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How to buy first rental property?

**How to buy first rental property?**



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How to get started with real estate investing (Buy first rental property)
I have no money or have little money, I have no knowledge or little knowledge but I want to buy rental property
then follow this steps
1. Understand the process – you do that by
Read books or watch videos or attend seminars and grab coffee with people who owns Properties
2. Figure out what strategy fits your current situation
No money –
Once you understand the process and figure out the strategy the find the deals and take it the people you trust you the most who can lend you money and get mortgage
Like your 1. parents 2. Best friends or girl friend or boy friend
If you don’t have no way get that money then first focus on making money by saving and working extra or get into selling

Little Money:
If your working full awesome all you need 5% down in Canada
In USA less than 5% down for owner occupied

if your still lost don’t know what to do then reach out to me –
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Recommended Books
1. Real Estate Investing in Canada: Creating Wealth with the ACRE System (
2. Rental Property Investing by Brandon Turner (

Social Media Websites that can help you regarding Real Estate
(Real Estate Investing Network Canada)

Remember: Formula for Success RAN(do RESEARCH, take ACTIONS and NETWORK with right people)
I’m currently living and Investing in Windsor Ontario Canada
I have no idea where to start but I want to buy my first rental property I have some money for little money I have some knowledge or little knowledge that is this something your situation than this video is for you Namaskar ah de bercy's recall when I come good morning good evening everybody this is Aditya welcome to my channel if you haven't hit that subscribe button please do so right now for an awesome content regarding my real estate investing and realtor journey so without any further ado today I wanna help you if you haven't purchased any rental properties then this video is for you if you're wondering where to start from then this is the first step for you I'm gonna share particular things in this video watch till the end make a notes if needed follow that has this I promise you you will have a rental property within a couple of months it could be you can buy if you are like really aggressive you can buy it in one month if you are like a little bit slow and steady it still you can buy it in next three to four months but stick with me with the process and follow what I'm gonna suggest in this video so step number one you have to understand the full process that involved to buy a property you know how to write offers so what is mortgage what kind of things involved in it you have to understand those whole process obviously I'm not going to detail those steps because I already made a video you can check out here thus 10 steps involve in order to you know understand the process so that's the first step go check out that video second get on to books which are specific about rental property how to invest in rental properties there are a couple of books if you're Canadian and the best book I love about rim written by I don't remember the author name but I will pop in the picture here I will put a link in the description and also a couple of other books they're like really gives you a solid knowledge on what are the you know what is the process involved and what are the type of strategies that involve you you can understand a overall picture of about rental properties so check out that then also get on to social media platform that is specific to the rental properties that is specific to real estate investors which is bigger pockets that's really really a useful resource just get on to it go meet local investors on on that group you will see people who are investing in your location if you don't find any just you know pick up a phone and call a realtor in your local area or find a realtor who is a investor specialist and ask him for suggestions so if you go through the steps and also get on to bigger and bigger pockets podcast or a couple of other podcasts who are like talk about investor stories so when you go through this multiple stream of sources you will first understand the process so that's really important before you buy a property once you understand the process in that simultaneously second thing will happen which is you figure out a strategy that fits your criteria because this is really important where many people fall aback because you know they look at some people who are like they preach that hey buy six unit building ten unit building or some people preach that buy a property which neat enough work drin you a tit and refinance your money and some of people will taste that just buy a turnkey property which has good cash flow or some of them will tell you that buy student rent out oh my god what the heck there's many strategies but if you understand the process if you learn from other people who are doing this now you know what are the strategies are available out there now take a step back and look from your point of view because everyone is made differently me and you are different no matter what it may you might have some commonalities but we might be starting from a different point I'll give you some examples for example you have no money at all you're a young kid you are like 22 or 23 but you're really enthusiastic about it you already in the process of learning about the process now where do you start from so for you the best option is to go talk to your parents ask if they can joint venture which to you if they can give you some money like 20% down so then figure out and if you want to get out from if you don't want to do any job just take the investing as a main source then find the properties that cash flows so that might be your criteria or for example if you are working full time you already have a solid job which is your active income but you want to build some passive income for your family you know to have a solid return on your money then that's a different scenario you have to look for something maybe you don't have enough time to you know find the contractors or do the renovations then just go find a property which is already a turnkey in a good location in a good you know which can appreciate well but at least it will sustain by itself you know without any negative cash flow so that might be a criteria for you or you might be someone who just started working full-time you you have a little money maybe like you know ten thousand or five thousand or twenty thousand then you can go look for property that with a 5% down with a price range whatever makes sense to you maybe you can live in one bedroom and rent out the other bedrooms like I used to do before so who how do I know or how do someone who is talking about specific strategies know your situation so what I'm trying to tell you is it's really important figure out what situation you are in right now are you with money or without money or with credibility what I mean by credibility credit history are you do you qualify for mortgage or you don't qualify for a mortgage so figure out your situation and find a strategy that fits your criteria because this is where many Falls now if you have a specific criteria based on your scenario now go start looking for properties so the third step is go start looking for properties keep on making offers keep on making offers until you get it and find the people to you know work with because if you have done the step one and step two already now you're in inner circle with the different people to work with hooray just keep with it buy the first property this will help you if it doesn't then reach out to me on social media or let me know in the comments below if you have like you know if you couldn't figure out why that way the hack to start from just reach out to me I will help you too and there are many other people who can help you too so reach out to people find out the solutions for your problems and with that thank you so much for watching this video if it's helpful let me know in the comments below if it sucks still let me know in the comments below because comments can give me an idea what you how I can help you so that way I'm not wasting your time with that have a wonderful life

How I saved over $300,000 in 2017 - How to Save Money 101 (Five Steps)

**How I saved over $300,000 in 2017 – How to Save Money 101 (Five Steps)**



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These are the 5 steps I use when it comes to saving money. The best part about it…it doesn’t even feel like saving because it’s that simple. Enjoy! Add me on Snapchat/Instagram: GPStephan

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So how to save money in 2018? The thing is, at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter how much money you make, it’s how much of that you can keep – whether you make $50,000 or $500,000 – if you spend it all, you’ll have nothing left to show for it. That means you’ll have to go back to work the next day and start over after every paycheck, just to replenish whatever money you’ve spent. If you don’t mind continuing to work and trading your time to pay for these things, fine…but for the rest of us that don’t want to rely on a job to pay for the things that really matter the most, it all begins with saving.

And these are the easiest ways to save, without really feeling like you’re saving…

1. Buy it tomorrow – not in the moment
This helps cut down on impulse purchases. Waiting a day to buy something, often times the excitement of buying something new will wear off and you’ll be able to decide with a clear mind if it’s something you should really buy.

2. f you’ve waited a day to buy it, then ask yourself: If someone were to offer me this product or its cash value, which would I take?
This has cut down on a LOT of the purchases I would’ve made, because frankly, I’d just rather have the cash. This just helps put things in perspective and really focus on what you’d rather have…cash, or the item.

3. How many hours will I have to work to afford this?
If you’re making $15 per hour, spending $45 on a dinner is basically costing you 3 hours of your life. Spending $300 on a new pair of shoes is equivalent to 20 hours of your life…just for a pair of shoes. Spending $12 on a Nicolas Cage Pillow Case is going to cost you 50 minutes of your time…decide from here if this is really worth it to you.

4. Set aside what you save
This is my favorite one of all…lets say decided “I don’t need that Nicolas cage pillow.” I’ve just saved $12. As a “reward” for saving that amount, I’ll just transfer that money in a separate account where I’ll later invest it. That way it’s just fun to see all the ways I cut back, and all of a sudden I have thousands of dollars sitting in bank account from money I’ve just decided wasn’t worth spending on Nicolas Cage Pillows. You can do the same thing. Lets say you decide to order a $15 meal instead of a $50 meal that you would’ve otherwise got…take the $35 difference, put it away, and later invest it. It’s like an immediate reward for not spending.

5. See everything in its future value
When you invest your money, it’ll grow – so when you spend this money, you’re basically just halting the growth that money would’ve made you. If you invest the cost of the Nicolas cage pillowcase of $12 over 35 years at an 8% return…that means the $12 pillow is really worth $177. I’d rather have the $177 because I won’t get that much value from the pillow case. Everything you do has a future value. Determining what it is.

Thanks for watching!

For business inquiries or one-on-one real estate investing/real estate agent consulting or coaching, you can reach me at [email protected]

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what's up you guys it's Graham here so you know it's better than making and spending a ton of money it's saving and investing a ton of money and no I'm not talking about anything crazy like extreme couponing or dumpster diving we're going to Costco and eating the free samples for lunch even though that one is pretty good it's just what too many people know about it it's not gonna work anymore so just forget I said that last one but in all seriousness these are simple techniques that are so easy to do that it won't even feel like you're saving in the first place just because they're so simple see at the end of the day it really doesn't matter how much money you make it's how much of that you can keep whether you're making fifty thousand dollars a year or five hundred thousand dollars a year if you spend all of it then you have nothing left and nothing left to show for it that means you'll have to go back to work the next day and start over after every paycheck just to replenish the money that you've spent now if you don't mind continuing to work and going back to a job to trade your time to pay for these things fine but for the rest of us that don't want to rely on a job to really bring us the things that matter the most it all begins with saving and these are the easiest ways to save without ever really feeling like you're saving money the first one is to buy it tomorrow not today the entire purpose of this is just to cut down on those impulse purchases that you wouldn't ordinarily spend money on like every now and then you might come across a Nicholas Cage pillow case for twelve dollars and think in the moment I have to have it but then you realize the next day wait a second it's twelve dollars what do I really need a Nicholas Cage pillow case and then you realize wait a second I don't need a Nicholas Cage pillow case see when you wait a day to buy something oftentimes the excitement of buying something will wear off and you'll be able to decide with the clear mind if this is really something you need or not and I promise you that just by doing this one thing you're gonna be saving a lot of money without ever really realizing it and then if you've waited a day to buy something before you buy it ask yourself if someone offered me the cash equivalent for this product when I take it for instance let's take the $12 Nicolas Cage pillow case would you rather have the Nicolas Cage pillow case or would you rather have twelve dollars this is cut down on a lot of the purchases I would have made because honestly I would have rather just have had the money like think about going out for dinner for instance what if someone just offered you $40 cash for you not to go out to dinner that night or think about the new pair of shoes for a hundred and fifty bucks would you rather have a pair of those shoes or would you rather someone just give you hey here's a hundred and fifty bucks and don't buy these pair of shoes this really just helps put things in perspective with how much your money is really worth and really helps you focus on things that are really gonna bring you the most value versus something you're just going to enjoy in the moment now my third piece of advice is to think about how many hours you're going to have to work to pay for this so let's say you're making $10 an hour and the dinner is $40 well that dinner is really going to be costing you four hours of your life just to pay for that dinner same thing if you're buying $100 pair of shoes that $100 pair of shoes at $10 an hour is really going to cost you 10 hours of your life and if you're making $10 an hour buying that $12 Nicolas Cage pillowcase is going to cost you over an hour of your life for a pillowcase with Nicolas Cage's base on it so decide from there if what you're buying is worth your time to buy it so my fourth piece of advice which was also my favorite is to set aside all the money I'm saving so let's say I was about to buy that Nicolas Cage pillow case and then I decided you know what I'm gonna save the $12 instead as a reward for not spending that $12 I'll go and put it in a separate account and then after a while I will just invest whatever money is sitting in that account by doing this it's just really fun to see the immediate results of saving money and then all of a sudden I'll have thousands of dollars sitting in my bank account from things I just decided weren't worth spending money on like $12 Nicolas Cage pillow cases and you can do the same thing let's say that instead of ordering a $50 meal at dinner you ordered a $35 meal instead you saved $15 you can go and take that $15 put it in the separate bank account and then all of a sudden that money is gonna start adding up over time again it's like an immediate reward for not spending money and saving and then my fifth and final piece of advice is to see everything in its future value now when you invest your money it's going to grow over time when you spend it you're really just halting the growth that that money would have made you had you invested it instead so if instead of buying the Nicolas Cage pillowcase you instead decide to invest your 12 dollars and an 8% return over 35 years you got to think to yourself that $12 Nicolas Cage pillowcase now is really worth a hundred and seventy seven dollars 35 years from now in future money so think to yourself when it comes to every single purchase you make is this something that's really going to give me an immediate value or what I'd rather have the future value of this money if I invest it so from doing all of this I'll think to myself what I'd rather have a hundred and seventy seven dollars of future money whatever either have the $12 Nicolas Cage pillowcase right now and I think the answer is pretty obvious I'd rather have the $12 Nicolas Cage pillowcase because I've talked about it enough link is in the description if you guys to want to purchase a Nicolas Cage pillowcase I can't believe this is what my channel has come to I actually have a Amazon affiliate link to a Nicholas Cage pillowcase in my description sorry mom sorry dad this is what this is what my life has come to the whole point of this is not just to be super frugal and cut back and not live your life the whole point of this video is really to focus on the things that are going to bring you the most value the most enjoyment and the highest ROI on your money it's not just about cutting back on everything and being a hermit and not leaving the house because you're afraid of spending money just spend money on things that matter the most not things that you're gonna buy and then tomorrow it doesn't make any difference in your life it really doesn't add to anything it really doesn't bring you any more enjoyment than not having it in the first place that is the entire purpose of this and again by saving money you're gonna be able to invest it grow your wealth over time and then all of a sudden one day you're gonna have enough money to buy whatever you want without ever even thinking about it without ever having to worry to go to a job to afford these things because you have enough money saved up and invested to bring a passive income for as long as you live and that is the entire point of this and it just starts with the small little things of saving money so as always you guys thank you so much for watching it I really hope you enjoyed this if you enjoyed this and you haven't already subscribed make sure to smash that subscribe button also smash the notification belt so YouTube notifies you anytime I upload a video also be sure to hit the like button that really does help out a lot my channel really benefits a lot from those like buttons really appreciate it also feel free to add me on snapchat and Instagram posts are pretty much daily so if you want to be a part of it there feel free to add me there a little bit more on Instagram lately you can snapchat sucks now so anyway last thing last thing I have a Facebook group for anyone interested in working in real estate real estate investing and wholesaling agent in anything real estate free Facebook group the link is in the description feel free to add yourself on that thank you again for watching and until next time and by the way this video is not sponsored or brought to you by a Nicholas Cage pillow case every single time it seems like I mentioned something stupid in my videos people are asking for links of where they can buy it so there you go link is in the description enjoy the joy that pillowcase