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Todays video will cover my latest healthy food haul from Trader Joes. I will also be sharing my top easy money saving budget tips and tricks you need to know before going food shopping! Im going to show you how to use the food you have, save the money you need, and stick to your budget.

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hey guys welcome back to my channel I'm Sonia and today's video is going to be another food haul and I'm really excited about this because a lot of you guys actually really enjoy these videos and have been requesting them in the comments section of my previous videos so here is another one and I'm also going to be sharing some tips tricks and also money-saving strategy before going to the market I know it sounds like really technical and really serious but it's not it's really easy and all I'm gonna do is share the ways that I'm saving money and the way that I am really getting full use of everything that I buy at the market so it's really helpful I learned a lot of things from girlfriends my mom or on Pinterest believe it or not and so yeah I cannot wait to get into this video but before we do that don't forget to like share and also subscribe to this channel if you have not already and let's get started okay so before we get into the video I'm going to share a few of my tips and tricks it's definitely more than just couponing because some stores you can't coupon so what I suggest doing is downloading some apps that are gonna help you either make some lists and really utilize everything that you already have in your refrigerator or in your pantry and make meals going off of that so all you'll need to do is buy rice or all you need to do is buy the meat for the protis you already have in your refrigerator so it's really really handy to write it out map it out kind of meal plan before going to the grocery store now I did this in my last grocery run so instead of having like four or five bags I only had two bags of groceries which is like unheard of for me now this video is not sponsored I'm just telling you one woman to another one mom to another this is like the best thing ever also depending on the stores that you guys go to you might have coupons either online or in mailers that come you know in the mail or you can also download apps for that particular grocery store but today I did go to Trader Joe's and unfortunately there's not you know a ton you can do as far as coupon cutting and things like that but I feel that following them on Instagram and following their fan pages on Instagram has really helped me to discover new items and then also see what's on sale so I can hurry up and go and take advantage of those cool cut downs I know places like bonds they actually keep track of the items that you purchase and if you are a repeat offender which I feel like all of us are all like creatures of habit and buy a lot of the same things over and over again they will actually send you notifications or emails through the app or through your email and give you coupons on the things that you already buy thanks to using a Club Card which also saves you money for Trader Joe's I had to implement the whole meal planning situation so I know this haul is gonna be super duper random but I promise I'm actually making meals so if you guys would like to see like what my family eats in a day I can definitely do that for you guys so the first thing I'm gonna talk about are the things that I bought that are frozen which is not very much because I don't like to buy too much frozen food but you know gotta live especially as working moms who are super busy there are really good options for frozen food so there is no judgment here and if anybody wants to judge take it so wrap so the first thing that I always buy at Trader Joe's that have to be rice these cook in about 3 minutes and they're super affordable and but I love this jasmine rice Jude loves this jasmine rice and it goes with every dish you can think of especially this chicken teriyaki this mandarin orange chicken they actually sell these to come items the same brand and everything after Vaughan's and i think it's about 4 dollars more expensive can you imagine that I know it's kind of shocking when I find something at Trader Joe's that's less expensive there than it is at Vons or Albertsons because I feel like a lot of people have it in their head that everything at Trader Joe's is so expensive but if you shop right I'm telling you it can be affordable and the last frozen item that I bought was these multigrain toaster waffles so their frozen waffle and I just pop them into the toaster chop them up in Jerusalem with a light you know syrup or what have you and I think that's syrup like I think I got this at Trader Joe's as well so this is the maple syrup that I got I hate people syrup this smell seriously grosses me out and then also when I'm making a salad I cut things up and instead of you know if you're only using a part of your onion you're not gonna throw it away you're gonna want to keep it so what I do is I make your goal kind of like salad kits so here's like some greens I also have a half of onion a quarter of a pair and a lime and this will help me create a salad in like two minutes next up we have some pork chops and another money-saving tips is to actually pick them up and sift through them I've also taught this trick to Jude so he rummages through them as well now when you're buying meat you want to pay attention to a couple of things number one the price obviously because they do market by price over at Trader Joe's and this one in particular is eight dollars in one sense but there were some there were fourteen dollars for three pieces so this is three pieces that only eight dollars and then you're also going to pay attention to the date that it's suggested to buy now I like to go to the back of like the stack of meat and grab those because the ones in the back are the ones that are the freshest so you're gonna grab those those ones are going to expire in like a week not in like a day so you'll make sure you pay attention to that now I also got some strawberries Cato friendly not keto friendly but Sonia friendly is my favorite fruit ever next to go I have US but I never see them unless they're at a farmers market and some fresh sliced mangoes Jude picked these little mini heirloom tomatoes he loves these and who seriously could not wait to eat them on the way home like hey they're not great he's eating on my grapes speaking of grapes I also got this medley of seedless grapes so you have like the dark almost black grapes the green ones and then also some purple yeah my mouth is literally watering from the mango so good I also got Calloway caviar which is my favorite salsa I also got the candied walnuts which is going to be amazing on any like beet salad Paris salad strawberry salad oh good you guys um also I got this little package of olives which I'm gonna tear up after I'm finished filming this I also got some organic fat-free milk this is the boys favorite I can drink milk cuz I will explode I got some butter lettuce which I usually buy like butter lettuce that's living on the root still because I feel like it's still crispy and still got some life in there um but I'm gonna tear it up so doesn't matter so here's a bag of butter lesson is only like a dollar ninety-nine really good price because the living butter lettuce is like six or seven dollars I also got some 100% cranberry juice this stuff is so strong you guys we had a little sip and we had to dilute it so much like I feel like I will have to get like maybe halfway and then fill the rest of it with water and shake it up because it's so so strong knife definitely recommend using the hunt percent cranberry juice and not the cocktail juice because it's literally just a whole jar sugar I also got a Persian cucumber I got this bell pepper which is gonna go amazing in pasta or salad I got some line because this is the main ingredient in all of my fellow dressings I got a dab of organic thrown brown blue corn tortilla chips to go with my cowboy caviar so good you guys and lastly I got some chocolate coz Jude was harassing me about it so this is just there Trader Joe's crispy rice milk chocolate and that's it hopefully you guys enjoy this video I know I did I love seeing food halls and if you guys have a channel let me know in the comments down below as well maybe if you guys have some time you can check out those channels and I would love to support other people who are here on YouTube my friend Christine also does food haul so check out her link in the description box down below if you guys are on Weight Watchers or just looking for some new items to add to grocery list sharing is caring so I love you guys so much thank you so much for watching and I can't wait to see you guys in the next one hi

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New SHEIN Plus Size Try On Haul | Victoria Lashay

**New SHEIN Plus Size Try On Haul | Victoria Lashay**



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Hay V Squad!! Shein haul

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Tie Dye Tank Dress

Mesh Sheer Dress Without Underwear

Fringe Hem One Piece Swimwear

Frill Trim Shirred Denim Tube Top With Skirt

Off Shoulder Embroidery Mesh Ruffle Foldover Bodysuit

Leopard Bandeau With High Waist Bikini

Lace-Up Knit Chunky Sole Sneakers

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I have a new hog you guys I'm super excited this is like forever since I'm like one of our friends okay so here is the first piece you guys I'm with you guys how statements on instagram this prince has been everywhere and I have been loving it because honestly I don't think that looks oh girl you're so cute so summery and it makes me really happy when I see these type of dresses colors all of it I told you guys that she and will come through to come through okay so they have trendy pieces for you guys if you are interested the size for X and I will have our measurements and everything that I am Alyssa's envelope with Liam she and I wear 5 3 x long time to a 4 X mostly a 4 X so this shirt is the size for it so the material is like that very light silkies spandex the type of material weapons are really really stretchy as you can see so I'm picking the size for this dress I'm definitely sort of like you can like size down depending on the fit that you want like I said I like my justice it kind of tight kind of loose this one fits like spot-on and of the length is too tightly where I don't have no shaper on so this is just you know my natural 40 or whatever and the leeches were gonna be cute without the shapewear I feel comfortable I don't feel like this too high to print on it it felt like stretching out or anything or like getting white on me I mean it's so gorgeous it might be a little see-through I don't have no keys right now honey we can't tell if a see-through enough but it's so cute it's really really well like I feel very comfortable there's no zipper or nothing just slip it on and you often sup with some cute sandals honey be good to go so if you're a person I really don't mind wearing your arms out you can just be wearing like a light dusting with this interview really where they keep probably like anything for coming up in the dress I would probably credits with a white Buster those oh yeah let's move on to the next piece so I remember picking this one out I cannot wait to try this on so it's basically like a I would say this is a denim but like a stretchy denim not really sure how to explain the material I don't think it's a real denim though I feel like it's a faux denim if that makes any sense so comes with the top and then here is the skirt girl I don't know we don't have to figure it out okay and I hope okay so here Q I do have a little bit of an issue though I'm not gonna lie because of like the detail of the style because it's like that scrunchie type of style like I'm like it was an isolate the placement on my body type is just not it's it's like I feel like the back is just too much like it's too much back here and do like it though so let's talk about it you fits me really nicely like I said I did go ahead and get this one in the spies in a size 4 X and because it is stretchy you guys think that I feel like it will confine to any type of like body type so it does seem like hugging my stomach a little bit you know just a little awesome I gotta to get out of mine in it and that's not really flattering to me I really don't like that but it is what it is since I'm top it's like a tube top and I have like ruffles Eve tells going around you guys can see that it's really really cute I really like the top but I just feel like the top no like I feel like it's just really weird here in the back where is roughly details on the bottom as well and then on the top of the skirt so basically they're like the same dangeous atop enough in a skirt the skirt is a really high waisted on me is really comfortable I don't feel like this tight anywhere I like the fact that it hugs and kind of giving you like that you know hourglass type of shape no shapewear you know and I feel like it still looks really really cute what you guys think about this this is cute Theriot on this is not the thickest but it's not super thin either I'm just I don't like them to be see-through on me either so here for what some nice you like tennis shoes some white tennis shoes with like a crossbody bag or a bum bag oh I think this would be cute there's like a really simple throwing outfit the link is good okay you guys but I completely forgot that I got with white sneakers okay so I with my weapon pull these back in these out and try it on with this outfit so here's the box that it came in and it size 40 so that's what that looks like and I like the fact that they come in a box because I can store them in here so here is the sneaker on those are some really freaking is out I don't have no socks on so don't judge me okay I'm only gonna have my shit down for a strike look at how this looks super freaking fire I like the quality of these they fit really really nice they feel very like sturdy very sturdy but I just feel like my big toe right here it's pressing like my god the shoes aren't really comfortable it's just my big toe suffering right now I ain't going nowhere is she was not falling apart it don't look cheap or nothing shut up her heels on she and I'm a size 40 but for sneakers I definitely would have to size up so it's your size eight and a half like me get aside 241 cut here is the next piece is a swimsuit or is it I think it's a body so I'll take that back I got this size every X I'm at how he's really pretty embroidered flowers on that like roughly off the shoulder detail oh this is so freakin pretty and I'm already noticing that the stretch on this come on down existent at the bottom but up here plenty flimsy flimsy and it does have a snap closure at the bottom I thought all this swimsuit is definitely not the material on this is very cottony clothing material it's not that some super cereal at all oh my god Ava thrice three eggs and it fixed like really really good if it was any tighter or any looser it would need not fitting what I would like it's a bit I just feel like however it is a little weird feeling at the top I feel a little bit of cooling I don't know where it's coming from I don't know if it's white glue in my breasts they're sitting in it maybe that's what it is this one knife I don't have any pantry you guys see what it look like no shapewear this really really nice it's comfortable and I like the fact of the material right here it definitely feels like a more t-shirt type of material very comfortable very like good quality I see oh it's kind of thin but it's not like it just feels like a t-shirt that's the only thing that's the only way I can write when's you guys I still read that t-shirt and it just fits really well and in fact that they were just able to like just throw this little mesh and bordered flower piece I'm gonna call it on it it looks really really nice and it fits really nice as well the off the shutters it's all you guys are you know I'm here to show some skin I love shall we my skin off so I love getting that hair so anything that's gonna help me do that I love it go dancing I wonder what this will look like with like a red skirt you know I mean Michael Allred probably not pencil maybe like skaters figure out what to wear with definitely something white green or red just to kind of I don't know balance out the colors I don't know this is black underneath this or on top of this because it would be too much black so what do you guys think I remember big initiative Allen I was thinking to myself wow this is a really different I don't think I've ever seen nothing like this before and it basically is like a I don't know like a Mitch mixed match type of dress one-sided but the solid black color and the other side is like mesh and I have stripes going down and see-through it's just a whole little Maddie you know I'm saying alright shop so too soon we might have an issue okay little slight problem so I was really excited about this dress think nothing it I just I know it's something like where's it from me despite that have like the mesh and all that just not stretch like at all zero Zomato they don't stretch so the arms on it is a little tight on this side and I feel like it's not allowing you to like pull my arm all the way up and if I do it just fits tight it just fits really tight and then the neck looks a little weird to me on this side of course it's very stretchy and it fits really really nicely this solid black side but despite that has the stripes going down honey there's no stretch yeah there's no stretch just period when you like the dress however but I just wish that I got in a bigger size so I got to swing for it so if they have like a 5 X or fake you can have a 6x I will probably go up maybe to a 5 X just so my arms will fill up and we're comfortable enough to like this part here would it look so funky like I feel like I just looks funky like I have to mess with it so don't be like this do you don't I mean like I feel like it's like you know but I mean other than that I really do I suggest I like this bio-inspired right which you wear underneath our polymer solution problems or some worth underwear and I do we like the dress I think that is a nice wet little going out a dress by the nightclub dress something different because it's just like coming out there as far as like the length on me I think it's a pretty decently over you guys and see my cookies but I'm really really liking drawing so like the stripy Andy – I think that is so sexy and so kind of like you know I'm just kind of in this fan but then like boom like you see me I'll make it I don't know I just feel sexy because of that a little area and it does go all the way around that's two items is swimsuits I have been dying to get a nice swimming suit that looks like this you guys oh my god it's red and it has fringes all over it I have been dying but I have not found a good swimsuit like all summer like this so hopefully this one fit it looks like it will I've got it in a size 3x and quality already is just top of the line I love she is they have just gotten so much better with everything like I cannot express that enough I've learned with them for so long and each time it just seems like it's just getting better and better so that is cups in this things too but it looks like you can remove them so yeah there's cups but they have splits a time stuff you guys know the cups never work out for me because my beyond fittings is just way too big makes me feel like singing that song I don't know it makes me want to like do the twist or something like you know I really love fringe pieces they're very playful very like sexy like they're just a lot of things probably one I definitely love it it fits but honey it was a struggle it was a struggle I gotta get her I am definitely like this some suit probably should have size up it is definitely pulling on my arms like my shoulders it just feels like it's gonna start hurting after a while like I'm gonna get a scar up here you guys know what I mean but when you have stuff this like a full body has a suit and they're just poles extra shoulders it's because it's too tight it'll like I'm gonna keep it around because this is something that I'm definitely could see myself wearing I love a read on he read our melanin is so gorgeous okay I say go ahead and leave the what do they call the padding in here just so you guys can see what it looks like I don't feel like it looks too bad they're not like flipping or doing anything weird on me just it so they leverage it there as far as support for the girls I feel like they're pretty secure honestly like I feel like they're not like a lifted like really high but they're really secure and I feel really really good in it here's what this swimsuit looks like without any fringes are you looking by the Baywatch okay but yeah definitely like this one sue I just would say God would have went up the size really really pretty here is the back if I showed you guys I'm very very security or jumping out at me or nothing this is just so beautiful the fringes are nice and pretty and long I'll give you this have precedents way self-conscious about wearing swimsuits getting one that has fringes around it kind of makes you feel like you're covered in a way but this out but like the fringes it sounds like a skirt you know it's an put the fringe skirt so you're definitely covered like you're not out there your thighs your stuff recovered so if you're definitely one that it's kinda nervous about growing some soups get you one like this this is really really great how can I leave I got another Vegas suit in the size 3x and here is what she looks like we wanna see this woman's a little risque but we don't see I need I feel a little bony kind of like right here come like what you have in your bra and we gonna see I feel like that really helps keep the bathing suit up and it doesn't like bend down there's cups in it as well if you guys can see that but let's go ahead and try her no I already know what I'm about to say so what these pieces always have problems with the price because my boobs are so big nothing gives them support and less to distract so there's no strap on this one I didn't see any attachments or anything do feel like however having like that phony on this side um it definitely does help a tad bit really like the bodies have a little bit more fabric around this area just so I can kind of pull up a little because you guys see that much money on the sides like the charts I'm not I'm like okay there's a lot of girls liking to do this I'm just not there like I feel like that does not look good on me I would see little increments like you know just it just be there you know but I feel like I have like that extra I'm just not very good on Instagram when I see it on the girls but honey it's gonna work for me so yeah I usually like to cool things down purity of actual bathing suit I really like the best and it does stretch and stretches really really nicely like this really really nicely um I would just have to probably wear something underneath this and give me a little bit more alike you know I'm saying like I'm here as far as like oh yeah I've got panties on it so if I didn't it'll be like Louie really cheeky so yeah a cheeky I feel like the baby seal of prophets really really well I just don't have any coverage in the French so that's all that I have for you guys today I hope that you guys enjoyed this video do not forget to Like comment and let me know which piece you like down below the best it's the next time I will talk to you guys in my next one bye

THRIFT HAUL  how to save money on clothes!

**THRIFT HAUL how to save money on clothes!**



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Tried to find some deals..then trying to be more frugal..found even better deals at a few yard sales!
welcome to the green apple home here is the loot there are six shirts and five pairs of pants at Target the total if you can see I don't know was 108 47 but I think I can do better if I can find her size at a yard sale or a thrift store or something usually I like to go yard selling because it's cheaper than even then like a goodwill or a thrift store I'll have the clothes if I don't find anything really in her size but so far I've been pretty successful in this area of finding really super cheap clothes in great conditions if you buy something and they're not quite using it yet just hold on to the receipt don't wash it or anything don't just send up everything off and wash it and do it unless you're not planning on going out you're exhaling or anything why spend the money if you can find it somewhere cheaper just as good it just makes sense my wife just wins yard saleing and she was supposed to get some clothes for Moo we'll see what she got who knows what she came up with if I came up some kind of weird Wien back chair that she wants to reupholster or something but anyway let's find out what yet hey would you get things that work I got a few things that were the list you had the list that's in her head who knows what that is maybe just a jacket let me show you what I got sure it's just stuff that I didn't get but they were just so cute through galvanized buckets and then okay but I scored like I got I got DD winter coats nice let me show you what I got and I got this pile for 15 and this pile think was four so it's been under $20 on all of this I can probably take back some of the clothes maybe if I did do a lot like see you there nice drill Nucky I really raked it in fine clothing so my mission today on the yard sale was to get clothes for boots so if you want to save money this is the way to go yard saleing we're going to take back these and the only reason why I can do this is because I didn't take off the tags yet there is a man genius my wife is a genius