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How to Get The Best Cargo Insurance (4 Myths Busted)

**How to Get The Best Cargo Insurance (4 Myths Busted)**



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As an NZ importer or exporter, you’re no doubt always on the lookout for ways to save money. But there’s one place you shouldn’t be skimping on, and that’s cargo insurance.
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● Situations When You May Be Getting the Wrong Type of Insurance
● 4 Common Myths About Cargo/Freight Insurance
● Simple Steps to Check That You Have Everything Done Correctly
● Q + A: Type Your Questions Now (or During the Live Talk) to Feel Confident With Importing/Exporting Your Goods

01:25 – Use Appropriate Type of Insurance
04:03 – Take Care of Insurance in Advance
05:36 – #1. Having Insurance from a Transport Company Is Enough
14:11 – #2. Supplier Provides Free Insurance
16:02 – #3. Insurance Is Expensive
17:10 – #4. No Problems with Getting Insurance Later
17:43 – How To Check that Everything Is Correct?

● Maxim Sherstobitov, the freight manager & co-founder of EasyFreight.co.nz
● Maxim has successfully organised over 10,000 import/export shipments through all New Zealand sea & airports. From clothing and building materials to vehicles and foodstuffs, you name it; his team has done it.

● NZ customs –
● NZ MPI –
● NZ Ministry of Business –

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hi my name is max from ez freight and customs brokers and today you will learn how to get the best car insurance and for me you have to ignore we cover topics like situations when you may be getting the wrong type of insurance for me about freight and cargo insurance you have to ignore and simple steps to check that you have done everything correctly obviously you feel free to type your questions down in the comments below and I will read every single one if I miss something please type it again because I have a lot of inquiries coming through during the live talk if you want to learn our other business tips then make sure you subscribe to this show because we have different guests and different topics every single week welcome to the show of business owners how to go to you buy is afraid of hold or inject while this information in the webinar is based on real-life examples and practical and useful we advise its of general knowledge and you have to talk to a specialist because your situation is going to be different and our team would be happy to help you and answer any questions so feel free to contact us anytime first of all please type in the comments whether you import or export just one word import or export so I get a general feeling of were you interested in let's start with the first topic and we talk about situations when you may be getting the wrong type of insurance well for you you may be getting one type of insurance and you would think it should cover everything in the insurance world the brokers and insurance companies they've got different products for different situations for example if you've got a fragile type of car gong then you should declare it as fragile and you have to make everyone aware that you've got a fragile type of goods because why you may have to pay a premium a bit extra for fragile because there is more risk obviously when you try to save money and use a different type of insurance for non fragile goods you may be getting your claim declined because as most importance and exporters now insurance is a business and they are like everyone else is trying to make a profit therefore they will legally not obliged to pay you out if they see use the wrong type of cargo in the wrong type of insurance so you have to double check it's better to ask it's free to ask the insurance broker the customs rock or freight fora is this the correct type of cover for your particular goods another thing to keep in mind that afraid for our Oh a customs broker they have a lot of experience with insurance and different products the manufacturer the supplier or the buyer of the goods is going to be the best person to know is this fragile or is it and non fragile goods it's on the buyers to declare the right type of goods the insurance company and a broker afraid for they would be happy to take your money and they will use your words your declaration but when there is a claim which doesn't happen often hopefully your goods arrive in a good condition and in our situation we don't have a lot of claims because we handle it properly from the beginning but if there is an unfortunate situation and you have something's been damaged and it's a big claim say $10,000 or $20,000 or even talk $5,000 the insurance company they may want to do an inspection and they will check was it declared properly on the documents and if it doesn't match then you may lose the whole payout if you want to save $50 or if it's just a genuine mistake it's still your responsibility to make sure you use the correct type of insurance Kalyn we have a question when do you think is the right time to arrange the insurance for import Calgon thank you for the question obviously the sooner the better most insurance companies nowadays require you to arrange the insurance before it leaves the supplier and you also have to read the contract between you and your supplier it will explain who is responsible for the goods at what point based on ex-works shipping terms your responsibility becomes when it leaves the supply is factory so as soon as it leaves the factory you have to have the insurance in place and because it takes at least one or two days to arrange and discuss everything we suggest to do the insurance at least one day before the dispatch so you know the budget you know how much it's gonna cost and you have time to check the insurance policy and I remind you while an insurance broker or freight forwarder or a customs broker they will arrange the insurance for you it is your responsibility to check the insurance policy you have to read if you want to be right in many cases you have to double-check and read that you've got the the correct description of the goods then you have to check the correct insured amount because some people who could declare the wrong currency could be vanishing on dollars instead instead of pounds or instead of euros and you will get less payout if there is an accident so it's your responsibility to check all the documents in advance and it's better to do before it leaves the factory feel free to type any other questions do I have to buy insurance if using a courier company to deliver my goods it is a common misconception that you don't have to buy insurance if you use a transport company whether it's a local company or an international company while they do have an insurance camera and insurance cover it is a limited column and it depends on the contract it it depends on the transport companies for the argument's sake you should keep in mind that the limit is for sea freight is around 500 US dollars per package so whether it's a pellet a cotton or a box or a crate whatever you declare on the transport document is gonna be your limit so if you've got two items declared on the transport documents then transport limit thousand dollars after thousand dollars even though your value of the goods is ten thousand dollars their limit is one thousand dollars and it depends on the company that you use different companies have different limitations and for air freight it's around twenty US dollars per kilo so if it's hundred dollar a hundred kilos then the limit is hundred times $22,000 if my math is correct this is the case when insurance will help you because you can increase the value of the insured amount it has to be a market value say if the true value of the goods is ten thousand dollars the limit of the courier company is two thousand dollars so you will get the payout of ten thousand dollars you have a full cover but you can't and you shouldn't declare more than the market value of the goods because if you insure it for $20,000 some insurance companies may decline and pay you only the true value of the goods so you just paying too much thank you for the question if you've got any other questions feel free to type them now in the comments and I will read every single one if I miss anything please type it again if you enjoy this kind of information please subscribe and you will get the next one delivered to your inbox next week let's discuss another situation when you may be getting the wrong type of insurance some of our clients in the past imported vehicles that could be a motorbike could be a car anything that has an engine most likely will be classified as a vehicle and some imported or exporters they bought the wrong type of insurance because they declared as general caca or as fragile goods and it's not correct because the correct insurance type is a vehicle and once again when you've got an insurance claim you may not you may not get the payout because the insurance premium is different for vehicles and you have to complete a different set of documents for vehicles it's important for you to ask the insurance broker you can send them all your paperwork and double check is it insured properly we have another question can you please outline the documents and details required to issue the insurance certificate the most common required documents are the commercial insurance which will display the value of the goods another thing that you will have to provide to the insurance broker or freight forwarder is what are the shipping costs because while their value of the goods could be ten thousand dollars you have to add the shipping costs say one thousand dollars and then on top of that the best industry practice is to add another ten percent to get the full cover and get a payout so in total based on these figures the insurance amount will be around twelve thousand dollars because if something happens and you completely lose your boots you want to get your goods again right so you want to get the full car door-to-door you want to get the shipping payment as well so you don't have to pay for the shipping again therefore you have to add all costs from start to finish including the value of the goods to get the full benefit if you are confused with the formula one of our team members would be happy to do the calculations for you and we would offer the several options because in certain situations you can save money by getting and an excess when you have to pay the first say five hundred dollars to the insurance and then you get the difference back in your pocket in these situations the insurance company they don't have to pay for small claims up to say five hundred dollars but they will help you with the bigger claims and it's bad it's gonna depend on your risk appetite and if you want to save money we have another question how long does it take for the insurance company to pay out a claim other any standards time limits or will it depend on the terms of each particular contract if it's a simple straightforward claim and you've got all your documents done correctly in the first place normally it takes about a week if you don't have any issues with the insurance company if your goods were packaged properly and the insurance company doesn't have any questions on top of just a standard set of documents then normally if you use one of our insurance companies they within a week it could take longer if you would have to do an investigation and maybe if we have to send a surveyor somewhere to inspect one of your boats vehicles obviously if it's a major loss like a ship fire something like this it could take longer but if it's a complete loss of your pallet and it's an obvious accident then insurance companies normally pay out within a week and if mind you that's if you use an insurance company based in New Zealand if you use somewhere a company based overseas you'd be lucky to get any money at all because you don't know was it a true proper insurance company and they could be a language barrier sometimes it would take a lot longer just because you don't have a local support we have another question the person is asking am i insured for law will your goods automatically as you just explained with the Korea doing door-to-door what if there are a few companies involved in frightened none of them admits damage done to my goods how can I make them pay to their limits or is a separately arranged insurance my only option in this case thank you for the question and it's a tricky one you put me on the spot Alex you obviously want to have an insurance if you run a business and you want to have a peace of mind you want do you don't want to have any hassle we always advise to have an insurance because like in this situation when you have a lot of people and a lot of companies involved this is the last thing that you want to deal with you don't you don't want to chase different companies and then fight with them what's the correct limit and who is liable for what if you have an insurance you'll get a faster settlement and you will have better support but if you don't have an insurance force for one reason or another yes you'd have to read all the contracts of different transport companies and see what are their limitations because whether you read the contract before it doesn't mean that you didn't agree in it therefore you'd have a lot of complex situations most companies are trying to do their best for you and they will not automatically admit their liability they will obviously try to reduce their costs as well and it's a case-by-case you'd have to go through the documents you'd have to see who signed for what do you have any proof for example did you take any photos when it was packaged at your supplies factory overseas do you have another set of photos when they unloaded the container here in New Zealand can you prove what was the condition before and after we have to be careful with this details and of one of our team members we'd be able to help you during the import and export process we go through the checklist and we ask all these details from different parties to make sure you have the proof and you don't have any problems like this if you've just joined us we are talking about how to get the best car insurance and four myths you have to ignore if you've got any questions feel free to type them now and we will read every single one let's move to the next topic for common myths about car insurance one situation that we come across the law what is that New Zealand companies they rely on overseas supplier to arrange the insurance in many city situations they will see free insurance included in the price of the goods oh it could be $10 so $20 or $50 while it may be the case if you've had a long relationship with this company it is an established os's business and you've done your due diligence you read their feedback testimonials yes that could be true and you could get a free insurance or very low insurance price because they buy in volumes overseas they've got very cheap money nowadays overseas if you follow the news overseas they print money like there is no tomorrow their interest rate could be sometimes 1% or 0% it's not like 4% in New Zealand so their money overseas are very cheap but the problem is if you use this supply for the first time then how do you know that their insurance is gonna meet your requirements you have to check and read once again the terms and conditions one of the best tips that I to only see on companies is to check does this insurance company have a local New Zealand agent do they have an office here if they do that's good that's a bonus the next step for you would be to take a copy of this insurance certificate and then contact the local insurance company and ask them is this insurance legitimate has it been activated and if the answer is yes and you've got it in writing then by all means it's all should be fine and you shouldn't worry about it but once again it's your choice and it's depend it's gonna depend on your risk appetite do you want to deal with overseas company or do you want to deal with the local insurance company another common myth is that it is expensive for the argument's sake you should allow at least 1% of the insurer demand so for example if the value of your goods is $30,000 then at least allow I think that would be $300 as the insured amount as a premium yes you can get a cheaper image and in many cases you can get it for even $200 if you ship it on a more regular basis you can get it even much cheaper as I said it depends on your personal situation you have to talk to the insurance broker and you can negotiate you can always get a better deal but for the argument's sake it's it's about 1 percent is it expensive I don't think so because if you run a business and when you import something well it at $30,000 3/3 $300 doesn't sound like expensive to me for the peace of mind I think insurance should be treated not as something extra but as a standard cost of doing business it's like electricity yes nobody likes to pay anything but if you want to run your business I think you should have a proper insurance done another common myth is that you can do it later while the car is in transit yes in some situation it is possible especially last year it was easier to do this year we see a lot of insurance companies they start asking a lot more questions and they become very careful when they offer the insurance certificate nowadays you have to do the insurance a lot sooner we have do it before it leaves the factory so you know that you are covered from start to finish let's move to another topic simple steps to check that you have done everything correctly the best way to do it is not to rely on emails because while the insurance broker or the insurance company they can say yes it's been arranged but unless you see have an actual document the insurance certificate unless you see that it's unlikely to be done and activated so the simple way is to get a copy of the insurance certificate and then read with your instructions is the description of the goods the same as what you requested is the currency the same and if everything matches with your instructions then you've done everything correctly if you got any other questions feel free to type them down in comments below one of our team members will be happy to assist with your insurance requirements feel free to contact us anytime and make sure you subscribe to our channel because next week we will discuss some mistakes that people make when they employ a customs broker or a freight folder and I'm sure you'd find it useful we have another question is there an insurance cover if my car gets delayed thank you for the question yes the answer is yes there are all sorts of insurances available to you it may not relate to the car insurance freight insurance but there is business interruption insurance and by all means if you talk to the insurance broker they'll be able to review your situation for example you miss a special occasion if you miss a special export I'm pretty sure that you would be able to get a separate insurance cover for that and have a peace of mind thank you for your time thank you for your questions make sure you subscribe because more good stuff coming soon thank you

NBC TODAY: Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis - www.NBCUniversalArchives.com

**NBC TODAY: Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis – www.NBCUniversalArchives.com**



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In June of 1956 the TODAY show broadcast its program from the 500 Club in Atlantic City. Guests included the hilarious comedy duo of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. We recently uncovered some of these laughs and wanted to share them for our Video of the Week.

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How Much Should You Be Saving at 25? | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network

**How Much Should You Be Saving at 25? | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network**



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During a 2004 show, David Bach, author of ‘The Automatic Millionaire,’ offered advice on saving for retirement and getting out of debt. For more on #oprahwinfreyshow, visit

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How Much Should You Be Saving at 25? | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network

at 25 years old how what percentage should you be saving and where do you put it when do you need to save half of your thousand dollars all right here you know in in the automatic million you'll see a chart of a 27 year old and then 27 year old puts $3,000 a year away and you do that every year until you retire give a 401k plan at work yeah okay so that's what you should use so you should go into your employer tomorrow say I am don't if you weren't supposed to be to Oprah don't tell them you saw this but you should go in there and you should sign up for your retirement account and you should be putting at least 10% of your gross income which is one hour of income into that retirement account and you should ask them do you match cuz if they match it's free money and that's gonna make you rich there you go 25 hi youtubers I'm excited to give you an update about our own YouTube channel now you can find new videos every day they're the kind of videos it will make you look at life differently they may even make you laugh a little bit who doesn't need a daily dose of that so here's just a taste of some of what you see subscribe to the old channel today and we'll see you on YouTube

Katie Price's Children Reveal How They Feel Being Part of Her Reality Show | This Morning

**Katie Price's Children Reveal How They Feel Being Part of Her Reality Show | This Morning**



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Katie Price is joined by two of her five children, Princess and Junior, who share how they feel having the cameras in their home for their mum’s new reality TV series ‘Katie Price: My Crazy Life’.
Broadcast on 03/08/2017

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so kidney like my crazy like does it get quiz here the very fact that your lie camera cruise into your life so even looking at that I'm exhausted like that's me but it is that crazy it's not just for the kick it's and even when they were filming they with missing bits that I think they should have filmed as well it just fit well you've got five kids six including Kieran and then how when it down or how many over two hundred there it's it's K do you live in a zoo literally yeah I'd like to do because everyone watches us I I know what I know about you as you love your children you love your husband and you love those animals don't you they're like family to you I do I suppose I'll never switch shop I mean when I go home it's just chaos Kieran does to a lot I know dad yeah we're thing is only one go to work on the breadwinner so he does the boots at home that need doing you know we're modern-day no doesn't Maddie's like a house Hanson but you you obviously very used to doing reality TV he isn't wasn't how much persuading did you need to get involved with this well I just asked them I said what basically the cameras are going to be a ban if disease if you to be in it then gosh the camera otherwise you won't have receive me so he did it and what to do to do like it's really not anything would like that is quite good with it actively so when money hasn't got a choice is he wouldn't has he calm you down sassy calm me down because he said you know we've met him and he's a calm guys made special today until recently now I am actually quite children laid bag but you know Orton I really do you know what I'm not chilled or to no penetration really yeah I do think you're just think you're easygoing I agree because forget it if you weren't you wouldn't have that whole lifestyle around you come on we're going to bring princess and junior in here my kids about really no but they're going to show you because they're so good-looking aren't they that's the thing about them is your moment and you tell me truthfully come to live at home really it's called my crazy life do you think your mommy's like a little bit crazy I think she's super crazy pretty like I'm crazy he's really crazy is she a fun mom she is she is very frightened but if you do the slightest thing wrong scenes or slightest thing that's like looks like like what I just thought would be mad like two things like when she asked you to like make roti or do something like that if you even say you just forgot yes yes you were just you know I should be like sushi thank you everything for you why can't you just make me tea in massage Magnus if you want to stop a bit later Kazuma battery but she does about the cream in my legs immersing so princess what did you make of being part of this reality show and I don't we don't know any differently I you've grown up like it yeah you do get to the point where you don't really notice the cameras or you were aware they're there all the time and I don't really I don't really like notice it because I'm just well I just do yeah you're not doing I don't like that went to China that shows me up all the time you're a very good performer I think your children are amazing with a an a natural performers look you smiling you know you then I don't go to dance school they go to like normal schools they don't do like anything I'm not a pushy mom if anything I have to time to shut up you got him rapping yeah it's actually really romantic you are romantic with your beatbox in your vaccine and your singing but would you like to be a singer is that what you want to do eventually well I've never actually sort of been a thing like that I do actually sometimes think now that I generally think I could features because I actually do it on a daily basis without me drying them Andrea without me thinking about energy it's her and what about school studies you still work hard at school though I'm actually a prefect at school now or get you better than me I'm just I'm just you know I like my school I try and be good at school what about your friends at school do your friends like it when they see you in these programs or – people get jealous sometimes I want to say they're necessarily genis my friends are supportive to me because for three or maynot yeah they're my real friends and like I just like people who support me for what I do and obviously we have lasts from like oh did you see what you did on this and is it like we just have little last but I wouldn't say they're jealous for me I haven't like you come on jeddak you're coming across today yeah Jessica of grab a real home don't you think he's been really like nice yeah you're like oh I must be normal oh you know me like you just talk about rude things but the contrary things here yeah I have to be I have to be plying with the people to a meeting right on can't smile evil you know you're not like to like I am but no no the people I get to know I'm more open to I'm like that's what she's trying to say I never I never rude I know when the line and when you cross the line and I have cross the line and fast but I do not cross it anymore I think that's very accessible there we go I think that's you should take a note okay nothing too crazy you know dependent you want to take over Jeremy Carl as well

Heartbreaking Story of This Morning Producer Left With Brain Damage Due to Nut Allergy

**Heartbreaking Story of This Morning Producer Left With Brain Damage Due to Nut Allergy**



View Time:5:52Minutes



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Amy May Shead is a loved member of the This Morning team, but she continues to live with the devastating effects caused by a severe allergic reaction to nuts. Amy’s parents, Sue and Roger, share her story and just why we should all take nut allergies more seriously.
Broadcast on 21/08/2017

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I'm going to come and sit here Amy yeah because I know you can see me there can't you I'm suin Roger bring us back to about three years ago in Buda pest she goes away for that weekend with her girlfriends and she goes to this restaurant she asked she says I'm not allergic yeah will you have stuff that you can serve me okay yeah yeah yeah not a problem not a problem good analogy card in Hungarian yes I think it's very important right everywhere Amy went she carry whatever I got in that language that's currently under EpiPen she heard was Paris on everything needed for an allergic reaction and the restaurant actually informs chef who asked what she would like to eat and she picked chicken dish with rice and again they said this dish has no nuts it's not cooked in anything with nut oil it would be fine they brought the chicken dish out for Amy and she had purchased one mouthful one mouthful of this chicken and immediately felt her throat tightening on wanting to major anaphylactic shock and we can see you're reacting to that yeah she does remember we must say to people that Amy can understand everything you say here doctor she finds it very very difficult national ethnic yes so we just you know want to look include her in this but obviously she can't answer other questions that you know I'm doing it for my mom nailing talking fact okay but the thing is the the chicken must have been basted in was it a pesto sauce room well it was either pesto or maybe cooked in peanut oil they told us that it hadn't been but after she administered to EpiPens and I think that's really important to EpiPen she administered and they didn't contain it because it was such a severe reaction and she went into anaphylactic shock and she died Roger for six minutes ago think maybe I think that the main damage before she was resuscitated that's for the me and Ally I think it took a half an hour in the endless to bring her bring her back and luckily hospital and in Peter being Buda pest that food fiasco and did this with only about five minutes away so you know they're comparable shocks you you get the call you have to fly out underneath Esther what did they tell you about Amy when you got there I watched the vault with the prognosis at that point at that point we flew out and arrived the next morning we couldn't get a flight that evening we got there first thing in the morning and they sat us down in that room in the hospital and spoke to us at great length before we were allowed to even go in and see Amy who is on life support to prepare us like I thought we were about to see and she was should we didn't know what to expect they didn't actually think that she would survive the week they gave her a 30% chance of actually getting through that week all this issue of people being allowed not something on planes she literally could somebody open a bag of peanuts near somebody who's got an allergy as severe as Amy's and literally just breathing in she always remember the air as we circulated it Lee yeah so people say well you know they don't eat while eating them near some of it exactly in the studio right now somebody across the studio could open a packet of notes and just the particles that go into the air if amy was to inhale that that could set off this type of reaction so it's very very sensitive anything I know you're listening to her so we've been asking people you know should you be allowed nuts on planes that would be very very dangerous somebody like you or somebody with your reaction so what do you think should not be allowed on planes ah that's no no definitely no no and you're so brave for coming on here and doing this for us you know we all love to see you we miss you here and Ian Roger we know how your lives have changed you've had to send your home you had years of hospital treatment you're not moving into a new home where you're trying you're trying to adapt to for Amy may as well and she's still allergic that allergy hasn't gone away as well but I can see improvements and it definitely since the last time we saw she looks better she looks healthier she's responding bit by bit Roger is she do therapy is belieber not a very long journey he's going to take a long time but obviously we were financing what with the treatments were giving Amy through our own trust that we've got the only made trust which obviously is helping her but I want to talk about the Mme trust and this restaurant in Budapest yeah right hi come you haven't got an insurance claim against that restaurant in Budapest it's quite unbelievable Amon actually we had lawyers brain injury lawyers on to this for a long period of time and to cut a very long story short it transpires that they do not hold public liability insurance so how hard would they be allowed to operate and this period in Hungary there's a choice huh apparent even though they're in the EU and they have a choice in Hungary whether to have it or not and they chose not to have it and health insurance because this is a lifelong condition you're not covered not covered I mean that's because it's been from 18 months old and so the health insurance didn't cover and so what would you say to people you go oh you look you know if I want to bring nuts onto a plane I'll bring that son to a plane it's only a few nuts you know who's it going to hurt what would you say to people on it and I would actually say hats I can you know everyone's entitled to their opinion perhaps I can have a chat with you and perhaps you'd like to come to meet my Amy and then we'll explain all blue you