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Practical Ways to Save Money

**Practical Ways to Save Money**



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Lynnette Khalfani-Cox aka “The Money Coach” says you don’t have to go
extremes to save money. Check out these smart and easy ways to save cash.

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Wow let me just let's talk about some practical things that people allow you these are the extremes people are not going to do nor do they want to but but you got some good practical exactly well a lot of what they seem to be concerned with is saving money and energy resources water especially so let me tell you a couple of things that anybody can do very practical very sanitary ways as well to really save first of all here's a little device called a faucet aerator it's a very simple thing that you put on a faucet in your kitchen sink in your bathroom it's very easy you just snap it on to the faucet head it only costs you like two bucks online but here's the thing this one little device can save you over five hundred and fifty dollars in five years the reason is because it has a it makes the water pressure that come out the exact same but a reduced amount of water comes out so you're really saving money with this a faucet aerator that's a great is very easy yeah now about the toilet just please let me tell something bout the toilet yeah okay hello so we've all seen we've all seen these you know these little things inside the the toilet that you have in the top part of the basin this is called a toilet flapper again very low cost only a buck to buy but the idea is that if you don't change these and you're not flushing very often so I often you're changing the toilet flapper you're supposed to change them once a year because it's plastic so it can break down very easily and cause you a leak that can make about 200 gallons a day literally in water but what does the flapper do it actually helps your it seals in the water okay and then when you flush the toilet it opens so that the water that you flush escapes okay but you want it to stay sealed most times okay but having a new one every single year is very important again it's only a buck online in home improvement store etc it'll save you a hundred and ten dollars we'll put links on our website to where to get these products you have another one is there a couple of other things too energy is a big one right you guys are talking about saving energy go to my energy com anybody can do this they do essentially a personal audit of your consumption your electricity your energy your water uses they'll even tell you how you compare versus your neighbors etc and give you tips on ways to save energy my energy luxuries because a lot of us want to money on groceries understand you don't have to dumpster dive you can do you can use a couple of really neat apps one is called get locavore and it's an app that'll show you about in your area of places where you can get local exactly food that's fresh and healthy and frankly a lot cheaper that's a really good way to save money and the last one I was going to mention is a plate an app called grocery IQ again it's a great one you actually scan the items you want right from your own home they put it in a barcode fashion they create a list for you and they'll tell you hey there's coupons on these if it's meat produce poultry vegetables whatever it is you want you can save money literally right from your home so there everybody wants to save money but you've got to do something that's sustainable that's healthy that won't crimp your lifestyle or hurt your relationships and your potentially you know upset other people in Gregg there are a lot of people who don't like the idea of their you know as you said you're paying good money for something brand new and you've been out running around in it that's not very understandable you know I realize if I want to date someday I'm gonna have to give up someday right I'm gonna have to you know change my way significantly but for now you know it's it's hard to impress girl there really is you know I mean you you have to have nice clothes you have to have you know all these things that really should come first and that's my biggest concern is I'm the well-being of others Israel not catching something right I'm sure they're waiting you can impress girls without Bill's expensive well yeah medically are we gonna succeed unless you find a woman like me I couldn't agree more I mean yeah but it's not unfortunately come up please

Frugal Living: Keeping Track of Your Stockpile

**Frugal Living: Keeping Track of Your Stockpile**



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This is another video from my Frugal Living Series where I show you how to manage all those backups that you have of products you bought when they went on a crazy sale at the store. Koodos to ya’ll who have garages to store your things… now lets see what I do with a small storage closet.

Next in this series I will tackle on gift buying. Doing it right will save you a whole lot of headache and grief.

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How to Budget Personal Finances : Ideas for Cutting Back a Budget

**How to Budget Personal Finances : Ideas for Cutting Back a Budget**



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Professional budget advice you can’t miss! Learn suggestions for cutting back your budget for personal finances in this free online video tutorial.

Expert: Alfred Loughmiller
Bio: Alfred Loughmiller is a Multimedia Communications major from Utah Valley State University. He worked a number of years in advertising and television production.
Filmmaker: Danny Loughmiller
Hi! This is Alfred on behalf of Expert Village.
Right now I would like to talk about suggestions for cutting back. Sometimes when you start
your budget you realize you are not making as much money as you thought you were or you
are spending more money anyway. We are going to look at suggestions for cutting back. Ask
yourself where you can spend less without drastically cutting your standard of living.
Don't say you are going to give up something to save money unless you feel confident you
can do it. Otherwise you are just setting your budget up for failure. Don't buy anything
on impulse. Pay off credit cards each month, charge items only for convenience, take your
lunch abnd snacks to work, avoid vending machines, buy in bulk and use coupons. If you smoke
quit. It is good for your health and your budget. Entertain at home instead of going
to a restaurant. Put some money in the savings every pay period. If your company or bank
has an automatic savings plan, sign up. If you trim to cut and squeeze and done everything
you can to get every penny out of your expenses but still can't meet your savings goal, then
you need to re-evaluate your goals. You may be able to buy a Ferrari but not within the
next 5 years. Where appropriate, change the time frame or adjust the goal itself. You
may also want to consider ways to increase your income such as taking a part-time job.
Be aware of luxuries dressed up as necessities. If your income doesn't cover your cost, then
some of your spending is probably for luxuries even if you have been considering them to
be feeling of real need. Eliminate tribunal but needless cost. For example, swear off
that mid afternoon danish or expensive premium Latte. Shop for clothes and household furnishings
only during sales and keep your house warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter. Take
on chores that you usually pay someone else to perform such as mowing the lawn or shoveling
snow. Reduce your larger expenses. These recommendations are decidedly more painful. If you smoke for
instance, take steps to quit. Don't buy season tickets to anything. Trade in your luxury
car or sport utility vehicle for something a lot cheaper to buy and maintain. Refine
your mortgage. If new mortgages are costing at least 2 percentage points less than the
rate you are paying, refinance. You may save some significant dollar. Cut your taxes. Usually
this means taking better advantage of itemized reductions and it is a lot easier to do if
you are self-employed or have some income from work that you do outside from your regular
job. That opens up a range of new deductions from expenses for work related items to a
home office that are much harder to claim if you are an ordinary hardworking stiff





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These awesome budget cleaning tips are garanteed to save your time and money! Learn how to quickly clean microwave using only water and vinegar, how to …

Top Ten Money Saving Tips | One Pot Chef

**Top Ten Money Saving Tips | One Pot Chef**



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With the global economic crisis causing everyone financial hardship, here are some sure-fire money saving tips to help you make ends meet and streamline your household budget.




we're in the middle of a financial crisis at the moment with petrol prices going up food prices going up pretty much everything going up so at the moment I think everybody is feeling a bit of pain with sort of having to make ends meet so I'm hoping that I can help you guys out with a few tips which we've used which have really helped us to save a bit of money and to sort of basically get us through this tough times with the economy so here I present the one pot chefs top ten list to saving money in the household budget this may sound unusual but a lot of people go to the supermarket completely unprepared to do grocery shopping no list no idea just basically go in and grab whatever the hell they find go into these your cupboards everything write a list of every single thing that you have that's flour sugar salt pepper stuff under the sink the use for cleaning everything once you've got it completely has to go onto your computer I've typed it up and make a little list of every single thing that you've got then all you need to do is print it out that up before you go shopping and tick off everything that you need that way when you go to the shops you've got a complete list of everything that you need without the stuff that you don't need you stick to the list and you will save money because you won't be going to the shops buying crap that you don't need or stuff that you think you might need but you don't get yourself a food diary now basically what a food diary is it's basically a simple normal diary you can grab them from the junk shop or the newsagent or discount store for like 50 cents to a dollar just a normal little diary like a student diary that you can write down what you're going to do is write down what meals you're going to be cooking for the next week fortnight more if you feel like being ambitious the next month that way you've got a complete idea of what you're going to need to buy when you go shopping the next time you're at the supermarket they also makes easier for you to sort of not go to the takeaway and rely on that for dinners because they cost a heck of a lot more than what you'll spend at making meals at home once you've got a planner in state you don't have to worry about doing too much when it comes to what am I going to do for dinner are I've got 10 minutes to put something together because you're already prepared you've got everything done what's even better is with food planner if you intend to sort of do say like a fortnight ahead you might do spaghetti bolognaise once every week so one week you can do a double load of it make one lawful what for dinner there and then and freeze the other one for next week so that way you've got a day off the next week all you've got to do is take it out the freezer defrost it and heat it up so it starts to make sense not only does it make your life a lot easier it helps you to save money because you're not going to take away every five seconds this one sounds totally bizarre I know but you'd be surprised how much money you will save if you start doing your grocery shopping at night now if it's possible for you go to your local supermarket around about 7:30 8 o'clock it's very simple supermarkets want to try and get their new stock onto the shelves at night before they close so what they do is they often put a lot of reduce to clear stickers on stuff that they want to get rid of so they can get their new stuff out one good example is bread now if your local supermarket has a bakery section go down there at nighttime and I guarantee you will find most of the bread in the bakery section is reduced to a ridiculously cheap price reason being is the bankers come in at about 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning and want to get all the new stock out there but they don't want to be burglarizing around trying to get rid of the old bread so it's all sold off the night before because they sell it down to dirt cheap loads of bread that cost between 250 and 4 dollars a loaf and reduced down to 50 cents each in some places it's well worth going there just for bread grabbing bulk shove it in the freezer take it out whenever you need same goes for milk and other dairy products go down there at night you will find a lot of this stuff discount this is a simple one the more you buy the cheaper it gets it's a simple concept that has existed for ages and ages now if you have a wholesaler meet place nearby check in your local phonebook it's well worth finding out with the difference in prices between them and your local butchers in supermarkets are I guarantee most of the time they are a lot cheaper than your local supermarket and a lot cheaper than the local butcher it's a really good idea to go and do that because when you buy in bulk and I mean by Bob I mean buying more than say two kilos of something at a time your price comes down significantly if you start going shopping with a friend and you start buying even more you'll get it even cheaper price it's well worth going to have a look a lot of people don't think recycling is a major saving thing but you'd be surprised simple things like buying stuff like Tupperware and food storage containers and things like that they quite expensive and really it's not necessary a lot of the time things like ice cream tubs are really great to keep because you can store stuff in them things like the ice cream tubs you can use for preparation as a mixing bowl and things like that you can use them for storing casseroles in the freezer and things like that it's really really good to do that things like little butter margarine containers plastic containers they're great if you're making soup because you can store soup in them put them in the freezer and then you only have to take one at a time to serve to people because they fit a decent amount of soup in things like that it saves your going out and buying lots of tub wear and things like that and you always have a steady supply of them so if they break it doesn't really matter now local because of God had a style in the last few years that they're finally coming back for two reasons one they make your life that much easier and two they are cheapest chips you can buy a slow cooker crock pot for about thirty dollars from the local supermarket and discount shops and things like that you will have a piece of kitchen equipment that is absolutely invaluable it will change your life when it comes to cooking now the biggest saving on these is the electricity bill using a slow cook for 8 hours uses less power than using an electric stove or oven for two hours you do the mathematics it's pretty cheap to use them and they're so easy because you you chuck everything in switch it on walk away come back in 6 or 7 hours and you've got dinner ready to serve just Splott out now this is a very simple tip basically we're talking about cutting down the amount of meat and increasing the amount of vegetables that you serve at dinner now a lot of people have got it into their heads that you've got to have say 3/4 of a plate filled with meat and 1/4 of a plate filled with vegetables it should be the other way round here's a quarter of a plate of meat add 3/4 of plate of vegetables start serving more vegetables now I know it sounds strange but fact is it's very simple meat cost more than vegetables so start serving less meat and more vegetables not only the vegetables more filling than the meat you'll find it is a lot healthier for you as well this is a very simple one basically at the end of every day get everyone all the adults in your household to take all of the coins out of their pockets of their wallets of their purses all of the little coins the silver ones keep your larger denomination ones for yourself but put them all into a jar or a container of some kind a piggy bank at the end of the week you will find a significant amount of money in there which you can use for other things maybe a treat for the family or to put towards the next phone bill or whatever we did it for two weeks we just simply took all the silver coins we were getting every day from going to work or what sort of things and doing shopping and stuff shut them in the thing at the end of two weeks we had seventy five dollars now you wouldn't believe they would get that much but all those coins seem to add up now this is a surprising one I didn't believe this would make such a huge difference but changing your light bulbs over to energy saver globes but when we got the last electricity bill we suddenly changed all the light bulbs over to energy savers and when we got the next electricity bill in it was $60 cheaper now this is take into account everything else that we've got going that's a heck of a lot of money based on just light bulbs ask for discounts if you're spending a lot of money in a shop don't be afraid to ask for a better deal you'd be surprised that so many retailers are willing to give you a discount if you're spending a lot of money now obviously this is an applied places like supermarkets and things like that but if you're going out and buying something like Oh fridge or a freezer or some some kind of electrical appliance as for a deal ask them can you do me a deal on this item it's the simplest thing the worst they can say is no and the best thing they can say is oh hell yeah we can do a deal you can save yourself money just by asking for a discount don't be afraid of looking like a scam believe me the people in the shop don't give a damn I've worked in shops for all my life and we couldn't give a damn about what people ask for discounts because it's not our money we don't care so hopefully this will have helped you save a little bit of money or at least giving you some ideas on how to save some money if you've got some money saving tips why don't you write them down in the comment section and share them with everybody who watches this video in the meantime have fun