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Millionaire Reacts: Living On $80K A Year In San Diego | Millennial Money

**Millionaire Reacts: Living On $80K A Year In San Diego | Millennial Money**



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A new came up by CNBC Make it – Living On $80K A Year In San Diego | Millennial Money – Here are my thoughts while I review his finances, spending habits, …

This Is Why We Don't Believe In Saving Money -Robert Kiyosaki (Radio Show)

**This Is Why We Don't Believe In Saving Money -Robert Kiyosaki (Radio Show)**



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WHY GOLD LOVES CHEAP MONEYβ€”Robert & Kim Kiyosaki

Investing in gold & silver is an insurance policy against a collapse of the financial system. Robert & Kim speak to Dana Samuelson and Brien Lundin about their work in the precious metals sector. Find out what economic risks lurk in these uncertain times, and what role gold & silver holds in the global marketplace.

GUESTS: Dana Samuelson, Brien Lundin

AIR: July 17, 2019

Facebook: @RobertKiyosaki

Twitter: @TheRealKiyosaki

Instagram: @TheRealKiyosaki

hi Barbara Kiyosaki and again this is my latest book out fake fake money fake futures fake ass that's very important book but the reason this saying is if this book is important about fake money today's Rich Dad radio program is about fake money it's called a US dollar the yen the euro the peso the Aussie dollar the Canadian dollar I mean why would you work and save that stuff we had two really great guests Dana Samuelson and Brian London and they are gold experts gold bugs – Dana's a president American Gold Exchange and Brian is the editor of gold newsletter so they are tracking gold they live it breathe it every single day and they had some great forecasts great explanations why gold is doing this why silver is doing that a lot of the history behind and the most important thing is they're not here just to sell you gold coins and gold bullion or new new numismatics which are collectibles but they're here to educate you so it was a fantastic show learned a lot and a ton of information in very short period of time and this book here I became a gold bug in 72 and in 782 he was illegal for Americans to hold gold both Dana and Bryan are that old tube that there was younger than me but they remember when it was illegal for Americans to own gold imagine that everybody else has gold so for those of you who one of who are savers and the government is printing money why would you save money why would you save money with the debt of the United States is going through the roof why would you save it look you'd better wake up this is probably one of the most important rich dad radio programs you can listen to it's about why you should look take a look at gold and silver not fake gold and silver not paper Colin server but real gold and silver because today is not the time to be complacent today is not the time to be listening to your mommy and daddy who are probably broke so that's why the Rich Dad radio show is here it's about this program with data and with Brian is about fake money and one of the most important things is and we've talked to so many guests about a financial potential financial crisis a financial crash and if you have gold gold is just an insurance against that so that alone is a great reason to watch this show yep 45 minutes you'll learn a lot that may protect your future more than protect it you may be actually do very well in the future while all your friends family and businesses are saving dollars yen euro peso that stuff anyway that's the Rich Dad radio show very important show for those of you who love fake money thank you

6 Money Traps to Avoid in Your 30s | Phil Town

**6 Money Traps to Avoid in Your 30s | Phil Town**



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Getting to middle adulthood demands a shift in priorities. Once you stop needing to count the days to your next paycheck, it’s time to start really planning out your …

8 Financial Decisions That You Will Regret In 10 Years!

**8 Financial Decisions That You Will Regret In 10 Years!**



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In this video, we will share eight financial decisions that many people may regret in the next 10 years. At times, it can be difficult to foresee the negative …

How To Invest YOUR FIRST 1000 Dollars

**How To Invest YOUR FIRST 1000 Dollars**



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If I only had 1000 dollars to invest, what should I do?

That’s a question I get asked all the time, and I often give an an answer you might expect.

If you only have $1,000 dollars to invest, you have to think about it differently. You have to protect that $1,000 and make sure it can continue to give you positive returns over and over and over.

In this video, i will explain where I would put that first $1,000 dollars and I think after you watch the video, you will agree

Check it out and leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

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what if I told you there was a guaranteed way to make a thousand percent return on your money in the next 12 to 24 months or even five thousand or ten thousand percent return on your money over the next five years well in this video I'm gonna show you that there is a way you can do this but it's probably not we were thinkin so stay tuned all right welcome back today we are going to talk about how you should invest if you only have $1,000 how would you invest your first thousand dollars or like I said if that's all you have now on Thursdays we talk about investing typically we talk about cryptocurrency investing which I believe is the most explosive asset to invest in right now today it's the most exciting but on Tuesdays we talk about what I call before you invest how do you get more money to invest how should you invest how should you get in the right mindset and and things like that and so today Tuesday we're gonna talk about before you invest but we are talking about investing so if you only had a thousand dollars to invest how would you do that now that's a question I get asked all the time and you know it's something that I'm pretty passionate about which is why I talk about on YouTube and that's because that I believe investing is the most important thing that's saying a lot I know that but it's the most important thing because and because it's the only way to get ahead in life you have to learn to live on less than you earn so you can save and then you can invest that's it now live on less than you earn now you could earn more and that's what we'll talk about you know we talk about that a lot on Tuesdays learn more so you can save more if you invest but you have to live on less you can't consume you can't spend everything you earn because you have to save in the best it's the only way to get ahead in life you have to make money while you sleep and the only way to do that is through your investments and so I talk about that a lot I'm super passionate about that I've been able to live off my investments for like two decades I mean that's all what I do I invest you know I start I've invested into stocks bonds gold gold miners a lot a lot a lot in real estate a lot of different businesses and cryptocurrencies which is what I talk about on Thursdays it's super explosive it's super exciting we can make a ton of money and we're doing that real estates kind of my endgame but I'm doing all these other types of investments as well and so because I've been able to do this for so long and I'm talking about all the time you know with my friends and as well as on YouTube I'm always asked and I get all the time in the comments which by the way you leave me a comment I love to chat with every single one of you I answer all the comments so make sure you do that but I get asked all the time in the comments like what if I only have a hundred dollars to invest what if I only have 500 to investor or a thousand dollars to invest and so I get asked that question a lot and I always answer it so leave a question I'll answer it but a lot of times people aren't super happy with what that answer is now what I would say about investing is that I go off of a really basic thing I say all the time and that is that money goes where it's treated best all right now I've worked really hard for my money you've worked really hard for your money and I want my money to go where it's gonna be treated the best now that means where it's gonna be the safest where it's gonna have the best reward right money is gonna go to work where is that where's that work gonna be good right so where's it gonna be treated the best we're gonna be the safest where's it gonna give me the best returns both in the short term and the long term etc and so I'm always looking for those areas and you know a lot of times I invest because where I live a real estate is very expensive and it doesn't provide the best returns most of my real estate investments are done out of state because I get better returns and people ask me well why would you you know invest out of state isn't it isn't it really hard you can't see them etc and I see because it goes where it's treated best so now where can we put $500 or $1,000 today where it would be treated best well if you only have $500,000 then what we want to do is we want to try to make more with that right and and I talked about in the beginning about getting guaranteed returns so what you could do or like I said in the beginning imagine if you had a thousand dollars and you could figure out a way to turn that into twelve thousand dollars or even twenty four thousand dollars in the next twelve months right now that'd be amazing and what if you could do that almost risk-free right what if what if that over five years could turn into five thousand or ten thousand dollars I mean giving you massive returns I'd be in that'd be insane right wouldn't it if you like that if you like the way that sounds give me some thumbs up on that but you can there's a way we can find five thousand ten thousand twelve thousand percent returns in five years and the way that we do that is by taking that thousand dollars and investing it into ourselves that's where it starts that's gonna be where you're gonna get the best return now best being the safest and best being the highest yielding the high ROI right we're gonna take that money we're going to invest it into ourselves and we're gonna do that so we can improve our skills we can learn new skills and what I like to call high-value skills right we want to learn high-value schools because if all you have is 500 bucks or a thousand bucks to invest you need to make more money I hate to tell you like that like I said maybe you wouldn't be happy with the answer but if all you have is 500 dollars or a thousand dollars to invest then you need to make more money that's just it so so use that money to learn how to make more money once you start making more money then you can invest the money that you're making you see how that works so take the 500 take the thousand dollars invest it into yourself into a high-value skill so that you can make more money now how do we do that well like I've said many times if you've been watching my videos you heard me say it over and over and over that we get paid for the value that we provide that's it so if you're working for an hourly wage and you think you want to get paid more next year and you're not gonna provide any more value to your employee or I'm sorry your employer well that's kind of greedy like you want to get paid more for doing the exact same thing you have to learn to increase your value and so what you want to do is take this upon yourself to learn a way to increase your value and like I said I like to do that into really these these high-value jobs and what you can do is you'll take that you'll learn this new value learn these new skills and then you can offer them for free now what I would do is I would do that through a course so I would either go to a seminar I would take a course online and you can buy these courses for 200 bucks or 500 bucks so maybe you buy a couple of them maybe a thousand bucks and then you can take that new skill and either one you could apply it in your own life a way that you could use that to make money or what you could do is go off of that skill to somebody else so let's say for example I learned a skill for website building or I learned a skill for copywriting or I learned a skill for Facebook Ads I can go to a friend's business or someone's business or a neighbor's business or just some business down the street and offer my services for free hey would you allow me to do some copywriting and write some ads for you would you allow me to build this landing page for you would you write and do that for free no I know I said I was gonna return money but that's how you start writing the you're not gonna get paid you're gonna spend some money gonna learn that skill you're gonna have to go build that skill up and then you'll be able to do that now this is going to be a side job eventually it could be a full-time job all right that's how you do it imagine if you could learn how to do Facebook ads or copywriting or funnel building it would be pretty easy to make a thousand dollars a month like a thousand dollars a month we pretty simple over twelve months that's twelve thousand dollars you've added to your you know added to your like full-time job right your full-time income now that's on the side what if you could just upgrade your job completely so let's say right now you're just in customer service or you're just in data entry or whatever you're doing but now using this high-value skill you could actually transfer to a different department and stout and now instead of making you know thirty five thousand dollars you're now how you're making forty five or fifty five thousand dollars a year so now you've added twenty grand a year onto your income just because you learned that high income school and you don't have to go back to school this isn't about going back and getting a PhD if you could learn one of these high-value skills you'd be worth more to your employer you can get a move and get a high pay raise pay raise there or you can start doing this on the side and make an extra one thousand two thousand dollars a month twenty four thousand dollars a year all right so if that sounds good give me thumbs up on that all right now where are you gonna start all right let's make this practical I thought maybe hopefully for a lot of you this sounds really good but then you're like a great great that's not a good I shut the video off and then that's it so let's make a plan right otherwise it's just this is a dream so where you gonna start well first what's your passion right what is that you'd like to do there's been the quote I'm sure you guys have heard it if you love what you do you'll never work a day in your life and that is true now even the best thing in the world turns into be work sometimes for me I love surfing and imagine being a pro surfer and getting to travel the world to be on the best beaches and surf in the ocean right awesome but even for them there's times where it's work so there's always gonna be work but the reason why you want to do something that you love is because it doesn't really feel like work and also to be really good at something it takes a lot of time a lot of passion and if you hate it you'll never put that time in it so what is your passion what is it that you find yourself doing now for free what are you reading right what are you working on just for free what are the articles that you find yourself pulling up and reading or what are the stuff that you're watching YouTube etc so you can start there right and again I want to look at high-income still skills so I want to be in the revenue streams alright I don't want to be doing data entry I want to be in the in the revenue streams where the money is made and that's gonna be in sales and marketing so really I want to find where my where my passions or skills merges intersects with sales and marketing and still let's say for sales for example I could take I could get a bunch of books for a thousand bucks on on sales how to do sales sales marketing and etc I could take courses I can go to I can go to a seminar and I've been to them I've been to sale seminars I can take classes I could then take those skills and I could start selling real estate I could go into a network marketing business I could start selling construction jobs medical equipment I could be on the phone selling investment opportunities there is endless amount of jobs that you can do sales for but you have to learn the skills and anybody can learn them and I know a lot of people go I'm not a salesperson well anybody could be that's that's a skill that you can learn all right now whether you end up loving it or not that's a different story if you're a people person you probably will if you're not a people person then maybe that's not for you and so then I would focus on the marketing side and when I talk about marketing all kinds of things that I could be social media do you find yourself spending a lot of time on social media well maybe you should have a job in social media imagine if you can get paid just for posting on people's instagrams and Twitter's and things like that if you're already on Instagram anyway why not figure out a way to get paid for that but you need to learn the direction right so take some classes on social media marketing digital marketing again going back to copywriting copywriting czar really it's really defined art learning how to say you know the right things at the right time Facebook marketing you could do graphic design video editing like I talked about like funnel funnel design building and things like that those are all things that will directly impact the person's income and if you can directly impact their income they're very likely to give you a good piece of that back these are all things that you can easily make one or two thousand dollars a month on the side and eventually they could be a full-time job or you could increase your pay with that now if you've learn these skills you've applied these skills eventually then can apply them for yourself so now that I've been doing marketing for this company you're doing copywriting for this company doing graphic design building funnel says company why not do it for myself then I can take those skills I can start selling products on Amazon I could do it money Bain and you can buy courses on that I can find a course on how to sell stuff on amazon drop shipping with I don't even need money I can do it through drop shipping and then I can make my own course maybe I have skills or maybe I take these newfound skills how I turned a thousand dollars into a $24,000 a year job that's a course that you could sell the options are endless and the thing is is that it really just takes action what I like to say is that action leads to clarity all right action leads to clarity so right now you're hearing all this and like I'm not really sure what to do well action leads to clarity imagine if you were in a forest and you couldn't really see what was going on but you had two paths in front of you and I wasn't sure it was at the right path or the left Fork which one which way do I split was I supposed to go and I don't know well I could sit there forever and I'm never gonna figure out which way to go eventually I have to start walking down one of the past now eventually I could walk down one of the paths and go oh that wasn't it turn around go back but I would never have figured that unless I took action action leads to clarity and you need to do the same that makes sense now if you liked this video give me some thumbs up on it if you don't give me some thumbs down but either way let me know leave me your comments down below I answer every single one of your questions and comments down there I'd love to engage with you guys and let me know what you want to know more about in the comments down below if you'd like me to dig in deeper into any one of these topics which you'd like to learn more how you can learn how you could apply it how you make money any of those things leave in the comments down below and that's it to your success