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Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis: The Stooge (1951) "Who's Your Little Who-Zis?" routine

**Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis: The Stooge (1951) "Who's Your Little Who-Zis?" routine**



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Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis perform “Who’s Your Little Who-Zis?” in The Stooge. Very funny routine, excellent film.
I own nothing, I just love these guys πŸ™‚

Dean Martin monologue about reunion with Jerry Lewis on the 1976 MDA Telephon

**Dean Martin monologue about reunion with Jerry Lewis on the 1976 MDA Telephon**



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From ‘A Swingin’ Night at the Sabre Room’ with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, 1977. I own squat, not the pictures or the audio, but this is definitely worth a listen.
I got time for another one good I just want to say it's a pleasure to be here in Chicago again and I know I'm going to come back because I know the way and I don't use I don't usually play my clubs I play one night go to Vegas and the only reason I'm here is because the other day go brought me here and I love it yeah the audiences have been wonderful up until now no I ain't in Sanya or nothing because I know you're gonna get better because you cuz you're gonna pay attention and it cuz you don't pay attention they're gonna call Frank out and you're gonna jump all over you so you want to hold it down and we'll get the thing going and here's a wee huh but you know don't talk back I'm a guest so I'm just here because I don't need this at all don't need this at all because I well it makes a little bit I'll of to work because I'm working with my good buddy that's all and I was doing nice and I just want to say that I work in Vegas that they're that new big hotel that the megohm at the MGM yet MGM oh that's a big mother I'll tell you oh they even got a theater there and you can see a picture and it's open and any afternoons for some of you guys who want to knock off a matinee you too many as old guys left and they had beautiful suites upstairs named that to the great stars they have the Clark Gable suite the Jimmy Stewart suite I always stay in the racquel well suite no doorbell just two knockers when that three three she must have one in the back for dancing but I want to and I just remember the the great words that Sammy Davis jr. said to his rabbi you can cut off my want Jay said that see isn't isn't nicer when you pay attention hahahaha there it is tragedy does we have a thing here I'll tell you and boy we had such fun there we're going to tears and we you wouldn't they have I'll bet you I'll bet you that all of you don't remember where the hell I was huh and why they pick on my buddy Frank I don't know Frank all Frank's ever wanted was a little house where he could lay his hat and a few friends Payne nothing wrong with that and he such a sweet man they gave him the humanitarian award I got to find out what that is and get me some of that I guarantee a frank lead all his girls in the end which I'm pretty sure boy and three years ago he retired and they hung his zipper in the Hall of Fame yeah but I do want to say that only Frank could have ever gotten Jerry Lewis and me together on the same stage after 20 years I didn't want no applause and I just want to tell you how it all happened you see I was a at home and Frank was working across the street from I work the mg he works at the Caesars Palace which I'm not allowed to say but I don't care because I got over $300 in four different banks and five New York City bonds I don't know so he was working there now was at home I was doing some typing he called me said hey dig as if what if wakie bother me he said come on over here the Vegas hour and I almost said why I'm glad I didn't say why because the father said why hitta made a phone call I don't want him making no phone call on account of me so I flew over to Vegas and I got there in a hurry man those dummies at the airport they had me flying around there for an hour and a half and I said hey I want to get down I got to go down see Frank Sinatra this is mr. Martin you ain't gonna land unless you get an airplane like everybody else while I step down and I went over to Caesar's Palace which I'm not allowed to say and I listen to Frank sing and boy he was singing he should've stayed retired don't don't say I said that it's okay and he got through they applauded and I don't know why and he passed me he says follow me faller so I followed him we went out the back way and lo and behold I see three big black cars and I'll say hot damn wonder what I done now he said you see that milk are there you get in the backseat I'm gonna get in there with you and Jilly is gonna drive Julie's got one eye I knew was his car it only had one headlight and now we headin for the desert and I got a funny feeling I gonna say hello to Howard know why but speaking of Howard you know they buried that Jay paul Getty yet he's still laying on a slab dead every time to dig a hole oil keeps coming up they can't bury him and so we luckily for me Julie made a left and we ended up at the back of the Sahara and you all know the rest and I want to thank Frank we're doing that and especially I want to thank Jay laws for doing that telethon every year for those beautiful little children and a lot of money 21 million 20 million was a good guy it's hot 20 million he gotta work all year for no that's leery on a 20 million Leary that's 48 thousand dollars and you cut that in half you give 24 to the government leaves me with 24 my first wife gets 9 he gets 4 I gotta keep working so as the fly soon as he was walking over the mirror that's one way of looking at it yeah really very beautiful song this little thing that I did in a picture when how do you think anything it looks like – goddamn trains coming at me look at it I think they hit me hey Jimmy Carter and Billy Carter right up there boy I wish Billy was the president Oh it covered this whole country with foam here it is a beautiful song from that wonderful picture let's get out