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Frugal Living: Keeping Track of Your Stockpile

**Frugal Living: Keeping Track of Your Stockpile**



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This is another video from my Frugal Living Series where I show you how to manage all those backups that you have of products you bought when they went on a crazy sale at the store. Koodos to ya’ll who have garages to store your things… now lets see what I do with a small storage closet.

Next in this series I will tackle on gift buying. Doing it right will save you a whole lot of headache and grief.

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Frugal Living: How To Save Money When Buying Gifts

**Frugal Living: How To Save Money When Buying Gifts**



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OPEN ME!! Too many friends and family to buy gifts for during the year? Well I have some tips to help you save some money and still get things that they really …

Couponing 101: My Coupon Organization Using the Filing Method {how to organize}

**Couponing 101: My Coupon Organization Using the Filing Method {how to organize}**



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I revamped My Coupon Organization now using the Filing Method.

I originally was using the Binder Method:

I was not able to maintain it so I knew I had to find another way to organize coupons because I still want to keep couponing.

Here’s the video of the supplies I used with the Cynthia Rowley line from Staples:

Here’s is a great website and YouTube channel about couponing that was recommended to me by a subscriber:
Free Stuff Finder

This is Free Stuff Finder’s (Tina) extended video of how she organizes using the Filing Method:

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We hope you enjoy this video as we enjoy doing everything together as a Mommy and daughter team 😀

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How to organize your home on a tight budget

**How to organize your home on a tight budget**



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*****OPEN ME!!!***** Let me take you on a tour of my home and how I’ve organized it using very limited funds. Functional and practical!

I want to just take you through a few areas of my home and show you how I organize them and like I say in a lot of my videos pretty much everything I buy comes from the dollar store or is thrifted and you do not have to spend a lot of money to organize in fact I think that organization is better and more effective when you don't spend a lot of money on it why because then you can spend money on the important stuff like what you're trying to organize something any sense so these are an $18 on the basket somewhere then you could have used 17 of those dollars if you went to the dollar store for whatever you're gonna put inside the basket see that makes sense in my work anyway I'm gonna take you around I'm going to show you some of the places I organized on an extreme budget you can tell me what you think so I actually have a before picture so I'm gonna show you what this bathroom closet looks like before I started organizing check it out yeah not looking so hot so let me show you what I've done to organize it this is what I did I went to the dollar store to complete this project and I spent a total yes a whopping of twelve dollars on this entire makeover so up here I maximize height anytime you have height and that sort of thing you want to take it all the way to the ceiling to maximize your space um and I went through and I labeled each bin so this is mine and this is my husband's and these are not fancy expensive labels this is just a piece of like thicker cardstock paper that I actually used that packaging tape to make it laminated and you guys seriously packaging tape you know this kind you buy at the post office to like put the boxes together it works like a laminating machine so I do that I'm practically everything I want to eliminate it has to be like thin though it can't be like a big thing um so anyway I went through and I like laminated it quote-unquote and then I just tied each of those things on to the bins so I'll start with this one it's my shower you guys can see how deep and there's some extra shampoo back there how deep this is it's like 17 inches deep so this maximizes my space those are all my shower things shampoos conditioners body wash etcetera in here I have my tooth brushes and flosses and in this I keep my toothpaste I love couponing also because you save a lot of money that way so this allows me to have a place to put those things face wash deodorant Charlotte for my husband and let me just say I don't know if you are married or have a boyfriend or what or maybe you're a guy and you're watching this video and your wife is must be um seriously my husband does not put stuff away unless he's like given a specific designated spot and he knows because literally if this was just like organized and not labeled he would just be like oh let me just put it in a bin and it will be fine no so I labeled it so he actually knows where to put stuff and honestly it or she should try it and these are our bedside tables my one requirement for the bedside table wasn't needed to have plenty of storage and I didn't want things kind of cluttering up the top of it because since we fold laundry in here we get tons of lint everywhere so clock lamps and possibly a reading material of the moment but what I love about these bedside tables they're from Bed Bath and Beyond by the way with my coupon I think they're around $50 each there's plenty of drawer space and I went to the Dollar Tree and I bought three bins for one dollar so you kind of get three like bins and I bought two different sets so my husband has some in his table but I use them to keep glasses extra things pens pencils books marks etc so everything is nice and organized in here so I know where things are over here I have created bins to kind of corral all the things that go on here and I got these bins at the goodwill for one book so I can just pull on them and I can see all my different purses and quite frankly a lot of these purses even came from the goodwill I have my own dress purses and bags in here and then I also got this one there were two of these at the dollar or at the goodwill and I got one for a dollar and the other for a dollar so two dollars total well that's a complicated way to explain that anyway I have all my bathing suits in here and I can kind of see like what color it is and you know pick out the one that I want this is how I've used the back end of my closet for lots of extra storage so as you can see here on the back of my door and this is standard I mean you guys this is not like rocket science I found this when I was actually in college which was I'm not gonna say how long ago it was Ohio ago and I just clicked it kind of like this I kind of hang over the door and then the door can still closed but on the back that way I don't lose all of this space of storage I've got all my scarves up here I've got all my belts and that sort of thing some extra scarves and hats etc and then on this wall because all of my clothes were stored over here I decided to put these hooks on this is just a white piece of wood with some hooks attached to it and this was from loads of again very inexpensive and I just have hung some extra purses on here and these are the bigger purses that won't fit inside my bins on this side so I have just maximized space and then down here because this was dead space I just took one of these storage bins that I have had this for years and I just stuck it in my closet but you can find this at Target I believe but they also do have cheaper ones at Walmart and then over here on this wall I have this giant Tower which has yet to be filled but I'm sure I'll find a way to fill it with shoes and that sort of thing and then I found this basket at the goodwill for just full of bugs and I think it was like $4.99 or something like that and then I can just take it down when I need and I can take out shoes and my ultimate goal is actually to get another one of these hooks and put it over here on this wall so I can on hang more scarves and that sort of thing because I'm kind of becoming like a really huge fan of scarves I don't know why so anyway that's how to maximize storage in your closet so I want to give you guys a peek inside our kitchen cabinets this is where we keep extra snacks etc and I love these these are from Target they were 250 apiece so five dollars for the set but to be able to stick them inside the cabinets gives us so much more space and keeps everything really organized so I usually keep like little snacks and things that tend to just I don't know get all over the place kind of corralled in here and then it kind of doubles our space because these items are so small so if I coupon and I get you know extra things like I think I paid like 75 cents for this maybe I can keep them here and everything is sort of all in one spot I also have like this little glass where I keep extra rubber bands from things so we never have to get her banned and then all of our other snacks can sort of neatly fit on this side so if you happen to stop by Target check like the dollar bin when you first walk in the store 250 I also picked up these from Target for 250 and I just recently got them whence the tags are still on there but I do actually want to label these in a similar fashion which is why I kept them on there but the really great thing about this is this is what we used to keep our dog treats and dog food in you can just take out the basket pull it down and find everything that you need inside the bin so no longer you know having to searches or dig around up here and not be able to reach it so that's been a real lifesaver okay so if you watched my home decoration video you probably already seen this but I wanted to go into a more in-depth this is in our guest bathroom and this is actually where I get ready in the morning because there's more space and I don't bug my husband in our teeny tiny master but I picked up these from the dollar store to organize cotton balls ear swabs and makeup applicators and I think they look really pretty clear like this because I don't know I think the white is just like very fresh and bathroom E so then I can hide the clutter in this cabinet and yet again gone to the dollar store and picked up organizing bins so here for example I have all my hair ties this is in the school supply section right it's used for like those little Clippy dues anyway picked up these and then bobby pins go in here and i've got a few more of them in the back for brushes this is an old canister that was used for something else in the top had kind of rusted a little so I'm just using it to keep my makeups and stuff and you know you guys know if you buy like any decent makeups come specially from s to Estee Lauder Clinique they'll give you these free bags and I just kind of light them up and I use the bags for storage so you know free stuff I don't have to purchase anything you know these are for all my lip glosses and that sort of thing lipsticks of an extra bag this was actually gift these are more eyeshadows that I use less frequently an extra mascaras for my couponing so I kind of set those up like this and then they're always accessible in this drawer

Frugal Living: Ad Matching & Shopping At Different Stores

**Frugal Living: Ad Matching & Shopping At Different Stores**



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This video I show you how I go about saving money when buying groceries without the use of coupons cuz sometimes you just don’t have coupons for an item you want. This can apply to non groceries items you buy at the grocery store or even in drugstores.

For more videos regarding money saving tips and other tidbits on how to make your life easier check out my Frugal Living Series

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