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Today’s tip will definitely save you money on your next cruise. Sharon shares her top 10 tips and hacks for finding the best prices on flights!!! Thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss any “Cruise Tips of the Day”!!!
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How To: Get Cheap Flight Tickets On Skyscanner |2019

**How To: Get Cheap Flight Tickets On Skyscanner |2019**



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How to get cheap flights last minute! People love to travel in Holidays, And Majority of them being Budget Travelers, cutting cost by even $1 is huge.

7 HACKS to Find Cheap Flights Around the WORLD - Travel More 2019

**7 HACKS to Find Cheap Flights Around the WORLD – Travel More 2019**



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Providing you with 7 Hacks to find Cheap Flights around the world. Save money to travel more. If you or a friend is planning to travel soon, share this video with your friend so they too can save money by looking up cheap airfare.


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I'm gonna show you seven hacks to save you hundreds to thousands of dollars on your upcoming flight and we're starting right now what's up travel head Brian your life a beauty bring you the best travel hacks ant it to prepare you for your upcoming travel so if you're new here consider subscribing so traveling is an expensive hobby and you're wondering how people are able to afford those plane tickets out of country I'm here to provide you a 7 hacks so you can afford those plane tickets out of country number one VPN if you ever feel that you're not getting a good deal on the flight that's because websites track your locations and charge you based on the demand of your location IP address html5 Wi-Fi mobile data I'll track your location for example if you live in California like me and you're planning a buck from California to London let me cut a few hundreds more than if you were to book from California to London while at Colorado try using VPN to set your IP address to a lower state or country and then compare prices you may save hundreds of dollars using our VPNs to set your IP address before booking a plane ticket number two cookies and no we're not talking about the cookies we bake and eat as a snack 99% at the time when you're planning your trip you browse the internet to compare prices on flight but you hold off on purchasing the ticket and then what do you know when you're almost done planning your trip you decide to put a ticket to finalize the trip and you go back and check but the price has risen like five to ten percent for that plane ticket the day after and you're wondering how what you may not know is cookies may be the reason why your price raise cookies are message that your web server passed to the browser as you surf the Internet and that causes you to panic because now you're afraid is it gonna raise another five to ten percent it's gonna jump more and that precious you to purchase that plane ticket to avoid this you have to delete your cookies every time after you're done surfing the internet number three weekday the average people working Monday through Friday there are time off is really just Friday evening to Sunday evening if you know this booking a plane ticket or in ten airy during the days that people have time off is like two to three times the price compared to it if you were to book at a Monday to Thursday and what's even cheaper is booking a plane ticket around Tuesday or Wednesday I can't recall a time where I'd booked a plane ticket from a Friday to Sunday that would cost me a few extra hundreds of dollars if I ever did that before holiday personally I don't travel during holiday season because I want to spend time on my family and also because price for everything is like three times the price or even more and most things are sold out of you folk late and the crowd factor is just so crowded it's like times three the crowd and that is why I don't have much interest traveling during holiday season number five flight aggregator when booking a flight I'm not loyal to one travel browser they are not lawyer to you and they'll spike up the price once they know your flight and in ternary if you don't book right away just like what else talk about a lot of cookies on number two I like to compare prices from different travel sites like Expedia Skyscanner Google flights and even the chase portal which I'll be talking about more on my next video next week so subscribe now you can easily save hundreds of dollars booking a plane ticket out of country by looking at a few different sites and comparing the prices number six buy in advance if you're purchasing a plane ticket one or two weeks before your travel date you're asking for a more expensive plane ticket compared to if you're booking own plane ticket six weeks to a few months in advance okay plane ticket one to two weeks before your travel date it's like checking to see if there's a limited amount of seat left where most of the seat or book so that's one you have to raise the price if you were to post six weeks to a few months in advance that meter so many available seats that they have to sell some so they can guarantee that they'll have almost a flu flight when they're taking off that's why price will be cheaper than if you were to book one two weeks before your travel day and the plane is almost full you can save half the price on airfare if you book in advance number seven incognito whenever I've booked anything related to travel I use incognito at my web browser incognito erases your history and your cookies every time you close your window your cookies will reset so whenever you open another window incognito it's a new browser and airfare and intinerary won't change and pricing unless over time the price fluctuates due to the demand of the plane right similar cookies price will gradually raise if you're not using incognito over time using incognito can say you tend to 30% on your flight or intinerary and that's how you can save hundreds of dollars by falling off seven hats heck of it you don't have to follow all seven steps and you'll still save hundreds of dollars for your plane tickets or in ten airy did I tell you if you visit a country like Europe or United States and you follow all seven hack you to save hundreds of thousands of dollars guarantee so what are you waiting for go delete those cookies now and start planning your trip by the travel dates don't forget to put on a Monday to Thursday away from holiday use a VPN to set the IP address before using incognito to search your travel site and booking that plane ticket what do I feel how can you apply to save money on airfare let me know in a comment below if you find this video helpful don't forget to give it a thumbs up subscribe and hit that Bell button and I'll see you on next week's video and tell then are we still on oh yeah and if you want know what's in my solo travel backpack I'll have a checklist go check out now down the link below thank you and this time until then





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This is how I find cheap airfares, plane tickets and plane flights! I have no idea if this is the best way, this is just what I do!



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Let me know if you found “How to find cheap airline tickets, flights, plane tickets” useful 🙂
troubling to who with me how to get you slices Jordan yeah yes that's right I still live at home with my parents it's way cheaper all right so we need a laptop and you've got to go to the Internet and I've already up these websites up after watchdog Lomond oh whatever those kayak Webjet Google flights and Skyscanner all of these are great websites these there's so many out there they just sort of like collect all the airlines and offer you the best prices but I'm going to delete all them because the ones that I use are Google flights and Skyscanner so the golden rule of travel why stability if there's no flexibility you're not going to be able to travel too cheap so in this case you've got to be flexible with date you've got to be flexible with destinations and you've got to be really flexible like with your muscles because you're going to be sitting on budget airlines with not very much room to move so yeah all right rule one larger airports I usually mean cheaper flight so don't try and fly into this little country town when there's a big airport one hour away all right so let's say we're in Toronto and we want to get to San Francisco what we're going to do is type in Toronto just and ran into Skyscanner let's do the whole month of February because they're flexible like that and we can check it out oh it's going to cost three hundred fifteen $271 is the cheapest 262 it's going to roughly cost 260 bucks to get there so you can either click on that and it's going to take you to the next page which looks like Delta is the cheapest option but you have two stops for 13 hours so with this message we're going to go to Google flight we're going to look at big cities around Toronto Buffalo Cleveland Detroit Fort Wayne Chicago I personally know Chicago is really massive it's like one of the biggest airports in the world we're going to recover in Chicago and we're going to go to San Fran let's do the whole month again I'll February and search so we're looking for something cheaper than $260 and for look at it $73 I can get from Chicago to San Fran so in this situation we're just going to do a quick Google on Greyhound buses so in this situation we're going to do a quick Google in Greyhound to see if they offer Toronto to Chicago departing on the blip when that flight was let's say we want to depart on the second from Chicago and we want to spend a few days in Chicago so we're the 27th and there you have it $70 so for $140 I can get to Chicago look at Chicago spend a few days in Chicago potentially and get the San Fran or I can take the direct cheese direct for $320 from Toronto to San Fran so you get the idea another awesome option that Skyscanner has is the fact that you can go it you can search anywhere in the world so I'm going to type in Sydney because that's the closest airport to me and I'm going to go everywhere everywhere and I'm going to depart in February and let's check this out so I can go to Singapore for 100 150 bucks Philippines for 230 India for 250 Sri Lanka all these countries I can go to 500 $300 Japan Tonga Malaysia Thailand absolutely ridiculous so in this situation let's say I want to go to Fiji I'm going to click this and then I'm going to look for the chief light as you can tell pretty simple so yeah I know that's that rule there stopovers can be cheaper than direct light plus you get to go to another country or capitol city which is awesome I always try to get to North America from Australia so another awesome I'll do is going through Hawaii because la tends to be expensive let's see how expensive la is yeah so ten o'clock $600 $700 to go direction senior la but if we type in Hawaii we can get there so we can get that for two hundred and fifty two hundred forty three dollars and then from Hawaii we can go to LA because we're already in the country so there's no international tax and we're looking for something beyond the six hundred dollars with the combined totals we've got 300 bucks here so three hundred plus 240 it's about some that five hundred fifty dollars so you save a few dollars and you get to go to Hawaii for free rather than taking that direct direct line straight to LA so yeah a couple simple tricks like that they can save you a lot of money another awesome thing you can do is you can do price alerts so if you can't be flexible with your dates you can look at the specific route and a specific date and you can click this button here and get the price alert and you can type your email in and it will give you alerts when the prices go up or go down so they'll tell you which time to buy it usually by international flight maybe a lease at least a month a month later you don't to buy anything within the month just because all the prices are going to go up a couple months to be good and domestic flights two weeks minimum don't try to fly on weekends fly on the week and don't fly on holidays because all the prices will go there is a root yeah hope you hope that made sense hope you enjoyed that quick little video if you have any questions comments below leave a comment and I'll make a video for whatever you guys want yeah like this video and enjoy that subscribe