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10 Frugal Living Tips That Actually Work | Habits That Will Save You Thousands💰| #frugalliving

**10 Frugal Living Tips That Actually Work | Habits That Will Save You Thousands💰| #frugalliving**



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hello and welcome to my channel my name is Nicole from frugal chic live.com and today I'm here to share 10 of my absolute favorite frugal living tips that will help you save thousands of dollars for me personally I look at my frugality as a badge of honor and use it as another tool in my toolbox to achieve my financial dreams so with that said if you're willing to embrace your inner frugal then keep watching for these top 10 tips tip number one is to take your lunch to work it might seem very simple and very straightforward but it can save you thousands of dollars in the long run taking your lunch to work is something that many people have dabbled with here and there but in order for it to become a real habit you got to work at it you can't wait until you have 5 minutes left to get out of the door and try to throw something in the lunch bag because it's gonna be something you don't want to eat and then when you get to work at lunchtime you're gonna look at that lunch bag and say yeah I don't really want this and then go out for lunch anyway so by being prepared making your lunch the night before making sure that you have the foods on hand that you're gonna actually be interested in eating that is going to help you be more excited about taking your lunch to work every day tip number two is to meal plan and prep I don't know how many times as a busy wife and mother I've gotten overwhelmed didn't plan properly and just ended up ordering a pizza one time not a big deal 2030 times in a year it does tend to add up that's money that could be going into your children's college fund or into your emergency fund take out a piece of paper write out your potential meals for the week I also recommend that you do a quick inventory of your pantry your fridge your cabinets to see what you have on hand first and then you know exactly what items to put on your shopping list when you go to the grocery store tip number three is to shop for a cheaper cellphone plan a lot of times there are so many hidden fees or you could be stuck in a contract with early termination fees nowadays there is no reason to operate that way with your cell phone there are so many different competitors out there so I say every now and then do some research compare the numbers and see if you can get a better deal ya know it seems like a hassle to switch services but if it's going to be the difference between you saving hundreds of dollars per year it's worth a few minutes of your time to do the research and maybe May a couple of calls to see if you can get a deal for me right now I'm using a service called hello it's much cheaper than the service that I was using before currently the cell phone plan that I'm using is under 20 dollars per month so that is an excellent deal if I say so myself tip number four is to cut the cable the 90s have called and they want their cable box back in today's world there is absolutely no reason for you to still have a traditional cable box or even a satellite dish there are so many different options that you can choose from I think we cut out cable about two years ago now and it was one of the best decisions that we have made right now we have an Amazon fire stick we've used sling TV we also recently came across this service called soap layer and that has been amazing I'm still learning how to use it but it is a great resource for us and it saved us a ton of money tip number five is one of my absolutely favorite frugal living heck's and that is to buy items that can be used for multiple purposes who says that you have to have separate products to wash your hands with to clean surfaces with to wash up with maybe you can find one product that works for all three tip number six is to scale back or entirely eliminate paper products in your house now this one has definitely been a struggle in my household I have tried to get rid of paper plates my husband is not here for it he has a problem with it even though I'm the one that does the dishes and if y'all can't tell I'm still salty about this and we've been arguing about this for many years but sometimes you just got to give in and compromise so at this stage in my life I'm not personally able to eliminate all people products but I'm slowly trying to introduce my family to the benefits of reusable items in the household not only is it good for your budget but it's also better for the environment tip number seven is to stockpile there are certainly items that you purchase for your family on a consistent basis month after month in my household what I like to do is separate out my food budget from my household items budget and with the money from my household products our stockpile on a quarterly basis at this point I have a good estimate of how many tubes of 2-phase we go through in a three month period how many rolls of toilet paper we use I have it almost down to a science and what I do is just pick up those items I see sales available tip number eight is to try a no-spin challenge no spent challenges have been a great way for me to personally reset my spending habits even though I'm a frugal person I have had periods of my life when I've been a little more on the spending side I know y'all don't believe it but it definitely is true so if you are that person that can occasionally get a little bit spendy and have too many items on hand and your house too many clothes too many pairs of shoes then doing a no-spin challenge might be the perfect thing for you I've gone as long as a year and a half without buying clothes and shoes and for a lot of us ladies that is a difficult thing to do but I gradually built up to it you don't have to start out saying I'm not going to shop for two years that probably would be setting yourself up for failure start with smaller increments of time start with a week even you can start by saying for the next seven days I'm not gonna buy any items that are not absolutely needs for my family I also like to do specific no-spin challenges I want the entire summer on a makeup no buy I've also challenged myself to not buy new clothes or home decor that I didn't need so if you haven't done one already I'm issuing you a challenge right now to try your very first no-spin challenge tip number nine is to shop your closet this is a great extension of sip number eight and with a shop your closet challenge you basically challenge yourself to go into your closet and create new outfit combinations out of the existing pieces in your wardrobe so try pairing your favorite sweater with a pair of pants that you've never tried it with put on a different set of accessories try out different combinations and get creative with it and that will help you not to focus on the fact that you're not bringing in new items in your wardrobe as frequently as you were in the past and what this does is it gives you a greater appreciation for the items that you already own the final tip is a mindset heck if you are the type of person that's not naturally frugal this one is going to be perfect for you tip number 10 is to focus on your financial why what's the main reason why you want to get out of debt save more money and become financially independent what are your core values what are you working towards these are the types of questions that you want to ask yourself when we keep out mine on the way it makes those day-to-day decisions much easier so when you're attempted to buy that new $300 winter coat you can say to yourself does this purchase align with what I'm trying to do could I take this $300 and put it on my credit card debt could I take that $300 and make an extra principle payment on my student loans or on my mortgage so when you frame it that way it helps to make you a bit more motivated about the changes that you're trying to implement so whenever you have a temptation and you might get ready to fall off the wagon think about your financial why even better write it down put it on a post-it and look at it every single day so that you remember which are working towards in the comments below I would love for you to share your number-one frugal living heck also if you're looking to learn more about how to manage your money properly how to save more money how to budget and all of those things then check out the playlists that I've created for you here thank you so much for watching and until next time live well and speed lust

September 2019 Beers & Budgeting | It Sure Felt Like We Blew the Budget

**September 2019 Beers & Budgeting | It Sure Felt Like We Blew the Budget**



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September felt like a whirlwind of expenses. We crack open a very tasty Spanish lager from our friend, Alejandro Luengo, and pour over the numbers from September’s budget. Spoiler alert: it was a work hard / play hard month!

August 2019 Beers & Budgeting | Better Late Than Never:

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it's hot it's sweltering so we decided to do beers and budgeting with no pants because that Hey hey guys it's Justine with debt-free Millennials and this is my husband Kyle hello and welcome back to another episode of beers and budgeting we are going over our September budget and holy cow the first thing I have to say about the September budget is that electricity bill wasn't saying I mentioned this on my Instagram stories last week that we had a record high energy bill more or less Momo's buyer beware situations we'll get into stay tuned alright we need a cool off yeah that's a good idea what a better way to do with the 7 days huh unless that vase as her sisters friend and our friend consequently he's a cool guy came back from Spain again and he brought us more beer because he watches our peers of budgeting videos so we're gonna feature the beer that he brought us it's called lager him or at the virgin if I'm seeing that wrong someone let me know I'm not sure how to pronounce that in Spanish 13 yank anyways that's a lager it's kind of cool it has a black top line which I've never seen before it's a really pretty can yeah so we're gonna drink it straight out of the camera yep and the greatest part is that it's also Chiefs football day and these are a great cheese colors I happen to match my outfit to the beer cane oh me too Travis Kelce you know what's up yeah no cheers good Cheers frothy I like it yeah it's kind of tart almost yeah it's not a usual lager it's a little tart but it has the lager finish yeah I wish get a lot yeah I like it the spanners know how to deal with the heat and it's very hot here we're not running our a/c right now because of our electricity bill last month so basically what it came down to is we forgot that San Diego does peak hours so they charge you more when people are home more often so peak hours in San Diego on the weekdays are from 4:00 to 9:00 and on the weekends it starts after two o'clock so if we do all of our chores or do some things before or after those time periods then we save a lot of money that includes running the air conditioner so right now it's what 2:30 so we are not running our a/c and it's hot and it's hot so we don't wear pants because it's just us now yep my sister moved out we got our own place it's pretty cool great neighborhood and now we get to walk around with no paints no pants okay should we go ahead and just jump into September yeah we got I can burn through this to them hot yeah me too all right I see two thousand dollar surplus holy cow yeah so I got to pay myself a bigger paycheck in September because I had more work come through which is really awesome nice work deserves and Cheers perks of being self-employed so I had a really good month for August and then I paid myself that those those funds in September so we do have a surplus but we typically are forecasting seventy five hundred dollars in income but we had almost close to ten for September which is great so we get to make some choices I also brought in an extra thousand dollars this month from overtime so it was good too yeah yeah big not okay the biggest thing well for September our electricity bill was 138 and you know electricity you pay retro actively for the month the previous so that was August energy bill the one that we're talking about what we won't pay until October and that's two hundred and twenty-six dollars for a 2-bed 2bath apartment in San Diego where the weather is always nice except it was hot and then you talked about the program super off-peak off-peak and on peak it just made me sick to my stomach comment below how much your energy bill was this month we can't be the only ones also a lot of people comment commented from Texas and they're like oh that's normal in Texas I was like screw that but their rents are probably a lot less cheap less more less expensive cheaper cheaper I'm having heat exhaustion okay anyway I see more red on there what happened to the groceries I know I was so bummed I've been doing so well on groceries so I primarily do the grocery shopping and I think it was a combination of we had our best friends out here for a weekend so we did pick up groceries for that and then we had my dad and his friend out and we kind of picked up a little bit more groceries for that I think that definitely so our our budget is 475 and ended up being 542 so what is that sixty seventy bucks extra and I think that time when you went to rouse to pick up more stuff for our friends it was like an $80 grocery grocery bill no no we picked that up and that's and I'm completely fine with that but it is convenient when your friends forget the credit cards we won't name names don't care at all I don't care at all either also alcohol we obviously spent more here but I didn't put it in red because we have kind of a sinking fund yeah we just have we set money aside for alcohol so that when weekend's come up like this we're able to to cover it works so backup to the mobile mobile they'll why are we $22 over the mobile bill okay so I need to update the forecasted from 78 to 100 dollars because that's what we talked about last month with the whole leasing fiasco which also I think we can call sprint now and ask them to take off that insurance part of the leasing thing god you remember that yeah part of the leasing terms was he needed to have three months of insurance coverage on his phone and that's $15 $20 a month so now we can take that off and they'll go back down a good thing to do if you have programs that require some weird extra part to it like that just immediately go into your I use Google calendars go in there and set yourself hold or reminder three months later that you can stop paying that I've done that for a few things this one I forgot luckily I got this thing here so thanks babe not your mommy but I also want to save money so it was on my mind we also had to pay our car insurance bill talked about that on Instagram too it went up so we were paying 384 ish no 386 376 we were paying 376 it's gone up to 398 but I've been using a tool called Gabby that compares car insurance quotes and supposedly we're still getting the best rate between that and our renters insurance which is due in October already paid that cool okay let's go down the fun section restaurants yeah it's not bad for having people over yeah for as much social activity as we had this past month yeah it looks like it was just a lot of kind of our standard stuff I think going to ballast point with our friends and covering dinner there was what put us over the top but not by much in 25 bucks holy worth it yeah great memories great experiences oh yeah totally uh our fun money I mean we went over on fun money because we had okay well there's not cheap book day-shift yeah and there was on the top my head wide open ocean it was pretty cool we had a grand a night and a late day I think now I think lies our lives we played between I yeah most a way to get way too cold yeah yeah I shouldn't session say okay it'll get a little chilly really to be on the yeah so we'll just deduct that money from our running total amount and then add in the to our won't get get to that for the October stuff okay shopping we were under not this month clothing we were under here you got a haircut everything else I got a good gifts budget going yeah we do misses right around the corner we do yep um Christmas and then I have a lot of birthdays coming up to including your own Glee my own yeah I'm excited and then here are our future future categories shall we go into that yes yeah we can get it we are nine hundred dollars away from hitting our downpayment goal of seventy thousand already yeah Wow feel like that didn't take that long to get there new okay we've got a good amount of vacation fund money set aside however we booked a lot of stuff for vacation which still needs to be transferred out we can get to that do you want to go over that yes oh my that's what my pause was earlier is like didn't we just drop like several thousand dollars on their plane tickets because we're gonna go on a cool European vacation it's gonna be awesome we are going to Europe he has an annual conference that moves around if you guys remember we went to Australia last November for his work conference I have a vlog on it I'll link to it in the description box below this year it's in England so we are going to England and then we are going to Amsterdam then we are going to Paris which has been on my bucket list forever I've been already said that'll be fun being there to see her reaction to it all the first time yeah and then we are going to visit friends in Vienna in Austria and so it's been really fun booking this trip because he gets his airfare and his hotel accommodations pay for while we're in Manchester then we also get our hotel and your airfare paid for when we go to Amsterdam because that's also part of a work trip so the outer pouch out-of-pocket costs are my flight and then the accommodations that we're doing outside of work and then transportation to get there however we used almost $900 worth of credit card points to book my airfare that's right nice work yeah so it pays to use the credit card points we use Chase Sapphire and that by far has the best rewards program of any other card if you don't have any credit card debt and you're interested in really really building up a point system the Chase Sapphire is definitely the way to go yeah with that okay so we did that in September we were also in DC I went to fincon and then I stayed behind an extra week because he had a work thing there and then we ended up kind of just eating out obviously the entire week and then with your per diem we only spent $130 to do that well that was worth it so worth it I love DC and then we had some leftover expenses from our trip to Chicago so in total we spent 36 7377 on vacation expenses which pretty damn well near wipes this vacation fund out Oh that hadn't been taken out of the vacation fund it oopsies yeah so we had some work to do okay and do you want to give us an update on stache and acorns yes all right acorns where we yeah it's gonna be down a market has been terrible that's not we are at one thousand five hundred and seventy three dollars and 21 cents okay where were we at for August oh yeah yeah the markets plummeted 1598 215 73 win it when we went down $20 yeah okay and I need stash the stash is fun I really like stash they say that every month one hundred and twenty dollars and 19 cents and we were at 114 dollars and 63 cents the previous month's but we contributed $21 yeah or $20 the whole market has been down so everything's gonna be down geez okay our Jeep Wrangler fund though is up because we have that money set aside in a high-yield savings account that pays one point nine percent interest that's with a lie you're interested just not there's no affiliates here I wish but a lie is awesome I highly suggest you check them out we're at forty four hundred dollars for a Wrangler and then my IRAs I think have stayed up yep hmm oh except for my Roth went down went from twenty-eight hundred thirty five to twenty thousand two hundred sixty-five but the traditional IRA went up and then the treat yourself fund is that 665 which I'm almost thinking we move the treat yourself into a lie because that's with our credit union and it doesn't pay Jack for an interest yeah it's like why not let's get the free money yeah no easy choice there you go mm-hmm okay that's September we both felt like we spent a lot of money in September so when I look back at it we did go over our monthly income by 700 Merc it looks like we went over our expenses versus our normal forecasted income but keep in mind the car insurance comes out of our sinking fund and so while it looks like we spent over what we normally bring in we didn't because that money comes out of your sinking fund if that makes sense you okay so for October we have this extra money I suggest we put it all towards vacation yeah without a doubt easy like easy yeah and then I already started kind of filling out October so I'm trying to think of any specialty things that are coming up my birthday which I don't really want to do a whole lot for I just kind of want to go to the beach yeah I'm not getting you a gift because we're going to Paris so that's her birthday gift yeah that's kind of what we do we give each other experience as well as I'm yes mm-hmm yes I like it um what else for October I mean your Esther's birthday my sister's birthday that's one my dad's birthday your dad's birthday your brother's birthday yeah yeah lots of people's birthdays in October well dad Simon says it's time to wrap it up okay Gaming is putting out a ton of body heat oh my god it's sweating I'm like literally sweating right now um we're gonna finish these beers we're gonna sit in front of a fan and watch football um this is this has been a good budget meeting it's a great budget meeting because we brought in like an extra two or three grand this month it makes it an easy talk you know easy discussion if it had been the other direction we would probably be drinking more because we need to yeah so we're lucky yeah so what's the moral of the story going into October being mindful of our expenses yeah as we take a European vacation I know yeah that's all right but everything is like a yin and yang because we're doing that European trip because your work is taking you there yeah it's like I've paid for if if if it was just us going on vacation that's easily a $10,000 trip out-of-pocket for two weeks visiting four countries yeah so we're doing it on a budget but I agree we're we're dropping mad money to do this experience but at the same time when you become debt-free this is what you want to be doing when you when you pay off debt when you don't have payments for anything else this is the kind of stuff that I want to be doing with that money absolutely I'm glad we're in agreement on that life's too short especially to be gizelle intense all the time yeah I steer beyond that cuz I'm not I'm not gizelle I am a zebra I have stamina but I'm not running fast distances zebra intense no no no no we'll figure out something else better to call that okay fine all right all right cool we love you guys we'll catch you in another video in october/november whenever we don't know we're hot

How to cut down monthly bills and save more money

**How to cut down monthly bills and save more money**



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How to cut down monthly bills and the way I do it.

what's going on YouTube my name is ty my blocks the ex-king calm and others are very dark day today just getting my work and I want to shoot a quick video on how to save money on how to save money how to cut things out me a wife has done some custom bills out and some things that people might not have thought about too recently so you know saving money one way to make more money it's a save on money right no you know if you're trying to make more money the best thing to do is look at your bills and what can you eliminate it and we eliminate some bills and we dinner ourselves and one bill that we got eliminated was the pest control service the orchid man the man was a great service and we lead them because there was a poor service a really good service on knowing bad thing was that you know was paying seventy seven dollars every other month so just running it up plus tax the most eighty bucks every other month to monthly that's forty eight bucks a month and you know in the beginning yeah I'd used them guy had these spider crickets in my home Oh camel crickets with the column in my home and I got it kind of hard to kill so I got me a pest control service and get rid of them which is fine and dandy but don't you have a kid you know stuff got your cut so that's what happened well had my son and stuff had to go so I called and canceled them and I invested in a one gallon water sprayer which I'll do review about that I'm about to get tossed are pro top star P and I heard a good chemical insecticide to use and I'm gonna use that to keep the bugs out so I can spray the yard I can spray the trees the the perimeter the windows actually the backyard the front yard and it kills mosquitoes too one thing about the orchid man I didn't like that you know we worried nine to five it was very hard walk I put it I was working in the world before I went you know across the street what they call it so the White House I was on Wednesday Thursday and Sunday so Wednesday I got make an appointment for Wednesday they coming to house pray and be done since I'm working 9:00 to 5:00 mode through Friday and they close at five o'clock it's very hard to get them inside the home versus Saturdays and Saturdays they work every other Saturday and then why do scheduled for Saturday it'll be close my neighborhood there'll be there's nothing I close but they'll be booked so the past four times I'll call for Saturday they make it pretty booked so why do and when they do come to the house they always spray once every other month so I mean which is fine but when they do spray will be at work so I don't know what they're doing I don't know if they're doing a good job or not I don't know do the sprayer the windows are they spraying the whole foundation or spraying the bushes to I don't know I really don't know so yeah you know nothing about the service but it you wonder that's why I decided to get rid of them and to do it myself and the product of doing the self is to positive things don't think it's just prozac all I know the con is that I waste more time but will take me maybe you know 30 35 minutes to get this mix of chemicals together put some clothes on and spray the whole house use the whole gallon whatever but the pros are I save money and I know that the work is done I can spray it knowing the house but the bushes the grass the trees shrubs the backyard I have a shed as well in my back I can spray that as well there's a lot of spiders and bugs in there I can spray that as well keep the bugs out of there as well so it looks like it's a good thing I counsel them so that's one thing the next thing we have done is we go spaying a lot of money for home security and it was paying about 50 bucks a month that's a lot of money for home security and no one of our family members said they pay way cheaper internet I'll talk to Taylor 15 bucks a month that's why there's a research on that and I know do with just soft security systems is on the rise right now and and I I can also mine once I saw the price how much would pay you got paper clip in the front but your pay 10 15 bucks 20 bucks a month for home security and then you know what will get me long story short the company that I had got bought out three four times so I was paying $25 more than beginning which is not bad but every other year they got bought out and the price keep going up and no and then the thing is but my my equipment did get better stay the same so I decided to it Do It Yourself security system and I kind of enjoyed doing it once you do it yourself versus get so I also come to it it feels better when you do it do you know it's done you know that the doors got sensors when those got sensors everything so it feels better so I eliminated that bill when I eliminated well I got cheaper bill so that's that really helps so those two bills I I got lured or eliminated on one thing we did was I invested in a hedge trimmer I invested in a weed whacker and I put much cutting all the grass all year long this year last year I hired a guy he forty bucks two more long I was pretty hot last year and this year wasn't too bad but this year I did all myself so if you paying someone to cut your grass then you older person you can't physically do it keep paying that person cuz you wanna be out there hurt yourself but you know a young person and you could do it yourself going investing money into a lawn mower a lot more like 90 to 100 dollars and now I'm a lot more maybe four or five years ago it's still going strong so will pay for itself I invest into a hedge trimmer by sixty bucks I got your weed whacker for like 45 so I thought all these things to help me keep my lawn good into the winter time when I'm growing more and it saved me money so how to hire someone to do it so the way you do it in square cut your grass dam with it know what to spray that I got a sprayer I go I go and Samari outside go ahead make stuff up and spray and and be done with it and be done with it so those are some ways you can start saving money see what bills you got now lower than light bill is harder maybe gets on energy-efficient bulbs into efficient appliances for your car insurance try to call around different companies and see the benefits the pros the cons and the cost compared to what you're paying now awesome one other way that's kind of if you're paying 120 and coming constantly what's hard you send in five eighty dollars I'll go ahead and do it because over time it will save me some money so try that as well I think what's something else another thing you could do with foam service that have a rising horizon sprint all the plates are extremely high I have a rising fault 115 years I'll have about 15 you got every one was 30 there was expensive I was paying $90 for one line and now I'm paying 80 bucks for two lines for me and my wife so I was like okay I'm seven ten dollars about she online I got a line and we split the bill we was clicking wireless that runs up 80 phone service is fantastic so hey if you got sprint verizon thinking about going to a prepaid service that has great services to be there there's so many out there and they think service is just as good so there's a couple things that help you save money dude don't do it yourself do yourself a pain exterminator learn how to do it yourself body stuff buy the equipment by the pesticides insecticides it'll last you a long time tossed our Protoss therapy with an uber I wanna do review about that as well I did I see somebody bought a plan of that stuff it lasted my year so it's imagine it is like $31 so after one bus will last me a year so they'll try to do it yourself cut your grass yourself do your peasant roll yourself do your home security yourself monitored yourself through apps try get a lower phone plan try go to a prepaid plan copy pay plan your bill never just never goes up and down it's always the same try to use more energy efficient equipment I mean the devices in your home and try to cut out cable I made people I mean people my job paying to 20 to 30 a month doesn't cable internet it'll need these days the cable is dead I would rather using Hulu or Netflix was internet service and my bill will be cheaper I mean in you know my youtube channel I show you how you can watch movies and TV shows for the world real real low okay so there's no reason for you to pay to 20 a month and the cable and you work 40 hours a week and you have kids so how many shows do you actually watch besides power and they have they have none so I mean you only watch three or four shows Mable's with sports but you pay the 220 a month that's ridiculous give her the cable going Netflix go to youtube live YouTube labs like like 30 or 40 bucks a month so what's your internet by self might pay for it for the lives of my 12 youtube live you might I paying forward you've had a hard I was a month but you're cutting your bill in half if you cut your bill in half so these are the ways to save some money you can save some serious money by cutting things out you don't need you could do it yourself you call around get a better quote and everything else stop eating out so much know maybe from from September there is a timber to December you should try to save money because know why the hot got Christmas coming up new year's Thanksgiving you have a lot of family soldiers going out coming up Black Friday and you need money so the best thing you could do now as a stop T now say more money hoping high-yield savings accounts to put that money in cook cook you a big possible get eat that for two three days cook you some chicken wings eat number two three days make up Potter lasagna and make eat that for two three days and use coupons week a lot of coupons in the mail use coupons you get in the mail that also helps use cashback apps on your phone use the dollar app you get a dollar back and it's not a lot of money but over time adds up you usually get outside gas at a time you get gas you scan your gas receipt and you get cash back right now since I've been using a gas app hell I've been using it since April to September I'm a $61 that's my scaly my gas receipt that says free money so these are some ways to save money just rethink your bills what bill can you eliminate and what bill key made cheaper what Bill you do yourself cat cut the grass myself I'll do myself alone can I do I'll do this oh security system saves the money I have to do it myself I can I cut out this pest control bill cut out cable and go out with another lor bill can I cut out there's a verizon bill the Sprint bill that's a lot of money mobile bills a lot of money can I cut those things out but cutting those things out you will save money how I say my my light bill many more installation in your home energy efficient devices lights all key things off that's what also helped you know save on gas you know when you one thing I do like instead of me you know sometimes if you get out were a good time and he goes if you're already out go ahead and do your good shopping while you're already out they come home versus on your day off you know except you get your car and go to the store coming back you're burning gas how about you go ahead and go shopping while you're already out they come home that way when we can you don't have to go buy groceries you can do anything but stay at home and save that gas money so yeah the plenty of ways to save some money you want to save money by cutting up bills and expenses kind of things you don't need and what it could not faith you could do yourself that's security bill the security bill right now and the orca man and you throw cutting grass I probably save $150 a month just cut those things out and do them myself that's it and with the home security won't you just it's easy it's easy you just stick it you good to go you good to go and but this goodness says that once you have a cell it's done it's done you'll read nothing else you've got a checking it out this is done and in and with the pest control you do it once a month you do it once a month you do we cut the grass do it once a month so all these things have to cut out you do it once a month you do it once a month and you save money you save money so but anytime what else can calm I read a blog post about this as well I have more videos coming out and I got a new video coming out I'm gonna do soon Peyer tomorrow Saturday it's called the peace of hunt hack I got I find a way to get we want a piece of her pizza you get cash back on to apps that didn't know had on there and check that video out download all these links below the video acorns you know acorns get money back your account by buying stuff get the dogs out you don't say get the dogs out go ahead and get it and you cash back on restaurants by link below get the get up side gas app you just get your gas receipt you get cash back within four hours get couple dollars back over time adds up that link below the video as well my name is Tyler asking comm help you save money make more money hide the whole money and I'll see you next time

HOW TO SAVE MONEY | Frugal Living Tips

**HOW TO SAVE MONEY | Frugal Living Tips**



View Time:15:22Minutes



Hey Guys! I hope you enjoy this video about how to save money and how to be frugal! I love saving money. I think it’s really important to educate the importance of how to save money. Let me know if you have any money saving tips to add to my list. Comment down below! ❤️

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welcome back to my channel today I'm going to be doing a video all about frugal living tips I don't know about you but I love to save money so I'm just going to share my frugal living tips I am NOT in Middle s by any means but I do like to be wise with my money and not overspend on stuff if I don't have to so these are all the tips that I have accumulated throughout the years and I hope you find them helpful okay so first things first is you're probably wondering where my glasses are from and this actually does tie in with frugal living these glasses were sent to me by tij and I wear this video isn't sponsored or anything they just were kind enough to send me these glasses and they are prescription strength and I think that they are really really nice so that's the other thing if you are trying to save money or your glasses online seriously it really does save a lot of money so many people go to the optometrist and man it gets expensive going to the otama triste oh my gosh so if you're ordering your glasses online through sites like tij and eyewear you will save money because you're cutting out the middleman essentially so yeah I love these glasses I think they are super super cute and I just kind of wanted to give them a shout-out in this video like I said this video isn't sponsored but they were kind enough to send me the glasses so I just figured I would throw this tip in there because it is a pretty good tip I think okay so number two is nails this especially goes for you females out there I know that a lot of you like to go to the nail salon and get your nails done which I know is very nice it's nice to have your nails done but it's very very expensive and I just find that I can do my own nails at home and I feel like they look just as good I actually did my own nails and as you can see I think that they look really really nice these are my real nails I just grow them out and then I paint them and it's super cheap and I'm not going to the nail salon and spending like hundreds of dollars I mean if you think about it if you're going to the nail salon like I don't know like two or three times a month that really adds up so just keep that in mind okay so number three is to stop grocery shopping at the most expensive grocery stores I guess it depends on your area but I know for me like if I'm shopping at like a giant eagle tops you know stores like that you know the I know out west like there's like Safeway those grocery stores are very very expensive and there's so many other grocery stores that offer really good food at a much cheaper price so I really like to shop at all do you so if you have an Aldi near you definitely take advantage of that Aldi has really stepped up their game over the past few years and they're just much cheaper for me and my husband I go shopping for us once a week and I spend $80 so if you guys want to see a video on what I buy and what healthy meals I buy all $80 and under please let me know because I would love to do a video on that but yeah stop shopping at these really expensive grocery stores okay so the next tip that I want to talk about is gambling now we all know like of course like don't gamble but I think a lot of people don't realize like you know they go to the grocery store or the gas station and they pick up their scratch-off ticket and they think like oh it's only dollars only five dollars and I don't do it often it's like well you know if you're doing that a few times a week it kind of adds up but especially if you're not winning you know I just don't gamble like I'll admit like every now and then like maybe like once every month I'll buy like a dollar scratch to get and I don't win and then I'm pissed that I lost my dollar so yeah stop buying like scratch off tickets and gambling it's stupid you're not gonna win I mean you might eat but more often than not like you're not gonna win okay so number five I want to talk about gym memberships so many people have a gym membership I know I have had a gym membership and gym memberships are expensive like holy crap they're so expensive and it's like for what because you can just workout at home I swear by working out at home I mean you're watching this video right now on youtube you obviously have access to YouTube there's loads of free workout videos on YouTube all you have to do is get yourself a nice set of dumbbells maybe some resistance bands ankle weights and you're good to go you don't need a gym membership and if you feel like you really like your gym membership fine keep it but if you feel like you could get away with working out at home definitely do it because it saves a lot of money okay so number six is coffee I know that all of us when we're out about before work or anywhere we're all stopping at Starbucks Tim Hortons Dunkin Donuts and we're picking up our coffees day in and day out and this seems like a pretty common tip but it's really really true start making your coffee at home gosh coffee is expensive whenever you buy it out like you buy a coffee like a medium sized coffee and it's like two dollars and it's it's like why like cuz I can buy a giant canister of coffee for like five dollars and it last me for like two weeks straight and I'm not spending a bunch of money every day you know so stop buying coffee whenever you go out if you can and then the next one I want to talk about is alcohol alcohol is very expensive I know that a lot of you out there like to have your drinks but I can say if you are drinking on a daily basis like if you're coming home every night and you're cracking open a beer or whatever drinks you like any of that that stuff's expensive so if you can limit it to like the weekends only try to do that it's just it's so expensive like especially wine oh my gosh especially if you want to buy like decent quality alcohol – that's not going to make you feel like crap definitely living your alcohol consumption not only is it good for you but it's also good for your wallet okay so the next one I want to talk about is bottle of water a lot of us we live in areas where we don't like our water that comes out of our our tap and we buy bottled water but bottle of water if you think about it it really really adds up especially if you're someone who drinks a lot of water I know that me and my husband drink a lot of water and it's just crazy to be buying water constantly so instead you should invest in a water filter and you can either buy like the really nice Brita or pure water pitchers and it filters your water for you or you could hook something on to your sink and that really really will save money in the long run because bottled water really really adds up and it's just crazy and plus then you're set you're cutting down on your classic use and stuff and it's just kind of like a win-win all around okay so the next tip that I want to talk about is cooking at home so many of us are always you know eating out and it really really adds up so I know this sounds like common sense but really cook at home it really really makes a difference there are so many easy things that you can do because that's the thing was eating out like people do it out of convenience but invest in a crock-pot get a nice crock-pot you literally just dump the ingredients and leave like you can put it all in before you go to work or school in the morning and then you come home and dinner is ready and you didn't even have to cook and it saves you money and it's healthier okay so the next one I want to talk about is getting rid of your cable bill and I feel a lot of people have done this already but we all know like a lot of us are just on the internet now and we are really into like Netflix and Hulu and YouTube and it's like why even have cable anymore do you know what I mean so definitely get rid of your cable bill cable is so expensive I know my father still has capable and he pays something insanely it's like 95 dollars a month and he only watches like like three channels you don't I mean so it's it's such a waste of money when you have the Internet at the push of a button you know and personally I like Netflix better Hulu YouTube all of that it's so much better and cable I feel like 98% of it is commercials so stop paying for that it's such a waste of money okay so the next one I want to talk about is thrifting over buying something brand new now I know that a lot of us do like to buy a lot of things brand new I mean I know I do but if I can I do like to check out the thrift stores for you know like winter sweaters and stuff like that because sweaters are really really expensive I know that I just want thrifty a few weeks ago and I got two sweaters really really beautiful sweaters two of them for five dollars so they were 250 apiece now if I would have went to the mall and bought two sweaters that could have easily ran me about I don't know 60 $70 if not more so definitely keep that in mind thrift stores are the way to go there's a lot of hidden gems there I definitely want to do like more thrift with me vlogs and stuff because I feel like people don't realize like you can find so many great things at the thrift store for a fraction of the cost of what you spend at the mall okay so the next one I want to talk about is building your own furniture now of course not all of us have the skills for this I mean I know I don't but if you have like a husband who was like really handy I know my husband is very good with stuff like that he actually built me my own kitchen island because we needed more kitchen space so he built me one and it was so much cheaper than buying a brand-new one so you know there's so many tutorials on YouTube of how to pretty much build any type of piece of furniture whether you want to build a kitchen island or a coffee table or you know a desk anything like that sometimes it's a lot cheaper to build it yourself and that way it's like completely yours like nobody has the same one as you because it's you know you customized it so I think that's really cool too and you need to save money okay so the next one is cosmetics now obviously like my channel is very Beauty based I love makeup I love skincare all of that but so many of us think that we have to go to stores like Sephora and you know all the expensive Macy's counters you know like Lancome and Estee Lauder and Clinique all of those brands that's expensive and what's up why why are we spending so much money on cosmetics the drugstore has lots of amazing prep makeup products and skincare as well I feel like we don't have to spend as much on makeup in skincare as we think I love drugstore makeup it's pretty much all that I own and I just I like how it saves me money and I not spending copious amounts of money on makeup like foundations at like Sephora and stuff they can run you like fifty dollars at forty fifty dollars for a bottle of foundation but then you can turn around and go to like Target and buy a really nice bottle of foundation for like twelve thirteen dollars you don't I mean so it's like I I mean I I mean I guess I understand like if you are a big makeup enthusiast and you want to try everything that's out there but if you're trying to save money definitely cut back on high makeup and skincare okay so then the last one that I want to talk about is impulse buying I think so many times you know we got shopping with our friends or family and we just kind of just buy do you don't I mean it's like you really like back up and stop and think like hmm like do I really need this like is it something that I really need like I understand like we do like to shop because we just want stuff I mean we live in the age of consumerism but sometimes we really need to scale back and see if it's something that we like actually need or if your think about making a big purchase online or something you know just add it to your cart walk away for a few days you don't have to purchase it that day and if you still really really want it in a few days then buy it but you know we need to stop impulse buying because it really really adds up and also to like you never know you could find better deals you know so if they say you're shopping for like an area rug or something and you come across one out of store you'll go I love it I'm gonna buy it right now it's like well I don't know like maybe you should go online see if you can find like the same rug or a similar rug for a much cheaper price you know I mean so yeah impulse buying really really adds up so yeah those were all my frugal living tips I hope that you guys found this video helpful I know I really like to save money especially in this day and age I feel like everything is so expensive it's tough out there you know cost of living is high so yeah I hope you guys found these tips helpful and if you did please give this video a thumbs up and if you are not subscribed make sure that you are so you don't miss my next upload and until then I will guys in my next video you

How To Save A LOT Of Money In College

**How To Save A LOT Of Money In College**



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Here are the best ways to save money in college, and some money saving tips that you could use while getting your degree – enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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As we all know, every college is going to be a different experience, with a different focus…and a different cost. Just look at the numbers…the average price for a private, 4-year college is nearly 3.5x HIGHER than that of a 4-year in state school.

But maybe, at this point you’re thinking…well, if I go to an Ivy League school and pay a little more money…THAT would make a difference, and THAT would be worth it….and if you think that way…well, statistically speaking….you’re wrong.

Two studies were completed in 1999 and again in 2011 which followed the academic pursuits and income of both Ivy League graduates, and non Ivy-League graduates…and their findings were rather surprising.

This finding suggests that it’s the individual attributes among the students that mattered the most, NOT the college they graduated from…and not from the “social networking capital” of those prestigious schools. So, no…the type of college you go to will not make a difference in how much money you end up making.


Price wise…the average annual cost of attending community college is just over $3300 per year…that’s pretty much 1/3rd the cost of attending a 4-year state school, and 1/10th the cost of attending a private university. That is a MASSIVE savings, right off the bat, for getting those first 2 years completed and out of the way.

Here’s what I mean…as a college student, chances are, you don’t have an abundance of money…BUT, you do have your time to use, instead…and one could argue that’s the greatest capital of all.

It was found that from 2017-2018, students spent an average of $10,800 per year for room and board at public 4-year institutions, and that amount jumps to over $12,200 for private, 4 year colleges and universities.

For those reasons, if you’re looking to cut down on these costs significantly…it might be worth it, first, to potentially live at home with your family a little longer. Or you could also look into living OFF CAMPUS, which could still be significantly cheaper than living in the dorms or on campus.

To start, the college board found that the average cost of textbooks from 2018-2019 was almost $1300…which, is insane.

First, try searching google for a free PDF of your book. All you need to do is type in [title of book] filetype:pdf and it should bring up any applicable search results for what you’re looking for.

Secondly, if you can’t find it there – try Amazon or Chegg. They’re both amazing resources where you can rent or purchase textbooks at a MUCH cheaper rate than what your college might charge.

Third, try talking with your professor to see if the book is actually required…I’ve been told that sometimes just waiting a week before buying anything could save you a LOT of money, because oftentimes the books won’t even be used or referenced for the entire class.

And fourth, talk with your fellow students and see if you can work together to split the cost of the book, or share resources.

This is essentially the practice in which you open up a credit card with a great sign up bonus, meet the minimum spending requirements, you get the points, and then you can repeat this with other credit cards, as well. And while you’re in college, this is generally the perfect time to do this, because the temporary hit to your credit score won’t really matter in the short term – and long term, you’ll be diversifying your credit history and further strengthening your score.

For business or one-on-one real estate investing/real estate agent consulting inquiries, you can reach me at [email protected]
what's up guys it's Graham here so I took a look at my YouTube analytics the other day and it turns out that a very large percentage of my audience nearly 80% is between the ages of 18 and 35 years old and I know from that a big part of the demographic is either currently going to college or is thinking about going to college in fact a study found that 40% of working millennials had a college degree and that was higher than pretty much any other generation but do you know what else is higher than any other generation and no it's not Snoop Dog it is student loan debt and yeah it's pretty scary it was found that in 2018 69 percent of college graduates took out student loans with an average debt of 29 thousand eight hundred dollars and with only half of millennial college graduates believing that the lifetime value of a college degree is actually worth the cost it's not surprising why we should be talking about ways to bring the cost down and save as much money of that as possible because here's the reality even though college might not be for everyone and the cost of getting a degree is skyrocketing through the roof that doesn't mean that it necessarily has to be as expensive as you think there are ways to save money on getting a degree if you're simply willing to follow the steps here in this video so let's talk about the best ways to save money in college and whether you're currently going or wanting to go in the near future I guarantee that this video will apply to you and just watching it into the very end could end up saving you a lot of money in your future like seriously just watching a 12 minute YouTube video could end up saving you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in the future as long as you just make it to the end and make sure to turn that like button blue for the YouTube algorithm so with that said let's get into the video now the first way to save money on your college degree is by choosing your school very wisely as we all know every college is going to be a different experience with a different focus and a different cost just go and look at the numbers because the average price for a private four-year college is nearly three and a half times higher than that of a four-year in state school and if you're wondering why that is then here's your answer public state schools are funded by the tax dollars of the state which then goes and subsidizes the cost of tuition and this is also why tuition costs are a lot cheaper for in-state students than it is for out-of-state students private schools on the other hand are not publicly funded by the government and rely on donors and private individuals to pay for it hence the cost isn't subsidized and you have to foot the bill for that not the taxpayers and even then the true cost of getting a college degree doesn't end there there might be additional costs associated with living and moving expenses and also higher cost of living depending on the area and other extracurricular activities like beer pong but maybe now you're thinking well if I go to an Ivy League school and spend a little bit more money that would make a difference and that's gonna be worth the extra cost but if you think this way then statistically speaking you're wrong see two studies were completed in 1999 and again in 2011 which followed the academic pursuits and income above Ivy League graduates and non Ivy League graduates and their findings honestly were pretty surprising now here was the study they track the earnings and students of those from Ivy League schools or schools of similar caliber and then they track the earnings of those who were admitted to those schools but instead chose to go to a less prestigious school now if the Ivy League degree really mattered then that should be evident in the salaries after graduation but what was actually found was that the Ivy League degree made no difference whatsoever in the salaries of its graduates versus the salaries of non graduates but who were still admitted the finding really just suggests that it's the individual attributes of the student that really matter the most and not which place they got their degree from and also not from the social networking capital of going to an Ivy League school so given all of that it's really important that you focus instead on the type of education you want and the experience that you want not necessarily going to the most expensive school because you feel like that's gonna be your best chance at making a lot of money the second way you could end up saving a lot of money in college is by attending a two-year Community College first this is one of those choices I feel like is so underrated and so underappreciated and I'm so surprised that more people aren't going this route because it just makes so much sense no price why is the cost of attending a two-year Community College is really just over 3,300 dollars a year that's one third of the cost of attending a four-year state school and one tenth of the cost of attending a private university that's a massive savings right off the bat just forgetting the first two years of your college degree out of the way here's why this just makes sense the first two years of your college experience is really just going to be general education classes anyway English science history math smashing the like button 100 yada yada yada so really given that there's not much difference of information between schools in the first two years you may as well just save the extra money and spend a little bit less by going to a community college and that way you have the money saved and can spend more money where does matter in terms of learning the information that's going to be pertinent to your future not only that but I personally believe that for most people picking a college degree and picking a major and picking a potentially lifelong career at 18 years old right out of high school is just irresponsible at a young age it's almost impossible to predict what you want to do with your life and if you go to college what major you want to study chances are things are gonna change adapt and evolve over time so there's really no sense tying yourself down to a specific school early on if things change and you want to just attend somewhere else a community college on the other hand will give you those extra two years just to get the general education classes out of the way so by the time you have a more well-rounded view of your career path you'll be able to better pick a school that is better suited to your own needs and goals in addition to that community colleges also tend to offer you a more flexible schedule including night classes and online classes which means you're gonna have more time left over to gain more work experience to save more money to watch more YouTube videos and to smash more like buttons and finally it was found the community college graduates who later transfer to a four-year university are more likely to graduate than those who are admitted from high school or those who transferred from other four-year universities so this all boats really well for going to a community college first not only in terms of cost but also in terms of being able to work while still going to school and also later transferring and graduating from a four-year university number three while you're actually in college no matter where you attend I think it's really important that you use what you have and that's by spending your time and not your money no here's what I mean as a college student chances are you don't have an abundance of money just pouring from the sky but you do have your time to use instead and one could argue that as the greatest capital to use like instead of spending your money going out to eat spend your time to cook food at home or instead of spending your money on a car spend a little bit more time walking biking or taking public transportation to get to where you want to go instead of spending money on textbooks spend your time sharing those textbooks with classmates instead or instead of going out on weekends and spending a lot of money spend your time putting something together at home instead you get the idea and call it you could absolutely choose to invest your time wisely and save the money you do have and otherwise get the same experience for a fraction of the cost even if that means using your time to find and apply for more scholarships which could also bring down the cost of your schooling really begin to see your time as having value and begin using it now go and cook food and bulk at home you'll invest in time upfront but you're gonna have cheap healthy food to eat throughout the entire week go and look through all the free activities your college has to offer preferably with the ones with not free food by the way and then go attend you could end up getting a lot of great networking and meet some great connections all without spending any money and also of course getting some free food so I really believe right now time is the greatest resource that you have and it's so important you see your time as having just as much value as having money because it is so forth another huge component of the cost of college isn't the cost of education itself but also the cost of your living situation and moving off campus could prove to save you a lot of money it was found that from 2017 to 2018 students spent an average of ten thousand eight hundred dollars per year for room and board at public four-year institutions and that amount jumps to over twelve thousand two hundred dollars for private four-year colleges and universities that's almost a thousand dollars a month that just goes to housing not including the cost of tuition books transportation food and everything else that goes along with that so you could see how these all add up very quickly and get very expensive for those reasons if you're looking to cut down on these costs dramatically then it might be worth it at first to potentially live at home with your family just a little bit longer sure it might not be as glamorous as being able to live on the college campus but if you're going to live at home with your family for the sake of saving money now is the time to probably still do it while it's still socially acceptable even from my own personal perspective I've seen a lot of my friends live at home during and even after college and those few years of being able to live at home and save all that money could set them up dramatically in terms of their financial future like seriously just being able to save twenty thousand dollars by the time you graduate college just by living at home is potentially worth about two hundred and sixty one thousand by the age of sixty if you invest that money at a 7% return and to me I would much rather have an extra two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in retirements than I would living on campus for an extra two years but you know what that's just that's just me but anyway if living at home is not an option for you then it might be worth it to look into living off-campus which could still be significantly cheaper than living on campus or living in the dorms or you could look at the living with roommates and instead of spending a thousand dollars a month for a bed in a dorm you could spend five hundred dollars a room for a four bedroom house and cut down in your costs by like 50% and you could still get the same college experience as though you're living in the dorms except you could get that for 50% less and fifth as we all know college would not be college without ridiculously high textbook costs and that means there's another way to save money to start the College Board found that the average cost of textbooks from 2018 to 2019 was almost 1300 dollars which is insane now some colleges know that students will do whatever it takes to save money on textbooks so to get their money they've implemented online codes into their books to ensure that each student has to buy their own copy for really no other reason than that they want to make a lot of money and that they're evil but for those that don't have online codes then here are some ways that you could cut down and save a little bit of money first try searching Google for a free pdf of your book all you got to do is type in the title of the book you're looking for with file type PDF at the very back and that should bring up any applicable search results with what you're looking for surprisingly this is also how you could get many books entirely for free not just textbooks so if there's a book that you've been planning to read and you just haven't gotten around to buying it yet then go and search Google for it and it might already be up there now secondly if you can't find it on Google then you might also want to try Amazon or check they're both really good resources in which you could buy or rent your textbooks for much cheaper than what the university might be charging you and as we all know if you purchase an online book of something it'll be searchable so you can go and find keywords much faster than by using a physical textbook the third talk with your professor and see if the book is actually required to have for the class I've been told that waiting a week before buying any textbooks could end up saving you a lot of money because often times the book is not even required or used in the class at all ratemyprofessor.com might be another great resource to use to look up the past experiences of others students before you and forth talk with other students to see if you might be able to share the cost of textbooks or be able to work out an agreement where you guys lend each other some materials or if you already found a PDF of the book online go and share that if you already have the textbook go and share that with someone else I really believe that everyone should help each other out and give as much as they receive in return this type of collaboration could end up saving you a lot of money and you could also make some great friends and connections in the process no six I might get some hate on this one but I believe if you're financially responsible and you have some self-control and you're gonna be paying for college anyway then you may as well just get credit card signup bonuses so that that way you can redeem those for free travel rewards and perks for otherwise something you wouldn't get anything for well obviously you should never do this if you don't know how to properly handle a credit card and you just see it as getting free money because you could afford to make the minimum monthly payment but for everyone else getting credit card points could be a very easy way to get free travel free perks and free rewards for money you would just be spending anyway this is pretty much just the practice of opening up a credit card with a great sign up bonus meeting the minimum spending requirements you get the points and then you could repeat this with other credit cards and doing this while you're in college is really a perfect time to do this because the temporary hit to your credit score isn't really going to matter anyway unless of course you're in the process of buying a house or getting an auto loan but long-term doing all of this is going to further diversify your credit history and further strengthen your score for instance right now you can find a link to get the American Express gold card which will give you 50,000 points when you spend two thousand dollars in the first three months that means that if you put all your textbook cost and college costs on the credit card you would be able to redeem those fifty thousand points for two free round-trip plane tickets anywhere in North America when you redeem that through Aeroplan same thing also applies with a variety of other credit cards out there I'm just gonna link to a few down below in the description of course I have to warn you you must use your credit responsibly and this is not for the person who just spends money on a whim without even thinking about it you must only spend money that you could afford to pay off immediately in cash and you have to treat the credit card as though it's an extension of your bank account but if you can do it all responsibly then you may as well just rack up a ton of free travel and free perks and free bonuses for money you would just be spending anyway and lastly let me just say if at all possible try to avoid taking out any student loans even if it means going to a two-year Community College while living at home and then transferring to a four-year state school and living with roommates just not having the burden student loans by the time you graduate will be worth a tremendous amount of money in the future not only will you have more cash flow leftover to save and invest once you graduate but you're gonna be decades ahead of the other person who graduates with thirty thousand dollars in student loan debt and pays five percent in interest payments until the entire thing is paid off your choices right now about college will easily impact the next decade of your life so if you're thinking about going to college really consider all the ways that you could save money and which colleges are going to be the best value for the time that you spend so with that said you guys thank you so much for watching I really appreciate it as always if you guys enjoy my videos like this make sure to subscribe also feel free to add me on Instagram I post there pretty much daily so if you want to be a part of it there feel free to add me there also make sure to add me on my second channel it is called the gram steppin show I post there every single day that I'm not posting on this channel here so that means if you want to see a brand new video from me every single day feel free to add me on that channel as well and then one little tidbit for those 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