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Quartz Clock Travel Mechanism Repair How To Save Money

**Quartz Clock Travel Mechanism Repair How To Save Money**



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Quartz Clock Travel Mechanism Repair How To Save Money

This video is about Repairing Quartz Travel Clock. These are pretty robust items but can be dismantled and put back together easily enough. You just have to be patient and careful opening it up and they are quite brittle.

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hi there this is fixed it I'm not soon repaired one o'clock then somebody is asking me to repair another it's a simple affair but as you can see all the hands and everything they've gone and I need to do is Omni up and kick that it works so I've taken the back off and the reason for this is that the plastic screen at the front the clock must be fixed inside which indeed it is so what I need to do is to gently prise off the front perspex panel and then I can get at the hands that are inside in order to help me get this out of the clock I'm going to use one of these suction devices so I can just put that on the front and in fact prise the whole thing off I didn't even have to do anything with the back it just came away so there we go the glasses off and now I can get access to the hands refit in the hands is pretty straightforward first things first just tip them out on the bench and here's the clock and you can see the clock actually has a notch on it so that goes in one side locks in place right nicely now what I do is I take the one with the largest ring associated with it and I just place that on there and trying to line it with the number 12 as best I can and just gently push it down until it clicks nicely into place the next thing is to take the one with the next larger hole make sure it's the right way around so that's the back side turn over again try and line it up roughly if it's well to start with and click that down into place now for the next hand again checking that you could eat the right way around and again lined up for 12 and then finally the second hand that's all the hands-on so the next thing I need to do is to test it now 1729 so lb 1730 long 5:30 p.m. what I'll do is I'll wait till the second hand just gets up to 12 and then I'll nudge the mini hand back just slightly I'll just leave it for a few minutes to make sure that all the hands are working not just the second hand everything seems to be working the hands are moving properly I can put the front glass back onto the clock and peel off my suction pad and turn the clock over take off the power lever put the main backpack on I'm sure it's clicked in the power lever back in and there we have it the clock didn't come with a back cover somebody must have that somewhere else but as you can see the clock is now working and everything's great have you found this video useful you've got one of these turbo clocks and if you do please give the video the thumbs up and consider leaving comments and sharing it with others thanks for watching this has been fixed it bye you

4chan /biz/’s Top 10 How To Save Money Tips

**4chan /biz/’s Top 10 How To Save Money Tips**



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Courtesy of 4chan /biz/, these are the top methods on how to save money. If you want to cut expenses in an extreme way, check out this tutorial on how to drastically reduce the amount of money you spend.

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Taken from frugal living threads on /biz/, I will show you the top 10 ways you can stop wasting money today. You need to save money for the future in order to have a baller funeral, and if you are serious about saving money this step-by-step “How to” guide will show you how to save money. 4chan /biz/ is the best place on the internet to learn ridiculous penny pinching methods and frugal living practices. Saving money is only one third of the money equation, and that is what is being covered in this video. You also need to generate income, but we’ll save that for the next one. If you are sick and tired of not saving enough money, follow each of these top 10 methods and you will be on your way to financial freedom! You can use these frugal tips to save money for a wedding, save money for college, or save money for retirement. Enact each of these steps into yourself, follow the money saving program and you will be wealthy in knowable and in cash! Tip #1 reveals the way to get the most out of investing in stocks. Tip #2 will show you how to save money on food! Nobody wants to waste money on free things like water and food. I will show you how to get your food for free to save money. Kids are expensive, so how do you save money while raising kids? Tip #3 will show you how to cut down on your children’s economic impact. Tip #4 will show you how to save money on your housing costs. Stop wasting your money on expensive mortgages just to impress dumb people. You can save money and have a comfortable life. Tip #5 is going to show business owners how to cut costs. What if I told you you can save 25% on your labor? Business owners can cut their expenses and save money with this one easy trick. I will also show you how to get free flowers! Tip #6 shows you how to use freebies while being romantic. Tip #7 teaches you to stop wasting money on vacations. You can save money on expensive vacations while still showing off on social media. For tip #8 I show you one simple money saving hack to save money on electricity. Stop wasting money on carpeting! Tip #9 shows you how to cut your carpet costs by 99%. You can even do it for free. Tip #10 is all about saving those precious electrons in your car battery. Don’t hemorrhage money while you are in your car. Instead, save money with this tip.
You're probably wondering how I got myself
in this situation. Let's start from the beginning. Do you want to save money? Here's 4chan /biz/'s top "how to save money" tips. The number 1 tip I have to give you is: Make
your money disappear. Take all the money from your bank account
and put it in your stock brokerage. You can't spend money if you don't have money. Choose a really long and confusing password
like this. Forget the answers to your security questions. Lock yourself out of the account and you can't
possibly spend money. Alright, here's my #2 tip. You're five biggest expenses in life are gonna
be the 5 C's. Cassa. College. Car. Kids. And food. Food is free. You don't need to spend a single cent on food,
and I'm gonna show you how. Before you eat food, drink a whole bunch of
water and you'll be less hungry. You never need to pay for water. Just take some water from a free water fountain. Fill up your jug, you're good. For eating, you can go to your local church
and get free food. Just tell them that you make less than $12,000
a year and they will give you free food. Church will probably not give enough food
to survive. So, you can go to fast food places and get
free condiments to supplement your nutrition. Look, I'm at Starbucks right now and we got
free mocha, free chocolate, free cinnamon, free vanilla, and we got free sugar right
here. That's important calories right there. If you start feeling light-headed, have an
ice cube. Or a ketchup packet. If you want to splurge, and go out to a restaurant
or fast food place, you still don't have to pay for the meal. Here's what you do: you go on tinder, or you
go on Plenty of Fish, or on /soc/. And you know, you make a date with some desperate
girl. You go, you eat your food, you eat like a
king, and then you make her pay for the date. If she gives you crap for not paying for the
date just be like "oh my god, I'm sorry I didn't bring my card, can you pay for this
one and I'll pay for the next one?" And that's how you get free food from any
restaurant you want. Kids are one of the top 5 expenses of your
life, and you can cut them out completely by not having kids at all. But, if you simply must, unavoidably have
to have kids, here's what you do. Make them go door to door selling products
like cheap popcorn that you buy from the store, or subscriptions to magazines, or anything. And with this method you can even profit from
your kids, it can even be profitable to have kids. You can even have the pyramid scheme of families. Have your kids have kids, and have their kids
have kids, and have all of them go door to door and get a percentage of the revenue from
all of them. And just be at the top of the pyramid of your
own family infinite money chain. These things come in handy all the time. If you're a business owner, I'm gonna show
you how to save 25% on your labor costs. People say that women only make 75 cents to
every dollar that a man makes. If that's true, you'd have to be absolutely
insane to hire a man. Go with the cheap labor, hire a woman. Anniversary? Here's how to get free flowers when you're
feeling romantic. Look, this guy doesn't look that important. Here's how to go on expensive vacations for
a fraction of the cost. So first thing you're gonna do is take some
3D glasses and push out the lenses on them. Next you're gonna print off an image of the
vacation of your choice. You can use color or black & white. I'm using black & white to save money. And you just tape these on the inside of the
glasses just like this. And it's as simple as that. Now you can bring these glasses wherever you
go and you can have a vacation wherever. Whether you're watching a stupid movie with
your stupid friends, or waiting in line at the social security office. You can even post about your vacation on Instagram
like this: take your glasses, flip them the other way, hold them up to the camera. I posted this picture on Facebook and I already
got 7 likes! To cut down on your electricity bill, turn
off your doorbell before you leave the house. Don't waste thousands of dollars carpeting
your house. Take two squares of carpet. And you tape them to your feet like this. Look at that, and you're all ready to go. This is what being smart looks like. Save electricity by driving without your headlights





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HOW TO SAVE MONEY ON A TRIP // The best advices from a professional on a budget traveller on how to save money on transportation, accommodation, food and attractions.

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Christmassy layover in Vienna
part I
part II
One day layover in Lisbon

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I travel the world. Full time. And I’m definitely not rich. How can I afford to travel constantly then? The main factor is that I’m very good at
saving money. So open your ears and listen till the end
of this video because I’m going to give you my best advices. Hello everyone I’m Mary Jane. In this channel I show you how I travel full
time and I explain you how I can afford it. Consider subscribing if you’re interested
because I just started publishing an entire serie of videos about the topic. In every trip there are 4 main categories
of expenses. Transportation, accommodation, food and attractions. I’m going to tell you how to save lots of
money in each one of them. If you’re travelling quite far from home,
the transportation is obviously going to be a big part of your budget. But there are several ways to lower this cost. Very often, if this is a viable option, travelling
overland instead of flying is a great way to cut the costs and sometimes it doesn’t
even come to a bigger consume of time. I gave you already all the details about how
to find cheap overland transportation in Europe and in North America in a video that I’m
going to link in the description. When it comes to flights, the price for a
same route usually varies very significantly and the main factors that you can play with
to get the cheapest option are: flexible dates
type of companies layovers. There are always those 2 days a month where
the flight to the place you want to go is half price compared to the average of the
month. If you can be flexible with the dates, that’s
a huge saving advantage. Not all companies offer the same standard
of quality in the service. The higher quality companies, like the national
ones for example, will offer very comfortable and secure experiences. If you want to save you’re going to choose
cheaper companies but you have to be aware that there may going to be delays, the seats
are going to be uncomfortable, zero leg space, your hand luggage may end up in the hold of
the airplane, no free snacks and so on. Extra tip for whom is going to travel for
at least a couple of weeks: usually flights with a layover or even better with multiple
layovers are going to be cheaper. Now layovers add stress to a trip if what
you’re interested in is only the destination of your trip. But if you are a bit more adventurous and
you think like I do that the journey is part of the trip, I suggest you to follow my example:
if I have to get a flight with layover for budget reasons, I’m going to find one that
has a very long layover during the day. You know why? Because instead of being a waste of time at
a random airport, it’s going to be an extra little trip to another city, that I’m going
to get for free! I did it a few times already and it has given
me awesome experiences! I vlogged 2 of these layovers, if you want
to watch how I managed the logistics, the luggage, the transportation and the city tour,
you’ll find the links to the vlogs in the description. Anyway I’m going to make a video entirely
dedicated to how I book cheap flights in the future and I’m going to put the link up
here in the cards. In my opinion accommodation is the number
1 factor that can determine the total cost of a trip. Let’s say you are going to spend 6 nights
in an average hotel. Now it’s hard to determine what’s the
average price for a room in a hotel but let’s say you go to Milan: for a decent room you’re
going to pay 70 euros. It’s 420 euros for the trip that go entirely
into accommodation. That’s a lot of money. In most of the cases, that’s more than what
you pay for the two flights. On the other side, there are multiple ways
to cut the cost of accommodation to zero. You’ve heard correct, I said ZERO. Plus, there are multiple options between these
two extremes. First of all, instead of booking a sterile
hotel room, book an Airbnb. I love Airbnb. It certainly has many negative sides, I’m
not ignoring them. But the convenience that it brings is incredible. With Airbnb you can also decide to book not
only a room, but an entire apartment with kitchen and washing machine. If you’re in a big city, it allows you to
save a lot. If you’re travelling to a small town, usually
Airbnb allows you to meet the local hosts, who will humanly welcome you in that foreign
place and who will give you the best tips about the area. Hostels are very well know among young broke
travellers so I’m not going to talk about the convenience of booking a single bed in
a 15 beds room for 12 euros. But not many people know that many hostels
have very nice private rooms too, that can be cheaper than regular hotels.. So if you’re a young couple who want a bit
of privacy without having to spend a lot for example, you can go to Hostelworld.com and
select double room in the filters. The cheapest option of all is to get hosted
by locals for free through one of the hospitality websites available. My favorite and the one I use ALL THE TIME
is Couchsurfing. I became quite an expert about the platform
so I started making informational videos about it. To know what it is and how it works watch
this short introductory video on the corner. To know how to use it and how to get started,
and for more advanced tips go check out the playlist that I’m going to link below. It’s packed with golden advices I promise. Other programs or platforms that I’ve heard
of although I’ve never tried them are BeWelcome and Servas. If you are a full time traveller or a student
or you can travel for longer periods of time (I’d say 10 days minimum) there are other
interesting options for you to save on accommodation. I’m talking about those hospitality options
where you work in exchange for a bed and food. So they come with a cost, but to in terms
of money. Workaway is one of these. I’ve successfully used it a couple of times
and although I don’t like many technical aspects of the website, I must say that the
idea works pretty well. The biggest advantages in my opinion are 1)
that you can stay in one place for longer periods of time, because you’re actually
giving something back which is your time and work, and 2) you usually get free meals. A similar concept is what inspired the project
WWOOF, World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, where you do the same thing but you
are working in an organic farm and you are connected to the national WWOOF of that specific
country. Although these two options are free, I have
to warn you that there is an annual fee to pay to use the platforms. As much as there is a fee if you want to subscribe
to one of the housesitting websites available. Housesitting is a free service that people
use to get a traveller to take care of their house, plants and pets while they go on vacation. And that traveller can be you. Another option is to swap house with another
person who wants to travel to your country and stay in your house while you are staying
at their place. There are websites specific for house swaps. Last free accommodation option is to simply
go visit relatives and friends. I’m sure everyone of you have friends who
live in other countries or relatives who emigrated abroad. Just go visit them when they offer and you’ll
get free accommodation and a free local guide too. Food and drinks are going to be our next cost. Usually when we travel we take in account
to eat out 2 or 3 times a day every day of our trip, right? Well my very simple but effective advice is
simply to take example from locals: why do you have to spend on food more than what you
spend at home? Because usually people go on vacation into
hotels and hotel rooms don’t have a kitchen! If you follow my advices on cheap accommodation
you’ll get either free food or a place where a kitchen is available. You’re still going to eat out a few times
because you probably want to taste the local food and so on, but you don’t have to do
it for every meal every single day. For drinks, sure one option is bring your
own thermos for coffee and hot tea. But also, if we talk about entertaining drinks,
meaning that you want to get a couple of beers of cocktails in the evening, my advice to
get drinks cheaper is to do some research in advance. Google or YouTube
are going to be your best friends, but you can also ask directly to locals. When it comes to attractions like museums,
shows, games, bars and so on, there are of course many ways to save but they vary depending
on the specific thing. What I can suggest you in general is this:
don’t feel obligated to do something just because that’s part of the traditional way
of visiting that place. For example. If you go to Paris, you don’t have to visit
the Louvre because it’s the main attraction of the city. If you go to Sydney you don’t have to visit
the Opera House, if you go to Rome you don’t have to go to the Vatican Museums. As I already said in another video, I’ve
been to New York so many times and I’ve never been on the Empire State Building. I know it’s difficult cause we’re very
much biased to visit specific sightseeings if we are in a certain place. But not everyone is interested in the same
things and sometimes it doesn’t make sense to do something only because it’s a famous
sightseeing. There’s no need to say that the most famous
attractions are usually the most expensive ones. If you’re not so much into art or religion
or estetical beauty, instead of spending the entire day to visit the Vatican Museums, just
go to a less famous neighborhood in Rome, stroll around and eat the most delicious food
in some local restaurant. You’ll certainly have more fun and save
some money comparing to paying for the museum ticket, the umbrella from the vendor while
you’re waiting in line under the sun, the overpriced bottles of water and the shitty
touristic also extremely overpriced restaurant that you’re going to go to because you’re
starving and exhausted after the visit and you don’t have the energy to go find something
better. Understand what you really want, what are
your preferences and what is worth paying for and what is probably skippable for some
free activity instead. Yeah guys I told you that saving money is
the one thing I’m most expert on. This video could go on and on but I tried
to synthetize as much as I could. I would probably make a video only about how
to save on accommodation because the tips I gave you here are only the tip of the iceberg. So if you’re interested please subscribe
and click on the bell for notifications!! Also if you found the video valuable, share
it with your friends that are about to go on vacation or to your traveller friends. I’ll see you in my next video, bye!





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In this video I share 5 FRUGAL DAILY HABITS that I have implemented over the years in order to save a large percentage of my income while paying bills and paying off debt. What are some habits you have that save you money fast???

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