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My second day delivering for Order Up by Groupon

**My second day delivering for Order Up by Groupon**



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My second day delivering for Order Up by Groupon
what's going on my buddy Chris here I'm on my second day of delivering for order up I took the last the Easter weekend off just to reason why I took the job so I can work my own hours so here it is a Saturday my shift starts in about 10 minutes I'm doing another 11 – right now I have a schedule from 11:00 to 1:00 but who knows I may stay a little bit longer you know we just see how it goes today so we try to keep you guys updated on what's going on like I said I'll try to film me on route to the restaurants and we'll just see what happens all right you guys take care see you soon all right so I just got a delivery I just got a text message on my phone let's see here and here as you can hear it that's how it is see if I got a maybe your show you guys I'm if you guys can see that but basically have it takes so let me go ahead and open it up see what happens all right so I'm back I just got back from doing a delivery at a place called a cafe Carolina I was going to show a picture of the restaurant unfortunately I had some technical difficulty so I just couldn't do it but I didn't complete an order and right now I'm just Jen slot that I was in my first video and just waiting for the next order I'll just see if you guys can see this hang on a moment I don't know if you can see that but it says you know nice work order delivered how much I've made which was eight dollars and 42 cents so so I'm going back to the deliveries and we'll see what happens see in the next video all right so I just got back from my run at PDQ right now I'm just a chilly here at the train station just waiting for my next order I just just got here so I have about another 30 minutes on my shift so we just see what happens I may stick around I may not and looks like I got another order sorry guys gotta head out later all right so I'm back just here waiting it's currently 209 in the afternoon I only signed up for a shift from 11:00 to 1:00 bleep ready there's a lot of orders and I got a call from my district manager asking if I can stay on and I was like yeah what the hell hang it's better to do so I stayed on for an extra hour and for a stayed on for a little bit and I got me something to eat and fill my tank up and I'm just here waiting for some orders again so I'll keep you guys posted oh my god yeah it's been crazy but after that last video I just had orders back to back to back to back Jesus I'm still getting them now and I've already signed out cuz I gotta get some gas and I'm hungry I'm Crowley parked out of Wendy's there's not for delivery it's for me I'll talk to you guys soon I guess right now the little rush that we had earlier is over wit currently scheduled from 3:00 to 4:30 and so far I just been here chillin so I guess people were hungry earlier not so much now we'll see you know I just want to thank you guys for watching if just case I don't make another video I don't know I'm pretty sure I will between now and the end of my shift but anyways please if you like these videos please like comment subscribe if not well I appreciate watching anyways and see you guys soon well that's it for me today I actually hung around until 5 o'clock it's not coming 5 o'clock so I've already logged off for the day and plus I'm not really feeling like that great I'm where I'm at it's pollen season so there's a lot of pollen you know yellow yellowish green piling on people's cars and whatnot and I think I should starting to finally just start to affect me so I'm calling it a day anyways I want to thank you guys for watching please like comment subscribe if you enjoy these videos well I appreciate you watching anyways take care guys you guys enjoy the rest of the weekend

How to Budget For Traveling the World

**How to Budget For Traveling the World**



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Hi everyone! Thanks for watching 🙂

Watch how I get back into my healthy routine after a long vacation.

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hey guys welcome back to my channel if you are new here my name is Kelsey I am 23 years old from Boston and welcome make sure you are subscribed because it really does help my channel oh and if you could give this video a like and that would be great too today I'm going to be filming the most requested video / most asked question that I get all the time and it was kind of like resurfaced again because of Dubai and it is how do you travel so much and how do you afford to travel so much so basically through this video I guess an overview of the agenda I'm gonna go over like how I dedicate to traveling the time I dedicate my work what I do for that how I get the time off how I budget so just kind of everything that has to do with budgeting for travel and still dedicating time so the first piece of this video that I'm going to address and I know that there have been assumptions made about this in the past especially when I went to South Africa there was a lot of people who said this and it's in no way true and it's that my parents pay for all of my travel and that is so far beyond true my parents believe that if they're not going they're not going to pay so everything that I do every traveling that I do is money out of my pocket and my paycheck it's money that I've either saved up or dedicated a check to so that's the first thing I'm going to address is that I'm not I don't come from a rich family I don't come from a family where my parents pay for everything so it's me I pay for my travel all the time the second piece of how I can travel is I'm not really for my age I'm not a big drinker I don't go out to the bars on weekends I don't spend my weekend at nightclubs or Oh kind of like with my friends in that social environment my friends aren't really like that either so that's kind of the other good thing is like my friends and I would rather go to a lunch or like go do something we don't spend money at the bars and I know a lot of kids made and I'm not roasting this to each their own a lot of kids might just spend a lot of money every weekend at the bar or out and because I don't do that that saves me a lot of money so it's kind of like you have to pick and choose what you want to dedicate your money to and if traveling is a priority like it is for me then I prioritize traveling over kind of my social life I just don't have a huge social life because I would rather save and go do things or I would rather save to buy something you have to for the places for places around the world you have to kind of give up a little bit of a social life because of how expensive places are and how expensive flights are like flights for where I like going are well over a thousand dollars and no matter how many times I sit online how many websites that go through they're going to be a thousand dollars and for a kid my age like that's a lot of money so I kind of give up either going out or doing things with my friends or buying a new outfit or one of the things that give up is I don't pay for a gym membership because I used to work at the Y so I still have a free membership so and I would love a new gym I would love to go to a new gyms but for me like that's extra money that I don't have right now so I take the money that I would put towards a gym membership and I put it in an account or travel which brings me to my next point how I budget my money and how I don't touch my money because it's really hard not like when you have a lot of money visibly there it's hard not to touch it I actually have broken up my income by different bank accounts at different banks so I have a bank account for my everyday you so like gas food things like that like that's my everyday debit card and then I have a separate savings account for travel in a completely different bank that I do have a debit card to but I don't care the debit card around and keep it locked in a safe and I also made it so that when I want to take money out of that account I have to physically go into the bank and banks are only open like 9:00 to 5:00 so I'm at work so I can't even get to the bank anyways and every single time I get a paycheck either I do it every other paycheck or I do every paper I could kind of depend I take a chunk of that and I put it into the travel account and then I take another chunk and I put it into a separate bank account that's for a house fund so right now I kind of have three accounts that I use and two of them are locked the house fund and the travel fund are locked the house one doesn't even have a debit card attached to it so I can't even touch it at all and then the everyday account I have one debit card and then I also have a credit card which comes out of the everyday so I really don't even use the everyday you see the credit card and I pay that with the everyday just to get points because my credit card I do pay for my loans my college loans my car my car insurance my cell phone so it is like I do have bills I have to pay but again it's all about sitting down with your money in your budget and making your own kind of way and like only putting aside what you can afford like don't put more aside than what your bills are and have your bills stack up or like don't put aside more than what you can spend on your credit card and then have your credit card add up like there's times where I'll only put like a hundred away for travel because that's all I can do so just kind of looking at your income as a whole and just not don't save more than you can afford to Dave grows you'll dig yourself in a hole and like I've been in that hole and it's hard to get out of so the next piece that I kind of mentioned was the travel credit card so I have a travel credit card and Nick also has a travel credit card and then my parents both have travel credit cards and those really do help like a lot of people kind of think that they're like a waste of time because you have to spend so much like you do have to spend so much which is why I put every single thing I buy on the credit card to give to get me the points even if I don't get that many points it also helps with fraud because I've had my debit card stolen twice like through like Nordstrom when I bought online so I have the chase Sapphire Preferred credit card and that is a really good card if you want to travel a lot because it gives you a lot of your points it like triples your points if you use it towards flights and once you get like a hundred thousand points and I'm at like 46 thousand or however many I'm at but you you can get like a round-trip ticket that's like fifteen hundred dollars and you get it for free and then so that's another way that you can do it and then also with my credit card I just learned that once I have it for a whole year I get free access into all the first class lounges and all the airports like that'll be cool what my credit card also does is it's like it has the if I lose my luggage all I have to do is tell them everything that's in my luggage and then they'll pay me back if it gets lost so that's really cool I highly suggest looking into a credit card but again they set my limit really high but I really monitor how much I put on that card and I never spend more than what's in my bank account and then you have to pay it all back and your whole will be bigger be bigger than what you can get out of my I think this is my fourth tip I have always done this and I find that it really helps but I budget if I like if I'm going on a trip and I've booked the flight and I've booked hotel I always look up things to do and I booked them before I go so that way it's already paid for or I monitor how much every single thing is so that way I have an idea of how much I'm going to spend how much I'm going to need bring to spend obviously you always want to bring a little bit more than what you think it is like my mom always tells me like every time I go on a trip have 500 extra than what you think you'll need because you never know what'll happen and for example when I was in Morocco and I was going to Madagascar my flight to Madagascar ended up being faked so now I'm stuck in this American Airport with no flight home no way home no anything and thankfully I had extra money because I was able to buy a ticket home and not be put in a rut so again that is a good piece of advice that I've kind of always taken us to have extra than what you think you'll need because anything can happen but yeah so basically and kind of go on and see how much things are like I like we always go on and we look at dinner menus and we see like how much dinners gonna be just to kind of have a rough idea of how much money you're gonna need and not to be shocked when you get there Dubai was a little bit shocking because we looked at restaurants that we thought were nice nice restaurants that they were but we thought that they were like nice restaurants because of the price so we had kind of taken into account like I'll kill only go to a couple nice restaurants and spend a lot of money but when we got there we learned that that's just how much food is there so every single restaurant we went to was just absurdly expensive so again I do recommend doing research we probably didn't do as much as we should have but that's straight flights I feel like I've mentioned this Oh lost in valasco and just answering people the best way to find the best flight is to just sit online every day and I know it's so time-consuming but like good flights pop up randomly there's no like everybody says oh you can get a cheaper flight on Tuesday like that's kind of all gone out the window there's really no settings don't write the wrong way to do it now so we just go on and we'll sift through flights all day long every day we kind of do it once a week just to see especially when we're planning on going somewhere we start to look more but for right now like we'll kind of just keep an eye on like every like one day a week just looking and they do go up and down and then when we find that they are the cheapest or when it's something like really good that you can't pass up we'll book it even if we don't have the money right away just because we'll have it within the next couple weeks to pay off the credit card and we only book flights on the travel credit cards to give us the benefits of the travel credit card and then another way you can save money and we've only done this once usually I would do like an Airbnb but for Dubai we did it in the same we booked with Expedia and then we booked the hotel with the flight because the hotel was a lot cheaper to do it that way I've never done it that way before I've always found that it's cheaper to either do like an Airbnb or just write a hotel on your own but for that specific trip it was cheaper to rent the hotel with the flight so you do have to kind of I would say play around with your totals before you do check out because things can vary there can be different fees a lot of hotels now we're doing like a resort fee which is absurdly expensive again no need for that but so just kind of find a hotel that has the cheapest one and go on all the time and lunch plates so the last piece of this is I keep getting the most question a lot and it what do you do for work and how are you able to take so much time off to travel so I am an account manager for an occupational health company basically what I do is I just make sure that everybody's employees I work with a set group of companies and I work with a set team of nurses and a physician and I make sure that everybody's employees are following OSHA standards and that they're not doing like drugs on the job and things like that I'm not looking for my own clients I already have them so I've got like I skipped a step and went over the sales portion and I work that job 8:30 to 5:00 Monday through Friday and how I get so much time off is my company did give me a a very generous amount of time off from work they're very into the work-life balance so I am fortunate enough to have a large number paid time off I don't really want to go into specifics because that's my own personal business but yeah so I am fortunate enough to come from a company and I'm also fortunate enough to come from a company that allows me to work from home sometimes so if I need to do that for any sort of reasons they do allow me to do that so that is all for this video I hope you guys liked it I hope that that answered some of your questions I didn't want to go too deep into this topic because this is my own personal finances and it's not really anybody else's business but I do pay for all my own travels I budget my money I separate my money so that I can't see what I have and for my own vacations I just got mine all the time to find the cheapest places the coolest places or Nick and I will compare kind of like places we want to go and decide off of fast so thank you so much for watching and I will see you in my next video bye

Huge Bank Teller Score! Silver Certificates & More!

**Huge Bank Teller Score! Silver Certificates & More!**



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Silver Certificates found in circulation plus more oldies!
what is up guys we're at Bank of America and a teller has a bunch of cool finds that she was pulled out of circulation we're gonna go ahead and look at these real quick we got a silver certificate right here see what the year is probably 30s and guess nope nope 57 b-series circulated but it's still a really cool find we could another silver certificate this one again is a 1957 silent auction another silver certificate another 57 being that is so crazy Wow there are also certificates another one is the same place 57 B and another 57 be about the same condition and then we have another one in and it's a 57 no star that's on its that would have been really cool to get started we have a two dollar bill here that is from 1963 so that's gonna have the difference style back okay it's in really good shape other than a little bit of lighting right there I've got another one some me from so that's got the let me work style back on it look at that we got a five dollar bill 1950 D that's super cool nice condition another one for 1950 wow these are really really nice condition it's a really nice and crisp on another one another one nineteen fifty d another nineteen fifty D that is insane we got another nineteen fifty nineteen was there we go from nineteen fifty D that's awesome and this nineteen fifties got ski stamp on there what does that stay up saying Wow some sort of a stamp I'm not sure what that is counters think but what a really cool lot of those guys I hope you enjoyed the video be sure to give a like subscribe share post your comments down below we'll see you next time and as always happy honey





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hello everyone and welcome back to my channel so I am here today to share with you guys all of the September new releases all of my budget kids and all of the other creations that I have whipped up so I'm pretty sure this is gonna be the longest video in the history of release videos sticker release videos however I want to walk you guys through like my process and all of that and I want to do this because it's always good to get feedback you guys give me feedback not a lot but occasionally and I mean I just only can take that as you guys are liking what I am putting out but whenever I am able to explain my thought process I feel like that's when I get the best feedback so I would love feedback because there have been like I'll share with you guys some of the feedback that I have gotten in some of the changes that I have made as we progress through this but anyway I am here with my 2019 budget planner well technically my 2019 2020 budget planner because it runs from July to June and my planner that I am using for myself is the neutral planner so that means that it has like a neutral type of color way and then I do have the colorful one that I use for practice purposes and it is like I said colorful so it does have like a colorful colorway and the theme for September the color for September is purple so I tried to match up my kits to the colorway for the month I just find that for me personally everything just looks a more cohesive that way now the thing is I am using a neutral planner now but I still designed the kits with the colourful theme in mind because you know you can match purple – purple and you can match purple to gray and white or whatever this theme is supposed to be easily so anyway I'm gonna put this one aside temporarily and then we're gonna talk about just my September kits and then we'll get to my new budget stickers and everything else okay so first of all let's go ahead and flip to September the first page in the planner which happens to be a nose page so I have decided that I'm going to use this for budgeting so the issue here is that I'm using my own planner for like practice purposes but thankfully I typically have all the different all of the dimensions correctly and I don't mess up too much but even when I do I just use undo so I really need to order another planner a neutral one for practice purposes but you guys that would be so wasteful I already have five that I have in this I have like six I think just here like ones from last year that I use for practice purposes I just can't bear to order another one like I just have so many and I just can't so anyway this is what we're working with for the month of September I'm so excited Purple's my favorite cover color September is my birthday month so I had to do it for for myself so let me tell you this pattern I found forever ago and I fell in love with it I had to use it it didn't scream August to me nor did it scream like October November December January so basically I just convinced myself that I would use it for September and that is because it kind of screams like September to me I don't know could just be me but of course I love black and white and all medals those are like my go-to colors but my favorite color color is purple so I was able to play off of the purple actually there's really not any purple in here as you can see but I was able to use like this lighter color purple and everything is right with the world so this is the pattern that we will have for the month of September again no purple but I was able to you know whip up some washi strips and build ooh stickers that kind of matched or that kind of went we'll I could have done like a pink or whatever but again I want it to incorporate purple and I just think that this just goes really well so the pattern as you can see hath like these little smudge type situations but that is part of the pattern is not like anything wrong with my printer or my paper or whatever so I really like that and it just screams like not quite Halloween in October but like Follis sort of I don't know that was not thinking behind it and then of course I did do the purple washi strips and I this income sticker here over the top of the income that looks like that because I'm just extra and I don't know why I did it but I did it so this is what we have and this is how I use my budget sheet so I will write in our income and then write in all of our bills and expenses down here so moving on to a new addition and that is this so you guys I was like I want to create a student loan tracker so what did I do I got right to it and I created a student loan tracker and so this one is specifically for my husband and me because he has no net student loans but I have created a bunch of these a student loan tracker debt payoff tracker mortgage loan tracker savings tracker personal loan tracker if I didn't say that already car payoff tracker credit card debt payoff tracker a bunch of other debt trackers and a savings tracker designed with you guys in mind this one is designed with me and mine because it says no net and all of that but I have created other ones which I will show you one of them and show you guys how they fit so this one is pretty unique because I made this the pattern of the fonts oh we didn't talk about that yes we have a new font we once used to have this spots and this new brush was screaming at me I went to go look at new fonts and that was a literally the first one that popped up which means that I think it's maybe the newest one or the most popular either way I had to have it so I went with the purple I went with the brush letter font and I did not choose to go with purple because purple was just not really doing it for me I'm gonna show you where I was like practicing what I wanted to go with and purple it just wasn't really doing it for me so I was like we're just gonna do black here it is so the black in that font wasn't doing anything for me of course I ripped the sticker but neither here nor there the purple was not doing anything for me because it was going to go against this purple kind of and then I did try with this coral like dark coral coral type of color that wasn't doing it for me so the purple and then the black is what was doing it for me but anyway what was I talking about um this student loan tracker oh the I filled in the brush letter with this particular design and this is of course the design for September so I'm gonna have monthly trackers and yearly trackers and this is just a page that I have set up for me so this is like my own personal tracker I made it this size because I wanted it to cover up this whole hexagon situation and it did and I made the background white originally and then I changed it to a different color which I'm about to show you so the hexagon and the back wouldn't peek through but honestly it doesn't really peek through either way even with the white it peeks through a little bit but you really have to be all up in it to be able to notice it that's just like a small pet peeve of mine so anyway I put a little washi tape up here I put debt tracker up here and then I put this here for no particular reason other than I didn't want it to go to waste and so this is where I'm going to track our student loan debt and this is again like I said unique to us because we try to put about 2,000 towards student loans every month so I will just fill them in as we get closer and we'll just see where we end up and we'll put our goal here now the tracker one of the trackers that will be available in the shop is this one and this is what all of the trackers will look like I made it a little darker of a color so that it wouldn't peek through the hexagon back there and it does a better job of not picking peeking through but you can still kind of see it so I've been debating about if I want to just go back to this white the white does look a little better but then this kind of looks kind of cute too so I really know what I'm gonna do as of right now I think I'm gonna release them like that but so far the ones that I will release they will have this same pattern if you like are going to purchase one and you absolutely hate this pattern and you want me to change it to a pattern that I already have just message me and we can talk about it if I have to buy a pattern then that's really when I have to start charging for customization fees because I have to buy another pattern and buy a license to sell it so that makes it even more expensive than if I were to buy it for myself but this is a monthly tracker so again there will be one with like student loan so it'll have a little cap and car loan payoff tracker and it'll have a car and mortgage payoff tracker and it'll have house saving or this is a savings credit card and it'll have a little card there personal loan tracker and it'll have like this little bag with a hand around it you'll see whenever you go to buy one if you want to buy one but they all will say starting balance monthly goal and ending balance and this one is actually more like a monthly one because I got it going from two fit I have it going from 250 to 4000 and I feel like even that's a bit of a stretch because I mean I feel like most people aren't saving that much money or putting that towards its debt although a lot of people aren't killing the debt payoff game so this could be totally a thing but the other ones are going to not have anything filled in so you could even track it by percentages like it won't have any numbers here it'll just have lines so you can either fill in your own lines let's say you want to have this as a yearly tracker and you want to track paying off I don't know ten thousand dollars worth of debt so we have one two three four five six seven eight nine 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 of the little lines you can divide ten thousand by sixteen and then put in whatever numbers those are from here to there and color them in as you get closer to the goal or you can even do like a monthly tracker if you would like but this is new and coming to the shop and I absolutely love it of course I just kind of spruced up my page a little bit with that at the top you know that whole type of thing so moving on to our next page we have a lot going on so I have these new sheets and this is what I am calling a neutral add-on and this is the September neutral add-on so if you have the neutral planner and you want to spruce it up to get rid of all of that then you can purchase this neutral add-on and do what I have done so this sticker I'll be honest I started to make like three little triangles and make a sticker like that so we could put right over top of that but honestly that whole thing is just ugly to me so I did not so I decided to make a sticker that was big enough to cover that whole section and then of course I am going to include a September because we do lose the month once we put the sticker down I have um three little no I actually put it in a few more I have five of these mini strips here and they are technically designed to go here so if you want to put one to cover up here once a cover-up here one to cover up the monthly goals and replace it with a gold sticker or replace it with I don't know savings or starting balance or what-have-you then you can same thing here and I also just included a few more stickers in case you want to put those throughout to include some long washy strips over here in the event that you want to cover up this section over here and then yeah that's pretty much what I have going on oh and I also added in one two three four five six seven of these washi strip of washi strips these little circle dots in the event that you want to cover up those hexagons so this is only for people who probably have this planner and they want to kind of make everything cohesive so that was the purpose behind that just to show you guys what the colorful planner looks like it would look like this so let me show you I actually tried to do it so if you would want to do you know essentially like the same thing this is pretty much what it would look like so you know just to let you guys know what it would look like and then the second part of this I have included some washi strips to cover up these lines because once I put down this those lines were showing and they were just annoying me so I decided to add in some lines so the top one would go over here and then this one about the circles would go there to cover up that if you would like to of course what I could easily do is I could make a part of the sticker add on a little section of it for the days of the week to make the sticker a little longer and put in the days of the week but I don't really want to do that so I don't know that I just don't really like I just only like the idea of that too much so therefore I have decided that I would like that I like this so I just think it looks kind of cute so that is what we have going on here for our bill do stickers those are purple playing off of the washi strips of course back here and then we have pink payday flags playing off of the pink up there and all of our build new stickers and our washi strips stayed the same with the same type of font I did keep this I did keep the bill do stickers how they were even though I have a new design I have to figure out if I like the design and figure and let you guys tell me if you like the design and if we do we will maybe switch to the new design in October but as of right now the Builder stickers have stayed the same and then I went ahead and decorate it and started filling in stuff because I already had everything laid out and then some of these smaller washi strips I decided to cut down and just kind of separate that section and again we have these little stickers here so you can kind of do with them what you want my goal here is to make everything customizable so that everybody's happy and that is less designing less custom orders that I have to do so of course we have um see oh I mean laying down your washi strips these will fit perfectly in the colorful I believe yes they fit in here and they fit in the 2018-2019 let me show you one of the designs that I was fooling around with for September takes me a long time to pick a design because I want it to be like super cute so if you put it like at the tip top of this new planner the new 20 19 20 21 then it will fit right in there perfectly and if you have the older planner and you it'll fit right in there perfectly too you guys know what I'm talking about okay so this is what we have for this spread and then of course we have I decided to do first paycheque in a second paycheck mainly for picture taken picture taking purposes but I do actually I have been doing paycheck budgets more frequently so this is pretty much everything that I feel like I needed to tell you guys about about the new kits so let's go ahead and look at some of our other new designs actually let me show you guys some of my new bill do stickers so this is the newest bill do sticker these will be sold standalone and these have 12 different stickers on here which is cool because the other ones only had like 10 so this one has 12 which is perfect well not really I mean 12 the number 12 is cool to have 12 of anything that's cool because there are 12 months but to be clear I guess having 12 build new stickers really isn't that great but anyway so this was the new design and had we not used that one we would probably have used these build new stickers here this design here but you guys tell me what you think about these and if we love them then we will use these in October or the months going forward but I wanted to see what you guys thought about them first before I just completely switched up switched up the game but here are our new bill do stickers and let's go ahead I think now we got everything covered so let's go ahead now and talk about everything that's gonna come with like what comes with all of the different kids because I get that question a lot because I don't really do a great job of taking pictures for Etsy I'd really don't so let's go ahead and talk about that so this is the for kit I have not cut these I have not sent them through the cutter or anything like that and the reason why I didn't do that and trim them all down is because I have so many of them and it gets complicated so I'd rather you guys you guys just see and overall depiction of them without me messing up and mixing up some stuff so this is the full airing conjuring kit I have a full kit which comes with just three pages and comes with the most amount of stickers basically and I have a classic kit but we're talking about the full kit right now so the full kit comes with all of the different script stickers and we did have to go from paycheck number one paycheck number two to first paycheck and second paycheck because you can see it right here whenever I put in the numbers that match this font it kind of offset it and it's had it going like that agonal e up and it looked really weird whenever I did paycheck number one so I was like you know what I'm just gonna do first paycheck paycheck and so on and so forth so we get the full sheet of scripts so I cut them all down so it'll be a full sheet of scripts and then we have this page we're just September 20 2019 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 goal stickers instead of 6 I think we once used to have six two of the large washi strips which are meant to go on the monthly page and then eight payday flags and then we have the two washing sheets so these are designed to be like top washy and then we have two little smaller washi strips down here that you can use a lot of people will use them here and put like one there to kind of make this a little cuter incohesive so that could be a thing for somebody and then we have the functional sheet so same stickers same stickers so this is what comes with the full kit as for the classic kit actually I lied we're skipping to the happy planner kit so this is the happy planner kit it is very similar to the kid that we just saw oh you guys I'm at 19 minutes it is very similar to the kit that we just saw but it is designed with the classic happy planner in mind so it is the classic happy planner kit and the strips the last time that I checked fit like basically all of the notes pages for the classic happy planner and the top the monthly view so the full set of script stickers and then one two three four five six seven Gold stickers to wash you strips for the monthly page and then two of the thin washi strips in those aren't really here for any particular reason other than because I have some space I actually have a little bit more space but that's another topic one two three four five six seven eight payday flags that's the first page and then we have the washi strips and then we have the functional washi so all of those and all of those stayed the same and then now we have the classic kit so this is for the 7 by 9 Erin conscient Deluxe monthly just like the first kit that I showed you the full kit but this was just a condensed version so it's actually just two pages watching over here washi over here washi over here and then not as many script stickers and not as many washi strips and not actually not as much anything but it's just a condensed version and a cheaper version and then we have the petite kit so this is for the Erin Condren petite planner so we have build new stickers functional washi strips payday flags we have like some bigger ones and some little mini ones some gold stickers and we I have I forgot I think for like all of the months before August I had forgotten about the little September 2019 so I brought that back so you will get a September 2019 script sticker and then we have the deco washi so this is pretty much what comes with the petite kit and also of course it would come with a full sheet of washi because I increase the price on that recently when I had when I decided to start selling the script stickers so it I lied I admit I just said a full sheet of washi y'all take I take that back it would come with a full set of these script sticker so these two sheets and then a full set of these script stickers and then the last one is our mini kit and this is for like many happy planners and other planners that are similar in size and this is basically just the same I just changed the font so we have these gold stickers now and also this will also come with a September 2019 sticker and it will also come with the full set of script stickers I just can't fit them on here obviously I can't fit all of those on here and all that other stuff so I just normally print off a bunch of these because I have a page like a sheet that is full of these and I just off a bunch of them and add them to the mini and petite kids and I also typically print off a bunch of those or I will be printing off a whole page of those and just adding those to the mini kids as well I did I was able to squeeze it on here and all I need to work with this but that's another story so here are all of our kids and this was a really long video but I hope that you guys enjoyed it obviously all of these are available at the timing of this video which should be Wednesday July the 17th in the a.m. you know probably like 8 o'clock is when you might be watching this I'm not sure but and it's here for this video I hope that you guys enjoyed it and I will see you in my next one bye guys

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 On A Budget | How To  Shop Nordstrom On A Budget

**Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 On A Budget | How To Shop Nordstrom On A Budget**



View Time:7:34Minutes



Hi guys! In today’s video I am sharing with you all how to Shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale on a Budget. Every year Nordstrom has their biggst sale in the month of July. This year the sale runs July 12th-Aug 5th. This is the best time of year to snag designer brands at a lower cost. To some Nordstrom can be an intimidating place to shop at but there is a way to Shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale on a budget!

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you guys Genie here and welcome back to my channel so as you can tell by the title it is Nordstrom anniversary sale season so if you didn't know this is Nordstrom's biggest sale of the year it happens every single July and what happens is Nordstrom gets all of their fall stuff and they put it on a heavily discounted price and once the sale is over then it goes back to full price so if there are things that you have been in the market for now would be the time to go ahead and purchase so I'm just gonna scroll through and share with you guys my fines from the Nordstrom anniversary sale and Nordstrom can be more affordable than you think their house brand of items the Nordstrom line is fantastic the BP line is fantastic so I'm just gonna go ahead and share with you guys my top 10 picks for this anniversary sale season so first thing I want to mention is currently right now the sale is going on for card holders so that started on the 12th and it's gonna go through these 17th I believe let's see it's going through the 12th through the 18th and then the 19th is when it opens to the general public so then the general public that does not have a Nordstrom card shops between the 19th and August 5th so after August 5th and all the prices go back to full price so one thing that you can do if you're not on Nordstrom cardholder you can go ahead and apply I have a link for you guys just click right here and what's great about this is when you're approved you're gonna get a $40 note when you make your first purchase the same day that you are approved so you will get a $40 note after you make your first purchase so I think that's pretty cool see you buy something then you get $40 automatically back to you in a Nordstrom note which you can use in obviously Nordstrom so the first thing I'm gonna share with you guys is the hydro flask so this is on sale for twenty nine ninety the regular price is 44 95 I don't oh not your flask but I know that it's great quality and and this is something that I don't see go on sale I haven't seen a hydro class go on sale anywhere so it was a nice surprise to see this on the Nordstrom site um something else that I thought was really unique and fun are these anthropology Bulls so these are on sale for $8.99 regular price is $14.99 and then they also have a side plate and then they have dinner plates as well I thought eight dollars for a really nice printed dinnerware diner rare I don't know what you would really call it but I'm serving pieces I think that's a really good deal and anthropology has some really nice I'm serving dishes and something else from the Anthropology line that I saw was this Serra cake stand so it's on sale for 30 190 regular price is 48 this is actually something that I'm gonna be purchasing myself because I'm in need of a cake stand and I just like the minimal design of it so I'm gonna go ahead and snag this guy for myself and then the next thing is the nest candle fragrant trio so there is three different scents in the nest candle trio and I've heard really good things about this line of candle I've never tried them before but I think a 3-pack for 30 bucks it makes them like ten dollars each regular price is 48 so if you are a candle enthusiast and you have yet to try it then maybe you know test it out um so the next thing is the barefoot dreams cozy chic throw so this is a more expensive item I think this is the most expensive item I put on my list um but it is on sale for ninety six ninety the regular price is 148 I own the barefoot dreams cardigan which is a heaven so I know that the throw is gonna be even more so I have yet to purchase this I just can't justify the price but I think that this is a good discount and this is something that you were in the market for so the next thing that I'm excited for is this sleepy lounge GT by BP so it's on sale for 15 regular prices 25 so this this is shown it's like a sleep shirt but it's one of those high-low so I'm totally gonna sport this just wearing leggings for like an easy outfit so I'm actually gonna snag a few of these I got some BP T's last year and I wear the heck out of them they're some of my favorite tees ever so the BP line they hold up really well I'm still sporting mine from last year so um the BP tees are like my go-to tees so it's definitely gonna snag some so a next item I saw is cut from the cloth and I love their stuff through stitch fix so I found this faux suede jacket so it's on sale for 7890 regular price is 118 and I just love this very deep wine berry color I absolutely love this so um I think that this is beautiful and it comes in other colors as well everything is clickable so all you have to do is click the image and click the title of the item and it's gonna take you straight to the item so if you guys want to just shop the blog you can so this is something that was on sale last year and I didn't actually get a chance to get my hands on this but I'm actually putting this on my the hannover surrealist to my husband but these are the unpaved stud earrings and this is just the Nordstrom jewelry brand and I absolutely love the quality of Nordstrom's jewelry so these are on sale for $64 price is 98 so I think this is a nice piece they have it in rose gold yellow gold and white gold and then to go with it they have a pave disc pendant as well so this is on sale for 24.90 regualr price is $39 so this is everything that I have in my Nordstrom anniversary sale picks I think that there are some nice items um to go ahead and shop through these are just my personal picks in terms of what I think are good deals um so the best bang for your buck and how to shop the Nordstrom anniversary sale on the bottom budget if you have such rewards you can redeem your fetch rewards for Nordstrom gift cards if you would like but definitely just scroll on the anniversary seal through the website and kind of get a feel of what's on sale they put you know adidas on sale they put Nike they put so much stuff on sale so if you're someone who shops designer someone who's really specific with their clothing definitely definitely check out Nordstrom anniversary sale the I think it's called these gsella leggings I hear are really good as well I've never personally tried them but I've heard really good things um hope you guys enjoyed this different video I don't really put Nordstrom videos out there but Nordstrom is a place I do enjoy shopping at so I hope you guys have a fantastic day comment below if you shop the Nordstrom anniversary sale and let me know what are some of the go-to things that you are usually picked up and I will talk to you all later bye