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My Reaction to Missy’s DRIPDEMEANOR #dripdemeanor #missyelliott #2019 #newmissy #iheartradio #newyorkcity #losangeles #california #greatness #gohard #dallas #dance #HipHop #conneticut #NewMusic #sanfrancisco #chicago #charlottenc #houston #instagood #tiktok #twitter
okay so this is my first time doing a what you call this doing a damn I'm so lost I thought okay listen I'm really at work right now and I'm on my break so I should really be focusing on getting back on time but I really you know I'm a fan of Missy Elliott when I say like she really did her thing I was like okay all right miss so our reaction video okay reaction video this is my first year actually video the one I say she really did her thing and now like from what I can tell this is gonna be someone like a saga or like a little mini series of just Missy and I think there should it dope she started us off with throw it back and she took us to the Museum of Missy and from the Museum of Missy you could see little Missy went to go throw it back and after she got out of throw it back she stepped immediately into the drip demeanors Richard Amina we got to see the subtle sexy side of Missy where she comes out and she's very seductive and at the same time like the little dominatrix thing is poppin you know always the visuals are always poppin so you know hairs on point she got um you know she's got her dances I mean she kept it real subtle but at the same time she offered you what you would be looking for so there's a parts in the video where she's she got on with some glasses and the glasses changed and and that that could be interpreted as of views have changed or maybe wish you see is different than what other people see but you know she's still on it she still got the whole sex appeal you know she's showing her feminine side she's not so so so hood chick a little ratchet so to speak you know she's showing her a vulnerability in this and I really like this this reminds me more so of the vulnerability and all of my grill for those of you who are true Missy fans from when she came out back in I want to say that was 97 no 90 9 that went hard over there 98 that might have been 90 but when I say that went hard I'm talking about it was everything so with this and then she actually got a chance to feature her a background vocalist just as she did with all of my grill back then she did it with Nicole ray so Nicole Ray was out there you know singing all of my grill and everything like that but fast forwarding to drip Divina she got someone in there someone is looking really nice right now so you know you got to see her fall for one of the vegetables in the video like I don't know how to do it because I can't get it to playback because I'm doing this from my phone but there's one with like she's standing on the towel and then as they zoom out you can see that she's really on top of our head so that could be that you know she has other things on her mind she got other stories on harmonica be a number of things that you know that could be interpreted as well when I say Misty's doing her damn thing I'm a true Lucy fan I really think she really brought it and at the end of the video she took us back to the Museum of Missy and so you got a little Miss and then you got Teyana Taylor you know uh farness so I really think everybody did the damn thing and this is not really the best reaction video because I got my set up I've had my channel for some time but I really really had a set up but I think Missy did her damn thing and like you know again the true Miss Elliot fan and I love the visuals on my light I like the subtle dance moves I'm I like the interaction between the males and females and how they flipped it and how the timing of it of what they were saying versus what they were doing for the visual effect everything was on point so again this may not be the best reaction video but Missy Elliot if you ever come across my my reaction videos I'll try to do better this is my very first one I'm actually stepping out on faith and doing this because I really hate to sit on my face on camera but I really think she did her damn thing and yeah that's just my reaction to drip damina so today is October 17 2019 this is your boycott doc you've been in the spot right here people are

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