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TIPS | 13 Ways To Save Money on Groceries

**TIPS | 13 Ways To Save Money on Groceries**



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In this video are my favorite tips and tricks to save money at the grocery store! Save money and still eat healthy.
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hey guys today I'm going to share with you some tricks to save money at the grocery store I know all of you love my budget haul videos so I thought that you would appreciate knowing my secrets to saving money at the grocery store let's start with number one eat in season right now it's summertime and berries nectarines grape tomatoes yummy vegetables and fruits are in season right now and for that reason they are cheaper at the grocery store I also find that they taste better when you're actually eating them when their season appropriate number two coupons I'm not really into clipping out my own coupons but you do have the option to go onto coupons calm red plum calm there's a few other websites where you can actually go on and print out coupons for foods that you are already buying at the grocery store you can also go on to your favorite brands Facebook pages and sometimes they have coupons for you to print out there too 3 make a list duh but don't just make a list meal prep and create a menu if you do this you're going to know how much you need of each item so that when you go to the store you can get enough so that you don't have to do midweek trips that often include impulse buys so create a list create a meal plan and get after it number 4 don't shop hungry if you're like me and you shop hunger you buy everything the store everything looks good so before you go to the store eat a meal have a nice lunch have a nice breakfast and then go shopping before dinner there's always a million people there especially on Monday and Tuesday's and you end up buying way more than you need so eat a meal before you go don't shop hungry number five go generic some of my favorite foods to buy like Oh cereals frozen vegetables by buying the generic version you're really not sacrificing any taste or quality you're just going to save money so don't be afraid to buy generic number six is something I do I shop around I know what stores have the best prices so when I need to do some staple shopping I'll go to Aldi because I know that they are the cheapest there four other things I like to go to Trader Joe's for some of my sauces in different condiments and frozen vegetables and then there's hopefully taupe it's actually has some great deals on things but also same with Target Sean's stop and shop we all have different grocery stores and I liked shop around to get the best deals possible which brings me to number seven use your iPhone when you go shopping I love this new app called grocery pal you enter in your zip code and then it lets you know what the sales are at the stores near you so if you know you love to eat Greek yogurt you can go and see what store has Greek yogurt on sale that week it also will let you know if there are $1 great tomatoes when Aldi has this week near me $1 for grape tomatoes I wouldn't have known that if I hadn't downloaded the grocery pal app but you guys can download it it's free and you guys can save some money by checking in to see where some of your favorite products are being sold at a discount number eight buy in bulk especially when things are on sale now if you're worried about them going bad preserve them using either canning freezing or even drying if you have a dehydrator I love buying things in bulk especially meat when they're on sale because you can get them from cheaper prices and then I just put them in the freezer so each week when I figure out what I'm having I can take them out so that they saw number 9 buy your meats with the bone in or if you're buying seafood with the shell or bones still in if you buy chicken bone in it is way cheaper and it actually does taste better you have to roast it a little bit longer but just remember to take the skin off to remove some that excess fat you don't need if I were to buy shrimp at the grocery store without the shell it would cost me more money so take a few extra minutes yourself to buy it with the shell on and just do it yourself to save some money number 10 go vegetarian for some of the meals that you eat during the week beans are extremely affordable and so by factoring in a few vegetarian meals each week you are going to end up saving yourself some money number 11 avoid buying prepackaged foods or pre sliced produce grocery stores are charging you major dollars to do some of the dirty work that really doesn't take that much time so avoid buying the prepared and pre place number 12 pick a credit card that actually rewards you for shopping at the grocery store I have one that gives me points depending on how much I shop at the grocery store that month I then get to use those points to redeem for travel credits on my credit card statement so if I fly to California for work I can then use some of my grocery points to reduce that cost between like 100 and 200 dollars every credit card has a different rate as a different point system so shop around and pick the best one for you and the last one is to take bigger trips when you go to the grocery store when you go up to the register you might have a little sticker shock like oh my gosh I can't believe how much money I spent but I kind of mentioned this earlier by reducing the amount of times you go to a grocery store each week you're going to reduce the amount of impulse buys that you make at the store each time I go I'm guilty of this I at least five two or three things that I really didn't need but either I see them on sale or they look good or I'm in the mood and then I just end up spending more money than I needed to so by doing bigger grocery shopping trips each time you're going to reduce the amount of visits that you make and then reduce the amount of impulse buys and overall money that you have hopefully you enjoyed my tricks to save yourself some money at the grocery store if you're curious what a thirty dollar grocery haul looks like for meals for the entire week stay tuned to click on my thirty dollar grocery haul for the entire week see you guys soon you

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Grocery Shopping: How to Reduce Waste and Save Money on Food

**Grocery Shopping: How to Reduce Waste and Save Money on Food**



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Get More Grocery Money Saving Ideas here:

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“Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half” the #2 Amazon Best Seller.

In this Experian CreditChat we answer these Grocery Shopping Questions.

Questions We Discussed:
Q1: What are some common mistakes people make when it comes to buying groceries for the week?

Q2: What are some best practices when budgeting for groceries?

Q3: Are there different rules of thumb for saving on produce, meat,

Q4: What advice do you have on couponing or shopping sales?

Q5: What is your take on expiration or sell-by dates?

Q6: How does the way we store our food contribute to food waste?

Q7: Rather than throwing groceries away that you know you won’t eat before they spoil, what other options are available?

Q8: What tips do you have for getting kids on board reducing food waste in your house?

Q9: What tips do you have for saving money on eating out?

Q10: What final tips do you have for someone trying to eliminate waste and reduce spending on groceries?

Steve & Annette Economides – MoneySmartFamily.com
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Authors of America’s Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money!

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to our credit at which we host every Wednesday at 3 p.m. Eastern Time our credit chats cover a wide range of financial topics and today we're gonna talk about ways to reduce waste and save on your grocery bills we have an awesome panel with us today we have Steven and net economy tease New York Times bestselling authors and founders of the MoneySmart family calm and we have this awesome book which definitely inspired this chat here this is by Steven a net economy tease and we also have a Rob Griffin experience director of public education here with us today how are you all doing great truly marvelous awesome awesome thank you so much I'm somebody on periscope that's telling me to speak slowly so I will try to speak a bit more slowly guys I'm so happy to have you here because I love all of the tips that you share about ways to reduce your bills and I know you guys call yourself America's cheapest family and so I know you guys are gonna have some really amazing tips to share here with us today so I kinda want to go ahead and just jump right into it and ask you the first question that we've already tweeted out which is what are some common people make when it comes to buying groceries okay there's several that we jotted down as we were looking through some of these questions to be prepared for the interview today the first thing is to go to the grocery store and not have a plan that's a huge mistake if you go to the grocery store without a plan there have been studies done that say 60% of the items that you put in your cart will be impulse items Wow oh yeah think about that if you go in for four items you're gonna put 10 in your cart is that right 60 percent of ten and six if you go in for ten you'll put sixteen in your cart okay it's easier math all right but whatever you point is for me that's for sure there's there's kind of a rule in finances that says money flows to those who have a plan anymore the more money flows to you well if you shop at the grocery store and you know that they have a marketing plan and their plan is to separate you from your money by getting you to buy highly processed highly profitable items that they put in I level then you going without yeah and their plans gonna Trump yours right you go in with a plan saying I've only got this much money to spend these are the items I'm going to buy these are the sale items I want then your plan will win so having a plan is definitely the most important thing to do when you go into a grocery store right and along with that impulse the whole impulse thing if you don't have a plan and then on top of that you don't have a list that's a double whammy so you need to go to store as if you're hunting and have a have an actual intentional idea of why you're there rather than just going in because you feel like food yes yes absolutely so no plan and no list those are the the major fails when it comes to grocery shopping and some other people echo your remarks and babe role definitely retweeted or message out money flows to those who have a plan so that is such a great quote thank you for sharing that yes so why is one year says my wife doesn't follow a list so that's definitely a problem blaming the wife you can help her make a list Christina there will not lean out here that says the less you shop the more you save so if the average person is going to the grocery store two to three times a week without a plan then if they can knock that down to once a week and just plan out their dinner menus for the week they could literally cut their grocery bill in half with just that one strategy Wow let's frame this for a second because we kind of started we jumped right in with both feet but groceries is one of the major expenses for a family average families are spending about 13% of their take-home pay on food okay now we have a figure we use and it's it's kind of a rough one but it's $200 per person month is the average that people are spending so if you have four people in your family you're spending $800 a month that's 9600 dollars a year almost the price of a decent used car and nobody will go out and shop for a used car on an impulse some people but but not the smart ones not the ones who are watching credit chat right now they're not going to go do that but we're talking about a major expense and so we're gonna cover in this next hour are things that can really cut that price down and if you could cut that grocery bill in half you're talking about almost four thousand dollars in savings and it's not by clipping coupons so there's really a lot extinct and that and that kind of money could either provide for debt liquidation retirement investing or a nice vacation this year so it's definitely well worth everybody's time to keep listening and to learn all you can about groceries and to consider purchasing the book right got the book – yeah and you know what that's that's what's so interesting when we come up with these topics for these chats and people were like well you're you're a credit bureau what does this have to do with credit it has everything to do with credit because when you cut costs on these basic items that you spend money on every single week then you have more money to put towards debt like you said you have more money to save and that will ultimately help your credit so it all ties in maybe it's not exactly every week how does this benefit my credit but it really does we try to find those basic everyday things that people do and give them ways that they can save money to help them improve their financial situation groceries is one of the fastest ways to turn a personal personal finance situation around mostly because there's a lot of money at stake there's easy habits to change but also because you're doing every week you know if you're trying to recover by changing how your auto insurance well that's a once a month payment but groceries is every week and that is a great way to turn your financial situation about mm-hmm yeah great tip great point so now you were talking about creating a plan so what are some of the best practices for creating a planning a budget when it comes to grocery shopping well a budget is a plan for your money and so we have a look our first book America's cheapest family gets you right on the money talks about how to set up a realistic budget and a realistic budget isn't they done in January thing you know a list a spreadsheet or whatever and then forgot this way we budget is we spend about four hours a month managing our money and making sure we've got it set up to go where we want it to go so in the area of groceries what we're talking about is set a start with a guesstimate $800 a month on groceries that's fine I I don't care what your spending is it better in fact you know what we really want to do is not spend more than you make but but start with a guesstimate and we recommend if people who have are kind of newbies at budgeting or just trying to get a hold of this is take that money in cash now I'm going to take dollars to the store I would take maybe half of that and try going shopping for just a weeks or a week really I'm aiming at two hundred and three hundred dollars and see if you can stay within that limit and after a month's worth of doing that you're gonna have a very solid idea of what and that becomes your grocery bug now we can't go into a lot of details about the situation but we're coaching a family right now and they originally guesstimated that they were spending about eight hundred dollars on groceries a month and now that we've been working with them for several weeks and we've gotten into real numbers we're guessing that they're actually spending twice that amount so about $1,600 on there a family of nine people right it's a reasonable amount but it can be done better okay so the other so you've got to be careful if cash is a trigger for you and it means that you you know like you like say you take out the whole months worth that could be dangerous so that's why Steve said maybe just take out a week's worth and spend only that amount the other thing that we tell people for your groceries is whatever budget you set for those groceries make sure you're not spending all of that because you want to leave a tiny cushion one for when you find those manager markdown specials or clearance items or things overstock discount like the day we found chicken legs for nineteen cents a pound nineteen cents a pound now normally if you were spending every bit of your money on a grocery trip then maybe you'd buy one or two packages that but because we stockpile cash in our in our grocery budget in our account we knew we could buy sixty pounds of it and what that did is and we're gonna talk about this later that locked in that savings for several months and then we froze the chicken legs eating less expensive food that's kind of an advanced thing but we're going to talk about that because there are some tools that we can give you that will really really supercharge your savings yeah that's awesome I think the the freezer maybe the best grocery saving tool in the house if you'll don't think about that just if you can get those chicken legs for nineteen cents a pound and you don't want to use them put them in the freezer and they'll keep a long time yes they're gonna give you take advantage we'll give you tips on other things you can freeze that you may not expect well we've calculated that a freezer can actually save you about two thousand dollars a year and they catch out the fuel so for a big one yep yeah yes yep it's a huge huge money saver yeah make sure okay I'm just gonna say the cutest thing is when our two daughters got married one of the first things they wanted to purchase with wedding money each of them was about a 9 cubic foot freezer Wow and each one of them thought that was like the most important thing was it man husband as a matter of fact our youngest daughter when her husband would come over here when they were engaged and dating he would he would use our freezer as show-and-tell for his friends if his friends were over here he would take them back there and he'd say look at this can you believe this it was adorable all this food that is and so I definitely want to get him to you with you guys about how long food stays in or how long to keep me eat in the freezer because I definitely don't know how long I can keep my you know the meat in the freezer so I would love to get those tips from you when we get to that section because I think that's really helpful I get nervous about keeping it in there for too long so any tips that you can give would be super helpful and I know I had an aunt who has five kids and when they were growing up she kept an extra freezer and she just kept all of her me in there and if that was a huge money saver for her because her kids there were four boys and one girl and the boys could eat yeah yeah Terry says here on periscope that they got a deep freezer because of you guys he says he has one of your books and she actually bought a deep freezer because of you guys so that is super cool thank you for sharing that Terry that is so exciting we love encouraging people and all we ask is that they send us 10% of their savings yeah okay so um are there different rules of thumb when it comes on saving for produce and meet know this about me first and then we'll go into produce let's go with produce okay when you go to the store look at the strawberries are on sale right now now these were seven seventy seven seventy seven cents a pound now that you can buy well this isn't a good example but anyway strawberries when you buy them because I'm anal about this I weigh the packages says they're sold by the unit not by the weight of the pound so most of these weighed a pound and a quarter so I got 25% more just by weighing them another thing we do is is we buy focus on what's in season right so right now berries are in season grapes are really inexpensive literally so we stocked up on grapes now you know this produce won't last that long so you have to be careful how you store it we're gonna talk about storing it a little bit but but stock up on what's on season and season and learn how to store it carefully so like we talked about the strawberries understory we we use a paper towel can you see this on the bottom we put a paper towel in there and we actually wash the strawberries in vinegar and water about a 1 cup of vinegar to a gallon of water and it kills any bacteria and we also pop off all the greenery hop off the greenery because bacteria can get stuck in the in the leaves so we take that off and that way these strawberries will last a good good long time so with produce Christina basically what we say is eat what's in season so in the spring you're gonna find artichokes asparagus strawberries summer is coming summer has the best selection of fruits because you're gonna have all the melons right cantaloupe honeydew watermelon you're gonna have all the other berries blueberries blackberries you're gonna have peaches nectarines plums apricots delicious delicious fruits cherries so eat a little bit more of that we're not saying exclusively eat what's on sale but this is the time to look up those recipes that would use those kinds of things or make fruit salad that incorporate the recipes that the fruit that's on sale that's one of our most popular pins on Pinterest and one of the most popular pages on our website we have this fruit salad recipe it's it's delicious called the magic disappearing fruit salad salad that's that's phenomenal – so what kind a grape salad it has become the hottest thing in our tell our granddaughters ask my wife to make it when they come over and it's it's out of this world and not healthy but it's on this world because in addition to make girls like like cream cheese and brown sugar and I don't know what all good abilities oh wow so these two both of these recipes have some pretty yummy ingredients healthy okay meat if you buy it in the butcher section of the of the grocery store has a very thin plastic wrap so if you if it's gonna take you more than a month to go through your meat then just double or triple wrap it in plastic wrap when you get home things like turkeys and corned beef and ham anything that has a thick plastic wrap on it is Vickers and his vacuum sealed can store anywhere from a year to two years in a freezer believe it or not I saw Kirsten balls get really big we verified we're talking to a butcher who served in the Navy and I was asking him if he had any discounted turkeys after Thanksgiving he said well the fresh ones we discount but the frozen ones we just stick back in the freezer because you know there's no expiration date on frozen turkeys and I said why not because they're vacuum sealed and they're frozen in heavy plastic and they'll last for two years said when we would ship out in the Navy we'd go out for eighteen months we'd have two years worth of turkeys for Thanksgiving in the hold and you could not tell the difference between the ones that were a year and a half old and ones that were fresh okay the other things to watch for when you're trying to save on produce and meat is the prepreg packaged meals that they put together like like the pot roast meal where they put together beef with onions carrots and potatoes that's a great deal it's really convenient right but it's it's like super profitable for the grocery store because they're charging 3 dollars and 99 cents a pound for the meat and potatoes and everything so it's convenient but in reality you're paying like six dollars a pound for the meat because the potatoes and stuff are only like 33 or 40 cents a pound if you were to buy them separately right right so just watch for the can factor in the grocery store can really really cost you but once again it's it's conical scale so if you're used to eating out all the time and you wanna like work yourself your lifestyle then by all means buy the prepackaged pot roast because that's certainly less money and healthier than eating out all the time you know I'm saying take it in steps so I'll tell people my gosh don't give me that excuse that you don't know how to cook because if you go to the grocery store today and you walk down the frozen food aisle they have every kind of meal imaginable the box in a box or in a bag that literally all you have to do is breathe and heat up yeah I have to say I am a sucker for the conveniently packaged meals I do buy those a lot more frequently than I would like to admit but I don't know why it's just you grab it all and you go but it is definitely a money saver if I just bought my own potatoes and I own especially the Trader Joe's pot roast because you don't get very much for like I will admit that and that Steve what about quickly meat but mean produce that are near the expiration date that's printed on them my wife and I have a philosophy about that those are paid deals we love those deals actually people who say when people asked us about expiration dates we say they make us laugh they make us laugh all the way to the bank because our theory is our theory is that the expiration date is it's a sell by date it's not a date that the thing is going to turn green and explode yes and basically it's a supply chain issue for the butcher the beef manufacturers or chicken manufacturers they want to keep their food moving into the stores so they put that date on it it's not required by the FDA every bargain hunters dream I'll give you an example Safeway two days out from the expiration date not March this down 50% one day out they mark it down 75% if you shop in an area where there's a smart and final smart finals kind of a small rest Restaurant Supply Warehouse I know they're in California I don't know if they're in Texas drought but smart and final marks their stuff down 50% and it's it's a bargain a way to save you too much money and what we tell people is use your senses if it looks bad if it looks green don't buy it if it smells bad if it's got a lot of fluids in it don't buy it we had a friend who's a butcher he's actually a very trustworthy guy he's a Scoutmaster for a Boy Scout Troop and he used to be a butcher and he said in the old days when the meat would turn green in the case what they would do is they would trim the green off and they'd put the meat out to sell it now this was 40 or 50 years ago and then if it turned green a second time they'd cut it again and if it was the third time they cut the green off and they put it into the grind you call that was the grind for the ground beef and they'd resell it which makes you real excited about yeah that's exactly where we are there's a little around the corner I think it's at Kroger there's the right the new meat and there's a little section around the corner that has the sell-by date yeah I mean and we always look there first and you can get great cuts of meat and it's in we have a daughter who will look at that go we can't eat it now it's perfectly fine what put in the freezer it's like you know there's is take it we've bought milk that was one day out of going out of code and we take it we pour a little off the top we should to give the freezer milk the sell-by date still means it's going to be good for a week later so it don't so meat you know produce is a little different because that stuff you can tell that's it's gone bad so you're gonna have to cook it right away or eat it right away but meat freeze not a problem we let you laugh nobody has ever gotten sick in our house same with us never been an issue and we have next year's turkey already so strawberries are really good especially when they're frozen in ice cream yes yeah deal well bad so quickly so if you buy a lot of strawberries eat some the first day or so or second day and then take the rest of them cut them in half lay them on a cookie sheet freeze them and then stick them in a bag you know frozen fruit we're gonna talk about this later but throws in fruit cost three to four dollars a pound we bought these strawberries for 79 cents a pound if we freeze them they'll last for a year and we've got frozen strawberries for 1/3 of the price Wow Wow mind blown man there's so many things now that I have to do when I go grocery shopping I'm pairing this how much time do you spend when you get home from grocery shopping repackaging and prepping your food to help it last longer Lee how long did you spend on that that is a great question and we want to shoot a YouTube video for our YouTube channel about that the produce takes the most time definitely no we only shop the produce probably twice a month right so we'll buy 15 apples right you know 10 avocados I mean a lot of stuff I mean if we both do it together it'll take an hour by the time we wash everything and removes trim trim stems and stuff like did you know eggplant will last quite twice as long if you cut off the green part at the top of it really like a plant and like you you know you know you're not gonna get around to making a play eggplant parmesan till the end of the week to keep big plant fresher you trim the top of it so what kinds of tips and tricks like that we really need to shoot that video do we do know if you have a periscope channel because people are saying that you're enlightening them here on periscope so they want to know where they can go to watch your videos and learn more about you because you guys have shared some even I'm just like I'm over here writing down tips and I need to take home well you know we're kind of old so we don't you haven't done periscope yet except with you guys but we do have a youtube channel with about ten thousand eight hundred subscribers and two two and a half million views we've got one hundred and fifty two videos up there a lot of them about cooking saving money we got some grocery tips on there so they can go over to our YouTube channel and the videos are all our website to MoneySmart family calm on the money saving tips section if you just go to that money saving tips page you'll see an icon for recipes and you click on the recipes and you'll you know a lot of the recipes we have videos for and on our cut your grocery bill and a half page on our site so if they just go to money smart family calm slash groceries that's really the landing page to go to and we'll talk about the book and the book has several videos specifically about how to grocery shop smarter and then there's other tips and there so that's that's probably the fastest place to get ya know I was also asking what's your YouTube channel is it is it money smart family my family it'll come up we weren't very smart in branding ourselves and he started that many years ago so we're maven of saving a book but money smart family work and if they go to money smart family calm we have a link to it on the top of our our website family nor money let's save them some more money yes okay so what about did you guys have anything else you wanted to add about produce and meat before we go on to the next question well there's lots we could say but I'm worried that we're not gonna get to everything was talking okay so let's keep going so what advice you have about couponing and shopping sales well thanks thanks to Extreme Couponing couponing has changed drastically most I don't think there's any store out there anymore that's doubling coupons and it's really taken the fun out of it I would say don't even stress about the coupons most people don't have time right there's so many ways to save money on groceries without coupons you do not need to like keep guilt on yourself I'll give you just two tips on it number one if you like a product contact the manufacturer oftentimes they will send you a huge coupon I got some for a spray we use in the shower to kill film overload it's a shower cleaner and I told him I liked the product they sent me a $5 compiled those who can do but and the other thing is if you do have a coupon like a 50% $0.50 off coupon use it on the smallest size item don't use it on a big item because your savings percentage is less so that's that's just one way and then also for shopping sales know your burn rate we're gonna call it our burn rate because a stocking up on a sale item does you no good if it goes bad like if it goes rancid like say you want to stock up on peanut butter but you can't eat it you know in a in your size well in a in a normal around a normal amount of time before it turns rancid cooking oil can go rancid shortening can go rancid there's a lot of things that don't have a long shelf life and you need to know what they are and what your burn rate is so if you bought two of them at half price and one of them went bad you've still paid full price so what like we do right so here is a box of cereal and what we do on the top is we write the date we buy in the month so that way we keep track easily you see that's right here says 117 January and we'll use that before the stuff that we bought in March or April mmm smart way to keep rotating through the food and you know when the kids are at home we went through a lot more cereal and so we one of their jobs when we go out the food home was for them to mark the cereal boxes and you can do the same thing with candy you can have same thing with well like jelly was on sale in this phenomenal store coupon 32 ounce jar of jelly for 99 cents well jelly will last years on your shelf to two years at least because it's in a jar it's vacuum sealed so you know you can take advantage of a stock up price like that so just shot whales if you want to combine coupons with a sale item that is a good idea to but let's put coupons aside and just look for those deals when you when you have a buy price like our buy price for four cereal is a dollar fifty or less dollar fifty a box so so when we see it a closeout what was this feather download 29 well yeah but that was out that was just a sale right so that's when you buy and you buy enough to last until the next sale when sales cycles are about every two to three months the manufacturers will push another product and sell it so if you can stock up for that long the time you should be fine how did you figure out your your the price that you wanted to stick to you for cereal like I imagine you have that for a couple of items or for all of your items how did you figure out that that is like the max that you want to pay for certain items it's gonna be different every area it is gonna be different depending on what part of the country you live in but to me that's just a game that I've played over the years because inventory and shopping for the food has been my area of the home management and so I've just become an expert at it just like people can become an expert in anything we have a free price tracker sheet it's in the book but it's also on on our website on the grocery page and basically this is designed you take one item that you're interested in let's say it's peanut butter and you just watch the ads for a few weeks write down the price and the size and you become an expert on that thing but you don't have to do it for everything and Steve will laugh at me because I'll open up the food ads for the week and I'll go up there's the buy price and he'll be like you ask anymore but you still wonder right like when I was oh I was just gonna say when instant oatmeal goes on sale for 99 cents and I'm like oh that's it's time to buy because I yeah that's the bottom price for that item yeah it's funny cuz Bravo whiskey on periscope says you guys need to go on The Price is Right and now you could win so much on The Price is Right we wouldn't we'd lose yeah we don't know retail price and The Price is Right is not just about food yeah yeah it's about furniture and clothes and we don't drive retail like Steve said we were we were approached by Extreme Couponing on their shows and we turned them down because we aren't extreme couponers we're extremely famous and coupons you know it buys you highly processed non healthy foods and we're into lots of fruits and veggies and and I want to like the stones should we share the secret weapon we use two really cheap I don't know what you're talking about but this just with us okay okay no everybody knows that Walmart exists right oh Christ man now listen here's what we do this is in our book now if you can see this but we list every store in our area now we have like nine or ten stores in our area and every store every week has lost meters okay and so what we do is we write down the loss leaders from each store and then we go to Walmart and hit a Walmart will add match the the competitors brands now in our area we have two stores that get gravy produce now Walmart doesn't know this they don't listen well they want they will match with grade-a produce so we'll get five avocados for a dollar I didn't it will be bananas for thirty three cents a pound honey you don't have to whisper I went to the net was feeling sick earlier this week she's got a cold and so I went to the store she gave me the list of all the things we're supposed to buy and I got seven bags of produce for $26 and these are canvas balls that we filled with produce add match is the fastest way you go to one store and you get all the savings from all the stores now now we need to say in all fairness for Walmart saying that people have abused that policy yes and so you need to have all your ads with you you need to make sure everything is current Walmart has tightened their belts on it they won't add match eggs and milk anymore so they're trying I mean they don't want to lose their shirts on this they they want to help people and and and have a good name out there so we're grateful we're very very grateful for that price match policy because we can eat lots and lots of fruits and vegetables for a very good price but I know not everybody is gonna go to the time and effort that we go to yeah yeah can I just ask really quickly I didn't keep ten on avocados good because I feel like I buy them and they're they're they're bad after two days you got a no no cameras yeah you got a know your burn rate and what we do is we buy them we buy one or two that are right and the rest green and we immediately put them in the refrigerator okay so the one that's ripe will leave out to eat right away and then the rest will because if you keep them in the refrigerator it slows down the ripening process okay okay good to know I'm writing that down now I always always go bad and it makes me sad because I love avocados right you just have a plan for how to use them you went to an avocado plant when you're on vacation that's in Fallbrook California okay they okay so they guess the avocado is to make them ripen faster you have to know what's going on in the Fallbrook if you're there like in May people have avocado trees all over the place and they're literally just falling on the ground can you imagine that that's like here in Arizona during citrus season you could literally drive around the city and just pick up citrus off the ground from people's trees it just it makes me crazy oh well okay I'm going to Fallbrook then plan it's alright I'm writing down plan a trip to fall brick yes yeah man it's a specific time so fabric it made definitely a highly avocado season another challenge that's another thing that I think we struggle with we it's just my wife and it's just two of us so when you can buy in bulk and freeze it makes a lot of sense but trying to buy just a little bit can be a challenge too because you end up with food that you just can't get so you're exactly right it's that burn rate thing what are we gonna eat when are we gonna eat it it's the plan and know how to do not have waste for things that we can't store longer we're in that same place rod so we're we're actually finding things we're buying lesser quantities so things like squash we're gonna have to eat much quicker than broccoli broccoli will last a little bit longer it's Hardy or carrots will last longer than that celery will last longer than that when we buy when we buy big packets of packages of chickens we break it down into smaller packages and freeze it in Ziploc bags all right man that is so cool so many great tips you guys are sharing today I know earlier we talked about expiration dates and sell-by dates too is there anything else that you wanted to add about people that are looking for these dates as they're buying their groceries all I would say on the expiration dates in the sell-by dates is know what you can freeze like most people don't realize you can freeze milk it will change color the milk will look yellow when it's frozen but it is still perfectly fine we and when you defrost it yeah it turns right back to the regular color of milk it just looks like it it looks like it's a different colors frozen we had somebody say oh I tried that but you know it all went bad it changed color so I had to throw it all away it turns like yellow when it's no just the fat in it yeah but you could also cheat you can freeze cheese you can freeze bread there's so many things we have this barium they're Jumbo's you know those two loaves of bread in our freezer right now my wife said so rolls and in this book there's a whole chapter on what things you can freeze to put in your freezer I mean we could it's just crazy and we've got a diagramming here let's talk about freezers while I'm looking for the diet okay there's two different kinds of freezers there's uprights and there's chest freezers typically uprights are frost free and chest freezers are non frost free frost free means that they've got a fan going all the time to keep the frost from building up on the sides of the freezer but what that does secondarily is it dries out your food so even though a lot of people like the upright freezers because they say quote-unquote it's easier to organize everything you can see everything and find it easier because it also dries out what's in there because of that frost free feature we prefer a chest freezer and we actually steez didn't look at this look at this this is how we stock our chest freezer we use now we use canvas bag we're using paper bag inside a canvas and each bag has different things in it so it's all organized because you don't want to have to dig through just loose stuff in the in the freezer so we'll have one bag with lunch meat in it one bag with chicken one bag with frozen veggies one bag with these before it's very orderly and color-coded and it works great so basically you give up some of your space but it's so super organized like there's two levels and there's and they're stacked two bags high and I'm kind of short and so we kind of had to do that because if I have to get to the bottom of the freezer I could very easily fall into the freezer we have the bottom layer is all in bags and it's a double paper bag inside a canvas bag I just have to grab the handles of the canvas bag team yank that bottom bag up and the whole freezer is accessible to me even though I'm height challenged system you to have your own yes life is full of systems and the more system calls you make it the more you can save we used to we freeze cheese okay but the problem with freezing cheese especially if you freeze chunks of it is that it crumbles when you cut it when you defrost well we had a guy write us from Norway and he said here's the secret to dealing with frozen cheese and it's on our website I'm not going to tell you we won't tell anybody Institute it works we tried it it did it so we had frozen cheese we defrosted and we could slice it that didn't crumble Wow okay so I gotta go to money smart family calm to know what that's secret no such a thing I'm sorry what is it can I ask really quickly how long does milk stay frozen like haha you keep milk frozen oh really ever but a long time as long as interesting when the kids are little and once a month you know we would load four to six gallons into the freezer and it would be fine you know a month's time was no problem I mean if anything if you think about the gallon of milk it's heavy plastic the only area that could possibly be exposed to air is right under the cap where the top of the milk is so if anything got freezer burned it would be that top layer of milk everything else would be not exposed to the air huh take a gallon of milk out of the freezer at night put it in the sink remember it sits at zero degrees when it's frozen so it'll defrost overnight you come out there stood the ice in the middle it'll be a 32 degrees inside so no chance of it going bad and you have milk ready in the morning now in the summer time it's a different story because it's so hot here you literally would pull a gallon out stick it in the sink in two hours later it would be pretty much it would be thought enough to get it into the refrigerator but you can also put it in the microwave yes Ted so there's lots of options for defrosting it but it really is a great time-saver and money saver Wow okay so how does the way let's go to question six so you can definitely get people more money-saving tips how does the way we store food contribute to weight so you talked about ways that we can preserve food about how are we contributing to waste by the ways that we're storing our food well just like we talked about earlier when we get our produce home there's a way to prepare it so that it will last longer when we buy lettuce we don't take the core out we may trim the bottom and then we wash it and we put it in a ziplock bag with a paper towel or head lettuce leaf lettuce you can literally take a partner so there's different ways that you can prepare your produce to help it store better washing it obviously when you get home from the grocery store we talked about that earlier is it saver like okay like tomatoes oh my gosh like there was a time when I bought tomatoes from the store and I didn't wash them they were dead in two days they had you know bacteria bacteria all over them and that's when I realized how many fingers are touching those tomatoes at the grocery store so now I try to pick my produce from the top bin or the very bottom bin way in the back and I like I said I wash it when I get home and we have been able to make things last so much longer because of that let's let's say you over bought bananas okay I mean they're going Brown nobody in your house likes mushy bananas what do you do you don't want to just throw them away I mean you could but there's two options one is put them in the refrigerator the skin will go black but it'll slow down the the decomposition process okay that's number one then you can use it in a smoothie or you can use it and get the recipe for Annette's famous Christmas banana bread on our website and we have bags of black bananas in the freezer and they'll stay good for a long time and she makes banana bread out of them it's under banana chocolate chip banana that's got chocolate chips in so it's really right here's me my favorite thing ever my grandma here's another personal store my grandma used to make even when I'd come visit because something called love light chiffon banana cake light about it it was like it's so good no not yet yeah send it to us we'll put it on ours oh good oh my goodness okay well we already said that you know frozen food costs three to four dollars a pound so here's things me freeze we freeze blueberries blueberries are usually at their lowest price right around the fourth of July so that's when we buy several pounds of them and stick them in big ziplock now there's there's only two weeks when blueberries are at their lowest price like Steve said so you've got to get them then don't be fooled by the food ads that say blueberries are on sale throughout the year six ounces because it's a six out sized container it's a trick I'm telling you it's a trick so sell not on sale different thing price for blueberries is a dry pipe which is usually twelve ounces and a really good price would be eighty-eight cents for one of those and that's when you go get a ton of them wash them and freeze them blueberries are one of the best freezing fruits out there you can put them in oatmeal you can put them in smoothies dry berries blackberries pineapple buy a fresh pineapple trim it up you can freeze it it doesn't fall apart or anything use it in salad afterwards or any other base but you also see spine Apple by laying it on a cookie sheet as I do with strawberries okay here's my favorite when cherries are 99 cents a pound you know those big bean cherries you know they're about an inch in diameter which once again once a year is the best price for cherries and that's usually late May okay I pit them and I stick them on a cookie sheet freeze them and then stick them in a bag and I have those out oatmeal and things like that you can do peaches now there's we go to this produce rescue where they sell all cash it's so good I think they're growing around border areas we get 60 pounds of produce for ten they had jack-jack food is the size of a watermelon looks like an alligator skin it's really really good and and it's super sure you taste like a cross between a mango and a pineapple s delicious and we froze that and it froze great so lots of options but freeze that and a freeze your old bananas yeah I jump in and some we do some things like tomatoes don't freeze well as a whole but you can use them for soups you can use them for we make salsa and homemade salsa so you have fresh tomatoes fresh peppers onions it will make salsa and freeze that and that keeps really well so some things don't freeze well to pull out and use like you would whole but because they'll break down but you can still use it for cooking and things too so that'll take tomatoes that are past their prime and she'll boil them a blanch em when you pull the steel the skins off and then and then I will make spaghetti sauce out of them yeah we have her we have a fourth generation spaghetti sauce recipe on our website and it's a youtube video it's one of our most popular youtube videos so my secrets so guys we're gonna show later where you could go to get all these recipes that they keep talking about and all of their secrets but Annette you mentioned earlier the washing solution they use for your produce can you tell us what that is again yes it's one cup of white vinegar to a gallon of warm water typically honestly we kind of guesstimate it we glug it in but you know that's yeah it's it's about right basically it kills bacteria you swish swish the stuff in there and it also rinses off dirt like we get strawberries you wouldn't believe how much sand is on the strawberries it's especially the first time we started washing produce like the grapes we had been eating without washing I looked at the water after we washed the grapes and I went oh my gosh we've been eating that yes or minerals they're just losing your minerals now same with parsley like I would buy fresh parsley and then I would wash it and I'd be like oh my gosh you know yeah yeah well that's good to know definitely gonna have to try that and now I know you have involved the whole family in your savings so how did you get your kids to reduce food waste well because because I kept track of inventory the kids helped with all the meal prep like they would set the table they would help make the salad they would chop the vegetable if we were having a cooked vegetable I would post menus on the refrigerator for you know breakfast lunch and dinner whatever and they would always know what what was what what was going on she'd also control which foods she told them they could eat so bananas and strawberries would go in the first week cuz we don't like when the kids were young we only shop once a month right so they so for the longest time our kids stopped bananas were a delicacy because in that hilarious because they only had them the first week of every month well bananas grapes strawberries you know those that have to be eaten right away and then pears and apples and oranges can last easily a month so we involve the kids in cleaning the produce right so they didn't come grocery shopping but they helped us put things away after right then they helped with meal prep right I help making the meals they also help set the table and then we had a really strange rule that most parents don't like if they don't like beets or anything like that but we had what we call the three bite you'll and this applied to parents and kids because parents have to model what you want the kids to do so we'd say if you you know if you don't like what's being served you have to have three bites of it and that's what I'm going to eat detestable disgusting red beets as I thought that like dirt my dad loves pickled beets we and we grow them in the garden and my mom hated to make him and we always had to eat something you know you don't know is that it takes an average of 15 to 25 tries of a new food for you to acquire a taste for it so when they're trying to use their children to food if their children refuse they give up after three tries it takes a lot longer than that to teach a child you like something we have you know citrus trees and our daughter Abby our youngest one our youngest one just did not want to eat grapes and many times we'd have great for breakfast so Steve came up with a clever little channela trick he took maraschino cherry juice and poured a little bit of it on her grapefruit and then put a cherry in the middle well sure he started eating her grapefruit because it had the cherry and the cherry juice and after a while she didn't need the cherry and the cherry juice anymore because she had acquired a taste for the grapefruit look yeah yeah I remember when I mom first made Brussels sprouts and she boiled them and I thought they were the most disgusting thing in the world they are boiled no okay but now Brussels sprouts are one of my favorite vegetables and it's just somehow I like them so I like to roast them almost oh very cool I still can't eat Brussels sprouts I cry and I try and try it I just can't I just I keep trying as long as they're well cooked yeah yeah yeah I find I put lemon on them olive oil and then salt and pepper and then I toss them in the oven and I think they come out really good because I think the citrus cuts kind of like the bitterness that that they can have that sounds wonderful we need that recipe okay um let's quickly I want to get to be the last two questions so what what tips you have for saving money on eating out oh that's cool use a coupon yeah use a coupon but beware of the restaurants that say buy one get one free but you have to buy two drinks because that's where you get about the same amount but there's all these coupons out there there's always coupons so that's kind of one of our rules and it just makes it a little bit of a fun challenge we used to buy the entertainment book look for early bird specials there are always coupons arriving in your mailbox for new restaurants opening up in your area don't be afraid to go try them and basically what I would say is try to make eating at a restaurant a special occasion don't make daily habit no no it's costly and really there is no privacy when you're at a restaurant between your family or your marriage takes more time to go to a restaurant than it does to make the meal if you think about the drive time waiting to be served eating waiting for the check paying driving home you can make a decent meal in that time what we really encourage busy moms to do is to plan a menu and to make use of that ever old friend the crock-pot come up with a lot of meals that you can set up in the morning and then you can either go to work or you can leave it and take care of the kids and just not worry about it because the the temptation to go out to dinner usually happens at about five o'clock when you come home from work you haven't got anything planned and you're stressed and you're tired and it's just easier to go get pizza think about dinner the night before is basically what I tell families and you know there's boards on Pinterest for crock-pot recipes and I know women that have three crock pots and they'll run a crock pot meal overnight for breakfast and they'll start another one in the morning for dinner they'll start another one for a dessert and now there's they've got these bags now you're cooking inside the crock pot right so the crock pot doesn't get dirty oh yeah I got to give you another teaser we have a chocolate lava cake recipe that you make in a crock pot oh it is so good and there's only three ingredients chocolate pudding chocolate cake mix and chocolate chips not a good chance for me I'm gay that's what the other thing will tell people is look if you haven't thought about dinner don't go don't go to the fast food loading a restaurant or a restaurant go to the grocery store get a rotisserie chicken get depending on how large your family is you may need to go to the bakery to get one or two loaves of French bread and go get a bagged salad that's such a healthy dinner and it's a fraction of what you would spend at a restaurant rotisserie chickens to $6.99 for one chicken you know me seeing on sale for 4.99 Costco's are the best and the largest but you have to have a membership but so that yeah they do they're very good their flavor is a little peppery for us but anyway that you get that you're talking about less than ten dollars and a rotisserie chicken can be five or six people yeah that's huge there's only a buck fifty a person also keep six things on hand if you've got kids and they're kind of picky eaters for a quick dinner is to make some sandwiches and so yeah oh yeah pepperoni salami ham turkey you have provolone cheese you have cheddar cheese you have Swiss cheese you can make ham and Swiss subs you can make turkey and cheddar subs you can make Italian with a salami pepperoni ham provolone so easy to put together the kids our kids go crazy when we have like Super Bowl Sunday we did the sub sandwiches I'm gonna give you one more website to go to get it to our website but it's out to eat with kids calm it lists all the restaurants that kids aquarium out to eat with kids calm so if you do want to go out actual kids and then the other thing we do is save money on drinks just drink water at the restaurant okay yet to get the food you don't need this the soda and stuff like that so our kids never got used to having drinks just like yeah I'm just one last quick question that I got here on periscope lol was asking do you have any tips for a single person trying to save on their grocery bill senator no like rod mentioned it's harder like when you have the family planned out um you kind of know what you what you want but when you're trying to transition into it like a single budget do you have any tips to help people save money there yes and we are grossly over that I would say don't be shy about like you could actually quote for one week out of every month and have all your months worth of cooking done if you're a single person and packaged it in a single serving because you could do pork chops you could put four pork chops in a crock pot cook them eat one that night and and single package the other three so you're eating those one a week for the next three weeks I'm follow yeah yeah I think you could do that every day of the week with a different kind of meat with chicken with beef with ham so you're cooking one week out of every month but you're but you're providing meals for the entire month for yourself with the same rules apply though by smart store carefully cook with a plan and you'll be able to save so even if you're single and honestly let me show you hold it up that is the chapter in the book it's more ways that singles and empty nesters can save money because we knew that was a big issue so lots of holes to store save and and take you to lunch to work make make your meal go further by by planning it out and using it for more options people that have read this said they have never ever read anything as comprehensive as this grocery book it will you'll save the price of the book the first week you go grocery shopping I think right now it's on sale and Amazon yes six or seven dollars but if you of course if you want a signed copy you can buy it from us hey guys I'm so sorry I'm gonna have to UM cut the chat down because we have somebody that needs a room but can you tell Stephen that can you tell our audience where they can learn more about you I know we've said it a few times but I want to make sure that the new people in here I get it we'll say it together money smart family calm and if you go there you'll find our YouTube channel our Pinterest page Twitter Facebook we're all over Facebook we have a Facebook fan page though okay do you want to share to be in these next couple of weeks yeah I'm on the road quite a lot I'm at the Institute for financial literacy conference this this week in Chicago the annual conference on financial education I'll be in Washington next week for the JumpStart partner meeting jumpstart for financial that is jumpstart coalition for financial literacy and then several other places coming up so still gonna try to be on the credit chat still going to try to be on periscope tomorrow I won't be able to because I'm speaking at that time so they booked me at the wrong time tomorrow but otherwise I plan to be around and be jumping in and and still and be available and so thanks for for hosting Christine and Steven and thanks for joining again always fun always insightful so sorry to have to cut it short but I really appreciate all of the tips that you guys shared you are amazing thank you so much awesome being here it was a lot of fun Kristin all right thank you have a great day all right

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hey everybody I am Malia from the Malia show so for today's video is actually partnered with Kroger because I want to show you guys how to use the Kroger app to save money on all of your groceries every single time you grocery shop you can actually use the app at any of these stores you see on your screen right now and to give you guys an amazing example the groceries you see behind me and I actually saved $63 just by using the app at the store $63 you guys that's amazing I didn't have to clip any coupons I didn't have to do anything special it's as easy as tapping the coupon on your phone and getting the savings a check out super super simple but in addition to all the features I'm gonna show you guys as far as using the grocery app and see me when you at the grocery store there's also an exclusive coupon code right now for anyone who has never downloaded the app before so if you are new to downloading the Kroger app or any of its affiliated stores you guys can download the app right now and get an extra five dollars off any fifty dollar grocery purchase just make sure you do that before August 1st and if you guys want to know more details about that you guys can check the description for all of the info so now let's go and store let me show you guys how to save money using digital coupons using the app I mean 63 dollars is a lot of money to save on a grocery bill and you guys could do that every single time using the app no more coupon clipping is required in order to save a ton of money alright guys first thing is first if you haven't yet download your Kroger affiliated grocery stores apps then you can sign in to your grocery store's account or create a brand new account so now that you guys have the app downloaded and added to your phone now I can show you guys exactly how to use it in all the perks and features of the app has to help you save money every single time you go to the grocery store so here's how to access the digital coupons all you have to do is tap that coupon you see at the bottom of the app it'll list the entire list of digital coupons you can scroll through and find the digital coupons that are available including exclusive app only in discounts and digital coupons or you can actually search at the top of your screen to find specific products that you want to see if there's a digital coupon for or something you might have seen in the weekly ad then tap to add the coupon and it's as simple as that there's also the option to scan a barcode which is an awesome feature because you can scan products at the store or even in your pantry at your house and be able to add those items to your shopping list or add them to a cart for a click list pickup now of course you can pick up a copy of the weekly ad right when you walk into your store there's usually a huge stack of them but sometimes you might not get the weekly ad in the mail or you might have no idea what the deals are for that week just tap on weekly ads on your app and you can see the entire ad right in front of your eyes digitally you can choose whether you want to see a list of every single item and you can actually just tap to add any of those items to your grocery shopping list or you can tap the print view option at the top of the app and then you can see a digitally scanned version you can check your fuel rewards at any time to see when your points expire and how many points you have refill a prescription or you can submit a new one there's even a sales section guys you can click on sale items and see every single product in the store that is on sale for that week one of my favorite features of the app is that you can link your fresh values rewards card so it's on your phone ready to go so all the cashier has to do is scan the barcode a checkout or into your alternate ID and all of those digital coupons and all those savings comes right off your bill in my opinion I think they did a great job putting this app together because not only have I saved a ton of money using the app but I've saved so much time hopefully this video helped you guys understand how to use the other features of the app but most importantly those digital coupons because they save so much money don't forget to give this video a like if it helps you out or if you learned anything new and if you're brand new to my channel don't forget to follow and subscribe so you guys don't miss more money-saving videos from me in the future so don't forget to keep following along and thank you so much for watching bye guys does it have to download The Smiths that does save money you can download digital coupons create a grocery list and get up and out so what are you waiting to film