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Savings vs Investment - Why is investing better than saving? | IndianMoney.com

**Savings vs Investment – Why is investing better than saving? | IndianMoney.com**



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Why is investing better than saving?

Savings vs Investment

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hi everybody welcome back to Indian money.com this is San Aram normally because I do videos related to finance my friends around me asked me this question saving is fine so now but why do I invest like tell me a good reason why I should invest so one day I decided I'm going to give them a good example and that did work so I'm going to tell you the same example let us assume we all love cricket so let us speak about that now so cricket match is going on and then it's a 50 overs match and we have the sixth batsmen coming in on the fifth over itself so now we have two things to consider one the batsman should not lose the wicket and the second thing has to score good runs he might play a defensive cricket like he might make sure okay I'm not going to lose my beak and I'm gonna stand here just block it and you know plate in a good manner but then if he doesn't take a risk to hit the ball to the boundaries or at least run for few runs will the team get a good score that is my question yeah so you all know the answer but of course they will not so there is a big possibility of losing if they have a little bit of a score or a low score I would say okay on the other hand if we see savings is something which is easily done by us but then if we also play in the defensive manner we are not gonna get anything from it it is going to be their Idol sitting in our locker or maybe in our wallet or wherever it is we won't spend it because we know it is a savings but if you ask me is it going to give you anything I'll say nothing so when this batsman tries to take a minimal risk or the right risk at the right time judging the ball then he might end up hitting a 6 or a 4 or at least he will get some time to change the place and score few runs so this is how it works in savings and investments you take the minimal risk in right place at the right time after understanding everything then your investment using the savings which have made will of course give you returns and speaking about the risk if this batch man thinks I can hit six in every ball and keeps on taking risk trust me ball will end up in someone's hand or he will be swinging the bat for the sample be gone so it will be a big big loss for the team and of course for him because he has not scored well so when you do investments without realizing the risk which is involved in it or not understanding the whole process then you will put your family in pain of course yourself and pain as well so savings is necessary but the right investment and the right time is very very important for long-term goals so this is why I keep telling everyone that savings is the start but investment and returns should be your endpoint so this is what I told my friends and they said yes you're right so let me figure out some good plans how to invest my savings which I have so if you guys have good amount of savings don't keep it in your locker don't see it sleeping there because when you invest it somewhere even when you're sleeping your money is earning so my video ends here you guys if you have any queries related to this video like how to invest and way to invest or anything related to finance just give us a missed call zero double to six one eight one six triple one our money doctors will be giving you a call back let them know about your queries and they will assist you with the same and as we all know August 31st is the last date for us to find IT writtens so you can just do one thing visit our Indian mary.com website there is an icon and you can do this for free press that you will be redirected to a page we should be asking you for the basic informations if you get stuck in between they are always there to help you so this is San Aram signing off new ice take care and bye bye

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This Is Why We Don't Believe In Saving Money -Robert Kiyosaki (Radio Show)

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hi Barbara Kiyosaki and again this is my latest book out fake fake money fake futures fake ass that's very important book but the reason this saying is if this book is important about fake money today's Rich Dad radio program is about fake money it's called a US dollar the yen the euro the peso the Aussie dollar the Canadian dollar I mean why would you work and save that stuff we had two really great guests Dana Samuelson and Brian London and they are gold experts gold bugs – Dana's a president American Gold Exchange and Brian is the editor of gold newsletter so they are tracking gold they live it breathe it every single day and they had some great forecasts great explanations why gold is doing this why silver is doing that a lot of the history behind and the most important thing is they're not here just to sell you gold coins and gold bullion or new new numismatics which are collectibles but they're here to educate you so it was a fantastic show learned a lot and a ton of information in very short period of time and this book here I became a gold bug in 72 and in 782 he was illegal for Americans to hold gold both Dana and Bryan are that old tube that there was younger than me but they remember when it was illegal for Americans to own gold imagine that everybody else has gold so for those of you who one of who are savers and the government is printing money why would you save money why would you save money with the debt of the United States is going through the roof why would you save it look you'd better wake up this is probably one of the most important rich dad radio programs you can listen to it's about why you should look take a look at gold and silver not fake gold and silver not paper Colin server but real gold and silver because today is not the time to be complacent today is not the time to be listening to your mommy and daddy who are probably broke so that's why the Rich Dad radio show is here it's about this program with data and with Brian is about fake money and one of the most important things is and we've talked to so many guests about a financial potential financial crisis a financial crash and if you have gold gold is just an insurance against that so that alone is a great reason to watch this show yep 45 minutes you'll learn a lot that may protect your future more than protect it you may be actually do very well in the future while all your friends family and businesses are saving dollars yen euro peso that stuff anyway that's the Rich Dad radio show very important show for those of you who love fake money thank you

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