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At dahil wala tayong BUDGET, sa sari-sari store lamang tayo namili!

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Budgeting in Medical School | Tips for Living on a Budget!

**Budgeting in Medical School | Tips for Living on a Budget!**



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In this video, Dr Webb gives tips for surviving and budgeting in medical school!

Items I Use to Work Out and Stay Healthy in Residency:
Harbinger Pro Wristwrap Weightlifting Gloves:
Beats Studio Wireless Over-Ear Headphone (Matte Black)
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Under Armour Men’s Muscle Tank:
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Fitbit Charge Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband:
1/2-Inch Extra Thick Exercise Mat with Carrying Strap:

What I Take To Stay Healthy While in Residency!
GNC Pro Performance AMP Amplified Whey Protein:
Natural Vitality Organic Life Vitamins Liquid:
Ninja Professional Blender:
Fish Oil Concentrate with Omega-3 Fatty Acids:

Books I Use to Study During Orthopedic Residency:
Netters Concise Anatomy:
Millers Review of Orthopedics:
Wiesel Essential Orthopedics:
Greens Operative Hand Surgery:
Surgical Exposures in Orthopaedics:
Hoppenfeld Surgical Exposures:
Handbook of Fractures:
Orthopedics Made Ridiculously Simple:

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surviving during medical school I get asked a lot of questions about whether or not one needs to work in medical school how does it work when paying for things like rent tuition food prior payments etc I wanted to make a video about a typical semester during my time in medical school so here we go so here is an actual copy of my medical school bill for the fall semester of 2010 as you can see there are lots of charges here including tuition which I was charged about twenty one thousand eight hundred dollars student health insurance almost eighteen hundred dollars there was a $150 note-taking service a library fee of eight hundred dollars and several other fees for this tuition and other fees I used a combination of student loans as well as a grant that received due to my military service and after paying all of the required fees in tuition I receive a refund of approximately nine thousand one hundred and fifty dollars so this refund of nine thousand one hundred fifty dollars is what I live alone and had to make less during entire semester including August September October November and December of 2010 so this nine thousand one hundred fifty dollars divided by those five months means I had to budget and live on approximately eighteen hundred dollars a month which is not a lot of money but enough money to survive especially as a student so this $1,800 a month give or take has to pay for housing food credit cards car notes and other expenses but there are some ways to decrease this amount that you receive including receiving scholarships and grants and even some things that you can do to make a little extra money while as a student however most people do not work there in medical school there in my medical school I work in campus I took notes for other medical students and also did some tutoring both of which I did to make a little extra money but most important is that you are in medical school for wheezing and learning to become a doctor should be your priority some other ways to survive include number one get a roommate I did this while in medical school and calculated at the end how much it's actually saved me and it was about twenty five thousand dollars that I saved by having a roommates it's only for a limited time and in the end it can save you thousands of dollars number two cut the cable cable can be very expensive and let's be honest you won't have much time to watch it anyway cutting the cable can save you approximately one thousand dollars per year number three bike or walk to school instead of driving try to find a place within walking distance for a biking distance on school this can save you money on parking fees which can be very expensive especially where I went to medical school in DC instead I walked and save money on gas as well as parking number four search for places with student discounts any place where you eat shop potential living area always explore a student discount most places should offer do this is dr. Winn thank you guys for watching please subscribe as I will be posting videos every Monday Wednesday and Friday at 5 p.m. Central Standard Time so next time

True Cost of Working & Living in Singapore 🇸🇬

**True Cost of Working & Living in Singapore 🇸🇬**



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No holds barred information on the REAL cost of living, working and playing in Singapore. A variety of accommodation choices, food options and how to move around in Singapore is covered. An essential guide for those planning to live or work in Singapore.

what's up Jeremiah's into this video I will be talking about the cost of living in Singapore if you intend to move to Singapore you need to know terally what you're gonna be in for before you head over here so things that I will be covering include the cost of living in terms of accommodation in terms of transport as well as your food and having your mobile data plan I will be covering from different price points so depending on how much you earn you may want to spend a different amount from the very budget-friendly pricing tilt it's very luxurious lifestyle that some of the expats get to enjoy over here in Singapore if you're new here my name is jeremy see and if you like content like this make sure you subscribe and smash the notification bell icon to not miss out on any videos i upload one of the biggest part of the income that you will be spending on will be on accommodation and there are lots and lots of choices in terms of accommodation in singapore from the very budget-friendly to those very luxurious for those who are enjoying an expatriate and a really nice big fat package you can find options for those as well on the very highest end spectrum you have landed property these are detached houses which have their own gardens and are usually extremely expensive and it's out of reach for most regular folks you can expect monthly rental on this sort of huge 4000 5000 square feet houses to range from twelve thousand US dollars to fifteen thousand US dollars if you are willing to stay further away from the city center you may find some going for seven to eight thousand US dollars and of course these rental can only be afforded by high-end expats let's look at the middle option for those who do not want to spend so much on the accommodation you have condominiums and condominiums are basically apartments with full facilities built in you get a sling pool a gym whose security in the same premises and they usually cost less than lender property they are also smaller and they range from two rooms to tree bedrooms you can also find studio apartments as well 3-bedroom condominiums apartments usually arranged from a price of between $3,500 to $5,000 and for those that's looking for two bedrooms you can find them from a range from about $2,500 to $3,500 for those who are staying alone and don't need so much space you can actually find one bedroom condominium apartments they can go between a thousand eight to $2,500 of course the price and the cost significantly goes down if you are sharing the place with a friend and the most affordable option in Singapore is debt of public housing in Singapore we call them the HDB flats unlike many other countries where government public housing is not exactly the best in Singapore a lot of the public housing especially the newer ones are really well equipped and they are always facilities nearby we have food centers nearby we have markets nearby and they are also communal gym usually within walking distance of the public housing for public housing if you're renting the entire place there are various choices to choose from we have three bedrooms two bedrooms and if you're sharing a place of a friend the price can come down significantly a three-bedroom H TV flat that's about a thousand two hundred square feet can be had four monthly rental of about two thousand US dollars and if you are looking for the place with two bedrooms you can usually rent it for a much lower price of between thousand five two thousand six for most of the people who are coming here to work they don't want to spend so much money they want to send home more money and they want to save more money you can rent one single bedroom from a public housing apartment for about six to seven hundred Singapore dollars and if you were to split this with a friend each of you pay maximum three to four hundred dollars and you get a really comfortable place to stay you may not have the whole house to yourself but you still get the privacy of your own room and you have facilities nearby such as the market a gym community hall as well as a shopping mall next let's look at how do you move a in Singapore transportation in Singapore is extremely convenient you can find a bus stop usually within a few minutes walk or you can find a light rail system it's called an air LT here or a major subway and multi-system we call it here and the fans on this public transport system is usually pretty affordable costing less than one u.s. dollar for longer distance you can go up to two US dollars so the fare that you're paying for is distance base and regardless if you are taking a bus and switching to your MRT you know you may find that the eventual fare you pay will be calculated for you based on the distance that you are traveling on and if you're going for a very short distance there are lots of shared rental bicycles that you can download an app rent a bicycle and move around the neighborhood in a very easy way compared to a lot of the other big countries like in Australia or in Europe or even in the Americas Singapore has a fantastic transport system which runs pretty much on time and it's affordable and dependable if you are in a hurry sometimes it might be raining or you might want to be early for an appointment you can actually flag a taxi or download an app called grab where you can book a write share car taxi fares ranges from between $15 to about $25 depending on which time of the day you are taking because they'll be search pricing they'll be involved in the fares next let's talk about food options in Singapore food costs in Singapore is pretty straightforward you have basically two categories you either buy your groceries and cook it yourself or your head over to a foot center and get affordable food for grocery shopping I will be making a separate video and showing you the different cost of different grocery items found in our supermarkets but we have really really high end supermarkets to those that is very basic which caters to those people living in the neighborhoods some of the high-end supermarkets that you can find and Singapore sells some of the really expensive stuff you can find strawberries going for like 15 20 to even 60 dollars for a packet of strawberries so these high-end supermarket of course cater to the high earning expats but for the rest of us we have the fair price supermarket here we have a Shanxi on supermarket here which you can get fresh produce for a very reasonable price however if you are living alone or if it's just one or two of you you might find that it is not really that economical to cook if that is the case you can head over to a local hawker centre which provides a lot of nutritious and delicious food usually for less than three to four US dollars per meal and that would include your drink as well there are lots of different cuisines from Indian food to Chinese food to Malay food in the food center so you will be spoilt for choice a little bit higher and the net will be the air-conditioned food costs these air-conditioned food costs usually charge a bit more money as they have a higher cost of operation but they are usually a bit more comfortable a little bit cleaner because it's air-conditioned and above and beyond that you can also find restaurants of different price level you can find restaurants where you may not spend more than fifteen US dollars per person however on the very high end you might find restaurants that goes for more than us two hundred dollars per person per meal there are a couple of Michelin star restaurants in Singapore and of course these will be costing a lot more money next let's talk about getting yourself a SIM card so that you can communicate with your family back home and it's easier for you to move around because you can then use grab app write healing app to get around you can also download apps like city mapper which tells you the public transport route to call from one place to another there are three dominant telcos here and there namely SingTel m1 and star hub however if you want to go for the cheaper option there are also two MVNOs here and Vienna's our mobile virtual network operators and they usually cost a lot less money for a start I would suggest that you go for a prepaid SIM card that is because you don't need to give up a deposit to have a prepaid SIM cards and a prepaid SIM card can cost between ten fifteen to twenty dollars and this can usually last you a couple of weeks depending on your usage because if you have internet access at home and Wi-Fi is prevalent or our Singapore in most shopping malls in most eating places you can find a free public Wi-Fi that's provided for by the government you actually don't use very much of your mobile phone plan so for most people 15 to 20 dollars if you use whatsapp to communicate and what's at call or video calls you don't really use a lot of your minutes and once you're more settled down and you think that you want to get a post clip and a postpaid plan can range between about 18 to 20 US dollars a month and that will give you about 80 minutes of talk time a couple of hundreds of sms's and a couple of gigabyte of data and if you want to go for an unlimited plan with unlimited data unlimited talk time you can expect to pay between 70 to 80 US dollars which can be pretty expensive you might want to note that because you are a foreigner working here when you sign up for a SIM card you are required to provide a deposit for your sim plan that being the case it is my personal opinion that it is more affordable and more cost friendly to just get a prepaid card and top it up whenever the value runs down if you have any questions make sure you leave a comment down below I'll do my best to answer your questions if you like content like this make sure you subscribe and if there's anything else you want to know about Singapore make sure you leave it in the comment down below and I'll do my best to collate the information and make a video just for you till the next time be good bye bye

10 Tips for Eating Out on a Budget

**10 Tips for Eating Out on a Budget**



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Today I’m bringing you 10 tips for eating out on a budget. I think that even on the tightest of budgets, we all have room for a meal or two at a restaurant, but it takes both planning and strategy. I’ve got 10 tips and tricks to make all of that easier!
Hey ya’ll! It’s your girl Haley. I’m the girl behind Brewing Happiness and
today I have partnered with Mint to bring you 10
of my best tips and tricks for saving money when eating out. Over the last few months I’ve done a series
of videos and posts with Mint to give you my best knowledge
about saving money when it comes to food. I’ve talked about saving money while traveling
and buying groceries and all of that. But today I’m going to focus specifically
on eating out. Tip #1: peruse the menu before you go. Decide what you want and then stick to it. You know how much you’ll spend, and then
if you don’t let your eyes get bigger than your stomach and you don’t deviate
from the plan, you’ll know exactly how much money to budget
out for that night. Tip #2: split your meals if you can. It’s definitely cheaper. Because I think at the end of the meal, if you give yourself 10 to 15 minutes to process
it, you’ll feel equally as satisfied as if you
had just ordered one full thing for yourself. And, you’re hungry, you can always add on
more. Tip #3, which kind of goes along with tip
1 and 2 Don’t let your eyes get bigger than your
stomach. I find often that if I go to a restaurant
and see stuff around that looks good, I want to add on stuff, but if I really focus
and stick to the plan I’ll know how much I’m spending and I’ll
be satisfied with what I ordered. Tip #4: drink cheaply. Water is free and so it’s cheap. But if you do want to drink something other
than water, I would say stick to cheaper wines and beers. Make your fancy cocktails at home or use them
only for special occasions. Because drinks add up! Tip #5, and this can be a hard one, but it’s
to be honest with the group of people that you’re eating with if you’re
on a budget. I think preemptively talking to people and
saying, “Right now I’m on a really tight budget,
so if you guys order things in a group, I’m going to be separate than that, I need
to know exactly how much I’m spending tonight.” People are generally super kind about those
things and everyone’s been there once in their life. Tip #6: be selective when you go out to eat. I think often times we go out to eat when
we still have a fridge full of things at home and it’s really just
kind of wasting money. Maybe choose one or two nights a week when
you do that, but don’t do it all the time. Tip #7: it’s not necessarily an eating out
tip, but it can definitely save you money, which is,
try having a dinner party instead. It’s a lot cheaper than eating at a restaurant
and I think it may be, meh, even more fun sometimes. Tip #8 is to try to eat an appetizer as a
meal. Maybe pick one or two. They’re generally a lot cheaper than main
courses. So, if that is enough to fill you up, it’s
definitely a cheaper way to eat. Tip #9 is to go meatless. Vegetarian meals are just always cheaper. So save your meat entrees for at home and
when you’re out to eat, eat vegetarian and it will definitely save
you so money. The last tip is to save your desserts for
at home. I strongly believe in always having your favorite
chocolate bar or your favorite candy stashed away at home because at the end of the night, you know
there’s a sweet treat waiting for you so you don’t have to spend
the extra $5-$10. So that’s it! Those are my ten tips for making eating out a little bit cheaper for you. I hope you enjoyed them I hope they were helpful. For more tips and tricks like that and definitely
a lot of healthier recipes, you can head to BrewingHappines.com and I will see you guys next time! Bye!

Best Cheap Wireless Earbuds | Budget True Wireless Headphones (UPDATED)

**Best Cheap Wireless Earbuds | Budget True Wireless Headphones (UPDATED)**



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➡ JLab JBuds Air –
➡ TaoTronics TT –

➡ SoundPEATS TrueFree –

➡ Znari Z5 –

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Best Cheap Wireless Earbuds | Budget True Wireless Headphones 2019 (UPDATED). In this video, Jeff talks about the Best cheap true wireless earbuds and best budget truly wireless earbuds you can buy. There a ton of fully wireless earbuds out there these days but the selection starts to narrow when talking about cheap earbuds under 50 and cheap headphones under 100. Jeff gives you his top four picks and why likes each pair of earphones. He talks about battery life, audio quality and overall fit. He also discusses which earbuds are good for the gym, running or for everyday use. Overall, there’s a lot to like about these wireless Bluetooth earbuds despite their modest price points. Thanks for watching this Best Cheap Fully Wireless Earbuds video.

JLab JBuds Air Review:

JLab Epic Air Elite Review:

Best Wireless Headphones Under 100:

Best Wireless Headphones For Gym:

Best True Wireless Earbuds:

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what's up guys I'm Jeffrey the jet from risen is calm today we're talking about my favorite the best cheap true wireless earbuds let's jump to it okay so I'm sure you're well aware the fact that there are a million different cheap true wireless earbuds out there we've tested a bunch of them obviously we haven't tested them all so if you found some that are awesome that you really like make sure to write us down below in the comments you know we have this huge platform 400,000 people so you can help out all the other people that are watching today's video by writing the comments and letting them know yeah I found some that are awesome that belong on the list but I will tell you you don't have to go outside on my list these are gonna be your favorite I think that one of the four you're really really going to like and most of them are priced about the same as the famous ShamWow hi it's Vince with ShamWow you'll be saying WOW every time you use this towel anyways what are you looking for with cheap true wireless earbuds there's basically three things number one price right all of these are under $50 I think 50 bucks is the threshold for being considered cheap the second thing is they have to cover the basics right a decent Bluetooth range decent audio quality decent setup process they have to have you know all of the basics covered if you can expect them from really high-end headphones do they have somewhat of what you get from the $200 version or the $150 version so do they have the basics covered now the third thing is are they from a somewhat well-known brand I don't want to recommend brands that are gonna be gone tomorrow so these are from relatively well-known brands at least on Amazon and if we did find some that weren't from reputable brands we tried to find alternatives for you guys so I think that stuff makes sense to everybody and most people will agree on that and with that out of the way let's get to the first ones on the list I'm going with the J lab J butts air so these are my under fifty pick and the reason I like these and by the way we did do a full review of them so I'll link that in the description but the reason I like them is because they're from a very well known brand they're very affordable fifty bucks and they cover all the basics so a decent Bluetooth connection I find them to be pretty comfortable not the most comfortable at your buds I've ever tried out but certainly comfortable enough for 50 dollars they have okay audio quality plus they have three different audio profiles so you can cycle through like balanced the signature one which you'll probably like the most and then they also have a bass boost so they have okay audio quality they also have pretty good battery life so three and a half hours on a single charge and they come with the charge case that gets you about an extra 10 hours they are ip55 certified which means water and sweat resistance but my least favorite thing about them is probably the remote system and you'll see this as a recurring theme whenever I try any true wireless earbuds it could be expensive one it's like somehow the remote system because you just don't have a whole lot of real estate to work with just isn't that great so they do have a button it's not very clicky it's not very tactile and you do end up pushing the earbuds farther and farther in your ear so the remote system works it's just not my favorite and it won't be my favorite on any of them because most of the time the remote systems aren't that great on top of that when you go to take phone calls they won't take the phone calls in stereo mode they only take them in mono mode so you can take out one of the earbuds I think it's the left one you can take out or the right one you could take out I can't remember off not my head but one of them you have to take out when you take your phone calls that's actually really common though for true wireless earbuds usually you can only take your phone calls in mono mode so I guess they can qualify as one of those 2008 Bluetooth headsets from like jawbone or something but seriously for 50 dollars I do think they're probably the best ones that you can get right now now my second pick are under $45 and I really like them but I don't like them as much as the J buds air so I went with the taotronics TT so at out rocks pretty well known brand I think like Sunnyvale brands owns them or something but they make a lot of electronics on Amazon so I wear these and I do think they check a lot of the basics so yes they are comfortable they do come with a charge case that doubles as a power bank of 3,500 milliamp hour power bank so it can charge your other electronics so that's actually really nice I said they're comfortable the thing I don't like again is the remote system so they don't have a clicky or tactile button it is a touch capacitive system which kind of sucks so like double tap skip a track that sort of thing I think you are more than capable of mastering it I just don't think you'll like it now these are also ipx7 certified which means you can drown them in water down to a meter and they should be good to go like we didn't have any issues with you know water and that sort of thing so they are fully water and sweat resistance they have bluetooth 5.0 and we were really expecting it to have unbelievable Bluetooth range instability but really it's kind of just average like a lot of these cheaper true wireless earbuds it's like 30 feet and then they will disconnect but that's I think that's like the baseline of what you can expect and you can probably get that from all the cheap true Wireless your about so like 30 feet regardless of the fact that they have bluetooth 5.0 that said the inter bud connection is pretty good you always will encounter some disruptions but it's pretty good between the two different ear buds so the reason I went with these is that for anybody that's really penny-pinching and you don't spend $50 45 dollars for these maybe saves you a little bit of cash and they'll still be good for commutes for the gym for workouts you just can't expect everything they'll be pretty good a little tinny kind of shallow in terms of audio quality but they're okay my next pick are this Inari z5 so of all the brands on this list I know the least about Inari in fact I would have originally put on some ear buds from sound Pete's we did it last year I love those ear buds I tried to find them I can't find them if you check in the description I'll link all of these I'll try to find the sound Pete's but they had basically the exact same form factor as these and the reason I like them is that they have a very secure fit almost like like the powerbeats 3 so they go around your ear and they secure perfectly in your ear you don't have any issues so they're really great for workouts and I think they do a decent job with the remote system so you'll notice that they do have a center button but they have buttons on the top for volume so it means that they have a little bit more room for you to increase the volume or mess around with tracks and all of that so I like the form factor of these a lot they are $40 so I guess you're not saving a whole lot over the taotronics and again I would have preferred the sound Pete's like the original sound piece that we talked about last year but these are the closest that you're gonna get I think they're pretty freakin awesome though my least favorite part though is that they have a proprietary charger which I'll try to get shots this but at magnets onto the bottom I'm guessing for waterproofing purposes and it means that you have to have like some unknown charging cable they have to they give you two just in case you lose one but it just it's kind of weird to use some random charge cable you've never used before in your life so I preferred how the sound Pete's did it where they had a microUSB cable and you have to press and hold each time to connect them it's not that big of a deal but you have to do it every single time you want to pair them from their bluetooth quality pretty good like 30 feet and then enter earbud pretty stable from their audio quality it's basically the same it's so close across a lot of these earbuds probably the best on the J lab J buds but for these it's decent really liked any kind of shallow easy to distort the bass but um I guess you know if I was working with a budget of like 40 bucks and I wanted to work out with true while this earbuds I would be very happy with these they do a battery life of about four hours on a single charge that's pretty good they are ipx7 certified and they obviously don't come with a charging case because they use the cable and my next pick or the cheapest on list and I really like these because they're like $30 the sound Pete's true free now sound Pete's also makes another model that's a really similar they're the cue 32 s but those come with a charge case that's also a power bank I think you can save money save like ten fifteen twenty dollars and get the true freeze which are I believe the most popular true wireless headphones on Amazon so these things are pretty great I mean Johnny G behind the camera here the ease the one this is the ones you used right yes yeah I mean they're pretty awesome and one thing I appreciate is that they actually have a button that's pretty clicky attack Donna can we hear that yeah you can hear that okay yeah so it's got a nice little button there that I really appreciate they have battery life of about three and a half hours on a single charge plus I think like 10 or 11 in the charge case they're not water-resistant that's one thing you can wear them at the gym you just don't want to dump them in water or wear them in the rain or anything like that and as far as overall bluetooth stability goes yes they have bluetooth 5.0 but it's pretty much the same as with the taotronics right 30 feet then you'll have some sort of signal interference but inter earbud connection is large pretty good I think though for $30 these are the best true wireless earbuds you can get like I said I'll link them all in the description I apologize for not being able to find the around the ear ones that I love but I think I found a nice alternative Albia from a somewhat smaller brand oh and make sure to check out our website Rizzo's comm or you can download our completely free iOS and Android mobile app I've said this in a million videos but the fact of the matter is we've got like a hundred and thirty thousand people that have downloaded our app and what we do is we don't sell anything all we do is find the best deals every single day so if you check back to our website on daily basis people do that or you check back on our mobile app on a daily basis we find amazing deals in true wireless earbuds I can tell you are one of the most frequent items so we get a lot of Amazon sellers like taotronics like sound Pete's that say hey I'm running a special on my earbuds here's a coupon code for your viewers so I know you can definitely save money on a lot of these by checking our website the the links to that are in the description and that's it let me know what you think write us down below I'll see you guys next time have a great day [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]