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Walt Disney World Vacation Budget | How to use the FREE budget tool

**Walt Disney World Vacation Budget | How to use the FREE budget tool**



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Stuck on what to budget for your Walt Disney World vacation? This FREE tool will help you set a realistic budget for your next Walt Disney World Vacation!


I would LOVE to help plan your next Disney vacation! Each vacation is personalized to every family, group, couple or solo trip – consider me your personal Disney vacation planner. Best of all, my service is 100% FREE!

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hey guys sitting and chatting about my Walt Disney World budget worksheet it's a free planning tool all created for you and I'm going to take a quick moment here to walk you through it so that you have an idea on how it works if we haven't met before I'm Alma and I hope customize and create Disney vacations for guests that are crafted to each individual family group couple or solo trip based on personal needs and budget if you're interested in having your own personal Disney Vacation Planner I'd love to chat with you my services are always free a little disclaimer here before we get started one the prices are in u.s. dollars Rory my fellow Canadian friends with the fluctuating dollar it's difficult to keep the rates updated to this budget worksheet is only a helpful planning tool so that you have a realistic budget in mind and in no way an official travel quote please contact your friendly Disney travel planner for an official quote if you have any questions please don't hesitate contact me I have included my contact information in the video notes below now let's get started on this main page you'll see a breakdown of all of the costs at the bottom you can see the different sections which you can click through budget which is the page that were on resorts porches a list of resort choices daily rate which shows you the daily rate for each Resort Hotel you can see the dates this about down the side and the hotels is that all along the top dining which shows you the daily rate for dining tickets and that shows you the average daily rate for per ticket choice and you see that the ticket price goes down the longer your stay and then we have parking which gives you the daily hotel rate for parking if you choose to drive or rent a car okay so let's go back to the main page and I'll show you how to fill the worksheet up I usually start by entering the total budget amount that you would like to work with and then we can pop down and start entering in your expenses your expenses start here on line 14 in the sample budget I based it on to adults for a seven-night stay so in line 14 you can see here it's a drop-down menu and you can choose your resort of choice here I put these guys at Disney pop century resort now let's figure out your average price per night so if you click over to the daily rate tab and choose your dates let's say you want to travel me first checking out May 8 and staying at pop century show us the resorts along the top here pop century is my first column so I go down to May first and then you can actually just highlight from May 1st to May 7th because it's her night stay and you'll see at the bottom here it gives us an average daily rate it shows the number of nights and then we can pop back over to our budget worksheet and enter in our sending lights and the cost per night was 1 1 571 and then it's going to give us our total amount here next we enter in our resort tax there's only any one resort tax and over here you'll see my note it says 13.5% at all star resorts otherwise it's 12.5% so the tax on Disney sports entry it's roughly 5% which gave us one point four eight seven next we're moving on to park tickets and this is also a drop down menu so you can select what type of cook tickets you want these ones are going to be set to one park per day then you go over to your ticket tab and you're gonna have to do a little bit of math here for this one we are doing one park per day for seven days and you'll see that the 7-day price is sixty two dollars and you multiply that by two people which gives us one hundred twenty four dollars and we hop back over to our budget and we go here and we're doing seven days 124 dollars and it gives us our total amount moving along and we do a similar thing for the Dining Plan there's a jump down menu can choose which dining plan you want and we pop over to the dining table and figure out how much it's gonna cost for dining so a little bit of math here as well and we have our sample here says a Disney quick-service Dining Plan which is fifty to fifty per adult per day so when you multiply that by two and it's giving us 105 dollars per day we just pop it in our seven days hundred five dollars and it'll give us our total amount and then you will see some other options under the expenses tab the memory maker this one is 169 if you buy it before your trip it is 199 park then you have your options for travel if you're flying driving parking car rentals so this is your whole transportation section we fill in the information just as we did above and then you have additional lines to put in your budget for your souvenirs and gifts for your purchase food and drinks there's also a column for special event tickets like Mickey's not-so-scary Halloween party Mickey's very Merry Christmas party early hours events or VIP tours so you can pop that all in there and that's it well there you have it I hope you find this budget worksheet helpful if you think that something else should be included please comment your request below thank you for taking the time to watch this tutorial and have a magical

How to Save Money for Disney World (In 6 Months)

**How to Save Money for Disney World (In 6 Months)**



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Learn how to save money for Disney World in just 6 months!

This step-by-step guide will show 6 steps to saving and budgeting for your solo Walt Disney World trip.

1. Decide which park or parks you want to visit.
2. Determine the total cost of your trip.
3. Start your 6-month savings plan.
4. Book your vacation once you have saved approximately 50% of your goal.
5.Track your spending while on vacation.
6. Have fun!

You can read the full guide here –

Happy Park Hopping Hipsters!

what's up theme park hipsters this week we are going to go over six steps to get you to Mulder's mural in six months of course you know how I like to do I like to keep it free right and fun today we are going over success as I mentioned of savings for what's missing roll in just six months my goal is to help you be able to kind of pick out the days you want to go the hotel that you want to stay at and also just a basic piggy bank or say you start to kind of help you get the first step that you want to do at the decide which part or parts that you want to attend if you do not know what this world is not just a Magic Kingdom castle why there's no head for these parts Magic Kingdom Epcot Animal Kingdom and Hollywood studios plus two water parks wizard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon and Disney fries and countless hotels so that's why dude zero who you want to make sure that you decide which part step number two is to determine the total cost of your trip once you have the itinerary extent figure out how much food tickets transportation lodging souvenirs entertainment will cost at Walt Disney you can't expect to spend about thirty to fifty dollars per person per day so you just take that 30 or 50 depending on how your budget is and multiply that by each day that you're going to be so if you're just gonna be at Disney for three days and you're a light eater and you're going solo you do $30 times three days and that will be $90 for your whole trip but that's just solo trip by yourself and you just kind of eating white here and there but I definitely recommend kind of bumping it up or to the $45 just to be realistic for you next you're gonna want to determine the cost of the tickets I don't like to give prices because Disney World is always changing their prices but always check on their website or you can use someone that I recommend who undercover tours they usually have a good deal on the water swirl packages undercover tours similar ticket pricing as well Disney World but because they are a discount for each other they'll give you another budget is transportation you may have to run a car consider that or if you are staying at a sunset hotel with this lifestyle property at what this world or any of the hotels that offer free shuttles take advantage the only problem what you're using free transportation although you may not be paying with money you may be paying with your time so definitely keep that in mind another thing that you want to consider in your budgeting is to budget for lodging on property now that's all we're talking about right now on property at Walt Disney World there are different levels of hotels based on accommodations and pricing while this row has deluxe villas that usually start from three hundred and eighteen dollars per night then there's deluxe resort hotels from 326 that you have moderate resort hotels from about one ninety one value resort hotels from one hundred dollars per night and campgrounds meaning you're gonna kind of go all out on your own for about fifty three dollars per night keep in mind these prices are not sure ever these are just the average and usually to get those kind of prices seasoned still whatever but those are kind of the average just to give you some kind of idea but for the Grand Floridian which is the deluxe resort I've never seen just keep that in mind my alternative to having that on-site Disney resorts experience but without the Disney Resort price tag is this one at Dolphin Hotel I love Santa you get the amenities as early park admission you also get to use the free transportation water taxis because it's gonna serve everything right in between Epcot and honey studios I absolutely love the five health they average about two hundred per night but you can't get it for about 179 the downside to just one another just remember we're still no budget Estep because we're you that's what I would get and maybe a t-shirt but that's all one of my tips for you guys if you want to have some Disney souvenirs that are at a great price is to visit one of the orlando outlets that has a disney outlet store in it there you can get any kind of disney suit air well most of them for about fifty to eighty percent off that is my go-to desolate record station you will never see me find free map while you're budgeting don't forget to factor in entertainment while all are mostly entertainment that you receive a plug this role is been submitting your park admission and can get country entertainment at your resource there are other kind of experience that made plus your vacations such as hip to do review or the luau at the Polynesian Resort those are kind of extra entertainment that kind of fine dining live-action in front of you that you may enjoy itself for entertainment I will say budget and additional 60 to 200 dollars per person we are finally out of step two of budgeting and getting everything together step three is to now start saving for your six-month saving plan you're gonna want to do it in little increments so maybe week one you save $20 then we – you do $35 week three $45 week for 100 and then when we five comes around you're going to start back over at TRADOC and repeat that cycle until you get to your six-month mark which if you are going solo you find a budget is $1,500 or your Disney vacation you should happen in six months and if you are doing a family of four you and maybe start out week one with $125 week – one hundred and fifty dollars week three one hundred and seventy-five dollars and week for three hundred dollars and repeat that cycle again until you get about $4,500 for your Walters vacation you can get that free printable over Fe register.com and I'll definitely complete the link to this full articles for you that fort is to start booking your vacation once 50% of your savings goal is accomplished booking through certain travel agencies or authorized Disney planners such as destination in Florida gives you an opportunity to set up a payment plan once you pay for half of your vacation continues saving the other 50% and when you have 50% of your vacation or even save for and you already kind of covered in the other half that you can say to portugal tourist the entertainment if any souvenirs that you may get while you're on the actual vacation step number five is to track your spending while you're on vacation now I don't want you to get caught up and all the others run magic and you like falling and like that Magic Band you come back home you're like what was I thinking no I'm not gonna let that happen to you that's why I recommend if you get some type of cap or your phone maybe like a Dave Ramsey app every dollar anything that you track your spending that way will you come back home if you have tracked everything know what your stick and you are good to go to have good memories and nothing is hurting your wallet step number six is to just have fun it's gonna be a fun time planning this vacation it's nothing like planning your Disney vacation and then waking up the morning of getting on your flight or giving in your car heading towards there all that excitement for all that six months of planning and saving it's here so enjoy yourself don't take it too seriously and get caught up in making sure you check off every list of your walls is right just get there have fun and I'm sure you will have a blast now there you have it those are your six desk for saving for Walt Disney World in just six months again if you have any questions please feel free to leave them in a comment on this video or hit me up over at beep art history at gmail.com and until next time happy car shopping history

Disney World on a Budget from the UK, booking, planning and mistakes!

**Disney World on a Budget from the UK, booking, planning and mistakes!**



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So this is quick run through of how we did our Disney World holiday on a budget at half the list price! Includes cheap disney world tickets, disney holiday packing …





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Did you know that you can save 50% or more off the rack rate at Disney Vacation Club hotel rooms, just by renting DVC points?! I’ll show you how to do it. Nope, not sponsored by a soul- it’s just something that I do and get asked how all the time! **This info is accurate as of February, 2018. All opinions are my own and for educational purposes only.**

DVC Hotel Choices:
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john-boy everybody in today's video I am going to be answering a question that I get more than any other question that I am ever asked collectively in any subject matter ever and it is how do you rent Disney Vacation Club points and is it worth it so I'm answering that question today this is gonna be easier to explain to you using screenshots from my computer so we're gonna go do that I'll do some voiceovers and I'll come back here and catch you at the end Disney World has lots of different hotel options on Disney World property and there are lots of perks of staying at a Walt Disney World Resort you get access to extra Magic Hours you can park on site for free you can make your Fast Pass Plus reservations 60 days in advance so there's lots of different reasons why you would want to stay on Disney property and by renting Disney Vacation Club points you have all of those same amenities all right so when you're considering where you want to stay at Disney you know there are the value hotels which do appeal to kids they're pretty low relatively speaking price point but if you want more space and better location for the money renting Disney Vacation Club points is the way to go so there are lots of different Disney Vacation Club properties available at the Walt Disney World Resort so this is a list of all of them that are in the United States so obviously Hawaii we're not gonna talk about right now go on so we've got Bay Lake Tower at Disney's Contemporary Resort you can literally walk to the Magic Kingdom or you can take the monorail to the Magic Kingdom or to Epcot which is very convenient there are two options available at wilderness lodge they have Boulder Ridge and copper creek copper Creek is the newer ones that are there that also have cabins that are absolutely beautiful and those are a boat ride away from the Magic Kingdom you've got two options at Animal Kingdom villas you've got jumbo house and Kidani village these are next door to Animal Kingdom park but you do have to take a bus or car and then we've got to the beach club villas and the boardwalk villas these are attached to the backside of Epcot or the front side of Hollywood Studios so you can take a boat ride or you can walk to both of those parks old Key West and Saratoga Springs are two of the original Disney vacation club properties and they are ride up boat ride away from Disney Springs which is like a shopping area of Disney used to be called Downtown Disney we've got the Polynesian villas and bungalows and that is right a hop skip and a jump away from the Magic Kingdom via a boat ride or a monorail ride you can also monorail over to the front side of Epcot and then we've got the villas at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa which are just like the Polynesian a boat ride or a monorail ride from the front of the Magic Kingdom or a monorail ride over to Epcot so the first thing to consider with picking a Disney Vacation Club property is the type of party you're traveling with so if you have small kids and you know that you're gonna be at the Magic Kingdom a lot I would recommend a hotel that is on the monorail loop because you can just hop on the monorail and get right to the front of the Magic Kingdom SuperDuper easy if you're somebody maybe it's an adult trip and you're not gonna be spending a whole lot of time at the parks but you're probably gonna spend more time at Disney Springs I would recommend ODE Key West or Saratoga Springs I'm just because they are super duper close to Disney Springs or if you got animal lovers you know Animal Kingdom villas those are great choices so it kind of just depends on your travel party for me we love Epcot Epcot's my favorite Park so we oftentimes gravitate towards Disney's boardwalk villas now you can see this is Disney's site here and you can see on the right hand side where it says rooms from 16 points per night 14 points per night 15 points per night so the lower the amount of points per night the less expensive the hotels are going to be so for example here we've got Jambo and Kidani Village points from nine points per night boardwalk is from ten old Keywest I believe is lower – yeah points from ten per night Saratoga Springs is 11 and you can see it starts to get a little more expensive when we're going with the more upscale hotels like our Grand Floridian 17 points per night and up so that's something to kind of keep in mind the amount of points you're going to be renting is basically the amount of dollars you are going to be paying all right so once you figure out where you want to stay that is the number one most important thing now we have to figure out when when do we want to stay and you can figure out when by looking at the vacation club point charts all right so this is a great website this is WW infocom i'll have all these links in the description of this video so I'm gonna look at the boardwalk because I love the boardwalk we've stayed there three times and it's a fantastic resort so you can see here on the left-hand side there are different seasons and this is basically from the lowest time of year with a ventured season from a crowd standpoint to the most busiest possible time of year which is like the thick of Spring Break and Christmas to New Year's this is the most popular time to visit Disney going down to the least crowded time at Disney and you can see the points reflect that too so if we look at a standard view deluxe studio villa at the boardwalk you can see during adventure season the weekly amount of points you would rent is seventy six right if we look at the premiere season the weekly points it's almost doubled right 150 points so it definitely goes up if you're gonna be going during a busy time of year so if you can at all swing it try to get down to Disney when school is still in session but if that is not an option you know you just work with what you have so what do these different room types mean so we've got deluxe studio we've got a one-bedroom we've got a two-bedroom we've got a grand villa let's take a look at them so a standard you know just normal studio Villa basically looks this so it comes with a queen size bed and a pull-out couch also has a kitchenette area with a separate sink so the kitchenette will have a microwave it'll have a mini-fridge it'll have some cabinets and things where you can put some stuff tickin store if you want to also has an ensuite bathroom as we would expect a couple of closets and a balcony now most of the rooms are around this size for a studio villa around 356 square feet which for a normal sized type of hotel room I mean that's a pretty good size the the exception to that would be old Key West old Key West is the original Disney Vacation Club property and the rooms there are a bit bigger but outside of that the rest of the properties are gonna be around the same size for a studio villa so we also have the option of doing a one bedroom villa this is the Grand Floridian example but it's all about the same really so the one bedroom villas have a separate single bedroom with a king-size bed rather than a queen-size bed the common area will have a sofa bed and some of them will have a pulldown Murphy bed like underneath the television also will have a full kitchen and will have an in suite washer and dryer which is so convenient I'll have a couple of closets and of course an attached bathroom some of them will have two bathrooms or a bath and a half depending on the villa and they all again have balcony and they kind of go up from there you've got a couple of other options with like a two bedroom room you've got a three bedroom Grand Villa you've got tree house you've got cabins like lots of different options so depending on the size of your travel party is where you want to go so my husband and I historically have stayed in a studio villa just the two of us and it's been fine plenty of space I would say you could probably fit four in there max comfortably I wouldn't go any more than that same idea with a one-bedroom unit you can kind of see the difference here so this right here is a 1-bedroom at Animal Kingdom so you can see that there's a full kitchen the bedroom is back there separate eating space and common area so you do get you know probably about twice as much space as you would have if you were to get a studio villa I hope that makes sense so you just kind of have to know you know how much space do you want for your family if it's just the two of you a studio Villa is great unless you want a kitchen which is where my husband and I want to be we want to have a kitchen when we go down to Disney the next time so we're gonna opt for a one-bedroom Villa but you know you just kind of have to decide that on your own so going back here to the boardwalk we are going to just do a little scenario here so let's say we want to stay at the boardwalk the first full week of December and that is 76 points for us for a standard view for the week if we wanted to have an upper scale view we could do a boardwalk or a pool view and that significantly increases the amount of points that are needed for that rental you can see it's 107 for a deluxe studio here at the boardwalk versus seventy-six so you just kind of have to keep that in mind if view is important to you and you really want to look over that boardwalk you can go with a hundred and seven points per night however for us we don't care about the view as I don't whatever doesn't matter to me so I'm opting for the seventy six points per night but this is you know we're just gonna kind of go with it here so let's say I want the first week of December and I want to stay in a deluxe studio at the boardwalk that's seventy six points so I'm gonna write down that number 76 on a post-it note and now I can figure out how to actually do the rental process so if you want to do the legwork yourself I recommend one of these two websites Dizz boards comm or Mouse owners comm both of these websites are great you do have to create a free account to be able to interact with the people you're renting from but you know that's fine that's fine it's super easy to create an account for both of these websites I have used both of them to rent points from they both been great so I'm going to use the mouse owners comm website just as an example here because I don't have to be logged in to see what I want to do so I'm going to look on here and see if anybody is renting boardwalk Villa points for December look at this this person is dare to dream 2009 is renting 221 boardwalk Villa points for $15 per point alright so if we go back to our chart here how many points do we need I want 76 I need to rent 76 points from this person so at $15 per point let's see how much that's going to be so for a week at the boardwalk in a studio Villa 76 points for the week times $15 per point is 1140 dollars so if I want to figure out how much that is per per night I'm gonna divide that number by 7 that's a hundred and sixty two dollars per night for staying in a studio villa at the boardwalk the first week of December so if I were to look over at Disney's website to see how much it would be to rent this same exact room from Disney World I actually already have it pulled up I'm cheating they want on average four hundred and seventy three dollars per night for a deluxe studio a standard view in December alright let's look at our calculator again so renting points I'm paying a hundred and sixty two dollars per night getting it from Disney I am paying four hundred and seventy three dollars per night so what is the savings on that I mean that's pretty substantial I mean that's over half savings by going this route and if you think about 160 some dollars a night that's pretty standard for like a big downtown type of hotel room right and you're getting such a great value out of it from a how good of your vacation is going to be standpoint staying here staying at the boardwalk versus staying at an off-site hotel somewhere when you think about if you stay at an off-site hotel you're gonna have to factor in twenty two dollars a day to park so you're already going to increase the amount you're paying per night at an off-site hotel adding twenty two dollars to that just to get to the park itself plus you're not going to have the perks of the extra magic hours and being able to make your Fast Pass reservation 60 days in advance and making your dining reservations 180 days in advance and all of these things you have to think about so it just makes sense so what I would do if I was going to you know talk to this person here from a privacy standpoint I'm not gonna open up their their link but what I would do is I would contact this dare to dream 2009 and say hey I want to stay at the boardwalk in a standard view studio from December you know first through you know whatever the 7th 8th whatever that first week is Saturday to Saturday it's 76 points there's two adults staying in this room can you check and make sure this is available for me they would get back to me say yeah it's available and you can say ok I want to go ahead and rent it and then you would do the transaction with this person via PayPal all right so you're not actually doing anything with Disney they are making the reservation for you in your name they will then email you the confirmation number you can tie it in to your Magic Band my Disney experience account they will send you magic bands it'll it's just like having a normal reservation through Disney except the person you're renting from does the reserving of the room for you ok so if you didn't want to go through this rigmarole of finding somebody to rent from through either Mouse owners or through Dysport you can use a broker to do this for you now you're gonna pay a little bit more per point per night because they're getting paid for their time for doing this reservation booking for you they're kind of like the middleman between you and people that are renting points but David's vacation rental says an amazing amazing job they are I believe they're based in Canada and their customer service is so nice and so helpful you can do live online chat with them and they can answer your questions and you basically just fill out a form and they do all the legwork for you so that's just another really viable option if you don't want to take the time to actually find an owner to rent from yourself now here's something to keep in mind when you're doing your your Vacation Club rentals you actually these rentals are non-refundable alright so when you make your reservation you just need to be set that you're gonna be going to Disney and if there is a possibility that you might need to cancel your trip you'll definitely want to get travel insurance so the website that I have used for my travel insurance in the past has been travel insured International we've had really good experience with travel insured we had to cancel our trip in in September of this past year because of Hurricane Emma and so we had to do a claim with travel insured but we got 100% of the non-refundable cost of our room back from travel insurance so I highly recommend if you have medical conditions if you have any possible reason that you might need to cancel your trip getting travel insurance in addition to renting your points it's not very expensive I think for the entire week for both my husband and I total it was under $100 to have this and just having that peace of mind was very very helpful for us and we did need to use it we had to cancel our trip because of circumstances that were out of our control so we've actually had to do that twice now we've had to cancel our trips twice now and travel ensured his come through for us both times so I can't recommend them enough [Applause] thank you guys so so much for hanging out with me today I hope this was helpful for you if you have any questions let me know leave them in the comment section below if you have not yet entered my twenty thousand subscriber giveaway be sure to do that I will leave that video up in the card somewhere here and also linked in the description bar below and I hope that you win the entries are going until this coming Thursday so good luck to you if you haven't already and you'd like to hit that button down below subscribe so you never miss a daily video happy Disney planning I'll see you on tomorrow ciao [Applause]

♥ How to Save Money at Disney World - TOP 10 TIPS for a Budget Disney Vacation + Free Stuff!

**♥ How to Save Money at Disney World – TOP 10 TIPS for a Budget Disney Vacation + Free Stuff!**



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♥ Shhhh… Some of these are a secret! Expert tips for the budget-minded traveler, and how to save $$$ while at Walt Disney World! Plus, tips to get stuff for FREE! Thanks for watching, and please SUBSCRIBE! ♥
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hi everyone thanks for joining me again or adventures with Amira today we're going to be talking about how to save money at Walt Disney World because it's so expensive especially if you have a larger family and I just want to give you some tips and tricks that I've found out over the many years that we've been going number one parking parking can be almost $20.00 a day if you're going to be eating at the park anyway what I would recommend is to make a breakfast reservation at one of the hotels that's near the park where you're going to be for instance if you're going to be going to Magic Kingdom for the day you can make a reservation at either Fort Wilderness Grand Floridian the Contemporary Resort or the Polynesian now if you make a breakfast reservation at one of those resorts they're going to scan you in because they'll see your reservation when you go to go through the interest of the hotel and you can park your car there and you can leave your car there all day and you don't have to pay to park we do that normally even though we're pass holders and we don't pay to park anyway we normally always go eat breakfast at one of the resorts leave our car there it's so much less confusion than coming out of the giant parking lots and then we just catch the monorail directly into Magic Kingdom if you're going to be going over to Epcot you could eat at any of the restaurants right there on the boardwalk there's bakeries and whatnot where you could eat at Cape May Cafe which is the buffet over the yacht and Beach Club there's also captain's grill that serves breakfast over at the Yacht Club so if you want to eat at one of those resorts you can leave your car there and then walk into the back gate of EPCOT or take the boat in to Epcot or take the boat into Hollywood studios or walk into Hollywood studios or you can just catch the bus over to Magic Kingdom or wherever you want to be for the day so that's like the number one tip that I have for you number two I'll press pennies as souvenirs they're 51 cent it's two quarters and you bring the penny to press and it's a cute idea for you and your kids and it helps save money we have so much fun collecting pennies you can buy a penny book online before you ever get to the park just buy one off eBay it'll probably be way cheaper than buying one in the park but we do that every time we go to the phone number three five kids meals on quick service plans for your meal if you're like me I don't eat that much during the day anyway especially if it's going to be hot I'm more of you know drinking water and things like that so I'm not going to eat a huge huge meal in the midst of writing lots of theme park rides so what I do is at quick service restaurants you're able to just go up to the counter and buy whatever meals you want normally our family we go get a table and my husband goes in orders for us they don't know how many kids you have with you anyway and they probably could care less so I always order a kid's meal for myself Oh speaking of rain I'm gonna get to that soon back to number three if you order a kid's meal you normally get something like an hamburger a wrap like a chicken wrap hotdogs they have different things then they have a side item like french fries or fruit and then they also have a drink and then they also have a dessert so you actually get a pretty decent amount of food a lot of times we have food left over like a little bag of grapes or a bag of carrots from our kids meals and we bring those with us to have throughout the rest of it number four pack your own snacks in your luggage before you even fly and we used to do that all the time because we were on a tight budget we're military family we've been going to do Sea World since before we had kids we were both college students and going to Disney World on a shoestring budget literally so I learned to do this a long time ago and when we started flying in all the time when we lived in Colorado I would just bring snacks that I knew that we would like that wouldn't melt on the plane granola bars candy for my husband cuz candy Disneyworld is so expensive why not just bring jellybeans or something with you I mean we have some money to buy a few snacks here and there but it's definitely helpful to just bring snacks with you that you know that you can use number five bring your own water into the park that is a big deal because bottled water at Disney I believe is two ninety-five a bottle and now what we do when we go for the day we put a bunch of all of water in the freezer we bring a little cooler with us in the car as we take them into the park they're already frozen you don't have to have them in a bag or anything normally they're pretty much thawing out as you're walking through the park and you always have cold water on you we give one to each of the family members and that helps us and we have water in the car on the way there with water in the car on the way back and then we have that one bottle that we didn't spend money on in the park and I mean that right there save just twelve dollars just by bringing one bottle each into the park because it's going to be hot and you're going to want to stay hydrated because Florida heat and humidity especially if you're not used to it can be a little bit much also if you want to bring water from home and you're not in a car I used to ship water in my luggage literally if I had room knew I was going to be buying merchandise and stuff anyway so I would just pack like a case of water as long as you're not going to be over your weight limit also have the option of a grocery delivery service Orlando has several grocery delivery services and you can look those up online if I find one I'll link it below but you can actually have any kind of food items delivered to your hotel room so your stuff will be stocked when you get there and it's going to be a lot cheaper than buying food inside the park they'll be waiting for you normally when you get there and check-in you can also mail yourself a package I've done that many times especially when we were traveling with babies I would mail my diapers ahead of time I would mail my formula ahead of time and it just made my life so much easier number six buy clothing and costumes ahead of time now we have done that since I've been taking my kids with my little boy we never really dressed him in costumes or anything to go to Disney but with the princess we always had princess gowns and whatnot and we would buy them online from ebay or somewhere like that and have the whole getup I mean a lot of people would think that she's already been to the bippity Boppity boutique because I did her hair glitter in her hair and her nails and everything myself so we look just like she'd been to the bippity Boppity boutique as if it was the mommy boutique so I would just do all that in the hotel room and then take her out for the day looks so cute and it just saves you so much money and as far as clothes for us if you don't have kids I'm only I wait till Disney has their 25% all sale on Disney Store on and I'll buy up clothes and things like that that I know that we're going to want to wear in the park or if you see things at Target or Walmart or whatnot little Disney shirts or like the new finding Dory movies coming out if you see stuff like that ahead of time corn about and then you're not tempted to buy it once you're in the world number seven try pin trading if you buy pens online like on eBay or somewhere like that you can get bulk pins and then trade them with other cast members or people that work in Disney parks once you get there and get those pens as your souvenirs and it's really economical to do that because you can find both pin Lots I mean all over the place once I went to Goodwill and found a huge bag of Disney pins I couldn't even believe it I mean what's the chance of that there was like 30 something pins in a bag and I think I paid $2 for it take those into the park then that'll be an inexpensive way to get some souvenirs and have something fun for the kids to do we started pen trading with our kids when my daughter was probably two and she was just old enough to wear a little lanyard I ordered the lanyard online ahead of time way cheaper than I could get in the parks and then I got some pins from a Disney outlet we had gone to and then I bought some online and took them with us and they just have so much fun number eight plan all of your meals online especially if you're coming in for like a week to ten days my friends from Europe they're always coming in for long amounts of time and it is so much more economical if you kind of plan out what restaurants you want to go to if you're staying on property you can actually book out six months ahead of time if you plan all your meals ahead of time you can really look at the dining plan now if you're staying off property it still helps because you can see what meals are going to be available as a quick surface option we also call counter service but you go to the counter get your food and go sit down at a table quick service meals are of course going to be the ones where you can get a kid's meal for yourself versus an adult's meal if you go to table service meals then you have if you're an adult like my son now is 11 even though he doesn't eat that much he still has to purchase an adult meal or an adult buffet versus the kid's buffet so you need to keep that in mind if you have smaller children it probably will be more economical because the kid's meal plans are so much less expensive I think an adult meal plan right now is about sixty-five dollars a day they're dining service plan that comes with one quick service one table service and one snack versus a kid's plan for the same thing is about twenty-something dollars and the kids don't eat that much food so when my daughter was between two to four we still had to buy a meal plan for her but she wouldn't need that much food she would eat some of our food then we would have all those credits left over at the end so if you know you're going to be doing table service meals you probably will come out ahead on the dining plan there's nothing worse than being in there you're starved to death you're roaming around you grab a $12 turkey leg and this person wants ice cream and it's just crazy if you don't have a plan in place so definitely plan ahead for your meals if you want to save money that way number nine ladies need help you take care of your celebration and what I mean by that is they offer free pens when you go inside the parks so one of the things they do is they give you birthday button pins that you pin to your clothes they also have one for I'm celebrating they have one for first visit they have one for anniversaries honeymoon I believe just married engaged and if you wear these pins sometimes you get a little touch of Disney magic sometimes one of the employees will give you a free popcorn or a free drink when you go to get something it's only happen to me a handful of times but still hey that's free merchandise and also if you're at a table service you let them know when you make your reservation that you're celebrating a birthday or anniversary or what not and then at the end of your meal they normally bring you something free a free dessert we got a beautiful beautiful anniversary dessert when we were at the Grand Floridian and it was just phenomenal it tasted great it was gorgeous to look at and it was completely free a dessert like that out somewhere would probably be at least $15 for every birthday that we've celebrated there they bring cupcakes ice cream and Upton's grill and have these little ice cream sundaes on a tray that comes with ice cream and cookies and candies it's completely free when it's your birthday or something like that so that's a good way to celebrate and save money if you're staying on property you can actually let them know when you're there that this is a celebration for whatever event and they normally will bring a little card to your room I've knew we've never been in the room when they've come but I've been told that sometimes they'll send a character to knock on your door they also do a little character phone call where they'll call your room and it's Mickey Mouse or goofy or something saying how you doing pal and happy birthday and whatnot which is so cute but they'll give you pins when you check in if you tell them what you're celebrating and they'll sometimes send a little card that has all of the different autographs on it and sometimes they'll also give you a picture in your room so you get a birthday card a picture and once or twice we've actually gotten a balloon so you never know what you're going to get but the more people that you let know you're celebrating something the better chances you are getting that little special touch of Disney magic number 10 it's raining right now it always rains in Florida random times it might be a storm that passes over or it might be like the last time we went to Disney for my husband's birthday and it rained the entire day the entire night and the entire next day and we didn't bring our own ponchos why I have no idea please bring rain ponchos if you want to save money because the rain ponchos in Disney are about ten dollars apiece we actually bought rain ponchos and an umbrella I think my umbrella we were down in Downtown Disney that night we were staying on property but we were down there and I mean it was like a torrential downpour we still had to get back to the busses and it was freezing cold like a freak cold snap in Florida and I had to buy an umbrella and the Poncho's and that umbrella was about $40 it was just such a waste of money but you know with desperate times call for desperate measures so don't make the mistake I did bring your Poncho's with you the weather every day if it looks like there could be a little bit of a rainstorm just bring it with you throw it in one of the Disney shopping bags from the store if you don't have one go by a store and say hey can I have a bag and just carry your Poncho's in with you it's better to have them than not to okay I hope this helped you guys I have tons of other tips about how to save money at Disney if there's anything specific you're interested in just let me know down below please subscribe and thank you so much for visiting my channel you