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0:00 Intro/Twitch
1:24 Join Discord!
2:07 Charlotte Basics
5:15 Current Gear
6:37 Other Elements
9:17 World Map Guide
12:13 World Raid
13:14 Tower Invasion
14:25 PvP
17:46 Abaddon
19:07 Coupon Code
20:00 Summons!

Coupon Code: HeirofLight31
Coupon Link: (For iOS)
Coupon Date: 3/28 00:00 ~ 4/13 23:59
Server: All
Reward: Epic Summon Stone x 10
Limit: 1 per Account

* Android – Can type the coupon code in the Coupon Code Banner (In-Game)
* iOS – Must click on the Coupon Code Link from Mobile Device’s Web Browser. (iOS does not have in-game Coupon Banner)


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what's up YouTube barcode here bringing you another err of light video this video is for one a coupon code video with ten free summons I will be giving that coupon out later along with summoning those ten stones I also want to talk about twitch so I am thinking about streaming air of light on twitch now my life is very busy wife two kids business etc so on this video if I get a hundred likes on this video I will stream once a week for sure mainly probably on a weekend night preferably to help new players answer questions show my daily routine whatever the case may be I haven't decided on times or whatever but if I get 200 likes I will do two streams a week to help the community you know answer questions and just to hang out with you guys like I used to when I stream YouTube I probably streams which but maybe I'll do YouTube I haven't decided but that is my plan so make sure to hit that like button if you want to see some streams and you know communicate with everybody we need more streamers we need more content creators right and we need more this game to shine so we need it to be broadcasted out to other communities as well so that is my plan I also want to talk about joining discord so I will leave the description down below I'm also leaving a coupon description down below but the discord description down below make sure to join I mean make everybody this game is a lot of audit repeat right so a lot of people are just talking more on this cord than they are in game so if you have questions if you want to just chit chat with whatever you know the community manager Γ‘all is on there and also dev team leo who takes a lot of suggestions there's all types of different pages on the discord that you can throw our suggestions bugs whatever questions whatever you got just make sure to join a discord discord is very very valuable main focus on this video today besides coupon code and discord and whatever is water Charlotte now water Charlotte is a origin for star or natural for star character that is amazing for early mid and even late game depending on your status of free-to-play minnow shark whale balloon whatever right so she is awesome I'm gonna talk about her she is an ignored defense character on her combo skill which is her third skill and I was gonna wait till she was fully skilled up but her third skill ultimate is what makes her great it is max skilled so I wanted to talk about her now and showcase her now her third skill is ignore defense deals 24 64 percent damage that ignores enemies defense it's a one multi hit okay so against fire hide you know not too good whatever will go into crafting and see if we can look at multi hits or into the avatars to see if she can actually do multi hits but I'll go into that here in a minute but she is max killed on this so she has a damage increase of 80% on this ultimate so I'll show you what I runner with and you know how much damage she can do and another note for filet canoeing Ally Spiegel is present attack increases by 120% this is also important because of fire Spiegel which is passive if you run him with her his passive fills a combo skill gauge up with 10% when an ally tank class is struck so that's huge so I mean I'm running fire hide water Charlotte fire Spiegel you know for PvP and for other cases +1 it doesn't really matter water Charlotte will do her thing and it's perfect so I'm it's an amazing combo for Charlotte to have with spiegel so let's go into the avatars for water Charlotte you can get a multi hit combo skill so her ignored defense that's huge right because multi hitting with tanks that have passives that are you know you can only do a certain percent of max HP of the tank 1a1 multi hit combo skill is not very good but it just depends on the tank and who you're facing in whatever case may be so if you wanted to spend some money on water Charlotte I would highly prefer and recommend that you put this multi hit combo skill on I don't know exactly if every single hit is ignore defense I'm sure someone down below can comment and tell me that for sure but I would assume so at least every single hits I don't know how much damage it would actually do maybe just take the total damage of one multi hit and divided by four is what I'm assuming so that's assumptions you can let me know if I'm wrong look look at her gear right now that I have it is an eruption set and a piece set which obviously makes sense because all you really need to build her for is speed and attack right there's two ways to build her right you could do a very super super fast double eruption with speed and the necklace and the gloves what I have her on is a full attack on all four don't mind this piece of gear it's a piece of crap all for you no gloves helmets and ring and then a necklace I have her on speed because I do want that extra speed now with this speed with this type of gear right with this type of gear she has two hundred and twenty six speed and ten eleven K attack so there the other way to build her is to build her super fast you know you could probably do speed you can still do beast and eruption but instead of on the gloves having attack you could put speed so that she goes even faster you know it cuz sometimes I'm and I could show you when I showcase her she's right below the threshold where it's the second skill so I have to manual do it and I'll kind of explain that here in just a second let's talk about the other elements of Charlotte and they're all really good if you get dupes of them it's not a bad idea if you build them I mean they're all having more defense it's it's perfectly fine to build any of them it could be debatable that Charlotte of fire could be the best because she has a passive of a damage over time on chance if an enemy with a debuff that increases damage received is on their right so it's gimmicky it's very gimmicky she has that owner first skill but it's still very gimmicky plus it's only a level one damage over time a lot of these passives need reworks because these are like original passes from the past and some have changed but some are so it's just just depends right but still I mean she does ignore the image too and she has a self attack buff so great right nature you know the same thing increases damage or first skill self attack buff and the passive limits one is increase the caster's attack for 15 seconds same thing as water right it's when you skill it up all the way she gets a level 5 self attack buff 1 or second skill so the passive is kind of knit right so let's go into light and dark light and dark ok it's for light like dark and they're both very good right and they actually have better stats then fire water in nature as you can see fire water nature have 102 speed and a little bit lower attack light has 798 attack in forest has 709 no myomas have 709 right so light and darker always always always going to be better ok they're harder to transcend an awakened right you have to farm the shards and whatever the case may be but if you have dupes lying around that's why I did water charlie because she's still good and she carries me ok her passive same thing if you hit some with a skill that has the increased damage received you increase the attack level one why you have a self attack buff of level 5 it doesn't go over five so the passive me to rework but light and dark would be preferred to build I would say I guess dark who doesn't matter but same thing okay so definitely worth worth worth worth worth the build especially if you get dupes of these alright so let's talk about where she shines right I'll talk about the pros and cons of building her as well but let's just bring you know this tank fire Spiegel for the link and the skill gauge buff right water Charlotte and then I'll just bring a razor right whatever so I will go into this now the pros about her right ignore defense she has a link with Spiegel right she's easy to transcend down on at five right because you can get dupes a lot easier easier to awaken lower materials needed to awaken her to max to get that necklace and ring and she's just easy to bill of us build speeding attack okay so if you were trying to clear tiles for the world map super easy right water Charlotte second skill is already up on the second global cooldown and I just one shot for 1.6 million okay took 9 seconds to clear that you get three stars you move on to the next tile okay it starts getting harder like in the sanctuaries here where you're dealing with water wrens who hit a ton for early game anyway for late-game you guys are fine but for early game when you're working with you know like for example this water REM that's coming up I need something to take care of that and what I do and I'll treat this like tower invasion okay so what I do is I bring someone who can silence Oh name skill so that she doesn't do her a weed damage and destroy my whole front line right cuz water Ram will do that water Ram is a beast okay so what I do and I treat this like tower invasion as well I'm gonna do a whole different video on tower invasion but I literally just use light uh sure second skill first manually obviously right and then I attack buff with spiegel now see what a ram is silenced she can't do her AoE but actually I am silenced as well because of the tower that's okay hopefully I should be able to get the Alltel first and one-shot her for at one points up one point three four seven million so that's not cool let's see if I can silence before she kills my whole team see I want to make light uh sure oh sure I want to make like uh sure way faster I want that silence to be permanent and I think I can do that with good gear and Max awakening and max transcendence so there you go so it took two times that time right 1.3 million with a level 5 attack debuff on my water Charlotte so pretty pretty good let's talk about how she is useful in world raids world raid I use her in fire which is good because ignored defense champions are good there okay you know I met a I'm nine months behind so I don't do three hundred million damage like the top players right I met for fire I'm at 23 million okay and all I take is water Charlotte okay and and it's not like I run out of time I just died so if I brought one more damage dealer I would I would do less damage so it's something I am working on okay but the way I have it set up is water Lito lowers the cooldowns of the world boss fire spiegel buffs Charlotte and Charlotte just keeps alting and halting and non-stop and fire Spiegel also chains with water Charlotte so water Charlotte can do more ultimate skill three damage right so that's how I use her in world boss tower invasion now tower invasion I am currently ranked three and I just feel like if you know how to accomplish it you can get a higher rank as well now it it is easier okay I think tower evasion now it's like back bit back in the day was a little bit harder than it is now because of how the game has evolved so I think tower evasion needs a little rework however like maybe even to servants you can do two servants on each floor right kind of like a baton treat it like a baton right but water Charlotte carries me throughout this whole thing she really does but she will one-shot pretty much everybody or to shot most tanks or three to five shot a fire hide okay and it just depends on who you take with you know I take my tank I take fire Spiegel I take water Charlotte and my fourth just depends on who I am facing I'll do another video on tower invasion separately when I have it's not cleared but water show it definitely carries me through there alright let's talk about some PvP shall we what I take obviously it's what I've been doing pretty much everywhere is my tank fire Spiegel and water Charlotte okay now this is a typical comp of Ishmael water I ll and a damaged Deere dealer okay now if a shield goes up on Ishmael that's when it's an issue if it's his self shield but mainly hey lele's shield with his per passive right her passive is annoying right because of reduces damage receivin combo skills by 80% when the shields actor so so it hurts right however since because I have her built fast I can use fire Spiegel to my advantage use it on the second skill and just hope that the hail shield doesn't go on Ishmael and that's how I've been running PvP ok so I will just showcase her in PvP and see how she can do now I talked about the pros already for building water Charlotte but the cons there's not really many it's just the passives are man right they need a rework she's a glass cannon she dies very easily her first and second skill are weaker obviously because she's a one skill type of character right and NAT Five's outshining obviously as they should so so I got fire Spiegel the second skill I have water Charlotte's now it depends on if yep so he had a shield up so I was still able to do 315,000 damage so that could be an issue I'm gonna throw out the heal over time and a defense buff and what I want to do is hopefully before a lil silences my whole team is to nope okay so hopefully this is why I want the potential of a resist luckily I resisted everything so that's cool I have chaining on fire Spiegel so hopefully I do a combo into water Charlotte which I did this should kill no knock down this another shield which is fine their water arc angel is going to hit my fire hide and doesn't do too much but this should kill Ishmael finally that's my shoot hi hi lil is so good man okay so now I rinse and repeat right that's what I want to do so I'm gonna give this heal over time back with the defense buff ultimate with water Charlotte again this should kill what our angel you know so 312,000 and that's after hey lil shield okay so that's pretty good it's pretty good so let's just go ahead and finish this do Oh not out of context come on alright water hail is probably going to silence me now oh good water Charlotte resisted again all right so that's GG so that's how I use their water so there's that 1.64 million damage and last but not least is a baton so with a bat and water Charlotte will carry you if you don't clear fluor hundred any Charlotte mind you I keep saying water Charlotte but that's just because that's what I built Charlotte's will pretty much carry you all the way to a bad even against weaker elements even if you glance for normal your stand in your level 70 transcended it got gear and invested it into Charlotte's she will clear all the hundred right and I'm sure it's very easy to clear hundred anyways so for a baton Charlotte's can get you up to a certain point now the point I'm in right now is floor eighty and you need to bring to range DPS so that that is my issue right now and that's why I can't clear I have dark Lucian but she can't do it all I mean she's only level 60 as well she does hit for a ton but I need to bring a second range damage dealer which I can bring one but then I need it to do a lot of damage because then I lose out on fire Spiegel because I need to bring a tank and I need to bring a healer but I it's just a point where I'm going to be at but Charlotte's can carry you through a bat and she carried me all the way up to this point alright so now it's time for the coupon code now like as in every coupon code every two weeks if you are Android user you can go to the events tab up at the top left of the lobby scroll all the way down to your coupon code promo code you click on that and today's code is err of light 31 err light 31 and you will receive 10 summons in your mailbox barcode youtube poop on thank you barcode so if you are an iOS user you need to go to the description down below in this video and click on the link specifically that's the only way you can get it in iOS hopefully they fix that in the future it's kind of annoying but let's go ahead and get into these 10 summons hopefully I can get myself something nice right just a shout out the CM ll thank you for the coupon codes to be able to give this community what they deserve because they love this game just as much as I do so forest new mom new mom awesome that's what I wanted fire Ramone awesome oh there's some sparks come on baby and oh sure sure sure water some water because water is so gimmicky it's been so gimmicky since the beginning right on paper he sounds really good right a defense based character right who does break the defense of the enemy and increase self defense buff and does defense damage on the third skill but the passive right this should just be a hundred percent if it crits or something like that let's keep summoning right nope I don't want to buy to sit back to instant awaken my water uh sure which I won't use oh sure oh I sure is actually a girl if you didn't know she is a girl she is a dead girl dead girl just in case because it looks like guy but read the backstory alone uh sure I'm sure not there's nothing not the singer huh sure in-game uh sure so nothing good for me okay I got some fodder that's cool I'm cool with that level them up fuse them up right fuse them up use your characters up guys my next character will be most likely the fiery knock that I'm going to showcase for an app for characters I'm only gonna showcase characters that I have level 70 have fully awakened have good gear and I'm testing them out properly I'm not going to do anything less I can talk about them and theory craft them but I won't do anything more than that so thank you guys for tuning in I will check you guys in the next video make sure to comment down below and tell me what you have summoned with your 10 free summons hopefully it's some sparks hopefully it's something good check you guys in the next video peace

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**EXCLUSIVE Limited time Coupon Code! + SUMMONS !! : Heir of Light**



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A Dark Fantasy, Collectible RPG

Darkness has overtaken the realm, and the world is in chaos. The only hope to restore light and order lies with you, an Heir of Light. Embark on a crusade to renew a hope that has been lost for generations. Ready your weapon and journey to restore the light of the world!


β–  Be A Light in the Darkness
– Shine light upon a world shrouded in darkness. The war will only end when light shines upon every inch of the land.
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β–  Collect Powerful Servants
– Form your Crusade from among over 100 Servants.
– Enhance, Evolve, and Awaken to unlock their true potential.
– Diverse Roles for each Servant: Attack, Defense, Support, Healer.

β–  Devise and Strategize
– Your Servants are the key of your Crusade, customize their Skills for every battle.
– Customize your Gear Combination to gain unique Set Effects.
– Couple the various different Skills and Elements to assemble the most strategic Crusade.

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– Pulverize your opponents in PvP mode to prove your power.
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– Challenge yourself to various dungeons and earn rare rewards. Godspeed!

β–  An Eerie and Mysterious World
– Not just another RPG! Immerse yourself in a magical and mysterious fantasy world.
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what's one on you – my name is AB G 3000 I'm back in the place to be and welcome back to air of light now today's video is sponsored by game Ville so if you do like what you see and you want to download the game yourself definitely check out my download links in the description below so courtesy of game Ville they have provided me with some care to do some summons in this video but you know what ladies and gentlemen I don't want to be the only person sponsored in this video I don't want to be the only person doing summons in this video so even though I'm sponsored by game ville I am gonna use the power vested in me to officially sponsor you yes you you are now officially sponsored by FG 3000 I know you're probably wondering like wait a minute FG I didn't sign up for this well actually you did by clicking on this video you've already accepted the terms and conditions so gotcha number one but number two don't worry it's not all bad via this sponsorship here or your sponsorship perks ladies and gentlemen I do note that these sponsorship perks will run out on May 31st so get them while the getting is good but you will be getting via my exclusive FG 3,000 sponsorship coke coupon code you're gonna be getting 10 epic summoning sounds along with 1000 Valor aka stamina so all you have to do is follow the link in the description or follow the link in the pin comment of this video that'll get you a 10 of free epic summoning stones along with $1000 and like I said this offer will expire on May 31st don't ever say that FG didn't ever give you something so if you're thinking about starting your journey in air of light right now is a really good time because not only like I said you're gonna be getting a 10 epic summoning stones a $1000 the game is already giving accounts to five star summoning stones as well as legendary gear so you're gonna get a really good jumpstart on building up power in this game and right now it's a really good time to start building up your account and this part of the video is not sponsored but it's a really good time to start building up your power because the next major patch in this game is gonna be adding cooperates so right now you want to be building up your account you want to be building up some of your characters because cooperates in this game looks absolutely insane I'm gonna throw up some screenshots of what they shown so far but the cooperate boss looks absolutely insane so like I said in that part of the video and sponsored that just looks good so of course I'm gonna be dropping the video when cooperates hit to kind of show you more about it but right now start building power so you won't be embarrassed like I am coming to a cooperate with a scrub team so that is that ladies and gentlemen so just to give you a quick recap once again thank you to game feel for sponsoring this video and sponsoring this summoning session use my coupon code to get your own 10 epic summoning sounds along with 1000 Valor the game right now is also giving away 2 5 star summoning stones legendary gear build up power the next major patch is gonna be adding cooperates it's a really good time ladies and gentlemen to jump into air of light speaking up jumping in the air of light let's jump into the summoning session we've wasted enough time ladies and gentlemen we're gonna go over here to the rate up banners over here getting very very close to getting some mileage here now we're gonna be paying attention to only the lightning bolts everything else we're gonna kind of skip through all right very nice a fire tank I'm actually pretty good on fire tanks so we're pretty decent there let's keep on rollin and we're gonna burn out all of our carrots in this video Oh who are you alright melee DPS fire ok ok this is my first time seeing you well I probably seen you when I was just kind of running through all of the characters but very nice another lightning bolt we're getting lightning bolts on all of them when you see lightning but that all very nice got another duplicate of her the one I have right now is green is this also green yeah oh wait a minute the one that I have is green DPS it's gonna be green support alright I'll see what I want to do on those characters there but if you see lightning bolts I'm it basically means you have a guarantee for star in that pool let's keep on a roll in here another lightning bolts and this is what uh sure not sure that I know not the popular R&B singer uh sure but I'm not sure nonetheless uh sure sure sure all right got two four star pools in this one Oh finally yes Ignace very nice 5 star Ignace water dang it oh man water is like my most legit element type in this right now so I mean that's just gonna make my water team even stronger but man all right water DPS Ignace is in the house who I really have been wanting fever gauge is full so let's go ahead and pop to our fever gauge here like I said this is very similar to mileage on other games so let's go ahead and see what we get out of our fever gauge what I literally got both characters that I want it very very nice water support water support um let me see if I can use her in water support we'll take a look at that in a second we still got more to go let's keep on going ladies and gentlemen not enough space man all right let's go over here to servants let's see um very nice water DPS actually I can definitely use her for water DPS I'm actually pretty I have range DPS here but I'll go ahead and take Ignace they're very good-looking unit they're very nice alright I think actually I'm gonna have to expand my barracks a little bit because I have a lot of work to do I've been doing a bunch of summons so I don't have I'm just gonna burn for YouTube don't do this by the way don't do what I just did there but for YouTube I'm just gonna go ahead just throw a bunch of these characters in the barracks so we can just keep summoning in this video but I have been doing a ton of summons lately because I like you guys know I just kind of came back to the game so I haven't had enough time to level up all of my fodder units and that takes up a lot of space in your inventory because you're supposed to take these fodder units level them up and use those to make fodder for 4 stars for 5 stars etc etc haven't been able to do that just yet but I do have my exp booster running right now so as soon as this video is over I am gonna start leveling up a bunch of those characters kind of float them through but let's go back over here let's keep summoning I want to burn out all of these characters another lightning bolts ladies and gentlemen that is uh this has some cool animations I do like his animations but don't think I'll be using you anytime soon here we go another lightning bolt another father Hopkins what color type is this father Hopkins he is Forrest DPS most likely yep of course range DPS four fours and then I have enough to do one final ah come on man you know what this is for YouTube man this is for YouTube I got to make sure I do this right though watch this once again I would not recommend doing this I would say if you get to this point in your account where you just have a full like roster here don't don't do this just don't summon for a little while start leveling up your characters and then then do this alright yeah level up your characters and clean out your barracks that way not not don't do this don't do this I'm gonna do it anyway though just for the sake of the YouTube alright there we go just for now that'll leave us just enough to do one final ten pool summon nah no lightning bolts all three stars on that one but you know what I cannot be mad cannot be mad because now I do have Ignace on our roster here so let's do this this is what this is basically how you kind of set this up so hold on actually let's go back to our servants what color type was Ignace cuz she's a five star I want to get her going as fast as possible she's water DPS so the best way to do this let's go alright so we're gonna go ahead and set up our new characters on this level nineteen stage Devils guts I'm gonna bring these characters out look at this Ignis in the house our new support unit as well Sphinx and I also need let's see who else I want to put up in there I will hmmm I think what I'm going to do even though even though you're green and you're not gonna help me in this one I'm gonna go ahead and put you in here anyway I'm gonna go and put you there anyway and then I need a water tank because right now they're just gonna just fall apart so let's go ahead and put up a legit water tank for now put up a legit water tank alright so that will work repeat battle they should be able to get through this they should be able to let's check this out really quick very nice new team let's see if we can do we can skip your little animation but it we've seen it before oh yeah they're fine and what I'll do I'll go ahead and put some armor on Ignis look at those animations by the way look at that very easy and this is what you'll do once you do all your summons bring it well if you're brand new you won't be able to do this but if you're a returning account it's actually pretty easy just to pop an exp pot just take one good unit just one tank and I might not even need to bring a tank here I actually might not I mean you know what let's stop repeat here I'm gonna redo this I don't think I need she died at the very end I don't think I need you I don't actually think I need you so let's bring let's bring four units that can all benefit from this exp did you do I can I'm might just bring a fire unit I guess I could bring father Hopkins here because I will eventually use him let us in there leave the rest of these are like three stars so actually what I'm gonna do instead I'm gonna bring a fire unit I'm gonna bring this character right here who I normally have as a tank she also comes in the healing flavor as well which I didn't even know so I'm gonna bring her and then we are pretty good to go duh very nice auto sell gear I'm actually gonna go ahead and put Auto so gear because this is a level 19 stage so it's not that big of a deal and then this should be the team so I'm gonna set these guys up to Auto repeat while I go to the gym they're gonna do 44 matches at the very least and I think by the time I come back with the exp booster they're probably gonna be pretty close to like level 40 almost so one quick exp session doesn't it is all it really takes to get your characters tired up to max level let's make sure they can pull it off though once again none of these characters have any gear on them that'll make a big difference as well yeah easy no problems whatsoever except for the one green unit that I brought obviously she is gonna get beat up a little bit but we're good to go look at that bunch of level 1 characters reckon shop oh nice we get to end with Ignis very cool that is the unit that I have been wanting very very nice so that will do it ladies and gentlemen boys and girls once again thank you to game Vil for sponsoring this video if you want to download the game check out my download links definitely use that coupon code to get yourself a knife to jumpstart in the game good luck on your free five star summons and of course I will see you back an era of lights once that new co-operate hits the game so and that will do it I'm out and I'll see you guys next video later