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Money Saving Tips for 2019​ | Smarter Faster | J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.

**Money Saving Tips for 2019​ | Smarter Faster | J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.**



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What are you saving up for? Whether it’s for your next big trip or adding to college savings, our CEO of Consumer Banking, Thasunda Duckett, shares some simple tips to saving money over time.

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Money Saving Tips for 2019​ | Smarter Faster | J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.
One thing people could get smarter faster
about is saving money while spending. Most of us know that saving for retirement
is critical, but it's not enough. We also need to save for more
short-term needs, like a car, or home repair, a medical bill, or unemployment. According to the Pew Charitable
Trust, approximately 60 percent of American families experience
financial shocks every year, with the most expensive shock
costing $2,000-yet nearly half of adults say they could
not cover a $400 expense. That's why JPMorgan Chase launched our
first ever National Savings Week this year, to raise awareness about the
importance of everyday savings. The truth is that you don't have to
make a grand gesture to start saving. Instead, you can start with a few
small tweaks to your regular routine. You can set up an automatic
transfer or a direct deposit. You can build up your savings over time. Always start with the question,
"What are you saving for?" It's important to ask that question
so that you can focus on the goal. It makes it real. It could be about saving for your
child's big birthday celebration. It could be the girls trip, or
it could be the financial shock. It's also about preparing for moments that
really matter, like buying that first home, or buying that first car, or starting your
small business, planning for retirement. It matters because short term savings can
help people manage unexpected expenses and start building for the future.