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Grocery Haul for One | $50 Monthly Budget | STACEY FLOWERS

**Grocery Haul for One | $50 Monthly Budget | STACEY FLOWERS**



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Grocery shopping on a Dave Ramsey inspired zero-base budget can be tasty if it’s a budget grocery haul. This grocery haul for one is a monthly grocery haul on a budget. Made much easier by meal planning for one and grocery shopping on a budget. My secret to success is meal prep and budget grocery shopping.

What I eat in a day is coming up! If you have any questions leave them in the comments below.

Monthly Grocery Budget: $50.00
Stores: Whole Foods + Marianos
Camera: Sony a5100

I am a student of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Univerity and on a journey to become debt free. By budgeting monthly and tracking my expenses I’m learning how to become debt free and live my life by cash. Budgeting for beginners is mostly what you’ll find in my videos.

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My Debt Story: How I Fell Back into $208,453.27 Debt Part 1

My Money Story: How I Fell Back into $208,453.27 Debt Part 2

First Budget On My Debt Free Journey


Disclaimer: Honesty is awesome, so I share numbers and dollars in this post. I trust you’ll honor my honesty. Just so we’re clear, everything written here is based on my personal experiences + opinions. Not everything I say here will work for you, but I have faith that you’ll take the information presented and apply some of it to your own finances in a new and creative way.
this beautiful colorful basket I'm so excited about all these hello and welcome back to my channel my name is Stacy flowers and I am a student of Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University and on a journey to become a 100% debt-free my current debt is over one hundred and eighty three thousand dollars I am on baby step number two to repay 100 percent of my debts I earn an income of anywhere between 1,500 and 2,000 dollars on average a month working part-time and running my company quarter time in this video I'm going to be sharing with you my July 2018 grocery haul so if you are interested in that please keep watching let's take a look at what I have here in the cabinet I've been starting a little bit of work on organizing my pantry I got a gift card from Target and so I bought these although I don't think that they're going to be large enough and I think I'm just going to switch over to a hundred percent mason jars but I have a little bit of black beans I have a little bit of quinoa rice this is the last amount of my oats I have angel hair pasta that I purchased to make homemade ramen noodles I still have my banana rings that I just have not even from my last grocery haul and then I have a couple of broth and so let's talk about the broth really quick because a lot of you guys suggested bouillon cubes and when I first moved in I went I got beef and chicken yes beef and chicken bullion cubes and I put it in my red beans and I put it in my black beans and it was absolutely delicious however what happened was is I was out myself like every time I would eat like a bowl cuz you know I have it for like lunch and dinner so like I eat it a lot but every time I would eat it I would get overwhelmingly tired like even when I would eat it at work oh god why am I so tired why am I so tired enough let me look at my ingredients and when I looked at the bullion cubes there is soy but I can't remember how I don't know if it's a soy oil or soy bean I'm not 100% for sure but I just my body doesn't have a good reaction to soy so I can't use bullion cubes with soy in it and I haven't found young-kyu that doesn't have soy in it so if you guys have a recommendation I'm totally open to not using these to save money but I think people this is just something people will say oh you can get that cheaper at this place and you're right but you have to ask yourself why is it cheaper at other places it's not always just cheaper at other places because one store you know branding and marketing and it's organics sometimes it's cheaper because they're using lower quality products in addition to the thing so like for example like seasonings like sometimes when you're purchasing seasonings you're not just purchasing that seasoning you're purchasing that seasoning but they blend up other things that are tasteless but like provide the bulk so that would be my recommendation it's just I understand that there are a thousand ways to make my grocery shopping even less expensive than what it is at fifty dollars a month but me making some of those decisions winds up being the wrong decision for me because there are products that I don't want to consume and in me purchasing something cheaper I'm unintentionally consuming those products for example the bulan cubes where you can get like ten versions of this box of broch but in you getting those ten versions you're also getting the who humping of soy and if you don't eat soy you know that becomes a problem so I have chicken broth I have beef broth and then here I have some coconut bases and I'm a little bit of popcorn summarising corn mill rice flour a bread crumb with baking soda our seasonings I'm doing pretty good with seasonings have smoked paprika I have a little time ground cumin ground cinnamon pepper lemon pepper adobo this is I still have tons of that tumeric left bay leaves and a piece off from my auntie and then here in the cabinet sort of the same things the olive oil from May grapeseed oil and most of these things really aren't going down because I haven't really been cooking I haven't been cooking at home because it is really hot but also last month is my birthday month and I went out quite a lot so that's what having the cabinet let's take a look in the free refrigerator so in the refrigerator I have some celery but this is going to be turned into vegetable stock because it's just I left it in here too long these carrots may still be good so I may pull those and turn those into some snacks some sweet peppers which I'm super excited about did buy a little bit of kale I don't like the prepackaged kale I'm gonna finish eating it but I don't like the prepackaged kale I have a container of red beans a container of black beans little coconut milk that's leftover in a water pitcher not particularly satisfied with that water pitcher I'm so I likely will switch that out little bit of banana peppers have some red roasted peppers a little bit of almond milk and a little salad dressing and I'm running out of this is a little bit of frozen kale that's from that bag just because I knew I wasn't going to eat through it because I don't really like it very much but I don't want to waste it I don't know if you can freeze kale and maintain its nutrients but we shall see peas and a little bit of corn left so there are quite a few things that I will be getting from the grocery store today and yeah so there are quite a few things that will I'll be getting from the grocery store and I will also be getting some like mason jars to store things because I really want to switch over to not using as much plastic since I'm in my own home so let's go to the grocery store so I had all the plans and all the plans were to go to three different stores and then out of nowhere I don't even know if you guys can hear me but out of nowhere this brain came out of no way what I took my Mecca and I've been in the car now [Applause] these are a little darker one of the things that I am trying to figure out is how to cut all soy ouch I don't know if you guys can see that but the second ingredient second or first ingredient for most of all these male is soybean oil and I don't respond very well to soy so I'm gonna try this is the only one that I've found that doesn't have soy oil listed as an ingredient so I'll let you guys know this brand may actually be better I found another one that doesn't have soy in it from him but this has eggs in it and I prefer to not have eggs they make me a little sluggish but this one here is specifically says no GMO and egg free so I actually think we're going to go with this Mayo I'm kind of stoked about that a little closer and right here I don't know if you guys can see that it says it may contain soy and I'm thinking that that is because of where it's manufactured you know how like sometimes things are manufactured near each other which for me may contain soy is way better than soybean oil being the first ingredient so I'm gonna go ahead and try this and this speed the booty some wholefoods chickpeas red pepper flakes red beans popcorn oats and black bean I'm at the last store and I have my little bag with my cash envelopes out these are my original cash envelopes from Dave Ramsey and I'm at the third store today and I have you can see that in there I have 25 dollars left to get me some vegetables which primarily decorates my bases of oatmeal and beans every single day and quinoa this budget is $50 but I do think that I'm gonna increase my grocery budget to 75 right now I'm just in the habit of shopping at 50 and until I get a little bit more comfortable with my kitchen I don't want to waste so you guys saw when I was looking through my kitchen that and I mean technically it won't go to waste but I have carrots i have celery and a couple of peppers that went bad and I don't like that so I don't want that to happen and for that reason the other 25 if I do use it in this budget I'll just use it later on in the month if it comes up but if it doesn't then you know fifty dollars it is so let's go see beautiful color Pro basket I'm so excited about all these green I'm a pineapple and peaches so you guys can see that on the ground there this is what I got for my fifty dollar grocery haul with the exception of the mason jars because those were part of my household pantry that I got um because she's very hot all those stairs I got those so that I could make my to go salads but also so that could fill out my pantry so I'm kind of super pumped about that it is much much later in the day you can't really tell because it's been raining and whatnot but it's super hot so I am going to first watch them sorry guys I'm going to who first I feel like my my face is falling off me okay I'm gonna first wash my mason jars just a little I can as I'm preparing food I literally have a place to be able to put the food in and then I'm gonna show you guys what I got so this is July's summers grocery calls and I'll start down here I got my thing of almond milk got a very large container of strawberries this and this came from Walmart as well as this celery came from Walmart and it's funny that I have so much celery I'm not really a celery fan but it seasons things well and I'm making a lot of like cold salads like cauliflower salad and pasta salad and stuff like that and it seasons it really well I got a 1 bunch of spinach have a head of romaine lettuce I got two things of golden beets so this has two on it this has three on it got a pineapple I've got three stalks of our three heads of corn on the cob yellow pepper orange pepper red pepper green pepper these red pepper flakes are from Whole Foods I have three yellow onions because I'm still eating onion rings but also seasoning two peaches a head of cauliflower some rotini noodles tricolor for my pasta salad mustard garlic and this just Mayo and again this is gonna be for my pasta salad as well as for my cauliflower salad and then from Whole Foods I got red beans black beans red pepper flakes popcorn oatmeal and a little bit of gum bark the chickpea so now it's time to put all these dishes so what I'm doing in this jar is I'm just taking this celery that has died I'm washing it and I and I'm just chopping it up a little bit and I'm putting it in here because I'm going to and I wish I would have got to it just a little sooner but what I'm gonna do is when I get ready to make my vegetable broth I'm gonna use these veggie scraps in the vegetable broth so I put everything away we'll bring a couple of strawberries my pineapple will sit here a peaches here my corn on the cob here we look in the fridge you have my almond milk down here but this is what the fridge looks like the kale snacks are there this here is spinach it's just strawberry and then that's lettuce back there etc etc and then we go to the freezer oh there was something I forgot to show you guys I had sweet potatoes down here I keep forgetting that I have sweet potatoes down there so just so you know have sweet potatoes then we have what the pantry looks like here for the most part everything up here is the same I just move things up that's the red beans that I got from Whole Foods and this behind here leftover black beans and some new my onions are here this is a little piece of garlic old popcorn etc so this is where we are right yeah amazing super fantastic spectacular people that is my July 2018 these are so sweet grocery haul it was a very difficult one to film but I'm glad I did it I'm glad I've been able to find my mason jars so that is all that I have for you to them thank you so much for watching until next time I watch you all this

10 Money Saving Food Shopping Tips | Unite Students

**10 Money Saving Food Shopping Tips | Unite Students**



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Hi everyone! Whether you are in university and living on a student budget, or just graduated and trying to pay off your student debt: saving a few pennies on groceries each week will end up saving you a lot of money!
Today I will be sharing 10 tips on how to save money on grocery shopping. I hope you enjoy it! If you have any more questions or have other tips you want to share, please leave a comment below.

More about me: My name is Laurie and I am a master’s student at the University of Stirling. On my own channel I make weekly vlogs about my (student) life and anything else that interests me. Subscribe to my channel here:

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Welcome to a new kind of student living experience, designed with you in mind. We are the number one choice for student accommodation because we genuinely care about how you want to live. Living with Unite Students isn’t just about buildings, it’s about safe, secure homes where you can study and socialise in comfort.

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hi everyone welcome back to this channel hope you're doing well we're we one of the last fun tasks have been somewhat of an adult is doing your groceries there's my mum and dad's hold it for you say we have to do it ourselves and today I'm going to give you ten tips on how to save some money onto your groceries and just generally tips on how to do your groceries or a student budget the first tip is to plan ahead if you just go to shops and you don't know what you need you gotta buy things or you have or things you can't really use yet or things my expiry quickly so before you go to shops make a list of what you actually need go through your cupboards see what you still have see what's running out date and see what kind of four meals you can do with that and also kind of meal plan for the week as well if you can just write anything care of what you're gonna need and make a little list before you actually go to jobs also if this comes at you may want to look at what's on sale as well and then try and work from there but don't fool yourself because sometimes shops try mislead you with their three for two pounds or whatever whilst the actual product is a lot cheaper than whatever add up so don't fool yourself and be smart or you look at the sales as well my second tip is to only do groceries once a week because if you do little shops every single day or if you go to a little shop on campus or something you will end up spending so much more money so I only do a big shop once a week and also try and go to an actual shop and don't order mine because that save you money as well my third tip is if your flatmates trying to see if you can organize that you do your groceries together and then your share your food as well so for example dinners and stuff you can do together and so you'll save yourself the money because you can just split the cost of the groceries and it will last pretty much just as long plus it's a lot more fun as well then know where to shop overall I think Aldi and Lidl are places where things are generally cheapest if you can parity shops like Marks and Spencers your feeling to be a lot cheaper at Aldi so try and find out where things are cheapest but you can also do is see what products you buy the most of so for example milk or eggs and toast and try and find out where those things are the cheapest just do little round around different shops and see where it's actually cheapest and then to skip your stop there another thing to keep in mind is to look at the price for the amount you get so the amount of kilograms ëletís you get for a certain price rather than the actual price because sometimes something might seem a bit more expensive but then when you look at how much it's actually in the product it works out cheaper so definitely look at those little price tags usually they have on air how much it is per hundred kilograms or something so definitely look at those little price tags that tell you I think this might be quite well known but eat before you go grocery shopping or bring mints or something because if you're hungry you're most likely to buy more food today actually meat because everything will look good and supermarkets will trick you with nice smelling breads and all of that so either eat well before you go and bring means to Train like cancel out nice smells of bread that might help you spend less money the next step is to buy a bit more than you actually need it might sound weird up to my previous tip but what I mean is if you buy for example chicken and it's usually better to buy them in bulk and then just freeze them set from being little freezer bags because if you buy much more in one go or if you buy when they're on sale and you freeze them they'll last you a long time and you save a bit of money also it's just convenient to have a little stash of food in case you run out and you have to improvise and then you have some chicken and veg and an easy pasta is made another thing that might save you some money is to cut down on meat because meat is very very expensive if you don't mind it's good for the environment I'm not vegetarian but it's good for the environment it's good for your animals as well so if you don't mind to cut down on meat a little bit or just cut it out completely that's up to you but that will save you some money and also a clever trick of supermarkets is to put all the veg and fruit in the beginning of the shop because then you won't actually feel that guilty when you buy more crap afterwards because you won't pass the fruit anymore that's all beekeeping might as well another thing that will save you some money is to buy individual spices and make your own mixes run them by the mix spices in a little bags I know it might seem quite intimidating if you don't know how to make burritos or and if you like that but don't buy those packs maybe sometimes it works out cheaper if you buy a box but definitely for the spices itself just by individual spikes because they will last you a long long time we don't actually need that much so just buy them individually and that will save you some money as well and last but not least rain look beyond your eye level a little groans pay the shop to have them put the brand right in front of your eyes yes they were more likely to buy it but if you look a bit further and look at the prices may be there for value brands you might save a bit of money as well there might be as is its point but if you just take your time the first time you go shopping you'll know for the next time and it won't actually take you that long and that way you will save money as well so these are all the tips I have for you today if you like this video please give it a thumbs up and if you haven't subscribed already please do I know it's CC okay

$45 Aldi Weekly Grocery Haul for Family of 4 | Budgeting for Frugal Living Food Haul

**$45 Aldi Weekly Grocery Haul for Family of 4 | Budgeting for Frugal Living Food Haul**



View Time:6:39Minutes



Weekly grocery haul for a family of 4! We decided to do Aldi this week, which is great for budgeting & frugal living food hauls. As a single income household (I’m a stay at home mom with my YouTube side hustle) this helps tremendously.


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This video may contain links to affiliate programs. If you click on the link and make a purchase I will get a small percentage of that sale at NO extra charge to you. However, you are under no obligation to buy anything I ever mention in a video.
hey friends welcome back today I've got a grocery haul for you I went to Aldi and spent about $45 if you know around here I hope that you enjoyed the video please consider subscribing to be a part of the family we would love to have you also consider heading over to the Instagram page and following us over there as well today's grocery haul is from Aldi I know a lot of you love the Ahly hauls that's kind of where my channel started that's where the growth came from so I like to do all the just to keep it real you know anyway so in all honesty we are basically just doing a pantry challenge this month because we do have a lot of food on hand I also want to mention if you are new and this is a grocery haul that you're like you're just stumbling upon our channel we get meal delivery from every plate to every single week that we can for the most part we haven't skipped a week yet over the past three months I don't think the reason we get that is because so many of you have joined using our referral link down below which thank you so much it helps with our grocery budget tremendously that we get our weekly meals for free and then we just pay shipping which they just ran a promo on shipping where you paid $30 and you get three months of free shipping so we paid 30 versus paying $9 a week so um the lighting just keeps going walking it was a good deal so yeah so every play helps with our meals the nights that I'm not cooking every play because that's only three meals a week we have a deep freezer that we're trying to work through the meat there we do like grilled cheese and soup and sandwiches and now that it's getting hotter like we're in the 80s now like dinners are usually pretty light if I'm being asked so the everyplay meals are probably as heavy as we're gonna get and then dinners are just easy stuff so I'm gonna flip this around and show you what I got from okay so here's the overview I had a fifty dollar budget for the week and we spent 45 so we are under budget so that's awesome we still have if I showed or if you watched last week you saw our fridge we still have salad stuff in here it's still good we've just not been either a in the mood for salads or be home in the evenings on like Alice and I had a field trip yesterday and anyway so we still have veggies on hand okay come back to me there we are so I didn't get veggies I did get fruit this week and I'm super excited so we've got half a gallon of the unsweetened original almond milk we usually get at least one a week we had a few in the fridge still from last week Alice requested peanut butter cereal so we got two backs to that I always buy in twos because I fill up a Tupperware cereal container and it takes about two boxes I don't like I don't know it's it's a thing I have I do yeah we've got a frozen pizza for pizza night which is typically on Fridays coming back up here to the produce they're bananas this week were huge these are some of the smaller ones cuz the kids won't eat like super big ones obviously they can share one which they still sometimes do but bananas grapes were not super cheap I like to get them when they're under a dollar a pound they're a dollar 49 a pound I think so I just grabbed a little big strawberries however can you see some of these strawberries they're like the size Oh like my fist they're huge the lighting doesn't gonna let you see them see that that's like huge okay so strawberries we've got three of those those will go fast around here for after-school snacks and lunches for yogurt I got four peach yogurt for vanilla yogurt and then I got three of the toasted coconut vanilla for myself of the Greek pizza rolls for snacks or whatever weird we typically have them on hand and we were out Jackson in particular likes these I like to have this on hand it's their tikka masala sauce it's so good we made this for dinner last week and I used the last one I had on hand so I just grabbed one for the pantry getting low on peanut butter people have been eating a ton of peanut butter around here lately so I got another huge one of these these are so it's like 219 for this huge jar you'd pay easily like five or six dollars at Walmart for it well maybe not for the great value brand but you know I mean I don't know if this is new or if I've just never noticed before if you've been around awhile and you're like an OG fan you know Alice loves Beefaroni we've never had it from Aldi I usually get the Walmart brand because it's cheaper than the chef boyardee brand but we're gonna try this hopefully she likes that she hasn't had it in a while and she hasn't asked for it but I saw it so I grabbed it and then some crispy chicken strips to make chicken wraps one of the nights and this was an imp by but I knew I was gonna be under budget so I got this it's the Skippy PB&J minis and they're frozen you defrost them for about 30 minutes to an hour and then eat so I thought this would be great in lunch boxes and it says these are the actual size they look like almost like a little mini bagel fill things I don't know we'll see if the kids like them they might hate them and then for bread products I got a package of the everything bagels these are our favorite they're so so soft we have cream cheese on hand already for these we prefer the great value chive and onion and onion and garlic and onion I don't know cream cheese I'll show you in a second and then we got two of the split top wheat because again we've been going through sandwiches like crazy PB&J meat sandwiches so I grabbed two of them but the cream cheese that I use on those sorry if I'm making you dizzy by just whipping you guys around my kitchen is there it is the chive the blue chive and onion so yeah it's good it's cheeps like a dollar fifty something at Walmart so that right here is our grocery haul okay so there you have it Halle Hall this week drop me a comment down below let me know what you have on your menu let me know if you've tried every plate or if you have questions about it it's one of the cheaper like more frugal meal delivery services at about five dollars per person but we get the foreperson plan we pay about sixty dollars a week or we would if we paid out of pocket for the three meals and sometimes we do the upgrades we just started doing upgrades um for steak some nights because that feels fancy but we've really enjoyed it if you watch our weekly meal videos there's a whole playlist of those there's some good food there and it's easy and it's easy to replicate anyway I'm gonna stop talking put the stuff away thank you so much for watching until next time we'll see you later buddy

$123 Aldi Haul + Meal Plan! 🍎 July 14 2019 🛒 Aldi Grocery Haul

**$123 Aldi Haul + Meal Plan! 🍎 July 14 2019 🛒 Aldi Grocery Haul**



View Time:11:17Minutes



Thank you so much for watching this Aldi grocery haul and meal plan! Today I spent $123 and was happy with what I got for that amount.

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hey guys it's Jen welcome back to my channel and welcome back to another grocery haul and meal plan so this Saturday this Saturday it is not Saturday it is Sunday this Sunday is 9:30 in the morning and I'm here at Aldi I haven't been to all day for a few weeks and I always miss it when I don't go because there's just so much great stuff there that I can get for so much cheaper I will probably have to go tidy after this because one of the recipes that I'm cooking at today is for a slow cooker like the Mexican pork and it calls for dried chilies now they might have dried chilies here I'm not sure if I I'm thinking they might but I'm not for sure and so if they don't have those I'll have to go to hyvee but either way I will show you when I get home what I got and what the meal plan is for this week all right so here's a look at everything I got from Aldi and then I just picked up a few things from Walmart so I spent 123 dollars at Aldi and $10 at Walmart so 133 total which I thought was pretty good I did get some cherries I always like to get these when they are fresh and in season we all love them Adam especially loves them so I'll wash those up and we can have them for snacks and put them in lunches I got some lemons some limes that's my favorite place to get lemons and limes is that Aldi they're really good quality and they are cheaper there I grab some red grapes some Gala apples we were totally out of apples and we like to cut those up and eat them with like peanut butter or sometimes in like a homemade lunchable I got some red bell peppers there's a couple recipes I need those with two pounds of strawberries the kids love these cars so strawberries are his favorite fruit so we can go through those quick in no time I grabbed some blueberries for this Mexican pork that I'm gonna make for supper tonight I needed some Chili Peppers and they did end up having the ancho chilies at all these so I got those there and then I got the pasilla chilies at Walmart which I'll show you here in a second I grab wine English cucumber a head of cauliflower I'm gonna make mashed cauliflower as a side with dinner tomorrow two zucchinis for zoodles two mangoes for a mango salsa some garlic to have on hand for recipes and avocado for the crockpot pork tacos that I'm making for tonight there's also a recipe that called for prosciutto I actually really like to get that at Aldi because it's good quality and it's cheap there I think this was a Linux 329 or something like that if you got a high V and get this it's gonna be like six dollars probably so they have the best price there I am also going to be making some salmon with mate with the mango salsa and so I just grabbed a small portion of that some eggs for the crockpot pork tacos I grabbed a boneless pork roast this is almost four pounds for eight dollars and 43 cents so that's a pretty good price for that I need to get that in the crock-pot soon probably if we're gonna eat that for supper tonight okay I didn't grab too much she's just one block of pepper jack I like to cut this up and have it with Triscuits for a snack I also got some white cheddar I thought I would cut that up and do like some snack packs with the grapes so grapes and white cheddar are really good together and the kids liked that too I got some turkey pepperoni we like to have this on hand for snack Sakura also it likes to make turkey and pepperoni sandwiches for her lunches so that's what we use that for and then if we make like a quick pizza or anything like that this turkey breast I get it from Aldi quite a bit and it's really good it's just they're specially selected oven roasted turkey breast and then for tacos tonight in quesadillas and whatever else I just got some of the Mexican style cheese I got Parmesan cheese for a recipe some milk which we've already used part of because Connors eating cereal and also some apple peach applesauce the kids take these in their lunch I got some corn tortillas from Aldi we will not obviously use all these for dinner tonight there's 30 in there but corn tortillas freeze really well and I freeze them often and then if I want to make enchiladas or do like any kind of meal prep that includes corn tortillas I can just take them out of the freezer and thaw them out and they work great I got some Aldi Triscuits these are actually pretty pretty decent I love Triscuits I'm probably the only one in the house that likes them but for a good generic substitute the old e brand is pretty good and then my old II has started carrying the parmesan crisps and these are good on salads or on top of soups or even just for a snack so I grabbed a bag of those two tribes I got some salty nat crackers for soup let's see okay so I was totally out of white vinegar you guys know that I used this to wash my produce and then sometimes recipes call for it so I grabbed one of those there's a couple recipes that I'm gonna cook this week that needed white wine so I just got this bottle of Chardonnay from Aldi it was like $8 I think a can of Rotel for a recipe or whatever the generic version of that is a couple different cans of soup for Adam he likes to take those to work sometimes with the salad so I got the chicken and wild rice and the grilled chicken and sausage gumbo I got diced tomatoes for a recipe chipotle peppers in adobo okay so I've made a video what was it I can't remember now Chipotle I think I say to pull teh and I think that's wrong I think it's Chipotle so I'll try I'll try to say it right chipotle peppers tell me if I'm saying it right okay I got a bunch of comments on that okay I got some peanut butter cup ice cream I'm pretty sure this was like the halo top I'm not like necessarily a huge ice cream fan but I thought I would give this a try I've had some flavors of halo top before some are really good some are not in my opinion my favorite flavor of halo top is the lemon but anyway I thought I would give that a try this is sesame oil and I was happy to find this at Aldi this will be for a stir-fry recipe I'm almost out of it I keep I keep my sesame oil in the fridge because that's what I was always told to keep it from going rancid let me know if you do the same I grabbed a six-pack of the unsweetened tea is for Adam he likes to take this to work and have it in his office fridge to drink there I got some cherry fruit and grain bars these are like the nutrigrain bars and the kids like those for breakfast once in a while and then they had a couple different specialty chips so they had these horseradish cheddar and then they also had a buffalo blue cheese which I really thought we could try the buffalo but Adam hates blue cheese I like it but he hates it and so I was like I'm not gonna buy a whole bag of chips that you know I'm the only person that's gonna eat it so I just ended up getting these horseradish cheddar hopefully those are good and then I really like all these paper towels we're out almost out of paper towels right now and so I just went ahead and gotten the six pack I think these are really good quality they're Selecta sighs personally I can't tell the difference too much between these and bounty and they're a lot cheaper okay and then also at Aldi I got a huge pack of Lucroy I've been liking to drink that over ice with a squeeze of lime especially in the summer I think it's super refreshing and then we needed some garbage bags for the garage so Aldi had these so I just went ahead and got them there and then these are the only things that I got from Walmart so I had forgotten to get bananas so I grabbed some of those for a store for our recipe I needed water chestnuts I only need one can but I figured I would just get a couple wow just wow so I figured I would get to Kansas to have one in the pantry I got some ginger I was gonna get just regular like ginger root and grade it myself but I had quite a few recipes that needed it this weekend so I figured I'll just get those squeeze tube and I'll be more convenient okay got some pasilla chilies they had a huge display of all kinds of like chilies and spices at Walmart which might want my Walmart anyway is new and so I took advantage of that I got some Mexican oregano this was really cheap like around 60 cents and then also obviously the pasilla chilies so let me grab my meal planner and I will show you what I'm going to make this week so my plan this week is to do some pretty heavy cooking like at the beginning of the week and then the rest of the week we can have leftovers or sandwiches or just eat whatever out of the refrigerator so I was gonna make eggs benedict for breakfast this morning but I was too lazy and so I just ended up making biscuits and some bacon and eggs for lunch today I am planning on trying this locale fettuccine alfredo recipe from foodnetwork.com and we're gonna use that for lunch with zoodles and I have some shrimp in the freezer so hopefully that's good I can link this recipe down below and then for dinner I'm making these slow cooker pork tacos this will be in a separate recipe video that I'm collaborating with Mandy from Manny in the making on so you'll see that you probably have already seen that by the time you've seen this video but this is what I needed all the chilies for and stuff and then with that I'm gonna just cut up like you know fix things for tacos and maybe like chips and salsa on Monday tomorrow I am making this Giada De Laurentiis recipe for a Roman style chicken it's like a chicken sauteed with prosciutto there's peppers in there garlic diced tomatoes white wine and capers I thought it sounded really good and we're gonna have that with mashed cauliflower on Tuesday I have home chef coming so that's going to be bruschetta chicken green beans and potatoes and then like I said the rest of the week will just eat leftovers so I'm also going to meal prep today is chicken and broccoli stir-fry this is also a food network recipe I can link that down below and oh and then the salmon with the mango salsa is going to be another meal prep that I'm going to make today all right so that is it for today's grocery haul and meal plan I was glad to get back to Aldi I always like going back there and I just feel like they're getting so many more items the list of things that I have to go somewhere else to get is getting smaller and smaller so that's good when I go to all the I definitely save money and it's definitely one of my favorite grocery stores so thank you so much for watching and I will see you in my next video bye

$49 Walmart Grocery Pickup | Frugal Living Grocery Haul

**$49 Walmart Grocery Pickup | Frugal Living Grocery Haul**



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good morning friends welcome back it's actually I need to stop saying good morning because I now post my videos in the evening so that no longer makes any sense now does it hey friends welcome back so today's video weather morning or night or whatever you're watching it is a grocery haul this is a weekly grocery haul I did Walmart grocery pick up today and it's a smaller grocery haul because last week's grocery haul was pretty big and we still have quite a bit of stuff from last week so like produce wise we're still sitting ok I got a few things but we're still doing all right so if you are curious to see what we got last week go check that one out but today's haul was just over $50 I do I'm gonna share the meal plan with you in a moment grocery pick up is just fabulous I forgot all about it I placed the order yesterday and then I got the notification as I was getting the kids some breakfast and stuff I was like oh we gotta go get groceries so that's what we did that's why it looks like I basically just roll a lot about it because I basically did so for the meal plan today as Friday the 12th tonight is pizza night we already have pizza on hand so you won't see that in the hall Saturday so tomorrow I almost just threw my phone in my face I'm doing air fryer wings with sides either mac and cheese and I'm salad or something you'll see stuff for that Sunday I am doing hot dogs baked beans and salad or sides and I've got all of that stuff on hand Monday is pancakes and bacon I've got all that on hand Tuesday is like easy chicken parm and pasta and I've got all that on hand I got the stuff for that last week I use the Tison breaded chicken breast to do that and just makes it super easy so all that we've got next Wednesday is actually mine and wills 9 year wedding anniversary so on the 17th we're going out to dinner for that night we're going to choose next Mexican restaurant tex-mex here in town and it's free well mostly free we went fun factor fun story real quick we went right after they opened we had not so stellar experience so when I left them no they gave me a voucher for two free complete meals including like appetizer dessert and two adult entrees so we went back to use that one time and that experience was that it was okay they had like dropped our food in the kitchen and things were slow and we didn't complain we were like you know stuff happens they're like no keep your coupon for next time and they comped the entire meal like even the kids stuff which wasn't part of the coupon anyway so we still have the two adult entree appetizer dessert to use and I thought it would be a good time to use it would be for our anniversary so that's what we're doing next Wednesday next Thursday which will be the end of this like week of meal planning we're doing breakfast burritos and I have most of that on hand I just needed eggs I got the steak so oh there's also a some stuff in here I'm making an Oreo Mud Pie to take to a friend gathering and a tea party I'm going to in two days so you'll see stuff in here for that as well anyway let's do it alright so here's the over literally like this is it there's hardly anything here and it was fifty dollars because the wings were kind of expensive and I did get some Gatorade so like some of the items I got we're kind of pricier than what I would normally do so we got half a gallon of whole vitamin D milk the only reason I got this is for the Oriole Mud Pie because that's an ingredient I needed and I didn't think almond milk would give it quite the consistency that I wanted got a cantaloupe we went through two of those last week we bought one in the grocery haul and then I picked up another one like midweek Jackson's been loving it – half gallons of original almond milk we are nixing the sweet vanilla almond milk for right now because of Alice's teeth the dentist recommended no sugary drinks so we're trying to switch her over she hasn't been a big fan of it but we're trying out with baby girl she's nodding back there got just four bananas I still have a few on the counter they're almost bad we haven't been eating them as much but bananas are just something I get every week 18 count eggs this is for breakfast burritos and it might make some hard-boiled eggs with it as well for the breakfast burritos I have pork sausage and frozen hash brown on hand and onion and stuff and tortillas and salsa and sour cream so really all we needed was eggs for sandwich cheese I think a long time ago not a long time ago probably a month or so ago I saw Carla Mackenzie haul the smoke-house cheddar I could have swore that's what it was she was like he wanted this kind so that's what we got I don't know smokehouse cheddar just sounded good so I don't know why I did her voice and that wasn't in it sorry I'm ignore me so close cheddar we also got great value pepper jack because I like pepper jack I see enough of it so as well that's four sandwiches a brick of cream cheese for the Oreo Mud Pie two packets of the great value garlic parmesan wing seasoning mix I've seen people haul these who was it maybe I think it was Tiffany from large family love in fact so her husband did some wings or something something with this I believe if you're watching let me know if that was you I'm almost positive it was these great cameos are not looking very good and they apparently are out or don't carry or are not carrying currently the bon bon del Monte bon buns and the last container I got last week it went bad before we could even use it like after a day or two I went to go put some in a salad and it was like oozing everywhere so produce right now because the humidity is just not happy some more ingredients for the Oreo Mud Pie I've got a box of white chocolate jell-o mix pudding mix and a box of cheesecake I'm going to be sharing this recipe in a video coming up at the end of the month so stay tuned for that for when we're on vacation I have a few recipe video going recipe videos going up but this recipe you can real it's very versatile so the original calls for a large family sized box of chocolate pudding mix I like to mix it up so I kind of just decided what flavors might sound good so this time I did instead of a large family I did too small so I didn't choose cake and white chocolate that's what we're doing there Oreos well great value brand Oreos for the or mi pie these work and just as well four pound bag of chicken wing sections this is for dinner tomorrow tomorrow the airfryer wings that go along with these I don't know I'll probably only use one this will probably do two meals so I just wanted to have two packets of seasoning on hand for when we actually use them this was an impulse buy but I it looked really good mac and cheese sounded good and I wanted something fancier than Kraft so I got the Cracker Barrel cheddar Havarti and it just looks amazing so we'll see it was a little bit expensive was like three over three dollars but I don't know it sounded good a 16-ounce container of cool whip or great value whipped topping for the Oreo Mud Pie another way you could do it is doing an 8 ounce of the original and then 8 ounce of the Cool Whip mix-ins the Oreo cookie one or even the brownie one again this recipe is very versatile as long as you keep the amounts like the same as the original you can change out flavors and all sorts of stuff you can even use different cookies like mint oreos would be good lemon ones would be good with a white chocolate cheesecake I don't know and then they have a new birthday cake cool that would be good okay moving forward lunchmeat I've got a 1/2 pound of the thin sliced chipotle chicken breast and a 1/2 pound of the thin sliced oven roasted turkey breast I thought those would be good with the cheese selections that I got we were almost we're getting low on ranch and usually buy the really big one but it doesn't have the flip top lid and I hate pouring it and I just realized I don't think I ordered light maybe I did it's fine it's not a huge deal but I wanted something with the flip top lid so that's what I got powdered sugar for the Oreo Mud Pie I will probably not use that for anything else but that's the smallest bag if they had two cans of beef Roni for Alice just to have in the pantry this came as a 4 pack but the packaging ripped so this is just their great value like Easy Mac the 3 cheese both kids have been liking that or I've been liking that when I just want like a quick lunch do that slice up some fruit and fruit and veggies and call it a day and then Gatorade zero I got it was a 12 pack of the mini bottles of flavor don't even know where's the flavor at this one doesn't say it just says Gatorade isn't on the back part of it there it is so it's a whole pack of the Gatorade zero sugar berry and a tel pack of the glacier fries so those will just be on hand will and I have been drinking those I figured the kids could have them if we're doing like bike rides or going to the pool or whatnot so that is this week's grocery haul not a lot but let me show you what we have in the fridge stuff so I still had half a watermelon that will probably cut off and use today and really near breadbox like this is just breads and bagels fruit bowl is holding bagels right now there's one apple left a few like miscellaneous loaves of bread blueberry muffins that Jackson and I made yesterday I've got some onions and garlic here but as you can see the fridge is still pretty full we've got some almond milk and stuff here cream cheese there's some veggies here there's pork chops there that I'm using for a video coming up a little bit of eggs and lunch meat salad stuff stuff to make salsa which is gonna be in a video back here we've got broccoli and blueberries salami more veggies this entire drawer is full of like yogurt and orange cups and baby bell cheese so we're doing all right so that's what we got for you this week drop me a comment if you have questions share with me what you've got on your summer menu for this coming week and until next time I will see you later bye