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This Simple Little Trick Saved Me $6000 On A Flight!!!

**This Simple Little Trick Saved Me $6000 On A Flight!!!**



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I just changed one thing and it saved me $6000! A trip I would have skipped i can now go on!!! 😀 I can’t wait now! Friends, Family, and guests ask how to save …

New York on a Budget: 5 Money Saving Tips (Ft. Sarah Funk)

**New York on a Budget: 5 Money Saving Tips (Ft. Sarah Funk)**



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I have a very special guest: Sarah Funk! She is a Youtuber and lives in NYC – and she also has an amazing Youtube Channel!



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Free things to do in NYC
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hi guys so today we have a very special guest here and it's gonna be a very special video and different video because it's gonna be in English you never I think I never saw me speak in English so like I said I have a very special guest Sara funky she's an amazing youtuber lives here in New York but she is coming to us or something hi I'm Sara I create New York City videos and travel videos and it's like guide format but in English so you can speak English you want to learn about some local New Yorker tips I don't were to my channel but I think we're gonna be sharing some today yes yes but I mean really you have to check out her channel it's amazing I follow a lot of tips I like your food as I told you I mean you know because we're here I told you before so you have to check it out and as New York expert I mean we can say we are New York is experts right like to think we can say talk about yes I mean we're at least better than the average person that knows about New York yes yes that's an expert bring it on yeah and we're gonna talk about a subject I think that you really love that how to save money in expensive city like New York you know that I always talk about this on my channel and my blog so many of these tips that you're gonna see here I have on my ebook it's called New York and a budget in English and in Portuguese is no high ORAC economica so you can learn that so don't forget to check it out the link is gonna be in the video description so let's get started and so excited yes me too I think the first tip is something that you don't hear a lot which is why I wanted to share it as the number one and that is when you visit New York if you go in January cheapest time of year by far the prices of hotels decreased by over five times from New Year's Eve to the second week in January now the reason people don't generally come in is because of the weather because it's chief cold yes which I totally get it but if you're a budget traveler you want to experience some of the best things to do in the city but you want to pay the lowest price then come here in January and that is exactly how you do that and so do you consider that January is the worst winter month what is there about being honest with you yes like I really really hate it and I'm not I don't not like cold like I just it's unbearable to me but if you have the right coat then yeah not that bad there's tons of activities to do in January still the temperature and I know I kind of know Celsius cuz I did live in Brazil for a month it's definitely zero degrees Celsius or to like negative five Celsius yeah yeah yeah yeah but I think Fabri art is worse actually I think really mm-hmm that's the reason why few people come in January in February because it's not Christmas like everyone comes for December because they want to see Christmas everyone comes for a spring because I want to see the flowers and no one really thinks to come in January or February so tip number one is to visit New York in January wintertime yeah hate it but hey you guys love it save that month yeah yeah that's true so what is our tip number two tip number two is utilized a public transportation system nice yeah a lot of tourists are intimidated by public transportation which is totally understandable when I go to another city it's it's foreign I don't know how to use it so what tourists tend to do is they'll go to taxis which I get as well because you've seen movies in New York people standing on the street and they put their hand up and like a yellow taxi comes doesn't work like that duck first off doesn't work like that second off it's not glamorous in any way normally it's this angry taxi driver and the car smells like cigarettes yes and it's it's offensive so if you utilize the public transportation system when you come here if you're here for a week or even I recommend over four days and you plan on seeing a lot of the city get the unlimited MetroCard because it's gonna be your best friend you can get all over the city for $32 for the entire time you're here and it's it's unlimited so you can use it everywhere the one thing I want to point out because a lot of people get confused about this is it's unlimited for you mmm so if you swipe it you can't be like here swipe it here Laura you swipe it now yeah you have to wait um I think it's 18 minutes between swipes so it just doesn't make sense to like no I know I know it's it's a it's a good investment it is it's a very good investment you can use it for subway you can use it for buses you can use it for Roosevelt Island yeah yeah well things you can use before yeah it's so inexpensive and just for reference the cost for a taxi pretty much anywhere is like gonna be twenty to thirty dollars and you just paid if you do that unlimited MetroCard $32 for the whole week so it's way better yes it's a great way to save money most New Yorkers use the unlimited MetroCard so it's just like the if you want to feel like you're a New Yorker like I must I'm going to say that yeah you have to get the subway so you can see to see you can see the people right and some things only happen to subway yeah you might not like it you might not like the smell but guess who's experiencing New York truly yeah so tip number two using the public transportation in New York and even if you are staying for four or five days you should get unlimited MetroCard right so you can save a lot of money and not get stressful if they absolutely pack strikers of dollars yeah so what is your tip number treat tip number three is staying Airbnb s instead of hotels and my reasoning for this is because I've seen their babies all over the world and I have stayed in Airbnb s all over New York believe it or not I've also stayed in hotels in New York just to get the full experience of a tourist coming here hotels cost an average of 350 dollars a day Airbnb is you can get a really nice Airbnb for $70 70 to 150 dollars is the range I recommend if it's in Manhattan if you choose something with $70 you're probably gonna get questionable situation going down things to look for in Airbnb s you always want to really take a look at those photos make sure that there's nothing fishy going on sometimes they try to disguise things with creative shots like they'll have a close-up of a plant and then the backgrounds all blurred but it looks very artistic this is normally a warning sign that it's probably not as good as it seems read those reviews make sure that it's four to five stars across the board if there's a super host that makes it even better and there's that's pretty much a guarantee that it's gonna be a good experience now the one thing to keep in mind because a lot of people get confused about this they think the Airbnb czar illegal in New York but that's not actually the case there's strict rules that hosts need to abide by so they can't rent out their whole property they can't rent it out for more than 30 days and the thing is like if you stay for seven days in an Airbnb that costs like $70 a night and while more or less equal to the cost of a hotel for two days and everybody is a more local experience yeah and you feel like you're at like a New Yorker so yeah just all-around it's better two things that I would like to add is that on my vlog actually I have a section of rooms in New York they over zillion host Oh something I'm booking so if you want to check it out just I'm gonna leave the link here because people sometimes they need a reference like do you have any tips so if you want to check it out check it out even if you speak English I mean oh they all sleep here so they speak English and another thing that I wanted to know your opinion actually a lot of people now are saying the Long Island City way so what do you think about that love it love it these are my recommendations on places to stay Long Island City Astoria Queens is lovely Williamsburg Cobble Hill those humble Hailey's Brooklyn Brooklyn Williamsburg Brooklyn cobble Hills Brooklyn certain areas in the near Prospect Park also check your research on that one you don't have to stay in Manhattan to get a real experience in New York I recommend staying outside of the city because that's if you're looking to like have like a local experience but also of course see the major sites stay in Brooklyn stay in Queens like that's where the locals live that's like truly immersing yourself into the New York scene it's just it's better so tip number three is saying I ever been big and Brooklyn or Queens you set up a hotel in the island and tip number four tip number four now a lot of people want to see a Broadway show when they come here and Broadway tickets when you just look at the prices online can be overwhelmingly expensive but there are many resources that can give you this kind of tickets so my tip to you is I have a whole video on this it's five ways to get this kind of Broadway tickets and I'll go through all of them in that video but I'll share a few right now okay because I just learned this because I am now a certified new york city tour guide Broadway is the number one attraction for visitors did you really know I didn't know I thought I was like Lady Liberty no it's the number one attraction for visitors Wow I know so that's why I include this tip that's great so since it's the number one attraction and I used to work on Broadway by the way so I like a lot of experience in this there's several ways to get this kind of tickets if you just look at the the prices online it's like $200 like $150 and that's a lot of money especially if your budget traveler so there are several strategies number one there's an app called todaytix I love them yes download that they have discounted tickets for many shows now if you want to see like some of most iconic ones like Hamilton that's a little tricky but I have a solution for you there as well they do a lottery and a lot of the popular shows like The Lion King Harry Potter they do lotteries and the lotteries are great deals what happens is you put your name online and this is all all the information news and in my video but you put your name in this like pool online and it's $40 for two tickets so like the curse child which normally tickets to that are around $200 so there is you know it's definitely luck involved yeah but it is one of the ways that you can get really any bits of tikkun I always say you have to try every day so if you are not like oh my god I really need to see this show if you're open mind yeah it's a good way to go right it is it's the best way to go if you're a budget traveler and you want to experience like some of the best attractions in New York you can't come to New York and not see a Broadway show yeah it's an iconic experience and I have three other tips in my video on that I'm gonna link all the videos that you mentioned on the description so you can check it out so these who are talking about the Broadway shows on my ebook I have an entire section about how to save money on Broadway tickets some of the tricks that Sara mentioned and I also teach you like what is the cheapest way to get tickets for the main Broadway show so you and definitely check it out the video really helpful and you don't have that link below to yes so tip number four we learned that you don't need to pay a full price for a brother tickets that's there are so many ways to get discount tickets and you should definitely check it out Cyrus video and also you should check it out my ebook I have an entire section about how to save money on that we are going to our last tip the number five which one number five tips now instead of going to upscale or just expensive restaurants and towards the areas like Times Square okay go to local hidden gems local hidden gems why because that's where the locals go the prices are better food is better than atmosphere is better I think that's enough reasons right off the bat also from a budget traveling standpoint there are tons of local hidden gems that offer really cool budget experiences I want to mention two of them right now that's gonna blow your minds okay first one called Rudy's Rudy's was the first a speakeasy is a hidden bar mm-hmm during the 1920s we have prohibition which is when alcohol was illegal and so because people love drinking they were like screw that let's find a way to continue drinking so Rudy's was originally a speakeasy today it's just a bar very popular celebrity hideout with every drink you get a free hot dog the drinks are good they have their own craft beer line the prices start for craft beer made by Rudy's around $3 and you get a free hot dog with that so you're not saving you are not like buying ships ship food you are like getting food for free actually literally it's not even budget it's free yeah there's tons of other restaurants and bars that are budget use Yelp Yelp is a food app that's all you really knew no but New Yorkers love it so it's very up-to-date and you can search based on price style of food location but most of the places on there are places that locals love because literally locals just go crazy with recommendations on there so search they're put in like the one dollar sign and you'll find some really authentic spots for our Latin American cuisine though I feel like since like maybe people want to try other types of food but there's this cool place called el seguro so it's actually hidden inside of a truck loading dock it's exactly in your video guys and my secret spots in New York video and it's also in my budget food video but you can get a huge plate of Latin American food you know like rice and the typical stuff six dollars wow it's really good quality I mean the people that serve you literally do not speak English that's how you know like it's legit that's all that's always what I go by I'm like if they only speak their the language that they grew up in like then I feel like the food's good yeah six dollars big plate you can share that between two people easily that's three dollars a person so the last tip was about how to save money on food and Sara suggested that you look for local hidden gems restaurants and you should definitely check it out her video with the tips on how to save money because she showed the the bar and the restaurant and you're gonna see the size of the food and everything it's amazing and also my eBook I recommend some places that you're not gonna spend a lot of money on food so don't go to the chain restaurants I mean they have the same food in every place in the entire country so don't go to all caramel garlic yeah we all have a special place in our heart for Olive Garden but not not here okay yeah yeah so Sarah thank you so much for having me yeah thank you so much for being here and I hope you guys enjoy her chips and go to her channel and you know they could go to your Vita to say oh I come from laura's channes yeah I know if you came from Laura's channel yeah say hi and I gonna gonna put her Instagram here as well so he can follow her catchy she also has some videos from other places in the world right in travel videos as well yeah yeah she has amazing videos so you should definitely check it out so don't forget to subscribe and if you are anywhere speak care if your number thing and let me know as well if you find my video maybe I could start to do more English videos right yeah yeah so thank you so much and then you're gonna see you here again yeah right see you very soon okay bye bye

Travel More For Less

**Travel More For Less**



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all right go ahead and check and see if this thing is working I think so let me know if you guys can hear me all right out there in Facebook what's everybody good morning peace and blessings Malcolm here and I just wanted to share with you guys quickly a lot of you guys have been seeing my polls too maybe aren't in scream haven't been seeing my stories about you know this travel thing I'm doing so I want a little bit more in depth about it and if you have not gotten your boom yet if you have not yet gotten your you're free you know travel savings link what are you waiting for what do you waiting for with this link you can save up to 35% off um off retail and all your travel I'm gonna actually get into and show you guys some of the cool stuff in there like it says no membership fees it's free to use for you to keep and it's it's pretty it's pretty amazing and the cool thing about it is that you know like I said it is a Members Only site I mean you have to get it from an ambassador and I'm an ambassador and once you actually activate your code through our boom foundation we were able to help feed children in underdeveloped countries which is amazing so you're doing an amazing thing by simply activating your coach so let's go in actually into the platform so you guys can see how it looks like and all the amazing deals we have here so this is what the actual platform looks like looks like any other booking service you have your hotels your cruises you have your cars you have flights flights are on there just as a convenience there are no discount on flights um if they are there you have the week section which is amazing it's incredible like the deals I have seen there are insane and you have lifestyles you actually have activities Restaurant savings wine club Rusk world wide tours so I'm just gonna go check out the week section so these are some of the deals I mean look at this you have Poconos eight days and seven nights for hundred and eighty dollars yeah look at that again how's your eight hours with a whole week right yeah Hawaii eight day seven eight seven hundred thirty nine dollars now these are just four four resorts um does not include like the flight most of these you will find some all-inclusive options here but you know if you're paying this for the whole week I'm sure you know what's what's the lecture with that flight imagine how much money you're saving just by doing such hotels right we'll go into hotels real quick which I got some hotels like I said you'll end up saving up to thirty five percent and this is free for you to have good have right so let's say I don't know say we're heading out to Orlando let's see what heading there August all right I'm still nineteen now we have a pretty big inventory so it does take a while for this thing to happen but patience is a virtue people now rock the bat it automatically filters by the biggest percent savings you can change all that right you can search for your hotel you can search by location price range minimum savings minimum rating as well that's all up to your discretion all right so you have the Doubletree by Hilton in Orlando you know you have your savings and you have your total with the tax which is amazing and from there you can pick your room right like I said we offer the lowest rates on hotels cruises car rentals week long vacations price guaranteed hundred to the difference well I didn't turn percent of the difference right if you find something lower anywhere else right so if you're interested in this and we'll come back to you guys if you're interested in having your free travel savings site you can either put a comment below send me message and I will set you up have an amazing day everybody take care Oh

Groupon Getaways

**Groupon Getaways**



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