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LINK TO ALL OF THE PRODUCTS USED ARE BELOW !! BUILD YOUR NAIL KIT TO SAVE MONEY FOREVER !! I have been doing this for two years and I will never pay for acrylics again !!

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♡ N A I L K I T ♡
100/180 Grit Emery Board
High Grit Buffer
Sally Hansen Dry & Go Drops
Sally Hansen Big Shiny Top Coat
Sally Hansen Matte Top Coat
Milk & Honey Cuticle Oil
Sally Hansen Cuticle Remover
Full Manicure Set
Strong Nail Glue w/ Calcium & Vitamin E
Nail Adhesive Tape
Multi Size Nail Stones
3D Nail Gems
Favorite Nail Polish Remover
Spray On Nail Dryer
Peel Off Cuticle Guard
Nail Gem Wheel

♡ V I D E O S Y O U M I S S E D ♡





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confer fashionistas so everybody wanted to know how my nails get done the answer is I do them at home these are the nails that I use they're from Amazon they're from the ICI basket by Nels Gaga you can like I said get on Amazon they're fairly inexpensive so I just took off my nails that I had on before I took them off about two days ago and you want to make sure that your nails are able to breathe for at least one to two days before you go and put more nails back on to your natural nail so I've been doing this about two years I was getting my nails filled in it was just too time-consuming and it was just taking up all my money what you want to do is invest in your nail kit which would be a box of nails these are the stiletto nails here these are the stiletto nails that I like to put on these are my favorite shape and these are the coffin nails they're pretty cool and what's also included in the nail kit a top coat which is shiny and matte so you can differ off what kind of look for one this is quick dry oil by Sally Hansen cuticle softener it's really important you want a cuticle conditioning oil this will keep your nails healthy nail dryer this is my favorite from beauty secrets this is the nail polish dryer buffer and an emery board nail kit which is only like 12 bucks this has like all the tools that you need for at-home manicure hand lotion nail glue I like to use nail glue because I do a lot of moving around and I like to keep my nails on I do not use the sticky tape for my nails because like I said I do a lot of moving around and I want them on but if you need the sticky tape and you cannot keep your nails on for too long because you have a corporate job or your nails cannot stand the nail glue then I'll leave you the link down below where you can get sticky nail tape also this is optional if you want to do your nails like really fancy you can get some stone I have like a bunch of stones you also want to get a stone will and I also have a bunch of different other stones so this may seem like a lot what I showed you but it's a good investment because every time you do your nails it will be free 99 you do not always have to go and get your nails redone because you have the salon at home I'm going to show you what I do after I take off my nose I just buff away the glue you want to make sure your nail bed is smooth this is a high grit buffer so once I buffed away the glue I go in with my 100 to 180 grit emery board and I just shape up my nose you want to go carefully with this kind of emery board because this is really really heavy and it could damage your nail if you're not careful but I like to use this because it shapes my nail really fast and I don't like to continuously go over my nail you also don't want to use this emery board for your nail bed because it could damage your nail bed and strip away the top layer of your nail so after I shape up my nails I'm going to take my nail kit from Amazon I'm going to remove the excess skin on the outer layer of my nails which can cause hang nails and you don't want that you have to be careful when using this tool because it could make you so now what I'm going to do is push my cuticles back and I want to take a cuticle pusher I'm going to take my Sally Hansen instant cuticle remover I'm just going to put a little bit on my nail but you can see the difference in between the nails once I put that cuticle remover on the cuticle is a lot more cleaner and smoother so I'm just going to repeat that for the rest of the nails so once I finish pushing my cuticles back I'm going to take my cuticle oil and then rub it into my nail bed and cuticles you want to make sure you're taking care of your nails underneath the fake ones because if you don't once the fake nails are removed you're going to have like some really really messed up nails and you don't want that you want to make sure your nails are nice and pink like mine you want to make sure you do not have any kind of fungus anything going on in your nails you want to make sure that's handled before you go ahead and do this or let your nail technician take care of it if you don't know how to take care of it yourself so you want to make sure that oil is heavily coated onto your nails and your nail bed and rub it in really good the oil is coated onto my natural nails and I'm going to go wash this off and I'm going to come back and show you how I put on my fake nails so I washed off the oil fingers are nice and clean my nails are nice and clean so what I'm going to do is rough up my nails again because what's going to happen is this glue is going to adhere so much better to a drier nail bed than a smooth nail bed because if you put glue on a smooth nail bed your nails will pop off and it will not last as long we are also going to want to do that if you're using nail glue tape today I'm going to be using this nail glue that I got off of Amazon so I'm going to take the buffer again and rough up my nail bed I want to pick up my nail sizes which I'm pretty good at because I've been doing this for so long now but this part you're going to want to make sure you put enough glue but not a lot of glue if you put a lot of glue it could do damage to your cuticles and you don't want that in your nail bed so I'm just going to put enough so it can hold onto the nail trust me this will last long and you're going to want to start at the cuticle and then push the nail down it's okay if you get an air bubble you're going to hold it there for about five seconds until it's stable enough for you to remove your hand so there we go our first nail this is okay that little air bubble because as long as this part is glued down it will stay on my nail for at least two to three weeks even with that little air bubble we're just going to repeat the same process again you don't want to overdo it with the glue and you want to work fast as possible there we go that one's a little perfect we're just going to hold it down for at least five seconds now if you're scared of nail glue and you're like it's going to do so much damage to your nail like again you can definitely opt out for the sticky nail tape we got a few air pockets in the middle no but that's okay so we're going to let that sit a little bit for about a few seconds another reason why you don't want to apply a lot of glue because that glue can seep down onto your skin and get stuck onto your skin and that's not good when you're applying the glue you want to make sure your nail is up straight it does not go everywhere so I applied all of my nails and my nose feel pretty tight there are a few nail bubbles here there's an oval here and no bubble here but my nails are going to last for about two weeks even with the air bubbles because I've rubbed up the nail bed and this glue is pretty strong you want to make sure that you have a strong glue if you want your nails to stay for a long time so I'm going to take more of this cuticle oil and put it on my cuticles again and Plus this will remove any glue that you may have gotten on your skin you just want to rub that in really good you want to make sure that you have a lot of moisture and your cuticles this does not loosen the glue whatsoever the glue is already set so what I want to do now is wash this off and we're going to get to the polish so before I apply polish on my nails I'm going to just remove this hard Ridge at the tip of the nail these nails come with like a really rough Ridge on them so you want to get rid of that I'm going to go in with a gray polish you know this is the beauty of doing your own nails you can buy as many nail polishes as you want you can put different colors on your nails you can do whatever you want once you have your nails on and it this at least takes about the whole process like about 30 minutes out of your day and again it's nothing there's no freakin time limit on it because it's free this color is called carry by Zoya and I'm just going to go for a gray matte look today I'm going to skip my middle finger cuz I have plans I have plans for the middle finger now if you cannot paint your nails perfectly like if you cannot stay in your nail lines then I do suggest getting a pill off coat base coat so once I have that done I'm just going to go over my nails a second time so I finished painting the nails I wanted gray and I'm just going to see if I want to do a third coat I don't think that's really quite necessary so I'm going to take my big matte top coat by Sally Hansen you want to make sure that the nail color that you just applied is a little dry not all the way just a little dry so you can apply your top coat because you don't want it to smear and leave like negative spaces you don't want to have it seeped through you don't want this color to mess up so just going to want to wait just a few seconds for that top layer to just to get a little dry so I'm going to wait for this to dry up a little bit and then I'm going to move on to my middle nail and show you what I have planned for that now so I'm going to take this whole glitter by sinful colors so I'm going to put a gym on my middle finger and I'm going to just put a dot of topcoat on the back of this so I'm going to put a dot of glue but right here where I'm going to put my gym because these are heavy gems and you're going to have to use glue to place these gems so I want this one I'm just going to place it in the middle of the nail see how pretty that looks I'm going to leave you to the link down below where you can actually purchase these gems I'm going to take my little nail design pen thing I'm going to have a little bit of topcoat on the end of it and pick up the gym and after that I'm just gonna take my shiny top coat just paint over that I like the shiny top coat for gems because it doesn't dole it out it doesn't leave it matte it just keeps it shiny so now my nails are finished and I'm going to wait for this to dry but instead of waiting so long I'm going to take my Sally Hansen dry and go drops you're just going to want to put it all over the nail lightly with your finger and then after I do that I'm going to take my nail dry spray and after I spray the nails I'm just going to put the cuticle oil on my cuticles one last time it's like I said you want to make sure your cuticles are nice and healthy so I'm going to let my nails dry with the dry oil and the dry spray and I want to let this cuticle oil sit in my cuticles and I will be back I just washed my hands and I'm just going to take a cotton ball and wipe away some of that oil that's on the mat so if you want to get rid of the Polish that's on the cuticle usually what I like to do is just wash my hands and it comes off like that but if you're like really really finicky about that and you really want that polish off you can take a q-tip make sure the tip of the q-tip is fairly pointed or even by some pointed q-tips because I do have that and just dip it in the polish remover I'm going to go around the cuticle with the polish remover and just remove any polish this is the honeydew hand cream and I love this stuff this is really really good because it leaves your hands so freakin soft I'm just going to put a little bit on and just put some of that lotion on my hands get a nice and soak so that was how I do my nails at home it's a very easy DIY all you got to do is buy all of these things that's just one-time investment into your nail kit and the rest is history you can do your nails as many times as you want do as many design you want like it's endless there's endless possibilities and like I said that there's different nail shapes leave you to all of the links down below to everything that I use in this video it took about an hour because I was filming but if it was just me no camera and no talking it would have taken me like at least 30 minutes just pop a buck but the nails on polish put the little crystals on and I would have been done and the nail dryers just shortened that time even more I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and let me know if you're going to try this elf is so tired of going to the nail salon paying somebody else for something that I can do and plus I'm paying for nails that's just only gonna last two weeks so if I'm going to have some nails that's gonna last two weeks I'd rather just pay 399 every two weeks to do my own nails and plus like I said these are really really strong but if you want them stronger you can buy hard as raps put them as your base coat and just go on with your days any nail technicians don't yell at me okay if I made a mistake it's okay this is just a DIY do-it-yourself because ain't nobody got time for it and I want you to stay plus-sized and stay beautiful fashion Jones bye

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hi I'm Joe Pesci Nene with Coldwell Banker global luxury here in the Hamptons the three main things you should consider when looking for a summer retreat number one proximity the ideal home away from home should be easily accessible from your main residence number two decide what kind of environment do you want to be by a lake or in the mountains the countryside or a beach community and finally find an agent you can trust one that has your best interest at heart summer escapes exists all around the country and indeed all over the world to begin your search for the ideal summer escape visit Coldwell Banker calm

Joy's Favorite Who Knew? Money-Saving Tips: 6-piece Anni...

**Joy's Favorite Who Knew? Money-Saving Tips: 6-piece Anni…**



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For More Info or to Buy Now:
Joy’s Favorite Who Knew? Money-Saving Tips: 6-piece Anniversary SetWho Knew you could save so much and in so many ways? These invaluable books come loaded with cost-saving tips and hints to make…
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213 but what I have in my hand could save your carpet it will definitely save your money and possibly even your sanity because this is our who new line what we did in honor of joy Mangano his 12th anniversary with us right here at HSN we gave you the biggest configuration that we have ever done in the history of who knew at HSN not only are we going to give you one two three four five six books it is filled with 20,000 tips we have never done it at this price 1495 and free shipping and handling this is your time to grab some gifts and I'm going to get right to it because the fun part of who knew is finding out what we can now no because we care slimming and his wife Jean who wrote this book the series of books how are you I'm great I'm great it's so exciting to be here in this blue mangano anniversary price is just crazy this is one day and what they don't all this is six bucks 20,000 to 20,000 tips over 20 years in the making of Jeannie and I have put these books together and you know they're all customers pics Alice else because they work so if you're looking to save money or save time make your food taste better if you want to get rid of bugs if you want to get rid of smells naturally if you don't want to call the plumber if you want to save on your automotive repairs and get things for you know auto supplies for free if you want free stuff if you want a coupon Alice I will show you what about an hour's worth of work in just one of these books and you're right there's six of them how you can save fifty percent of your grocery bill each and every week with about an hour's worth of work it's unbelievable and the free stuff we're not talking just free samples we're talking at things like college level courses if you need your resume done if you want to earn money from home how about getting paid for your opinion how about getting twenty dollars back for printers cartridges the tips are unbelievable it's never ever but this is I think forty percent lower than we've ever done this before it's incredible you know you mentioned Joy's anniversary I want to tell you something I was on there this morning with her this was a champagne we poured for her she didn't drink it because it was seven o'clock on this morning but if it has lost its fizz you put a few reasons it and look what happened you've now saved your drink okay that's just one but that's for joy since we didn't drink this this morning let's talk about back to school if you haven't bought a backpack yet don't you can fix it with dental floss you can make it water repellent with heat what you want to use heat for is put this on the range top but that's all greasy that'll loosen all the grease and make it much easier to clean another great cleaning tip a brew some tea like four bags of tea put it on the stove before your cooking something that's greasy the grease will be you know will be repelled it will not stick and let's talk about cleaning for a second else good and everything you see here folks this is heavy is something you're not gonna have to buy again because of the who knew books so if you're looking to get rid of mildew or to clean the toilet or roaches or your cleaner for your for your windows all of it mosquitoes jewelry cleaner leather cleaner all of it you don't have to buy you can I gotta get this out here it's your it's too big but again that is what these tips are meant to do back to school if they're your kids lunchboxes get sort of that funky smell why Friday vinegar on a piece of bread close it that's all you have to do freeze their juice boxes that'll keep their sandwich code always what they're mayonnaise or ketchup you get in one of these let them put it on themselves then it won't get soggy they once I goodnight it it was soggy you're giving them an apple cut it like this can you guys see this if you cut it like this would put a rubber band this will now stay fresh for oh I don't know six or seven hours you're writing so that way they can eat it then you know and there's no excuse not to if they're running through your printer cartridges right now what you want to do is put some heat on this when it's empty shake it up put some heat on it you will be able to finish the job also up to twenty dollars back on things that on cartridges their pens run out of ink into boiling water for a second they get ten on their hands a little baby one is all you need to do just a few of the tips let's talk about cleaning some or any of these neutralizing smells forget it you know what you want to use this for spray it on the inside of your pumpkin once you once you carve it or you can use lemon oh also halloween if your Baker by chocolate the day after halloween extra talk of these things will be a third of the price this will freeze for months and months and months we're going to show you how to use that all through the year you can make Oh neutralizing sprays you want to get rid of other sense in your house put some vinegar in some water when you're cooking fish that's well this is I guess a shark but if you were cooking fish some vinegar simmer that that will neutralize the smells if you got smells on your hand fish your garlic you want to use some coffee grounds old coffee grounds or just put your hands in a steel bowl with water like this and by the way when you want to wash your kids baseball caps on the top shelf of the dishwasher and then drive them like this over a bowl take him out the dry cycle that's all you have to do the money you're gonna save on your laundry alone it's unbelievable Alice if you're doing back to school you've got to do these uh potlucks house are you gonna carry your cupcakes just like that that's I mean a shirt box okay I'm so sorry to interrupt you because this is the most fascinating thing every time i work with Bruce I've learned so many things one tip can pay for this entire set but we have never done this you're getting six books you're getting six books for $14.95 and free shipping and handling on this grab a couple of sets of these they make the most fascinating gifts as soon as you get these home you're going to start reading them you will flip through these so amazingly and we have never done this price never in the history of who knew on HSN have we've done this kind of price 20,000 tips included and 1 800 1 866 376 tal que call us with your testimonials how have you saved money I told you Bruce I dropped my phone in water you said in your book put it in a bag with rice it came back to life so what did I said there are two hundred three hundred dollars by the way we're gonna get your free phone service and if you have a phone and you're if you're upgrading up to forty dollars back don't just put it in a drawer and free text messages you've got teenagers like I have you know what the bill is for that you don't have to spend it if you're paying for ATM fees you don't have to spend it's your money you want to take it out you shouldn't have to pay a dollar three dollars whatever it is will show you how you can avoid all those the money you save is unbelievable and speaking of saving money let's talk about our extreme coupons book you've seen the shows on TV where these people you know devote their lives to when they spend next to nothing on on couponing we're gonna try to do that in the book but what we're gonna show you is an hour's worth of work how much one you could say I don't know if you guys can get in here and see this receipt from a trip that Jeannie and I took can you see this we spent $98 right ninety dollars and we saved 127 okay so think about that that's what sixty persist same when I then we say more than we spent but look what we got can you guys get in here and see this it isn't 700 cans of soup or rice it's iced tea aluminum foil vitamins that were 25 cents chicken tenders pasta juice detergent Oliver produce oranges this was about sixty percent off I'm telling you folks with an hour a week we can show you how you can do that and it also works in pharmacies everything you see here on this shelf is things we use these energy bars vitamins lip balm a toothbrush it was thirty-nine dollars will show you how you can get 20 off in coupons in the book and then what you'll do at these pharmacies and they're all over we got coupons for 510 another twelve dollars off so this was virtually free it was a couple of bucks for all of these things and speaking of free everything you see in front of me alice is something we got for free now again it's not just samples although you are gonna get sniffles how about prescription drugs had a woman call it her hundred-dollar prescription is now free will show you how to get scholarships if you if you know where to apply a man called in a thousand dollars he got in the scholarship he never knew existed for high-end cosmetics contact lenses medical equipment those energy drinks phones phone service auto repairs detergent if you're having a baby ladies unbelievable how much money you how many things you can get for free free t-shirts and kids will eat free in restaurants all over the country will show you where they can will show you how to compare gas prices if you look here this is tampa fellas you can see this year 456 vs 399 this is in the same city we're going to show you how to save sometimes fifty sixty cents a gallon of gas each and every time you fill up its and these are just a few of the tips yes because there are 20,000 tips here for 1495 i don't think we have ever been below a price point of $19.95 on who knew never ever so this is an exceptional opportunity here thing because we're gonna give you the best of one and two we're gonna give you who knew three we're gonna give you tip sheets we're gonna get give you free stuff we're gonna give you the extreme coupons where he actually saved more than he spent oh my gosh have been waiting to say that and you're also gonna get the beauty secrets you're getting everything all of it all of it 1495 with the free shipping and handling grab a couple of sets of these but you will go crazy with the things that you find in here these are all the secrets these are all the tips that you have been waiting for unbelievable I'm gonna go back to Bruce because I'm gonna tell you I've learned so much every time he is on i wish i could just write it down but i don't need to cuz i have this happen and i go to it all the time but here's what you need to know which is with people online 5500 left and i say that because that's half half of our quantity was ordered was it one earring yeah one of these one team is really so these we do not have an unlimited supply of these we have a very limited supply of these don't miss this this I don't believe you will ever see again this is truly history-making and so exciting okay this price and let's talk about some of the other solutions we have if you're bothered by bugs I had a guy call in the roaches in Florida and you know they're the size of kindergarteners down here he got rid of them using one of the tips I've got four tips here one using baking soda and sugar when using bay leaves and cucumbers wine and then these little balls using cornstarch and a few other things that's the go to one if nothing else is as effective you want to get rid of every single roach try that before you call an exterminator here's how you're gonna get rid of ants if you've got carpenter ants molasses yeast and some sugar if you're bothered by fruit flies some apple cider vinegar and a little bit of detergent if they're coming out of your drain throw some basil there everything here around it will get rid of silverfish and things that are in your drawers all sorts of stuff you don't need to call an exterminator if you have pets now you want to keep them off the furniture you're gonna put some falutin employ lon we've got hundreds and hundreds of pet tips never buy a flea collar they're filled with chemicals going to show you what you can use instead of a flea collar okay it's just as simple if your dog smells like a dog some yeast in his food that's where you want to do if they're making the lawn brown have a solution that's really simple cats to buy the cheapest cat litter you can find we'll explain why if your cats here in your house plans a little time or some pinecones is all you want if you've got bugs out back or around flying things are on your plans here's a simple spray you can make that just uses soap and garlic and a couple of things that is perfectly safe for the plants and will keep all the bugs away if you've got mealworms and pasta spearmint gum in the bathroom wait until you see what you don't need these mildew cleaners forget it fabric softener you got to actually use to keep if you have a shower curtain that is sort of sticking to the shower fabric softener if it's mildewing put it in salt water you can use a white wine old white wine for lime scale this is a great tip if you've got that soapy stuff on the tiles and on the shower curtain doors the runners furniture polish is what you want bothered by mildew in the bathroom we're going to show you how to use cotton balls and a rubbing alcohol think about that the little corners of the grout all of it will be gone don't use this totally polar cleaner you're gonna use a cola instead you want to clean silver with up with lemon and salt we're gonna show you how to use ketchup for copper and brass you're never gonna have to pay for jewelry cleaner either we're gonna show you easy sepoys Oh ask if you've ever got a plastic bag stuck on the stove that have melt onto the toaster oven all you need is a little bit of a nail polish remover that's it mildew in the basement and caught up some onions we will show you how that works if you're cooking a meal and you're about to serve dinner and they played the the pots are all gunky just put a little club soda float a fabric softener sheet of all things by the time your meal is done that'll be really really easy to clean and by the way fabric softeners or fabric some fish you don't need them in the wash you can use vinegar okay so you're gonna save money there again these are just a few of them how about this you have those mops that you love with thee but the heads are so expensive to replace your old socks I think about it old sighs and before you do that you want to clean your kids socks lemons boil them in water with lemons that's what you want to do it's really really simple to do these are things that have been around for years and years and years these are solutions that GA and I have taken 20 years to put a lot of these solutions that are grandparents and your grandparents had a lot of people look and say I remember this my grandfather used to do that or that's what my grandma did when she gardened it's so it's so simple you're gonna preserve who there's bread if you ever buy french bread you know how it goes as a serve an hour it goes bad yeah yeah you don't have to throw it out it's easy and simple to fix beauty beauty treatment there's a whole book oh there's a hobo hope I didn't buy my gorgeous wife former model Jeanne these six items you see on this shelf here folks two hundred and sixty dollars you can make things that are very similar using what you see here okay cellulite treatments is a hundred and fifty dollars you know what studies show promote the growth of cellulite uh promoted not promoted back that's right vitamin C okay I'm sorry collagen this is for college and this will promote the growth of collagen we're gonna get this for you for free cellulite jeanne said i had to mention this one you're gonna use caffeinated coffee we will show you how studies I don't know looking up that page as we get this show I know you don't wear makeup house but if you did you would do with GD does you buy darker than you need you add moisturizer you get five or ten times as much you want to peel like you go for the sponsor e75 dollars for sugar and grapes if your pores you want to shrink them you want to use some watermelon and tomato juice here's a great way to make your skin just John try this a little half-and-half and lemon put that on leave it on for a few minutes ladies Jeanne does it look a little crazy when you do it when it's done your skin will glow self-tanner we can make it easily honor oh you don't have to spend the money that you've been spending this is the best-selling book series book and book series that it we've ever had here at HSN never before has it been less than 1995 never before have we given you six books with 20,000 tips look at what we're including for you you're getting the best of one and two you're getting three you're getting your tip sheet you're getting your beauty you're getting your your coupons you're getting all of that all of all six for 1495 five dollars lesson we have ever offered it and the free shipping and handling we have probably a thousand people online right now guys and very limited quantities of this is amazing information that you will use and use these are not tips it's like yeah who cares this is how do i get rid of roaches how do i save money how do I not buy jewelry cleaner it's all those things that you will use over and over and over again but with the free shipping and handling if you want a couple of sets of these they make the most outstanding gifts what are we seeing right here you were saying oh these are great and easy solutions to God can see to to preserve another great beauty treatment there's so many recipes in here that Genie has come up with through the years again and again you know these gorgeous models a lot of them struggle money-wise in the beginning they all know how to make themselves look beautiful for not a lot of money some great treatment if you thought if you've got calluses on your skin or you can use a lemon you can also use this if your feet smell I'm telling you in some water if you've got dark spots on your elbows you want to put some lemon and some salt on it that's what you think about you spend to lighten your skin where you're little you know little dark spots you don't have to do it your grandparents didn't do your grandmother didn't do it right i know mine didn't actually great skin that's what you use she never used allergy tablets she used baby shampoo on her island if you have instead of the ear drops reach for an onion or rubbing alcohol will show you how if you if you have minor backaches you want to use some oatmeal that's all you want to do and you want to use some mustard as well if you have problems with sleep put some salt on the back of your tongue I'm kid you not the guy cohen said it's unbelievable he's been taking sleeping tablets for years she doesn't have to anymore wards get rid of them with duct tape which is owned and how about this for four if you're traveling if you want to store your necklaces and you don't want them to you know get all tangled in a straw here's another great way if you're if you're on a beach or something and you want to put your your your jewelry you know you don't want to get anyone to see putting the tennis ball oh great way to hide it's my home and we have a caller on the line surely is calling in from Michigan and I surely is it true did you order four sets of these sure hi Shirley welcome to HSN we are delighted that you tuned in today can you believe all six of these for 1495 I think it's fabulous have you ever ordered one of the who knew books before yes I did have an order previously and I just love it full of fantastic tips they really do work don't they they do work fantastic well I'm so glad are you going to give these out as gifts oh yes I have one set for my sister's birthday gift and then the other says I'm going to use it for Christmas gift Oh fantastic surely I'm so glad you tuned in today because these are going so fast my dear we appreciate you shopping with us thank you I have one question though that I'd like to ask some how to clean a suede jacket how to cleanest and I'm standing right here panty hose I kid you not rub if you have staged try pantyhose first loosen it up a little bit with like a little brush panty hose is what you want to do try that first before you bring it to the cleaner it's a fortune to bring it to a cleaner try that well that's fabulous thank you so much look at you surely understand the ring flap you asked that because I've got a suede jacket on right now surely think I know I ordered two of them already did you these are awesome way to get it home dear listen enjoyed that and thanks for shopping with us thank you bye Jess really see I'm just learned something there you go I tell my she's right 1495 day this is for joy Mangano she chose this we were so thoughtful that it was so happy that she did it and it's never gonna be this price again by the way for cleaning leather you want to use egg whites and let's talk a little about these tip sheets so here's what they are they're perforated sheet so they're really just when you're shopping right you write your notes ID but there's a tip every day this day is how to get rid of raccoons easily if you've got them in your garbage you know what a pain it is it's really simple to get rid of let's talk about your laundry for a second you want to keep Lee jeans blue vinegar the first time you wash it these little fabric softener wills forget it if you're gonna use fabric softener and we recommend vinegar just put it on a sponge you don't need these bowls in the dryer either tennis balls do the same thing if you are taking your the hands of your kids pants down we're gonna give you a solution to spray on the hem so we won't get shiny right you know sometimes you are and it gets shiny like that right we're gonna cut all the pre the pre-wash is people use you don't need anymore we're going to show you how to get rid of the bugs and squirrels everything around your house everything you're gonna use baby shampoo as a pre-wash if you have marker stains on fabric you want you system hand sanitizer if you've got gasoline stains or gasoline smell on your clothes Cola soak your clothes in cola that's what you want to think about how many times have you thrown things out cuz the clothes smell weird at yellow marks on your on your underarms just some salt this will get rid of them okay this is your chance and let me tell you right now two-thirds of our quantity is gone gone gone two-thirds gone alright so we have a couple of thousand left we have about a thousand of you online look what you are getting first time ever that this has been less than 1995 first time ever that's five dollars less than 90 95 we're doing the free shipping and handling and we're gonna give you more books that we have ever given you before 20,000 tips if you want to count them somebody did believe me you will use these tips just like surely did just like I have done just like millions of people have done and you will be fascinated and captivated by it and such information that will save you money save you time maybe even save your sanity and gene from Florida has just ordered this as well and we thank you for joining us right here at HSN gene is my mom's name as a matter of fact hi how are ya great gene thank you for shopping with us have you ever ordered one of these before now first time on this I've been with you all for 12 years and I saw that free shipping and a lower price and he said cockroaches in Florida and I said yes I'm with you those things get as big and small dogs don't they okay when it rains and lord knows we've had enough rain lately they'll come up the drain I don't care how clean your house is it doesn't matter those sockets are coming in you know they are big and bold here aren't they a bacon bowl has nothing on us that's the truth so you are just a doll thank you so much for shopping with this all six books coming to your front door okay thank you so much have a great day and this was a good price people should buy this absolutely and we thank you so much for shopping with this gene good luck with the roaches until big and bold we've got another caller but let me just if I can encourage you to use Express ordering a shop on HSN calm we have over a thousand of you online for this and I'm telling you guys a couple of thousand remaining now these could actually sell out in this presentation crazy busy you will love it though Wanda from Texas hey Wanda you know what gene was just on from Florida talking about the big roaches in Florida but but i'm from texas to and they've got some pretty big words there as well you bet they have they're almost big enough to carry you away sometime put a saddle on him right and she's right you you can clean and clean and clean and they come up that's right from out of us as a sir line I guess up through your tub spouts and they're just nasty and I hate them I of course what made you pick up the phone and order this today well because i have ordered his hulu the big thick book yeah i ordered it before and i ordered the hulu to book and then i ordered another who knew and gave it to one of my daughters and I've got another daughter and I thought this is really a super goodbye and let me tell you just the money saving tips in there you don't have to go store and buy pesticides and all that other dude you can just look in that book and and they're so simple and most of things you have right at your house you don't have to and drive shoes that i love the battery about dryer sheets i learned to put them in my car i learned to put them in my shoes I learned to put them in up in the closet I learned to put them just everywhere and they take the odor out musty odor out everything smells do it is fabulous Wanda we're so glad you called and shared your stories with us I'm gonna go home and well I'm gonna stop on the way home get some dashi absolutely by the way a marvelous woman also they're great for rubbing your dog oh absolutely that's the pollution here all funny you bet they're great for that I have missed that chapter gonna reread it there is a you have a marvelous price on these and I could not resist getting them at this price even though I have two other big books right I never it seems like every time I picked the book up I see something new in it that's what everyone says the same thing Wanda that's great not one to thank you so much for joining us and and thank you so much for having such good products well I've been with cute I've been with a chair Stanford probably 12 or 13 14 years now then tactic and we thank you for being such a good customer with veteran for shopping that they all have a marvelous day today and thank you again thank you and and we just really appreciate that listen guys final two thousand it looks like all of these will be gone in this presentation if you would like this please order this now just like wanted six of them 20,000 tips free shipping and handling people are ordering 23 one of our callers four sets okay cute going you know as you're talking I keep looking at things I need to tell you here's what you want to put your kids binders they lose their pencils and their glue sticks just get a bag one of those idea and just use a 3-hole puncher just to put it in like that this is just a regular bag that you have that's a great use for thanksgiving is not that for we're gonna give you the best tips you want to cook your turkey upside down for the first hour this is 20 years of secrets that Jeannie and I have gathered from chefs not us from chefs who do this for a living you want to make this nice and brown vermouth is the key if you want your chicken to be crispy white zinfandel if you want to D salt a ham you're going to put your ginger ale and salt on it believe it or not that's what you want to do if you've ever burnt gravy you're gonna you're gonna put some peanut butter in it that gets rid of the smell this is how you're gonna get we're at a fat also this is quite a big piece of lettuce Oh in the microwave when you're when you're cooking something heating it up that's a great tip if you have chips in your fine china you're going to boil it simmer it for about 45 minutes in milk we're gonna show you how to clean silver using chalk and a few things you have around the house you don't have to spend money on silver cleaners ever again all of the tips and more are in this book ok that one from Nevada California has just ordered our who new series Evelyn thank you for joining us here at HSN you're on with Allison Bruce hi thank you for having me is this your first time to order these or have you ordered before from who knew it's my first time oh my gosh you hit the jackpot today my dear it sounds very intriguing and of course the money-saving using simple ingredients household ingredients that we have is very impressing well fabulous and it looks like all of these are going to sell out so I'm so glad that you were able to get yours today everyone 20,000 tips have fun saving money getting rid of roaches learning how to save my China it's amazing right yes it is fabulous oh listen my dear thank you for so much for shopping with us today enjoy thank you thank you and I oh she's sweet and the money saving tips again they're all customers pics cuz they work you want to save money today in the dryer Alice put a dry towel every time in your with your wet clothes you will cut your the time it takes to dry in about about of half three-quarters sometimes if its cold when you leave it's getting cold where eyelids some aluminum foil on a piece of cardboard behind a radiator wait you see how much heat you're losing going the wrong way is gonna go back into your room simple things like this are gonna save you so much money that's why these it's so rewarding about these books because people love them you can always go to our website who knew tips com once you buy the books you have any question any the free offers anything at all how it tip works you just call us email us someone on the crew will get back to you right away and help you out rewarding intriguing fascinating and by the way they work they work they really know he saved my cell phone put it in a little baggie with rice okay listen guys I'm last chance on these because these will all sell out by the end of the hour they will sell out so if you're online right now you have one we're just gonna let this process though okay so we'll give you an update in just a few minutes but get to the phone now what a fun fun day listen to thank you so much for all the way push babe it's really fascinating okay listen I've got more coming up including the origami but right now let's shine the spotlight what else is happening here at HSN well in the spotlight we're calling all crafters join us tomorrow for HSN's third annual 24-hour day of crafts now if you love to do anything like scrapbooking or crafting or even sewing you'll definitely want to tune in because we've got the pros and major brands like Martha Stewart and a Griffin and so much more it's our third annual and it's 24 hours and it's only right here at HSN lights camera action she really is brilliant and changing the small moments in our life that count the most I have a dozen reasons to celebrate my 12th anniversary this sep tember only on HSN and hsn.com HSN presents world-renowned chef Emeril Lagasse BAM oh yeah babe wait till you see what I got cooking high quality cookware that's better than ever plus all the right ingredients to make you next masterpiece I'm bringing flavor back to your kitchen and we're doing it right here on HSN where we always kick it up a notch don't miss Emeril's fifth anniversary saturday on HSN can you feel the love and coming up next right here on HSN get ready because I Salomon skincare is here at three o'clock and then glow brilliant personal teeth to brighten up that smile at three-thirty we also have durations with 70 green fell back without today's special I have it wrapped around my neck gorgeous scarf our fault dress shop is open right now on hsn.com you can shop whenever you want and we thank you so much for joining us here at HSN we appreciate your phone calls on our who knew it has sold out stay on the line you have one if you're there and we appreciate all those phone calls and we

THRIFT HAUL  how to save money on clothes!

**THRIFT HAUL how to save money on clothes!**



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Tried to find some deals..then trying to be more frugal..found even better deals at a few yard sales!
welcome to the green apple home here is the loot there are six shirts and five pairs of pants at Target the total if you can see I don't know was 108 47 but I think I can do better if I can find her size at a yard sale or a thrift store or something usually I like to go yard selling because it's cheaper than even then like a goodwill or a thrift store I'll have the clothes if I don't find anything really in her size but so far I've been pretty successful in this area of finding really super cheap clothes in great conditions if you buy something and they're not quite using it yet just hold on to the receipt don't wash it or anything don't just send up everything off and wash it and do it unless you're not planning on going out you're exhaling or anything why spend the money if you can find it somewhere cheaper just as good it just makes sense my wife just wins yard saleing and she was supposed to get some clothes for Moo we'll see what she got who knows what she came up with if I came up some kind of weird Wien back chair that she wants to reupholster or something but anyway let's find out what yet hey would you get things that work I got a few things that were the list you had the list that's in her head who knows what that is maybe just a jacket let me show you what I got sure it's just stuff that I didn't get but they were just so cute through galvanized buckets and then okay but I scored like I got I got DD winter coats nice let me show you what I got and I got this pile for 15 and this pile think was four so it's been under $20 on all of this I can probably take back some of the clothes maybe if I did do a lot like see you there nice drill Nucky I really raked it in fine clothing so my mission today on the yard sale was to get clothes for boots so if you want to save money this is the way to go yard saleing we're going to take back these and the only reason why I can do this is because I didn't take off the tags yet there is a man genius my wife is a genius