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How To Super Cool Your House and Save Money on Air Conditioning I Fun On a Dime Money Saving Tips

**How To Super Cool Your House and Save Money on Air Conditioning I Fun On a Dime Money Saving Tips**



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Check out more fun and tips at (screenshots of our power bill/usage will be there soon)

How To Prepare For Your Groupon Feature

**How To Prepare For Your Groupon Feature**



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Hints and tips on how to prepare for your Groupon feature from businesses that have featured on Groupon.co.uk before.

The video covers what you should expect to happen, how to treat and monitor new customers and other useful things to know that you might not have thought of!
I think if we were doing the groupon voucher thing again we would probably have someone Manning the phones I mean we were a fairly small business and we don't have a volta tutor staff so as soon as nine o'clock starts the phone starts to ring and it continues to ring throughout the day so if you are a small business and you have a successful voucher run then I would suggest maybe having another person in the shop for the day that the voucher cells to actually just to manage the flames because the phone just ring constantly to prepare for our second groupon deal with from what we learn on the first one is we we added an additional phone line to the front reception desk and the second booking computer to allow us to kind of handle the increasing cause it was still very busy but it did help a lot first of all you need to be prepared with we weren't prepared when we run the first factions we weren't prepared for quite honestly the number of additional brooklyn's we get a number of extra phone calls anyone that sells you know any amount of vouchers are going to get additional bookings and additional clients you need one you need to be prepared for that to you also need to be prepared for the other business you'll get off it off the back of that we had quite a few customers come in might have forgotten about just what happy to paid it for their meal at full price and then come back and other day and use their vouchers keep everything monitored make sure you know what's coming in what time so you can keep track and be very very clear on the restrictions of the deal so you don't have any problems when phoning when booking nothing everybody knows what they're doing the customers know what they're buying into and the venue nebula binding we prepared for all those exciting customers who will most probably all want to make a booking at the same time or all want to come for the sessions at the same time so they should definitely have enough staff so that they can handle those clients and enough people to do to pick up the phone and make the bookings for the client's we should just you know make them happy and and satisfied and we should be young ready for that and I actually remember to die that the about to went on because I've sort of almost forgotten and around back ten o'clock in the morning fall hard to the batteries being sold today so I looked on the internet and at ten o'clock in the morning with all these salads somewhere in a regional 1200 ballard's and I'll remember looking at the internet during the day and by lunchtime we got up to two two and a half hours and vouchers and we eventually finished selling body into the evening almost 4000 vouchers the phone that evening and from then on just constantly did not stop ringing and it really took me aback I wasn't even over sure because we've done everything in a rush exactly our group home worked and you know how do I deal with these boundary codes I think we reached about 650 within sort of two hours which is more than enough for the size of his business which is quite small so we actually decided to stop the offer two hours into into the offer and yeah I was really surprised actually I wasn't sure how people react but to sell that many in such a short period of time you know we were extremely happy with that yeah really happy with that we've got close to 5,000 vouchers sold people were even trying to book before we'd opened it was just an amazing response the first deal was actually shocked me I didn't expect that numbers to come in but they came to 202 at the end result the second legal I for is actually better the end result came to 260 something so numbers freighter this is our second deal that we wrongly group on the laser hair removal for 129 pounds ninety-nine we sold roughly a thousand vouchers for this just make sure you start on top of the game and and they know I had to deal with the customers coming with a group of magic just be relaxed really you'll be well looked after from good point you

ASMR Frivolous LoveBug Covers You in Kisses ~

**ASMR Frivolous LoveBug Covers You in Kisses ~**



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Stop Saving Your Money,  Buy Gold & Silver NOW

**Stop Saving Your Money, Buy Gold & Silver NOW**



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Stop Saving Money, Buy Gold & Silver NOW

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hello everybody welcome to the overtax taxpayer Channel now I've done this kind of video before but also I've gotten about five or six thousand more subscribers since I've done that video so I want to redo it with some newer information that I thought of I want to ask everybody a question really quick what is this what is this now I don't want to hear it's a dollar or it's a mechanism for buying goods and services it's more than that what is this this my friends is what they call freedom yes freedom the more you have of this the more you are free the more you have of this the less you have to listen to other people's commands let's say at work or abide by their rules I'm not talking about the rules of the law the more you have of this the freer you are this is freedom and every time you would draw some of this from the bank you are withdrawing a small increment of freedom what is slavery I know it's slavery you used to be and I know what they taught us in grade school but what is freedom today I always say that slavery never ended it was perfected and that we are all slaves now all brothers and sisters are slaves unless you got a lot of this but speaking for the average person we're all slaves against slavery never ended it was perfected how do we get into slave slavery we are tricked we are enticed and we are deceived into getting into slavery instead of being able to acquire a lot of this we are reprogrammed through television through the radio about what others have and what it might be like to wear these clothes and drive this car and make you feel better about yourself and you need a bigger house obviously that is slavery slavery is debt so instead of withdrawing little increments of freedom what you're doing is you're taking this freedom out but you're giving it to the people who holds hold over you slavery you're giving it to the people you're slave masters you are making them more free to make more rules to govern and rule over you instead of taking this southward your freedom you're taking this out and giving it to somebody else you're giving away your freedom just to look good or feel good and it never does fill that hole in your heart does it no matter what fancy shoes you buy or no matter what car you buy at first it makes you feel good but it doesn't it doesn't fill the void you have to pay the debt each and every month so debt is slavery that is pretty much one reason why I don't save this I don't save this I don't save it for my future I don't save it for my retirement is what I'm saying I don't trust this not insane stop using this all together because your slave masters require this as payment to your servitude each and every month keep enough of this to pay them off and do pay them off for my future it's silver that I trust so far in gold to be exact real silver bullion 0.999 purity for those who are new and are new to silver and new to this channel this has a chance of increased in value it says one dollar on this coin minted by United States Treasury it says one dollar on it yet this also says one dollar by the way I said I have new information that's because I I don't have new information we thought my old stance this is no longer a note of freedom oh don't get me wrong as long as you don't have debt this equals freedom somebody else's freedom if if you do have debt for those who have debt this is a note of debt if you don't have any debt this is a note of freedom keep enough of this pay off your debt get out of debt what I was saying is and I'm coming back to full circle this says one dollar on it worth one dollar yeah this coin is worth 17 of these after premium 17 before premium about 15 dollars 70 cents I think the last time I looked this it's worth 15 plus of these that's why I say stack this not this this has the chance of going up in value this has no chance on this earth of going up in value what do I mean by value now the last question I'm going to ask you what is value oh don't get me wrong I know what they tell you in school value is the amount of goods and services you can buy with an increment of freedom the value the amount of goods and services you can buy what this has been going down since its invention I am not lying the purchasing power is also another word for value the purchasing power a more appropriate word has been going down since this has been invented so you have to pay more and more this on the other hand and my others silver bullion as well as gold since its first I won't say invention since it was first dug out of the ground in biblical days yes it's in the Old Testament of the Bible gold and silver this has a track record it goes way back when you I way back don't see this the dollar bill in the Bible you see gold and silver and although the prices dip and go up dip and go up since it was first dug out of the ground its trajectory has been upwards I'll say it again yes it's going up and down but it does one of these numbers and sometimes it saves constant this what's most important the most important takeaway out of this this can never go to zero this can never go to zero your almighty dollar Ken folks please give me a thumbs up subscribe and click that little bell icon that will let you know every time I put out a silver video take care