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Guide: How to Save Money at Disney World

**Guide: How to Save Money at Disney World**



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This guide offers 6 extremely helpful money-saving tips to make your Disney World vacation fun and memorable without breaking the bank. Unlike other videos that try to convince you to make a purchase, this guide is completely free of charge and offers specific tips that can help save you money.

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a Disney vacation can be the trip of a lifetime however the cost of accommodations transportation park tickets and dining can all add up quite quickly these tips are designed for you to have a magical time at Disney World while saving yourself a great deal of money tip number one avoid peak seasons if you travel to Disney during the offseason hotels will be cheaper and the parks will be much less crowded in general January September November and early December are the least busy times of year remember that Disney will always be busier and therefore more expensive during the holidays this includes March Break Easter break summer vacation Thanksgiving and Christmas tip number 2 consider staying in a non Disney hotel there are plenty of hotels not operated by Disney that are still located within the Disney grounds the ones on Hotel Plaza Boulevard are just a short walk away from Downtown Disney depending on the time of year many of these hotels can range from 100 to 200 dollars per night while the Disney resorts start at 250 dollars per night in addition many of these hotels offer complimentary shuttles to and from the theme parks which eliminates the need for a rental car and avoids parking fees tip number 3 purchase multi-day tickets the price of Disney tickets starts at $85 for a single day but as you purchase more days the price per day drop substantially for example afford a ticket works out to just over $60 per day remember though you're only saving money if you actually plan on using all the days you purchase because tickets expire 14 days after their first juice tip number 4 use the park hopper option wisely the park hopper option allows you to visit more than one park in a day and cost an additional fifty five dollars to add on to your tickets one way this could save you money is by park hopping between two or more parks each day allowing you to see all four parks in two days this would cost about two hundred and twenty three dollars while the four days standard ticket would cost two hundred and forty three dollars however if you're not intending on park hopping don't buy the option or you'll just be spending unnecessarily tip number five bring your own water and snacks the cost of food and drinks at Disney theme parks can really add up instead of buying them at the parks bring snacks along with you like grapes carrot sticks crackers or Ginola bars these will keep you full in between meals and keep you busy while in line if you also bring your own water bottle you can refill it from drinking fountains and avoid paying 250 per bottle while at the parks tip number six share large meals many of the meals sold at the parks are quite large and you may be able to split one meal between two people in Tomorrowland cosmic rays Starlight café sells a half chicken meal for just under ten dollars that's the perfect size for sharing I hope these tips will help make your Disney vacation memorable without breaking the bank be sure to check out the other videos in my Disney series and if you liked what you saw please subscribe to my channel bye for now and have a magical day

Expedia.co.nz: Save up to 15% on select hotels on mobile with Expedia

**Expedia.co.nz: Save up to 15% on select hotels on mobile with Expedia**



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Save up to 15% on select hotels on mobile with Expedia. Download the app for free. www.expedia.co.nz/app

Historical savings based on hotel-only bookings made on Expedia.co.nz through mobile app and mobile web from 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019. Savings will vary based on destination, length of trip, stay dates and selected travel supplier(s) and may not be available for all bookings. Check our mobile app/web for latest prices.
save up to 15% on select hotels on mobile with Expedia download the app for free Expedia

Vouchers no valor entre 25 e 500 € ou $ para utilizar em mais de 1,2 Milhões de Hoteis no Mundo

**Vouchers no valor entre 25 e 500 € ou $ para utilizar em mais de 1,2 Milhões de Hoteis no Mundo**



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Multistreaming with


Vouchers no valor entre 25 e 500 € ou $ para utilizar em mais de 1,2 Milhões de Hoteis em todo o Mundo 100% Grátis


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yeah I'll be repeating you and left ie right okay all right you got it thank you Hopkins out night of all wanna welcome you to be presentation for co-founder on campus all new poster is for a real treat when welcome all the global founders what a wonderful wonderful business that we are involved in as you already know and I want to especially welcome all the invitees you can invited by a founder get ready you're in for a real treat folks if you like me you want to get a piece of paper to bizzle if you're a little sharper on the computer they get the notepad out but you'll want to take note or just mostly you'll want to listen to every word that is going to be ages today it's just absolutely most revolutionary business I've ever because I have work in in multi-level marketing for 40 years theory but online I have a solid 50 years and endeavors even if you're going to love us folks I want to welcome Alan thousand from Virginia Preston big from Texas Ray 8 from North Carolina happy bro buried yellow sale Rita Laura Laura I hope I said that correctly be that he sent below michael morning I will see your game I will thank you and Cabrera tip hello when also welcome let me be here since we get up to beat fortune fortune Mario welcome Chris Bailey ended it says hello from Ohio Windham my my right my advisor I'm not sure if that either one of those back wins but I hope so from Ontario Canada for great captain Norbert value from Washington DC Valerie terrific for a Valerie from West Virginia Pierre proceeded from Naples Florida for retail sale Raven part disappears and today must be from Down Under Lester Armstrong from Alabama got a new bra Lisbon the welcome you to hello pastor Andrew so is it from North Carolina glad you made it lots of people is populating Elm really heavily Davis campus here consensus or candidate Matt Taylor from Ohio it really all about – well a great noise wept and you helping me are finding cigarette yeah but I do wanted to say hello to everyone quick Victoria are you available other than wonderful proud to be here and I'm so excited and I'm so pleased to hear your beautiful voice welcoming everyone this week welcome welcome to all of our invitees and founders we are in for a fantastic journey we're so excited thank you oh thank you I don't know what we do without you I also wondered welcome Jen and baked up in the low we are Oh you love to hear that we all love action Farah who created this wonderful business because he got tired of seeing people movement trying so hard and everybody and he tried and prayed getting depressed took away your soul Anita's Pat Hartness we got you point to change that and it changes you have my goodness you are in for such a treat folks no 3d again listen to your heart right your question you have if they're not answered or the presentation your sponsor to this isn't for you for sure we have here on CD Grunwald from Florida Charles the Buddha Thomas Michael Michael again Margaret Kelly John Kerry Palm Bay Florida Frank in here Derek Clark Pamela tenement marine DiBiase correct Carrington saw recently married Biasi John Barrett is here do this before if you're welcome to this Richard's a lot to hear love the DM community for sure from your uncle J a member if here we are so happy to see you as well a great community great different West Virginia and uh Scaletta is here welcome given any told you we welcome you to be darn to the presentation on forgiveness and easy Gary Clark program where rather quickly [Laughter] we had alone will you leave our Orlando Robin here – very fancy there's an area near Florida hello Mary hello and a wonderful leader though family and with global memory loudly hear from electric conversion Canada we've got her birth right three mental a year and mourn you marching the crap welcome everybody Oh new year heat so that leaf or her mortgage which is right next door or jelena hope he's alright engineers and hello all come on provocative that ball and in there there [Laughter] wonderful never did Virginia G Valerie brown very good day everyone Jerry comment here want any more welcome the Rockefeller to redirect a me do it that was very near wonderful because I wanted to do remember can you ever do adjusted stance nisard the wonderful presenter of course that's why we like to have you do the presentations but not only happy is a wonderful leader whatever he will look at him and decide to get involved with he doesn't – uppity leadership he helped his team and the whole company becomes his teeth they're not injury we'll look at out for everyone he's a mentor he's very very individual and I have hit me portable words about him other than he is on a rain here OH – I love with our owner and fear of this wonderful business where action bar all you know we're using a computer but mostly the ways in which they're fine and then above all ended with your art and opportunity it all about we won't be everyone that you have without further ado I would like to relearn the we have so much appreciate it with you your friend no no you bring any many suitors be shaking they're very very much everything you do do and we to your secure mobility to do I want to make everybody feel like they matter their hospital my city from you here and that you are doing well to get back to do remember feeling of detainees this is feeling a little tired to be dictating a computer to every from the move over area so there's a lot going on but we are so excited to be oriented on it really excited to be part of a little it must be able inherently excited about into target I don't remember seeing a little excitement among people from all launch our on additive and how do we move closer it's just exciting and every word how to do the work time you be get that every nails oh but let's just keep it moving forward it's great either level T so and then me well I'm not we have a wheat field so utterly comfortable with the honesty and the straightforward and the transparency that we have with the homeowners mayor on avid mr. Baris oh and the people will know that all the advising on that as time progresses but so without further ado I'm going to turn this over to music God if that's not fair because it always does with your wonderful presentation finger wave lives in it thank you everybody for joining us today I'm going to Briana cheese things up a little bit it keeps it towards us so I want to tell you we are all welcome all of you who are tempted a milonga all of you are already founders with Iran and for those two visa that our end of the presentation today that mu o to join us on our journey to the degree my name of freedom Amalia please everybody minutes and nobody loses energy the poses of days everybody's mean you are in its limited we are human hand is any very very tiny but whichever you hear about today is from Medina Gigi which is really become of in turn as written is we need to hear the number of every a the opportunity to get is a very community willow founders really given is its advantage now if you are needed here today and you have not ever early speak your ever know that one thing that I really do want to focus on I'm an old Cindy and Victoria nation' all of the team and people that are absolutely in love with both on acid action then I see every single urgency has to leave at the greatest problems and raises talent and money everybody home whether it is Chris from the network marketing or affiliate marketing or others the greatest challenge is for the old two needles to way to get along with how to do it the traditional way money is that the British counted if you are with the rme in part of them in honeymoon all in review Aragon is that we probably have not found a real ease to inisfree asset avoiding being able to every month and to be able to have ways that actually out you choose to seek of all women as to the purpose of what action in his team are doing with it on after the motor he needs is reading this review degenerative early marketing and traffic to get help you used your business your future business or and or your on it is because as time passes it's not moving at on these rules and I want to use all those tools to promote a loop that's just one like in the bargaining oh that's a big deal we are in our identity specific remedies demon are the laziest on older and emigrated challenge we have is demeaning are technologically and there we have a lot on already be really modest economic time on a computer finding about feminine in created and what did you need an image or a mental health to do his community with Antanas free program that machines can right bringing our program it has to be a platform that will enable you even with the limited or no experience to be able to that generate income from from home to little deadlines like what on – it is my business being a little bit more about the climate than ever I'm so so not on counts it is really an internet treatment in business that are provide each one of us with an online marketing solutions truth that will allow you to promote your current business for businesses if you don't have a business don't worry on acid is a business because Justin I can't think of a better business to promote then one light on passage which basically calls the solution to the problems which have really impaled people for years and years from being able to generate income from home do you realize that there is about in ninety-seven percent failure rate of people that belong to a business from home about 97% do not reach the levels of success that they dreamed of ended on acid we are changing them whole story that all playing field is going to be a hundred percent success and zero percent of people that struggle they don't only make money we may have an internal team look PT located in to locate every facility where B or to service those first rather than farmer there there in 800 commando order that we were reaching more he is our founder or CEO and has got years and years of variance one of the things I'd love that without cash and getting billion exists yes life is children and marriages flow during our visit to his dog imagine we are complete and you talk about experience in working online if I don't think those a much deeper you'll eat of a little bit about Lima district in credentials there we to be doubly leader and as a CEO who is reaching or words of sponsors in the rear row excited about me hard but wouldn't millions a team are creating are numerous this is just kind of it's just a real real little preview of what you see houses opportunity harm prefer going to change people collide immediately understand are getting along that are very beginning are waiting to learn our resume now what really excit needs I have a background level reporting my ears or Murphy Brown all that last seven years I've been working myself they're realizing something during the easiest to happen to label that are my agent or totally totally being University because reasons of end X is a simple to use yeah I'm highly effective and generate in them for more not only ourselves but in each generation positives what's excited about what is coming with my massive you know in the traditional businesses you know this is really not a means a decent is okay what would changes and that's content so the revolutionary is that's not that's just their tools is we have enough matterhorn but also a great degree bro technology that that you have artificial intelligence that is going to revolutionize a wave emanating money more Maltese so I started having a conversation and we are going to be Luisa weather is here in the near future when you'll be our all of our companies H land available though the cruzi that's a lot a lot of people know they go could use a short presentation so you didn't clearly go through the conversation Atlantic Julian I think that the reason I don't want identity complete and understood it is the slide right here imagine we're working in a hold on competitive funding on my mark I had one where they never have to worry about uniqueness tell me you didn't have worry about down we completely or do believe now certainly to intrigue people that I work with that are highly effective in increasing or are leading for position but isn't it nice develop that will not fit on me I'm not going to have to worry about stuff tell me or or we do mean and the reason they're not going to have all the time were you are edible everything is me wonder second cookie I've done three new platform that is going to make our jobs as easy as walking into their back office and then while marching in the rotation increase as you down running the members team members increases automatically for you it's so funny solution simply means that we arrived with on County under the table tickets there is little and has money five daughters relation tutor it gives us our honor to give it an inmate one time to amon and then a lot of our committees as you request and you cedar is your daily agent burrow and that happy era of it and you through the different levels of membership in traffic that isn't providing me with the perfect can you imagine what it might have rated focus guarantee practice isn't gonna help spaces and each and every way a business opportunity to be part of their green solution and never marketing tool is provided for your sensor simply on anyone or alive I am here Mr Bean rules it all you're going to need in order to succeed and what is a proprietary think about how concrete it is know that what is the developer for all of our on asset ability is are carpeted on long time you we will never send em to committed many more drive will succeed because it'll Moses is that I wanted it people go out and they jump five point they dildo mini behind so this is the pools that have been around babies with damage 15-20 years and then really are that didn't more are good with tools ever do it was exclusively you do to be making his and then really you not exist move on everything will be acceptable to all in one place but for a recycled back into the NIP corner and then of course but the price is absolutely develop you'll speak hidden where online things like aggregators email indemnity that offer data leaks so so that you but when you are using the technology of everything you are fifty houses rug and clean and then get into your prospects in boxes so they'll have a contact management system you'll have your own our domain you will be remaining the door so you see see in most businesses there are a domain name that that mark you use they are not branded to you this is a noise is important communal to be built here only you are so they're not going to be on slash control or the positive class acidity you have very very bumpy amazing and people know you globally all the governor's that get your hand retires into mods we're targeted prospects signal field Daniel a landing page as a webinar most hosting around browse my seafood sales by multi video – and autoresponders or more and more that you have never any more or imagined to think about the benefits they have been about 80 immediate payment solutions so many people happily lead to even months to receive a check or more the work that they did we awarded by Zito now a manager you to work at work today for you and immediately you see here Commission's we immediately localized it it into your on online or wallet this is unlimited residual down company they date we can in real time will mark an economy I said three and then among you guarantee visitors on assignments and and great throughout our them plugin again that are going to lead you into home automation of making an area of your life you know you know for our buck my visitors that you'll never achievement date by fighting against the easiest is being reality the chickens of something to build a new model denim on that then he makes the whole model obsolete this design model of these is is really rather than a standard of upon my marketable no longer important it become on because he has the new model is DD because our mighty five warmth to those this business and that is just already so the public they did uncommon even or more successful we see cedar merely to increase abundance we also have our barb Idaho over the long don't down with this moratorium never keloids success in the online marketing portal because you are I need you monkeys assistant that guarantees nor yours extent we see that ODU hearings increase or your abundance for as long as an intern and overall seen them there based on tradition in our limit if everybody's learning against a part of it that means that one is for a lot of people unfortunately that their money more role will G never get to get there I love these new opportunity to see out there's a cartwheel from the old theorem or the organ of new months if neither hat you know real all your diseases throwing good money after bad and missions to say more in order to holding to harnesses illusion and unfortunately he usually is his high in the sky because your white wire is used on something that never you really feel like this is something they got on one line or over there never use probably knowing that then is not something chefs Araya getting a paycheck and then become along with oniony excess amount of those letters can turn every month to something anything that whenever we're in any way of course because most people never look and have working from home will tell you that they're not able to people and I could not read Reuters generally what admire you to recruit people common morning because it is they don't have my mom's house remind you dedicated both Bratton indeed SN g New Year website on a daily basis and and of course normally they don't provide any our marketing rules damper on these separately and of course that will require the evidences and my money in nor the aren t to Agra succeed what is the same kind of love about what ash as has created with with people that are joining on on counted on go found this is absolutely guaranteed that a better forgetting reason at all you don't feel comfortable with his decision to become a founder or affiliate with my massive new you don't always sure admit your money guarantee and if for any reason you change your mind and kids merely just a way to reflect motor or treatment now just just take that one one guarantee there and compare that with to think that that are on the modern marketplace again talk about a horrible and ended up just eight them in frustration and example of knowing what is uncoming this this may not be exactly how will swing but this will give you the power of good on one part of our companies in Oak Grove and one black book so we're you like levels of memberships available to all on Townsend and which one though we go live how about the answer to that each and every one of you that is that is the bad daddy if you were coming to optimize just that one more part of on task accommodation program computers action to generating income of over two million dollars a month now I do understand that there very few people than done digitally are going to probably never receive CNF that level where I like to a more realistic does when I'm going to put it into the scope of reality but most most of us that really really is enough for that to number of a million dollars a month is solar power to begin even degree of the of that but believe me it's a modular building is just going to depend on like you want to put in to to your everybody can't change our every level depending on the weight went to pay attention yeah want you can cuddle sore for New Year's that damn it put on a suit you know let's take a look at that generally like anything you do only you you ology achieved and for that about that level how would you like I have an income of over $200,000 or more much that right 200,000 months without work for most of you that makuakane percent success rate does this you make that this is deal here's an example wonder what about relieve a low number one what about even him were only able to achieve on one percent of this example with $12 a month for the ripples rhetoric a life-changing you make your family's financial situation from the weather resolute reliable that will work I mean them for the only done that's what you guys guys what what is coming with new news dismal this is completely their update anyway we're barb is my mom gives you know both the new direction does a CMS on a neutral benefit blackberry birth everybody once under persisting 60 because liam is real business or life born that we have real problems in the family am really petite on talk without without but does because it together because making you you buy a product and because it's get up John and absolutely addicted to Suzanne or I'm coming by mighty because if every building a meal or gilded all are in order to visit India Mumbai my Lili that message it would be on their fifth of them to Griffith and once again it is the understanding my Demick aren t and you know what you're not going to be competing with it shut up you're just a ho you're getting that you this is the CD so you don't have to be like the understand we may think immediately our loved one my Miriam and NER our own limousine and then revolution in people providing a new marketing rules and in on saving planning visit motto is can only cheat me why because it is e one wonder your 7r is really no one else will go to press about what didn't happen to bow down to hope you'll join me at that time no no need we did even though you might imagine either by – Sharon ginger for what was coming well he's gonna disgust everybody help yeah I've actually achieved renown lean that member that's right I tried to be commit come out of more the reserves repeatedly in the a greater community others that are don't now remember about a passive and what we really enjoy who is on community have give all or any any little time around low is will begin very early inclusive go bail amount looks like and you see what he won't think anything I'm done you would be with me already business because because really really cannot see the need for Thierry counting platform that would house a montage go photo is ice time writing room long you're going to given given a little R and F sub site that you are you are we need Emilia's use interviews opposed to be to the androgen i whittled now in time for school is getting is going to get the artist access by oracle religious issue you're gonna you're gonna deity but the eyes gently rios me one neighbor leaders over a little bit when you're bringing log on positive ended in but yet more more it's a into the unique about getting it with music it is very critically ill needles the wrong on the coming in here and do not know divot e20 please do to do the cat character DC first company dependable we have member ewilson updating to the future resort reading what you do well well I would say today prisoners did that then I divided this there's three hours now and we on the old room and more completely and i bothering that people leader 3494 the founder of fountain amalgam accountant is hidden behind a mimic Amelia mobility be name is reg rises at opinion $989 liquid-armor virion about the advance premium decided that because we're a new missus opportunity to be free or either our verbs all year making what one $97 were condemned in order to North destiny is this is a metaphorical way to do so you completely dissolved on one one forever and if you want yeah the risk I'm not here here Joyce that total amounts in the am i indebted read written by launches that Dennis adjust without hungry move needle uh Montague and taste all children of of the lightly what we're going to eat that tiny gear day I'm doing one who do that one more hit behind or doctor like already empower of onions is longer your bow hunters bar arm is his honor there's the dead ended up out comfy now now today I am are you dad word we're thinking our dominant that would be near people who's got a people openly belief but also becomes blind out there every month are we really we have become vacation really on your dad my mind patch has has been replicated among the examiner so I'm so relieved leader – get out – thank you but what what the outcomes were this is my remarkable you can be strengthened on atheism lon which Florida Gordo's most part I've ever made and the price recreation Republicans have taken read the part of my to attract enough leaders and navigate 33,000 less a lot and many of us probably are waiting for the go moment that even have more than point so this is really unstoppable at this moment and it's beyond any typical or traditional walk and as we know was beautiful about this Islam that we just announced Lankan and said we'll see you upon launching we are living the process the evolution they by the doing a big win mascot mentioned we replicated pages or websites Randy you but they go founders I just want to mention we literally have probably close to 100 of those websites our graduate review plus a number of hours and posts and videos and all that so when it what a planner and what the beautiful pleasant journey and I think that wouldn't really be as excited without profound new suddenly didn't even finding in the beginning of the ideas of we're probably future projects but because of the size of the volume Obama asset that has become today we already included that's I really didn't want to believe that we are fuller delivering for promised that you may know cofounders on its own is a complete platform it's hard to believe Vincent green log and this is just a bonus was never on the book that we've delivered and I'm just really humbled and thank you so much Scott bring us off the recording for now just it gives me all of you for those who decide to come and attend it online they always appreciate you and we are going to give you even more glimpses just as a thank you advantage for you making us a priority or waking up in the middle of the night at night or early in the morning right now in Far East of this beautiful glow so thank you so much as cognizant Victoria y'all incidentally poppy we will stop the recording and we'll both make the cab one more time just for a few because I do have be an attorney appointment to shortly be revised of our on passive India arrangements of this is real and God bless you and our chat is open for any questions that are relevant and on topic we can help you do begin with co-founders position at $97 to date that are seriously not going to last for much longer and we cannot tell you enough how confident you're gonna love it and how valuable is the position is just going to be a one time in life thank you so much and I appreciate everybody who's attending here let me see if we have you like these here we are happy to assist you have any questions otherwise please go back to the link you have from Europe and minor and work with them they should be able to walk you through the process now for those who are here as founders I want to a kind of week out what we have I think you would appreciate with where we are today about a year ago there was an idea just something in the park and today is a reality you cannot listen to this 33 or more than 33,000 the leader is like capacities and backgrounds people will are coming together on this magnificent plant project which we already know it is that details are evolving they like and definitely are all in it to win it it's closer we just had our Grand Opening on Sunday for our Silicon Valley of API which is Bangalore and I want to mention even more specifics to those who live in Bangalore I though we have probably more than a thousand of several members of our founders of Romania some are actually in the state of Bangalore and they might understand where we are some images specific needs where we are located you may understand it the electronic city and why feel okay or even Koramangala or either the outer ring of government or the macular area so you understand how sophisticated how is that area who are the Giants in there from one's market who will mark to change mortgage to Amazon group will every IP giant is within our neighborhood and we just decided to go there because of the knowledge that we find there I mean one that we the ethos and inspire to Nicko's major major successful take there lotta company and technology and artificial intelligence now we didn't go for cheap we didn't go for convenience and as of today we were able to successfully hire and literally hundreds of very talented engineers and specialists some professionals of all kinds of different areas and people and we couldn't be more pleased and proud so just the one thing today we had a beating well we did with daily we have regularly we have several meetings different areas that are to observe on a so thick as this week you understand we need a webinar platform for example like this I'm just going to use the example this was one of the big topics today so sometimes it the way we decided to do it as you know is uh advanced technology company we provide tools we provide software's and systems for Internet and digital marketing as Scott mentioned earlier that we especially the baby boomers are very attractive to the concept of network marketing internet marketing and having a some women become or an opportunity to even engage with with something that is clean and highly rewarding because of that we understand and not all of them are technologically capable of operating a business driving traffic and all of that or acquiring the necessary tools had to be ability to run them paying for them which is affordability issue here because of all of this we just decided to do it for them in other words when we provide you with the tools they are on autopilot we never have to set up anything you never have to configure anything you never have to pay extra for anything everything that you need to be able to succeed online is all-inclusive in one single powerful platform and you are emiram you look at that here oh so you're not promoting engineering website or we are not promoting a generic website for everybody in fact if we are able to provide hundreds of pages or marketing project objects and items they profound as you can imagine the magnitude of on Passard which is the actual business so it's endless numerous of number of pages upon pages and videos and articles and webinars and so forth all of them for you because you list shows or will choose to be with us as a matter of all kinds of so it's literally everyone live within how fast eclipse would succeed on about them now with with the example of webinar platform as you may understand you fit either a post or an attendee or a webinar platform this is a system like essential tool that every networker somehow would have to use it whether it doesn't matter this time here on the presenter or the listener and I have seen Vietnam black pawns of the webinars bad I like many features but I've never bought complete blackboard that has all the features I wish to have in one place so what we've done with opacity look and studied all available platforms along with my personal experience what I really like that wish to have in a webinar platform and you gathered all of the thoughts a while ago and we said let's create the best and most complete webinar platform on the entire event and here's how it's going to work with them so we created that and now is being converted – Kade web application from our regular software gone local servers and computers it's the intense form to the web now here's what you will have with that platform okay it is included with the passive packages so all the millions that are potentially or at least all the thousands of users to this platform it doesn't matter which side they're on they will essentially be exposed and invited to our organize of opportunity that's the only way that they would have access to so they have to come in and do on passive they can pretrial and then it will take them to the tools of under there for packages that's the only way so it is exclusive to UM passive affiliates and founders nobody would happen their hands on it unless they first come through the doors of long past that means they're under view alright so for under all of us because of some horse makers are you understand the structure and because of that it's just a massive benefit and advantage to all of them so you don't have to create the technology or even have to use it but every time is being used what is doing ultimately it's building this organization under you that's one tool so today I am proudly unconfident say we have an idea religion to say we will create the bus we created the bus for the our platform and I'm going to actually give you the today's meeting glimpse it on my timeshare the street or maybe I should I don't want to find out that from again from our engineers but let me just do it safely for example the idea of having at the imaginable feature with it one platform is just in a destructive market I spent I believe it's already happening because of the cost because of the efficiency are the technology because of the uniqueness and the completion is the most completely flat point is not one flat part in terms of the entire industry which is billions of dollars of revenue industry third webinar and that the education crews are we have a month less of the week we some of what we have for you so it is multi users and dimensions blackboard so there will be conferences there will be a conference basically a group people they can interact and I'm I'm open Compton's together it is a webinar which is similar to this a presentation with presenters our disciplines goes why is perhaps founders users affiliates one can be invited different access to any of those of the platform now wait what you are attending on faceted webinar platform it has unique features like you can thanks from privately between entities between participants or presenters and they get even farther than that you could actually share your screen here multiple presenters can share with us please the screens at the same time we have been a white corn feature so we can do those such things literally very dynamic of the interactive platform we plan and brainstorm in one single spot we can have private that you can between presenters between participants on this is just taking it to the ultimate level so if there's an idea in your mind we can achieve in a day with automatic we can lock the meeting so let's say this confidential or something is in case somebody would get like a link or with it on passively by mistake or accidentally go home and his word I extra measure of security you could block the conference so nobody can access that so this is even higher than security of any level of team before you can actually just do private audio between the participants or the presenters and the listeners at the same time but we can open the audio for all of us to speak at the same time everything can be recorded the video could be modified or edited if you have an area that you want to remove it added or about something good it's just an unbelievable complete platform there's a new figuration level between YouTube channel which we can watch screen and live stream on Facebook even if I'm not a bad but they just did it just just to keep no unturned stove if you're following me here this is something that you've never seen before and for the first time just as I thank you for those who are giving us a time today I am giving you those details for the first time and that I can go on and on and on but I get it many times I get it troubled with our level of personal it's like this is not yet be announced um to meet align what I do they want to meet the shocking factor there for the industry operator you personally you can actually search for participants by beam or email unbelievable we could leave the room or log out obviously am I'm just reading more from today's report just hours ago oh we could we can share a five I could literally like deliver file like pushing on history everybody please leave it on there and you can do that any presenter at Emo's can do that and everybody can use that look here maximum number of people we have unlimited interesting say missus this is the low enough unbelievable you know the map there are thousands of thousands of dollars to do that without any restriction and recorded by a corpus of the browser yeah you could you could record an area of the conference which is again you need you could actually do aught you calling just like Skype to the audio the video and you can have your own chips reshape the regular I'm trying to skip the things that we know I've received before I'm trying to give you what you eat and we can broadcast a live video bonded one of the multiple and another unique feature we have I could listen I'm a presenter and Victoria or city wanted you navigate something or you are trying to do a small session with a view of your team and you want to help them set up an account or do something already like that so they can give you control of their mouths and their Street and you could literally have total control of it by permission obviously of their computer and you the necessary thing so I can go on and on and on this is unbelievable so how does this affect your life you never have to do this you never created it you don't pay for the money or the budget above the creation you don't have you the scratcher had to be able to understand it or oh is another one I almost forgot the edge in fact I'm the bait and all of that that relation is all linked with that cameras are just so sophisticated and here isn't it every time somebody's using that and this is being promoted the only way people have access that they have to come to impossible what we do it we're building the network as a force matrix for advancement please switch to the webinar screen and now it's all building on them this is what passively this is what bob has it all that was talking for the last like a minute is about one meter one product we don't run now there are countless of products and there's no way I could cover any as even another one here now because they're just so advanced and so unique and it just really doesn't matter or any would do get that overwhelming heading of Technology and detail to the practicality is just awesome for you once you're made an affiliate or a founder about passive which will benefit you income wise building your network and all that let me mention one more thing before we conclude today so I can be up on with my meeting one more thing if we are talking about complete several products unique products that most people have a good reason just to join for one single product just like the webinar platform or the ability can promote and build multiple income streams multiple programs multiple opportunities multiple businesses all at the same time in one place which is your own passive which is branded to your pudding from that one single place but you know you have all the features and you're building all those different avenues or somebody is using it for the email or the communication for the bulk mail and for the market here is where most companies really get stumped or film then you will be on your own if this was a traditional cenar you now without passage not only everything is London plays all done for you and people are covered under you but also be guaranteed to push traffic to your business without you happen to be involved so how many times we heard a story oh wow if I can hit me that hat we have three that they can get free and it goes on and on and on now we've heard that story or it okay all you have to do is hit by that if I agree no you can get five but that's where it would crash not without Cass's you don't have to get three this winter is three by a talk about the pay plan but the company but if we push three active affiliates under you without you having to lift a finger as long as you're in it I'm not going to go into the details of the product of the packages it's one lien creates different levels of projects so everybody's this is in one main trait but we have different levels and we all start from the $25 as an affiliate we call all the way to the master which is $500 and that is out of profit or by your choice if you want to fund it directly and Duminy will come in no matter what level they start with the system by default is set to upgrade all the way so everybody's going to be all-in 100% once you're all-in or even in divinity we are going to push traffic for your position and you're going to have same three only three overt month or in a month or two or three and then everybody in your team is no one to have three because we're paying for the bags or the traffic or the marketing and it is just paid for is so needle and also not even just from the traffic of the search engine all the different features of tools of modalities such as like I said the webinar platform pumping and the crowd funding the ability to promote multiple income streams your own wealth portfolio of English and to pump any pause the list is huge you have to be with it the founders or the back office to be able to see even more because I highly recommend that you need to come on board this is such a fun journey and pay so baby want it's very close to you to be too little to miss out on the opportunity gap talk about that early for a bouncer the founders I did would be gone for a long time so don't even analyze it please if you revealing like this you see there's nothing that'll be easier or more simplified than on classes so all those reasons for people to come home massive they're a building under us under you under there under them your team and you can only want three and wide level we look at the numbers start the bridge the second problem you can only have three on your your team of three but are three thousand everyone is going to not three more keep on going three that pop3 not firing depending on you this is what business that is doing so because of all of this success this guarantee put on passive everyone in the business for the opportunity will succeed 100% they just have to be it and the violation of negativism though you know any the job ready or I will say poor behavior if you just anyone come in with us it's only a matter of time before they are all in to the highest level and there will be a record of wealthy people on either put numbers completely I will already share this with the about this exclusive meeting it is unbelievably powerful that binary you don't have to sink that old boring wave song to me that get three that you know it will be three that will have three that will have to be that so twelve months what can happen to your life production two years three years or even five six month down the road this is so worth it that we are no less than Apple and Google or Facebook we are preparing a technology for you that is absolutely proprietary that's unique original and at the very highest level of power and faster under these terms of a meter is a different glue build are not in common share this with founders or affiliates or anyone they would do what they do so they can basically use us for their for their profitability or for you know do for us to paint your for Facebook or Apple or any company that provides a product like this year any meeting or any moment our platform or a mailing company emailing company marketing company they will just charger and I never share the profit would be the most unique thing business or done for us to profit us so I hope this thing's like you're not there's absolutely no way you would buy anything so far the dentistry of network marketing that is even close to a passive I don't think this will happen anytime soon and you know what I guarantee this will always be the original so we will be disruptive technology and a revolutionary platform that will change not only the lives of the users but the landscape of internet marketing so I hope this was exciting enough I didn't know if we have a question or do the most I can get but I have to step up very quickly and I thank you again for listening I just wanted to share with you more raw unscripted pieces here and there that are really listen for those why I kind of a lot I stopped that recording immediately after my comments with that stop Milton thank you so much everybody looks like everybody yeah and other than that was wonderful and thank you for that so exciting and I've actually what you're talking about just unbelievable it included in our business I mean that was amazing a little bit on put a lot of lips the average person I mean they don't have to worry about learning at all it will just be available to them I know that some people get a little bit worried that they think they don't need all of it but this is just tool that is it's going to help them teach at her craft and it's all included in Argos in my face I'm so excited it's a wonderful presentation and anything that you said is it's just awesome into debt or is created for each I'll be is I need to retake this series equal pieces Trio and borrow a real person who cares very much for helping other people from all over again center here in the voice you live he wants to help anyone has desire to succeed and guys I don't know if you heard it but you guarantee your success I need your money back Gary if you're not happy yeah you don't have to be ripped here this is that way I mean isn't affecting anybody and everybody in a marketer or come to charm a little bit or a lot into place I can make it here in CMS's jumping and you welcome you with open heart and love the purchase of the divided people or ever I am unhurt center of it and I know that when I understood that I can ask my children my children to this and the fact that they didn't have a cute do it for them it would've been so great I mean I love with him I was the everything I came to church they have a successful life as well a little bit late I think I only would succeed and thank you actually yes I know stock people grab hold of me hello we are ready you know it does kind of say look when they tell us would be to you know you're right it did one what what before has looked elegant all the plays I see those envy and everybody here we're not asking for anybody's arms are like period two or kidding for that matter Cheerilee be a part of our to see that's all I'm I do it if you want to make sure we have enough founder and leadership ahead of the actual launch so that we fit not only open and dangled board we already have freeze it like existing success it's so many impact so that's already accomplishments so the more founders we have a family and obviously that it will be stronger a stronger lock for all of us there was still be company campaigns and marketing campaigns it's only going to grow there's already far beyond let's see what's gonna happen or I have a great idea list now many people will believe it it's far beyond that so many thousands already believed in it and they did their own hockey so it's really not just a personal thing for my desire wish business the post and the vibration of so many of us are fed up sick and tired of all the gimmicks everything it's a real business if you're thinking about a real business are one of the top drivers that not 1020 a financial or technology companies in the entire industry if you're think and we at least have or at least will how do at least one beater to those giants collectively we believe that we are fodder and we are more dynamic to the principle to continue revolutionize and maximize who spectacle Bulldog hazard so today well beyond we have a desire we learn the name we have a specific dirty we know exactly what we're doing our destiny is clear and obvious and we put the effort we have the passion we have the heart we have the connections that need tippity the knowledge the resources everything we have to make it big like to make a big success okay there's nothing missing absolutely we will launch a massive in the very near future and we not will compete because there's the same actually here but I'm gonna say it in my own words but pull our beer ok so here he said she'll be was nothing but a skirt yeah what does he do it yeah what is he do it if you if you have a good idea or something that is possible to introduce okay I value you don't comment diminish what's out there say oh I'm the biggest value neighborhood or listen if you have a building or at nap all of this the buildings are five stories or floors and thing you do come and diminish them until the two floors building they are the tallest no you you go and build one that is 20 floors I mean I'm just giving you the analogy and say now we happen to be model and keep everybody in so we're not going against anyone we're not competing with anyone we're just adding value that is much needed did one better not just though we have o it I'm going to give you a cryptocurrency Moore's or somebody up from so she'll die I'm gonna fighting great price posted something about let's say I can use a name I'm not bashing them it just happened in reality it's there's nothing proprietary there's no unique content that you cannot find a youtube or on the world wide web and they charge you know five thousand dollars fifty thousand dollars courses or no unique or even qualified instructors to them so we're not selling technology Oregon we're actually providing an actual practical solution that is needed not something okay here's a video about how to set up a blockchain and they say this is a course where under the 99 come on okay yeah so there's no really I would say please okay I'm just I get paired up with my more idea above now I'm I didn't know if you're here for the first time or maybe heard it before I mean we have hundreds of people are working on passive literally around the clock and a different in different areas including myself included our beautiful founders here all of us see I can I'm obvious eight names all of them something but the 33,000 everybody is contributing in their own way or capacity now when you have this magnitude of preparation and those countries not only that are waiting anticipation for the launch of um+ not about the staff those who have moved from different states and still by the way we just did a view for our people in Bangla I just excited about what we have today none of our staff 100% 100% of our staff did banglar if young people listen to me okay they know the area none of them is from Bangkok 100% of them we had been literally migrated the movement from different states almost still living in a hotel Lord of mutagens new donation are contracted through their apartment there please some are waiting for their families to follow the amount Cosby is this process and they know that you have to go like five months six months a year deposit is just insane I know at any cost we are doing this so for all of this pain and transformation to those individuals do you think this company's got out of business in five months their life and their family's life is already in it in this hope and it's only don't occur so there's not a business model but we cannot accomplish it so take it I am giving your own past right I'm giving you the vision of a passive of the pivot but the structure and the infrastructure that we have so far is all over us we share it as partners as founders together now you can build on it you have an idea at the other project you have a truly you have a benefit a real value there is nothing impossible because we have the heart and we decided to make effect is that simple and no one will ever be able to slow us down not leave this to taste office but no one will ever smell with that I hope you enjoyed the show today I really have a lot of packing for this and we're not going to any lip bring it as you see bohemian a liking and loving it we just have to fix our like I take care of our issues a beat gave of the blest the woke I love you all thank you so much I'll see you next time we definitely want the invited to see different areas to tell tales you still have time to bring those that you love into this again you'll attempt is daring leap day country this is how long have we been waiting for this it isn't we've been waiting forever breathing or something like this to come along and and she's only making it better better and more powerful and you know it's so close to launching in I didn't Kobe give them just a little more time because I want everyone I know that you know it's okay to be a little technical but I'm a money-back guarantee jump in learn about it