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How to Save Money on Philips Hue Bulbs

**How to Save Money on Philips Hue Bulbs**



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In this video you will learn how to save money on Philips Hue bulbs by buying the starter kit and selling the bridge on eBay. I also explain the hack to connecting your existing system to these bulbs.

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***UPDATE 1/11/2018*** In the last two weeks the cost of the Philips Hue starter kit has risen from $140 to $180. This is still a $20 savings over the price of buying four bulbs individually. I have sold two Hue bridges on eBay each for around $35. Total savings per starter kit is $55.

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and action hi I'm Mike with house on the mend and I've got a great trick to save sixty to eighty dollars on Phillips hue light bulbs now these bulbs are all the rage you can control them with the app on your phone or with a smart home system such as the Amazon echo or the Google system these you can dim them and you can also change their colors the problem is each one of these bulbs is currently 50 dollars apiece but I've got a great way to save money if you go on Amazon right now this starter kit that comes with four colored bulbs and the bridge which is what's required to have your home systems speak to the bulbs is only a hundred and forty dollars so right off the bat four bulbs you're saving $60 but if you already have a bridge as this home does then you can sell the one that comes with this kit on eBay you can list it they're going for about twenty to thirty dollars right now so you can walk away saving quite a bit of money from buying these colored bulbs individually but here is the catch the catch is that the bulbs that come in these starter kits are already paired to the bridge that comes with the kit and unlike most of the light bulbs that you purchase that you screw in and the echo app and I won't say her actual name because she's right over there and she'll start talking to us but the app that controls the amazon system won't recognize these bulbs so i went over to the philips hue app and attempted to find them there and it wouldn't pair with them either through the normal search method so here's the trick if you look on each light bulb as you see here there is a serial number you can go into the app and you can manually enter the serial number and you can see here that I entered four bulbs manually by their serial number and then I hit search and after a few seconds they started popping up one after the other in the Philips hue app then I went it back into the Amazon app that controls the echo device and it to then recognize them and I took those four lights that were going into one room and I combined them into their own group and as you can see here they work great Alexa turn G's lights on so that's a little trick I got for you to save sixty to eighty dollars on these very expensive but awesome light bulbs I would love to hear your comments below and any money-saving tips you have on obtaining these bulbs that work with these home systems because I know my customers and I need a lot more bulbs until next time thank you for watching good job you

League of Legends - Solo Queue Climb Part 15: Bogof on Feeders.

**League of Legends – Solo Queue Climb Part 15: Bogof on Feeders.**



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Continueing the Climb up and beyond 1100. Playing Gravelled Graves.
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No I will not duo queue with you.
hello there welcome to another episode of the no climb featuring me one the guy playing graze in the bottom lane so he picked graves tyke through against an ergot and that gives a lot of armor against his her ass first bloods given away to kale in the top lane by jacks now Jack's with the jungler so I know a gank had gone wrong so I thought mordekaiser happy he got away but um you can't ever assume anything in this game especially when a checksum or the gods conspire camp now there's a bit already a pattern developing there's mordekaiser dying again a little bit back for bit Zeke's picks up a muumuu they're both fine it about I probably should have gone to the dragon but they seem fine they caught them off guard they pick up the dragon as well answer Parker and it's pretty good i get the bomb and we see it terex colleen honor our camp reward I'm shoots to act as best I can oh god it's focusing for tarick's we're having up next apply each other support now saraca has more manner and i nearly killer with that old witch does get where life flash probably foolishly to try and kill her with one or a technique doesn't quite dropper but no man should take up Terry sir urgle wins the let's kill the other person support game I see they're about to die behind the tower here gots dropping his own my right leg drop mile and a buckshot pick up a nice little double kill and take the tower for a stupid amount of time now here's where I find out how farmed kale actually is I see Carol coming in she slows me and I cleanse it to try and count out wait but it's no use she's hit like a truck now Lizzie kailio again hitting like more of a truck I mean at this point is just insane moo moo volts in I'm in the bushes I'm kind of safe Jack's died I mean and wouldn't expect Jack's to die I mean no Jax would do me well and Mordecai the divers well that's really that's really unexpected i wouldn't expect either than to die i dash out the way a managed to escape I don't know ziggs went back in and died I mean he was further ahead of me and definitely would have been off but he didn't even now here's how font kale is all five of us all five of us couldn't stop her Anna Surratt she nearly killed mordekaiser oh so we get a dragon finally after then dominated it most a game in a movement jumps in doesn't much get stunned get snooped and we get the dragon and I get a moo moo happy days have another team fight going on here its back and forth mordekaiser again dies what a fucking surprise ziggs picks up an older man just to pick up mr. ARCA having a little bit of zigzagging here don't think much is coming of it I'm sort of hanging around I should really probably go and farm somewhere else ziggs gets picked up like kale because kerala sucking from jax jumps in nearly gets himself killed do now I'll give you two guesses who dies next oh oh no it's not Jax is it always Oh 10 points for anyone to get jacks now the his retarded of me I've done a wire went in here I thought I had man in the hole with a dash I don't know all the guys are actually kills rise but I think he then dies to this cow who's just looking oh shit rise cleanse bitch can't catch this time hanging around bomb Lane asked Eric very nice expire zekis he'll at least in time a little bit and see if I going on the elevation drop on a buckshot on an alt and hit most of them do a lot of damage I don't actually pick up a single kill though mordekaiser dies wanna fucking surprise as a rhyme if I Ajax jumps in and is he gonna die his chance gonna die yes he is and um it's question text question is is mordekaiser gonna die yes mordekaiser is gonna die i can report mordekaiser has died now I jump in here and I'm nuke soccer like a fucking bitch and kill her very easily Mordecai to chase off that Carol I haven't the clipping but it does die to her and it is part of the game there's nothing we can do Jackson mordekaiser I think on 11 deaths 12 deaths eat something retarded yeah it's just I don't even sometimes how do some people even get past the login screen Christ look at those scores I mean me and zigs had okay farm but chaos over Oh fucking Mordecai's and Jack Jesus Christ