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Challenger | State Farm® Commercial

**Challenger | State Farm® Commercial**



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so Josh you going for our drive safe and safe discount yep using the app driving safe you want to go you want to go bro hey do not mess with my discount you can save up to 30% let's go nice to meet you go get a tiger sounds like you've got this yeah definitely get a discount up to 30% with drive safe and save from State Farm

How to Cook for the Week on a Budget - Beginners Guide

**How to Cook for the Week on a Budget – Beginners Guide**



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1:10 – Yellow Rice
6:10 – Crispy Chicken Thigh
12:42- Roasted Vegetables
17:50 – Mango Coleslaw
27:45 – Worlds Easiest BBQ Sauce
32:12 – Herb Peanut Dressing
37:35 – Spiced Crispy Flatbreads

the almighty mama-jamma of cooking tutorials. Stop wasting your money on going out every time you need breakfast, lunch and dinner! Start impressing your work and school mates, and of course your stomach with the insane meals you will be whipping up and whipping out! Come join the brothers green for 45 minutes and learn how to feed yourself for the week!

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My Trucking Life | SAVING MONEY | #1661

**My Trucking Life | SAVING MONEY | #1661**



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hey everybody another new day is here I just got out of my doctor's appointment this morning I had to get a couple of birthmarks removed I have my dad's skin a little bit we have a lot of birthmarks my body and some of them on my back we're starting to grow so we got them checked out and he was able to just literally burn them off I could stank like burning in there he froze it first right so I couldn't feel what he was doing but I just smelled this smoke smell hold on there's weird he also had the reports back from that awkward donation that I gave the second one was good I don't have to go give a third one everything is good swimmers are strong and nothing wrong on my end Britt is just waiting for some tests on her end but we're pretty confident that everything is okay there – we're just trying to conceive and we just got to be patient and wait for wait for our time to come so we'll see we're trying to if you're unfamiliar with this situation if you're just tuning in my vlogs are usually about my life truck driving but it's also about my life at home as well and it's about my life in general all aspects of it and one big part of my life now since I married my wife is that we're trying to conceive we want to have a baby and we've been having problems there was one miscarriage already and we're just really excited to be parents I think and have little little kids running around and maybe we're just being a little bit inpatient but everything is good on my end so pretty sure everything's good on her end as well I guess we'll keep you informed once something that she does happen regarding that but for now now that I'm out of my doctor's appointment I'm just waiting for my truck to be done in the shop I got to go pick that up pay them they fixed my bunk heater like I was telling you yesterday I'm very excited about that because now I don't have to idle my truck through January it's so cold up here you have to idle it through the night otherwise you'll freeze right and I was idling it more than I was driving it I get a report at the end the month as to how much i idled it and what the percentages to driving and I think I was averaging between 55 and 60 percent idle time of the whole time that the engine was on and I was burning between seven and one seven hundred and one thousand dollars a month in fuel just idling doing nothing and the truck's not making money when it's not run when it's not moving so that's two thousand dollars just wasted every month gone that could be in my pocket right now paying bills going into savings so this bunk heater that I got now I'll explain it to you more a little later maybe you want to actually use it and turn it on and try it what it does is it it runs off diesel fuel but not nearly as much runs off a trip compared to what the engine would run off of and it just takes a little bit of diesel fuel out of the tank and it runs it through this little heater motor and it heats the inside of my caps that I don't have to have my engine running but it keeps the cab warm so I could still not freeze to death so they fixed that for me which is awesome they replaced all my filters they did a full service on the truck now since it was in there anyways they fixed the oil leak and they replaced my windshield cuz I had that big crack across my windshield so my bill is gonna be pretty expensive I'm expecting over $2,000 for this bill I'm hoping it's not gonna be $3,000 but I'm thinking for sure because the windshield was $550 with labor and everything included the bunk heater would have been a an hour to of labor I'm pretty sure the service is gonna be about $400 between three and four hundred dollars probably and then all the the labor for fixing the oil leak yet so maybe it'll be under two thousand but I'm gonna guesstimate around $2,000 for this that I gotta pay today and then I'm gonna take my truck home I'm gonna load it all up with my stuff and I'm here in my wife's vehicle so I'm gonna leave my vehicle or leave her vehicle at the shop take the truck home load it all up because I took everything out of it cuz I was going to get a detailed but now I don't want to spend the money into that since I spent all this other money on fixing it hold all my stuff back up in there and then she's gonna jump in the truck with me we're gonna bring her back to the shop where she can pick up this vehicle bring it home and it I'm gonna go to work I've got to pick up a load of lumber that's going down to Minnesota that's gonna get me down there and then the next day I got to go pick up a load of glass that's taking me through to British Columbia so I've been talking long enough here in the morning I'm just at the gym right now waiting for my truck so snap fitness I just pulled up to the shop here this is trucks unlimited in Steinbach it's the freight liner dealer and they were the they were the shop that was able to get my truck in immediately and not a week later so big thanks to them I'm gonna go in right now and see what the damages see how much it cost to do everything I just checked my truck is just on the other side of this trailer here right now I'm gonna park Britt's vehicle here like I said before go home and then bring her back here so she can bring this home I watched her car for her so I'm not gonna tell her so when she comes to pick it up later little brownie points for me today is our anniversary of the day we met actually the day I convinced her to go on a date with me it's three years ago feels like a lot longer than that but I'm filming this on March 7th so you're watching this a few days later already that was our three-year anniversary happy Anniversary honey three years we got married a year and a half later so we've been married a year and a half now so just at the beginning of our long journey but she sure brought a lot of happiness to my life and made my life a lot better so glad I convinced you to see me that day I didn't chase her a little bit I never really told the story of how we met I guess I can do that another time we met online and talked for quite a while before I actually met her it was a good day so let's go in and get the truck right now and get ready to leave got be Minnesota for tomorrow morning if possible Chevy we're gonna miss you buddy I'm gonna miss you okay Lexus but scratch just like that so we're ready to go we're all packed up but it's gonna come with me to go get her vehicle at the shop where I left it ah you're really seeing new vlog have you guys watched it yet what's it called it's gonna be called Trevor turns artists oh oh right on so I have a vlog about artistry coming up too but if you want to get a little bit of a sneak peak and get ahead of the game Brits vlog is gonna be already live by the time you see this so before you see my version of it and hers is better so go down below to the description of this video and all my other videos there's a link to Britt's beat that's where a YouTube channel go and check it out Frank are you gonna miss me are you gonna miss me be honest nope well at least you're honest but respect that and diesel are you ready to go on the truck we're going to Minnesota man Minnesota and then we're going all the way to BC you excited whining good boy let's go man oh that was a toot that was a that was a weasel toot farts when he's nervous he was watching me in Ulsan there's big and you just looks at me and starts waking people excellent boy is it true are you a gassy boy all right seven you got to stay home with mom okay you keep her safe belly incision that heal up a little more Hugh climbs the stairs to the truck good boy need a little bit more recovery time alright weasel you ready you ready main break you ready here we are at the corner of the 59 highway in the 311 this is where my dad's dad my oppa my grandpa this is where he died in 1991 long before these traffic lights were put up these traffic lights were only put up last year but he was involved in an accident here someone didn't stop for the stop signs that were here then and that was that I don't even remember him which is sad right it's my dad's dad I was born in 88 so I was three years old I got no memories of a back then they didn't have the safety features like they do in the cars of today which saved my sister's life just a couple weeks ago in a similar accident actually it's actually very similar except that wasn't at an intersection that was because of the weather but it was it was about the same thing and the airbags saved her life and they didn't have that back then think of that every time I go past that corner even though I don't remember him I still still think of that every time I go past there so we're about 10 minutes away from the yard where we're gonna pick up our lumber load we're gonna quickly strap it down unless if whoever dropped it there left it strapped but that is highly unlikely that does not happen very often but it happens usually all the equipment stays with the truck which is a little inconvenient I realize I I know some other places they leave all the equipment with the trailer makes more sense to me too but I'm not the one making ostracism that's the way we do it so I'll probably have to put my straps on there and then we'll pull it as far down south as we can we'll get into the u.s. tonight we'll get at least down to Fargo see how we feel once we get there Clara City is about six hours from here I was a bit of a chilly evening here yes here we go there's my load got a load of lumber I got tarps at the back it's gonna be for the glass low that I'm picking up tomorrow we're pretty much out our max weights for the US so let's go have some fun let's bring it on down there this ain't a gaffe flying J still in Manitoba hair I need a coffee and I'm a little too low on fuel to wait to the US so I'm gonna throw a little bit in here and then try and fuel the majority of it in the states where it's a lot cheaper I just rolled into Fargo North Dakota here and I'm gonna stop here for a night I'm pretty tired it's around midnight right now so it'll already be pretty late in the day when I can get going tomorrow I was gonna stop at the rest area just into Minnesota on the other side of the river but I decided to see if I could find a parking spot here at the stay mark first feeling that there won't be any parking left here but I can get one just because I was having oil problems just in case it's not fixed and I have those problems again and then at least I'm at a truck stop and not at a rest area with known facilities other than bathrooms just going off to the right here those trucks parked all over here or decide guarantee there's no parking anywhere this is my driveway now that's not my driveway yet till next time there won't be any parking here do sure of it it's usually a telltale sign if you go to a truck stop and there's trucks parked all over in the driveway and all over the place they're usually parked all over the place because there's nowhere else to park what's always a good idea to go and check anyway just in case yeah you never know I've stayed here many times over the years these stay marks are actually awesome truck stops you go inside there it's you feel like a king on a tree truck as well let's say marks Oh full oh come on there's got to be something for trick-or jail well there's a spot there but I'd have to blindside it in that's the thing about these parking lots I every spot is a blindside back I really feel like boy inside myself in too tired for that and I'll do it if I have to but much blocked up oh we might have to make a spot

5 Tips For Saving Money on Food - Global Goals

**5 Tips For Saving Money on Food – Global Goals**



View Time:5:10Minutes



Unicef asked us to come hang out with them at the United Nations last week. The Pope, amongst other world leaders, was speaking about the Global Goals and trying to get the world back to a better place. So I thought we would take a minute to help you save some money on food with a few of my favorite tips.
recently UNICEF asked Mike and I to come to the United Nations where the Pope was speaking in Molalla to be honest I was a little bit confused at first like what do they want us brothers green of all people to come to this event but it was actually really amazing get to meet a lot of great people and it got me thinking so what's going on right now in the world if you didn't know this there's a thing called the global goals and all the nation's leaders have come by the entire world to make 17 goals spend 5 trillion dollars over the next 15 years to get this planet in much better shape because apparently things are getting screwed up these days so they're coming together and they're gonna work on these goals to try to make sure the world goes in a good place we're talking goals like to end poverty you know end world hunger to focus on getting our environment in better shape economic stability all that kind of stuff I know this is a cooking channel but I wanted to find a way to tie that in to help you guys because what happens is when you're helping yourself then you can help other people and you can do this world a better place but it always starts with you we can sit around we can blame people but oh I don't have this I don't have that but we're all very fortunate lucky people and sometimes the end of day you got to stop blaming and you got to start taking responsibility for yourself so here are five ways that you can save money on food and by saving money you'll be able to donate money to other people that really need it you won't waste as much but a lot of good things happen when you're saving money on food but that's just a start you gotta start somewhere number one limit yourself to a budget a weekly budget is a great way to save money if you're like okay I'm only gonna spend $50 a week on food instead of just aimlessly spending you realize you're really cutting back I just did a video recently how to live off $21 for an entire week that video will be out soon but this is just a start to start with a budget pick something that feels good you can always adjust it a little bit but if you have a budget you're gonna get creative you're gonna be looking at things that are cheaper you're gonna be looking at what do I really have for the week you're not gonna be going out as much it's number one number two eat out less I know we all love to eat out and you go you grab some fast food you think it's cheaper but sometimes doing that next to be more expensive and if you're going to a restaurants every in a while is okay I mean eat out whatever you want but if you go to a restaurant sometimes your meals gonna cost more than would cost you for the whole day if not the entire week of eating so think about that if you're spending oh it's only twenty thirty bucks you know for a nice meal well okay all of a sudden that is a lot of money that could be all your groceries for the entire week and you know what if you manage to do it then treat yourself every once in a while you know you okay Friday night you go out you haven't eaten out all week treat yourself nothing longer treating yourself this is gonna sound a little bit strange but eat half of your food this is something that I developed a while ago I started realizing how big the frickin portions in America are you get like a sandwich it's like a footlong like a footlong that's that much food so what I would do is I would take half of it I'd wrap it up put it in the fridge save it for later and that way I've got food for later I can eat my food focus on it if you see the whole sandwich in front of you you're gonna just want to scarf the whole thing down but if you take that hat maybe you have it you're like okay now I still got two hats there's a lot of mind tricks going on to put the food away that way you end up getting two meals for the price of one you don't provide another food later trust me it works the meals impressions are huge in America don't be like you're depriving yourself just give it a try number four buy in bulk when you're shopping for food it really really will help you a lot if you're able to go to a bulk store like a Costco or Sam's Club even if you're just going to your market you look for the big thing like a big-ass thing of vinegar they're gonna cost you maybe a couple dollars you go get rice and beans and you don't want to buy everything in bulk you don't want something's gonna go to waste but stuff that's dried canned things that can last a long time buying a bowl really helps you just got to make sure that you don't go crazy because there's so much food but it will really help you cut the cost down number five this one might seem obvious but don't waste there's a lot of things you might not realize that you're actually wasting when you're eating like for example let's say you're eating chicken right you're eating the chicken you're eating chicken off the bone what do you do you throw the bone out no you can make stop with that already even if the bones already cooked that's a roasted delicious bone cook it and make an awesome stock just fill cup half water throwing the bones add some spices boil it down it's gonna be delicious same thing with vegetables when you're cooking you're taking the onion skins and you're just throwing them out you're taking the ends of carrots now put all that stuff in a pan and make a huge stock out of it or do something creative extract that flavor maybe it's not the best thing to eat but if you're thinking about waste and what you're consuming it's actually gonna help you and I know I'll brothers green we like to get creative and do crazy foods and stuff but the end of the day it's all for helping you guys be creative with what you're cooking save money have a good time change your life kick some frickin what you asked we've got some crazy videos coming up hope you guys enjoy this share subscribe to the brothers dream like this shiz Mizzell below scrumdiddlyumptious we love you