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DIY Simple Slime Trap from Cardboard

**DIY Simple Slime Trap from Cardboard**



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Slime Sam got the punishment he deserved!😱 The candy thief was caught red-handed with DIY cardboard rat trap!😳 Details inside!🔻

Alright, this is it! Samantha is sick and tired from Slime Sam stealing all kinds of sweets. There’s nothing she can keep to herself in this house! She can’t understand how SUe can even live like this! When Sam got to her secret candy stash she declared a war!

And what do you do when you are a DIY expert and there is a sneaky slime stealing your treats? That’s right, you come up with a cardboard hack to trap him!

Watch this easy step-by-step tutorial to learn how to make a simple rat trap from cardboard!


– corrugated cardboard;

– wooden sticks;

– rubber bands;

– markers;

– pencils;

– a ruler;

– hot glue;

– white paper;

– scissors;

– a paper knife or a cutter.

Do you, guys, like using cardboard for your crafts? Sue, Samantha, and Sam can’t live without them! They make cardboard crafts, show you and each other cardboard hacks and use it in everyday life. Cardboard things are very affordable, easy to make and make great DIY gifts, room decor and can do so much more.

Here are some crazy DIY ideas Sam came up with. Now, remember, these are totally crazy and unrealistic (let’s face it, they were conceived by a talking slime). But we hope you’ll have some fun imagining how they’d look like 🙂 If you think any of these ideas below have a right to exist, let us know and we might make some of them!


Imagine… Cardboard shoes. No, wait, cardboard heels. Cardboard t-shirt. Straight lines, lots of hot glue and decorations, oh my, all kinds of decorations! Glitter, colored paper, rhinestones, googly eyes… The possibilities are endless! And you know what? Candies like Skittles or M&M’s will be a great addition too!


Ok, you can probably imagine a cardboard ruler. But how about a cardboard eraser? That’s right! There’s this school trick Sam learned from YouTube. You make a rubber band ball and can erase the pencil marks with it! What if you take it to a whole new level and make a cardboard base for that bunch of rubber bands? Pretty cool, huh??? (Sam wrote this, we think it’s pretty silly)


Ok, you might not be able to flip the channels with a remote control BUT! Again, many opportunities to create DIY decorations and if you glue a cool picture on your cardboard TV it’ll allow you to fully appreciate its beauty!


Not a miniature dollhouse, a real-life house made of cardboard. With rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and all kinds of furniture. Maybe, it wouldn’t be a good idea to build it in a hurricane-prone region but think how much time and money you’ll save! Need a new room? No problem, let me get my hot glue! DIY cardboard house is a dream for everybody!


Again, not a tiny miniature car for kids, a regular size car. Maybe, even with an engine so you could actually drive it 😀 It’d probably make more sense to ride this car in warm regions, it wouldn’t hold up well in cold or wet weather. Oh! Unless you get thick corrugated cardboard and some plastic covers.


Sam actually saw somebody making this craft on YouTube but Sue refused to make it. Maybe if you guys vote for this crat she will!

Do you remember what other cardboard crafts we have made?

– a cardboard candy machine

– a creative labyrinth for a rat

– a flipbook animation machine

– a tabletop basketball game

– a spiral cardboard candy machine

– an OREO cookies vending machine

– gumball vending machine

Do you know other creative cardboard craft ideas? Please let us know! Sam and I are really into cardboard DIY these days and our ideas are running low:D If your idea is easy to make we might make a video with it! We love hearing from our subscribers!

Remember to always ask adults for help when working with sharp objects like knives or hot glue! Your safety always comes first;)

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DIY Modern Piggy Bank For Cash And Coins

**DIY Modern Piggy Bank For Cash And Coins**



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Slime Sam is a very good friend. He wants to save some money and to buy his friend Sue a big L.O.L. case, because he knows how much Sue loves L.O.L. dolls! But there’s a small problem. Slime Sam isn’t very good at saving money! So, he asks his friend Sue to make him a money bank that will help him save both coins and cash.

This money bank consists of two compartments and two mechanisms. The cash compartment is operated by gear wheels (cardboard circles tied with a rubber band) and the coin compartment is a kind of a trampoline for coins. The money compartments are guarded by a secret combination lock, so nobody can get the money out except you!

1:40 Pen magic

5:49 Cash compartment test

6:44 Coin compartment test

8:56 Sue reveals Sam’s secret

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This video has English subtitles for your convenience!

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oh not with how it would be happy to but what happened huh a piggy bank for coins and cash sounds interesting let's give it a try yay now I have a chance to fulfill my plan and meanwhile you can write in the comments below what other piggy banks are buying you remember here I have found all the necessary stuff that it will be right you are Sam hmm something's missing here Sam could you please fetch me some barbecue sticks from the kitchen you can bring both you'll see would you like to see some magic sure I do bibbidi-bobbidi-boo that slime sweet tooth so we have to install bicycle spoke fragments into pen pieces just like this already done wow that looks great Tammy now we need to tape the handles yourself okay Sammy can you even imagine how many different tapes there are in the world hmm now we measure the necessary length on popsicle sticks we need two similar parts right you couldn't do it without you Sammy and here we insert our pen into this part like this actually is it Carol oh we measure a circle with the compass we will need two of those and a smaller one Sam do you want to put out the circle would you look at him then maybe you can help me stick them to each other go ahead Sam I needed this oh thanks Sammy you are 100% right when I say professionals always have everything you will have a piggy bank a car of course Sammy look Sam you have a challenge here when you tackle it sure can even do it with my eyes closed you are doing such a great job Sam a real pro hell yes that's me be careful with the cutter Sam whatever on the pro did you forget cm since you want to store cash as well are you saving for something okay okay I won't hear you have to be careful since we need to cut only the upper and middle cardboard layer a peculiar piggy bank I'm very excited to use it just a little more patience it will be soon huh that piggy bank with the windows they're so sweet and cooler than the magical line really I think that the magical piggy bank was very beautiful could you please pass me the pencil so I can fold this piece nicely yeah yeah let's pop this piece around the pencil just look how nice it is and now we stick it right here guys don't forget about safety when working with blue guns till trusty with such me what happens to me I need to bound pieces of cardboard to they'd be in the box Thank You Sammy Familia those wheels with sticks inside seriously where you'll remember it for sure that was a good wow I hope that's so for the next step I need these thingies so when you say trampoline rather than a swing I wanna jump I wanna go to I could play on those all day long now the rubber bands huh it's to wait until the glue is dried but we can always stick it once more sure but it's better when things are working the first try do you want to see how the coins will jump on our trampoline more like I really I can't wait well you asked me for an unusual one for coins and cash so nothing's weird here however I might surprise you now Sam remember when you wanted to be a spy oh sure oh why are you asking me about it now because we'll make a spy combination lock and it'll even have a code force not a hard one it's really easy to remember I already thought I would have to carry around a paper with a password see me could you please help me one more time make a snip right here I'm on it good job look what I made it would serve as the second part for our lock which letter is your favorite so a dicey bug candy you know a perfectly round awesome then we'll use it but don't tell anyone now we'll stick the back part to our piggy bank only the lock support is left and voila the piggy bank is done did you just say that the piggy bank is I sure did just kidding we can't do without the decoration don't scare me like that I craft without a decoration well you know I do I do boom now the mission is complete [Applause] come on Cindy hurry up that put my money in there so I could say there's no problem wait what's this oh what a nice lol side that's what you're saving the money Sammy's my friend happy then let's fill our piggy bank quick great start guys if you would like to see the unpacking of this lol sex and I save enough money in the comments below don't forget to put the bell button not to miss our next video thanks click the like button hi guys I think it's alright if Sam pays for the solo outside laughter good deeds should be rewarded

How to Make Piggy Bank Saving Coin - Kids Save Money

**How to Make Piggy Bank Saving Coin – Kids Save Money**



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How to make piggy bank saving coin for kids saving money. This is your personal piggy bank that you can make to save your coins. I hope you like this idea.

Saving My FIRST $100,000 Before 26 | How Long it took to INVEST

**Saving My FIRST $100,000 Before 26 | How Long it took to INVEST**



View Time:11:18Minutes



I saved my first $100,000 before the age of 26. This video shows how long it took to save, what I invest in, and what I did to get there

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ABOUT: I saved my first $100,000 before 26, it took me a while to here starting at just $12 an hour when I was 19. This video shows the most important thing about HOW to actually get there by adopting a frugal mindset, and investing to create passive income by buying dividend stocks that will eventually generate a snowball effect of compound interest. This is my story from 19, to 30 and how long it took to build save each $100K.

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