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How To Book Cheap Flights BEST FLIGHT HACKS of 2019

**How To Book Cheap Flights BEST FLIGHT HACKS of 2019**



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How To Book Cheap Flights BEST HACKS of 2019 These are the methods I use to book cheap flights! Apply for the Amex Platinum Card® with this link. We can …

How To Book A Cheap Flight With Scott’s Cheap Flights

**How To Book A Cheap Flight With Scott’s Cheap Flights**



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Nicole from the Customer Advocacy Team shows you how to book a cheap flight from a Scott’s Cheap Flights deal email using both Google Flights and Momondo.

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hey guys my name is Nicole and I'm on the customer advocacy team at Scott's cheap lights today I want to show you how to book a deal based on a scotch cheap flights deal email we're gonna be taking a look at Google flights and Melinda and although we do send you to a handful of other flight search engines about 3/4 of the deals that we send to the list can be found on either Google flights melanda or both uber flights is good at finding availability and searching quickly but it's bad at finding the absolute cheapest price and finding all the mistake fares though on the other hand is good at searching dozens of online travel agencies and almost always finding the cheapest price for any given place Momonga is bad at searching a range of dates and also completing the searches quickly so as you can see Google flights strengths near Melinda's weaknesses and vice-versa this is why with most deals using both sites in tandem is the absolute best strategy so if you're ready let's go ahead and get to searching welcome welcome to my Inbox here is where I get all the Scott's cheap flights deal emails and I like to color code them by region as you've probably already noticed so the deal that piqued my interest today is the one to Amsterdam so as you can already see in the title this deal only departs from Denver and Orlando its round two prices and no bag fees if you scroll to the text of the email you can actually find some pretty important information in regards to the flights like if you're coming from Denver you can catch the tulip season or if you want to fly nonstop from Orlando you can actually find that later than the year but you can find the same price with just one stop in the earlier dates and a lot of the time we like to include travel tips from the team and actually from subscribers to this particular one is about the best slice ever of apple pie first things first we're going to look at the two and the from and the prices which are round-trip this deal is going to Amsterdam and it's departing either from Denver or Orlando as I said before you can find non-stop fares from Orlando but it's in the later part of the year next we have the wind section and this is when you're going to be able to find these some prices and that's generally February through May 2018 with additional availability from Orlando from October through November 2018 the normal price for this route is 850 plus roundtrip the airline is either a United or Delta and the bye-bye is how long we think this fare will last and on this one it's about a day or two so now we can go ahead and scroll down to the how-to books section so define the cheapest available dates we're going to use Google flights of course you can book here if you prefer to book directly with the airline or with the major OTAs but if you want to find the absolute best price you can go ahead and plug in those dates that you found from Google flights into malindo so I'm going to go ahead and first click on the Google flight sample search the sample search has already loaded and it's looking for flights to parting from Denver but I actually would like to look for flights departing from Orlando so I'm going to go ahead and change that and now I'm going to try to find the cheapest dates possible so first I'm going to choose my outbound flight and I'm keeping in mind that the email did tell me that the cheapest dates departing from Orlando we're from February to May or October to November so I want that nonstop flight in the fall so I'm going to go ahead and click the arrows and scroll on over to October November the cheapest dates are going to be highlighted in green so first I'm going to choose my outbound the six and I'm going to choose my return the thirteenth next I'm prompted to choose my outbound flight of course I'm going to choose the cheapest one and now I can choose my return flight next I can actually book my flight directly with the airline so that's either Delta Air France or KLM so if I click on one of these I'll actually be taken to the booking page of one of these Airlines and I'll enter in all my information and check out like any other online transactions looking directly with the airline is fantastic but today I actually want to find the cheapest price possible to Amsterdam so I'm going to go ahead and plug in these dates on the malindo search so back at the deal email I'm going to click the Milan go sample search and I'm going to put in my departure and my dates so here I am at the malindo sample search that the flight search team set up for me and I'm going to change the departure to Orlando and now I'm going to play those dates that I found on Google plates and that was November 6 through the 13th and now what's left to do is hit Search Melinda is a bit slower than Google plates so you can't be waiting a few seconds certs complete so now I know Melinda has finished searching dozens and dozens of OTS and has found me the cheapest flight possible for these dates as luck would have it I beat the Google flights priced by about 40 bucks I also know that I found the best price possible because this was the price that was actually listed in the deal email which means it was the cheapest possible deal that the flight search team at Scott's cheap flights could find so we can definitely call this a flight searching success now if I want a book at this price I can just click go to site and that will take me to just air ticket or I can click on see details and then show all booking sites and I'm given a big list of online travel agencies or OTAs as we like to call them that I can book with I hope you found this video helpful if you have any questions concerns or praise for the flight searching team why not comment below be sure to subscribe to this channel because I'm planning to do an even more in-depth guide to both Google flights and Melinda that's all for today thank you so much for joining me and happy flight searching





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Hi Pink Fam! Welcome back to my channel and a brand new video I know you will find helpful.

Traveling can get pricey, if you don’t know the proper hacks to make your trips more affordable. I keep traveling every year, because I’ve learned how to save money and make my trips more affordable. The first place to start cutting your expenses is the plane tickets, fortunately for us there are so many options to get cheaper plane tickets that will allow us to fulfill all of our travel dreams.

I have to make a disclaimer and this is actually going to work the best for US Domestic Travel. So if you have been wanting to make a trip to a different city in the US this is your opportunity to do so! Make sure you watch the full video to understand my tips.

If you loved this video, please give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends who need to learn this trick. If you are new to my channel and you want to keep watching travel tip videos, then join the PINK FAM by subscribing here: www.youtube.com/ipinkit

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The blog: www.ipinkit.blog
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Thank you all for watching and I hope learning this travel hack to book affordable plane tickets for as a little as 5 USD helps you.

All the love,

Ingrid xo.

in their pockets right so today we are going to be learning the two tips that you need in order for you to book a plane ticket with $5 so if you're not subscribed to my youtube channel make sure you subscribe all you need to do is click that button so every week you'll be able to learn more about the places that I visit and also all the travel tips that you need so you can all go on a but yet I must do a disclaimer and this is actually going to apply for you as domestic trips basically if you were to fly from daya's to San Francisco this is going to be possible if you were to come from outside the u.s. into the US this is not gonna work if you were to fly from the u.s. to outside the US this is also not going to work so this is only going to be for domestic trips have you said this disclaimer let's jump into the two things that you need in order to book a plane ticket for five dollars first you're going to need miles in second you are going to need to learn more about airport taxes if you are like me chances are that you travel on a budget and never accumulate miles correct that is my case i only accumulate miles every time that i play with a big airline but usually I'm always flying on about yet because I just want to get to the point and I just want to have a really nice experience and I want to save money so rather than paying $200 more to get some miles I'll just fake 200 less and don't get any and that has advantages and disadvantages because I traveled on about yet but I don't accumulate any points from traveling but then I don't want to be paying too much for something that I can get for this little all right so how was I able to get the miles the one thing that I did is that I did research and I look into different travel credit cards I would recommend you to get one as long as you are responsible and you can pay everything otherwise you're just gonna be swiping your car and getting in so much depth and you also don't want this so when you get your credit card all of the airline's are going to be offering a promotion this way you can get 30,000 miles 40,000 miles 50,000 miles 60,000 miles do your research and see how many miles do you need to apply with this airline in my case I did research and I was able to see that I only needed 15,000 miles in order for me to fly so that opens the possibility of getting three plane tickets with those 50,000 miles that I was gaining just because I applied for the credit card as far as recommending a travel credit card I don't want to get into these because I feel like there are so many good travel crackers but also there's some bad ones but I don't have all of them and I'm not capable of telling you which one is best which one is not I will just recommend you to go and search for yourself I think having a travel credit card it's amazing but then look into the promotions that you get look into the fine print so that would be maybe they have an animal T so what if this credit card is offering you 30,000 miles enter name of P of $200 and what if this other one is offering you 50,000 miles for an annual fee of $40 you know so do your research and see you which one might be best for you so before you apply make sure that you read and you compare as many trouble credit cards as you want all right so now we got 50,000 miles that opens the possibility to travel three times but then how do you get the plane ticket for only five dollars now that you have the miles you're going to have to pay for the airport taxes this is when it gets really really cool it makes a difference depending on the airport that you depart from I live in Dallas so we have two airports we have the Love Field and we also have DFW that is for more International Airport as you know it's big its international they're gonna have a higher fee for passengers going through the airport well Love Field it's smaller and then the fee is probably gonna be as low as four dollars so once you have 15,000 miles and four dollars then you're ready to book a plane ticket it's that easy so the router II there was damage to San Francisco and I compared it's cheaper to fly from Love Field or from DFW DFW had a higher tax rate and as you know Dallas Love Field since it was smaller they had a lower tax rate so for me it was easier and simple to just fly from Love Field that was 15,000 miles plus five dollars and sixty cents and that took me to San Francisco it is so cheap not even gasoline cost that little and now you know my trip so as long as you do research and if you have a mini airport in your city then you're going to have access to this and even if you don't pay five dollars there could be the case that you have to pay twenty dollars and now that I have a travel credit card the cheapest that I've been able to get a plane ticket is for five dollars but also I booked another 1.60 so it depends on the day that you booked if it's to be see if it's not if it's low season if it's high season if it's a big airport if it's a small airport so look into all of those that way you're able to book plane tickets for a cheaper price do as much as you can and do not apply for a credit card unless you are able to afford it what I do to avoid getting in that is that every time that I booked a plane ticket or I pay my electricity bill with a travel credit card I paid that immediately so that way I don't accumulate any interest and this is what I would totally recommend you to do because if you don't then you're just gonna start accumulating debt that it's going to get too high for you to be able to pay it and this is gonna go crazy so if you think that you're like this type of person that is just going to accumulate so much that I will recommend you to just stay away from a credit card but if you can keep about that and you know that you're going to be financially responsible then I will just go ahead and do it because they have so many birds even if you go to the store and you get a candy for a dollar you're still going to be getting two miles so every time that you make a purchase you get miles which is amazing okay you guys so this is the end of this video I hope this tip helps you a lot and it encourages you to travel more I know the u.s. has so many amazing places that you can discover even if you're going for a long weekend you are probably only gonna pay $11 which is amazing and if you have not subscribed to my youtube channel make sure you subscribe all you need to do is click that red button and if you want to receive notifications every time I upload a video then ring the bell twice if you love this video give it a thumbs up and if you know someone that needs to watch this video make sure that you share that link with them so that way you also empower them to travel in to explore the world I hope you guys have an amazing week and I'll see you next week when in your video bye

How To Book Cheap Flights Tickets online by self  raj records

**How To Book Cheap Flights Tickets online by self raj records**



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here we How To Book Cheap Flights Tickets online by self raj records -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: “Cooler fan 24 slot winding data coil.Turn.Pitch full …

How to Book Flight Ticket Cheap in Telugu | Discounts coupons to book flights In Telugu 2019

**How to Book Flight Ticket Cheap in Telugu | Discounts coupons to book flights In Telugu 2019**



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In this Video How to Book Flight Ticket Cheap in Telugu | Discounts coupons to book flights In Telugu 2019, This is the best way to book a flight ticket cheapest and Discounts.

ఈ వీడియో లో ఫ్లైట్ టికెట్స్ ని ఎలా బుక్ చేయాలో చీప్ అండ్ బెస్ట్ ఫ్లైట్ టికెట్స్ ని ఎలా బుక్ చేయాలో బెస్ట్ ఆఫర్స్ అండ్ బెస్ట్ డీల్స్ ని ఎలా బుక్ చేయాలో ఈ వీడియో లో చెప్పడం జరిగింది

*మీకు వీడియో నచ్చితే వీడియో ని లైక్ చేసి ,షేర్ చేసి మన ఛానల్ ని సబ్స్క్రయిబ్ చేయగలరు* సపోర్ట్ చేస్తునందుకు ధన్యవాదాలు

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