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Cost-Saving Appliances | Day 134 | The Garden Home Challenge With P. Allen Smith

**Cost-Saving Appliances | Day 134 | The Garden Home Challenge With P. Allen Smith**



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With building an eco-friendly home, Allen’s first criteria for choosing appliances is energy efficiency. Well, having everything look great is a really close second!

In the Garden Home Challenge, planning, design and craftsmanship converge when designer and lifestyle expert P. Allen Smith and his colleagues build an environmentally friendly designer home for $150,000 in 150 days on his Moss Mountain Farm in Arkansas. Check back or subscribe for new episodes to track Allen’s progress, get to know his team and see what it takes to build a beautiful home from start to finish.

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P. Allen Smith is an award-winning designer and lifestyle expert and host of two public television programs, P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home, P. Allen Smith’s Garden to Table and the syndicated 30-minute show P. Allen Smith Gardens. Smith is one of America’s most recognized and respected design experts, providing ideas and inspiration through multiple media venues. He is the author of the best-selling Garden Home series of books published by Clarkson Potter/Random House, including Bringing the Garden Indoors: Container, Crafts and Bouquets for Every Room and P. Allen Smith’s Seasonal Recipes from the Garden. Allen is also very active on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Allen’s Blog and YouTube as well as on the new eHow Home channel debuting January 2012. His design and lifestyle advice is featured in several national magazines. Learn more at
Hey, the air conditioning is on, but it's
not the only thing that's cooling this house. Let me show you what I mean. They say an eco-friendly house can't be built
in 150 days for $150,000, and I say it can. I'm Allen Smith, join me as I push the limits
with time, budget and creativity with the Garden Home Challenge, exclusively on eHow
Home. You know, choosing appliances can be a daunting
exercise. But in this case, it was actually easy, because
we were looking for a few things. We wanted the aesthetics to flow with what
we had going on here. With this galvanized ceiling, I wanted stainless
appliances all the way around. So that narrowed it down for me. We also wanted appliances that were Energy
Star rated. Now what I mean by that: You can find appliances
that are actually engineered where they'll use less energy. You see, energy efficiency is based on the
kilowatt hours an appliance uses throughout a year. If you get one that has been designed to be
energy efficient, what you can do is save 15 to 20 percent on the fuel or energy costs
that it takes to run this. Okay, you may say: "Appliances, 15 to 20 percent
— that's not much of a savings." But you gotta look at it from a big picture
standpoint. First of all, we've got energy efficiency
going on throughout the entire house, the way it's heated and cooled. The insulation, that adds to it. Plus, what we're using in our light fixtures
— the light bulbs themselves, energy efficient. Now the appliances, energy efficient. You see, it all adds up. And you think about the amount of energy you're
using and paying for over an entire year, you're talkin' about saving some money here. Let me give you something to think about when
you're selecting appliances: It's an aesthetic thing, a little thing, but I think it makes
a difference. For instance, you can have appliances that
are made by the same manufacturer, but the handles on them are going to be very different. So when I chose these appliances, I wanted
to make sure the handle on the refrigerator is the same as the handle on the dishwasher,
which is the same handle we see over here on the range. Then, of course, we see it up here on the
microwave. Now when it come to cleaning stainless steel,
the way to get these smudge marks off is to just use some warm soap and water. Just wipe with the grain of the stainless
steel. Yes, stainless steel has a grain — you can
see, it's running up and down here. You wanna wipe and rub in the same direction
as the grain. The other thing is, if you really want it
to shine, you can put a thin coat — again, by just wiping it on — of mineral oil. That'll give it a nice shine. Do not use a glass cleaner or Windex on your
stainless steel — that's not a good idea. If you're enjoying these tips on the house
and how it's moving along, check in with us regularly. And make sure you subscribe to eHow Home.

How to Save Money on Your Home Redesign

**How to Save Money on Your Home Redesign**



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A home redesign doesn’t have to break the bank! Here are some quick and easy tips that will save you money!

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this is autumn flora and she is an amazing designer here in Nashville and an old friends actually I know each other for a while yes I know so I'm so happy to have her on because I want you to give us some tips on when it comes to our house how we can create really a home that we love thank you so much for having me here yes this is really a treat to be on the show with you and to be able to give some good tips and advice to people who aren't working with a designer so one thing is find out what room you want to remodel do you want to do remodel do you want to do a redesign what's gonna make the biggest impact for your family in your life okay so to create a home that you love you can either go do a remodel would you hire a contractor and like rip stuff out you can hire a designer and just do a redesign but put that awesome so expensive like I hear that I'm like so what do you do it can get really expensive and you can do it on your own too that's completely fine as long as you know what your budget is and if you're working with professional make sure you give them your budget they need to know what it is they're working with how much money you're comfortable with spending so they can stay within that so really you need to focus on one or two areas start there a lot of times for people it's their main living space so it's their kitchen and their great room it's the two areas that as a family they spend time in or they entertain in it's amazing where I've heard that whatever room is connected to the kitchen is where most people congregate I can't tell you how many times I've had friends over a party everyone is around the island where the food is where the beverages are and then people will trickle off into somewhere else then everyone ends up you have 20 people in one in a kitchen yeah no matter how big or small it is so if people don't have a huge budget and they're not able to go and hire a slow guy or a wonderful designer right to come in what do you suggest people do there are so many ways that you can find inspiration that's not from a designer instructing you we have such great resources now online or even still print I still love all my magazines so they love magazines out there you're okay so go through a design magazine rip out a photo that you love go on house find some photos create a mood board on Pinterest you know find things that will help you inspire yourself yes and also give you a visual on what you're trying to achieve that's so good so how do you find someone that you trust like who's a professional in your area that you know okay this person's gonna be legit good question obviously if you're in the Nashville area I can tell a couple of great things to you but if you're not in the Nashville area which not everybody watching your show is going to be sure there are some great websites to go to Angie's List has been around for years yeah I know people who have found great painters even contractors on that website so I highly recommend that another is house a lot of people think that it's just something where you go and find photos on there and you can pull them in and you have a kitchen inspiration or livingroom inspiration but there are professionals listed on there I'm listed on there as well and another is tackle there are some wonderful services on there from painters to you know somebody to you know go pressure wash something if that's if you're looking at doing an outdoor areas yes okay you mentioned a budget yes and I love a budget thing so for you all I created a cheat sheets so that you can visualize your numbers and it's broken down per room so you can figure out the money you've saved how much you've spent track it all so make sure to click the link in the description below after the show okay when I think about clothes I think about having like the investment pieces where you spend more money than you normally would on certain items it's funny that is true yes I yes sure it's funny you say that because that's how I reference something for my clients if they're saying well I don't know how much just then I don't know what my budget is I think about when you're going to a store and you're going to an event how much do you have to spend in your kitchen you want to invest in your cabinetry in your countertops so those are gonna be your two big-ticket items in there a backsplash even faucets even lighting those are things you can find online and be able to save some money or go to a home depot or lowes upholstery your sofas can take up most of your living room or chairs so for different people they're gonna have different wants different needs if you have pets you're gonna want to have something that's going to stand up to the test of time with them if you have children and you're thinking about markers and crayons you're gonna want to get a krypton fabric you're going to want to get something that has some its credibility some washability some it's not gonna have to be dry-cleaned okay so what are the best places for me to buy the more expensive things like what are those expensive thing that it's worth fine let's talk about just a redesign because if you're not wanting to get into all the structural changes and all that most people are wanting you just refresh with fabrics in furniture yet so when I'm thinking about investment pieces one thing that I highly recommend is always investing in your main upholstered pieces but you want to not spend money that you're just gonna end up throwing away the later on that's so good okay so those are like the pieces okay we're gonna invest heavily and so what are the things that say just like accessories like more inexpensive things were your favorite places to get those hands down home goods if you have a home goods in your town go to homes I love them they're very well isn't always changing so no matter if you need something that seasonal they have it if you want something that is you know with your own color scheme its color-coordinated it's not hard to do by yourself you go go there and look through you know the blues if you have blue in your house and you can find things that are going to be inexpensive enough I like to change things out with the seasons too so good I love it thank you you're seriously so helpful I mean to create a home because the home this place that you're gonna be it is all the time right when you before you leave work after work yeah kids your family I mean it's a home you really want to create something that you love okay I'm gonna take your tips use them in my kitchen a beautiful wife a beautiful wife thank you so much for you're so welcome