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How to pay for flight school

**How to pay for flight school**



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Tips and advice on how to afford learning to fly. Flight training can be relatively expensive, in this video I give you a) general financial tips, b) ways to save money, c) ways to reduce flight training costs, and some information on whether you should take on debt to fund your flight school costs.

This video is aimed at you if you’re thinking about learning to fly, or have already started and are finding it hard to pay for your flight training. Also if you have a pilots license but find flight costs prohibitive, hopefully these tips can help you manage your money and go fly more.

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VERY IMPORTANT: I am a private pilot and am NOT qualified to give flying instruction. This video, like all videos on this channel, has been significantly edited from the original source footage and is provided for entertainment purposes only. Many radio calls and procedures have been omitted. If you have any questions about anything you see or hear, please speak to a Certified Flying Instructor first.
This isn't going to be your normal how
to pay for your flight training video I'm not going to tell you to get
sponsored by an airline or find a cadetship. No. You want to fly and
you know how expensive it can be and you want ideas and tips on how to afford it
of course you want your own flying freedom but that sort of freedom isn't
cheap. So you may not like what you hear in
this video but I'm not going to dance around the subject. If you want to fly
and you're struggling to afford to fly you're going to have to make some
changes. If you're new to the channel I'm Stef I'm a private pilot here in
Australia and I've been flying for around 12 years. I paid my own way through
my flight training but during that time there were occasions when I just didn't
have the money to keep flying. There was one year when my company wasn't doing
all that well I distinctly remember only having one flight.
I flew once in the entire year that's all I could afford because I wasn't
actually paying myself a salary at the time. And when times like that happened
to you I figure you have one of three choices. You can just stop flying
altogether you can decide to take on some debt to pay for your flight
training or you can find new ways to earn or save money. I got through the
tough times by using a combination of all three and so I've divided this video
up to try and help you do the same into three key sections. Some general
financial tips, some ways that you can save, and ways that you can reduce your
overall cost of flying. So let's start with some general financial tips. Firstly
and most importantly life has to come first and just like with flying when you
need fuel reserves with life you need financial reserves. Open up a fee free
account call it something like 'Fixed Reserve Don't Touch'. This is your
emergency grocery shopping funds for when you're heating fails in winter time
when the car needs fixing. It's not for flying it's not for fun but just like
you can't fly without your fuel reserves you shouldn't start thinking about
learning to fly without some financial reserves as well. Pick an amount,
something like $1,000 is good and use the tips in this video to save that
amount into that account and only when you get to that level then you can start
saving for your flying. Next up you need to determine your goal what are you
actually going for with your flying? Is it your recreational pilot's license
your private pilot's license commercial airline. Go talk to some flying schools
and ask them each to give you a plan that's a written plan not just a chat. Make sure they cover the instructor the plane and the total cost of the exercise.
Then compare and see which instructor and plane and cost
combination works best for you. If you're lucky enough to have a few airports
around you don't just choose the airport that's closest go out to the ones that
might be a slightly further drive but they might have cheaper training costs
and cheaper landing fees that might actually make the additional distance
that you have to travel worth it. Now you've found your flying school your instructor
and your plane and you know how much the whole thing is going to cost it's
actually quite tempting to just obsess over that massive number and if you do
that you're not gonna get anywhere. So take your goal and cut it down into
smaller achievable and more affordable chunks. So whilst you might be here at
the moment and say eventually you want your private pilot's license it can be
scary to think that there's a lot of money between you and getting to that
point. However cut all of that down into the key milestones and focus on them one
at a time. For example your first solo then your first cross-country solo then
your theory exam and then your private pilot's license check ride. And budget
and pay for each part at a time even if that means you have a little gap in
between to get back on top of your finances for the next step. By breaking
the larger cost down into smaller chunks it's less daunting and you're more
likely to achieve each step. Now before talking about ways to save just one word
of caution if you've spoken to your flight school and they've come to you
with a fixed price lump sum as a slight discount on what you would pay if you
pay an hourly rate be very cautious about putting a lump sum of money down
with an organization unless you really really know them and you have some sort
of guarantee of what's going to happen to your lump sum if something bad
happens to that flight school. Once you have your fixed reserve in place and you
have an idea of how much your flight training is going to cost you this is
where you need to start getting creative with ways to save that money. Your first
and easiest step is to cut your expenses. Go into your credit card statements
export the last three months and highlight everything in there that's a
luxury item. I'm talking about Netflix Foxtel whatever cable you have Amazon
Prime takeaways restaurants breakfasts. All the times that you've gone out and
watched a movie. Find all those subscriptions and cancel those luxury
items. Now if you can't or don't want to cancel those items one other thought is
you can actually get in touch with a lot of these companies and say to them
you're thinking of canceling can they give you some sort of reduction in the
subscription fee that you pay. You'll be surprised what companies will offer you
in order just to keep you on as a customer especially if you've been with
them for a while. Now don't switch off but this is
thing that you're probably not gonna like the most in this video but you need
to hear it. If you're serious about generating more income or saving on your
expenses you're really going to need to set up a monthly budget. It doesn't have
to be complex a simple monthly budget just put your income in one column and
all your expenses in the other. Go through those expenses and see if there
any that you can take out and at the end of the exercise have a look at what's
coming in versus what's going out and if what's going out is more than what's
coming in you're gonna need to make some changes. If you can't cut any more of
your expenses you're gonna need to look at your income. Are there other ways that you
can generate money? Do you have a spare room in the house that you can lease to
somebody? Yeah of course nobody wants another person in their house but if you
really need the income it's potentially a way that you can do it. If you don't
own a property or you don't have a spare room what can you sell? eBay is a
brilliant way to try and generate some short-term quick money just by having a
look at the things lying around your house that you really don't need and you
can sell. That includes technology which sells really well clothing does well
books entertainment CDs. If Christmas is coming up or you have a birthday soon
talk to friends and family and tell them that you're trying to save for your
flying career and then instead of having presents which at the end of the day
you'll probably end up selling on eBay anyway, ask them just to put money
directly into your flying account. And when it comes to flying gear remember
you don't need the latest gear don't think that you need a pair of noise
cancelling Bose A20s however amazing they are. When you start flying you don't
even need your own headset. When you start flying your flying school probably
has one that you can ask if you can borrow. With one exception which is my
recent instrument rating for every other theory exam I've done in the past at the
moment I pass that exam I've sold the theory book and I've done that for two
reasons. The first one is so I can continue to pay for some of my flight
training through that money that goes straight into my flying account and the
second reason is those books go out of date. Just before I talk about ways to
reduce your overall flight costs I want to answer one question which you may be
thinking right now which is should I go into debt in order to pay for my flight
training? Debt for the sake of just speeding something up is not the way to
do it you've got to ask yourself why do you have to start learning to fly now
why do you need to go into that debt now? If it's just because I want to do it now
because everyone else is doing it now because I think there's a pilot shortage
and it's a good time to do it? I don't necessarily think those are good
reasons to get yourself into debt now. Why not wait a year and get a second job
maybe at the weekends working at the airport so you can gain some experience
in the environment you're going to be working in and you're earning additional
money that you can put into your flying account instead of going into debt. Because debt in itself whilst it can be useful sometimes it's also expensive. Be
very careful about expensive loans like credit cards or taking out a personal
loan from a bank or a financial organization. Just looking at a $30,000
loan over a five year payback it's over $42,000. You're going to be
paying back an additional 1$2,000 on top of what you borrowed and if you have
$12,000 just lying around that you can afford to give straight to the bank then
you're probably not watching this video. Anyway if you absolutely have to take on
debt and you have reasons for doing it and you have a plan for how you're going
to pay it back consider asking people close to you. Consider asking family or
friends if you can have something in writing between you, an actual formal
agreement but with an interest rate that's are either a lot lower than what
the banks are going to be offering or preferably no interest rate whatsoever.
You're just repaying the money that you borrowed over time. And if you do insist
on using a credit card to take on debt and to pay for flight training please do
your research and make sure that you're getting a credit card which has got a
low or 0% introductory rate for a couple of years and by the time that interest
rate goes back up to the twelve fourteen sometimes higher percentages that it
will go back to you've paid back what you've borrowed on that credit card. So
then what about ways to actually reduce your overall flying costs. Think about
home studying your theory rather than doing it with a third party. If you need
to get theory books see if you can buy them secondhand online or borrow them
from your flying school. Try to do those exams early. In most situations that
theory exam once you've passed it it doesn't expire. If you study yourself and
you buy your books online secondhand you can actually save some money up front
and you're also a little bit more educated when you get to the point of
flying which should actually make the process of learning to fly a lot easier.
Go back to the flying school that you're going to learn to fly with an ask them
if they've got any paid work available at the weekends, and that could be
anything from moving aircraft pumping gas in aircraft, cleaning them, washing
windows. Whatever it might be. And even if they don't have any paid work ask them
if they'd consider any contra work. What I mean by that is everybody has a
skill. You watching this have something that you can offer the flight school
which is valuable for them and instead of them paying you in cash ask them to
pay you in flight time. When I was having that quiet spell I spoke about when I
couldn't afford to fly so only flew once that year, what I was doing in the
meantime as I was building a bunch of websites because software development
and tech that's my background. I was building websites for flight training
organizations and for companies that owned aircraft in return for hours
on those planes. Now you don't have to be a website builder it could be anything. I
mean if you know social media if you use Twitter and Instagram to be honest
you've probably got a better handle on social media than most flying schools
out there. So see if you can run their Instagram account for a couple of months.
If you can get business in for them online they're going to see a lot of
value in you, and giving you flight hours in return really isn't going to cost
them that much considering you're helping them get new business. And don't
get carried away with thinking you have to learn in the most technically
advanced aircraft either. You don't need to learn how to fly in a brilliant
Cirrus SR22 G6 with full flight into known icing and turbo, oxygen… You may end
up there but that's not where you need to start. But equally don't start too low
as well. Don't start with an incredibly basic aircraft just because it's the
cheapest one on the airfield because at some point you're gonna need to pay more
to start getting into more technically advanced aircraft anyway. To reduce your
flying costs you want to find an aircraft that meets that sweet spot that
has opportunities for you to fly in the future but equally it's still simple to
fly and it teaches you the fundamentals. Whatever you do if all you want to do is
go flying but money is the one thing that's preventing you from going flying
do the one thing that feels most counterintuitive – slow down. Aviation
isn't going anywhere. The temptation to focus on the end goal is huge of course.
We all want to see ourselves as a captain on the flight deck of an A350 or
flying ourselves around the world in our own plane but like anything amazing it
takes time to do it properly. Ffinding ways to afford to learn how to fly, and
to fly ongoing, is of course a problem. But if you want to become a pilot then
solving problems is going to be a big part of your life. Just treat this
exercise of trying to sort out your finances as the first problem that you
as a pilot have to calmly and safely solve. If it was easy then everybody
would be doing it. But, this video isn't aimed at everybody. This
video is aimed at you. You're the solution to the pilot shortage and
you're the one that I want to share the skies with in the future. So I truly hope
that these tips help you solve the problem that you need to solve in order
to get yourself on with your flight training. I've made this playlist of some
of my recent flying adventures which hopefully will help you and motivate you
to get your finances in order and chase your own personal flying freedom and if
you're new to the channel and this video is useful and you haven't subscribed yet
do consider subscribing. Thanks for watching.

How To Coupon Beginner Back To Basics Coupons And Extreme Couponing

**How To Coupon Beginner Back To Basics Coupons And Extreme Couponing**



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How to coupon for Beginners. I will be trying to put out more how to extreme couponing videos and just ways to save money. if you have any questions about couponing leave them in the comments and i will do my best to help you with them

Here is the beginner couponing play list. Just start here and it will play all the videos for you.

Here is my kids channel StopThatAnimation

ShopKick free smart phone app.
is a phone app that pays you to walk into stores. just two of the things i do for extra money and stuff.

Also check out Swagbucks for more ways to save when couponing.
It’s a fun and easy way to make some money. you can print coupons from the site and get points for them that you can turn into money and you can also watch videos to also get swagbucks.
what are you guys doing here hi I know I haven't been around in a while but just so you guys that don't know for my new subscribers my name is Jeff and this is living pork and I was just gonna sit down take a look at my coupons and stuff but I thought I have so many new subscribers lately and asking all kinds of questions I know I've answered a lot of these questions before I know a lot of my friends who coupon and have channels have answered a lot of these questions but you know there's new people all the time so I thought we'd go back to basics and things have changed and I have been running low on some stuff I still coupon here and there I don't do big deals and stuff anymore that's why pretty much that making videos on couponing hauls and stuff but you know there's a lot of new people so I thought you know maybe I better get back to basics and I guess the first thing you need is your coupons when getting your coupons you want to try to find a a newspaper that has your coupons in it for the best deal so I found a place where I can pick my newspapers up for only a buck fifty and get them next thing you want to do is you need to to newspapers so you have two sets of coupons and when you've been couponing a while you'll understand that but the bigger your family the more coupons you're gonna need but for a beginner start out with two even one would be fine but start with two because you have to learn to coupon first get used to using your coupons flipping through them and seeing what coupons are ones that you're gonna use and stuff so that you get a feel for it but start off slow and I think that's the biggest problem with a lot of people is that they they try to do these big deals if you've watched any of my videos you've seen some of the bigger deals and stuff and I tried to keep my hauls fairly small even though you didn't see and I didn't show like massive hauls the really big ones I did them but I didn't really like to show them because I don't want people to get frustrated and I still see it people getting frustrated with couponing it's not extremely hard but it can be time-consuming and that's why I try to show shortcuts so I'm gonna leave a link in the description make sure you check out my other videos I've done I put them in a playlist so you just turn it on and watch them learn all that you could learn and then start couponing but now and even myself I need to go back and start reading the coupon policies for the different places that I coupon at and every store is different just because it's Walgreens and they have a Walgreens couponing policy you need to learn your Walgreens where you shop and find out which Walgreens are best because I can tell you right now from experience I have four of them just in my town and they are different and I have my preference to which one I go to I actually have one that I pretty much try not to ever go there just because it's such a headache over there the way they understand the couponing to policies to be in this and that so don't get frustrated when watching other people's videos on couponing and how they did it because there's maybe different than yours so always remember that a big thing is when you're new take your time I can't stress that enough do very small deals as possible and I will try to get back into doing that but as most of you know that that follow me and know me and have seen other videos of mine I do have another channel that is the kidses channel we've been growing it and it's growing fairly fast and it's just like keeping me so busy with that and I work a 12-hour shift and I'm up all night you know it's the middle of the night here but to me it's daytime for me because I'm getting ready to go back to work starting on Monday so but if you have kids definitely I'll leave a link to my other channel to the kids channel it stopped that animation we make all kinds of fun videos for kids we open a lot of different toys and stuff like that like I said it's very time consuming my play-doh eggs some of them literally take hours upon hours to make these huge play-doh eggs they're really cool so definitely if you have kids grandkids nieces nephews whatever go on over there and check that out I think they'll enjoy it we have a lot of fun over there Gary just got done doing a big play-doh egg and he was so excited those who don't know my son Gary who had a seizure at a very young age struggles with a speech yet today at 7 years old now so he but he loves doing these eggs and and he's opening these boxes and stuff of surprises and we actually get fan mail from people who have sent us really cool boxes of toys I mean it's just amazing how many nice people Huff they're you know want to give us stuff to open on Cameron so definitely go check that out but anyways when it comes to let's get back to the couponing make sure you read all your policies of your stores and learn your stores again I can't stress that enough either I'm running low on some stuffs but that's why I thought you know I got to get back into this and show the beginners how to do this so make sure you watch all of my videos I put them in a playlist make sure you watch along because from organizing them like a lot of people like to cut them out I don't I don't like to cut out my coupons because most websites most couponers that you're watching like myself we're I tell you what paper it was in and whether it was a smart source of PNG a red plum we're gonna tell you like that and if you cut your coupons then you now you're having to label each and every one of them it's it's very time-consuming and you'll see from there I just show you how to take these and you'll label them into a regular folder and put them into a box is all I use it's a file cheap file cabinet box put them in there and now all I have to do is look up on the tab what month and what paper it is and I'm I can pull out my coupons and look and see now remember not everybody has the same coupons they're very a lot of them can be very regional especially the really good ones and we are here in the North it's ice where we get some of the worst coupons around I know Florida gets some really good ones so if you live in Florida you're fortunate but again we're having a lot of problems with things like that I like to print out a lot of my coupons so let's definitely make sure you check online to coupons calm and stuff like that to get your coupons I just noticed that my store my local grocery store now has a computer base light system that it has smart source or I'm sorry coupons come right on it I can scroll through it pick the coupon I want and it prints it right there for me that I mean that is so nice I don't know if any you guys seen these things before like I said we just got it so very cool another thing make sure you use the smart apps if you don't have a smartphone man they really come in handy for couponing I'll leave a link for the shop kicks is what I use make sure you check that out I'll leave a link for it I get points literally for just walking through a door I get that I can then redeem for money and I've gotten literally hundreds of dollars off of this program it costs me nothing it's a free program it's free to sign up it's everything it's totally free it and it just goes on your phone and like I said you need a smartphone but when you walk into a store like Target especially targets everywhere I have them a Walmart now just started getting them I know our local Walmart doesn't it doesn't work there as far as walking through the door but the other ones that we go through do and I get points for walking in the door then there's things I tamil' to scan and you'll use your camera on your smartphone and scan that item and you'll get certain amount of points for different things and you can rack up points that way so again it it starts adding up quick and I I know I've made other videos on it too where we had like five hundred dollars worth of stuff that I purchased including this phone this phone was with the deals and everything else that was going on it ended up only cost me $40 but it actually did cost me nothing and I bought two of them one for Diana and one for myself it cost us nothing for these phones because I had saved up the points to buy them so really good deals out there so I will be back try to do some simple deals and whatnot but make sure you go check out our my other videos that will get you started and get you going in the right direction on how to coupon and stuff and for your make sure you go check out my other channel with the kids and stuff for your kids I hope you guys enjoy all that and I will be back and I'll see you guys next time at living poor bye guys





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you know before making this video I was just thinking back to some of the greatest things that I learned in my days in school we sure did learn a lot of great stuff in school didn't we for example if you give me the link of two sides of this right triangle here I can actually tell you the length of this third side right here pretty useful stuff huh I can also write in cursive play hot cross buns on a recorder and I can even spell boobs on a calculator my favorite lesson in high school though was how to become a millionaire with just five dollars a day wait a second I didn't learn that in high school did I did you guys learn that in high school did anyone learn that important lesson in high school or was that just left out when we were learning how to cite a source using correct MLA format my point here is about 99% of what you learned in school is useless information and this is a very important lesson that was left out that I'm going to share with you guys today I'm going to show you how to become a millionaire with five dollars a day this is the magic of compound interest pretty magical all right so the first thing I want to point out to you guys is this you cannot save your way to millionaire status one of the most common things people tell you to do if you're looking to grow your wealth is to save your money and put it in the bank that is the most stupid piece of advice anyone could give you because that is a guaranteed way to lose money I'm going to explain why that is so first of all if you have five bucks a day can you simply save your way to millionaire status absolutely not here's an example let's say for whatever reason you were able to save five dollars a day from the day you were born to the day you were a hundred let's say you even lived to be a hundred years old if you save five bucks a day for a hundred years it will have one hundred eighty two thousand five hundred dollars that is a far cry from a million dollars so unless you're planning on living past five hundred years old you cannot save your way to millionaire status second of all interest rates in a savings account do not keep up with inflation so you cannot put your money in the bank and expect it to keep up with inflation so in 2016 inflation was two point one percent okay the average checking account pays zero point zero five percent interest on the money you put in there so here's just an example in terms of how much money you're losing by keeping your money in a savings account so ten thousand dollars in 2015 is equal to ten thousand two hundred 10.20 sixteen based on that two point one percent rate of inflation now let's say you had ten thousand dollars in your checking account over that year as well so you're ten thousand dollars grew to an astounding dollar amount of ten thousand and fifty dollars at that point so you made fifty dollars okay also known as you just lost one hundred sixty dollars of value maybe that doesn't sound like a lot of money but if you had a hundred thousand dollars in there you just lost sixteen hundred if you had a million dollars you just lost sixteen thousand dollars because your interest rates are not keeping up with the rate of inflation so that is why a savings account is a guaranteed way to lose money so when people recommend you save your way to retirement or you save your way to being rich that's a guaranteed way to lose money there you're basically guaranteeing that you're going to fork over a lot of money because you're not going to keep up with the rate of inflation with what these banks pay you as far as interest goes so what is the solution to this problem I'm going to give it to you right now I'm going to show you how to become a millionaire with five bucks a day all that I ask you guys to do is subscribe to my channel and drop a like on this video and help this message be spread to other people out there who are stuck saving money in a bank account all right guys here it is here's how you become a millionaire with five bucks a day no this is not some course that I'm selling for a thousand dollars on how to become a millionaire that has 40 hours of video content this is this is four steps four steps guys and you can become a millionaire with five dollars a day okay here's how you do it number one set aside five dollars each day I'm talking about the amount of money you probably spend at Starbucks every single day at the end of the month you will have one hundred fifty dollars saved up okay what you're going to do with that money you're not going to put it in your bank account you're going to invest that money you're going to invest in a diversified portfolio of blue-chip stocks and investment-grade bonds okay for those of you who don't know blue chip stocks are these stocks of well-established companies they have a very high market capitalization they are things that have been investing in for many many years and over the last 100 years on average blue chip stocks have paid a 10 percent return you're also going to be investing in investment grade bonds these are high-quality low-risk bonds over the last 100 years these bonds have paid out on average 6% what I recommend doing is investing 50% of your money in blue chip stocks and 50% of your money in investment grade bonds over the last 100 years on average this portfolio page you 8% return on your investment you're never going to sell you're going to leave it there and you're going to let it compound over time you're taking advantage of compound interest now you may not have enough money each month to invest but you're going to save that money and when you do have enough money you're going to buy more shares of blue chip stocks and you're going to buy more investment grade bonds okay after 50 years now we're talking 50 years I know that sounds like a long time but like we said before if you save five dollars a day for a hundred years you'll have a hundred eighty two thousand five hundred dollars okay so now we're talking about half the time 50% less time we're talking 50 years okay you do this for 50 years and due to the magic of compound interest you now have a portfolio worth 1 million thirty two thousand seven hundred eighty six dollars and 28 cents you just became a millionaire for the price of a starbucks cup of coffee each day why is this lesson not being taught in school I have no idea it's very frustrating to me that's why I started this channel on YouTube they try to educate you guys on the power of investing and how it can really change your life anyways guys that's all I got for this video if you guys enjoyed it please drop a like please consider subscribing to be notified of any future uploads and please please share this video with other people so they can have their eyes open to the magic of compound interest and how you can become a millionaire with five dollars a day thank you guys for watching this video





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Todays video will cover my latest healthy food haul from Trader Joes. I will also be sharing my top easy money saving budget tips and tricks you need to know before going food shopping! Im going to show you how to use the food you have, save the money you need, and stick to your budget.

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hey guys welcome back to my channel I'm Sonia and today's video is going to be another food haul and I'm really excited about this because a lot of you guys actually really enjoy these videos and have been requesting them in the comments section of my previous videos so here is another one and I'm also going to be sharing some tips tricks and also money-saving strategy before going to the market I know it sounds like really technical and really serious but it's not it's really easy and all I'm gonna do is share the ways that I'm saving money and the way that I am really getting full use of everything that I buy at the market so it's really helpful I learned a lot of things from girlfriends my mom or on Pinterest believe it or not and so yeah I cannot wait to get into this video but before we do that don't forget to like share and also subscribe to this channel if you have not already and let's get started okay so before we get into the video I'm going to share a few of my tips and tricks it's definitely more than just couponing because some stores you can't coupon so what I suggest doing is downloading some apps that are gonna help you either make some lists and really utilize everything that you already have in your refrigerator or in your pantry and make meals going off of that so all you'll need to do is buy rice or all you need to do is buy the meat for the protis you already have in your refrigerator so it's really really handy to write it out map it out kind of meal plan before going to the grocery store now I did this in my last grocery run so instead of having like four or five bags I only had two bags of groceries which is like unheard of for me now this video is not sponsored I'm just telling you one woman to another one mom to another this is like the best thing ever also depending on the stores that you guys go to you might have coupons either online or in mailers that come you know in the mail or you can also download apps for that particular grocery store but today I did go to Trader Joe's and unfortunately there's not you know a ton you can do as far as coupon cutting and things like that but I feel that following them on Instagram and following their fan pages on Instagram has really helped me to discover new items and then also see what's on sale so I can hurry up and go and take advantage of those cool cut downs I know places like bonds they actually keep track of the items that you purchase and if you are a repeat offender which I feel like all of us are all like creatures of habit and buy a lot of the same things over and over again they will actually send you notifications or emails through the app or through your email and give you coupons on the things that you already buy thanks to using a Club Card which also saves you money for Trader Joe's I had to implement the whole meal planning situation so I know this haul is gonna be super duper random but I promise I'm actually making meals so if you guys would like to see like what my family eats in a day I can definitely do that for you guys so the first thing I'm gonna talk about are the things that I bought that are frozen which is not very much because I don't like to buy too much frozen food but you know gotta live especially as working moms who are super busy there are really good options for frozen food so there is no judgment here and if anybody wants to judge take it so wrap so the first thing that I always buy at Trader Joe's that have to be rice these cook in about 3 minutes and they're super affordable and but I love this jasmine rice Jude loves this jasmine rice and it goes with every dish you can think of especially this chicken teriyaki this mandarin orange chicken they actually sell these to come items the same brand and everything after Vaughan's and i think it's about 4 dollars more expensive can you imagine that I know it's kind of shocking when I find something at Trader Joe's that's less expensive there than it is at Vons or Albertsons because I feel like a lot of people have it in their head that everything at Trader Joe's is so expensive but if you shop right I'm telling you it can be affordable and the last frozen item that I bought was these multigrain toaster waffles so their frozen waffle and I just pop them into the toaster chop them up in Jerusalem with a light you know syrup or what have you and I think that's syrup like I think I got this at Trader Joe's as well so this is the maple syrup that I got I hate people syrup this smell seriously grosses me out and then also when I'm making a salad I cut things up and instead of you know if you're only using a part of your onion you're not gonna throw it away you're gonna want to keep it so what I do is I make your goal kind of like salad kits so here's like some greens I also have a half of onion a quarter of a pair and a lime and this will help me create a salad in like two minutes next up we have some pork chops and another money-saving tips is to actually pick them up and sift through them I've also taught this trick to Jude so he rummages through them as well now when you're buying meat you want to pay attention to a couple of things number one the price obviously because they do market by price over at Trader Joe's and this one in particular is eight dollars in one sense but there were some there were fourteen dollars for three pieces so this is three pieces that only eight dollars and then you're also going to pay attention to the date that it's suggested to buy now I like to go to the back of like the stack of meat and grab those because the ones in the back are the ones that are the freshest so you're gonna grab those those ones are going to expire in like a week not in like a day so you'll make sure you pay attention to that now I also got some strawberries Cato friendly not keto friendly but Sonia friendly is my favorite fruit ever next to go I have US but I never see them unless they're at a farmers market and some fresh sliced mangoes Jude picked these little mini heirloom tomatoes he loves these and who seriously could not wait to eat them on the way home like hey they're not great he's eating on my grapes speaking of grapes I also got this medley of seedless grapes so you have like the dark almost black grapes the green ones and then also some purple yeah my mouth is literally watering from the mango so good I also got Calloway caviar which is my favorite salsa I also got the candied walnuts which is going to be amazing on any like beet salad Paris salad strawberry salad oh good you guys um also I got this little package of olives which I'm gonna tear up after I'm finished filming this I also got some organic fat-free milk this is the boys favorite I can drink milk cuz I will explode I got some butter lettuce which I usually buy like butter lettuce that's living on the root still because I feel like it's still crispy and still got some life in there um but I'm gonna tear it up so doesn't matter so here's a bag of butter lesson is only like a dollar ninety-nine really good price because the living butter lettuce is like six or seven dollars I also got some 100% cranberry juice this stuff is so strong you guys we had a little sip and we had to dilute it so much like I feel like I will have to get like maybe halfway and then fill the rest of it with water and shake it up because it's so so strong knife definitely recommend using the hunt percent cranberry juice and not the cocktail juice because it's literally just a whole jar sugar I also got a Persian cucumber I got this bell pepper which is gonna go amazing in pasta or salad I got some line because this is the main ingredient in all of my fellow dressings I got a dab of organic thrown brown blue corn tortilla chips to go with my cowboy caviar so good you guys and lastly I got some chocolate coz Jude was harassing me about it so this is just there Trader Joe's crispy rice milk chocolate and that's it hopefully you guys enjoy this video I know I did I love seeing food halls and if you guys have a channel let me know in the comments down below as well maybe if you guys have some time you can check out those channels and I would love to support other people who are here on YouTube my friend Christine also does food haul so check out her link in the description box down below if you guys are on Weight Watchers or just looking for some new items to add to grocery list sharing is caring so I love you guys so much thank you so much for watching and I can't wait to see you guys in the next one hi

भरपूर पैसे वाचतील, फक्त हे छोटे छोटे बदल करा | Best Money Saving Tips In Marathi

**भरपूर पैसे वाचतील, फक्त हे छोटे छोटे बदल करा | Best Money Saving Tips In Marathi**



View Time:5:56Minutes



This Marathi video contain 6 tips to save your money. These are very small changes in your daily life style but it will create huge impact for long term.If these techniques applied sincerely then people can save lot of money from their monthly income

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