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Energy Saving Tips

**Energy Saving Tips**



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Be a part of the change and save energy, money and make a difference with these energy saving tips.
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How to Save Money through Minimalism, Living Simply, and Going Green

**How to Save Money through Minimalism, Living Simply, and Going Green**



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In this video I share some suggestions for how to live more simply and in turn save money and make more eco-friendly choices in the process.


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Water Filter- Berkey Filters
Eco Canteen- Klean Canteen
Nail Polish- Karma Organic
Organic Cloth Wipes- Charlie Banana
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“A simple practice of intentionality: When I do it, my life is different, more purposeful, more consciously lived, more content with any action.” -Leo Babauta
hi everyone in this video we are going to be talking about how living simply and minimalism can help save money and along with that a lot of the tips and suggestions that I'm going to share with you today are things that allow people to live more and alignment with nature they're a little bit more on the eco-friendly and green side and they're just some things that have worked for my family and I so whether or not all of this clicks with you or works for your own lifestyle that's okay my goal is to have you at least take away one or two things that you can implement into your own life so let's get started the first thing that I recommend that has saves me money is from switching from store-bought flowers to clippings from outside in my own backyard or from nature going to a park or anything like that as long as it's legal for you to take the clippings and what I really like about doing this is allows you to really connect with nature and what's in season and what's growing in your own backyard and it can also encourage you to grow wild flowers and things that also help the honey bees and butterflies in your local area and what also is very nice about doing something like this in terms of sustainability is you're not paying for flowers to be grown god-knows-where and being shipped all the way to your local grocery store and then wrapped in plastic and the flowers were treated with pesticides and people who grew the flowers may not have been paid a fair wage so if you're interested in learning more about how that whole thing works with purchasing flowers from other countries or you know from farms that might not be the most ethical you can look into that but I find that this still helps your home to look really quite nice and it's a greener option and you can just take a recycled glass jar and put in some nice flowers and you can do something like this and in the winter if you live in a colder climate you can of course use sticks and winter berries and evergreen and you can design a nice little arrangement that way so that is one way that I've been able to save quite a bit of money because I used to purchase flowers from my local market all the time my next tip is to cut down on how many paper books that you might purchase and this has allowed me to simplify my book collection I've donated a lot of books but also it has freed up a lot of time for me to actually read the books that I enjoy so just by decluttering my home I've had more time to invest in reading rather than taking care of other stuff dusting all of that so I love my tablet for that very reason and what's nice about having a tablet is you can actually rent books in most places from your local library and get the e-book Edition which is free or you can use Amazon or subscription service to download books and sometimes there's free books and specials that you can find online and there's various websites that you can explore so I really do love ebooks and then when ebooks aren't an option you can't find the book you want or you simply just don't want to read an e-book you can of course frequent your local library or borrow from a friend and my husband and I used to go to Barnes & Noble all the time and spend quite a bit of money on books so just by doing that step we have been able to save a lot of money and also reduce the amount of space that we were taking up with our book collection my next tip is less impulse buying in general equals less waste so I'm really thinking about purchases before you go through with them making sure it's something that you really need and you really want and if you and your family can benefit from it so um for instance I purchased these Charlie banana cloth wipes they're organic cotton and they're very durable but they're also very soft and they're also sewn very well and it took me a while before I could decide what I wanted to put on my registry for those of you who don't know I am currently 32 weeks pregnant at the time of filming this and so instead of just going to the store and impulse buying something I did research should I make sure this was something I really wanted and I added it to my registry for my baby shower and it I think that something like this is going to be a great investment so a lot of times it's avoiding those impulse urges to buy things and really make you sure it's something that you can use over the long term for you and your family so that's that tip my next tip is on making one-time purchases over using a lot of disposable items so initially when you make a one-time purchase you might be spending a little bit more money because you're investing in that item so you can reuse it over and over and over again but after that you actually save a great deal of money in the long run so here is an example instead of using plastic Tupperware's and Ziploc bags all the time I use a lot of things like this glass ceramic stainless steel tins things of that nature that you can just keep reusing as long as you take care of them and we actually price this out in most circumstances you save quite a bit of money that way and you're also reducing landfill waste which is great also instead of disposable napkins and paper towels you can reduce the way you're using paper towels and start using more cloth options and of course I've had these for a very long time and they hold up really nicely and they clean everything just as well so I would recommend switching to something like that also you can switch to things like instead of disposable razors you can switch to a stainless steel safety razor so there's a lot of options available on Amazon and that's a great shaving solution for men and women and also cloth feminine hygiene products are great there's a lot of organic cloth options and you can find lots of different things so I think that sometimes it is a lot of money all at once upfront for that initial investment but then when you price it out it pays for itself and you save a great deal of money in the long run and also reduce the amount of waste that your household is producing which is something that personally appeals to me and something that I try to be mindful of so if that's something that interests you go in that direction we in my family we avoid things like paper plates plastic cups plastic straws um as an example we'll use recycled jars from pasta sauces and things like that or mason jars that we get second hands and this glass straw I purchased on Amazon two years ago and it's held up very nicely and just things like that going those plastic straws you're not always buying those plastics so it's a it's quite a bit of money and these are things that you could even ask for furl Ike a birthday or holiday instead of um you know stocking stuffers that you aren't going to actually use you can ask for something neat like a glass straw what she would keep reusing which is quite nice and then another way that I recommend saving money and living a little bit more simply is just making your own stuff so here I have an organic chai tea that is chilled and I enjoy making my own teas and things like that at home whenever I can and then what I find is really nice is not only are you avoiding a huge plastic bottle and the expense of when you buy organic tea from the store where I live it could be anywhere between four and six dollars for a big job of natural tea versus this cost me you know just a few cents to make so you have that option and then what I do with the teabags that are left over or the loose leaf tea is I compost it so nothing is going to waste which is really really nice another thing that I recommend doing is buying in bulk and you can make your own as you so this is a great little project for you but it's not you can find bags like this on Etsy or Amazon or at your local health market and these are just reusable bags that you can take with you to the bulk bins so that you do not have to you know constantly use that plastic so even though this is a little bit of an investment you're saving on the plastic you're also storing your food really simply because you can put it in something like this and this has velcro on the top or you can use a drawstring variety in here I have hemp seeds that I purchased in bulk and then you save money by purchasing in bulk and then what you can do is when you come home you can put it in a glass container with the lid store the items in your refrigerator or in your cupboard and what's nice about this is that you are not only helping the planet and your wallet but you are eating more Whole Foods this way which is pretty great so you're eating the raw fresh ingredients and you have a lot of options to get creative with your cooking and then you know exactly what's going into your food so with something like this you know I'll use almonds on salads or for a quick snack I also really like almonds to make my own almond milk and when it comes to do-it-yourself types of things I make my own cookies banana oak cookies my own organic dog treats for the dogs using simple ingredients like sweet potato and banana things like that or I'll just simply use bananas and carrots which the dogs just like to eat raw so I try to keep that type of stuff simple too and I find that helps me to save a lot of money versus buying all kinds of dog treats where there are some questionable ingredients in them so making your own products is great I make my own peanut butter and sesame tahini and almond milk like I said all kinds of those things and if you want any of those recipes you can go to my blog I post free recipes all the time super simple and super healthy sprout and blossom wellness calm and I'll put the link down below another thing that I recommend is do-it-yourself Beauty so when it comes to beauty products we can spend a lot of money and I know a lot of you have seen some of my natural and cruelty free beauty videos before and in those videos I do recommend some products and some companies that are ethical and vegan and cruelty free and have natural options which is great but you can save money just by making what you can on your own so you can pick and choose so as of for instance I didn't personally make this myself but this is a belly balm that my friend made and gifted to me at my shower and just an organic homemade bomb that smells like peppermint and this jar is so lovely because then I can reuse it so nothing went to waste and you can make your own lotions and balms and creams and things like that and it's a really fun thing to do with friends and family but it's also just a nice thing again to know every ingredient that's going into something that is made fresh and that it's good for your body and it's good for the planet so I really really like things like this and I want to shout out to my friend Lauren for these awesome jars she made on this personal care jar for me also with organic candies this is another shower gift I got so this can give you an idea of even how to save money on gifts because I find that these handmade gifts are the ones that are most treasured especially when they're really thoughtful and this is something that I would use again and again in this jar so I love it and in addition to the organic candies she put these little wooden heart chips that she wrote little self-care reminders on so if you're having a bad day you can have a little piece of candy and then you could pull out the little chip and this one says take a walk in nature so I thought that was really fun and I love items that you can repurpose like these really really great jars so thank you so much Lauren for that wonderful gift another thing that I recommend to save money is to not buy the disposable drinks so again I mentioned how much money you can save with making your own iced tea making your own lemonade is another great option but avoiding bottled water if possible I realized that this is a touchy subject because not everyone lives in an area where they have access to clean drinking water and this is extremely upsetting I am currently living in the United States on the eastern coast and what my husband and I do is we have well water and we filter all our water with a berkey water filtration system I can link that below if any of you want to look into that and then we always have our clean canteens or an eco canteen with us that we fill up before we leave for the day and then I put this in my purse and I also have a travel to go berkey water filter so I can keep refilling that at water fountains and things like that and it filters all kinds of crud and things that I don't necessarily want to ingest or use my own body as a water filter and expose myself to that so that's also a nice thing to have and yes this I don't remember exactly how much this was I would guess between twenty and thirty dollars so up front again it is good investment and back part kind of stings but then when you price out the price of purchasing bottled water here and there are cases of bottled water after a couple weeks this pays for itself and then you always have this if you take care of it so I definitely recommend making your own beverages at home drinking water as much as possible filtering filtering your own water it's um it's a better option we recently here had a water recall of 13 brands of bottled water so sometimes it's good to just filter your own and then use a stainless steel container or a glass jar for your water so I hope that helps some of you now going back to do-it-yourself beauty and making your own products um the next step to that is I tend to enjoy doing things myself in terms of doing my own nails I recently especially being pregnant was important to me not to put hair dye on my hair which they're just so you know there's really no evidence to say that that harms anything so lots of people do it and it's completely fine but I just didn't want to put hair dye on my hair that had chemicals in it so I use a net an all-natural plant-based dye that was good for people with dark hair and very user friendly so that made it easy and then regarding my nails I don't always paint my nails so right now they're not painted but in lieu of going to get a manicure or pedicure and breathing in all the dust and spending a lot of money on that I own two nail polishes and I get my nail polishes from a company called karma organic it's actually made in the state where I live and it's free of the five major chemicals that are found in typical conventional nail polishes and it actually works really well and it's quite um a lot of the colors are thick and very durable and they do last a long time without chipping so I find I do my own manicures and pedicures and I save a lot of money that way and another thing that I do is I use this spin for perfect skin brush which I have a 70 percent off coupon for any of my subscribers which was really nice of the company and so I got this for a really affordable price because it retails for quite a bit but with the 70% off you really can't beat that so I will put you're interested in investing in something like this to save money on doing like all the pedicures elsewhere and doing your own I would put the link below the direct link to order this and then um have the coupon codes so you can try this but what's cool is it has different attachments that all come in the kit you can do your own dry brushing your own facials at home which is fun see save money on the facials and then there's this pumice stone and this is um perfect for doing your own pedicures and you just turn it on and do your own thing and again I just love the fact that this is something that I use again and again and again and it feels so great on the skin and it's also great for just saving money long term in general so something I use um what else could I tell you producing plastics in general is always great um I can't remember if I've already show this to you in this video but I try to go for things like glass stainless steel ceramic and cast iron when it comes for cooking items and also items where I'm storing food after I cook it so that's another tip that I can give to help you perhaps save money and again sometimes it's better to buy a brand that is more durable and a better quality so that you have it for a long time case in point this is an antique and I purchased it for I believe twelve dollars and I got this from just a little antique shop Oh which what is really cool about this is instead of buying you know the pre-made lemon juice and premade orange juices I just juice my own every single day and you really can't beat the price and it's just a cute I don't have in the kitchen anyway it's kind of fits my style so what's nice about that is again we're reducing plastic and saving money in the process and speaking of items like lemons and oranges and limes you can use these for cleaning and you can save money by making your own cleaning products using things like essential oils lemons baking soda sea salt and white vinegar and an economical way that you can use the lemon as well is after you juice your lemons or use it for cooking you can take the lemon rind and you can put it in a glass jar with orange peel and lime and all of that and you can have it sit in your refrigerator and kind of make this marinade into a lemon lime orange household cleaner it will infuse itself into the vinegar and it will smell really nice so you can try something like that and then when you're done with the peels that have infused into the vinegar you can compost them so that you're not wasting money but there really is no need to buy all kinds of household chemicals and sprays and a lot of that stuff can get very expensive and it's not not all of it is great for us to be breathing in and exposing ourselves to all the time so just a really great way against lips simply what else can I tell you composting I mentioned composting composting gardening I have one gardening video us so far from last year on what was growing in my garden it's really nice if you can't garden or you live in an apartment you can grow a starter window garden you can perhaps try to grow some herbs and doors by window which is really great you can purchase a grow light system to try that if that interests you if that's something that does not interest you at all you can support your local organic farmers and local CSAs and one way that is really great for saving money is to look for produce that is not only local but seasonal when we buy things that are out of season they're of course going to be more expensive but you would be surprised how many people don't always make that connection when they go to a grocery store so try to look for stuff that's in season things that are on sale things that are grown locally and support those organic local farmers so they can stay in business for us and keep doing what they're doing to cultivate the earth and my last tip is to just live consciously in general and I think that when we live with intention it just feels better it feels more fulfilling it feels more grounding and as I said in the beginning this video not all of these tips might work for everyone but when we live with intention and we make conscious choices it really helps part of that is I like to avoid situations where I'm always out sors and you know all these things are being marketed toward us and we're being encouraged to buy more and register more and it can get overwhelming so as an example I've had this blush from 100% pure that I've talked about my movie video for a long time and it's not expired and it's perfectly fine and it would be so easy to get sick of things that we already have and then just find an excuse to spend more money on a newer product or a different color and sometimes that's okay we we need variety sometimes we have extra money and we want to enjoy ourselves but there really is no need for me to buy another blush right now and I find that sometimes when we expose ourselves to all these YouTube videos and all these pins on Pinterest that shows all these new things we need we can almost get distracted and feel like we need new items so in my intention of showing you what I use and what I have today was not for you to run out and feel like you need all these things but a lot of these things might be items you already have at home or perhaps you have similar items that you can upcycle and reuse and maybe it'll just give you some ideas of how you can save more money in the long run in the future and you can start little by little it's for instance if your favorite suggestion was these little baggies you could start there and you maybe spend $10 but then you always have them so I find though that there aren't if YouTube channels where I'll watch some videos every now and then and all of a sudden I have to take a step back because I feel like wow that's so cool I sort of want that but then I have to ask myself do I really want it do I really need it do I have space for it will it make me happy long term can I get a lot of use out of it and is it worth the expense and sometimes there's a lot better things that I would rather spend my money on like experiences and doing fun things with my family versus just buying stuff so that's what living intentionally means to me at least in this point of my life and so use the items that you have first declutter your donate as much as you can so you reduce the amount of stuff you have see you have more time to enjoy things like reading books and spending time with your family and doing outdoor activities so I hope this gave you some ideas on living we're simply and how you can save money if you want to watch a video I did that is a little bit lengthy but pretty great um in terms of the tips I share on how to save money and give yourself a financial makeover I'm gonna post the link to that video below that's one of my most watched videos and I talk a lot about paying yourself first cash budgeting sitting and doing a family budget together every week and other things like that so that is what you need in your life right now I'll post link to that video below so the cool for the day is a simple practice of intentionality when I do it my life is different more purposeful more consciously lived more content with any action so if you want to subscribe to this community of people who are living intentionally mindfully happily and healthfully please subscribe and feel free to like and comment if you're interested thanks everyone and have a great day

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7 Tips for Frugal Living (Part 2) - Being The Woman

**7 Tips for Frugal Living (Part 2) – Being The Woman**



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hey guys this is Aishah so in my previous video through the living I've given you seven tips to friggin living the Sabbath and it's not gonna be easy if we have been a spendthrift but we have to get there it takes a foot but all that effort is worth it in this video I'll give you seven more tips switch to cloth napkins instead of using disposable dishes you may have to buy them ones or make them with your old clothes and you will have them for use washing babies with water instead of using wet wipes which will reduce the disposable voice for me it is easy to take my baby to the washroom to give a wash than to even use cloth wipes staining them and washing them cut up old t-shirts and clothes and use them for cleaning rags and as kitchen napkins this way you will reduce your old stash and repurposing it repurpose your plastic bags that come with your groceries to dispose everyday trash instead of buying trash bags use reusable cloth bags for grocery shopping and keep a couple of cloth bags in your handbag or car whenever you step out a hole so that they're handy and you don't end up paying extra for bags with your bills grow a garden indoor or outdoor even a couple of vegetables or herbs would save you some money and with utmost satisfaction you will eat what is healthy boost your food waste if you have a yard and add it to your garden your plants will thank you for the nutrient-rich soil and pay you in manifold and finally I have got another good for you is for watching this video and don't forget to subscribe to bring the woman