the public transportation save so much money and I feel like it's not something you always think of unless maybe you're already from a big city so if you're moving into a college town check out the buses highly recommend and if it is a situation where you may be the bus Robin so we need to go or you need to take an uber and if your town is big enough then they probably offer uber pool which basically means that you may or may not have another person either already in the car or pick them up on the way basically you're just sharing the car because both of you are going on somewhere else and it's going to end up where your price is about half the price of if you're doing an uberx on over six is to limit the number of times you're going to eat out monthly or in a week or whatever it is in advance that way whenever the time comes you're not only different friends or four different people popping up left and right wanting to go out to eat or on usko get ice cream or whatever it is and you sort of like set your limit in advance and plan ahead on what you're going to do rather than making spontaneous decisions every time someone asks you to go out to eat they're going to save a ton of money just to have that already like budgeted out and with your spending and also when you already on something that me and my friends in college relied a lot on was its app called hooked I don't know if it's in every college town base for students and basically as just local restaurants on this app they'll have like hourly or like daily deals it's like pretty much every restaurant and Chapel no they have them at and it's only for uses that they off you just go and like scan your app we save a lot of money using that schools were cleaning our meals around where there were good deals so a good thing to look into the every town has it open number seven is to whenever you move into college again my freshman year I feel like I over twelve know I overdid this every single semester I'm still overdoing acumen la for a month attack my whole life so you're probably gonna move into college and bring way way way more clothes than you actually need so my life hack here is to sort of go through a month or two and then sell all the clothes that you haven't worn yet for that season so there are tons of apps I'm sure you guys know a lot of these or you can just go in there and sell your clothes and that's going to be an easy way to make money you'll have extra spending money all of extra money to go out to eat if you're just selling things that you didn't wear that are just taking up space in a closet it is probably already way too small I'm anna-marie it to make your own coffee in your dorm room you can get yourself a nice little coffee maker not too expensive and in the long run it is going to pay for itself because getting coffee out is so so overpriced I was really bad second semester senior year it was really like unmotivated time for Morgan I feel Augusto seniors for absolutely everyone so when you're getting there look out but for me a motivator to get myself to go to class was that I was gonna stop to Starbucks on the way home every day thankfully not only cost two days a week so it wasn't that bad but still that's two days a week and then probably at least another time or two that I was stopping to get coffee and buy that out which is so expensive it adds up so quickly you will save so much money if you just make your country in your room and it was so much easier said than done to this where coffee always tastes better when you're buying it from somewhere else so go back to the dining hall tip fill up your coffee water at the dining hall again you're already paying for that meal and you'll have your coffee you're not gonna have to stop somewhere and buy more later in the day too expensive of a habit here in America so tech number nine this one of all the high level of commitment but if you are really trying to save money consider being an RA RA is always get paid and or are getting free room and board or at least very discounted to stay in the dorm so again this is a huge commitment because they're gonna have a lot of responsibilities but it also does look great on a resume it's great work experience there are a lot of benefits being an RA as well and the biggest one at least in my opinion is that you will be saving so much money on your housing rent expensive so it can be worth it I got number ten this might not sound like a life hack but I'll explain oh it is and that is just go to class do your work try hard pass your classes feeling Morgan why isn't some money saving life at well let me tell you if you do not pass your classes then guess what then you're going to be paying extra tuition or your summer classes or if you're graduating like a full semester or you're late that's an extra semester a year in tuition which is overpriced in rent which is super expensive and in textbooks and like all of the expenses of a regular school semester you're just adding even though you already paid for them once because you like didn't put in the time or the effort to pass those classes and I'm not talking about when classes are actually just like impossibly hard and you can't house them like I'm talking about when you don't put in as much effort as you put and if you should not passing is probably the most expensive mistake to make and therefore trying hard and putting in the effort is the biggest money-saving lifehack these can really make in college so that's it for this video please give this a thumbs up comment below letting me know it's already gone back to school or let me know what grade you're going to be in if you're in college or otherwise Atkin super exciting videos coming out got a big ol haul a lot of collab with Janine guzzle I got a really big lab with three girls that's going to be going up soon so there are a lot of videos on the horizon to look out for so make sure you turn your notifications on so you're notified whenever those come out thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you next Saturday