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Your company can save 12% to 30% in health care costs!

**Your company can save 12% to 30% in health care costs!**



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If your company has 50 or more employees, you have to pay at least part of their health plan premiums. You can deduct this contribution from your company’s taxes, but what if you could actually get MONEY BACK to your company by saving on these costs?

ERA Business Solutions offers a strategy to give back to your company anywhere from 12% to 20% in healthcare costs each month!

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Here I am with Jorge Gonzalez my financial advisor and we're going to talk about what happens when you have 50 or more employees in any kind of business if you own a business with 50 or more employees or you know somebody that does well you know that you are forced by law to have medical insurance for your employees which is a massive cost sometimes according to the population that you have in your in your company now a jorge gonzalez my financial adviser has a very interesting strategy that can save you a lot of money in those a health insurance payments how does that work or well thank you situation is these you're taking a tax deduction most probably when you're making the contribution if you're making a contribution for your employees situation is that we are not in the business of changing your insurance company or your insurance agent we're very very happy that you remain with them but the story goes like this if I go to the hospital and I'm gonna have a heart surgery and I am on Medicare and you go to do the same procedure but you have your own private insurance and our friend you know Charles goes to the same hospital with the same cardiologist and they're gonna make the same procedure but he doesn't have insurance whatsoever I am gonna be paying one cost you're gonna be paying another one and our friend Charles is gonna be probably paying in other ways so you're telling me you know that the same procedure the same hospital same doctor can have three different prices correct hey you know if whether it's the employers supply the medical plan whether it's private I'm paying out of my pocket or whether it's Medicare okay so given that how do we save that employer any money we have created a business alliance with a company that takes care of the billing from you know for them these creates our savings in the range of about twelve percent to 20 percent okay and and that doesn't in any way affect the insurance company or you know the provider or the insurance agent or anything like that that is correct we are not in the business of replacing the insurance because we are business of trying to help you get some of those dollars that you're losing on only an unnecessarily Wow so so if you're interested in saving tons of money in those healthcare costs that you you must provide to your employees I would contact hora here right now sincerely you know because he has the strategies in place to help you achieve these amazing savings so contact him right now and we'll be back in another segment so of strategies to save your money and grow your wealth