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Travel Life Hacks! Save Money, Time & Space! | Aspyn Ovard

**Travel Life Hacks! Save Money, Time & Space! | Aspyn Ovard**



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Hey guys! Today I am sharing my top 10 favorite life hacks for traveling! These tips will save you guys time, money, and space in your suit case! Thumbs up this video for more life hack videos!

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10+ favorite life hacks for traveling or living in Thailand or abroad. Travel tips on how to save you money and time.

My Thailand travel budget

1. Money Exchange (Hard Cash)
2. Avoid ATM Fees

3. Open A Thai Bank
4. Use Local Transportation
5. Stay In Cheap Accommodations
6. Eat Local Thai Foods
7. Avoid Western Food
8. Avoid Imported Alcohol
9. Avoid buying Laptop, Computer, Camera & Other Gadgets
10. Just Avoid All Imported Goods

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10 ways to save money while living or traveling in China as well as other Southeast Asia countries before I came to Thailand I wish someone have told me all these stuff because it would have saved me so much money so this is something that I have to learn myself and I have to do my own research I wouldn't be talking to you about this if they don't work they also work in other countries like other country in Southeast Asia if you're coming to Thailand for a holiday and you don't care about saving then this video is not for you this video is not about being cheap or being a cheap charlie this is not about that this is about making the best of our money or making the most of our money while living or traveling in a place like Thailand or other Southeast Asian countries ok so the first one on my list is exchanging your money are usually bring like some cash with me at least a thousand dollars what I do is I would avoid exchanging that cash with the banks because the banks they usually don't have the best rate so what I do is I look for a place called super rich or value plus they have it at the Bangkok International Airport at the lowest level I made a separate video talking about that so if you want to check out you can check out the link at the top here and it's right next to the airport you don't have to go outside it's also right next to the railway link system so you can exchange your money and then right after that you can just hop on the train and go straight into Bangkok and it cost you maybe around 30 to 50 baht per ticket for for the train to go inside Bangkok and you can connect to the BTS or MRT after if you're like on a holiday a short term holiday in Thailand this is going to be a little bit harder to do so it's probably best for you if you're on holiday just use your debit card from home and just withdraw it from the ATM machines you can also use your credit card as well as bringing like a traveler's check but for the rest of us that's living here long term that's not the best way and it's going to be pretty expensive to do a transaction to withdraw money the reason you want to avoid the ATM fees or the bank fees is that each time you do a withdrawal from any type Bank or any Thai ATM machine in Thailand they will charge you a 200 baht per withdraw and this used to be like 100 baht many years ago when I first came here and now it's 200 baht and I wouldn't be surprised if this keep on increasing each year so that's one charge and then the second charge is the foreign exchange fee this will be charged at your bank in your home country the bank charged me around three to four dollars for the foreign exchange fee so that's the second charge and then the third charge is that you're not going to get the wheel exchange rate but you're drawing your money from the ATM machine with your bank card at home so you getting charged three times now I did my calculation how much all that cost me each time I would draw about 1,000 Canadian dollars because I'm from Canada and that's how much I spent in in Thailand per month so each month I would draw about 1,000 Canadian dollars about 800 US dollars so just around 25,000 baht per month so I don't know about your bank but roughly I pay around 1200 1300 but worth a bank fees each time I use my bank heart from home to draw around 25,000 baht that's around 15,000 600 baht per year now I don't know about you but I could think of 10,000 ways to spend that fifteen thousand six hundred baht so I rather keep that money than to give it to the bank so that's roughly how much I pay per year worth of bank fees okay so the way I avoid all of that is I use a online company called transferwise so you can check out the link here it's an online company is similar to like PayPal so if you know how to use PayPal you'll be able to use this and also you will need a Thai bank account to transfer your money into it and it's going to take you between three to five days stays to do it so that's why it's not good if if you're like on a vacation and you need the money instantly this will not get you money instantly however it will save you quite a bit of money on the wrong one and the other thing is that it's not 100% free for me it costs one point five percent each time and I could transfer as much as I want if I want to transfer $10,000 I could do that I don't think there's any limit to it we're asked the Thai bank there's a limit of about 30,000 baht per withdraw some other banks might be a little bit lower but the max you can withdraw it's 30,000 baht per virtual now if you need more you can draw more but each time you withdraw that's another 200 baht ATM fees that's another 2 $3 worth of foreign exchange fee and so on so each time you've just in the classroom money whereas this online company you can transfer as much as you want also you're getting the real exchange rate as what you see on Google Yahoo Finance or XE com also if you are using my link you will get your first free transfer for free up to 500 British pounds or equivalent this used to be one thousand British pounds before do your first transfer but what happened is that my relatives and a couple of my friends use it so they pump it down to now 500 I'm not sure how long this gonna last they might pump it down I'm not sure yeah they might remove it completely I have no control into that so if you want to take advantage of the free transfer into Thailand you can use it I'll list the current available currency in the description below but mainly if you have US dollar Canadian dollar or Shin dollar euro British pounds and other common currency you can use it this is the only way that I transfer my money from my home country into Thailand I don't use other method I no longer use my bank card for home to withdraw money from the Thai ATM machine because it cost me a lot of money and again this is for like people living here long term if you're here on a short vacation it's probably not worth it because it takes a little bit of time to open a time bank column but if you're a tourist you can still open the Thai bank account I made a separate Riedl talking about how to open a bank account at the corner here and if you can try to open your bank account with the TMB because they don't charge any annual fees as well as they don't charge you every time you make a draw or deposit believe it or not some banks in Thailand they charge people each time they deposit money as well as withdraw so it is about 15 to 20 baht each deposit or withdraw but it doesn't seem like a lot but if you do it quite a bit in the wrong one it's gonna cost you money so I recommend you if you can if you have a 1-year visa or a work permit get T&B bank account is free withdraw as well as a deposit there's no annual fees also you can use any ATM machine inside different banks for free to withdraw money whereas other banks do they may charge you so check out the video and also I had some people saying that some bank may not accept 30 days visa to open a bank account it's going to depend on the branch so if one branch doesn't work keep on trying try different branch also try to open a bank account inside a it towards the area where they're they're used to getting foreigners opening a bank account it might be a little bit easier that way to open a bank inside like a touristy areas whereas if you go to a place where there's no foreigner they're not used to it so it's gonna be a little bit harder okay so number four is to use local transportation if you're in Bangkok use the meter taxi use the mass transportation system the subway the MRT the BTS the railway link system the source the if you've been to Thailand multiple time is common knowledge by now that you should always use me to taxi because to me the taxi charge you by the distance you travel whereas the non need a taxi they're gonna just charge you charge you whatever they want the cheapest combination in Thailand I would say is the hostels the hostels cost as low as 100 baht per night average to 200 baht per night but for the hostels you're not going to get your privacy so if you want your own privacy use a hotel for the private hotel room the lowest you can go is around 500 baht per night so around 14 US dollar per night or a private hotel that's the lowest you can get you could probably get maybe like 300 baht per night somewhere outside of the city for the best value if you'd staying long-term like I am rent a a permanent like this one that I'm living in right now and this is a this is about how much was it six thousand baht per month with electricity and water is almost seven thousand baht per month number six is to eat local Thai food local Thai dish cost between 30 to 60 baht per dish which is one to two US dollar Paulo water is about it's about ten baht so that's like a quarter if you worry about hygiene try to eat inside a shopping mall a shopping mall usually they have at least one food court sometime multiple food courts for me I don't eat at all the foods street food or all the Thai restaurant here so I'm a little bit picky too so if it looks kind of iffy to me I'm not gonna eat it avoid eating western food or Western in the fast food chains like McDonald barrier King Starbucks just avoid eating Western food because it is usually gonna cost more than Thai food also avoid eating Western breakfasts just eat the whatever they're local eat important all can be pretty expensive imported bottle of beer can cost you anywhere between three to five US dollar per bottle that's at least double of what I know normally pay back where I came from so if you want to save money stick with a little local Thai alcohol number nine is to avoid buying computers laptop gadgets and camera if you can I think is best to buy all your electronic at home before you come to Thailand don't assume that everything in Thailand is cheap a lot of things in Thailand are cheaper than most Western country but not always some stuff in Thailand cost the same if not cost more so for me I used to live in Canada and in Canada we have Best Buy we have future shop we have something called can up computers online we have places like amazon ebay for secondhand items we can go on to website like Kijiji CA or Craigslist in North America also in Europe you have many options to shop in Thailand there's no Best Buy there's no future shop there are stores in Thailand ourselves similar stuff but since they're being imported into Thailand is going to cost the same if not more and then whatever you can get in your home country also when you're living in say North America we have holidays like Black Friday's cyber monday we have Boxing Day we have all these holidays leading up to the Christmas holiday also other holidays throughout the year whereas in Thailand there's no such thing as Black Friday there's no Cyber Monday now if you go to shopping mall during a holiday in Thailand you might see them have like Christmas decoration but that's just for to make tourists feel homey but really there's there's not going to be a lot of stuff on sale maybe I don't know don't shop a lot in Thailand but but they don't have those those holidays here in Thailand whereas in North America on Black Friday's and other holidays there's huge promotion throughout the country and all the big stores are competing against each other and they're putting stuff on sale so take advantage of that whereas Thailand date they don't have Black Friday's and those holidays one last thing about this is that if you're buying a lock electronic item in Thailand most of the store that's awesome they do not offer any return so if you buy say a $3,000 camera or less and you don't like it for whatever reason and you return it the next morning in Thailand they might not accept it unless there's some kind of defect and then they will repair it for you or replace a new one if they can't fix it if you're buying electronic in Thailand make sure it's something that you absolutely need and want and will use it because the return policy in Thailand is not the same as return policy at most Western stores in North America number 10 is to basically just to avoid imported products in Thailand because once something's being imported in it costs money to deliver those items also it costs money for the duties the fees there's tax on it so avoid any imported items if you want to save money a lot of people including myself think that everything is cheap in Thailand not everything is cheap in Thailand I have more money-saving ideas in my free ebook if you want to read all of it and get more ideas of how to save money while traveling and living in Thailand check out my ebook is completely free if you already subscribe to the newsletter check your inbox I always send it to you you don't need to subscribe again if you watch the video all the way to this point please take two seconds to give this video a thumbs up also check out the 30-plus pages of free e-book about Thailand the do's and the don'ts information about visa money-saving ideas and other useful information thanks for watching and remember to subscribe

10 Travel Life Hacks You Must Know!

**10 Travel Life Hacks You Must Know!**



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10 Life hacks for traveling!
DIY clothes and traveling tips kids, girls, students (EVERYONE) must know to save money!
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1. Waze traffic app
2. DIY sunglasses phone stand
3. DIY photo filter
4. Airdrop to swap photos faster
5. Best time to buy flights
6. StaTravel for cheapest tickets online
7. DIY scarf dress/ beach coverup
8. Private browsing for cheaper flights/hotels
9. Airplane mode to charge phone faster
10. DIY arm band for phone or money

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