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How to cut your electric bill in half part 2  free ideas DIY by Missouri Wind and Solar

**How to cut your electric bill in half part 2 free ideas DIY by Missouri Wind and Solar**



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Frugal living:  Saving on your heating bill .

**Frugal living: Saving on your heating bill .**



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This works really well for getting the chill out of the room. These are also get for having on hand if the lights go out.
hi everyone I see I have a visitor while I'm trying to tape this this is my kitty cat Isis she's checking everything out anyway what I want to do is do a quick video of how to take the chill off your your room without turning up your thermostat this is a oral lamp that me my husband have and I actually found this out by accident one night I turned the light on or lit it just because I like the way it looks and I noticed that it warmed up the room so the next time the room got chilly instead to the thermostat up I decided to light this and the room warmed right up I honestly don't know how it works I don't know if it's the heat from the flame I don't know if the flame you know sucks out the moistures in the room I honestly don't know how it works all I know is it works now this won't replace your heater it doesn't warm the room up like that it's just enough to take the chill off without having turned like I said turn your thermostat up but it works really well saves on your electric bill and it looks nice anyway just something I thought you might like to see or hear about thanks for joining me bye

How to cut your electric bill in half part 5  air conditioning free ideas DIY

**How to cut your electric bill in half part 5 air conditioning free ideas DIY**



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Here’s a Link to my Central Air Video


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Missouri Wind and Solar offers a service no other DIY wind and solar company does – system design, installation advice, and detailed personal diagrams on how to wire the system together. You’re not blindly purchasing products you *think* you might need, you’re getting true customer and technical support before and after the sale.

Lower heating bills save money  and back up heat for emergency

**Lower heating bills save money and back up heat for emergency**



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Now i know this idea isn’t for everyone and there are alot of other alternatives but depending on your situation this might work for you. Here in Michigan we been having some pretty cold winters and the heating bill can really kill ya when you have a wife and kids thats always cranking up the heat in the house. So what i did was i purchased a big buddy heater that I intended to use for the garage and Deer camp. well long story short it found its way into my basement and then my wife liked it so much it made it up to our living room.Now my wife and kids like it nice and toasty but that means turning the heat up to 78 and the furnace is constantly running which results in a high gas bill. To alleviate that we use the buddy heater on really cold nights.

Also a great alternative if the power goes out on a cold day !!!

It only cost me 10 bucks to fill up the propane tank and using it for only a couple hours at night i can really stretch one tank full.

Is there other options….. yea there is but this one works for us and maybe you to!

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Buddy heater

we've been trying to figure out a way to cut the heating bill down so what I did is I actually pulled out my buddy heater so there's my buddy heater there I purchased this a while ago I actually purchased it for out in the garage and actually at the cabin up north sometimes they don't like to use the wood-burning stove so I'll just throw this on and it heats up the place pretty nice but the wife's been complaining over the last couple winters that it's cold she likes to crank up the heat to about 75 or even higher sometimes so what I did was to keep our heating bill low I actually brought out this buddy heater and I actually got the big tank hooked up to it you can run the two small tanks but it seems like the big tank lasts longer and I get these tanks fills for about ten dollars so it's pretty cheap and I usually only run this for maybe two hours at night and it'll last me about a week and a half almost two weeks because I don't have to run it on high the whole time this room it's a decent size room but it's not enormous and down this hallway here is actually where the thermostat is so right now it says 75 I put this on probably about a half-hour ago and it was at 73 I actually have the heat turned off and usually within I'd say an hour to two hours this house can get all the way up over 80 degrees at least this floor right here and each one of these doors are bedrooms here so I just I can crack those open and it heats up this floor pretty nice there's my kitchen in there and just to be safe I got one of these carbon monoxide sensors so that just in case you know there's any carbon monoxide in the air it it'll go off but as far as they know this buddy heater actually has a low oxygen sensor in it so if it senses that there's a low oxygen it'll shut off itself also if it if you tip it or knock it it shuts it off it shuts itself off so you have to worry about any accidents happening like I said I've been using this for the last couple years last two winters I pulled it out again for this winter and it seems to be working pretty good for this sized room my house overall is about a little over a thousand square foot and like I said this floor pretty heats up pretty nice and I actually have high ceilings too in all the rooms so I like it it's worked for me haven't had any problems the sensor over here for the carbon monoxides never went off it's never even registered I actually have two on this floor alone besides the one on the table they're got a one in each bedroom so just to be safe but overall it doesn't a job it keeps my wife happy and the kids happy to heat up this room during the wintertime and it keeps me happy because my gas bill doesn't go up high alright guys so real quick I had the heater on the buddy heater on I'd say for about an hour and it already kicked up the degrees on this floor it's about 82 degrees I just turned it off it's getting kind of hot but I just want to show you guys alright guys here's a close-up real quick of the buddy heater this is the big buddy by mister heater and like I said in the sides here you actually can put one of these in there and then there's a spot on the other side that opens the same way you can put one in there it just doesn't seem like those lasts as long as the 20 pound barbecue propane tank so I actually bought the hose that fits in here and it screws into your propane tank but this is what it looks like pretty simple it takes I think four D batteries flip this switch and there's a fan that comes on to circulate the air and then here's your dial for a high medium and low alright guys so if you're looking for an alternative to maybe heat up your basement maybe an outdoor room or a shed workshop or something or possibly a living room like I am just to keep your heating bill low this might be a option for you guys let me know what you guys think in the comments below you guys found this video useful hit that like button you guys like what I'm doing on my channel here hit that subscription button and don't forget to hit that notification bell so you guys get notified on my next video talk to you guys later

How to Save Money 40% On Your Heating Bills - For Oil & Gas

**How to Save Money 40% On Your Heating Bills – For Oil & Gas**



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Reduce your heating bill this winter substantially with a REAL mod that WORKS. I saved 40% on my heating oil bill and I am sharing what I learned with you. REAL savings. Worth a little effort for years of savings for OIL and GAS systems. Home Heating Oil and Gas secret to saving big every year with no loss of comfort..

Heating bill too high?
ah this is price of oil gas everything's gone way up so it's really important to make the most of every heating to all you have so today's video is a little bit different this isn't going to show you how to do it necessarily but it is gonna explain to you what you need to know to save a lot of money on your heating system and now so the boiler behind me is about 25 years old its original to the house and I purchased this house about 10 years ago and I started to have our fall came and the winter came and I started to get the bills I was blown away by how expensive the bills were in fact they were so bad I wished I hadn't bought the house and I was just shocked that anybody had lived here and paid this much to heat it so I looked at the system and it needed to be tuned up and cleaned but that's only a tiny part of it you are not going to save a fortune just getting your heating system serviced it's important don't get me wrong you should do it but that's not really what kind of savings that I was looking for I mean my bill felt like it was double what it should be so I looked into what was going on and I learned a lot so in today's video what I'm gonna show you is what you can do to your original heating system don't just throw it out because there's no reason to you can really make a difference now my bill savings depends on the year and it depends on the weather the least I ever saved and this has been in for five years I saved 20 percent of my bill at the lowest and the maximum I saved was over forty percent and that is absolutely true i heat my home by oil and the savings was huge so watch this video and i'll explain to you how i did it and how you can do the same now I really value your time so one of the things I want to make sure is that this video will work for you because it won't work for every heating system so if you have hot water heat you have a boiler you have radiators whether the cast iron you have the small baseboard ones this is who this is designed for unfortunately if you have forced hot air which just means that you have those vents all over your house this video wasn't going to work for you so if you have any kind of a hot water system sometimes called hydronic heating or a typical boiler setup even if it's 40 years old this video is for you and it can really make a difference for your bill so one of the reasons I'm so excited to record this video is because when I went on YouTube I wanted to take a look to see if what I was going to tell you was pretty common but it's not and first off when I looked at those other videos how to cut your utility bills they're a joke they're talking about putting connected radiators to your computer putting fans out your window tinfoil all that garbage so today's video is going to show you a real thing it's legal it's something a licensed plumber can put in or electrician it's something you can do and it's not really hard at all in fact you're going to be blown away by how easy this is so I know I'm building this up but it really matters if you save 30% on your heating bill I at least want you to come back and comment and tell me that it worked because that really makes me feel good that this video was valuable but I know it will work for you if you wouldn't save all this money on your heating system and it's so great like I'm telling you them why why doesn't everybody have this thing why aren't plumbers put it in my doesn't your heating guy put it in for you because guess what a lot of times you're buying your heating fuel from that person not really in their interest to go and save their customers twenty to forty percent on the heating bill when you go to your gas station they're not going out of their way to try to get you to save money on tuning your car up and all that stuff so what I'm talking about is this box right here this black box and I'll zoom in on it so you can get it closed up so this is the box that I was so excited to talk about and you're like man that's it so I'm gonna put up a picture of your boiler today and everybody has this and what this is called in the old days was called a triple aqua stat essentially this is the brain of your heating system and what the brain does is it tells the heating system when to turn on and when to turn off now that's not just based on your thermostat upstairs in your house this is the brain that essentially knows when this thing needs to heat up and cool down except so how it works is if you took you a car and everywhere you went you just drove 100 miles an hour nothing in between you just get in the car turn the key point the car in the direction you'd go 100 and then stop it wouldn't make any sense and that's essentially how your heating system works what happens is whenever your heating system is on there's a high in a low limit and I'll give you a close-up of this but every boiler is going to have a temperature gauge and usually that can be anywhere between 150 at the low and say 200 degrees at the high and you might be thinking 200 that's not what I keep my house at it doesn't matter the boiler has internal temperatures and that's why we can help you save money with this so the boilers internal temperature is set and on the old boxes that aren't like this it was actually a dial you turn it and there'd be a low and a high and it worked great for 50 years and it loves to burn up oil on you so the problem is that when your heating system whether it's on or off it's always going to use those temperatures now it's October in New England it's about 50 60 degrees out my heats on because my inside of my house is too cold well the reality is your boiler doesn't need to go 100 miles an hour to keep your house warm so this little box is a little bit of an intelligent kind of computer and what it does is it knows the temperature outside and this is how you start to get into the savings so if you think of that high in the low limits now again forget anything about the temperature of your rooms that the 70 degrees you might set it to doesn't mean anything we're just talking about the temperature inside the engine or inside your boiler here so right now it's probably set between 180 and 210 or something in that middle but the problem is when it's sixty degrees out you only need this much heat to warm your rooms up just a little bit but the problem is with the old controls they didn't have a computer so with those dials your installer could only pick two settings so he picked 180 to 200 or 210 because that worked but by today's standards oil is expensive so you want to conserve it so if it's sixty degrees out of 50 40 even thirty you don't need to go all the way to 210 and again the equivalent is remember you don't need to go a hundred miles an hour if you're just going to go down the street in your car so this is a very clever idea that they had because the company who makes is Beckett and Becket as I'll show you is practically on every piece of my heating system it is the most common name and the heating industry so this is why I like the solution because it's actually made by a company that you can trust this thing is paid for itself for me probably 10 times over at least I've had it in now than close to five years and it has been flawless so the other reason I like it is because say it breaks if it breaks and your heating guy comes out and he doesn't have one of these he can put the old one back in temporarily and you can either get this replace they give you a pretty good warranty or you can get another one when you can so this box has a temperature sensor outside my house just a wireless sensor and I'll show you a shot of that just a little box that goes on the outside and it connects through and this is a really intelligent device so most of the year this little box does its things and it shifts that temperature range and that's the key to this box it actually controls your heat based on what you need the biggest complaint people are going to say is well I don't want to be cold well this box has absolutely nothing to do with being cold so think about it your room you might want it to be 68 to 70 degrees to have heat well I talked about temperatures that were between 150 and 210 so to even heat your room to 70 degrees you might only need your boiler to be 150 s once you put one of these boxes and you're not going to notice any difference in your upstairs of your house exist box will absolutely save you money and they even guarantee it it's just a product that I bought and I really wanted to use it for a few years to see what it did and when I thought about it this year I said wow this is a great idea to help people really save money instead of these jokes that I found on YouTube that don't do anything this is real technology it's made by a real company not some third party you domain overseas that you don't even know who it is this is made by the leader in the heating system industry and it really is something that you can use so if nothing else with this video I hope it made you think a little bit more about your heating system that even an old system can actually really run well and I'm not going to replace this until it absolutely falls apart because there's no reason to so this is a great way to breathe some new life into your old system now if your old systems leak in its beat up this isn't going to really do much of anything though it would still conserve oil but this is a product that's good for the environment it's made by an industry and it really will save money and put money back in your pocket so I hope it's something you would consider it's well worth pushing your heating company a little bit to get them to install this even though they might you know grown a little bit when you ask for one that you can purchase directly but I would recommend that you coordinate it with your heating contractor you could either use an electrician or a licensed plumber they could all help you out to get this thing installed which I'll put a link below where you can take a look at one if you wanted to purchase it and then you could have your installer put it in for you that's certainly an option but I hope you found this interesting and hopefully it's gonna save some money for you and at the very least it let you realize that you don't have to junk your old boiler just because you feel like you're gonna save money getting a new one you might not and what these type of controls it can make your old boiler very close to a new one so I really think it gives you an option to consider and possibly still keeps you warm this winter and gives you some cash for the holiday so so if you enjoyed this video please give me a thumbs up and also subscribe to my channel if you're not already and lastly if there's anything I can do please comment below I'd love to hear from you thanks for watching so here's a close-up of the aquasmart so before I turn my boiler back on I'll just show you what the inside looks like there's a little screw here you can open up and inside here this is more of the engineer's area so when you have your boiler person come out these are the buttons you can circle through or cycle through a number of settings on this it is really cool this is where you can program it as well but once it's set up there's there's really nothing you need to do to it and then all these electrical connections they're already there on your existing control but all of these drive things like the burner the circulator pump and they're all wired and now my setup is a little bit complicated so it's really tight in here yours may have a little bit less wiring but either way the way they designed this box was to fit just about every situation out there and I really give back at kudos for this because they did a great job at least in my opinion doing this and like I said normally when this is running you're going to keep this closed up we just tighten that up a little bit so I'm going to turn my boiler back on and you can see what this does when it starts up and very likely my heating system is probably going to fire so there'll be some noise but at least you can see the menus and see how it works