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Different people have different perception and attitude towards money. Due to which some are “Saver” while some are “Spender”

People save money to keep it for rainy day i.e. for worst and emergency time while those who spend more want to live the life full.

There is also big difference between “Saving” & “Investment”.

Many people complaint that despite of having huge salary and earning so much of money, they are left with nothing in the end.

In this video, we provide you with tips how to manage and save money efficiently.

2:57 Record your expenses
3:24 Make a budget
3:49 Plan on saving money
4:15 Set saving goals
4:46 Watch your savings grow

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“Save Money & Money will Save you”
Hello friends…!!! Welcome to Eus Media Production In a society, there used to live 3 families Sharma family Saxena family and Kapoor family Each one of them has different thinking towards money like Sharma family believes on saving money and just like their surname they used to spend very less money Due to these kind of habits society used to call them as ‘miser’ family On the other hand Saxena family were expert in spending lots of money Sometimes they also borrow money from other peoples just to fulfill their needs because of which society used to call them as 'borrower' family But Kapoor family were different from both of them They used to spend money but at the same time they used to save money also so that they can use that money in emergency and due to these kind of habits they were known as 'respected' family in the society Most of the people spend their money on the things which they don’t want and that too with the money they haven't earned just to impress those peoples whom they don’t like Its people perception and attitude towards money because of which some of them are SAVING it whereas some of them are SPENDING it Some people save money so that they can use it during emergency where as some people want to live their life fully that’s why they spend a lot of money Some people wants to secure their future that’s why they save more whereas some people think "money is just a dust of hand" therefore they don’t have any future plans Savers are known as money takers and spenders are known as money givers Keeping one's intentions and desires in mind some peoples are careful towards money whereas some are careless Most of the people think that saving is as equal as investment but it’s not correct In saving, your money is secured Whereas in investment your money might not be secure provided you have invested it in safe and legal place In saving, we can save our money in simple saving account whereas to invest money, we have to face mutual funds rules, regulation and policies In saving, we can withdraw our money anytime but in investment, we can get our money after a particular period of time In saving, the profit margin is low whereas in investment there is more opportunity to earn money Most of the people among us waste their half of the life by thinking that how to manage money Lots of people complain inspite of having good salary, Incentives and bonus nothing remain in their hand Here the question arises how to manage and save money efficiently? 1) RECORD YOUR EXPENSES If you want to save money then first give attention on your spending First of all make a list of your one month spending E.g: coffee, newspaper, snack and all that things you buy for your monthly use Once the list has been created divide it into a different categories and calculate the total amount 2) MAKE A BUDGET Now you have a list of your spending so it’s time to make a budget At the time of making budget just remember your future goals and net income Make a plan for how to personalize your budget which suits your condition Always remember to include expenses that happens regularly, but not every month 3) PLAN ON SAVING MONEY keeping your monthly expenses and earning in mind Make a saving column in your budget and try to save 10-15% from your net income It may be possible that you have to neglect your unwanted spending such as restaurant, shopping and party then only you can complete your future goals and expenditure with your saving 4) SET SAVING GOALS Usually every person have two types of goals short term goals and long term goals Financial goals are beneficial for us because than we work hard to save our money in order to accomplish that goal Short term goals includes saving, a long holiday or a big car which takes approximately 2-3 years to fulfill it on the other hand long term goal include retirement plan, future studies and property which takes several year to complete 5) WATCH YOUR SAVINGS GROW This step is little bit difficult but at the same time it is important Keep eyes on your saving and note down your monthly saving growth By doing these you can improve your's saving and reduce your expenses continously By keeping record of your savings you can see your financial problems and idea to solve that problem So to conclude every person should give attention to how and where to spend money There is an old proverb that "it is easier to earn money than to spend it wisely" Don’t buy those things which you had not plan yet so that you can stay away from extra expenditure When you start balancing your saving and spending you will find happiness in every small thing Hit "LIKE' button if you found this video useful comment your views share this video with family and friend so that they can also get idea how to save moeny Subscribe to my YouTube channel we will share such ideas, tips and thoughts with you every week Turn "ON" the notification of our YouTube Channel if you don't want to miss any of our new videos follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more updates Thanks for watching Last but not the Least "Save money and money will save you…!!!"





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and all of a sudden you need like brand new pillows and a bicycle or whatever you need hi guys welcome back to my channel I'm Christina and this is my channel Christina coupons with you so today I have a different kind of video for you so I am going to be sharing some tips and tricks to saving money if you are looking to get out of debt or just build up that savings goal on that trip just some ideas some are a little bit more obvious than others but sometimes we just need a little kick in the butt or somebody the right person to say it so if I can be that right person I'm happy to be there if any of you guys are new to my channel I am a couponer I do couponing at stores like CVS and Walmart for any of you guys returning welcome back and thank you for watching this video if you guys are new here and you want to learn more about couponing and how to save money in that way feel free to click the subscribe button and turn on your Bell notifications so you get notified when I post a video let's go ahead and get into our tips so the first tip I'm going to suggest is to check your carts check your bank accounts check your credit cards check all your cards and get rid of those subscriptions so a lot of these cards you don't even realize you're paying a dollar ninety nine for Pandora or whatever it is that you're not using if you don't need the service get rid of it get rid of all the services if you're looking to get out of debt so go through all of your statements look at every single charge and make sure that you actually are you using these products a lot of us sign up for things that are like two dollars here and five dollars there but that will add up over time so get rid of all your subscriptions and that would be the first way to start but the second tip is not eating out I know shocker everyone says that but it's the truth you go to eat out or you order pizza or something it's 2030 dollars well if you have you know only well people in your family that could feed you guys twice or even three times depending on what your meals are like so don't eat out go to the grocery store and buy your foods the best way to make sure you're being extremely efficient is make your meal plans say you know you can do repeat meals you don't have to be a grand chef you know if you make lasagna once in a while and usually feed you guys for a couple of days put that on your list those are items that you buy all the time you roughly know how much each item costs sauce cheese pasta whatever it is and you can kind of add up how much these meals are going to cost to make so make your meal plan give yourself a rough estimate of how much you think it's going to cost to make that's going to put a lot of stuff into perspective and you might find some ways you can substitute different things to bring your costs down but still get your nutrition in but definitely make a plan before you go another add-on to that is don't go into the grocery store hungry you guys I know it's like a weight loss tip but it's also like a saving money tip you're gonna buy something you don't need whether it's a soda package of chips a cookie so a snack to eat on the way home you're gonna buy something I know it because I do it so definitely go in there I don't care if you have to eat a saltine cracker one saltine cracker to get you through that grocery store without buying exactly who it's on your list but do it because it'll make a huge difference in your shopping and you can really focus on getting these foods and you know making sure your meals are good to go and you're not going to get sidetracked by other items and possibly forget something or overspend so that's another thing another idea is you guys a lot of us get really caught up in name-brand stuff and as you know in some situations name-brand is better but for things like pastas and you know a lot of frozen foods and stuff like that if you guys look at the ingredients on the back there most likely the same and one is probably half the price of the other so don't overlook those name-brand items and in a lot of situations I know particularly with Walmart I actually read that they make a lot they package a lot of foods for these big brands and just slap the big brands names on them so you're getting the same food one let's say is a dollar and one is you know $2 or $3 and the only difference is the packaging so even you guys can even go in further and look into the foods that you buy all the time maybe try googling you know what factories they come out of you might actually put two and two together and find that you can cut your grocery bill and probably half if you know which foods you can you know you're getting the same food for you know with different packaging so definitely do your research on food when you have a chance and don't be afraid of non name-brand I mean there a lot of them taste the same so don't be afraid of it I actually particularly I love the Walmart great value coffee I actually like it more than Maxwell or folders or any of those other ones I love the Walmart coffee and I think it's like six bucks for a big tin and it's so much cheaper for that than you know getting a twelve dollar tin of coffee that I don't like so don't be afraid of name brands next thing is go calamari and clean out your home make a pile of stuff that you guys can sell I'm telling you guys if you you might not think you have anything to sell I want you to open every single drawer in your home every cabinet every storage bin you guys will end up with a pile of stuff that you can sell go on your local facebook yard sale go on offer up whatever it is and so the things you don't need if you really don't need it if you haven't looked at it touched it unless it has like sentimental value I don't see why you can't hold on to it a little bit longer and take a photo of it and try to sell it online so that's another way you guys can save money or get out of debt is selling your things I know a lot of people I've seen what is their name I think it's fun cheaper free they did a video where they talked about how they literally sold their couches like they sat on lawn chairs of the floor or something for months to get out of debt and you don't have to do that but don't be afraid to get rid of your stuff I mean if it's it's nothing that you if you're not using it then you know don't get rid of it so that's another thing is just clean your house out make a pile of the decent stuff that you have most likely there's going to be someone out there in the world that wants it so definitely give it a try okay so number four is going to be a little bit like the grocery thing don't stop anywhere besides gas and groceries unless you have to buy like a birthday present or something if you're really trying to save that money and/or get out of debt don't buy anything do not stop spending okay fill your tank up or whatever you got to do put 10 bucks 20 bucks in it whatever you need for gas buy your groceries and that's it don't go into a convenience store I'm telling you guys right now they're like little suction cups always have a ready bottle of water water is free you can get it out of the faucet I know some cities and towns it's not safe but if you can do it always have a water bottle ready to go if you have a reusable one great fill it up put it in the fridge and that water bottle is going to be the water bottle you take with you everywhere so you don't have to stop and buy a bottle of water bring a coffee fill up a reusable cup with coffee bring your coffee with you don't stop anywhere bring snacks if you have to leave granola bars or something in your car so that you don't have to stop if you get hungry do that but try not to go anywhere but your grocery store and your gas station if you're really trying to save money because you guys know you go into tarjay or Walmart or anything like that and all of a sudden you need like brand new pillows and a bicycle or whatever you need so not a good idea another thing is to find free things to do just because you're being frugal I'm trying to save money doesn't mean you don't you can't live your life you can't do things right so I know it depends on where you live like I live in a area where it was snowing a couple days ago and now it's beautiful and bright and sunny now I'm actually sitting at the beach and it's free but I find free things to do in your area there's tons of like local papers and like your Chamber of Commerce is usually a good one where you can find out what's going on go to all those parades go to the you know concerts on the green or you know whatever go for a walk in the woods walk in the beach find free things to do if you guys have board games or something and you want to hang out with your friends invite your friends over let's have a game night let's all play cards you know like find a way to have fun without spending a lot of money there are tons of things and I'm sure we can all use some more exercise because I know I sure can so there are plenty of ways to find a way to do something for free another thing is if you do want to have you know drinks or something or you know have a night where you are going to be spending money let's say you're going out for your friends invite you out for drinks you counter that and say hey I'm trying to save some money I don't really want to spend a lot of money when I go out would you guys like to come over and we can all have drinks here we'll make drinks here and it'll be a lot cheaper everyone pitches in someone buys the mixer someone buys the booze and someone buys the fruit there you go you're good to go or someone brings a snack and everyone just saved tons of money because if you guys are drinkers you know you go out to the bar with your friends usually end up spending a lot of money drinks they're like 10 bucks apiece or a beer or whatever so find a way to do things in if your friends want to go out to a restaurant but you have extra food leftover you can suggest maybe having a meal inviting them over for a meal and there you go so find ways to kind of play around with it and you know make it a cheaper experience you know I'm sure your friends will understand and if they don't then I don't know about that but they should be totally okay with that another thing is of course I'm in my car right now and I don't have an example of this but I always suggest if you're really trying to save money and really pull it in usually what I usually have which I don't have in here right now is I have a little I think it's like an old makeup bag but you can use a ziploc bag a folder and envelope whatever and any of the like fast food coupons you get or restaurant like the 99 Subway D'Angelo's all those things keep them in like an envelope or something sometimes they have fries like buy one get one free sometimes you can get a coffee for a dollar Dunkin Donuts whatever it is keep a little booklet of that with you and your car or your purse or something so if you are going to go that route and you have to spend the money check those coupons you might be able to save 6 10 bucks just by using those coupons I know for people with kids who a life is hectic that might be an option for you so definitely keep the coupons on yeah just in case or download the apps I know the apps have a lot of coupons I like physical coupons because I just like to flip through them and read them and that's it but just find a way to do it in a cheaper way if you do have to spend extra money so that is all I have for you guys today I hope my tips were helpful I'm sorry about the lighting it's very bright here so we're a little ghostly but that's okay um but I thought you know what it's in a new year everyone's trying to save money I saved money by couponing and you can always find ways to coupon by coming to this channel but if you guys wanted some other tips on how to save money some things that I've practiced myself I wanted to give you guys some ideas and sometimes you just need a little reminder I know I love that sometimes the right person has to say this ain't the right thing to me at the right time and I'm like all right got it let's do it so that was all I have for you guys today if you enjoyed this video if it was helpful give it a thumbs up leave your money-saving tips and tricks in the just in the comment section below so others can read them as well if there's something you think I didn't mention that would be helpful to others um and yeah bye guys





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How to save money for travel? It’s a question I get a lot when people watch the travel vlogs. I saved money for travel for 3 years and I saved over € 20.000. How to save money for travel is something I’ve had to deal with and I’m sharing my money saving secrets in this video. Hopefully it will answer all your questions about how to save money for travel when you start saving for your travels.
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Travel Vlog Iv is a travel vlog channel. I’m Ivana, nice to meet you! I travel and make daily travel vlogs so you can travel with me. Subscribe if you like to travel!

When I’m not traveling you can hang out with me in my home town Amsterdam. So if you always wanted to travel in Amsterdam this is the place to be to get an insight in the local life without actually having to travel. Enjoy!


Q Where are you from?
A I am born in former Yugoslavia. Mom is Serbian, Dad is Bosnian. During the ’90’s war we came to the Netherlands and I got Dutch nationality. Have been living in Amsterdam for over 5 years.

Q How can you afford to travel so much?
A I saved for 3 years while working full time and now travel vlogging is my job. I work together with tourism agencies but also do some freelance work on the side.

Q What camera do you film with?
A Canon G7X

Q Why doesn’t Stephan want to be on camera?
A Because he is an artist manager and feels artists should be in the spotlight. Way before he met me he already never featured in party pics or anything.

Q Why do you usually travel alone?
A Because my friends have jobs with limited holidays, kids and partners. Also I really like exploring on my own.

Q Why do you love India so much?
A Watch this video:
hello from Amsterdam my name is Ivana and I am a travel vlogger today we're going to talk about how you can save enough money to travel because I get asked a lot Ivana how can you afford to travel so much to be very fair these days I get invited by PR companies a lot to visit their country or to visit a certain place or for a certain hotel so they usually take care of the expenses but when I first started traveling about 2 years ago I had saved for 3 years and I saved over 20 thousand euros today I'm going to share how I did that so you can also start saving for your own travels in case you want that step number one you need a goal you need a budget how much money do you need to save to travel to that country now there are two ways to determine your budget there is one the very detailed specific way so you need to determine the daily budget of a certain country seriously there are so many travel bloggers out there who literally I think documented the daily budget on any country you would want to travel so just type in daily budgets and the country where you want to go you will probably see a blog article and a blogger explaining how much money they spent on a daily basis in that country the next thing you do is you determine how long you want to stay in that country and you multiply the daily budget with the number of days that you want to save there you go there's your budget indication but of course you need to also include the you know the transportation fare so if you're going to fly to that country or maybe you want to go by train or bus whatever don't forget about that now that is the detailed approach my approach is hashtag Forever Lazy I just looked at my monthly costs in the Netherlands for a comfortable life not a luxurious life not a super low budget life but a comfortable life and I multiplied that by twelve there you go that was my yearly budget now that you have a budget and you know how much money you need to save the next step step number two is you need to know exactly on a detailed basis how much money is coming in and how much money is going out please do not make the same mistake I did for two my first two years of saving thinking that oh I know approximately how much money I can save I will just put that you know in my savings account and it will be fine because one day I decided just for fun to see exactly how much money was coming in and how much money was going out and it scared the living out of me because I was spending a hundred euros a week on BS like literally I would buy a sandwich here a notebook here you know hair stuffs there whatever just expenses so please please please start out the right way but everything in Excel like literally every dollar or euro you would give to a homeless person in the streets you document that document everything in you my friend I promise you you can save so much more money than you think you can step number three requires being very very honest to yourself because if you're going to save for a longer period of time like I did over the course of three years you know for sure there will be temptations there will be you will feel at one point you will feel because there are certain things you like to do and for me chopping and at one point you will have to give in to those temptations so it's better to control those temptations just write them down be honest to yourself and I'll get back to it with step number five step number four is also quite obvious look into that excel sheet and see the things that you really don't need and you can skip just looking at your expenses in a with a different eye like okay I can buy this dress for a hundred euros or I can travel in India seriously traveling in India it's like 150 euros per week or something what would you prefer I would prefer a week in India over a dress so make sure you're checking your excel with that kind of perspective step number five like I just said you are going to fill so what you're going to do is you're going to incorporate those failures into mini goals and many rewards so for me who loves shopping this meant calculating an extra budget in my savings for mini shopping breaks so every three months I would give myself a hundred euro and I would allow myself a self to shop if I saved the amount of money that I wanted to save for those three months so every three months I would have a little mini break where I could give into my temptations and I calculated that in the budget so I didn't feel I didn't need to feel guilty about it it was actually a reward not a mistake that many people make is not having that self-reflection or not be willing to admit to themselves that they are going to fail at one point you know it's it's the same state that people make with dieting I'm strong I can do this you know if I just put my mind to it Yeti Yeti era you know what happens your frustrations build over time because you're not giving in to your temptations and you end up eating so much more then you would have if you would have just had a Yolo day or something and with me like if I wouldn't have given in to my temptations my frustrations would have probably built over time and I would spend a lot more money in one goal than by just spending a little over my mini breaks you know so don't be stubborn just you know admit your weaknesses admit what kind of temptations you have and use them as a reward instead of you know being bound to feel I promise you this is a much more efficient way to save money than just being stubborn also it's very motivating to have mini goals that you can reach instead of just having to wait until what feels forever until you reach your big goal enjoy the process man I hope this video was helpful if you want to start saving for your own travels if it was please put a thumbs up in case you want to travel along click that subscribe button I am going to Morocco soon and also today when you are watching I had a last-minute trip to Berlin so you can see the preview of that on Instagram thank you so much for watching and I will see you next time bye

How to use coupons ~ How I get ready to shop with coupons !!

**How to use coupons ~ How I get ready to shop with coupons !!**



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Thank you so much for your time!!




hi gang was here and I am just getting ready to go to the grocery store and I thought I would do a quick video for you and show you what I do how I match up the sales with the coupons we'll make a list to take into the store and go through that process because it can be a little overwhelming if you are new to couponing I did a few videos explaining a lot more in kind of an introductory thing I'll link those below but this is just okay you kind of got a background on it and you're you're ready you're ready to put coupons together with an ad and walk in the store and buy stuff so uh and I'm only doing one store this video because I really just gonna show you overwhelming the website I go to and hi I'm Sanjay the website that I go to in my list and the coupons and then I will um I'll make another quick video when I get home and show you what I actually ended up with because sometimes when you make your list and you go to the store you have your coupons you don't always end up with exactly what you went there for whether they're out of stock on something or sometimes when a certain brand goes on sale particular items in that brand will not be included like it's red pasta sauce goes on sale and I'll show you that well it's it's clásico sauce maybe the alfredo is not included so it's it's never always perfect for me anyway it's never always perfect and um you know as far as extreme couponing goes I'm not going today to make money from this as far as like okay up all this free and I walk out of the store and um they paid me no I mean but I I feel as if I can easily say 50 to 70 percent of my bill and that's good enough I mean don't be so overwhelmed in that oh I can't do this because I can't get everything for free you know the goal is to just at least save hopefully 50 at least 50% of your bill plus some so alright I will show you here okay so here is the I heart Publix website and this is the one that I go to for the matchups for Publix and at the top of the page it says add coop add some coupons for the 21st – 27 and if you scroll down she has all the items listed in the ad and the items that have a green check next to the um those are the items that are a great price to stock up on whether you have a coop she lists whatever coupon is there also so there's $1 off of for progressive products there's an in-store coupon or you can print it you can go through it here and check this little box put check box next to it and then print off your shopping list so if you wanted to just make the shopping list from here and click it there and print it off you could do that too I personally like to just pull up the website and then make a list of my own so I'm gonna go through that with you real quick all right so this is how I do it when getting ready to go shopping and I'm doing my matchups I sit down with the computer in front of me and I go through the ad and I pick the ones that I want and then I know I have coupons for and make my list so Publix that's where that's where I'm going clearly they have the Velveeta cheesy skillet buy one get one free so then once I put it on they're on my list and make sure that I have my coupons and then here's my coupon it's a dollar off one Velveeta and even though it's buy one get one free they let you use a coupon the free one so you're getting it for virtually you know just quarters or pennies and whatnot so I set those aside I do the same thing for anything that I want to purchase the pasta and salad dressing the whole thing I go down here other items that I'm not sure on because sometimes Publix will run ads on a particular brand but they will not include a certain item from that brand like this right here check clásico for alfredo I don't buy canned regular red sauce but my husband loves their alfredo sauce so I spy one get one free and I have a coupon so if the alfredo sauce is included I'll make sure to pick that up in and I have the coupons for that but I make the list I have the coupons for this particular trip set aside usually in a little neater fashion but but there's all the pasta coupons and whatnot and then the way I like to do it is I just rip this paper off I fold it in half and I put the coupons inside so it just so it just ends up looking like this and you know fake a little envelope and I just put it in my purse and then that way when I get to the store I just take it out and put it in the top of the shopping cart and I have my list and my coupons right there um and I know that may be a little bit messy for some you know it doesn't really matter you could however you want to do it and however it's easy so that just let your organized enough that once you get to the store you're pulling aside the coupons as you're picking up the item because you want to be organized once you get to the register so if I'm going to get the salad dressing however many I'm going to get I make sure that I set aside okay got one two three salad dressings so I take that and I put it to the front of this little pile and then I know that it'll be ready when I get to the register because there's nothing worse than getting to the register and having the cashier annoyed with you or the people behind you annoyed because you're still trying to sort through coupons so it's just a little bit easier to save you some time while you're doing this and make it a little bit less overwhelming alright so that's it I am actually headed out the door and I will I'll do another video when I get back and show you how I did but um thank you so much for taking time to watch please ask me if you have questions please list them below and I'll definitely answer them I don't like those videos I really do appreciate you taking the time to watch and I hope you guys are having a great day great night or whatever and hopefully we'll see on the next one alright thanks guys bye