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How to Drive for Dollars | Beginner's Guide to Budget-Friendly Lead Generation Techniques

**How to Drive for Dollars | Beginner's Guide to Budget-Friendly Lead Generation Techniques**



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Driving for dollars is a great way to find leads when you’re just starting out as a newbie investor. If a kid can do it, so can you! That’s why we made a video of actual children doing it so you can see exactly how simple the entire process is. See what houses we decided to write down and learn why we skipped on others. Then head over to the blog ( to see what to do with those addresses when you’re done!

Build Wealth With the Digital Gold Revolution - Financial Expert Bill Whitely Explains How

**Build Wealth With the Digital Gold Revolution – Financial Expert Bill Whitely Explains How**



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Learn everything you need to know about Karatbars International, Gold backed Crypto, KBC Coin, KCB Coin, KaratBank, KaratPay, and the gold-based eco-system. The best savings and asset protection plan, and the most unique business opportunity for 2019.

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We believe that everyone should have some gold bullion as a hedge against inflation and to secure their financial future.

Earning Gold is better than paying for it out of your own pocket. A new and truly unique way to earn Gold through an affiliate system instead of paying for it out of your own pocket. We’re assisting a lot of people in owning gold.

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Karatbars has made acquiring gold bullion within reach of people around the world by making it more affordable, more accessible and more transaction friendly.

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With Karatbars, people can get off the debt wheel and create real long term meaningful – inflation proof – savings. With their e-Commerce platform and their powerful affiliate system, you can literally get paid in both cash and gold for saving money and showing others how to do the same. Karatbars is the #1 Home Based Business Opportunity in 2019.

Karatbars is also the first company with an affiliate sales model to have a cryptocurrency backed by 999.9 Gold Bullion called the Karatgold Coin (KBC). Now trading on HitBTC and other exchanges such as the Hong Kong Exchange Coin Super.



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okay well a very good morning to all of you this is our Saturday morning webinar and we call it the digital gold revolution and I got a great guest on here today doesn't he look like a revolutionary he looks like all right there to me mr. bill Whitely bill is a great member of our upline team and you know just an outstanding leader in the network marketing industry but also I want him to tell his story a little bit to us because as we think about gold and we think about building wealth and we think about the digital gold revolution you know there's a lot of things that people need to be thinking about and remembering and then Bill's been in the industry for a good while and you know had enormous success were were part of his team we're close to the company but bill and Pat and another bill and Cheryl Ann are it's amazing support for us and our team and we so much appreciate it so mr. bill Wylie though welcome you've been on our calls before but you've always kept very silent so I wanted to bring you out and come on and say hello how you doing today well I'm doing pretty good I'm usually silent because I'm sort of shy you know I really am but you mentioned a little financial work James you know a lot of years ago I owned a network marketing company and we were health arena 507 products I've been interested in health and nutrition for a long time about 30 years and I just know that no matter what you do whether you're an attorney a truck driver housewife or a stockbroker you got to be on your a-game so he's got to keep that brain body and blood working but I got sidetracked I got into commodity actually became a commodity broker then I ended up buying the firm and we did that for a time then I got into stocks and brought a broker dealer and we've sold tons and tons of stock you know we did it all finally I got into venture capital and we raised millions of dollars around the globe to fund you know various projects but I never ever got it out of my system of working alone when I want where I want with whom I want it my you know and I love networking it's a great business we make good money at it you know I actually took two years off and never even picked up the phone and my checks just continued to roll I got bigger and bigger and bigger by the month so I love network marketing or whatever you call it affiliates people work is what it is I found karatbars and you go back a little bit I mentioned commodities so weed all of the precious metals the exotics a lot of copper was always a favorite we did currencies we did it at all but I just absolutely loved black gold and real gold and so whenever karatbars became available to me I joined in 2014 and right away start sharing it and it's an easy story to sell and to share because you know we need to take care of our hedge against inflation we need to save for the future and a lot of times they do it in fiat currency and of course fiat goes down and value every single day that's why it takes so much money to buy anything because it's not that the commodity is more valuable it's just that the dollar is worth less so it takes more dollars to buy it you know my first Corvette cost me thirty three hundred dollars my last that was almost a hundred thousand so you know they are better cars but not that much better so I love gold we've been buying gold and we got into karatbars and that's basically all we had to offer you know we could sell the one the gram the two and a half gram five gram we got into that we bought a lot of gold sold a lot of gold but Wow everything changed about 18 months ago yes new karatbars became available and you know I got into cryptocurrency about three years ago I made a lot of money lost a lot of money bought a lot of coins got disappointed on several and you know but I know that it's here stay it is the future it's not going to go away cryptocurrency is great I love it it's anonymous it's fast it's cheap you know when we wired around the globe it took two three four days to get the money in and why okay even though it was an instant delivery we always had our money but we use it by the minute so they always put you off for two or three days they use your money I did the same thing and we use that float for you know picking up interest and what-have-you but with crypto it can be delivered anywhere from five minutes it might take a day but it's always quick and it's very very nominal and the fee you pay so I love that well in karatbars I noticed I had people starting to buy gold and pay for it with Bitcoin I then Wow you know karatbars is gonna get they're gonna get monitored here and it was pretty nice buying that gold and paying for it with Bitcoin Bitcoin you know run the gamut it's gone all the way from two cents up to twenty thousand and currently in eleven and twelve range so it but it is here there's only 16 million coins and there's nothing backing it up well I spoke Arab ours got into the crypto arena and that space and I thought well we'll see if it's going to be a ripoff like most of them are you know they have F uck coin the pizza coin the coke on the damn coin the Bill Aucoin have anything they want they take your money but nothing really happens so I bought some of the KBC coin from karatbars then I bought a million and a half points and got them for about a half a cent maybe a little bit more and I thought we'll just see where it goes well you know Harold size with karatbars has always done what he said he would do he may have stumbled once in a while but he did pull himself out and always delivered it's been a great experience fact we've got about probably seven maybe close to 8,000 people our group right now not big but they are good they all have the same desire they love gold I love making money they love freedom they love the future and they like a building a fortification for tomorrow you know whatever you're going to be well we bought that KBC and then Harold brought out the Garrett bit which is a exchange where we can trade into the you know the dollar the euro with Bitcoin we have any mark points and cash goal and that's another big thing that cash goal you know at first I wasn't too excited about a fiat currency or a paper dollar or a paper bill but gold in it but a turning it out of need to cats me out people seem to like it everywhere and it's going to be huge it's going to be a monetary system for businesses to work around the globe and move in and out then we'll have the ATM which is now called the CEM but that's going to also be Magnum honest I can't wait to get our first ATM in there so you know it's just been fun we wants to go and they develop they've grown they've got the mission the vision like doing everything they can and I like to talk to people you know when they get into crypto they have a desire to do crypto many times they don't know anything about it but they want harm they're very intimidated and I say well I'll make it easy for you there's about 10,000 coins out there and most of them were scams you have those you lose your money so everybody wants to know which degree do I take my shift today and well I'd like to tell people you know karatbars has the only crypto coin that is backed by a goal so we can minimize your search right away we get right straight to the point and then they say really well that you know most people like gold they never get enough some don't have any some have you know they get they're buying it as they can a little bit here a little bit there but gold is a great thing to have and I just love the fact that we can trade our cryptocurrency for gold at any time so it's like the old Nixon days we actually can take a $20 bill into the main get gold atom not a US bank or a global bank but we can our crypto bank so it's gonna be a lot of fun doing that but I don't want to do all the talking James go ahead I like to listen to you to know it's it's great appreciate that and you know with your with your background with all the commodities you you you said you've you know dozen commodities trading and including pressure gold and silver and other precious metals and and all that let's talk just a little bit about gold so how is gold doing and where do you see gold in relation to the US dollar just talk about that because you know you've been in the industry so long it's it's a great opportunity that to tap into that well you know gold in my opinion it's been the stalwart in fact when you talk to people you can say we have the Fiat dollar we have goal we have crypto and people have always loved gold I say always at least for the last five and a half thousand years and my mainstay and you know you can buy today what you could buy twenty years ago or 40 years ago with gold I mean it's very valuable the karatbars gold is especially good you know I got a friend up in Ontario Canada he just sold a bunch of gold last week and he ate up so he needed several thousand dollars he's trying to buy an ATM machine so he went down to a coin dealer and they gave him spot price for his karatbars gold hm you Kouga rands and maple leaves he has some ounce of two ounce bars there I gave that price they wouldn't give him spot but he bars bold in 999.9 fine is so documented and certified and also 24 karat so he got he said I couldn't believe it I got spot price for my care bars gold they'll take all I can get so I think gold is undervalued you know the the Fed is manipulated not only the Fed but you know on a global basis countries around the world China especially trying to break into gold right now but they've artificially kept the price down to where it runs basically with the USD and we know it shouldn't be much higher in my opinion gold should be it should be at least 2,000 an ounce right now maybe even higher I expect to see if you're higher down the road you know get into some of the in the gold business they're all calling for the same thing they think we're going to see gold go through the roof of course we're not gonna have that happen until the dollar actually crashes it's impending it's imperative it will happen yes so quantitative easing keeps everything going you know they just keep running more money for anymore money reducing the value of it and that doesn't allow a goal to go up like it should but it will I think Noble is gonna be a mainstay yeah it it always has been I'm a big gold fan too actually I moved a lot of my my retirement funds out of the stock market into gold earlier the superior we know stock markets still really good you know on paper it's really done well I'm especially under deposit trunk and we're seeing it you know new records being set daily and all of that and I know my stock brokerage firm I had 125 brokers and we did you know we did a lot of business we went into venture capital we raised a lot of money but quite frankly I just got tired of the manipulation it doesn't matter was Bear Stearns Merrill Lynch meet or anybody else it's all a contrived manipulated market and it depends on market makers of course in our business with cryptocurrency it's going to be much the same we find that the KBC is now on 16 exchanges well actually 17 they just added a new exchange two days ago but you know when I would go to a market maker I'd do an IPO bring a stock public I would go out to my market makers that I had to have how am I going to sell my stock if I don't have participating dealerships so they say what's in it for me so I would have to grant them or give them or loan them stop of course many times that stock to be restricted they can sell it for 90 days mostly six months and sometimes we would have even put on a bigger restriction nests so that we could sell the stock out to our clients and we could start seeing the price rise based on buying pressure and of course you don't want to sell it for a time because I don't now I'm selling pressure and so we we were able to bring the prices up but it always happened you know that six months or one year period a restricted time would pass and whoever held the stock one of their money so they would start filtering it back into the market driving prices down of course you know the clients who own the stock they were alarmed they were they couldn't believe it why why is the price going down of course stockbrokers would say oh you gotta buy more stock you gotta buy more stock you know buy them you want to cost average down so I just got tired of the games they play it's called round-robin we won't get into all of that but regardless of what it is and who you're dealing with out there there's a master game and plan in fact so we're doing the same thing with crypto only we can make a lot more money and I think we can make it faster we can have more anonymity we can we can build future and make fortunes and we do quite well actually with what's going on and of course when you take any coin out there you know bitcoin is number one obviously but when you take any coin out there they have to have a strategy as substructure they have to have a game plan they have to ask something to offer you know they've got to have something going on so that you can see the growth of the coin well in many cases they've got excellent clans together they get some great minds behind it but nothing really happens you know I bought coins at three or four dollars a coin and they're worth about a penny and a half now and I'm pretty disappointed on that I bought new coins and I've made you know a hundred times my money so you know that the allure is there and we've got it with care of ours and the KBC the cake KBC JCB and then the new gold standard coin coming up but what I'm impressed about with karatbars is that they have an actual game plan in place yeah that world's first crypto bank about to open in Miami Florida mm-hmm you know we've got care Bay it's an amazing thing the way we work you know we when we want to buy these things we we put Hera puts out these incentives and of course it started out to the funnel and that's you know being a gold company like karatbars is they didn't really want to be in the phone business they were in the garage now we're a crypto business but we've had a lot of countries who have played with the Internet and the Internet receiving capabilities they're shutting down so not only can people not watch their with their Facebook and read their email but they can't trade their crypto scripts it really puts a damper on things and that's why karatbars believe that we had to have our own voice over blockchain Wow watching what's that well that's a very intricate methodology in place to move anything not only crypto but anything money makes time information over an encrypted arena and that's what they've done we've got the phone coming out well of course they tied that to the incentives and I thought well maybe people will buy those phones I paid 1204 my note 9 so I can get a new encrypted impulse one phone for 1,250 euros I've already bought a few I'm gonna have it but I couldn't believe it James when people like you and others were buying the phone in multiples two four six eight twelve you know my biggest order was 38 phones and you'd ask immediately why are you buying so many phones are these Christmas gifts are for your family or what they say no no we loved the phone we want the phone but don't we want those point and it lo and behold you know karatbars was giving huge amounts of bonus coins kcb coins along with the phone so we had people buy one two three million coins getting him through the phones well you know that's going to be another thing that we're gonna be so proud to have is that karatbars impulse came one phone it's amazing what it does but when you tie it all together we've got the end in order to buy the phone we've got that cash gold well people buy cash but what we do is we buy the cash gold put our carat pay and then we turn around and buy the phone or a package or a profit package anywhere from 150 euros up to 1 million euros or some people are satisfied with that they buy two or three of those 1 million euro packages and we what we do and I'm not trying to impress anybody or you know to be egregious here but we have a lot of people who are very tuned in to the gold and crypto market they recognize what karatbars is what they have to offer they're buying into a big time and they've done their diligence they know that what we're doing is real and you know with Wilhite the chairman the new partner prefer karatbars you know he's a billionaire so there's a lot of billionaires out there today most of them have been crypto big and every by the way making it that way so we just seem to have anything and everything going on right now for karatbars and I'm so proud of it and regardless of who it is it takes a look at it they might be skeptical then of course I say you know do your diligence come take a look we put together a little site where we have just a few impending of videos and the pending events they can kind of watch our way through it and we don't use high pressure I don't think you should ever have to pressure anybody or you know try to force them to get into the program it is such an attractive and alluring thing because it's real it really is real and I'm so happy with that you know I I love the financial markets for just that reason you know I personally can't recommend or sell something unless I believe in it and I use it say they were fishing same thing with gold or whatever but I've been with karatbars since 2014 I bought a lot of gold I was how to deliver it in a timely fashion you know I've been paid five times a week make great money I've made enough money I can loan my doctor and my lawyer friends money if they need it that's a good place to be but you know and people they say well I you know I need money I need money I need money we all do regard how much we have we always want to make more it might just be a mental mindset you know we are achievers we would like to get out there and do that well with karatbars and I keep going right back to karatbars that's what we're talking about it has got any and everything you would ever want to help people fortify and to make their financial future solid and profitable and that's what we all need you know with everything can change in a New York minute for a lot of different arenas I've seen stocks go straight up and go straight now and you know we've all seen that we've all lost our and we've seen investments out there maybe be an LLP partnerships you know partnership limited liability can whatever I mean there's always going to be risk involved but I have to stake my my future on gold that's been proven it's time-tested I have never met anybody that doesn't want gold the only reason they say they might not want it because they can't afford it they just don't have it they can't get it but people that have gold they hoard it they hang on to it it's for a rainy day so I'm happy under the mattress I'm having here and there whatever you want you have you want to have physical gold something you can hold touch rub and feel and the worst you know the only negative I've heard sometimes feels knowing that your karatbars is a little bit higher than if you buy it elsewhere I said no it's not well yes it is well you buy a gram or two and a half gram or five gram piece I said well of course you pay a shade bit more for it because it's it's it's fine gold it's been manufactured it's been you know if you have gold and you have it for an impending event and you need to buy to take a gas or you pay for a meal at a restaurant or it doesn't really gonna do are you gonna take a two ounce or four ounce bar and take chopping axe and knock your chip off the edge no we're getting one grand piece of karatbars gold and make a decent trade it's very valuable as preferable people want that but I've also shown that when you're in karatbars and you do it properly you buy your gold when you get your Commission's or your rebates or your bonuses back and subtract it from the price you pay you actually got your goal that spot or under spot so I won't have happy to the price and you know that's been the only negative now that's even been alleviated but you take take steel for example yeah I got my pound of steel I bar you know angle iron or whatever you're gonna pay five to ten maybe fifteen dollars a pound but if you go out to buy a stainless steel spring you're gonna pay five thousand dollars a pound why because it's been thought of engineered crafted and manufactured I've got a specific need use that's why it's so valuable so I've never apologized for the price we get for our you know our real goal are one and two and a half five grand pieces now we've got cash gold yeah the gold and planted on the paper and you know we like that we're gonna see it become a commodity a staple for businesses a form of financing for a lot of companies we use it some countries will take it on but our big thing is our new ATM or cem machines yeah and you know it's one thing to say well we've got the ATM and you're gonna have yours and your city or whatever and people gonna come up and maybe buy Bitcoin or they're gonna be able to exchange the euro the dollar a bitcoin trade back and forth and by our different coins Casey be the KBC or the gold standard but you're going to have cash goal in the course that takes five fifteen five ten fifteen thousand euros or the goal to replenish that machine and it's going to be so much bigger than what we thought possible I thought while you put the cash to old Enfield could come up and they put US dollars in or they use a credit card or whatever thing here – called out but that's going to run out real quick so they're going to have to buy 5,000 more fifteen thousand or whatever to replace atm well that's going to be a residual income for you that sponsored the person or brought the person in the karatbars who sold the ATM it's going to be a residual reoccurring revenue stream for us now we've also got other ATM machine owners who are doing Bitcoin and basically Bitcoin when they also know about karatbars and cash gold and they want those in their machines as well so this has gone beyond what's happening with karatbars and there are a few thousand initial ATM or cen machines you know from what I've heard and found out this past week it's going to be so huge we're going to make so much money because everybody has an inquisitive nature about them they're wanting to go out and get that and they're going to see that gold I'll be able to pick it up and get more they'll be right back in a week and buy more they'll tell their friends and so you know I I just say that the vision for karatbars is so much bigger than what I can even imagine yeah it really is and you you know with your mind you know I've listened to you give these your very structured methodical sequential that's what I like about you James is you cover everything from A to Z and then a few dots in between I love that nothing less and I did you can tell I just buy this shoot from the seat I just feel so good about what I'm doing I talk about what I think about and we can get back sure we can dig it all up everything is done that care of our sight but we want to keep it simple for the masses so they can look at ABC just enough to make a decision to come on board and then we'll find out what we need to know as we go it's all there but go ahead please well when I go ahead I just still got more questions for you guys but you know you're you're you know a veteran financial expert and you know when you talk to people people listen in a way that you know some some people everybody's got a different story right but then your story really comes from the financial services industry and at a very very high level I mean you've added quite a distinguished career what kind of people have you been able to help along the way because you mentioned you got a pretty pretty good-sized group there must be are they all are they all stockbrokers and commodity traders like yourself for who you got oh I mean I part of your group so I guess I'm one of the answers well yeah so you're in my group in you know and part as far as I'm concerned you know you're a Class A example if we can attract a person like you with your education your knowledge base and your experience why that's great but then we have people it might be truck drivers you know they're bouncing down the road and they're wondering about gold and how do I get it they live from check to check to check well maybe I don't people like that can get in we have housewives we have you know I've got a lot of physicians a lot of chiropractors we were to like track everybody you know we all get out of in the morning we put our pants on one leg at a time even women wear pants you know mm-hmm we all do that we're all the same we all and we're educated to different points but we have the same needs wants and desires what's in it for me what will it do to help me and so when I talk to people I try to find out what they want you know what like they've said when you sell do not tell that's so boring you know facts aren't fun when you sell do not tell ask questions so I start talking with real interests I like to talk to them about their family you know James where you from you know what do you do what do you do he married you got kids are they all girls all boys what are you gonna do with all the money I help you make yeah I know who you are what like that question what are you gonna do money I'm gonna help you make yeah I can remember that one well you know it's it we have to it's not a relationship a business as far as I'm concerned you can take the best facts in the world you might have people somebody they may look at it they might even sign up but you we have to slow down and actually talk to people help them find out what they want and then help them to get it if I can help you meet your goals and meet your needs and make money then of course I get compensated in the background and that's what I like it works out very well so I wished I could say I have a typical member in care of ours but I don't I've got a farmer we brought in last week he's farm 5,000 acres down in Oregon for the last 40 years yeah his solis farm now he wants to get into new things well being a farmer that's a further sang for his mind his cryptocurrency you didn't know about gold but he's never really bought any he was too busy buying fertilizer seed that type of thing so we have to help people where they are have you ever acquired gold no I haven't would you like to start well they don't know how I had to make it easy you know you know I just find that if you show people how they can get involved with karatbars and of course are they have questions they're dubious or skeptical they may not have they're afraid to ask questions they're afraid to show the ignorance in there I say I tell you what why don't you go to my site and you can sign up free and go ahead and get in there and kick the tires and look around a little bit make up a list of questions and then call me back and we will address those questions one by one by one and will satisfy you to where you want to come on and I treated a stockbroker or a doctor or a lawyer or a truck driver or you know somebody at Burger King same way because they all have different needs and of course are not all the same it's like my kids if I've treated all four kids the same I mistreat all but one everybody is an individual if we can get that down and so yeah we brought we brought a lot of people in the care of ours that have a lot more money than I do and we're up when that need to make money and they just don't know how to get started so that's been my big goal is to help people where they're at you know it's funny we did securities you know they say what sit down I'm hoping account what's it take to open an account well actually if you'd open an account for $500 but nobody did it was hard to open out for 500 so you know I'd say what was 5,000 to get started oh really okay well I got the money where you gonna get it well I got it no I need an awards coming from you need to qualify try to find out where their money is coming from is it liquid you know just show me what you got now take it where it's at no you tell me where it's at first then we'll talk about what we can do for you so in karatbars is sort of the same way you want to take charge you don't want to be arrogant or egregious you just want to take charge and say first things first you know if you'd like to save for your family and yourself and your future how much have you got to put to work they might not have much they might have well I could do 200 a week okay we can get started there they might surprise you you know I had a gentleman the other day that I talked to him about the karatbars phone deal and you know Casey be nice is all I have no interest I'm fully invested I got every dime I got in oil I wouldn't be interested I said well I'll tell you what I'm gonna send you a site you take a peek at it see if it has any interest for you if it does call me back well you know I got a notice a little bit later he not only took a peek he went the karatbars and signed up he logged in and bought two phones for ten thousand dollars for ten thousand euros yeah I did me back so it just shows you that I don't mean this in a negative way but people lie to you and they don't mean to be liars they just want to put you up and they'll do that with karatbars do they have excuses so I try to help them not to do that you know I don't use high pressure I just want to I don't care whether it's a doctor a lawyer a truck driver a housewife it doesn't matter we all know how to put people off until we look at it ourselves you walk into a store can I help you oh no I'm just looking yeah we need help but we're afraid to ask for it so I don't know I that's a whole nother ballgame that's people relationships the people business or you know how to get ahold bit and I notice you're very good with that and I did see one webinar that your wife was on here grace yeah what came you two seem to make I mean you take care of this part she takes care of that part you're bilingual and she does her thing a Chinese and you're in English oh my gosh we're gonna put you guys to work yeah we just did that about a week ago actually she's in China right now she's doing taking care of some financial things over there and seeing her family and doing a little business and she'll be back in about a week so my son and I are on a road trip actually we've been out having some fun but she says she says she's a character and when you see her in her native language Chinese she's completely different she's really active and has a lot to say so it's it's fun working with her yeah well I better want to be in you know sandy and I work together as well at you know she's we've been married well we just had our 53rd anniversary I'm not graduations so lucky we got together we made the right decision we got lucky you know we've had a great life together but we runs we run several businesses she does all of the accounting and you keep looking at you know P&L statement we can pull it down any second the many dance though exactly were I don't take her for that she does it all so I'm very happy about that but you know I like to talk to people and people say you're a born salesman I never sold anybody anything but I've helped a lot of people buy and it's only because I treat people the way I want to be treated and when we get in the karatbars it's the same thing you know if you just want to sign up and be a customer and buy gold you can do that if you want to buy KBC you can go to any one of our 16 not 17 exchanges and you can log in open up an account you can buy bit going to fund it or maybe ether you can fund your own account we will walk you through that we will assist you and do that help you start it but that's something everybody can do but if they won by if they want to get further involved and get some of the kcb and get a phone then we'll help them become what I call an affiliate and I really like the MLM label you know MLM is okay I mean even insurance is MLM everything is MLM we all work in in organizations you know I was a broker-dealer I had 20 some beats some other firms selling my my stocks and my utilities that sort of thing so we had multi-level there they sold I got a little piece we have with karatbars you sell I get a little piece I sell Pat gets a little piece that's it okay we're all worried about higher but when you get back into helping people get started just sign up for free go kick some tires take a look at it everything that karatbars has is there you may have to dig a little bit but we'll help you dig and once you've convinced yourself then we will help you take it to whatever level you want to go to and the way you just can't underestimate people had a gentleman over in Denver about a month ago I signed up and he bought the bronze package that's 150 euros well when you join karatbars you have to have if you really want to move the business get compensated you have to have a package but you can get a bronze a silver gold or VIP right he is about a little over 3 and euros so I always recommend people to come in sign up this is the bronze from fifty euros and then share one of our packages and are continually changing and will have a new amount a few more days but when you sell us a three four five thousand euro package you will earn the VIP just for selling it you have an enticement and an incentive to help us well why do you want to be a VIP that's about a three thousand euro package and when we get into our compensation plan a bronze will earn 40 euros for each each time we have a cycle for want of a better word well if you're a VIP you get 80 euros big difference between 40 and 80 euros yeah you're up on the money but why spend the $3,000 I can get compensated out in that but I want to help them so they come in from 150 they share the package with someone they know that has them the wherewithal to buy it and they earn it free and they get it free so then we move ahead and then we help people like that and you know it's just like if I really want to take care of me and me only then I'll press the sell a package but I also inform them I say you know if you'd like to sign up your son or maybe a family member and you share that package with them they will get all the bonuses and the benefits and the coins and he'll be very very well and you will get the Commission and the bonus coins are going on with it and I let them keep in the family so I gave up commission I also get some bonus points I'll get compensated on the you know in the back and the dual team system you know later on by doing that you know make a lot of money and get very well-paid but we we help other people win win win and when you do that and if they're won you know if they want to get gold we show them how to buy their gold and and you know how to get it delivered just to show you the ethics with karatbars I had one lady she bought five thousand dollars worth of gold actually was your yeah she got our package she called me and she was a horn she says I just got the package there's nothing in it I said really she said I stood up at Lepidus empty and I said we got to contact her bars right now she says bill they're gonna think I stole the gold I said no they're not so I called karatbars they said take a picture of the label so I took a picture email it to them they call me right back and they said we just ran the video and we saw that package being filled which was not filled it got labeled and sealed up and sent out and they saw themselves where they had failed to put the $5,000 with the gold minute they fed exed she had it the next morning so they're an ethical company they film everything they do they document that you'd thought to worry in the beginning I was worried I buy gold I buy $10,000 with a gold I gotta have a chip right now you know they FedEx it to me yeah I've gotten confidence in karatbars since you know 2014 you know I've got them I've got several several you know grams of gold and storage of that on a couple hundred grams but I just leave it right there because I trust them you know if I want it I can have it deliver but I trust them and that was just an extra story thrown around about you know the ethics of karatbars I've always that what they said they do and they've always paid when they did find it five times a month my my MasterCard I get paid on and if you want Bitcoin you can even get your Commission's and Bitcoin up ya know well that's pretty good deal anyway I ramble off now James sorry about that go ahead no you're not rambling at all I'm asking questions and you're giving great answers and I hope everybody that's watching either an hour or later on YouTube will will be listening to you because you're a master master builder and you're giving a lot of gold speaking of gold nuggets you're conveying some gold nuggets out here these are these are great ways you know just very very creative ways to make people comfortable and yet lead them into what they really want to be doing well it works you know I've actually had a few people take a look at your webinars you know you put it on YouTube and it's just a wealth of information for anybody to look at so we beg and borrow and steal everywhere we can mostly borrow we don't want to do anything but we do want to share our information with other people so that we can get it in you know my presentation may not be the exact thing they're looking for and we deal with different types of people so yeah I do share your YouTube videos Bill Khan stays another person I share is information we decided well you know different people putting on conference calls with karatbars and they all appeal to a different type of person I don't want too much information and getting people to take a look at what we're doing so when we put together just a one-page website I say we Dave struck that gamble myself and out of the hundreds and hundreds of videos and pieces of information we pulled together just a few and it's called KBC coin dot info hang on hang on bill I'm going to pump that up because you're all getting this beautiful thing can you see out there yeah KBC coin dot info yeah have one we just wanted to put just enough information up there where they can have their needs met their interest piqued and they can learn what they need to know in a sequential way to where they can come in the care of ours there is so much more than that out there and you can find that all right in your karatbars site you know it even I you know since 2014 I still get dizzy when I go into karatbars there is so much but you can go to you know your dashboard and go down to download and go to English and or whatever country you're looking for and you can click on all those and if you have the time go take a look and read each one and get familiarize I read it I tend to forget so I have to go back and back and back and back again but there really is a lot of good information there and it's all they make mistake once in a while you type or whatever but they catch it correct it and fix it and make up for without their their their German we have to help their English but I sure would take a German run company any day they they really know how to run their companies and do their businesses they're so well organized it's amazing they are well organized well organized and I like that picture I see it somewhere in there some of their propaganda and some of their information and their shows are bars right next to Mercedes have you seen that yeah I like that that's a good alone I've driven a Mercedes since 1994 I think but but that always gives me a little insight when I think of karatbars I think of Mercedes and you know the same quality the same aspiration they they all strive for excellence I also have a BMW just to keep myself in check and then to prove that I'm an American I have a Corvette Convertible and that way I can kind of mix and match but I'll tell you what my favorite is my Mercedes it really is yeah they're nice cars yeah it's quiet and you know I came out I was up in Lancaster California a few years ago and it was getting dusk I could hardly see and I was watching traffic come by and I saw it all went by and I just floored it I pulled out of a gas station when a crime I didn't see it but there was a median out there about 13 inches high and probably 10 12 feet wide between the lanes I felt like the dumbest guy in town I hit that with my Mercedes bounced up in the air almost broke my neck and got across and I limped into the gas station across the way to hide and shave my head in shame and I thought oh my god so I pull myself together and I took their Benz in I took another Mercedes the next day and I said I think I tore something up you got to fix it and I looked at and I said no you're fine everything's okay and I thought I hit that median bounced around doing about 45 miles an hour nothing happens so I'm sorry to bug you at that story but you know that's just how it rates and Mercedes and that's how karatbars operates I mean it really does I've got so much appreciation and respect for them I didn't have that the beginning but they've earned it and I you know it's just like I get a hold of customer service you know and what I'm thing about it like I mentioned while ago I'm so busy with phone calls and emails and three ways and doing this and that I don't really have the time to take the time to study and to do more on my websites and all of that like I should yeah karatbars are the same way they at least this Tiger they got it out there people are liking it you look at 600,000 strippers in 132 countries and they've unleashed hist anger with what's going on with the crypto and there's so much action and taking place they're really having troubles keeping it all organized and keeping everything up to date I kind of feel for them but I certainly empathize and I understand what's happening at house happenings but I do know they will get caught up and they're doing it at a rapid rate so I'm pretty happy with it the way it is you know it's they've taken care of my needs and you know everything's always supposed to be go ahead ya know they've done a great job and Bill so this is the site that I mean you're you're the brains and the with the work also behind this I think and very trying to put one together for me and but this is something that's really available for our team and I so much appreciate it I wanted people to kind of see this because as he said it's a very simple presentation of the company and we find people just sign up directly from this site so this is a great tool that we have we you know we'll probably link it back into the the new K booster system at some point I'm sure bill but yeah we've got it we got a new a beautiful new fangled state of the art system from the company but I like the fact that this is very clean and neat and something simple that I can send a prospect I also send everybody that I that I invite to join the business to this page too so why don't you well so you you just show it it's a great opening question is is the KBC so you're opening with cryptocurrency here even though it's gold backed and you know your idea is to get them quickly introduced to the new karatbars huh yeah it's you know focus for some of the years about you know transferring Fiat daughter I mean everybody understands a dollar and we take all we can get I love dollars you know it's so but it's always never kind of a problem getting people to cut loose with their Fiat dollars to buy something more valuable more reliable and that's gold now we've got them there and we want to get them in the cryptocurrency you got to realize there's thirty million people today we've got 7 billion on the planet but 30 30 million a day are hitting Google and looking and searching for cryptocurrency mmm that's wrong and ya get there they're intimidated they're seeing all these things going on so and I said is karatbars KBC and Casey be cryptocurrency for you we want to help them figure out at what we've got us for them I like to shoot straight to the heart and that's why I'm not talking to them and I'll say you probably wonder out of 10,000 coins you know it's always been create the problem providing the solution mm-hmm you know stab a guy in the knee make it bleed put a bandaid on so we're not trying to hurt anybody but we want to say we get some coins out there oh my gosh how are you ever gonna find the right one to buy you don't want to lose money you don't want to get burnt you don't get scammed like I did and right away you create fear no it's also uncertain and that's why you're going to be happy to find out that and with karatbars we are the only cryptocurrency in the world that is physically backed by gold not digital gold not paper gold not gold in the you know somebody's not like a bank and all of that then we have real physical gold it's in the vault it's vaulted it's document it's verified its certified we really have it we also have two big mines and their mining daily we have contracts for hundreds of tons of gold who knows where it's going to go but we do have it covered and that helps them you know minimize get right straight to the point so I said you'd like to know more about it we can get something over to you some information you mentioned the kay booster this is a little enroute maybe it helped somebody get an ID on but that K booster you know that's going to be big they introduced it and it's still being tweaked but there is a contact manager where you can talk to people you can enroll them and they'll start getting a series of informational emails and of course you can't just spam a list or spam anyone for that matter because the first email they get they're going to have to verify their email and agree to accept that information so don't be irresponsible and send out a bunch of spam and hopefully they bite into it because that's not going to work I used to be a spammer you know we were doing we built several systems to get information out to people and at one time we were doing 40 million emails a month and you know changing IP addresses every three to four hours trying to get the mail out the mail out we actually used to get great results with that time of that type of the marketing but what we found is that because of Technology the internet and what's going on people are really getting savvy you know they're getting so lazy they don't want to talk to you they don't want to open an email but they still do to degree but not like they used to and we're all texting you know I mean I see people sit there side by side texting each other they're too lazy to even talk so we can't stop it it's here we've got we've got to get in on that methodology for reaching people and so that's going to be one of our main problems as we take this out and share are we going to get people booked on email or take our phone call or respond to us so probably the safest same as the text unless of course your name is James locket and you get this nothing and you've got this great following so they know you they trust you and that's what's required you have to develop a rapport we're right back what I call old-style technology and a 1:1 relationship building building rapport beginning of no to you so that when you do send out a piece of information able to at least look at it they may not sign up they may not buy they may not join you but they will take a look so that's what we're all looking for that's what I did with this page right here it's harmless it's yeah it's a nice introduction to get into this this is nice and they can introduce our CEO and Founder Harold sites that's a great video very simple also yeah I think like that video was short sweet right to the point and he's very a little hard to understand but you can tell he's he's very sincere yeah it's a great video I like that yeah I do too his his English is getting a lot better to admit and well you know when he joined up or when he started karatbars year years ago Asscher Landover was the first person in the u.s. to sign up with care books and part of the commitment was to give her and her husband breath was for him to learn English so Carol immediately started taking classes and lessons and he started picking it up he had to learn English to deal with the US and that was Cheryl Ann's the requirement he did it he's getting better by the year I can tell ya I've been watching his videos he's he's he must still be studying he's getting he is getting better and then I you know you you've designed it in here to the study of the look of the history of the two cryptocurrencies which you know makes it clear for people I think people get a little bit confused but you boiled it down really nicely here I like that that's a background of the coins yeah you got a little background the coins of what happened and you know the there's so many websites that karatbars puts out and I'm putting out an informational sheet I mean it's all there it's just another way of looking at and finding it but what's the flow of how it all started you know karatbars and the gold and round down to where they got into the cryptocurrency and you know in my opinion when I saw them start taking Bitcoin payments for gold I thought wow this is great they're getting moderate I never dreamed that they were going to actually enter the crypto space and when they did I have to admit I'd been burnt so many times but you know I see those coins coming up big big filled big pitch big dream nothing by the coin it's like it's a closed loop coin you buy it and can't trade it for a year I've got one coin I've got you know put 10,000 into it I can't even touch it I still got about four months to go before I can touch it well guess what all the insiders got in sold their coins off on all of that here we are waiting so with karatbars it's all out in the open I came out it's going to be openly traded and we want to be able to tell people show people that and when they did that with their kcb or KBC I bought it and I was a little skeptical and then when I you know I have to send and some people got it for seven tenths of the set but to see it run out and come out at three four or five and it's actually been much higher and I could have sold it taking a great profit but I have vision for the actual point and what's coming now so I'm gonna hold out for you know seventy five cents the dollar and maybe even ten dollars according to height that's his promise excuse me yeah that'll be a lot of that's not 10x it's not a hundred X that's a lot of X for you and nice position to be in and you've documented Harold's promise which she kept just two weeks ago on the fourth of July to exchange a hundred K BC for a gram of gold yeah he he did and people actually did that on the 4th of July and I got a little negativity back from my group some people said oh yeah that would only happen if you with the Las Vegas now but it only happened if you have be one of the lucky ones and you know I said I don't know how it happened in Las Vegas for demonstrative purposes you know they actually found it and all that and people did make that exchange some people did 100 coins 200 coins but you know it's still available today you can do that right through your carrot bit and one of my guys I'm gonna test it out so yeah I'm not doing that I could go trade a hundred thousand coins or whatever I could do and a lot of people can but I want to save my coins I have big hopes for my coin and I want it to be much higher than the 44 cents of coin but you can do it and one of my boys art when in a few days ago and he traded just six thousand coins mmm any value in his KBC his carrot bill exchange and he just traded six thousand coins it's not that many been traded prepared fold and his account immediately went out 2,200 dollars or Euros so be up about 2500 and value he's wild were wrong yeah I could have done more but like me he wants to save it but there it is it can be done you can do it today if you want to if you need a video they can contact me you may already have that video but myself for bad gamble we're gonna put that on the site update it to show people how they can actually go in and trade 100 points for a gram of gold yeah I'd like you I'm gonna hold mine but but it's it's good to know and I've got people on the team that that you know borrow recently I want to try to leverage some of that and I understand that too but I'm a little bit more of a hot oiler I like to to think a little bit more long-term yeah I do too you know we live on goober pants we know what can I do for me right now but yeah long-term that's what I'm looking at with karatbars and that you know there were there cryptocurrency I wanna set a few records with these guys yeah yeah and yeah you got here the news about karatbars and gold standard storing tons of gold for a new payment system so that was the the the video out of Hong Kong right with the right endpoint for tonnes that's a lot of gold 1.4 tonnes yeah it is and you know it's a very impressive video I think you know I've been on the gold business for years of only interest in a gold mine and you know hands-on with the real out there pick and shovel that type of thing and believe you must be with gold they hide it everywhere you can think of the various buttonholes and all that no Harold has right to the financial district they got the best environment they can lease it's very secure it's all built in it's impenetrable very very safe and you can see it when you watch the video you're not going to break in you can watch you know Mission Impossible models kind of spoofs and think about people stealing but nobody's gonna steal that gold it's better to stay and it's there to cover our points so take a look at that video if you get a chance people I think you'll like it yeah this this one's really interesting it's funny he mentioned the hiding stuff I'm actually with my at my sister's house right now and week ago my art our dad passed away in 2005 and he was he and my uncle used to go silver mining in the Sierra Nevada mountains yeah he also bought gold and silver and he loved it we're still finding in this house like little pieces of gold up in the rafters where he's hid it and under the bed and it's a it's funny but last weekly we got notified by somebody he had hidden away something else and they they finally discovered 14 years later that he passed away so we got another little tidbit of stuff – dad dad hid it's funny but people I understand that – I I probably got the same thing from my dad I I had little bits of wealth here there and other other places well you know at my age James I do that quite a bit I put things away so carefully I can't find them so I have to make notes of notes of notes so I know exactly what I do and where final leatherby my tools my garage or you know my my desktop or filing system but yeah try to be diligent systematic and organized and take care of the goal but I I feel really good my gold being stored by karatbars I'm gonna leave mine there for what yeah I know I mean it's freeze free storage and I like I said I bought a pretty good chunk of gold in March of this year and I have to got it stored in Delaware so I have to pay them to store it and I've been just buying gold and silver and pretty much for a number of years like you have as well I'm sure I don't keep it every now you know amazing thing and you know the commodity business we had people buying currencies and whatever and a lot of times they had gold and silver platinum palladium maybe some of the exotics right they would they would want to trade you know we give them so somebody says I've got I got a hundred ounces of gold I want to put toward a commodity maybe a future option or whatever you know maybe a derivative and I say well how do we get it to you how do we get it to you safely say listen to me carefully go down to your local paint store get a five gallon Paint Bucket label on the lid for it take it home put all your medals everything right in the bottom up a little bit of padding maybe in the bottom maybe a little bit of cloth or material or whatever and then pack it so it's not gonna by his weight we'll just ride on the bottom I said then Philip full of newspaper will it all up and just put the lid up masking tape around it and ship it by post office they insure that and we've had maybe a few thousand dollars maybe a few hundred thousand dollars of medals if they ship right through the post office and they can call us when it gets in we're good wishing the driver down and pick it up at that rocker hands drunk a lot of times to actually wheel it into the office and then we would have you know our deal but those are the old days and people try and do everything but this is safety I mean this is really I'm very confident very comfortable with being with karatbars and what we have in place but we all have our own our own thing we have to do you know well they got they got a nine year history and they store it for free and if we want it it's a FedEx away so I like that too I'm letting them keep my gold but I thought they I picked up a couple of shipments like you say you know every so often I like to get a shipment so it's a good system if you're nervous about it get it buy it and have it shipped when you buy it or do it every month or every three months or something like that but yeah free Shi free storage is pretty nice but on the safety sites as we go on goddamn yeah I want to show those one because you're the guy behind this and I think it's amazing what you put in here because it is so so well sad and but it's also very simple so you've given the story of the exchanges and the international home here's the background a little bit more about fold standard bank and this is about the comp plan and so forth – I guess huh yeah back up just a hair James long as exchanges yeah we've got all these reasons yeah actually you can just click that like and financer the exchanges yeah okay which one yeah the exchanges now right there yeah yeah so this is the listing from coin Margate this is the listed market cap and you can see all the different exchanges that it's on look at that so they're listing 20 there now bill yeah and we're growing by the day and you know karatbars has entered into an integral relationship with every exchange and of course karatbars is a global entity we are representing 130 countries but you got to watch it on these exchanges I don't want to scare anybody but like and what's at the top there hip BTC that's quinol okay I'm sorry yeah hip you see hip BTC their hip EDC's right here that's KBC BTC out you want me to click that Lori oh that's okay I just want to tell you what's going on when you go to these exchanges you can go in there and sign up for any exchange they love it when you sign up you can actually send your bitcoin or your tether or your ether they'll let you click on an account deposit they let you send your coin right in but I want to warn everybody I don't care who you are where you go what your experience is when you go to any one of these exchanges sign up for word and then get kyc confirmed kyc we do it with karatbars no yes we have to do with these exchanges because they'll let you send your coin in they'll let you trade but you cannot with raw until your kyc is done now his BTC even though there are global in exchange they're not going to do accounts with anybody from the US mm-hmm and we got a couple others on there the same way they're not going to do in fact my Nance as good as they are my favorite exchange you know they're gonna cut out US customers in September so make sure that you do your kyc with any exchange you hook up with and get qualified so when you do go over there and open your account and then you send something in you do by KBC coin or kcb or gold standard whatever you're doing that you'll be able to take it up if you want to take it out of the profit or just buy it and then move it back to your care but exchange then you'll be able to do it without any problem at all and I just had a good friend of mine he had 50 something bitcoins over there and hit BTC he went in there open up the account didn't do his KB he didn't do the KYC then he wanted him withdraw the the coin and they wouldn't let him he wasn't came by siapro has to do business in the u.s. it's taking him almost five weeks to get approved so he could get his as a bit going out and his KBC so just a little warning everybody yeah do I see any money in that's a good one for hit BTC and in fact I bought my KBC on hit BTC some time back but it's just actually recently I think in the last two months or so that they they made it more difficult for people in the US I wouldn't suggest if you're a u.s. national maybe don't use kit BTC there's a couple other ones that are yeah pretty good and it's like I'll I like I love hit PC it's one of my favorites exchanges I'm glad we're there but I think a lot of people have been using yo bit how bill yeah it works good I like before I mean I like them all you know I'd like to pull my money on when I wanted out yeah that's nice he's a lot of fun that you know I made a lot of money there did a lot of coins but my main point is always get kyc approved so yeah in and out of your well yeah yeah there's way it does good point okay okay so thanks that's a great resource and I I guess I clicked on there before but it's good other folks hadn't done that so a great presentation here this is just a very nice tutorial getting started video and in fact of course bill since this was recorded we've now got a an amazing get started video right in our own back office but but this is this is a I'm going to replace that when we update we're going to update all the nights probably this week yeah and I'm going to replace that but let's get back to K booster and they're gonna have all the information you need as well it's getting bigger better by the day and yeah don't look that folks in your karatbars back-office York a booster would be a great contact manager what I'm doing for me and Bill you've got the k1 phone in here this is the the official a little video that's a very high-tech video to explain with phones all about you know there are several videos James about the K booster and you guys play them all out there but I picked that one because I just love the background music and I love the information too but if you really want to get done then if you wanna get nuts about the k1 phone and do you know it's one thing to watch this video here but do a search maybe go to youtube and type in the karatbars new impulse k1 phone and you might find five or six different videos watch them all you're gonna get a different viewpoint and if you're a techie an engineer we've even got some inkay booster that will take you right down you know they well you'll have to be an engineer to understand it all about the algorithms and they you know all of that watching how it works possible no it's not it's being done it is being done and it's something that's new it's the first nobody else in the world has it karatbars is an original first on this new phone so it's good to have yeah and we haven't got it yet get it knocked over well I think what's interesting this the video highlights what we were talking about the other day with our friend Pat which is the military-grade technology behind this phone I mean it is really military-grade technology yeah we're looking you know I like the fact when they say well you're on the phone nobody else can get on it no it's a military-grade unhackable and we've had so many min I want to scare anybody here but I want to inform you we even had so many people that have had their Corman's just stolen they access our accounts new new the regular Verizon Sprint cell phone and you know used to be in my day you know you go back a few years the hackers are after your bank account and debit card net I was like that's old news they don't want that anymore but I didn't want to hear and so this foam is going to be invaluable protecting your accounts you'll be able to log in make transactions do things with the degree of confidence and privacy but I just can't wait to get mine and I will not use yeah I'm excited about it too I guess we'll be getting them in about two months now so that's that's great so you got a lot of great news in here again just in you know if someone wants to do their due diligence you've really got it all collected in here I don't say you know this is the only place you know everybody should check stuff out but you've really got a terrific collection of information and then we've been talking about this new what we called an ATM but it's now called the CEM a cash gold exchange machine seat right and this is kind of gonna be the company's pride and joy going forward huh right you know I was talking with a big coin dealer in Canada yesterday and he gave me some insight he said he's my mother I see him ATM CME's the gold and he'll fill it right up and he says not only will they buy the gold but he said I will buy their gold from them and then I'll just recycle it right through the CEM I'll sell it to them I'll buy it back music here's what happens are you chopped yeah oh yeah and I totally am I said you can you can actually set your CEM oh five ten fifteen thousand euros with the cash golnesa's oh man I want more than that you know that's just the beginning of my hey I said well you'd be able to refill you know replenish you order more they'll FedEx it to you so I have a two-day refill periods I can't go two days so he's got big plans for it and he's gonna do it right there his gold store he does a whale of a big business up in Canada and I can see this James you know Vegas alley she got everywhere anywhere you put these machines people are going to drive 50 miles a hundred miles whatever they'll know they are they'll they'll drive there and it's going to be a big moneymaker for the those individuals who do order and pay for and they made by one they might want to have five or six maybe a dozen I don't know but it's gonna be fun yeah and in the malls did is to go back to the affiliate side of this bill I mean you as a sponsor or somebody who goes and puts in five or ten machines and he's buying let's say ten ten twenty thirty thousand euros worth of gold a month you're getting he's getting commissions on that he's helping people and you're getting commissions on as well right oh my gosh you know we love the idea of you can it was karatbars you can go on auto-ship you don't have to you can you can buy a gram 5 gram whatever you decide you can buy it by the week or the month or every two weeks or whatever yeah I've got a monthly auto-ship yeah residual income right but believe me folks were on this incentive it was introduced of this past incentive it will renew it in about four or five more days but we're gonna have the ATM incentive where people will get kcb coin they'll get to get a lot of things involved in it to buy this but try really get out and work on this like James just said you share this and sell them to your people who are competent and capable and have the finances and word with all to get it and you will get that residual income they have a machine and they sell out the cash goal they're gonna buy more karatbar you're gonna get a commission on right then because I wasn't wanted to drive home for folks so every time this machine gets refilled there's Commission's being generated can you imagine having 10 or 20 of these out there and having working and katene katene katene oh yeah I can't wait I'm excited I really know closin ATMs that's what I'm doing right now oh yeah that's big and we haven't even talked about the key merchants the whole cross-border value transfers system that we're put in place well you know it's a very pot you see it's I'm not in business I walk in more business I don't have that but I need to learn more about the cave merchants I've helped a lot of people get into that business and they might be really a car lot could be almost any type of brick and mortar business could use that but I can see now where those folks are going to be wanting ATMs for their place of business and yeah but more I can about a click on that link then they'll tell you yeah no that's good and down at the very bottom it just says you know get back to whoever shared this very valuable information with you so amazing tour de force on this website bill again thank you and again for people that are maybe looking at this this is just one of many tools that our team you know Bill and others that have been in here longer than Grace and myself have given us some great great systems and tools and you can see it really tells the story so actually you know anybody on the team can get one of these we actually have emailed bill bill you want to give your email address and people want to get get one of these I know what we kind of provide that from time to time but you want to want to announce that we do that on your Tuesday and Thursday calls us do that here yeah we can do that like like James you can use this free at get KBC coin not info but if you'd like to have your own and worried whether it says down at the bottom if you'd like to get an account for free click here and have it go to your karatbars account then you can email me it get KBC coin at gmail.com that would be get KBC coin at gmail.com so the certain wonderful ways a KBC coin dot info and Bill's email address just one more time is get KBC coin at gmail.com gmail.com so that's pretty straightforward get KBC coin at gmail.com and and when the same on the email me when they email just have be sure to put your name your made your name maybe Patrick but if you want it to be Pat just put in the way you want it on your site your name your email your phone number and your karatbars username put that whole thing in there that way I can make it for you will get it right back to me and tell you what to do next yeah those are those are those are great when you just see I think mine is like get mine on the browser here get I got my get key be see just what I need show though there there it is that's that's the one you did for grace and I there we go so he as you can see then if someone wants to sign up that they go directly to your your personal KBC site and their Bill's got my information down there not you know so you know this this is a generic webinar I'm not focusing on us but I just want to show people what what a personal one we were showing you the generic site but bill customizes it for you actually really nice well I know I know it worse than James I've sent that up too many people and I always say if I will you James if I send you a site that will tell you how easy it is to find the right cryptocurrency if you're interested in that market would you take a look at it and get back to me yeah they say you know yeah I will but I've had so many people just go ahead and click on it and sign up that's how I get notified you know you have a new affiliate right so it does work and we'll make it better it by the day we'll keep updating until we get it the way we want it for this you know people are out there they're looking for what we got and I think we're one of them I can't think of a better opportunity on the planet than Mars I mean really you know to be able to attract people of the caliber of James locket it has to be good he's no dummy he did his diligence he checked it out he knows what to look for see some people might get into something and they know they're unaware that they don't know what to even look for no I made a mistake I signed up you know but no James he's very confident he's got a background he knows what to do he did it and he he did his diligence he can count care of our so when we send people like that the information we have for care of ours they can't go wrong they just cannot make a mistake and you get in all you have to do you know one of the biggest economists in the world he's in karatbars no names today but he's big he's used his fraud once's everywhere and how did he get in on nobody who's in karatbars kept emailing him sending him a link asking him to get and he said I wouldn't even take the guy's phone goes and I kept getting these emails check out karatbars check out care or sending a link he said that I finally did it I checked it out and I like what I got I got him and the guy has made tons of money just as that one referral you know and he and the guy laughs about from time to time is this how I found karatbars that's how I got him you didn't even talk to me was good his info so you know it's all we do people invite invite invite invite PM come to our webinars come to James he's got such a welcome information come on look at James's you know various webinars his info booths and all of those things is emails and I don't know you go you've got it all right there listen on YouTube don't you yeah yeah that's your main Sly James where people can find everything here well we've got a Facebook group we've got a Facebook just a business page we've got a YouTube channel we've got a Twitter account you know we're we're out there on social media and yeah so people do video searches and find us we now I think we were we've got about a hundred videos that we've produced about karatbars and yeah that's and you know then email people but yeah main thing is like yourself is trying to help our team become successful when our team becomes successful we become successful as well though in with great tools like what you provided and what the companies got you know but what's amaze me since getting going in karatbars is just you know what a great team that we have what a great family of people you know people I bill Cohn stain and Pat gamble and yourself and we're very fortunate to work with as you said Cheryl and Goldberg the number one affiliate in the company who's just you know like mama bear but she's just an amazing person to work with person oh yeah it's a it's a great group of people and you know when we talk about helping our people so we can make commissions of course that's what you know we're in it for several reasons that we acquire gold but I do I don't want to diminish you know the customers we've got people to say we want to buy gold and we'd like to acquire gold and they'll do it on a periodic basis and they may not be in the business smooth they just don't feel adequate when it comes to sharing any business that's okay we welcome those people and I can't tell you how many people we've got James that have bought twenty-five to fifty thousand dollars for the gold they just made one transaction bought the gold and that's it they don't want to be bothered so we've offered most people that got in and start sharing this information with others and you know maybe a video send them to your karatbars site people aren't crazy they're not dumb I mean they know what to look for and when they see your care of our site and they start reading about it they want to get involved start using that k booster it's brand-new yeah it'll be very funky for getting information so you don't have to follow up every day or every other day it's a system built into every day or two or three it'll send out an email he'll keep you in their email face and help them to keep getting new and more information you know you just sell us and we don't sell anybody anything we just help them expose them to enough information to where they can make a decision yeah oh this does welcome and make a decision to get on board away we go yeah it's a great it's a great system so that's a great segue to a conclusion of this fascinating webinar bill I want to thank you again for coming out this morning and all the help you've given to me and grace before before today and other members of the team but as a final advice to somebody who's either here now who was invited by ourselves or someone from a team or for yourselves and of course a lot of people will watch this video later on Facebook and in YouTube various channels give us a give us a final piece of advice on checking out karatbars well you know anybody looking at this you're either already in care of bars or you're contemplating and yeah I say you're at the right place at the right time to make a right decision everybody says that it doesn't matter who's giving you a sales pitch everybody says that but we really mean it and we're verifiable you know since they're poor perky and in 2014 but they came in about business about eleven years and it's very verifiable they've grown by leaps and bounds I tell you to go ahead and jump on board free if you have to and do your diligence inside their site prove it to yourself this is why it won't get in and James I'm glad you had me on today gave me a chance to kind of just talk a little bit about basically my excitement about karatbars and want to stuff for me yeah if you want to get into videos and craft using details and you want to parse everything and you know dot i's and cross t's we can do all of that for you and i'd recommend you come back that's why I asked James about what his site is he has done all of that he's got everything that is explicit or you can go right to karatbars itself and get inside and go into the back office you'll see everything nobody wants you to take a blind flight at anything we just get excited and I like stairs anything don't worry about the details just it's that good and sometimes that's all the knowledge people need they want to talk about our excitement they want to see what we've done and other people want to check it out so everybody is different some people want to bear out all I'll check it out get a feel for you know do their diligence and all that so I just say do what you have to do to solve your own needs to you know to get justified rectified and don't that's pretty nice having that gold I wish I had my box of gold out here today I'll show you what I've got you know get it all out there hold up real gold and we got real it though we got more making money and yeah oh by the way you're gonna get a Democrat I may have said that five times a week yesterday I made a so everybody will be a payday for your care versus can't wait to see your debit card and try it all out that being said we can always talk more but thank you James for all you're doing in our team and grace I really do mean that you're going to be one of our integral members and probably do much much more than I do so okay well thing are things to you it's you guys have laid the foundation and not just doing that but on an ongoing basis so mr. Whitely hats off to you it's it's great to have a man with your financial background you know a real financial expert a bonafide a financial expert who's who's also in the trenches and helping us on a daily basis so thank you for your leadership and for your servanthood as well that's that's that's very obvious so folks you know again as says as bill said you know we suggest just start as simply as you would like to start you can join karatbars for free you can check it out from the inside we always suggest there is an auto savings program I'm on an auto savings program a lot of us are on it just set it and forget it I get some grams of gold every month I don't need to tell you how much but but I get some grams every month and I have it stored in Germany for me and take it out occasionally when I want and I like just that regular discipline of saving gold but we have done purchases so you can buy different packages you can get into the business and start to get into the affiliate side of it more you buy a package and you can if you just sell packages you can make money and work your way in so you can work your way in for free if that's where you're at if you got some money and you got anywhere from 150 euros to a million euros and anywhere in between we got packages of all sizes you can get in get yourself started make a nice purchase you can do anything from ATMs to this miraculous phone that we're talking about to packages of gold and all those come bundled with cryptocurrency as well so we've we've taken you through quite a tour of the force but there and there are little a lot of different options but it's a it's such an exciting business and something that you can really bank on it's been here already you know for 11 years and it's just not going away it's getting stronger and stronger and stronger and stronger so bill thank you again great great tour de force of the company and and I think sharing some of the heart of the company well I appreciate that so with that being said everybody thank you for joining us on this Saturday you got something to say there's my friend and one more thing you know say kick guitar enjoy oops we lose you lost ignored for a second bill Oh for over were over but you know I have to go ahead she told me she said that I hate can you hear me okay yep we hear you know yeah she said bill I'll sign up and I'll buy some gold but I don't want to work the business at all all I want to do is talk to people I know my friends okay that's okay one of her friends was a family member he got into karatbars he found the phone and he ended up buying an 18 phone package about $70,000 worth or 70,000 euros worth so yeah we walk people to just want free accounts they just want to try it out absolutely come on board we're all here we're big family whatever you fit in you're welcome no thank you all right that's a great closing word Thank You mr. bill Whitely thank you to all of you who joined us and thank you to all of you that will be watching in the future oh you'll find this you know by different members of our team and different people out there so get the link of whoever shows you this video and join in they're part of our great big family our very big team so take advantage of that and again mr. bill thank you so much great working with you looking forward to a great future and let's build karatbars together I'm a great day all right taking it take care everybody thank you bye-bye

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