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How to Coupon at Target 🎯 (Extreme Couponing for Beginners)

**How to Coupon at Target 🎯 (Extreme Couponing for Beginners)**



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Learn how to coupon at Target by mastering the basics of Target couponing rules. These are the rules you must learn to start extreme couponing at Target or if you are interested in saving money every week. (↓↓↓ Click SHOW MORE below ↓↓↓ to See Notes, Links & Resources)

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There are so many ways to save money at Target if you know the different rules to stacking coupons and where to find these target deals.

I cover a total of 14 topics for beginners on using coupons at Target:

First, I go through the basics of using Manufacturer Coupons at Target. What’s allowed and not allowed and the different types of manufacturer coupons. I then cover the two types of Target coupons you may see, their limitations and how these coupons are handled differently. Specifically, I talk about the difference between Target store category coupons and item level coupons.

Coupon stacking is at the root to understanding and learning how to become an extreme couponer at Target. We go over the basic rules and an example on how to stack the various types of coupons.

With weekly couponing deals, you’ll often see deals that combines cartwheel and the various types of coupons available. I cover what Target Cartwheel is and how to use it. Plus, learn how to identify the two types of coupons you’ll see inside the Cartwheel section of the Target app. I also teach you a way to use cartwheel coupons without the app and how to stack cartwheel offers with coupons.

We then go over the two types of Target Gift Card promotions, their limitations, and which type requires a coupon. Plus how to use the app scanner from the Target app, and when to use this feature.

What do you do when you forget to use a coupon? You can do a missed coupon and apply your coupons after a purchase. I also teach you the rules to price matching and price adjustments. With price matching, you can get a lowered price at Target if you see a lowered price at another store. With price adjustments – If something you purchased goes on sale within 14 days, you can request for partial money back. You can save a lot of money through price matching and price adjustments alone, even if you don’t ever use coupons.

We also talk about ways to save money using the Target REDCard, and other benefits such as extended returns, free shipping, and early access to special sales.

Lastly we cover the Target coupon policy, and how to find the latest deals for Target each week.

I hope you find these tips helpful in learning how to coupon at Target! These are the basic skills you’ll need to begin your extreme couponing journey. #target #couponing #beginner

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How To Save Online With Discount Coupons ?

**How To Save Online With Discount Coupons ?**



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This video is must watch for all online shoppers who want to save tons of money with coupons on stores like paytm, snapdeal, myntra,. flipkart.

How to use coupons ~ How I get ready to shop with coupons !!

**How to use coupons ~ How I get ready to shop with coupons !!**



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hi gang was here and I am just getting ready to go to the grocery store and I thought I would do a quick video for you and show you what I do how I match up the sales with the coupons we'll make a list to take into the store and go through that process because it can be a little overwhelming if you are new to couponing I did a few videos explaining a lot more in kind of an introductory thing I'll link those below but this is just okay you kind of got a background on it and you're you're ready you're ready to put coupons together with an ad and walk in the store and buy stuff so uh and I'm only doing one store this video because I really just gonna show you overwhelming the website I go to and hi I'm Sanjay the website that I go to in my list and the coupons and then I will um I'll make another quick video when I get home and show you what I actually ended up with because sometimes when you make your list and you go to the store you have your coupons you don't always end up with exactly what you went there for whether they're out of stock on something or sometimes when a certain brand goes on sale particular items in that brand will not be included like it's red pasta sauce goes on sale and I'll show you that well it's it's clásico sauce maybe the alfredo is not included so it's it's never always perfect for me anyway it's never always perfect and um you know as far as extreme couponing goes I'm not going today to make money from this as far as like okay up all this free and I walk out of the store and um they paid me no I mean but I I feel as if I can easily say 50 to 70 percent of my bill and that's good enough I mean don't be so overwhelmed in that oh I can't do this because I can't get everything for free you know the goal is to just at least save hopefully 50 at least 50% of your bill plus some so alright I will show you here okay so here is the I heart Publix website and this is the one that I go to for the matchups for Publix and at the top of the page it says add coop add some coupons for the 21st – 27 and if you scroll down she has all the items listed in the ad and the items that have a green check next to the um those are the items that are a great price to stock up on whether you have a coop she lists whatever coupon is there also so there's $1 off of for progressive products there's an in-store coupon or you can print it you can go through it here and check this little box put check box next to it and then print off your shopping list so if you wanted to just make the shopping list from here and click it there and print it off you could do that too I personally like to just pull up the website and then make a list of my own so I'm gonna go through that with you real quick all right so this is how I do it when getting ready to go shopping and I'm doing my matchups I sit down with the computer in front of me and I go through the ad and I pick the ones that I want and then I know I have coupons for and make my list so Publix that's where that's where I'm going clearly they have the Velveeta cheesy skillet buy one get one free so then once I put it on they're on my list and make sure that I have my coupons and then here's my coupon it's a dollar off one Velveeta and even though it's buy one get one free they let you use a coupon the free one so you're getting it for virtually you know just quarters or pennies and whatnot so I set those aside I do the same thing for anything that I want to purchase the pasta and salad dressing the whole thing I go down here other items that I'm not sure on because sometimes Publix will run ads on a particular brand but they will not include a certain item from that brand like this right here check clásico for alfredo I don't buy canned regular red sauce but my husband loves their alfredo sauce so I spy one get one free and I have a coupon so if the alfredo sauce is included I'll make sure to pick that up in and I have the coupons for that but I make the list I have the coupons for this particular trip set aside usually in a little neater fashion but but there's all the pasta coupons and whatnot and then the way I like to do it is I just rip this paper off I fold it in half and I put the coupons inside so it just so it just ends up looking like this and you know fake a little envelope and I just put it in my purse and then that way when I get to the store I just take it out and put it in the top of the shopping cart and I have my list and my coupons right there um and I know that may be a little bit messy for some you know it doesn't really matter you could however you want to do it and however it's easy so that just let your organized enough that once you get to the store you're pulling aside the coupons as you're picking up the item because you want to be organized once you get to the register so if I'm going to get the salad dressing however many I'm going to get I make sure that I set aside okay got one two three salad dressings so I take that and I put it to the front of this little pile and then I know that it'll be ready when I get to the register because there's nothing worse than getting to the register and having the cashier annoyed with you or the people behind you annoyed because you're still trying to sort through coupons so it's just a little bit easier to save you some time while you're doing this and make it a little bit less overwhelming alright so that's it I am actually headed out the door and I will I'll do another video when I get back and show you how I did but um thank you so much for taking time to watch please ask me if you have questions please list them below and I'll definitely answer them I don't like those videos I really do appreciate you taking the time to watch and I hope you guys are having a great day great night or whatever and hopefully we'll see on the next one alright thanks guys bye

How To Find Online Coupons

**How To Find Online Coupons**



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This week on Money Awesomeness Shannon tells us the truth about online coupons!


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Oh coupons coupons heel heel is your inbox constantly inundated with coupons and deals from online coupon site did you know that only thirty percent of all coupons are actually redeemed sometimes you actually have to spend up to a certain limit even get the discount like by two to get one off when you only really needed one in the first place most the time these coupons are four things that none of us really need things like diet plans and Botox and other kinds of fitness they seem like a good idea at the time but we don't actually redeem them means that seventy percent of the time you've pre-purchased a coupon that's just going to sit on your credit card charging you interest for no reason at all so my advice is to only buy coupons for things that you actually are going to use and if you really want to kick it up a notch say goodbye to prepay coupon sites and go old school coupons like this don't have any overhead bridge so so for more on this and for more money awesomeness don't forget to subscribe you

My CVS Deals this week /💰Tips for Scoring Great products at the drugstore / Saving with Kristy

**My CVS Deals this week /💰Tips for Scoring Great products at the drugstore / Saving with Kristy**



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Oops I did it again! I Scored some great deals again at the drugstore. Come see what I got! Download the Fetch Rewards app and use Referral codeW8BHA …