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Todays video will cover my latest healthy food haul from Trader Joes. I will also be sharing my top easy money saving budget tips and tricks you need to know before going food shopping! Im going to show you how to use the food you have, save the money you need, and stick to your budget.

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hey guys welcome back to my channel I'm Sonia and today's video is going to be another food haul and I'm really excited about this because a lot of you guys actually really enjoy these videos and have been requesting them in the comments section of my previous videos so here is another one and I'm also going to be sharing some tips tricks and also money-saving strategy before going to the market I know it sounds like really technical and really serious but it's not it's really easy and all I'm gonna do is share the ways that I'm saving money and the way that I am really getting full use of everything that I buy at the market so it's really helpful I learned a lot of things from girlfriends my mom or on Pinterest believe it or not and so yeah I cannot wait to get into this video but before we do that don't forget to like share and also subscribe to this channel if you have not already and let's get started okay so before we get into the video I'm going to share a few of my tips and tricks it's definitely more than just couponing because some stores you can't coupon so what I suggest doing is downloading some apps that are gonna help you either make some lists and really utilize everything that you already have in your refrigerator or in your pantry and make meals going off of that so all you'll need to do is buy rice or all you need to do is buy the meat for the protis you already have in your refrigerator so it's really really handy to write it out map it out kind of meal plan before going to the grocery store now I did this in my last grocery run so instead of having like four or five bags I only had two bags of groceries which is like unheard of for me now this video is not sponsored I'm just telling you one woman to another one mom to another this is like the best thing ever also depending on the stores that you guys go to you might have coupons either online or in mailers that come you know in the mail or you can also download apps for that particular grocery store but today I did go to Trader Joe's and unfortunately there's not you know a ton you can do as far as coupon cutting and things like that but I feel that following them on Instagram and following their fan pages on Instagram has really helped me to discover new items and then also see what's on sale so I can hurry up and go and take advantage of those cool cut downs I know places like bonds they actually keep track of the items that you purchase and if you are a repeat offender which I feel like all of us are all like creatures of habit and buy a lot of the same things over and over again they will actually send you notifications or emails through the app or through your email and give you coupons on the things that you already buy thanks to using a Club Card which also saves you money for Trader Joe's I had to implement the whole meal planning situation so I know this haul is gonna be super duper random but I promise I'm actually making meals so if you guys would like to see like what my family eats in a day I can definitely do that for you guys so the first thing I'm gonna talk about are the things that I bought that are frozen which is not very much because I don't like to buy too much frozen food but you know gotta live especially as working moms who are super busy there are really good options for frozen food so there is no judgment here and if anybody wants to judge take it so wrap so the first thing that I always buy at Trader Joe's that have to be rice these cook in about 3 minutes and they're super affordable and but I love this jasmine rice Jude loves this jasmine rice and it goes with every dish you can think of especially this chicken teriyaki this mandarin orange chicken they actually sell these to come items the same brand and everything after Vaughan's and i think it's about 4 dollars more expensive can you imagine that I know it's kind of shocking when I find something at Trader Joe's that's less expensive there than it is at Vons or Albertsons because I feel like a lot of people have it in their head that everything at Trader Joe's is so expensive but if you shop right I'm telling you it can be affordable and the last frozen item that I bought was these multigrain toaster waffles so their frozen waffle and I just pop them into the toaster chop them up in Jerusalem with a light you know syrup or what have you and I think that's syrup like I think I got this at Trader Joe's as well so this is the maple syrup that I got I hate people syrup this smell seriously grosses me out and then also when I'm making a salad I cut things up and instead of you know if you're only using a part of your onion you're not gonna throw it away you're gonna want to keep it so what I do is I make your goal kind of like salad kits so here's like some greens I also have a half of onion a quarter of a pair and a lime and this will help me create a salad in like two minutes next up we have some pork chops and another money-saving tips is to actually pick them up and sift through them I've also taught this trick to Jude so he rummages through them as well now when you're buying meat you want to pay attention to a couple of things number one the price obviously because they do market by price over at Trader Joe's and this one in particular is eight dollars in one sense but there were some there were fourteen dollars for three pieces so this is three pieces that only eight dollars and then you're also going to pay attention to the date that it's suggested to buy now I like to go to the back of like the stack of meat and grab those because the ones in the back are the ones that are the freshest so you're gonna grab those those ones are going to expire in like a week not in like a day so you'll make sure you pay attention to that now I also got some strawberries Cato friendly not keto friendly but Sonia friendly is my favorite fruit ever next to go I have US but I never see them unless they're at a farmers market and some fresh sliced mangoes Jude picked these little mini heirloom tomatoes he loves these and who seriously could not wait to eat them on the way home like hey they're not great he's eating on my grapes speaking of grapes I also got this medley of seedless grapes so you have like the dark almost black grapes the green ones and then also some purple yeah my mouth is literally watering from the mango so good I also got Calloway caviar which is my favorite salsa I also got the candied walnuts which is going to be amazing on any like beet salad Paris salad strawberry salad oh good you guys um also I got this little package of olives which I'm gonna tear up after I'm finished filming this I also got some organic fat-free milk this is the boys favorite I can drink milk cuz I will explode I got some butter lettuce which I usually buy like butter lettuce that's living on the root still because I feel like it's still crispy and still got some life in there um but I'm gonna tear it up so doesn't matter so here's a bag of butter lesson is only like a dollar ninety-nine really good price because the living butter lettuce is like six or seven dollars I also got some 100% cranberry juice this stuff is so strong you guys we had a little sip and we had to dilute it so much like I feel like I will have to get like maybe halfway and then fill the rest of it with water and shake it up because it's so so strong knife definitely recommend using the hunt percent cranberry juice and not the cocktail juice because it's literally just a whole jar sugar I also got a Persian cucumber I got this bell pepper which is gonna go amazing in pasta or salad I got some line because this is the main ingredient in all of my fellow dressings I got a dab of organic thrown brown blue corn tortilla chips to go with my cowboy caviar so good you guys and lastly I got some chocolate coz Jude was harassing me about it so this is just there Trader Joe's crispy rice milk chocolate and that's it hopefully you guys enjoy this video I know I did I love seeing food halls and if you guys have a channel let me know in the comments down below as well maybe if you guys have some time you can check out those channels and I would love to support other people who are here on YouTube my friend Christine also does food haul so check out her link in the description box down below if you guys are on Weight Watchers or just looking for some new items to add to grocery list sharing is caring so I love you guys so much thank you so much for watching and I can't wait to see you guys in the next one hi

VLOG: flying to Miami, yummy food & pool day

**VLOG: flying to Miami, yummy food & pool day**



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I hope you guys enjoy !
xx, Emma

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we finally made it Wow this is our room we're staying at the one and it's so amazing I love the aesthetic of it here there's a bathroom I look at this this is my favorite part well the kitchen obviously but look at this ginormous mirror Wow and then we have a little stop is it really okay it's a toaster Maggie and I just got this guy so crazy Kenzi made us a bomb at dinner tonight I'm so excited to eat her food finally this looks so good we ran to Whole Foods right before this and grabbed a bunch of stuff and made a super yummy salads good morning we are going to our workout this morning in the hotel parts and with the trainer here and hydrology yeah you guys should see it so so we got lunch from this really good place called planta and it's a vegan I'm chuffed up there truffle fries and they taste amazing so come to Miami and go here please so bon I think swimming them not you we're waiting for Maggie to come down here I want try the pizza still got oh I know better hurry we decided a all day and now we're leaving to go get food you like the lower pool it wasn't sunny today but it was I think to the clouds we did struggle which is like probably when I hear things so you don't get like burn it was your 2 o'clock and we're able to just like you know [Applause] look at this little straw it's choke you I'm on T duty tonight t duty so I have to put the T together and I'm taking each one baggie opening out and as I wait for the T I'm gonna go do my skincare because Maggie and Kenzie just ran to a wall because they need you to grab something oh my god that just scared me thank god there's no freaking T stuff in there all I know is that I can't wait to do my skincare it's my favorite part and also I love it here okay so skincare let's go favorite part of the night first off I'm just gonna rinse off my face things you so I'm not going to like wash my face with wash since I did that before dinner I'm just gonna rinse make these with hot water first wash my hands though we've so much to do tomorrow I can't leave I had a scab only nose as you guys probably saw and it was cuz I like had a pimple on it or like something under my skin – Maggie music oh my god and she literally told me to take it so I did turn it was and I'm really because it wasn't anything you eat when that happens it's such a hoax like you think it's gonna be something but then it's nothing all you know is that what else am I looking for my oil duh and then you need a floss and we need to push me to you today's Friday so I'm actually using these first these are my dr. Dennis gross peel pads so just gonna do this and then after I do that this is my nightly skin care I'm just gonna do an overview instead of showing you guys that since I show you guys that all the time you must know at this point already and if you don't I have it in videos so here is this one that's the moisturizer I use but first okay so first I do with my serum it's a prism or reward serum then I use my fresh moisturizer if you thought I use my first eye cream lastly I put on my sundae right of the oil but first I use this okay guys so I'm ending off my vlog right here I hope you guys enjoyed it and I'm gonna start up another one for basically the next few days while we're here in Miami and I hope you guys enjoy it so if you guys really liked this video make sure to check out the next one when it's out also don't forget to follow me on Instagram and stuff like that so I'll have my Instagram down below what if I forget to do that when I'm posting the video my instagrams just my name as McDonald so yeah yes for watching I hope you guys enjoyed it I love you all so very much I'll see you guys in my next video bye everyone

Eat Organic Food To Improve Your Health and Save Money

**Eat Organic Food To Improve Your Health and Save Money**



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– Organic food is more nutritious, better tasting and safer for us than conventionally grown food. To make the switch to healthier food, Laura Klein of OrganicAuthority.com suggests we replace the food we eat most often with its organic version, which will help put us onto a more healthful way of eating, and reduce medical costs in the long run. The best place to get organic food is at health food stores, farmer’s markets and CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture). Make the switch to organic food today, and feel better tomorrow!

Learn more about organic food at and why not to eat conventional food at

Also visit Laura Klein’s website

Video produced by Larry Cook, author of “The Beginner’s Guide to Natural Living,” found at
Hi, everyone. My name is Laura Klein, and I’m the publisher
of OrganicAuthority.com. So, you may be wondering why you want to go
organic. Well, a lot of reasons. Well, number one the food, I think, in my
opinion is more delicious. And there’s a lot of people who agree with
me, and it’s a whole heck of a lot healthier. Because if you’re eating conventional foods,
that are sprayed with toxic pesticides and chemicals, and all that yucky stuff, or if
you’re eating meat that is full of hormones, antibiotics, and even pesticides, because
those cows and those animals have to eat something. And a lot of time, the feed is actually sprayed
with pesticides as well, you’re consuming that on a daily basis. So, one of the biggest recommendations that
I make. If you want to improve your health, is simply
upgrade the quality of your food. An easy way to do that is start buying organic. One great tip for getting started to go organic
is commit to buying the food that you eat the most of. So, maybe you’re like me. You love cheese. Who can get enough cheese? I'm sorry I can't. So, buy organic cheese. Or, maybe it’s milk or maybe it’s a piece
of meat. Or, if you love tomatoes, start buying organic
tomatoes because if you eat a lot of tomatoes, or a lot of cheese, you’re going to be consuming
all of the chemicals that go along with it. So if you make that one upgrade, you’re
going to be well on the way to a healthy lifestyle. We’ve had many readers write into us and
who say they actually started going organic for their kids, and they started cleaning
up their own diet and the weight started to fall off. They lost 20 pounds like that. So, it’s much simpler than you think. And, if it’s too expensive, or if you think
it’s too expensive, you gotta start shifting that mind shift. Because if you invest a little bit in your
food, which is a powerful form of prevention that may add up to less doctor bills, less
prescription drugs, and that means a whole lot more money in your pocket. I’m Laura Klein, and come check us out at

Back to routine vlog || Yummy దొండకాయ curry || New Hair creams || Sireesha

**Back to routine vlog || Yummy దొండకాయ curry || New Hair creams || Sireesha**



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Vouchers 4 Veggies: EatSF

**Vouchers 4 Veggies: EatSF**



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Vouchers 4 Veggies envisions a world where all people, in all neighborhoods, can enjoy fruits and vegetables from their local market.

Vouchers 4 Veggies launched in San Francisco as EatSF in 2015. EatSF is a new and transformative program to increase access and affordability of healthy foods for low-income individuals and families by providing free vouchers for fruit and vegetables redeemable at local stores.

Listen to MJ discuss the ways in which EatSF has changed how she makes day-to-day food choices, helped her build a relationship with her local grocer, and provided a sense of stability.

To learn more about Vouchers 4 Veggies, visit the website:

Music by Chris Zabriskie and Ross Bugden
I'm gonna be real real honest with you when I first came here I became homeless and now I'm fortunate enough to have a pretty decent place to live my rent sixty percent of my income after I pay my rent and all my other bills I have exactly five dollars to live on for the rest of the month nobody can live off of five dollars for the rest of their life so finding food becomes the main thing in my life now and I never thought that I would live to go through this the ESF program changed everything for me each ma I get four vouchers that are the equivalent to $20 they make life a whole lot more stable for me with the vouchers I can choose apples sweet potatoes string beans oranges as shop right across the street of mr. Rodman and mr. Rodman he taught me eating banana dates because he says it's full of potassium and he's right so my health is improved since I just started getting the vouchers I came out in a rural area first four years of my life we had a farm when we wanted fresh fruit we just go out and I am up a tree so the eat San Francisco program is more than just survival for me this is being able to live it reminds me of security and normality home you