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June Empties! Not huge but with some heavy hitters!

**June Empties! Not huge but with some heavy hitters!**



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Hey Guys! Today I’ll be showing you a bunch of products i’ve used up in the month of June aka my empties! sorry this one is up late but better late than never right?This was a super busy time so there is not too many but a few heavy hitters and l tried to give thoughtful reviews for each of the empties I mention. Most of these are things i love and use again and again and other products…not so much. let me know down in the comments some stuff you think i ought to try and replace some of these with. In the future I’d like to put up one of these videos each month to keep better inventory of the products I enjoy using, and my spending.

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hey friends welcome back to beer in beauty its Kasia here today's video is gonna be mine better late than never June empties I don't have a ton to show you this month I was extremely busy in June I was working pretty much constantly almost every single day you know it was it's weird because I did use up a few products I didn't use up a lot of products today I've used up a couple products that were like big-ticket items and they kind of hurt my soul a little bit to see them go but even though I was so busy I felt really important to keep up with my self-care routines you know I felt really important to stay running and doing my skincare and taking care of my hair I feel like my hair's gotten really long this month even though I really need to cut it like I feel like it's getting really breaky and really put it all towards the bottom there but that's another story let's go ahead and talk about my June favorites but first let me talk about today's beer of the day which is also the beer of the day from the last video I'm just gonna carry it over to this one to you know save money and just in case you didn't see the last one I just need you guys to see this beautiful artwork in this can look at this lizard eye staring into your soul so this beer is called hazy state double double dry hopped IPA from collective Arts brewery it's hazy it's a little bit unfiltered but it's not overly hoppy not overly citrusy it doesn't give you heartburn which is a good thing to get out of an IPA because I feel like a really a lot of they're really good IPAs are a little bit too says you're see they give you a little bit of a heartburn you know but this one I don't think does it's pretty light it's 4% so that's like pretty light for an IPA but it's very delicious I feel like it's very bubbly which i think is really interesting about it I feel like it's bubble it more bubbly than most beers and I really love it it's very delicious cheers to that okay so let's get into the empties I have to leave in about 25 minutes so I'm thinking since I don't have a lot of empties I might be able to get that this video done before I have to go we we shall see first off I'm gonna ho go ahead and talk about my two vitamin empties I always with vitamins every time I do an empties video the first one I emptied out is another multi plus Omega 3 adult gummies from nature made this is just like a multi with omegas these are really tasty I love these a lot and I feel like they do help me with my skin the Oh medic my cousin here help me with my skin I think they're really tasty but this month to replace these I just got regular Maltese instead of these gummies because I want to kind of not eat as much sugar so that's where I'm at with that I haven't repurchased these I might repurchase these one again one day because they are so tasty I've tried lots and lots of gummies out there in the world like multivitamin gummies and these are among my favorites but yeah I'm trying to cut back on the sugar so that's why I've bought something different and also I finished off this up for happier inside probiotics and I talked about I think in just about every video I'm a big believer in probiotics I feel like they're really helpful for your digestive system and your immune system I don't know I think they help with your well-being especially the high potency ones like this ones a 50 billion CFU and I've bought the same exact bottle before I think this is a second bottle of the up for a happier inside probiotics probiotics that I have now came from the health food store so I guess I'll report on whether or not to those are better I will say that I was not very good at taking these last month so I did get sick usually when I take probiotics consistently every day I'm less likely to get sick so hopefully I feel better soon now that I'm taking my probiotics more consistently again I have two of these little dr. Dennis gross resurfacing you know alpha-beta universal daily peels they're like a chemical exfoliator like toner couple tape deal these are really great they really do resurface your skin they give your skin a little bit of a tingle they do a great job with cell turnover they're really awesome however I am trying to use less of these lately because I'm spending a lot of time in the Sun this time of year so I don't want to use too many like chemical exfoliator is just because I don't want my skin to be sensitive to the Sun I want my skin to be able to stand up to the Sun a little bit better so I'm just wearing lots of sunscreen I'm not trying to use as many chemical exfoliator though I think I do use like a low dose of chemical exploiters just about every day like like my cleanser has AJ's in it but I'm just trying to kind of use it unless you know what I mean because lots of sunshine this time of year and I want to be in it I want to be in the Sun some people are really afraid of the Sun but like it's a very necessary part of my life like I feel sad when I'm not in the Sun so I want to be in the Sun but these are really great they really do a good job smoothing the skin resurfacing helping to it's very good at anti aging cell turnover all those things good stuff I finished off a couple different masks this month so when I tried was this dr. Huang Beauty lab red fruits brightening mask and I used this after I ran out of my vitamin C which I'm about to show you as like a step to replace vitamin C and it was nice I don't know if it was actually better than the vitamin C that I usually use but it was a nice little mask I probably not gonna repurchase it though because but it wasn't that fun to have got this in the nipsey bag so it was really nice and I liked it this one I also got in my Ipsy bag along with the other one also from dr. Huang Beauty labs and this is the broccoli plumping mask and actually last week when I was feeling sick I you know I I was really stuffy and feeling sick and I decided I'm gonna try to eat lots of vitamins like I was doing like tea with honey and little emergency packets and eating all my vitamins normally eat and just kind of trying to take it easy like a good night of sleep I also decided why don't I try to absorb topically some vitamins too so I put on this little broccoli plumping mask and it really was super hydrating and plumping I definitely felt like my skin was plumper and my idea of like just being easy and myself and taking care of my body and maybe putting on some vitamins topically I felt like the next morning after I just did this mask I felt a little less sick I didn't have as much of a cold so that was pretty interesting but I definitely do notice did notice that my skin was very hydrated and very plump like my skin was much prettier the next day after using this mask so I really like this this is nice the third a mask that actually have had for a while and I finally used open this is the h2o + beauty quad defense refining much a detox mask looks like that it's a peel-off matcha mask and I really love it like I even though it's a peel-off mask it's not really harsh on your skin I don't feel like it really tugs a lot and I feel like it the matcha does a really good job purifying the pores but also without drying them out I really love this mask and I loved using it any time I came back from a trip like any time I was away for my skincare routine afore I like sent amount of time I was living the life on the road a little bit more rugged I felt like this was a really fun thing to kind of put put me back to zero like straighten me out a little bit straighten my skin out with now over drying it and it's one of the only peel-off masks I've ever really enjoyed like I've tried other peel-off mask so I'm just looking that they're fine but this one's probably my favorite like I feel like it's not doesn't talk too hard yeah I really like it h2o + beauty awkward defense refining matcha detox mask love this stuff I actually didn't finish this off until like July basically but this is the use to the people kale spinach green tea hyaluronic acid and moisturizer and this was nice it had a very light clean salad kind of smell like it smells smelt like vegetables in a weird way but not but also kind of sweet like green tea yeah kind of small like green tea which was really nice this is a super lightweight moisturizer I feel like I probably would have loved this moisturizer more in a different time of the year because it's really humid right now I feel like I don't I don't know about the nature of this product and how effective it was for me it still worked great I loved it but I was actually kind of expecting it to be a little bit more amazing now than it was and I wonder since my essence had a lot of hyaluronic acid in it too I wonder if the hyaluronic acid in this moisturizer was less effective because I'm using more hyaluronic acid in a different step in the skincare routine I don't know if that makes any sense even though I don't feel like it's the most amazing moisturizer I've ever tried I felt like it was nice it's very lightweight I think it's it is nice for oily your skin types and I think it's great for more humid times of the year because it is so lightweight it does sink in the skin really nicely it's not sticky at all at all that kind of look disappears into your skin which I think it might be part of the reason I don't find it to be as revolutionary or like as amazing because I want I like I like oily moisturizers I want to feel you know I want to be able to noticeably notice the water retention of my skin when I use on moisturizer um but this was really nice and I would welcome it back again I would try it again this one didn't make it into my favourites or anything because it's it's it's just okay in my eyes it's it's a little bit I'll give it a six out of ten this is also a really tiny jar so it's really kind of hard to gauge enough how effective it is I got this for three dollars as an add-on to an Ipsy bag once and I'm really upset as to how small the jar was I've had like sample sized moisturizers like from a 100 point person or so far they're usually way bigger than this so this is a pretty upset about the size but yeah I'd like to try it again one day I think next up is my Kota Lee premier cru eye cream it's probably called Le Claire mayic huh I've been trying this for a long long time and it's really expensive like when you buy the full size of this stuff it's $99 for the bottle of eye cream so I was expecting it to be really kind of amazing and it's very good definitely feel like it's sinks and the skin nicely it's very hydrating but not too hydrating it's not like oily feeling it disappears into your skin in a nice way and I feel like it does help with a little bit of firming and your skin's like I feel like it makes your skin a little bit more taut which is nice but I don't feel like it's like the most amazing eye cream over tried I've tried other eye creams I thought were more anti-aging more revolutionary I feel like the notices I've noticed from this eye cream were slight but all in all it's a very good eye cream I just don't know if I would pursue it again I'd welcome back it back into my life especially after I've tried some other eye cream so I can compare it a little bit better but next time I buy an eye cream I feel like it's going to be the drunk elephant to see tango that might be the fate my favorite one that I've tried it but I have a lot of really great eye creams I have to try first that are in my backups so I'm gonna use those up and I'll report back to you soon so this product isn't completely gone I feel like I've got like two or three uses left in this but you guys I've been using this tiny little tube of a sample size of cleanser almost every day sometimes twice a day since May and it's like July 8th that I'm shooting this video and I still haven't totally used it up so that's actually kind of amazing that I've had that better so this much product in this tiny little sample but this is the garden a skin active clearly brighter arguing gentle exfoliating cleanser I think this is really nice I really this wasn't my favorites video I think in May or I think in May and I love the vine that has vitamin C I feel like it definitely brightens your skin complexion it has little nut particles that are supposed to be like a physical exfoliator but I don't feel like it's a very it's very harsh and the the cleanser itself is viscous enough so that you can roll those particles over the surface surface of your skin very gently without digging them in and you can still exfoliate and it's a bit much gentler exfoliation that way so I like it for that a little bit of a chaise and BHA so I think that helps in the brightening up effect of it and regenerating your skin growth and vitamin C in the antioxidant like like I can I guess I feel like my skin is totally brighter when I use this stuff clearly brighter and I really like this stuff I really kind of recommend it I haven't tried a lot of drugstore cleansers since I was a teenager I've been focusing on the high-end ones lately this is a really good one I'm really grout glad I tried to and if you're look in the market for like a cleanser that's got like a EJ's and vitamin C in it and a little bit of maybe physical exfoliating exfoliator this is a good one I really recommend this one I really like it another item out of my Mei empties was this yeah this is the lawsuits home console play delay milk concentrate a monde body butter it's like a body milk I guess they called it a taco in depth in my favorites video about this product but it smells amazing it's a really lightweight it disappears into your skin really nicely it's not heavy it's not greasy I think people like who have really dry skin I really enjoy this but people that don't have as dry skin would also enjoy this I recommend it I liked it a lot so I would like to get it again one day but I'm trying out lots of other moisturizers right now so holding up on that so I just have two items left to talk about and these last two hurt you guys they her with my hair up randomly but the next one is my truck elephants see from day serum this is in 80 or $90 serum but it's my vitamin C serum and it's been really amazing like I feel like it's this little life changer like I've never had a vitamin C serum make my skin so much brighter I feel like it's a really great anti-aging like I feel like every time I use this my skin looks younger than it did before it smells good and I had noticed that I was starting to started to change color so it was probably good that I hadn't used it up oh I just squeezed out a little bit but that's basically it now and I've gone I really enjoyed having it but it's gone now and I've actually bought a new vitamin C serum from mad hippy so I'm excited to try that out because I've heard good things about it and I'm really interested in trying some other vitamin C's that aren't as expensive you know when this vitamin C serum came out it was like the best on the market because vitamin C is so fugitive but I feel like since this was released there has been lots of like more affordable vitamin C's that have come out that are maybe not as amazing as this but really amazing in their own right so I'm really excited to try some of those and see how they compare and how much easier and more work that they are on the budget but I've really loved this this is probably the most painful empty I have to share it with you today and this is my also a drunk alone product it's my it's my drunk elephant virgin marula facial luxury facial oil this oil was life-changing like any time my skin like I don't know what's going on my skin I'm scared of what's going on with my skin if it's too dehydrated if it's suffering like breakouts or chemical like it's wrecked and badly to a chemical exfoliator or I have psoriasis breakout or angular dermatitis or what-have-you any time my skin is freaking out I use this and it straightens me out I've even used it in my scalp when whenever it's particularly itchy I use it all over my face all over my neck you can put it anywhere you can put on your hands on your feet it's just so hydrating it sinks in your skin so beautifully it's a life-changing product and although I don't have another marula oil in my collection right now I'm not gonna be repurchasing this marula oil for a while because I want I do have lots of oils that I want to kind of get through and summer isn't really time of the year where I have to suffer with dryness as much like my skin's a lot more normal in the summer so I'm gonna hold off on the marula oil for a little while even though this hurts I'm gonna miss it so much this was an $80 bottle of Merlot oil but it's like worth every penny I just love this stuff I don't feel like I even have the words to express how life-changing and a revolutionary this product was but I even just didn't trying other marilla oils like the ordinary has one that I've heard is really good and that as gives this one but also very good it's a in its own right and I'm just interested in trying more trying other marula oils that are like I said same with about the vitamin C the same was true for marilla oils like this was very revolutionary amazing when it first came out because it was the first of its kind but there's been a lot of other companies that have been trying to come up with formulas that are less expensive but also amazing in their own right maybe not as amazing as this but they're amazing in their own right I'm interested in trying some of those and that is it those have been my June empties not too many of them but the ones that I did empty out were kind of significant let me know down below in the comments what you emptied out in the month of June and what your favorite thing was that you don't you go I feel like I really enjoyed every one of the products that talks about yeah okay I didn't have anything that I didn't like that I emptied out this month let's talk about it in the comments a little bit and thanks so much for hanging out with me I hope you really liked hanging out with me I really liked doing that with you and until next time Cheers

how i got a FREE ROBLOX ITEM from Fave

**how i got a FREE ROBLOX ITEM from Fave**



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shoutout fave

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hey what's up guys it's toxic here and today I'm going to be talking about the time I got a free legitimate fedora okay and when I say for free I mean for free okay now if you guys don't know you know my main roblox outfit has you know this robloxian wearing a legit Fedora and it's it's a pretty nice-looking outfit it's pretty you know unique pretty plain nobody really wears this kind of outfit and you want me just look at my friends list right here nobody's wearing anything even remotely similar to my outfit right but that's aside from the point anyway if you guys don't know a long time ago for a video I actually sold my legit Fedora for one row bucks right and you know for a while I had no legit fedora and you know I didn't have a legit fedora and it was crazy because I pretty much gave it up for free so it was like how was I ever gonna afford to get another legit Fedora considering I just gave it up for literally no row bucks because even though it says one row bucks it was sold for roblox takes that one row bucks as part of their 30% fee because you can't have decimals of roebucks so I got zero bucks out of that transaction and as you can see the person who got it no longer exists but um as it turns out I am Anna jet a free legitimate fedora from another roblox youtuber known as faith as you can see here date 123 19 from fave I got a free legitimate fedora from faith um it was very nice of fave to give me a free legit fedora and as you can see this is the real fave I mean I mean I I'm literally friends with faith I don't understand what anybody would think that's fake but in case you thought it was fake as you could see it's it's fave okay but anyway fade gave me a free legitimate fedora and it was very nice of faith and obviously I haven't treated it or done anything with it since I've just been wearing it because you know you don't just get rid of stuff people give you for free but yeah anyway so that's the time I got a free legit fedora I want you guys to tell me down in the comments if you guys ever gotten a free item on roblox or have you gotten free robux on roblox I'm really interested to hear what you guys have to say thank you guys so much for watching I'll see you guys next time and goodbye

Planning on a Budget (POB)// Stamping Only Spread // Craft Store Discounts and Coupons

**Planning on a Budget (POB)// Stamping Only Spread // Craft Store Discounts and Coupons**



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Join me a I plan out my week with POB- Planning on a Budget- this week, we are doing a 100% stamping spread. I had too much fun doing this spread…. Don’t forget to comment below and subscribe to my channel.



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hello everyone and welcome back to my channel my name is Miranda and I am mrs. thinking of a master plan and I am here with another pob spread before we jump in just a few things if you enjoy the video throw it up comment below and let me know hashtag I'm down with pob let me know that you're still down with POB and what have you done for pob lately what have you done for pob lately then dinner done yeah that part and last but not least if you have not had the opportunity to join me in the other Bellas make sure you hit that red subscribe button below along with that great notification belavezh them yes just like that you're part of the team so plb this week I'm excited because I get to do something I think it's pretty exciting and it is definitely pob so it's stamping and we're going to do some major Big Dawg stamping we're gonna be stamping with the big dogs okay so that is for the week of July the 15th through the 21st let's put these down here if you notice here to the side I have several inks so I have an orange a yellow gonna use this glamorous for red we have opera pink we have Imperial purple we have can't see it don't have my graph glasses on sea breeze and then we also have this grass green so we're going to try to as far as the functional stamps we're going to use these rainbow spreads but I have to kick this thing up a notch and we're going to have some decorative elements that we're going to add okay so we're going to also grab some removable Matt paper in you will see in a minute why we need this Matt we want to add some decorative elements to the page so you may say why is stamping POB well stamping is plv because it's something that once you get good at you will never lose those skills that's number one number two you don't have to purchase stickers you can just purchase the inks these little inks here were all less than $2 you don't have to get them at the same time now I will I will advise that you invest in a pretty good like a black ink versa fine I love versafine this is the new versifying Claire is a good ink it's a pigment ink and then as long as you have one good one you really don't have to worry about the others I'm going to move all of these up out of our way and we're going to continue to chat so the first thing that I wanted to do is I'm going to move these I'm going to show you I have a piece of just regular old you can use some label sticker paper because a lot of people are very nervous to just stamp on their planner and that's fine I'm okay with that some days I have my days so right now I'm going to grab and I have my stamps labeled so these are my decorative stamps and I'm going to grab out and lol girl okay so we'll grab these stamps here and I think that I want to I like there's one of the girls I don't turn it this way so you guys can see it and put it on the paper so you can see it even better like I want to color her she has these fly shades on and I'm here form their heart stick shape shades so the first thing I would do is you take your stamp you place it on your block okay and the thing that I like to do is prime it on the back of my hand and for some reason when you do this and put your ink down it gives you a really good impression so all this thing thing we're going to do is going to be right here on our paper alright so you take it and you kind of make sure that you have her well covered and I feel like we do and then something that I do I don't have it because I am a messy Stamper is I go and check so as you can see I got some ink there I'm checking my fingernails to make sure I don't have any dollar store okay a dollar alcohol-free baby wipes they'll save your life when it comes to stamping okay and then I normally just take this and hang it out on the side of where I'm working alright so we're going to take and we're going to press this down so we're gonna put it on our paper and then we're going to press down to try to get a firm even impression beautiful all right so that is one okay so do you think we should do more than one girl I think we should comment below if you think that I should have just used one girl because I'm here for multiple girls okay and I'm going to put this right back on my stamp um I think I am going to do I like this little mama right here with this – – and this curly um this curly puffs we're gonna use her so we're gonna put her down on the paper on the paper on the stamp and she's kind of tall okay and once again Prime these are just a decorative elements that I'm putting on there so and remembering that we are doing a rainbow theme and I think after this first month I will be out of the rainbow spreads I promise I have some exciting things and challenges to come up to tell you guys about to to see if you want to join me in them all right very good all right so close that I'm checking it she is well stamped and we're going to come same deal we're going to put her down on this paper like so and then we're gonna hold her firm clear impressions you don't need to press too hard or if you do you'll get a smeared impression perfect all right so now that I have that done I'll clean my stamp as always and I'll put it back on the paper and we're going to go ahead and we're gonna color these babies all right so I'll tell you I found on Amazon and I will need to tag my Amazon shop below because I give them a lot of shout out but these are Crayola super tips and you get a hundred markers for sixteen dollars but they're perfect so would this young lady here I really want to color her I want her skirt to kind of look a little rainbow ish so I'm gonna do two pink the yellow the green the blue but us the blue and the blue and we're gonna read I'm gonna read so we have all the colors and we need a purple and we're good let's see this is seven okay so that's what I like to do any reason why I encourage you to start on your sticker paper and you can get label paper for like from Walmart you don't have to get a lot I'm gonna leave her shirt white but I'm going to try to color these various colors all on this tool part of this skirt I have no idea how this is gonna look at me look a hot mess but I'm sure gonna try these girl insist on we give them a good little cutout yeah so you're gonna get them cut as close as you possibly can so okay so that's kind of how it goes to fussy cut and so we are going to set our girls aside here I'm going to wipe the marker off my hand because it kind of looks disgusting okay so now what we're going to do is we're going to start stamping our weeks so I'm going to put up for right now my decor stickers okay and now we are going to grab our functional stickers and turn the ads we have some happy planner stickers in here what we want to do a business miss maker and let's see those are some other stickers I've had and you can really just these are fist car stickers so I'm going to use a combination of happy planner stickers and this car stickers so I think the first thing I want to do is I love this little box as you can see it's tinted yellow and maybe we should go for yellow but I really want it to be a color that is going to stand out so I'm actually going to try the purple so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna put it on to my blog okay I'm definitely gonna prime it even though it's not a new sticker and we're going to use purple and we are going to and we're gonna have to be careful because all that part in the middle that I'm stamping there I need to be covering it up because we do not need any of that interfering with our impression so let's wipe that off definitely let's wipe this off here in the corner and let's get this middle and I just absolutely wiped the entire bottom portion off and when you're using this many colors it's important that you're really careful with your impressions okay gonna wipe this off and we're gonna go ahead and we're going to stamp on Saturday morning for the items we need to get done so this is a full box sticker so we want to line it up you can kind of see exactly where it is and then you want to set it down and you want to apply even pressure around the entire stamp boom beautiful okay so I'm gonna clean this off and then we're gonna put this back unless maybe we want to do the same stamp on Monday but not in the same place I wouldn't mind putting it here like I like full box stickers and we want to tie it in so we're going to use this versa find Claire and we're just gonna hit the outsides okay and I'd like this stand because it's nice and big this pad st. cash it's just right where you need it to be alright once again we're going to be careful that you don't drop it because I have dropped it and I'm going to pull it a little closer to me so I can actually see alright so I am going to put it down from pressure not too much you don't want to squish your impression on there once again very nice clean impression so we have to full box stamps just like that boom I promise we're done I promise we're done so the beauty about stamps I mean it as you can see if you're afraid to stamp you can always use sticker paper and then take your stamp and put it on to your spread or you can do like I did I kind of just free handed it I absolutely loved it I promise I'm almost so this is how my plan with me look this week after the pin I just put a couple of little plans on the air just to show you guys that yes your girl is definitely using our plan on a plant even if it's my POV planner so yes so this week at Joanns I'm just checking for Happy Planet products if you guys are ever interested in knowing more than happy planner products if you're specific and what you're looking for then I will be able to assist you with no issue but right now we're going for happy pull on our products and here is what I'm showing this week it shows that happy planner products of planners themselves some select planners are on sale so some of the 18th eighteen-month planners are on sale for $14.99 so that's still about 30% off but on the planners only everything else is regular price now so this wouldn't be the best week to go to Joanne's and buy happy planner products so the only coupon that they have is 40% off one regular price item and that is valid through July the 20th so this coming Saturday and then they also have and well this one doesn't apply because it's just a one day so pretty much the only coupon at the time that I filmed this video was 40% off one regular price item that is pretty much the only coupon that was available on Joanne's so what I encourage you to do when that happens is to make sure that you have signed up for the application so that you will receive any notifications of special coupons and things that they have on a daily basis so that is Joanne's flying over to Hobby Lobby we are going to see what their weekly coupon are their weekly sale looks like but remember with Hobby Lobby you have that 140 percent off coupon on a regular price item that you can use every single day for paper crafting if you're interested in getting anything label paper studio all paper studio products including stickers scrapbook app stickers scrapbook albums cards envelopes embellishments cardstock paper packs paper pads and page kits roll vinyl and iron-on planners and planner accessories labeled the paper studio are 50% off so if you're looking for any of these cute stamps that are used in this spread they will be for about $5.99 a pack any of the lol or agenda 52 girls so that is what's going on at Hobby Lobby this week and in terms of Michaels all uncle Miguel um well they have a special that I think that they are running through July where they have they're having a three-day cyber sale so Sunday Monday Tuesday so today will be the last day where online orders that are $39 or more they ship free which is amazing because they're shipping tends to range around the $7.99 range they have several things that are also on sale so what they're considering to be doorbusters so the sizer heat transfer vinyl if you're looking for the lexington rolling cart they're on sale for $24.99 and canvases are also on sale in terms of the happy planner this week all planner accessories and I believe even recollections planners and planners accessories are 40% off in terms of coupons for Michaels so the only coupon that are available are 40% off of one item and that coupon also will be effective through or valid through July the 20th so once again Michaels and Joanne's are kind of dry this week for coupons but that means that you need to make sure that you're watching the notifications or the emails that you get from there and typically they have coupons I hope you enjoyed this version of planning on a budget that showed my method to create this gorgeous spread me I'm actually having some plans down here and the review of the sales for the week I hope your week is off to a productive start you stick it to your budgets and I'll see you in the next video don't forget the three things like comment subscribe Ciao Bella

MD Body and Med Spa

**MD Body and Med Spa**



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Stay slim and cool all summer with cool sculpting from MD Body and Med Spa!
welcome back all right if your summer body is not quite where you want it to be we have a quick and cool solution you want to hear about Tina Lewis and Kendall Ritter from empty body and Medspa share more about a great way to stay slim this summer and of course Tina we're talking about CoolSculpting we are so cool sculpting is the number one FDA cleared way to redefine your body with no little to downtime you'll come in to wear from your chin down to your knees so that is your chin you know brought that back fat arms tummy flanks inner outer thighs and even above the neither all right well that's always good to know now the big part here is when we actually hear from CoolSculpting patients so let's listen to one through my diet I could control my weight but there were always those stubborn spots that I just couldn't get to go away and when I saw the ad and I knew that it was non-evasive and that the downtime was going to be nothing I wanted to investigate and so I gave them a call and went in for a consultation during that consultation I worked with Tina and we talked about the areas of my body that I wasn't happy with and what was going to be within her power to fix and so I was really excited by that and made an appointment alright so how many treatments do people normally need just the one or two maybe a couple we usually suggest about two to three treatments okay some people need one but normally it's usually two to three the other thing we always tell people too is even though you see a lot of pictures of women what we put up on the show this is good for men too we had Paul you brought Paul into we had Paul on the show he was awesome listen I had recently lost a lot of weight so the turkey neck and I was pretty self-conscious about it and Tina I think gingerly approached me because I think she was gonna feel she was gonna hurt my feelings but I was all open to it anything to help me out and it was a really simple process little called the first eight minutes or so and this is you right here yeah you can see the difference we show your picture all the time we've just never gotten to see the full year yeah and basically I fell asleep while the treatment was going on so there you go you could actually take a nap we've already shown that that's the case you only need maybe a couple treatments at most and you've done so many of them is it affordable it is so we are running a special the first 15 callers from Maya hi living watchers is 25% off and then we're also waiving that $200 sound wave all right the sound wave that's what she's got in her hand right now right that silver little machine thing and that's what that's breaking up the fat once it's already kind of been cooled as you say then you kind of have to break it up there's that or manual the massage but that can be kind of painful something right Samantha massage is painful so we've decided to use the sound wave technology you get really great results and they're even results also Oh see that's pretty nice you get that thrown in there on top of things now one way that you guys actually explain this to people and to sort of show everyone how this works is without and there's no downtime you can go right back to work the gym everything you do normally right right so we talked about that but when it comes to these areas you guys are very specific about the fact that there's what as you were saying as well really from the chin to the knees is sort of right so if you have these problem areas boy is this the best time to really be coming in and giving them a call about this and again just to let people know when you see this this woman how old was she she is 65 years old 65 years old when you see results like that so you don't have to be real young or anything to have this done this is one of those things we've treated anywhere from age 19 all the way up to about 85 oh my goodness that's that's a range that is range with that we do messing around with that Kendall is great having you on the show today thank you so much so yeah absolutely we always like talking about to Tina and having folks on talk about CoolSculpting and the cool summer event that's gonna be coming of summer cool event I went ahead and just renamed it for you I don't thank you all right there you go all right the first 15 collars received 25 percent off plus a complimentary sound wave treatment that we just showed you with purchase of a CoolSculpting package that's a $200 value go ahead and call the Westminster location at 303 466 0-100 or the Greenwood Village location at 303 to 2-0 1100 the summer cool event is Wednesday July 31st from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Greenwood Village location location all you have to do is RSVP 303 2 to 0 1100 space is limited MD body and Med Spa paid for today's segment and that's gonna do it for us thanks for being with us on mile-high living we will see you again or at least I will see you again right guys tomorrow at 11:30 check out this baby yaari as we leave have a great day