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Part One: Elite Training Series with Brian Tracy

**Part One: Elite Training Series with Brian Tracy**



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Paul Gravette talks with motivational public speaker and self-development author Brian Tracy for this first installment of the Elite Training Series. Tracy is the author of over ninety books, and teaches sales, time management, personal development and leadership. In this video, Paul and Brian discuss the secrets of success and becoming a self-made millionaire and billionaire.
we are alive my friend and mr. Brian Tracy thank you very very much for actually our first elite training series at lavell calm and not only is it an honor for me and all of the thousands of people that are watching us this evening but almost too many accolades to share about yourself but approaching 90 plus maybe a hundred plus books that you've written now and everyone out there all of the thrivers all over the world that are watching this no better documentation than the background behind Brian right now if you look at all of the binders at the bottom right below him if you look at all of those binders filled with years and years of notes there's a reason reason some of the largest if not the largest corporations in the world have hired this individual a very very special man and I just can't say how honored I am to be able to make this introduction of mr. Brian Tracy to all of you out there watching this evening I want to share a fast note before I go over some quick topics and then he's going to get right into a very special evening for all of us while I'm doing this I want to make sure all of you are grabbing at notepad and taking notes I think you're as good as notes you have on paper and the things that you memorize that make mmm make make more money he's going to talk about a lot of these topics but I want to share with you all a quick note for me in my early 20s my life changed because of an exposure to two books that got me so fascinated while I didn't know what I was going to do in life one of the books was thinking Grow Rich the second book was how to win friends and influence people but ironically during that time I was introduced to books regarding Brian Tracy and the reason this is so important for me to share with all of you on this call is as you are an aspiring entrepreneur as you are someone that says I know I can have more in life I know that I deserve to be in a better place that I am right now we only become what we read about what we think about most and what we choose to study and take notes and at the end of every day how good are you at getting people to convince or convince them that what you have is a benefit to them and I think that this is going to be such a special evening like this evening so what I'm going to do without going into any of the topics is I'm going to turn it over to our very special guest mr. Brian Tracy thank you so much and we are eager to learn well thank you I was greatly influenced by those books early in my life as well I think everybody needs a kickoff in life and those are great books I like to think that many people in tens of thousands millions say that my books are the extensions of those original books on success which were written in the 30s by the way in the middle of the depression and I have become so popular so you just mentioned one of the great starting points is that you become what you think about most of the time this is the great discovery that goes back 4,000 years is that the thoughts that you think about become your realities do you think about success you become successful if you think about negative thoughts you become negative and what I found is that you become what you teach and so therefore the people with lavell when they are recruiting people and teaching them how to be successful they become more successful themselves because they are forced to be better thinkers they're forced to think more deeply about what they're doing and of course they're forced to keep upgrading their knowledge and skills so if they're successful working with with an individual or group next time they want to be even better and even better now some years ago after I had decided to begin speaking I found that everybody in life has turning points and everybody is designed to do something well when I was a young man like most people I wanted to be a millionaire by the time I was thirty that was pretty much the standard and desire to be a millionaire by the time I was thirty so by the age of 20 I was broken living in my car my aunt a car and 25 the same in the 30 and 35 and I began speaking I was doing a little bit better and then it was called by the president of a large company and they had 800 business owners within the company and it was not a company like Laval it was a communications company and he said could you give us a talk at our annual meeting on how to become a millionaire and I said absolutely because when you're starting off you say absolutely everything he said yet I was in fact at the National Speakers Association when somebody calls and asked you to speak on the subject you always say by all means I specialize in that subject whatever it happens to be so I said sure and we discussed a little bit talked a little bit about the backgrounds with people offers all exactly like the ladies and gentlemen that we're talking with today right now and so I hung up the phone and I realized I had been hoping and wishing and praying to become a millionaire all my life and then I was about 36 37 and I had that was not broke but I mean I was for the big mortgage and car for the big payments and I did know about self-made millionaires so I decided to do a full-court press on becoming a self-made millionaire and I began to do research and what I found and this is the most amazing Duren thing any subject that you would like to become knowledgeable on somebody who's very successful has written about it and made it available to you and they can save you years of hard work in doing it yourself I've gotten one idea from one book or one chapter or one article and has changed my life and then worth millions of dollars to me and in subsequent months and years so I began to do research for two months I began to do research and I loved the subject becoming a self-made millionaire and they came up with a talk the 21 secrets of success of self-made millionaires and I gave to talk to one hour version at the angle Convention for this company and you've got a standing ovation people came up to me and I wanted more information and somebody came up a city could you give that talk for our company and I said sure and so I gave her his company and the talk expanded like an accordion he became a 90 minute talk and then a half-day chocolate a full VidCon and it became a book that it became one of the best-selling books in the world in multiple languages one of the best-selling audio programs in the world in audio programs and so I began to say more and more and more and what I found is that everybody who is watching this can become a self-made millionaire and I traced it back sort of like going through the the woods tracing the track I found what is the turning point and becoming a self-made millionaire and it's so surprising and simple it's make a decision to become a millionaire and I did a whole program on this I would Google called any rich in America and I said there's seven reasons why people become wealthy several reasons why they don't and number one is they never decide to they wish and they hope and and they fantasize and they think about it then they didn't change the channel watch another show and go out socializing and solar and they don't make a decision to and now if you make a decision to do a that mean you're simultaneously making a decision to not to do b c d e f and so on when i study time management later in my career we'll talk about that a little bit today and the next time we get together at the seminar is what i found is that there's a law of the excluded alternative and I learned this from some of the smartest business people and I found that in books everything else it says whatever you decide to do one thing you are site inciting simultaneously not to do everything else so I say he's got all me you look at your television set and you have a choice you can turn the television on or not if you turn it on you are deciding to be poor that's a decision because all poor people watch too much television wealthy people I didn't done a book that I'm going to publish later on this year with the biggest publishers in the world and it's called make more money than a hat habits of millionaires and billionaires and how you can develop them as well one of the success habits interviewing thousands of billionaires and tens of thousands of millionaires is that they study 60 to 90 minutes a day they exercise 30 to 60 minutes a day they study they get up early in the morning to get up before 6:00 a.m. and they immediately go to work on themselves I prefer to get up in the morning and physically exercise get cranky get to get your blood flowing to your brain so you're smart then read alert and then review your goals and then plan your day and so on well why do you do that because that's what millionaires and billionaires do and if you don't do it you're not going to become one and if you do it queue up it's pretty simple you're riding down the road of life you turn on that road you're gonna get worth that road goes you know chart and it's so simple and so I began giving this talk and variety of different ways and surprise surprise people started coming back to me after as little as a year I would go back to the same cities and I speak all over the world I spoken in 83 countries now and I would mention this philosophy oh you got me self-made millionaire people will come back to me a year later and they say I did it I did I said you did what I'm a millionaire when I came to your seminar I've been working at my job for years and years and years 10 15 20 years is in my 30s and 40s and I realize I never decided to become a millionaire and so I did sitting right there listen you I did and I decided not to do anything during the working day it was not moving me toward becoming financially independent and I could not believe how many opportunities began to open themselves up around me things when they had never seen before books I had never heard about before somebody said oh by the way did you read that book would you listen to that audio program and I listened to it and one idea changed my life so we're going to talk today about the power of personal productivity one of the things that I discovered many years ago is that successful people are described by others as being highly productive their use their time well they use their time precious element and they do everything possible to produce as much value as they possibly can I am now because I worked on the subject and worked on the subject and then I wrote on the record on the subject and videotape on the subject and then I wrote a book or books on the subject I am now the best-selling author on time management in the world and countless people come up to me and they see you know that book on time management that you already said yeah yeah is it make me rich it made me rich she said I'm rich today I worked for years and years and I thought you had to have a big university education or a really intelligent or smart or have the right contacts and so on and then I ran into people who had come to this country from another kind of could even speak English and they're rich after four or five years there's more potential for you that our friends who are watching us to become wealthy today here in America than has ever been possible at all of human history and if anything the opportunities are opening up and opening up how do we know when I began studying the subject they were I found that there were 5,000 millionaires in America in the year 1900 when I began studying in about 1985 there were about there was about 500 there about 5,000 today we have more than 30,000 self-made millionaires and someone somewhere in America is becoming a millionaire every 20 to 30 seconds is that Sofia made and of course the money is not worth as much as it was but nonetheless the opportunities have exploded you know right now today there are more than 1 million entrepreneurs working on their own or with others and homework in companies to develop the next killer app just to develop the next app or recruit an athlete just more than 1 million this more than all the farmers in America are working to develop an F just that one area of entrepreneurship because countless people have developed an app we become millionaires and billionaires you know you and I started they they didn't have iPhones they didn't even have any opportunities and now there are so many of them that there are no limitations except the limitations that you place on your own thinking so what you do is you start off and you write down and you say my goal my major definite purpose going back to Napoleon Hill yes that I am going to be a millionaire by such and such a date and of course you have to say where are you now and with a starting point when I taught this program the starting point is how much are yours today so what you do is you sit down and most people never do this by the way you ask a person what is your net worth right now they kind of look away or they say well you know who counts that or I'm not sure I haven't checked it recently well recently do that it's because they don't like the answer and they don't want to calculate the answer so what you do is you figure out how much do you have and what I say is imagine that you were going to sell all of your property and move away to a different country and then all your property is sitting there and you transfer it and transform into edge of money how much money would you have how much money could you put in your pocket you sell your house your car your furniture everything you have and that way you have to be really tough on yourself because you can't say oh well these clothes are worth this and this furniture is worth that all the property that you have is for maybe 10 cents on the dollar your car maybe look worth a little bit more your house may be worth a little bit more but but but but don't delude yourself you cannot be successful successful people very honest and very realistic and they look at the numbers and they say you know these numbers suck you say good it's ok nothing wrong with that I'd be honest with where you are now you know how far you have to go and then what you do is you say today my net worth is this somebody encounters this and 10 years from rental I wouldn't be a millionaire now you may find a way to do it faster people say well 10 years Jesus him I'm thirty years old now I'd be 40 years old 10 years from now and so I ask this question in my seminars and tracks everybody out I say we're all that's true but how old are you to be 10 years from now in any case and the answer is 10 euro you're gonna be 10 years older than you are today the only question is are you going to be wealthy or are you going to be struggling and still worrying about money all the time and Wow and so I work together and maybe I will share in this formula that I put together it's a very simple formula on how to increase your income by 10 times in 10 years and it's a 4-minute works like a dam I tried it myself and I was astonished and I share it with people over the years I'll say let me give you this little uh I called my ten times formula and people come back to me year after year after year and they say you know I was selling used cars or any nice guy named Chris so I'd used cars when you shared that was brought into doctor thirty-five salespeople and he said so I decided to practice the idea that he had a great quality of success of optimism and optimists are always looking for something good I was looking for the good they don't be they're not holding their arms and get to that but it's easy for you and so on no they're saying either how can I do that not whether it's possible but not going to make it possible he said I was making thirty five thousand dollars a year I was the top salesman in my company he said and I met him at another seminar cos when I went to the northwest he would come to my seminars and I so I recognized that I said how you doing he said great and he said but Brian he said you know that ten times formula that you shared with us back in the day and I said yeah I didn't remember exactly but I shared it so many times but I knew what it was he said well and doesn't work I said it doesn't work and he has a big pretty nice guy said yeah it doesn't take ten years he said that's what you've been so mystic he said I hid it in my seventh year he said my seventh year I was earning $350,000 a year ten times what I was earning when I sat there in the in the car dealership and you never set formula and I just did exactly what you said and so let me talk about some of the things that you can do we you and I because we have a mercenary salesmen is for so many years you and I could to fall we could do this forever but the first thing that that caught me got you was the importance of goals right and and I am happy to say I'm also the best-selling author on goals in the world today in 22 languages I just became I fell in love with goals I just tipped over I could believe is one of the three great turning points in my life and so I began to write goals and it just changed my life forever I was never the same so I'll talk about this a little bit when we get together but one of the things that I want everybody on this like this to do on the on this on this call to do is something that will change your life forever absolutely slammed guarantee and then is when you're finished take a sheet of paper and when I when I was doing my coaching programs for entrepreneurs I'd hand out a workbook a spiral notebook like this and this this they interviewed 50 entrepreneurs and they asked them what's the most important business tool that you use for control in your life your time in your business and they all said Pat a paper fan of yellow paper a pen he said why write down my clothes every day I'll organize them and then I work on what is most important and so I said okay if 49 is a magazine 49 out of 50 successful business owners do that I'm gonna do it as well sometimes what idea like that I still do it every day there's – for today this was planning for today that there's you so anyway so so what you do is make just make a list of tangles shamefulness as you would like to accomplish in the next 12 months and there's a special way that you write these calls and this is based on years of research so just don't even argue what you do is you write your goals in the present tense as though they had already occurred so you don't say I way ex-emperor time or I will way or I'm going away or I will lose what you do say I wait the center of fact I earn this amount of money by December 12th and and 19 I am I self-made millionaire by December 31 2029 so you make it as a as it's called a three-piece its present tense it's positive and it's rather tense positive and something else and what you do is that you program it when you write down a goal in the present tense it's like programming into your computer and then you push it and your subconscious mind accepts that and begins to work on it 24 hours a day what is it present tense positive and personal yes I earn extra dollars per year and it is it is a fact you're a programming in here subconscious mind it's a fact and then what it for some dates associated with I am I've gotta say massive things over 15 years really 20 similar story broke in my 20s and reset again by early 30s but every time I get refocused because we all get off track some people get happy with making $200,000 a year or $20,000 a year that's don't know any better so comfort level one of the biggest things that I've noticed Brian is that when I want to go to my next level because no matter how much you accumulate it like things well whatever it may be you got there and what next right and so I just want to add this and I'll toss it back to you the list of goals that you have anything that has a potential visual with it I am driving and it's the specific car cut the picture out and it says as of 1224 2019 so that everybody knows in our case we give them an auto bonus set the date and put a picture next to that go see it every day what you think about comes about back to you yes so it's always the print a fondant friend and tense verb I am this by this time I have I earn I achieve I accomplish I run I swim I away whatever it happens to be those two words I tell your subconscious and your super conscious mind that refers to yourself and then you give the vert the positive the imperative birth is so simple but when I learned that my early teacher many many years ago said with this type of information your future is unlimited because what you do is you're just you're programming in and you just push the button and now your subconscious flying and you're super conscious works like 24 hours a day and things start to happen you start to have ideas and you start to meet people and you start to have insights it's the most wonderful thing and you see there it goes again and my and the best thing of all we see this with your wife it's a husband and wife working together as a mastermind to achieve the same goals as five ten times the power of just a single person if both of you are on the same sheet – both of you are singing off the same hymn pad you accomplish your goal is much much faster it's been a wonderful thing for me so anyway make a list of ten goals it's just very simply about seven things I want to accomplish and we will make a list of ten goals and then ask yourself if you had a magic wand and you can wave a magic wand and within 24 hours you can accomplish any one goal on your list of ten which one goal would have the greatest positive impact on your life which one goal would change your life for the better more than any other goal and you hand put a circle little bit and then take the clean sheet of paper and write down and then make the list at least 20 things that you think that you could do to achieve that goal and then ask yourself one more question of all the things on this list of activities which one activity will move me toward my goal faster than any other activity and put a circle around that and then go to work on them now if you and I just stopped and you went for dinner and I went for dinner and everything else we have just given people the code two races the code to success because if we just do that you're like it's going to be fantastic I do it all the time do it all the time so number two number one is decent city clear goals pick your most important goal and your most important activity to achieve it and then redo it every morning and then work on it every day work on it every day because I studied economics philosophy metaphysics many years ago and I came across an insight one of those insights that changes your mind forever and it says how how can you tell what a person's goals really are what can you tell what a person really wants in life I'll be tell a good person really is is it what they say is it whether they write down is it what they preach to audiences and so on and people very quickly get it the answer is it's what they do it's what they do is you can only tell what a person is by looking at their actions what they do because we always express our true self in our actions and especially our actions under stress or under temptation for that matter the reason why many people don't accomplish their goals is they want to all they're very clear they go throughout the whole exercise and everything else but Jesus something really good on TV tonight that they want to watch or they want to go socialize in order they want to do something else so you're Napoleon Hill I read everything Napoleon Hill ever wrote probably 5 or 10 times when I was in my early 20s II wrote a book called the master key to success the master key to riches and in this whole book he goes through this book and he talks about the master key to riches and it's coming it's coming it'll soon be there and he do a whole lot of wonderful ideas and stories about successful people and they all knew the master key and every one of them practiced the master key and it finally came to the end of the book the master key to riches the last sentence in the last paragraph was now you know the secret the master key to riches is self-discipline and I spoke to a very very wealthy man some years ago and I asked him this man wonderful man he's not alive anymore he and identify 1000 success principles his name was caught a ope caught fire his books are all out of friend he wrote them in the 50s and 60s and they've been under print forever but we can't even buy them used but we found some principal and what he did is he wrote 250 principals in each book and then a friend of mine mother thought speakers recorded them all in a big P percent album and now NCE oh yes the thousand principals so I met him accidentally but I had listened to and read all of his stuff and just feel forcefield of attraction I had tracked it into my life I was in a Food Fair and hotel in Washington DC and this old man came along with a tray of food and there was a woman obviously his secretary or assistant with him in the place was lunch time it was busy and I ain't the last food and so I saw him coming along I mean he was 88 89 so I thought I thought I invited him to sit down please please share my table with me he said no no he's very very gentlemanly he said no I don't want it disturb you I didn't know no no please it's the last place to sit please sit down with maybe sat down shook hands he was called Cutler and I said I know you and we started to talk this was his life's work we started to talk Olivia and so I asked him the question that you would ask of all these thousand success principles that you have discovered over 54 years of research what would what would you say is the most important of all and I still remember it's just to this day I can see myself sitting at this Formica table in this Food Fair with people walking around and he leaned forward he said Brian like like a grandfather he said Brian the most important success principle I ever discovered was self discipline and self discipline he said he's best been defined by a writer from New York and he wrote down these words he said south discipline is your ability to do what you know you should do when you should do it whether you feel like it or not you said everything is structured in the whether you feel like it or not does anybody can do it a victory like anybody can do it if they're if it's easy it's fun it's when it's not fun it's when it's hard it's when you're tired do better aches and pains and so on and so forth that you discipline yourself to do what you said you would do whether you feel like it or not so that had a major influence on me however it was not new because I read all his stuff and I had said he self-discipline and a few years later I was called by a major New York publisher and they said we have just been going over our roster for next year and we feel that there's a big demand in America today for a book on self-discipline and we looked at all the authors that are out there I never worked with these people before and we concluded that you're the best self development author for this subject would you write a book for us Unseld discipline which which by the ways in the in the publishing industry's like a miracle most people fantasize about writing a book for years and then go from door to door for years and years trying to find somebody to publish it for that for a major publisher one of the biggest in New York to come to you and say we have the subject would you write the book for us and I said yes you bet your bippy I'll write the book so I sat down and I took all of my ideas and I came up and I wrote a little book it called it was going to be on the self discipline but we changed the title to no excuses the power of self discipline that book has now been published all over the world in more languages than I can count and I get a letter and email some kind of promotion every week or more often from someone somewhere who said this book changed their life it made them rich I've read the book over and over I read it and read it and so one of the things and by the way people say oh you're just trying to sell books do you know how much you make when you sell a book it's less than a dollar if it's favored back which this book is in big banks maybe 50 Cent's so I'm not trying to make any money from the current people to read my books well because I'm just saying this book people say probably one of them I talked to or three books I in the world is self discipline is if you say you're going to do it just do it now Aristotle said that character is the most important ingredient all success he said and character is it comes from habits you said you you become what you repeatedly do because whatever you repeatedly do you do all the habit of doing that so some discipline there are some people virtually all the great leaders are very disciplined so what they do is they develop the habit did disappointing themselves to do what they said they were going to do until what was originally difficult to force yourself to do it eventually it becomes easy and automatic so habits once you have a habit a good habit my friend Ed Foreman used to say form good habits and make them your masters because once you have the habit it's automatic and easy it's hard to develop the habit good too the German philosopher said everything is hard before it's easy but once it becomes easy you automatically discipline yourself and here's the greatest payoff of all I need you can see them they are digressing greatest payoff of all is when you do something that is productive for you it makes you happy when you exercise it makes you happy when you reach something that improves your skills it makes you happy when you accomplish a success in your business it makes you happy so basically by disciplining yourself to do the very best things you can do you're happy all the time and plus you're prosperous and and thin and so number one decide exactly what you want number two and I just run through these quickly number two is set timelines and deadlines for every call yes use that bad write it down write it down write it down if it's not in writing it's basically a fantasy if you don't take notes that you encourage people to do you forget 90% of what you hear within that day and most of the rest of it by the next day so Napoleon Hill had a wonderful line he said that's the idea to write it down catch the idea and write it down just put it on paper put a lot bigger here in the popular to someone else said when you think it ink it when you think it ink it so therefore make make your plan write it down and just say if I could only do one thing on this list this book that I wrote called eat that frog where I talk about selecting your most important tasks and then doing only that that has sold millions of copies all over the world it's been very good for me and for the publishing house so for the publishers in different languages because it just basically says it's decided what is the most important thing you can do and do that so in step number three is called do the worst first and I like that do the worst first what is the worst the worst is the biggest and ugliest task and my book eat that frog goes back to Mark Twain back in the 1880s he said that the first thing you do in the morning is you eat a live frog you'll have the pleasure of knowing that that's probably the worst thing that's going to happen to you all day long and he said and if you have I see there are two corollaries to the law of the Frog number one is that if you have to Fox to eat eat the obvious one first and number two he said if you have to eat a frog at all it doesn't pay to sit and look at it for very long it's just do it just do it like Nike and just get on with it so do the words first and and do it until it's completed if you just start every day by finishing one important task that will help you more than any other chance to move you towards your most important goal you'll be set up and newbie as we used to say shot from Benz for the rest of the day