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En este vídeo verás obras comentadas de Remedios Varo además de detalles de su vida. Esta pintora española desarrolló su obra en México y creo que no está lo suficientemente reconocida.


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Surrounded by people but totally alone

**Surrounded by people but totally alone**



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hi I think you're the first person here yes I'm okay thank you for asking I think it was a little dramatic howdy Howie yes I got a haircut as I promised in my last livestream I'm getting me oh my god you guys we're not getting back into that conquered shit Thank You Sammy thank you CB CB bait one you know Blair I am too oh oh I'm very relaxed you know everybody the same Charles I think I know the name of the girl you said you wanted to dig recently Tessa question no Tessa is lovely and I think she's amazing but no I never felt attracted to her I wanted to do how are you I'm good a little confused but I'm all right Thank You Catalina I work so damn funny you know for how much I smoke I really shouldn't have such good skin and what I I guess I got lucky nothing's been happening welcome to my neighborhood literally nothing happens okay nothing nothing I am Telling You nothing happens here like and there's the streets are clean it's really oh no I just brought one I'm sorry I just brought one I just brought one what I'll actually hold on I might have some in my pocket what do you smoke what do you smoke which one to use what would equal kind you like I have a Newports everything's ok I don't like them do you want the rest of my pack I like that are there ok but you know you're not where's my labor oh you got one are there any further any more in there is you keel you can have it of course Aspen yeah well nice to meet you we probably shouldn't be smoking but you know some of us are better than dying or when is it some of us are better at dying than others I mean you could eat healthy and get hit by a bus so yeah hmm hm well it's nice meeting you it's nice meeting you thank you I'm not looking like anything that's sweet thank you okay well anyway he's nice to say that I had nice lips but and please go away just keep keep writing keep going please please please please just go away like he was nice but like I think God okay bye sir I forgot his name no it wasn't dangerous it was just some guy on a bike it's not like him a knife or anything Jesus and I didn't you think I know him why would I have told him a fake name if I knew him if he comes back I'm walking away that's what I will do I'll see nice meeting you again honestly though no no he was not that's no he wasn't cute he wasn't cube in my opinion but he said he had nice lips and all my haters are like my lips are jacked he liked my lips no he didn't look scary I don't know I don't know I get called a lot like a lot people say a lot of stuff and saying you have nice lips it's pretty tame in my opinion as I have heard some disgusting things in my opinion he was polite that was the first name that came to my head like Aspen give him a chance he could be your soul mate you know he just might be but I have a feeling he's not oh oh there's a couple they're walking just so sweet it makes me feel even more alone but you know what I'm literally in front of two buildings that have two active doormen and there's one there and my building has an active doorman a missus there's a security guard so like I think he did anything like all these Peters adorn me in there this door me like everyone would see any we I am confused because I feel like and this is not like a super depressing a lot of email thing but also I gave him the pack of cigarettes because I wanted to get rid of him and I was just like because he wanted originally he was like a cigarette I was like now I only have one for my set like I only brought one which is a wife bring like a thousand and then he was like can you save some for me and I'm like no no I can't see me was super like I hate when people ask that but like when I'm outside a restaurant and do some oh um I'm not a big smoker can you just save the rest of like a little bit of your cigarette for me I'm like damn no oh yes I'd rather give you one and you can take one puff and throw it away I don't care if you you know light it one puff and toss it's not my business but I'm not gonna give you my half-smoked cigarette it's mine it's like saying hey you know I'm not a big gum chewer but can you chew your gum a little bit when it's just about to lose flavor can you just spit into my mouth anyway as I was saying and confused a little bit because I feel like I have a lot of people in my life and this is not an offense to anybody I feel like I have a lot of people surrounding me and this is gonna sound like I'm floating my own boat or in like pumping myself up but and this is not a joke I don't know what I do to do this this isn't I don't have like magic tricks when I walk into a room of people when I go to a social event I am surrounded by people it's not by my own doing even when I want to get privacy like I have been at social events where I've literally been like okay I'm surrounded and it like I'll walk in and to my friends and people eat strangers come up to me and they like surround me how are you what are you doing what's this what are you smoking what are you doing the dream but and it's very nice and that's I shouldn't complain and even when I like try and get privacy for like 10 seconds I'll be like Oh guys and just you know quickly or I'll sneak out try to get some fresh air or something this has happened so many times like I'll go downstairs in a restaurant go outside and I'm like okay just take me breath go on your phone for a minute like chill and I look up for my phone and like half the people that went there with me were like whatever are around me or strangers we'll just surround me and I'm like and they're like oh my god like have you been to this restaurant before him like no they're like oh neither I moved here from London and like of course I was raised so like intensely to be nice to everyone and like have incredible manners that I can't be rude I can't be like you know I need a minute or like can I use be alone right now like I can't see that and so many of my friends and so many people that I know when they want to be alone but they're outside wherever they are and someone comes up to them they can say you know I just really want to be alone for I said I can't do that I am so like it's like a switch when someone comes up to me I'm like as you saw with that random guy I could have been like yeah here the cigarettes nice meeting you like bro have a good night League have a chill night I'm just trying to like you know face name my friend I was like how are you yes of course oh you know some what you should we shouldn't be smoking but why what so anyway my confusion is I feel like I have a lot of friends and I love all my friends truly I give so I look I want to be as generous I try to be a wonderful generous and kind as it can be to my friends and I definitely feel surrounded by positive people right now but you know that's not a hundreds of true that's I feel like there are some snakes but they're not venomous they're just snake anything but I'm not gonna get into that maybe if you guys get me to talk about that I might but I do feel like I'm surrounded by but constantly and like socially but at the same time I can feel so completely alone is that weird is that oxymoronic that you're surrounded by people there's so many people that want to be in your presence but at the same time you can feel so completely alone as then when I'm alone I crave people I crave it and I will even go to socialist situations where I don't even want to be just to get that feeling of being with people but at this it doesn't do it it doesn't satisfy me only certain people do like there are very few people that I can be with just them and feel so completely with someone and I'm working on that but it's weird anyway it was funny though I sometimes I really do have to ask myself like what am i doing that's bringing all these people to me do I have a I'm not really like I am really good at being on I am being you know I'm good at being on I can be when I go to a sessions social situation there are some people that are like very closed off and nervous you put me in a room I don't care if it's a room of you know a political thing if it's a fundraiser a party I walk in there and I am just I feel it I watch it's almost like I float out of my body and watch myself and I'm like damn like I'm just so on and hi how are you do you know how rare it is that people go up to you tonight nowadays and go hi my name is Aspen how are you look what's your name nice to meet you no one does that anymore so what I go into a room of people I've never met never met I've been invited by like a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend I walked into him if 20 people I've never met I could sit in the corner and be awkward I go up to every one of those 20 people hi what's your name my name is Charles nice to meet you hi Charles nice to meet you oh hi what are you drinking that looks good my name is Charles Newsome you and I go over and then it's like like a robotic autopilot I go into this mode where I like have to make sure that everybody's entertained everyone's happy like if we're walking past a dumpster and people are like wow if that you couldn't get into that with your heels I will get into the dumpster with my heels to make sure everyone's injured I always end up being the center of attention not and I know that sounds so like full of myself but I don't mean it to be it's just a degree that's gonna flirt with me I swear to fucking god okay that's just one thing I learned is don't make iconic people that you don't know because it can be taken offensively please just walk away walk away good good good yeah that's right okay anyway I always end up being the center of attention and I have had my some my friends asked me like how do you do that or like I'm not as I need that confidence and I don't know I don't know and I remember once being at this party and I was literally I had gone outside to smoke and everyone left the party and came with me non-smokers I was like no one's there look look at him anyway the facade has gone too far fuck you why don't you hide in your basement where you belong blocked anyway maybe they followed me outside the restaurant like this entire party and they were all staring they're not staring maybe like surrounding me and while I was smoking you were talking and I was like I literally looked at them and I remember saying you guys wouldn't know if I was miserable and wanted to go home or if I'm actually having a good time and then I just started laughing and everyone laughed but I was like they're they really wouldn't know if I was miserable I sometimes when I am miserable at a party I just fake it anyway I'm sorry that's so stupid I don't know you know why I brought that up yeah I guess I am living different I'm seeking deeper connections but I'm I'm working on that I'm trying but some people are so happy being alone and I guess I am at times I'm fine being alone I can be alone in you happy I need to be alone sometimes everything goes there are some people that can be alone for like a week and I can't do that I just can't do them I need to be with people and I just thrive off of attention even when I don't know how I'm getting it that sounds so full like stupid and like the when the pretty kid at school is like I don't know why everyone calls me pretty I'm not I'm not like that I genuinely would look like to film me walking into a room and I don't know what it is people will flock to me I don't know what I do and like and then I have to be on and even people that I don't want to flock to me like people that I'm not fond of they come over and I'm just like but I think if I walked in and they didn't do that I'd be just as a not upset I would be miserable so it's I like that they do that but I don't know I think what I'd like is a deep connection with one person rather than semi deep connections with a million people that just comes up come over to me and talk to me randomly and you know talk to me at parties I don't know you know what I mean I doubt it's because I look interesting I think it's because I'm crazy and when I walk into a party I make sure it at least looks like I'm having fun one of the most important lessons I ever learned in my life and I'm not going to say who taught me this because you guys know them and I don't know that they want me to say this they wouldn't but whatever they told me when I was young that the best way to like make friends and get attention is school cafeteria picture it you're the new student you don't know anyone you're in the school cafeteria there's an empty table now often the student that doesn't know anyone if they have the balls will go up to a table full of people and said or they'll go to the empty table cuz it's safe don't get on there it's vulgar they'll read a book and they kind of look closed off so if you look at them you're like oh well they're alone but they look like they're in their own space they want to be left alone but this individual told me if you go to the school cafeteria and you sit alone make it look like you're having the best time of your life like even though you're alone that's the best table to be at and you can apply that to life whenever you're anywhere that you are alone or you're no one knows you just literally actually you know be act like you're having the best time and people just come over here so I've asked literally every therapist every person I've ever met what am i doing to attract people and no one can tell me I'm not doing anything and I'm not complaining I just wish i attracted deeper connections that's all because I wouldn't feel so alone when I'm surrounded by 20 people it's like I don't know usually when you hand someone a cigarette they just walk away when I hand someone a cigarette they just talk to me and it's great but I'm like and I get so many questions from people it's sometimes if from you guys like what how can I be confident like I don't know anyway this is so stupid and I'm starting to just cycle over the same thing so let's talk about something thank you Sam you have to make shallow connections to get deep ones it's true so I should just laugh and roll on the floor during a funeral no no the situation when was the last time you had a deep connection with someone recently actually I have deep connections with people there are people in my life I truly do care for and I care for all that decided that came out so wrong I wasn't thinking there are a lot of people in my life I truly do care for all of my friends I truly care for but there are a few people that I do really think I have a deep deep connection with like deep like we've been through it you know what I need and I'm trying to perpetuate that you know what I mean this is so stupid this is so stupid I don't even know why I'm talking about this honestly but yeah what's your best advice for a gay guy in New York City I have no advice have you looked at my life online I've been married I've been all over the place I've had boyfriends I've had a girlfriend for him literally three seconds of my life I've had failed friendships so I don't think I'm the best person to take advice from but if you're a gay New York City you're in the right place I mean this is a great place to be gay I would just say don't get me okay this is actually good advice if you'll end for anyone coming to New York City don't get involved with the wrong crowd because they the wrong crowd is it's like a store that has a really nice sort of front but then you go in and it's really messy and shitty and full of really bad people so the wrong people the wrong crowd they can be really alluring and they can make you feel so special but then like that they can really try their blue in your life and that's why as five a four eight six Julio is asking how can you tell it's the wrong crowd you have to ask you have to find someone that's experienced and say you know I'm new here kind of helped me out and so they can say without bias avoid those people unless you know you're into what they're into you know you I think the best thing to do is meet a lot of people keep them at a distance at first and see who you connect with that's what my advice is for anyone being moving here if you could live anywhere besides NYC where would you live I get asked that on every live stream every Q&A and the answer is if I had to live anywhere but here probably Chicago but I or that's yeah I guess Chicago but tonight I like Chicago but no I'm not leaving this place gosh you're blessed that your parents live in New York City I really am you know my my parents are some of the most amazing people I've ever met in my entire life and they were here when it wasn't safe and they really you know they had a lot of privilege as well but you know that doesn't make up with the fact that they were living here alone when it wasn't safe and they witnessed some pretty pretty crazy stuff you know you wouldn't witness now in New York City and you know so my parents are pretty remarkable your parents originally from NYC or do they move there because they like it well they've both been here my dad grew up here my dad grew up here my mom moved here at a young age and with literally every NIT was a time when it was much different for women unfortunately it's really horrible to think that a Thai number like that ever existed and it was a time when it was also really tough to live here alone and she just was like fuck it I'm gonna like go fall to the wall if someone gets in my way I'm not gonna let them because her parents wanted her to either be a secretary or a preschool teacher that's what they thought they didn't think she was gonna they were like it just sounds like crazy but they didn't expect her to go to college they wanted her brother to go to college but they were like you're a woman you don't go to college you know you're gonna do with the jobs that we told you and that's what's gonna happen then you're gonna find a husband then you're gonna quit and you're gonna be married and have kids and be done but what's HBIC I don't know that it's my mom's it was like fuck I am NOT doing that she was like I want to go to hair uh she's like I want to go to college and I want it and even though she's like not a lot of women weren't she was like I wanted a fucking college and get a career and fuck marrying in someone and settling down I didn't get married when the fuck I want to if she moved here at a young age she she didn't like abandon her packaging and she made friends really good friends I don't know how she found them so quickly and they have fun she went to clubs I remember her telling me like when I started going to clubs she's the club's back then were crazy I mean whoa like but she said it was so dangerous at night when you left a club you'd have to walk in the middle of the street where the cars were sidewalks were so dangerous and she'd walk with her best friend arm and arm and they'd be singing in the street and dancing studio jam studio damn 54 I am not privy to know what went on there she is kind of tight-lipped about that but I don't think she went more than like once or twice at Studio 54 but just because she did a lot of stuff I'd I know she did a lot of clubbing and then she did a lot of like underground jazz clubs and she got bored of like club clubs and then she did poetry clubs and then she would do language clubs and so she really went all over the place I don't know why so weird I do anyway but yeah if I showed you guys though my list of contacts on my phone it's ridiculous like I take everybody's phone number keep strangers strangers hundreds of them that come up to me and they just like give me all their numbers in the end oh I want to stay in contact my address book I don't even know it sounds bad but I'll look through them like I have 56 addison's in my address book who are all these people anyway are you want Epstein's black book if I don't know what that is should I know what Epstein's black cookies I do Shana so you still talk to your ex-husband um that frequently but we're on very good terms where we support each other you know I think that's really amazing that we got divorced and we're still on good terms but we're not like we don't have contention we don't fight so do you still order muffins from postmates yeah you know I think people get emotional so trashy is part of the city there is trashy part yeah I feel like there are there's no part of the city that does not have a trashiness to it post mates over over eats I'm just not familiar with it or gates I rarely rarely use it do you ever rewatch your old old videos not really thank you for those commenting about mine but yeah I don't know this city is crazy I will tell you if you're out what was the word extrovert like me you gain energy from being with people this is where you need to be because if I lived in like my country house I love my country guys I grew up there I have so many so many memories but it's so spread out and it's so not populous that I think I would genuinely lose what semblance of a brain I have left yeah my hair is kind of natural right now I had it blow-dried but this city I mean you can just like walk you literally come out for a freaking cigarette in this people are talking to you now mind you that guy was hitting on me but whatever I don't even know what I said to him at least I didn't I don't know what what he would have done if I gave him my real names like I was going to be like that person just honk at me okay thank you that's sweet go away go away no it's not an uber I could tell the way the please oh my god they literally honked at me and stopped right here what does he think I'm gonna do get in his car Jesus I think Hedi Slimane is taken to Celine in the direction that he took us Alan wrong and they look identical well what's worse the Bronx our Harlem that's not nice and I don't know because they not I don't frequent either but I don't think you can say like that let's wear it so that's not nice to say about those places people live there and they're very nice places if your skin gets oily around your cheeks I would recommend moisturizing more often because often moisture or oil on your cheeks or oil on your skin indicates that your skin is actually unlike dry it make needs more moisture do you like the Halal guys food no I do not eat that I've only been to the Bronx once and I was there for a college tour and I had a panic attack and I left my mom got really mad and she was like you're not leaving this College – when I was I guess I am because I don't feel comfortable I was like not I wasn't having a panic attack because of the Bronx I was having a panic attack just ER there was a panic attack and I left and then she was like well I'm staying and I'm like okay fine you know if you want to stay that's sort of your prerogative but I'm leaving and I guess I didn't grasp they're just in a different borough but I went up in this woman I've talked about this I was like hi can you help me like I just need to get back to I gave her like we're in like a general area where I lived and she literally looked to me she's like honey you're not in the Manhattan they're in a different borough that's like oh so what do I do and I was looking at uber is but they were gonna take forever and she was like just she actually showed me where to go I think I talked about it she's sweet and she literally showed me where to go and how to get home what do panic attacks feel like to me it depends I'll answer that age when I went to my first club all answered the answer that the second depends on the panic deck please just drove by they always drive on the rear side so I feel very safe and we have security and injuries um panic attacks either I feel like usually my heart's pounding I can't control my thoughts and my thoughts are racing I'm dizzy I usually grind my teeth uncontrollably I shake and I feel terror just like pure terror and yeah that's pretty much what we feel like the first time I went to a club was when I was 17 I haven't had numbness in a long time when I get panics pickmonz button I don't club anymore and I did you cabal at my um yes I have been to France how did I get into a club at age 17 I walked up to the door and I said hi how are you guys love to join in DOS no that's stupid I don't know what I said I just walked in I just put a smile on my face I acted like I belong here I guess you know I guess and I'm not saying you should go out before you're 21 because it's not safe unless it's a 18 plus event but I feel like any event where you may not get in just walk in just smile and walk in it like that's all it's just be confident if people are nervous and early hey hi like I don't know like is there a list or can I get in here like what do I do then they're gonna be like obviously this person does not the law but if you're like hi how are you nice to see you again and you just walk in they want people there you know and if they're like oh are you on the list I'm not going to say which club because I have had issues with them but there's a club in the city that is incredibly hard to get into and when I was told that immediately my first thought was I'm gonna go there and get in because I don't like that's a challenge when someone says I can't do something I'm like well I'm gonna go do it I think about that for my mom but so that everyone wasn't Gathers club is so hard to get into so hard to get into but a little bottle I was like really really let's let's do this like fuck that like I don't believe that so I took two of my friends I walked so I went to the club I got out of the uber like I would say a minutes walk away so I didn't pull up in the car cuz I wanted to see what the whole place looked like and there was a line but then I noticed there was another little like velvet rope that was separate with no line so I said I'm gonna walk up to that cell bro because I don't want to leave mine so I went right to the velvet rope and the bouncer came over me he said oh are you with someone you have a reservation otherwise you gotta wait in line and I just said no I'm going in and he said well like the way for the doorman to come out the remain came out literally that second and the bouncer kind of nudged like motioned to the doorman that means like is okay too late come in and the doorman was like how many are you and I was like it's me and my two friends he was like you're good lucky they stamped my wrist locked in this supposedly hard to get into Club and but if I walked up and I'd been like hey like uh is there a list like I don't know like should I go in line what do we do they would have been like get in line wait but I walked right up and you said I'm going in I'm going in and I asked a bouncer I said it's really nice to meet you and so you know you're out here it was cold at that time I said would you like me to bring you a drink or something because he's out there and I sent to the door doorman I introduced myself I always give my business card it's nice to meet you and I walked in that's what you do and just be nice to people smile and the next time the next few times I'd went to that Club they want let me write it I could bring ten people with me out with this oh he's good write it so I think that's the key is confidence and just like you know pee be nice are you not hot or thirsty no actually it's pretty nice out and I do get thirsty after excellent cigarettes why are people being so mean huh welcome to my channel I do stay up late honest yeah well yeah I'd usually a I don't have any plans today so I have no reason to get up chewing gum makes I don't like chewing gum well don't be too confident that you come off cocky you don't want to walk up to any place and be like yeah I own this but like that comes off like a liqueur and that's all just walk up to a place and have the level of confidence that they feel like you would contribute something to being there when I did I've done Fashion Week now twice and I don't go a lot because all the fashion shows are during the day well most of them are there like at 10:00 a.m. and I'm like no not happening sorry I don't care what should go it is not going in today and I'll answer that question in a second Jordan yeah that's what kind of P o RN I like so when I do Fashion Week I only go to the fashion shows at night and I'm really grateful to the people that helped organize that for me but some shows you hear about last minute because a lot of designers will have like last-minute things and not a lot actually only a few and so you go and there is a list there's a very strict list and I remember me and my friend literally went to I got my show it was we went to we saw there was a line at the main entrance and it was a lot of assumes like fashion students wanted to get standing room so I said to my friend was like oh I don't think it'd get in and I was like no so we walked around his side and I saw where they were like loading in lights and like people were like obviously that work there were going in and I went in there and there was someone at a table and they're like oh are you a guest because the entrance is on the other side I'm like no no no no I'm here with I like named drop the name of the designer like I'm here with our publicity team actually my name should be on the list and I just completely made something up I was like can you check us I'm here with Linda can you check on the list Linda put me on and she she needs me back there now and they were like oh oh hold on one second she was like on the radio Linda needs what's your name and I made up a name of course this I'm not gonna risk my name so I was like whatever Jeffery or something I'm like I'm Jeffery and I need to get back to now this is my friend we're going back where I think we're running late and when they see you act assertive like that and they're like job is to make sure people get where they need to go they're like okay instead of like trying to radio everybody back there they're just like I'm gonna let him in because I think what this person and this is how I've gotten into a bunch of fashion shows that I wasn't invited to the people that are organizing it often would rather let you in then radio a million people and get yelled at if I actually was the publicist for this designer and they were like you know trying to figure out and then I was late and then they get fired so they were just like okay yeah let him in they let me and my friend and they gave us well like industry passes so basically we can kind of sit wherever we work bonded to that there were free seats and we just sat down watch the show and left and I left through that same entrance I think you're so much you're a lifesaver you have to really play it up so anyway that's that's the tip if you want to get into a fashion show never never go through the front entrance and if you have to and they say are you on the list yes actually I'm on the PR list my name is Jeffrey can you check with Linda actually I was invited last minute I don't have the email my publicist does but I'm so it's just we're so mixed up I just flew in today like I'm all mixed up I just if I miss this show I know the designer whatever designer it's gonna be really mad at me and they're like oh hold on a second okay are you know yeah you guys go and go and quit and if they say you're not allowed in your walk away and you're like oh I totally got it no I get it you're doing your job I totally respect that I'm fine it's difficult it's not like you know rocket science talk to me best place to eat in NYC L'Express if you're gonna eat in NYC go to L'Express and tell them Charles don't you and say hi for me because they're the best it's not scamming and I've never had scammed anyone I've never tried to get money out of anyone like that like you don't get paid to go to a fashion show but Oh what kind of people are in do I like um I don't know I don't really watch that stuff too too often just whatever II prefer the intimacy of another but we are all human and we do have to take care of ourselves occasionally and I prefer when it's more natural less produced that's do I like pizza on a cheat day yes fave gay club in the city I literally New York City as a gay club so yeah yes if you're in this chat you're an icon Thank You Shauna everybody loves an icon if you're in this chat you're not kind of good so much alike but guess you guys are all iconic I love you so much I don't eat sushi do I ever want children maybe there's a reason that they should charge being around people makes us feel more connected what what age range are you into at the moment my age and up have you ever been to the box many times I have been and they've nothing bad to say about it there's a video on my feed of me at the box I'm not speaking anyway I'm gonna go back inside and I love to chatting with you guys but I hope you have a lovely night I'm gonna try to go live as often as I possibly can I love you all so much follow my Instagram Charles Beeker would really appreciate it

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What is JetPens?
– We are an online stationery store. We carry unique, high-quality pens, paper, and art supplies from Japan and beyond.

Where can I buy the products?
– You can buy the products from our shop JetPens.com here:

Do you ship to my country?
– We ship worldwide to most countries! Please see our shipping page for more details:

How much does shipping cost and how long does it take?
– We offer free shipping to USA orders over $25! Shipping time depends on the method of shipping you choose. See available shipping methods and international shipping rates here:

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– Our prices are listed in US dollars. Our website currently does not have the option to use other currencies.

Do you have any offers, coupons, or promotions?
– We do run promotions for our newsletter subscribers from time to time! Sign up for our newsletter here:
JetPens does not offer coupon codes. You can learn more here:

Where are you located?
– Our office and warehouse are located in the United States. While we do not have a physical retail storefront, our online store www.JetPens.com is always open! We fulfill orders Mondays through Fridays except on major US holidays. Find out more about us here:

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Top 10 Affordable Back To School Supplies

**Top 10 Affordable Back To School Supplies**



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Back to school supplies don’t have to break the bank. In this video, we’ll show you our top supplies for students on a budget! Shop all products here:

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Uni-ball Signo 207 Gel Pen ($1.60 – $1.80) :
Staedtler Textsurfer Classic Highlighter ($1.45) :
Pilot Fure Fure Shaker Mechanical Pencil ($3.30) :
Tombow 2558 Pencil ($1.20) :
Maruman Kurufit Binder ($5.75) :
Apica CD Notebook ($1.20 – $4.35) :
Velos Tin Pen Case ($4.25 – $5.80) :
Sakura Foam Eraser ($0.80 – $5.50) :
Kokuyo Dual Head Keshipita Correction Tape ($4.45) :
Raymay Easy to See Grid Ruler ($1.95) :

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What is JetPens?
– We are an online stationery store. We carry unique, high-quality pens, paper, and art supplies from Japan and beyond.

Where can I buy the products?
– You can buy the products from our shop JetPens.com here:

Do you ship to my country?
– We ship worldwide to most countries! Please see our shipping page for more details:

How much does shipping cost and how long does it take?
– We offer free shipping to USA orders over $25! Shipping time depends on the method of shipping you choose. See available shipping methods and international shipping rates here:

What currency are your prices listed in? Can I see the prices in my country’s currency?
– Our prices are listed in US dollars. Our website currently does not have the option to use other currencies.

Do you have any offers, coupons, or promotions?
– We do run promotions for our newsletter subscribers from time to time! Sign up for our newsletter here:
JetPens does not offer coupon codes. You can learn more here:

Where are you located?
– Our office and warehouse are located in the United States. While we do not have a physical retail storefront, our online store www.JetPens.com is always open! We fulfill orders Mondays through Fridays except on major US holidays. Find out more about us here:

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Back to school supplies don’t have to break
the bank. We’re rounding up our favorite supplies
for students on a budget. Each item is less than $6! Don’t forget to like and subscribe if you
want to see more videos for students. Let’s get started. Pens & Pencils Gel Pen The humble Uni-ball Signo 207 is as reliable
as they come. The acid-free, fade, and water resistant gel
ink makes sure that your notes will last. A comfortable textured rubber grip helps keep
your hand from getting cramped. Highlighter If you do a lot of highlighting, we recommend
the Staedtler Textsurfer. These chunky highlighters have a huge reservoir
full of quick-drying ink. Plus, they won’t roll away if you happen
to take a power nap. Mechanical Pencil Pilot Fure Fure Shaker Mechanical Pencils
are perfect for students. They feature a shaker mechanism that lets
you extend the lead with a simple shake! These pencils also come in two stylish body
designs: the adorable Corone and stylish Sprinter. Wooden Pencil The Tombow 2558 resembles the yellow-barreled
pencils you might’ve used before, but don’t be fooled by its nostalgic looks. The lead makes crisp and dark lines, while
the attached eraser cleans stray marks well. Binders & Notebooks Binder Say goodbye to pinched fingers with the Maruman
Kurufit Binder. The plastic rings are easy to open: just unhook
the white tab at the bottom and slide the rings apart. These binders are lightweight so you can carry
as many as you need for class. Notebook Despite their bargain price, Apica CD Notebooks
don’t skimp on the quality. Each notebook is threadbound to last well
past the school year. We like the CD15, a semi B5-sized notebook. It’s large enough for notes and the right
size to fit in backpacks. Pencil Case Accessories Pen Case The Velos Tin Pen Case is sleek and lightweight,
perfect for storing all your supplies. If minimalism isn’t your thing, you can
easily decorate the outside with paint pens or washi tape! Eraser The Sakura Foam Eraser might be inexpensive,
but it’s one of the best general-purpose erasers we’ve ever used. The soft plastic erases thoroughly, and the
dust clumps together so it’s easy to clean up. Correction Tape The Kokuyo Dual Head Keshipita Correction
Tape covers up any spelling errors or stray marks in your notes. The movable head stays flush against the paper
so you won’t tear the tape. This refillable correction tape comes in three
different tape widths. Ruler The Raymay Easy to See Grid Ruler is thoughtfully
designed to make measuring a breeze. Measurements are printed on both edges, and
the transparent plastic lets you see through the ruler to line it up accurately. Which of these items was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below. Be sure to check out the blog in the card
above to see more picks. You can find all of these items and more at
JetPens.com. Thanks for watching!

Dollar General $5 Off $25 Coupon Scenerios for August 3, 2019- Household and Personal Care

**Dollar General $5 Off $25 Coupon Scenerios for August 3, 2019- Household and Personal Care**



View Time:10:1Minutes



You can find ALL of the printables in this video here:

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hi everyone its Lainey thank you for clicking on that little play button and deciding that you want to find out what I have to show you today what I have to show you today I have three different dollar general scenarios for you for this weekend's 500 for 25 now I have sporadically done five off of 25 videos for a while but I haven't done one like this one yet well I take that back I have done one and it kind of blurred out but I'm going to try it one more time if you guys like this video and you want to see it every week let me know in the comment section down below and share this video with a friend who shops at Dollar General also because we have the three different scenarios that we have today we have one that's personal care we have one that is items that you need for your household and then the last one is kind of like a hodgepodge of different items the last one is the scenario that I have set up for myself that's the one that I actually really want to do so we're going to get into the first one now the these items you can buy either the male version or the female version of this but for each one of these scenarios you are definitely going to need either a digital or a paper five off of 25 preferably the digital and the one or two of these have paper coupons in them the household is all digital which is really nice but when you're using paper coupons in conjunction with the digital five off of 25 is what you'll do is you'll put all of your items up on the belt the cashier will bring everything in you will give the cashier your paper coupons the cashier scans your paper coupons and then you plug your phone number into the keypad for any of your digital and for your digital 525 to come off so let's go ahead and get into what we're here so the way that I'm gonna do this is I'm going to show you the product and then I'm going to show you the coupon that you're going to use with it so for the personal care the first item that you want to grab is of course this $4 chick razor we have a four dollar off coupon which will make that razor completely free now you can do the male or the female version of that razor the next item you want to grab is the skintimate shave gel at $3 there is a $1 off digital coupon for that final price on that it's gonna be $2 then you want to grab one of the always discreet liners for $3 we have a $2 digital coupon and which will make the final cost on that one dollar and then you want to grab the crust 3.5 ounce 3d white at $3 we have a $1 digital coupon which is going to drop that down to $2 then you want to pick up one of the Nivea lotions for three dollars and 15 cents we have a $1 off digital coupon which is going to drop that down to 215 now we're going into paper coupons you want to grab two of the swab body washes it's going to be a total of $4 in your July 28th RetailMeNot you will find a coupon for a dollar off when you purchase to let you bring that down to three then you want to pick up a swab deodorant now the one that I'm showing you is a dollar and seventy five cents but there are also some that are two dollars you're going to use that 50 Cent's off one from the July 28th RetailMeNot your final price depending on which deodorant you choose will either be a dollar and 25 cents or a dollar and fifty cents your next item is a swab shampoo conditioner and this needs to be the professional I chose the shampoo and conditioner combined that way you only have to buy one bottle and that is two dollars we have a $1 off when you purchase any one shampoo or conditioner for the swap what is the swab professionals which is going to drop the price down to $1 and then as a filler item you're going to grab two of the skinny bags of the skinny pop popcorn those are $1 each and in the July 28 smart source there is a coupon for $1 off for each bag that you purchase now if you did not get that coupon there's also a 75 cent off digital that should be in your Dollar General account and then there's also 75 cent off printables on coupons calm the link is in the description box down below for you so now let's wrap this one up your total before all of your coupons with what I have listed is 25 dollars and 90 cents once all of your coupons are taken off it drops your total down to twelve dollars and forty cents subtract your five out of twenty five and your final cost out of pocket will be seven dollars and forty cents plus tax alright so let's move on to the next category the next category we're just going to call it household alright the first item that we're going to grab is one of the gain 105 count dryer sheets at three dollars and 95 cents this item is one of the items that qualifies in the two dollar digital coupon makes the final a dollar ninety five cents on that we're going to grab one of the Purex pods for two dollars and ninety-five cents we have a two dollar off digital coupon which makes that ninety-five cents then we're going to grab one of the Armand Hammer pods they are three dollars and 95 cents we have a digital coupon for two dollars off which makes it a dollar ninety five cents then we're gonna grab one of the scotch-brite 2-pack sponges for two dollars and forty-five cents we have a $1 off digital coupon which is going to drop that down to 145 now we're gonna grab two of the mr. clean gain sprays they are on sale two for $5 and then we're also going to buy one 24 ounce gain dish soap at $2 now we have a $3 off when you purchase three specific items all three of those items are included in that coupon so that's the total for those three items that's going to drop all the way down to $4 so then we're also going to pick up one six pack of Scott paper towels at $5 we have a $1 off digital coupon which is going to drop it down to four so for after after we purchase all of those items after our coupons it's going our total is going to be 14 dollars and 30 cents once we subtract our five off of 25 our final total for all of those household products is nine dollars and thirty cents plus tax out of pocket okay the last scenario this is my little hodge podge here three of the skinny pop popcorns at one dollar each using three of the coupons from the July 28th smart source it's a wash zero one package of these Schick razors for four dollars using the four dollars off digital coupon it's a wash zero one of the P rec spots for two dollars and 95 cents I'm going to use the two dollars off digital coupon it's gonna make it 95 cents I'm going to be getting two of the Axe body wash at $4 each I'm going to use two of the principal coupons each one is a dollar and fifty cents off when you purchase one I'm going to purchase two axe deodorants for $4 each I'm going to use two of the printable coupons for a dollar and 50 Cent's off of axe deodorant making the total five dollars on that and then I'm gonna get one arming hammer or pods for $3.95 and I'm using a $2 digital coupon which is going to drop it down to 195 now anybody who's really good at math just said whoa you just surpassed that 25 dollars by quite a bit yes I did the total on what I'm going to purchase is going to eat before my coupons is gonna be $29.90 so I'm using $17 and Capone's which is dropping my total down to twelve dollars and ninety cents then when you subtract the five off 25 that brings me down to seven dollars and ninety cents now there are rebates in ibotta for the Axe body wash I will do two of those rebates which will give me back two dollars and fifty cents which means that my final out-of-pocket for this particular scenario is going to be five dollars and thirty cents so those are my three scenarios that I have put together for you for this coming Saturday five off a 2500 dollar general let me know what you think about these videos in the comment section down below if you have any questions comments or criticisms use the comments section because that's what it's for hopefully I'll be back out to shopping tomorrow and I'll have a video tomorrow evening for you and I can't think of anything else at the moment I will see you soon I really do appreciate you watching thanks so much