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FEEL your way to Debt FREEDOM

**FEEL your way to Debt FREEDOM**



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F.E.E.L. your way to debt freedom. It’s a four step process to get out of debt. In this video I outline the FEEL technique, and describe how you can use it to get (and keep) yourself on the path to being debt free.

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Hey there! I’m Dana. I’m a wife and Mother to 4 kids, including twin boys and two girls. I work full time outside the home in finance as a Corporate Accountant, but enjoy sharing my personal and parenting journey online. We live in the Philadelphia area.

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‘Marty Gots a Plan’ by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

(sighing) – Hey, guys, it's Dana and
it's time to talk about money and in this video I wanted to talk about how to FEEL your way to debt freedom. (bell ringing) Now, actually in our family,
I am not the feelings person. I am more of the practical one and my husband is the
sensitive, feelings based, one in our relationship,
so kids always say, mommy is the mean one and
daddy is the nice one, sort of something along those lines. So, anyway, feelings. Getting in touch with your feelings. That is not something
that I'm fantastic at. However, this is not about
that kind of feeling, this is an acronym, FEEL is an acronym. I find at work everywhere I go, there are acronyms everywhere and sometimes I cannot stand them, because everything has been
shortened down into an acronym. However, I was listening to
the "Bigger Pockets" podcast which is one of the
podcasts that I listen to and they were talking about this acronym that they had come up with
and they were using it in regards to real estate investing and I think it's really
relevant to getting out of debt. I find that this acronym
helped with that as well, I think it's the exact
same thing you need to do to get out of debt, to pay off everything as fast as you can. All right, so I wanted to
share this acronym with you. FEEL, which is F, F stands for focus. In order to get out of debt,
you really need to focus on what it is you're doing on your goal, your why, why are you doing it? Just like anything you're
trying to accomplish, absolutely anything, if
you do not focus on it, it is not going to happen. You must focus on it, just
like when you were dating your spouse, most likely
when you were dating them, you were really focused on them and you were spending
all your time with them, your friends were probably yelling at you, hey, you never spend time with me anymore, that's 'cause you were
focused on that person and you ended up marrying them, right? And when you first have a baby, you're focused on your
newborn baby as you should be, so, things, in order to do well at things or to get them accomplished,
you need to focus on them, so, if you're trying to pay off debt, then you have to focus on it. Not obsess over it, but
focus on it as a goal, every single day, it's
something you have to have top of mind and whether
that means putting up some kind of board in your house, carrying a piece of paper
around in your wallet with you or just having conversations
everyday, listening to different podcasts
that relate to money, watching "Debt Free Dana" on YouTube, however it is, that you can,
you need to focus on it. Have it be something
you're thinking about. Correct? 'Cause otherwise you're
just gonna be like, yeah, whatever and it's
just gonna slip away and you're not gonna ever get there. So, the first is F for focus. Second is E and that is
for educate yourself. Educate yourself on best practices. Listen to others who have done it. Listen to people or read books
on how to get out of debt, what's the best plan,
something that has worked for millions and millions of people, you need to educate yourself
on how others have gotten to where you wanna get. Same thing with getting debt free. I followed Dave Ramsey's "Baby Steps" and that has worked for our family, it's worked for millions of others, but of course there are
other programs out there that you could follow, but just make sure that you are educating yourself on how others have done it. And I really like to listen to
a lot of different podcasts, I like to learn as much as I can and I try to read non-fiction books. I'm trying to learn from others
who have been successful. And who have done things that I wanna do. If I wanna be a black belt in karate, I have to train with a black belt. Someone who's gotten there, how have they done it,
I can't just read a book and suddenly become a
black belt in karate. Correct? So I need to learn from those who have done it, best practices. The third E is to execute. You have to execute on that plan. You have to follow the steps. If you don't, if you just
listen to a lot of podcasts, which I will raise my hand and say that for about a year, I was listening to the Dave Ramsey podcast, and we were not doing the steps. We just, we weren't doing it. We were not following
it and for some reason, it didn't even occur to me to follow it, I just was like, oh, this is entertaining, that's for other people,
and we didn't do it and then until one day, if
you see that video of mine out there one day, I realized, oh my gosh, we have, we have to do
this, this is for us. We have to actually do the steps. So, this is the same thing, if you know how to do something, because you've read the books, you've listened to
others, and you're like, oh, yeah, I know how to do that, but if you're not
actually doing it yourself then it's not going to happen. You have to execute it as prescribed, follow the steps as
you are being taught to and don't skip steps, don't
try to do it your own way, because your own way has not been working, otherwise you wouldn't be
looking for help elsewhere, correct? So, you need to execute on the steps. All right and then the very
last one is to learn, it's L, learn from your mistakes. Because you are going to make mistakes. Absolutely, you're gonna make mistakes. And when you make those mistakes, don't beat yourself up. Just try to learn from it
and then you can pivot, make certain shifts, try to change, try to correct things that you don't make that same mistake again. Obviously you don't want to continue to make the same mistake. You need to learn from that mistake and correct things that you can continue to move forward. And then just repeat,
repeat, repeat, repeat. Just continue to do, to do it. Just keep on the path and
I heard someone recently, doing their "Debt Free
Scream" Monday, Ramsey show, and they were saying that they believe that the key to getting out of debt, which I actually really agree with this, 'cause I would say the key is persistence. You have to continue to
keep your foot on that path, because I fully believe
the enemy is going to try to pull you off, drag
you off, push you off, and you have to try to stay on it, but they were saying it's
not necessarily persistence, but it is patience. Patience is the key, because
it is going to take time. Some amount of time and it's
very hard for many of us to have that patience
to stick with the plan, even when we fall down, get knocked off and we screw up, it's very
difficult to stay patient and to stick with it and
keep going, keep going, keep going 'til you reach the end goal. And eventually, you'll reach
it if you just don't give up and you have that patience for it. So, yes, patience is the key, right? Repeat, repeat, repeat,
keep following the steps and keep going, keep moving
forward towards your goal. All right, so that's the
FEEL acronym, like I said, I just really liked it, I
think that it's very relevant and I think that, that's
exactly how you get outta debt. That is the roadmap for debt freedom. If you can follow those
steps then you'll get there and then why do you wanna get out of debt? We wanna get out of debt so
that we don't have payments, so that all the money you're
earning, your income is yours to do what you want to do
with it, gives you choices, you can invest, you can save for whatever you wanna save for, you're not giving your hard
earned money to the bank or to someone else, so, owing
money definitely is a form of slavery and I just, it is
something within your spirit and so, I think when you get out of debt, it just gives you so many
more choices, options in life, freedom, literal freedom. So that is exactly why, so, all right. Hope that is helpful to you in some way. If it's your first time
here, be sure to subscribe, I'm here every single Tuesday,
talking all about money and we are a family of six,
living in the Philadelphia area and that's it, I'll talk
to you guys next week, bye.

Get Out of Debt fast 2018 Use Business Credit Cards and Business lines of Credit to get out of Debt

**Get Out of Debt fast 2018 Use Business Credit Cards and Business lines of Credit to get out of Debt**



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hey guys Houston here and today I'm making a video about how to use business credit to be debt-free now I had made a video talking about why you need business credit and personal credit and of course you all know I made the video on how to use business credit to become rich right however I never talked about you know what do you do how do what do you do to get out of debt so this is what this video is mainly going to focus on so say that you as a entrepreneur looking to start your own business but you have other debt obligations so what I'm gonna do is show you how to resolve those have obligations paying off all your debt plus building up your business credit and personal credit okay so let's just say that you have a mortgage also so you have the mortgage let's say it's $800 a month and that mortgage is a hundred thousand dollar mortgage right so you have a hundred thousand dollar mortgage and you pay $800 a month mom plus you got your light gas water trash cell phone and car insurance okay and you paying about say $600 a month for that or more realistic probably gonna be about seven right you're gonna probably pay about seven okay 700 ohne and then for food and – for family of four say that you you spending about six hundred dollars fifty dollars each week for gas and for hunka dollars for food all right and I know that you know people spend more than that on for especially for a family of four all right and then you have a car payment of 400 and you have this credit card over here a $10,000 credit card that you haven't used yet you had just you fixed finish fixing your credit through our program so and you got qualified for $10,000 credit then also we set up your business for you and you got approved for business line of credit of twenty five thousand right so you got a business line of credit of 25,000 now first thing I would suggest that you do all right and it's take 20,000 from here from this business line of credit so that way it doesn't affect your personal credit because it's under the business that we set up for you get it all right so then left you with $5,000 remaining so what did you do with that $20,000 okay you have this car payment over here for 400 so that car has value that you need $20,000 to pay it off so you took that $20,000 from their business line of credit and you paid it over here so you cancel that out so now your car is paid off so that gives you $400 now well you say well houston now that my car paid off I still have the dead over here just stick with me for a moment okay now you still have five thousand dollars left so what you want to do I want you to call up your light gas water trash your cell phone and your car insurance company with the car insurance company you know it's already fixed and with your with your cell phone it's already fixed so you want to pay those off you'll take that $5,000 so okay you're gonna use this to pay off that's dead but the reason you want you want to pay this off for a whole year so you're gonna call up your light company and you're gonna say hey how much electricity that I use last year and they'll tell you what you're told was so you take that total and you add an extra hundred dollars on to it so just keeping it simple here we're gonna say your monthly you paying seven hundred so we're gonna multiply that we're gonna multiply that by 12 okay so what does that give us 8400 right so that's eighty four hundred dollars that you're peeing out okay so you're gonna take that five thousand dollars and you're gonna apply it toward this eighty four hundred so that's gonna give you thirty four hundred now you have the ten thousand dollar credit card that you haven't used yet so you're gonna take thirty four hundred for minute that's thirty four hundred you're gonna take that thirty four hundred and you're gonna apply it to this balance reason is because you want to get rid of your yearly dead so now you don't got rid of your car payment which was four hundred so now you don't freed up that and now you have this other seven hundred dollars that you can't because you don't pay two utilities all for the whole year and the reason that you want to pay your utilities off for the whole year that's a case you get sick in case you lose your job in case of something happens you're not losing sleep or whether you can continue paying your like gas water or you missing a car payment cuz these are your biggest stresses for a lot of people the utilities and the car payment a lot of people know that they could have a little more flexibility on the mortgage okay cuz you can the mortgage and let him know and they would put a couple your mortgage payments back on the back end just as well as the carpet whenever you feel that you're stressing to make a car payment you can call them and ask them if they would allow you to miss a payment and they will put it on the backend the reason I know because I've been in the credit industry over two decades so I know these things okay so now now you have the car paid off you have your utilities these are you biggest stresses now you still have the food you still have this credit card debt here you have the business line credit debt and you still haven't paid to Morgans so saying that your income okay I'm gonna write it up a little higher so you can see we're gonna not worry about that for a minute okay so say that your monthly income is 3000 okay all right that's your take-home now you put money into your 401 K you also pay a tax as a front right so what you do you freeze your 401 K when you freeze your 401 K monthly payments that's going to give you to about two hundred and fifty dollars for some people okay like I said you dealing with just work with me on the numbers and follow me you understand what I'm saying so that'll give you thirty two hundred there do 3,250 and then so you can this is your freeze on for on retirement your 401 K or whatever you have you can freeze that like I said you're not you're not getting rid of you just freezing it okay now you have that all right what you can do is also since you're paying taxes if you have not followed exempt you can file exempt for six months so if you file exempt exam for six that's going to give you an No two hundred and fifty dollars in taxes so you're doing this with six months so that gives you thirty five hundred dollars right so now you have thirty five hundred dollars that's that's your income that you're working with okay we haven't talked about picking up a second job we haven't talked about any of those things yet we don't want to focus on that so out of that thirty five hundred now we're gonna take out of that thirty five hundred we're gonna take money for the monthly food all right so you monthly food is six hundred for food and gas for transportation so now you have a wet 15-6 because you nine right so you have twenty nine hundred dollars that you working with Wow so now you have that $2,900 and so I'm gonna cut this off here because the rest of the video I'm gonna put it in the members area so that you can see the full format of it but you have to be a member to see it because once you see what I'm doing here it makes so much sense of why you joined the program in the first place and you'll see why you'll be more motivated to continue fixing your personal credit as well as your business credit okay Oh see you see you in the members area

How to get out of debt fast super fast!

**How to get out of debt fast super fast!**



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Learn how to get out of debt fast. I show you how to eliminate debt quickly. To request information, go to www.michellemorar.com. Give me a like below if you like …

LIVE - 13 Ways To Save On Utility Bills

**LIVE – 13 Ways To Save On Utility Bills**



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In this LIVE video I give you 13 Ways to SAVE on you utility (water, sewer, electric, cable, internet) bills and other life expenses. I’m always looking for more ways to save so feel free to share your money saving tips in the comments!

Don’t forget to tap the bell for post notifications!

friends my name is Krista welcome to my channel this obviously is going to be a livestream so we do hash rings here every Monday and Tuesday Monday mornings and Tuesday evenings at 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time in this video I'm going to give you 13 tips to save money on your bills so if you don't know or this is your first time here we have a couponing channel I suppose I have a maximum pocket because it's a Wii right but it isn't we because you guys help us well so anyway what I'm going to try to do is get through my little list of 13 ways to save actual money on your utility bills I actually have 14 tips but one of them is not on your utility bills so we're gonna try to get through this list and then you guys have any suggestions to save money because you guys are pretty savvy excuse me alright hello everyone I don't see any comments are you guys alive are you here in the last chain that says there's people here but I haven't seen any comments I think it's just maybe my phone just a second let me pull this up on the computer really quickly how are you guys doing did anybody get really awesome coupon deals today there we go sorry yeah I'm ready alright guys so we have some ways to save on water cable internet pretty much everything oh there's a live chat DG digital coupons did not work today I bought gain and Angel Soft yeah all right so let's get started you guys and then as I said if you guys are just now jumping on we'll take questions I'm going to try to get through this list first and I'm going to try really hard to stay on track and then we'll read comments and see if you guys have any advice to save money or tips even to save money on living costs in general maybe I should have changed the name to living cost because we all focus on saving money on coupon deals but we don't really talk about saving money in our everyday life and the idea of becoming a couponer is to eventually live off of your stockpile hopefully and not have to shop for a while so while you're doing that you're definitely going to want to save some extra cash alright so this first tip is a little different when after I wrote this little list of tips I went on YouTube and watch some videos kind of similar to this well I just wanted to make sure that Mike I wasn't saying what everybody else was saying I guess and it's funny because all the videos that I've seen said the exact same thing but a lot of money are very different from what they said so I used to if you didn't know I'm and if you've been here for a while you've probably heard me say actually sold Direct TV for a living for a very short period of time I was kind of miserable in that job to be quite honest I felt like I didn't work for DirecTV I worked for like a company that was outsourced by DirecTV I guess and I just really didn't think it was completely ethical but besides the point one of the things that I learned and I think it was very helpful in my life is that people who either had already had DirecTV or that would walk past us because we had to sand sand in some Sam's Club and sell DirecTV which was quite interesting yes I was one of those people but I made a lot of money doing it though anyway people would walk by tell us what their problem that they had with DIRECTV and almost always people would say that they signed up with DIRECTV or whatever network sometimes it would be Dish Network or the local cable provider and after they had had their service for a year or two years excuse me um it's hot in here after they had their service for a year two years they would raise their bill up sky hot and they just could not afford it so what we would tell them to do is to call DirecTV and I know this so happens I would assume this was about a year ago I think you would tell them to call DirecTV and ask to speak to the retention Department and just complain in general a lot of the times they would call and say if they didn't lower their bill they were going to switch to the competitor which of course was Dish Network and usually the retention Department would lower their bill on average because people would come back and tell me oh my gosh thank you so much but people on average from just what people told me customers told me about $30 a month now think about that for a minute if they're lowering your bill $30 a month that's quite a lot of money over a year every single month and so what they would do is they would lower their bill usually for a year and then they would start raising it again and they would come back and tell us that they raised our bill again or whatever we would just say call them back and they would I mean lower it again I really like that job because we got a lot of feedback from people you know and I got to talk to a lot of people in store it was really I learned a lot about in person-to-person sales before that I did bone cells and per face-to-face sales is really different but anyway so if you have not only DirecTV but other providers cable providers particularly especially if they're a bigger company like AT&T DirecTV Dish Network anything like that you should all and asked to speak to the retention department and see if they can lower your bill so that's tip number one and I promise you guys especially if you have DirecTV almost every single person would come back and tell me like it worked and they lowered their bill so if you haven't done that you definitely should I'm and you don't I think always have to necessarily threaten to leave them and go to Dish Network but it would probably help all right so tip number two um this is just a if you're a low-income household tip this is the only low-income tip that I have but I know that a lot of people don't know this and I just want to let you guys know is if you are low-income household like if you're on disability or a fixed income I hear people call it a lot of the times there are internet providers including AT&T that offer low-income special like special rates to low-income families with AT&T you can get internet service as low as I think five or ten dollars a month it is a very small amount of you know data that you get with them but if you don't have any internet service whatsoever because you're low-income and cannot afford it then you could even just try to call your local internet provider in my area my local internet provider is southern link so I called them at one point just to see if they also had a program like that and they actually do and it's only ten dollars a month I can't remember exactly what the data you know plan was or whatever but it was Wi-Fi for your home and it was only ten dollars a month so that's pretty amazing if you're watching this video you probably have some type of internet but I thought that that maybe would help some of you guys the next thing is just kind of a random tip in I guess it could potentially save you on your electric bill over time and on your food cost as well this is the only thing that I included kind of regarding food in this list but I do plan on doing a video similar to this one about saving money buying food hey Martha so anyway if you cook bulk dinners you'll not only save on your food cost but you're gonna save on your electricity right so instead of cooking just for one night maybe buy a bigger pack of hamburger meat or pork chops or whatever you're cooking and cook for two or three nights you can always freeze some of it a portion of it and save it for another day and then on the other day you won't have to use your oven or stove so you'll save on electricity and typically buying in bulk food purchases at least you'll save money anyway I don't know if you guys have ever noticed but when you go into Walmart and you buy anything um let's say they have one jar of olives that's really big and then a smaller jar of Olives right just out of it they always say the unit price on each one and even we were at Lowe's the other day oddly enough buying chainsaw bar oil for my husband and they have the unit price for that we ended up getting the really bigger bottle because it was you know not nearly as expensive as the smaller bottle when you considered the unit price per ounce alright so the next tip the next few actually are on electricity and then we have some tips to save on water so change your air filters every two to three months I don't use that type of heating but I know people who do and they say that this saves them a ton of money a lot of people only change their air filters like once a year I guess and the more often that you change them the better off your system is going to operate and coal and heat your house so change your air filters it's recommended two or three times or two to three months now this is interesting and I just noticed this on my power bill like reading my power bill I used to get the paper statement so my power company will actually come and do an inspection of your home and give you tips to what you need to like winterize and stuff so you can save money on your electricity bill and it's completely free for them to come out and give you like a little report and they do actually inspect your home so it's not like just a general thing that you're going to get like winter strips or whatever they're called on the bottom of your door it's like individualized to your home so I think that's definitely a good idea and it's free at least with my power company so you should check with your power company and see if it's free for them to do that especially right now as we are going into the winter months um I found this and actually didn't know this until recently but I thought it was pretty interesting you can actually buy hot water heater timers at Lowe's so when we take a shower in my house it's we all take a shower you know usually at the same time every day and we all take a shower like the kids will go and then I'll take a shower then my husband takes a shower so we're all using that hot water like at the same time so a hot water heater timer is sounds like it would be something that is really you know that would be perfect actually because nobody's using hot water throughout the day so why would you want to use the electricity keep that water hot you know all throughout the day of nobody's using the hot water it's kind of really a waste so maybe a hot water heater timer all right so moving right along the next tip and this is something I just kind of found on my own not really on purpose so I know a lot of you guys probably have space heaters in your home this doesn't only apply to space heaters anything you buy usually the you need to plug into the wall has directions and last year and you guys don't know we actually have a wood stove in our house which saves us a ton of money you guys we probably save $2,000 a year just by buying that wood stove but anyway that's not the tip but if you don't know we just heat with wood stay with stove and then we have some space heaters throughout our house we really just want run one space heater now but before we got the wood stove we had several space heaters throughout her house anyway last year we had to buy all new space heaters and I got the directions out because I got this really pretty one from Sam's Club and it looked like a fireplace but it kind of looks like a TV – it was really cool-looking anyway so I was reading the directions and I noticed that it told you exactly what the heat or cost I'm how many I guess it's kilowatts that it used so if it was on the low setting it told you if it was on the low setting and you ran it for four hours it would cost you know I don't know six dollars a day for four hours on the low setting but if you turn it on the high setting it would cost you I don't know ten dollars for four hours so anyway my point is when you guys buy space heaters or other like trick things that you got to plug into the wall take a look on the directions because a lot of times they do tell you how many kilowatts they use and how much that actually cost because I actually found that it was you know a lot less expensive if we ran our space heaters on the low setting like all day rather than running them on the high setting you know when we were in there or whatever or when we got cold or something like that alright so um Oh accidentally put hot water heater timer twice sorry so it's 12 tips oh well that's okay because I have 13 tips because I got the bonus tip at the end all right so um lowering your hot water heater temperature we actually did this because my son kept messing with the knobs in our bathroom and I was afraid that he was gonna get burnt or you know I was just even though we keep obviously I don't just let him go in there and play in the bathroom by itself but he would keep trying to like turn them on and stuff myself and it scared me so I had my husband turned down the hot water heater temperature and that will save you a lot of money alone just turning the temperature down so and it's very simple to do you just got to make sure that the power or whatever is not going to it and take the panel off my husband said it was extremely easy I can't give you directions on how to do that but hopefully you have somebody who can help you with that if you don't know how to don't try to do it yourself if you don't know what you're doing and this next tip is something that we do all the time even though we have a dryer hang clothes up and that will save you a ton of money I think that our during the summer in just those months that I hang clothes up instead of putting them in the dryer my electricity bill is at least twenty-five dollars lower a month just buying clothes up sometimes it's a real pain especially if there's a lot of clothes to hang up and also that kind of goes in conjunction with doing bigger loads of laundry instead of smaller and loads of laundry using cold water to wash your clothes instead of hot water of course but I'm sure you guys already know that because y'all are on it alright so this one is kind of funny you guys it's a little awkward we're almost done here but um it's not awkward but it's just something weird that we publicly talk about I guess so our total it messed up you guys and it's so funny though we're told it messed up and we didn't have the thing to fix it oh I wish I knew what it was called but anyway I used to watch this lady on YouTube and I think I think her name was prepper princess I'm gonna go find her and let you guys know she is she doesn't coupon but she's really has some really amazing tips to saving money on groceries she always talks about saving money on food and she'll even go buy the food and like cook it with you and show you how she does it she was really handy I think her name is prepper princess but I could be wrong I'll go find her I haven't watched her for a while anyway our tool it messed up and at the same time I was watching this lady's videos and she said that you will save a ton of money if you start flushing your toilet with a bucket so anyway the toilet was messed up we needed to buy the thing that goes in the toilet the sill or I don't know what it's called I'm sorry but anyway I told my husband I was like I was watching this video this lady said if you flush your toilet with a bucket instead of filling it up flushing it because when you flush your toilet it takes a lot of water to actually fill your toilet up so anyway we started flushing our toilet with a bucket for an entire month to see if it made like a difference in our water bill and it actually did so we pay our water bill in a sewer bill our sewer bill is obviously based on our water bill so our water bill immediately went down at least ten dollars a month so now even though our toilet is fixed we still flush it with a bucket because you use so much less water we just have a bucket in our bathroom and that's what we used to flush our toilet and that is so crazy I know it out Sonne when a lady come over to our house and I was like that's what I worry about the bucket and she was like do you want me to flush she used the bathroom it was just awkward it's funny though you know what I mean it wasn't a wax ring because I don't think that has to do with flushing the toilet whatever it it was continuously running I don't know you guys I really don't know i luckily married young and my husband fixes things thank goodness because i would be lost without him well luckily we have youtube so i could probably just search things on youtube but i still want my husband around you know all right so um two more things this is my pet peeve do not let the water run while you brush your teeth I brush my teeth for a really long time probably would have never guessed that because my teeth are so yellow sorry I dropped the phone but I do even my husband is like what who brushes their teeth this long like what's wrong with you but I just brush my teeth for a really long time and I see people and who leads the water on where they brush their teeth and that is a huge pet peeve of mine my husband used to do it and I would go in the bathroom and turn the water off it's like seriously it will save you a lot of water or letting the water run while you're washing dishes is a huge waste of water and not only should you not waste the water but you will save money if you just turn those off okay he's now some bonus tips I'm gonna did not include it in the list I remember in high school my teacher telling me about how people had to take showers in the army basically they would turn the water on and get their bodies wet wash off and then and then turn the water back off and then they would wash off turn the water back on and rinse it rinse off the soap so if you're really concerned about your water usage and you're in hard times I suppose you could do that I can't imagine honestly that I would ever do that on a regular basis but I have tried it and you know it wasn't so bad as long as it wasn't cold the next thing is try to make sure that your gas tank is at least halfway full that tremendously will help you save on gas this is just my little bonus tip it has nothing to do with your utility bills obviously but I really keep track of how much we spend on gas every single week I know that if I fill my tank up it costs about twenty-five dollars depending on gas prices and that will last me exactly a week so if you keep your gassing over halfway full then you will save money on gas I've proved it to myself even about keeping up with gas prices so I guess it's time to read the comments if you don't like long live videos you can leave the video now and let's see what the people have to say gel somebody said that was a gel a gel shower like if you were in jail I don't I don't know if it was a gel shower I just remember in high school talking about it being like I remember my teacher I don't know why I remember that specifically I remember in science class my teacher telling me that that was an army shower I don't remember why I had that heater on I got really hot in here excuse me Chris I've heard some people say you can put a couple of bricks in the toilet tank that makes it take less water to fill what that would be easier than the bucket that is very true I think what happened was we just got used to the bucket so even once it was fixed it just was it just I don't know and I remember when we were first started flushing it with a bucket one day I was pushing the toilet my son come in there my 11 year old and he was like mom you don't need to use that much water he was like I promise turn it off and sure enough there was like that much water in this five gallon bucket and flushed the toilet and when you think of how much it water it takes I actually looked it up before and I meant to write it down on the list so I could tell you guys but it uses a lot of water to flush your toilet it's kind of crazy but bricks are a good idea yeah I don't I guess I mean I think I've heard of that too actually but I think we just got used to using the bucket and it just really is like second nature now when you go to the bathroom to suck it I can't save in that department I work for half the hospice tribe I Drive everywhere well if you keep your gas tank if that's what you're talking about if you do keep it over instead of letting it go all the way to empty try keeping it to at least over the halfway mark and it really does save on gas I used to leader-to-leader water bottles for the toilet gel shower she was teasing the way I say gel dil did you guys if you guys you guys were saying the way I said dill was like dill pickle so when I did the breakdown the other night every time I said dill I flashed dll on the screen if somebody had never watched my videos and didn't know about that they probably thought I was stupid and couldn't spell dill but I thought you guys would find that funny and some people commented dill lol you know anyway hot-water heater went out once and I had to take quick showers yeah ours did too I think that's why I tried the army shower yeah that's no fun if it's cold it's really hard to do that my mouse is doing this again I gotta figure out how except it's so annoying I got oh my I was trying to clean up my makeup and stuff you guys I got all of it piled up over here sorry about the mess that's what I'm gonna do tonight of Leah's cleanup and here if you guys don't mind please give the video a thumbs up please alright umm so I know most of you in the live chat are like my regular couponing friends that we talk in videos all the time so there is something I want to tell you guys we did talk about the Dollar General employee clarification and little memo that the Dollar General employees got yesterday or the last few days at least somebody sent it to me remind me about cotton L here in just a minute but what I want to tell you guys about that is I seen that a lot of people are like panicking and even in our couponing group does a post about it and I was so proud of some ladies who voice their own opinion without getting into an argument when I first started reading the comments I was like oh no this is gonna be bad and I have to remove somebody but they were really adults about their say in their opinion and moving on about their day and I was so proud I even commented that so if you don't were one of those people that commented on that post I just think it's a problem because that was my whole point in creating a Facebook group not so we can all have our own opinions but just so we don't have to have all the rules to other Facebook groups have anyway so what I wanted to tell you guys about that Dollar General clarification slash memo is that they have done this before so don't panic because I promise you I since I've been couponing a Dollar General they've sent out memos before and said the same thing or basically the same things and what happens is Dollar General get new employees or you guys know how it is I'm sure if you have a job and they send out a memo sometimes they'll get strict on some roles for a little bit and then everybody kind of forgets about it over time that's what's happened in the past but at the same time if you are using coupons correctly you don't always have to worry about it but sometimes you do and I think that's what the conversation that had started in the Facebook group was about some lady said she was using coupons correctly and she lost $10 and she was upset about it naturally and people are like well if you just used coupons correctly you wouldn't have to worry about it and I have earned know somebody said if you how can you be mad at Dollar General for enforcing people to use coupons correctly and I do believe that everybody should have their own opinion and I know a lot of people have strong feelings about that so I don't want to get into a debate obviously but I just wanted to tell you guys like don't panic about it because it's gonna be okay like people were messaging me today they were gonna stop couponing a Dollar General because of it and go start couponing at CVS and stuff like that so it's there's no reason to take it to that extreme I wish I would have said that in the livestream video this morning but honestly I just wanted to address it because people were like messaging me and it was really early and I forgot to say that so don't panic about it it's gonna be okay and as far as the cotton algo somebody said this weekend it's not gonna be on early activation this weekend because that dil doesn't start until the 14th so it's still eight days away so do not do the cot until Cottonelle till this weekend it's part of the what is it what was it guys a two-day or three day sell so it's not gonna start until the 14th it should work it technically should work on Wednesday but we'll have to see um somebody who just said I did the Mardi Gras hill and I've seen on my receipt it says that you can only do the survey for seven days and then the coupon is only going to be valid for 14 days they've actually said that on the receipts for about a month now and it's not the case um you can go do the survey three weeks after you got the receipt and it still works and the 3.15 survey coupon that I did just the other day is good I think at least for three weeks but sorry I just read a funny comment that's stuck on my computer and the comment says roll at my house is if it's brown it goes down I yeah the Facebook group is coupon Dill's I try not to say that all the time because YouTube punishes me when I send people off YouTube but I can't help but I do end up saying it like all the time I will um actually hold on oh well cuz I don't want to give it any attention because that's what they wanted come on they're gone it's just what happens you guys want you can go to a tab on YouTube and see who is in a live video and they just come in LA they you know we've had them that they just like to say bad words in the comments I'm convinced it's a 12 year old so that's unfortunate that somebody probably lists their 12 year old on YouTube unattended but you know whatever hey Vanessa keep fighting with Vanessa or saving with Vanessa sorry I had a moment did you see that I tagged you in that video did you make your video yet yeah um they have come into some of my live streams and like begged me to mention their name so I've learned like not to give them the attention you know what I mean because that's apparently what they want so I just tried to ignore it what I'm gonna do is some of you guys that are always on the videos I'm gonna make you a moderator so then if you see somebody commenting something like that then maybe I don't see you can just kick them out block them or if you want to become him on our moderator let me know please haha my name is Vanessa – and when you said hey Vanessa I looked up like what has she know my name no she didn't say that I said that but you know oh you guys I posted this in the Facebook group and I want to ask you guys too because I know that not everybody on YouTube is in the Facebook group and everybody don't see Facebook post anyway but um so I was asking because a lot of people have asked me for individual coupon classes and so I was asking what do you guys think is fair to charge a group of people like five people for a coupon class everybody in the Facebook group said like between 15 and 25 dollars I was thinking twinning what I would do probably is do like two classes a week for I don't know six weeks or something like that but or maybe not even six weeks I don't know that you would need that much time but you guys know people are asking me a lot of questions and I know that some people need more help than others so I think that around 20 is good in my opinion for to be it that small of a group because you would obviously be very individual individualized plus it'd be a good way for me to make some extra cash okay Vanessa sorry to tag you you know I I see these youtubers in those tag videos all the time and it really just makes me feel like I'm not part of the clique you know what I'm saying cuz nobody ever taxes and running come and attack me and I was like I'm a cool kid I'm joking but kind of not you know what I mean like I don't know I'm not like everybody you know what I mean so I guess that's okay but anyway so um I thought I would tag you Vanessa hold on I'm on it I got it keep on time.com I seen Ohio Valley couponers today for the razors hmm I missed something Vanessa says I would do 15 to 20 20 when you think about it seems a little steep to me but when you consider like if it's only a group of five two times a week for at least at least a month I think that's kind of a lot of time and attention and plus of course I would help them through messages and stuff like that so I think 20 is fair considering time somebody says you and Vanessa need to meet you guys are like friends Vanessa what state do you live in I'm late but I made it hey life life I haven't seen you for a long time where have you been Rosie says count me in also late but I'm here hey y'all they would be getting more than $20 in information I think so too I think for the you know I think that's pretty good but I guess when you think about $20 seems like a lot but not really but anyway we'll see I always get way behind in the comments you've been gone forever life wife I was wondering like where you are some of you guys I was naming off to my husband just those of you that I talked to every single day and it's just crazy how many people that I know like I feel like I know anyway and that we talked every single day is so crazy did you get your PO Box P o box PO Box PO Box now I'm such a slacker you know you guys know where I hate going more than anywhere else I don't know why but it's the post office and almost every month I have to pay a late fee for my grant even though I have it early my landlords my mom so but I'm here a late fee because I do not like to go to the post op I really do not like the post office anyway your classes would you do in person like or like a lab chat oh I guess I should have said that um a live chat probably likes something like Skype and but I'm not sure actually if you can do like a group live chat but I want to do a group of a couple of people maybe not exactly five but it wouldn't be a lot of people it would I would keep it small just so everybody could learn how you know I would want them to learn I would want people to be really successful if I was like holding their hand and walking them through it you know what I mean but we would do it online where'd Vanessa say she lived Oh life wife yeah somebody's in Kentucky don't tell them you have YouTube till after you're done teaching well here's the thing how and I think that's good at that thank you for the advice I think but I think that there are people that watch my youtube videos that would do it Rosie said she would I think that I know actually um hold on I'm gonna give this person away some people just are however just don't kind of get it you know what I'm saying and not that they don't get it I shouldn't say like that but you know people just learn differently and I think that some people just need individual people have asked me that sometimes do out will I do a coupon class individually people ask me that like from YouTube people that watch my videos I don't think I would have problems doing it even if they knew how to YouTube channel and they could get most of the information for free I really don't think I'd have it have a problem oh I seen Vanessa said Texas I'm in West Virginia I got my West Virginia shirt on today hey Tawana oops Texas Vanessa I've just become a sub today I'm also in Texas says misty misty you won't regret it I've loved Vanessa's videos everyone that I've ever watched I really like or not yet not like as in every person of Vanessa's videos here from the moon you probably well at least you know I'm from the valley about five or six hours from Houston and eight hours from Austin I didn't get a peel box but um oh uh sorry see how much off truck I get you guys I didn't get heal box but I'm going to I promise I will get APO box if it kills me I just found a way of getting out of going to the post office the other day so I put it off I don't know why I hate the post office so much but I really just do not like going to the post office kitty no problem with sound oh I think hey kitty can you hear me anybody else from New Jersey let's do this everybody put what state you're from right now in the chat go I have home and kitties to give you you can email me at Christa Ramsay six at gmail.com there we go Tennessee Kentucky Ohio Texas Tennessee Kentucky somebody says you're coming to my oh oh I know who you are I know who you are now just a curse 70s from West Virginia I got my West Virginia shirt on today I paid four bucks at Sam's Club for this shirt Sam's Club is awesome you guys I wish I had renewed my card there's a rebate on checkout fifty one I need to do that Alaska oh wow that's cool I would love to see some pictures from Alaska you should email me some crystal Ramsay six at gmail.com they're pork chops are good super cold Charleston South Carolina California oh I would love to go to California to Kentucky I really need help pay $20 I'm a nudey newbie i watch others that you're the best sorry it's so funny people say nice things to me all the time I just can't believe it like you guys just don't even know I really thought nobody in the world would ever watch my videos it's so funny to me I'm glad that you guys are think I'm helpful it really makes my heart feel good but um whoever said that should you can email me at Christa Ramsay six at gmail.com tip for everyone from life wife she says get back on the couponing track you guys know she didn't say that you may be able to get paper inserts from the post office when people go into their p.o box they throw away their ads and you may also be able to get them from the trash that's an amazing tip in my area we do not get free like inserts at all in the mail but if you did you should do that that I've never heard anybody say that in my couponing career that is an amazing tip you guys life wife that's where it's at you guys yes you should all do that Thank You Jessica I like the color of your wall the red or the white a half way painted the wall do you have a PayPal I do I guess that's how I would do the coupon in class through PayPal right you guys oh I didn't know I had super chat I just thought to look at that when she said that anyway Krista you were very helpful thank you so much for all you do for us it froze up good tip oh wow sweet who is your football team in your state Krista um West Virginia Mountaineers I'm really not into football very much I just like the shirt for four dollars really it's kind of like a jersey um I've learned so much from you Thank You Julie oh I do that don't tell anyone oh she said she does that I get it now she gets the coupon inserts from there don't tell anyone that's an amazing tip I've never heard anybody say that really um I think if you have like a hospital even or a hotel in your area you should go check their from inserts but really you guys if you just get the word out that you coupon so many people like to just give me inserts because they know I coupon and then I forget to use them sometimes so I got to keep them here on my desk so I don't lose them but I have a drawer on my desk and always forget that I have a drawer because it's a new desk and sometimes I forget the throw in there somebody sent me and Tony are the best like while that is a compliment to be ranked with Tony that's insane thank you I also have a roof like yours that's not old it's been up there for a while hasn't that if it's like that I don't know maybe not I guess people still do that I went to one of my friend's house and she has glitter on her ceiling and it is so pretty my kids call me the trash digger Rosie says she's gonna try that I think that's a great idea Rosie and easy because it it's there's not gonna be like nasty stuff in the trash at the post office all right let's see what life wife else has to say because we already know she has good tips also check your Burger Kings they sell Sunday papers and call them Sunday night and ask them if you can pick them up they sell them or buy them Burger King sells Sunday papers not here I don't think maybe don't judge but I don't understand PayPal at all you and a lot of other people Jessica do you know how many comments I get on my videos asking me about PayPal maybe I should do a video on PayPal cuz people ask me about it all the time I went to the dump the other day papers in one just walk in and look yes make sure they pay at least two weeks in advance are you talking about the coupon class that's a good idea can you load money to PayPal kind of Rosie it depends I have just like a prepaid Walmart debit card and me and my computer blue screen and I can transfer money to my PayPal just like that and it's free I love the ball roll tide ah Thank You Kathy say Howard but it's me Tammy Frye Oh Tammy I know who you are didn't haven't we been messaging you guys gonna tell me you're from YouTube when you message me because sometimes you have different names and I know some of you have like clarified with me and said that my name is really not this it's this but you guys got to understand it's impossible for me to remember all that all the time especially when I can't put a face to your name you know what I mean if I seen you in person I would never forget your name but it's really hard I'm really behind in these comments now know who you are to me Julie my computer just blue screened oh you were telling them to look you up oh I see not me gotcha Pay Pal can you connect it to your Facebook that's how I get paid for my cake orders oh she was asking she was saying PayPal you can connect it to your Facebook that's how she gets paid for her Facebook her cake orders hi they sent you a pic oh I gotta get back to you I forgot to do that today I'm sorry so so yeah I'll get back to you I forgot I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry sometimes I'll open emails and then it marks them not as new anymore and I forget to go back to them you guys know what I'm saying I get a lot of emails I've never gotten so many emails in my life you guys sometimes a lot so if you ever do email me and I forget something just just email me and remind me that I forgot you know I'm saying don't be scared to do that because I can't I mean I write things down that I'm supposed to remember to do but it's easy to you know hey Chris I'm new to your channel hey Jessica welcome battery dying bye bye Cynthia do you trust PayPal absolutely I trust PayPal more than I trust my walmart money card personally I sent you my months oh yeah I gotta get back to you now I remember that actually because I didn't answer the other ones yet either but I will I'll do that when we in this live stream I'll go answer my emails Chrissa do you know where there are good shaving cream like Dill's on shaving cream who did I see earlier post a video there's a good deal if you have Kroger right now they have the Gillette shaving cream for a dollar fifty there's 50 cent printable coupons on coupons com not sure if there's a coupon in the December PNG but I know my November PNG had a dollar off I think and my Kroger takes expired coupons that makes makes it only fifty cents no grocery yes no I'm confused Kathy I don't know what you're asking first livestream Cindy's join where her kids aren't screaming my husband you guys want to do videos is amazing to keep my kids quiet so I really appreciate that really so it's like downloading the app um on PayPal I personally don't have the app but you can just go if my computer would in a blue screen I would have showed you that you just go to PayPal basically and create an account and you won't have to give them personal information I think you even have to send like a copy of your driver's license if I remember correctly it's been a while since I created a PayPal account but once you start the I it's funny you say this because before I got ibotta or I think before I started ordering coupon inserts I was really scared of PayPal and a lot of people asked about it and so I feel your pain because I was like scared of it but once you create the account you will have to send them personal information you can easily just connect your either if you have prepaid debit cards or like an actual bank account you can connect all those things together to your PayPal and if you buy things off the internet off of an individual person or even a business you can just easily transfer money to your other cards or transfer money to a friend or transfer money for buying coupons and it's so easy you literally just have to put in like their paypal paypal email address and wham bam there you go but maybe one day we can do a little beginner tutorial on it because I really do get a lot of questions about PayPal and as I said I was I was really scared of it too should I be looking for a particular app for PayPal I just go to paypal.com you know sometimes they'll make knockoff sites like like if you went to coupons net or something they try to steal that traffic you want to make sure that you're on the actual paypal website so maybe I would just go to paypal.com before you download the app and look at the logo and make sure you're downloading the right app you know what I'm saying because if you have no idea about PayPal you want to make sure it's the legitimate app for PayPal maybe you can even go on PayPal comm and it'll show you give you the option to download the app Oh Thank You cousin um an honor tree is offer all the store is filthy my Dollar Tree is just not coupon friendly and I see all these wonderful halls that people do from Dollar Tree and honestly my store is nothing like theirs be careful all your PayPal transactions are for US dollars I'll learn the hard way oh yeah that's a good point I bought like 10 a couple of months ago from Dollar Tree for free my kids have PayPal I send the money that way no charge yeah it's really good for transferring money yeah Jessica I recommend if you're going to coupon you might want to buy coupons at some point even if you don't take my class you you're probably gonna want to buy coupons at some point and you should have PayPal and you should never buy coupons from a individual person without using PayPal goods and services I learned the hard way would you accept debit or credit cards as somebody was saying the lady who sold cakes Rosie if you don't have PayPal I don't know if you guys have ever noticed this I didn't notice that for the longest time but you can actually I don't have a debit or credit card machine but you can send a payment through a Facebook message or I've also seen that you can through Gmail actually sent a payment through Facebook before so I'm not sure how what I would do once you sent me the payment but I'm pretty sure I could just if you sent it through Facebook with your debit card then I can just send it to my PayPal and then that way I wouldn't have to have your debit card number or anything like that if your PayPal is linked to an actual checking or savings account you can pay for something immediately then put the money in your bank account within a couple of days yeah I don't even have an well you see I mean I have a bank account but it's not connected to my PayPal anymore because I over drafted once on accident so I took my bank account off my PayPal I didn't think that you could overdraft on PayPal but I guarantee you that you can and the good news is as PayPal doesn't charge you a fee but your bank does of course and they charge me a pretty hefty fee and it was just a silly stupid mistake that I've made in anyway so I took my regular bank account off of PayPal and I use a prepaid Walmart like green dot card that I just bought at Walmart it does cost five dollars a month which is a little bit of a pain but it's really handy how long until they take it out I'm not sure anyway oh I think you can also send an invoice through paper how you're right Vanessa you can yeah that might be a better option Rosie I think I can if you give me like your email address I can send you an invoice and then I think even if you don't have a PayPal account you can just pay with your debit card I believe and you know you guys always forget but I want to try to people ask me a lot how to pay at Dollar General somebody just mentioned it with PayPal but the really good thing is if you use ibotta you can transfer your money to your PayPal account and then when you go to like Dollar General you can just pay using your PayPal balance so you don't even need to transfer that money you can just do it at the register at Dollar General and I've never tried it but I knew couponing like Tony does it all the time and I think that's the first place that I've seen it by Nicky have a good night thanks for jumping on I have a blue bird American Express card excuse me guys I'm so like congested so actually I think the fees are less for a blue bird American Express card you guys are got this new lamp in here and it makes my teeth I think it's a lamp and it makes my teeth look so yellow it's like a yellow light or something anyway bye everyone that's leaving the one to bed good night I'm gonna have to go in a minute – it's getting late my bata is connected to my PayPal as well we still love you even if you got yellow tea thank you bye how oh I was on the Blue Bird um I had one I actually won a gift card at work I think I won $900 I think that's when I won that $900 anyway they gave it to me on one of those cards Rosie if I remember right and it didn't have as much the fees were not as much as the Walmart green dot card but there was some reason why I wanted the Walmart green dot card instead of the when you have that I can't remember what it was my bata is connected to my PayPal as well yeah the first time you transfer your money with a bata it does take like 21 days the first time you transfer actual cash into your PayPal account or at least it did for me and I know it did for a lot of other people oh you guys I was gonna tell you where I got Cottonelle coupons I found 20 Cottonelle coupons and I wanted to tell you guys and I wish I would have said it before all those people left the live stream that let's be honest they're probably gonna run out if you guys need to buy the cotton L coupons if I mention it a lot of people are probably gonna go buy them and they're gonna be out so can you use that bottom with a tablet it depends on what kind of tablet you have the tablet that I personally have it would not work unfortunately but the one I have is like just actually bought it at Dollar General it's a little Emerson tablet and I found out the reason why it's because their Android system is not compatible basically with ibotta just like some phones like if you get like a really cheap phone sometimes it won't download ibotta and it's just like that on a tablet but I'm gonna tell you what site I ordered 20 Cottonelle coupons from I actually checked today and they still had some and I wanted to let you guys know before we left this livestream now I don't I I just want to say in advance though this is the first time I've ever ordered off this website so I'm not saying that I recommend this website to you I have not got my Cottonelle coupons yet I just ordered them the day before yesterday but I have heard of this website before but I've never liked so I'm not recommending them or anything like that I'm just simply saying I found cutting out coupons on there and they had some left so if you guys want them I'm gonna say this publicly right now there are 60 people on this livestream chances are a lot of you are gonna want those Cottonelle coupons so you might want to go like now and get them hold on I'll tell you my computer blue screen so you should try to download up out of those so whoever asked that about the tablet you should try to download I bought on that tablet I bought it so amazing if you don't have it it's really something that you need and please use my referral code if you download it please you just click the link and it'll take you to a bada if it's compatible with your device it'll take you right to where you download the app make sure this doesn't say like my address or something so I got 20 Cottonelle coupons for 375 shipped and it was from let me tell you you ready the happy coupon er marketplace you go to their website and there's like a search for a product little search bar type in cotton L and they'll come up yeah Howard if you need um my referral link because I think it's not in the description box anymore you can email me at Crystal Ramsey 6 gmail.com and I'll send it to you thank you if you do that that would be most helpful to me because you get ten dollars and I get five so it helps me to and you see it the happy coupon our marketplace go now if you're gonna do this don't even finish watching this video go now and get you some coupons now yeah for sure if you use my barcode it it's win-win plus if you use my code the cool thing though really is though it gives you notifications like then it means that we're on teams now and if I go to Walmart and redeem rebates it'll say hey your friend crusto redeemed six dollars at Walmart blah blah so a lot of the times I'm a little bit of a shocker if somebody if it says somebody redeemed a lot of rebates I'll message them and say what did you buy it Walmart but people do that to me to you and I'm okay with that but for some reason it tells me that I have a I bought a message from somebody named Donna and I cannot open it so I don't know if she deleted it somehow or something but I don't know what the problem is it's only 50 cent there on the manufacturer website no I got dollar coupons I'll show ya teller off one Cottonelle toilet paper six rolls or larger I think these coupons are going to be printable so um I mean that's up to you I checked literally earlier today to make sure they had some because I wanted to tell you guys that I found some because I meant to mention it actually when I ordered them but I forgot I got sidetracked which shouldn't surprise you because I always do but I'm gonna search it real quick and then one in the video I gotta go get my kids in the bed they're up past their bedtime actually my one son has he come home from school today and he fell asleep in the car and he's been asleep ever since crap they are 50 cent now they must have sold out of them today I'm so sorry you guys 250 420 I'm so sorry guys I feel so bad I made the mistake of not knowing how much I would benefit by joining under someone Katrina I'll tell you something you can do if you don't have a team because it is very beneficial to have a team on I bought it and not only so you could stop them and see what they bought at Walmart but also because you get the bonuses if you have a team that redeem rebates right I'm just create a bogus Facebook account and join our coupon group if you don't have Facebook already if you do have Facebook already you can just connect your Facebook with a bata and you will all your Facebook friends will be your teammates if you don't have a Facebook just create a fake one you could go to our couponing group there even and ask for friend requests so you have some teammates all not boughten I'm sure a lot of people would be your friend just so you can have so you guys can be teammates hey Rossi how are you I'm so sorry about the coupons you guys I feel so bad I'm so sorry and I literally looked earlier today just to make sure they were still there before I mentioned it because I didn't want to mention it and then you know I still think you can get a good deal with a 3 out 15 and 50 cent coupons I agree with you 100% you would basically pay a dollar 50 more for each you know 3 packs which is a good deal but if you're going to do that if you are just going to use the 50 cent coupons instead of the dollar off ones then don't pay for those print them from coupons.com now assuming the expiration date is good until the 14th saving with Vanessa it is the Cottonelle that we're talking about we're talking about that deal coming up December 14th there were $1 off coupons on the happy coupon or marketplace that I ordered but they're gone now and they only have 50 cent off coupons so I'm so sorry how did I know about the happy coupon or marketplace somebody just asked me well it's a quite a funny story actually could another site have them I've looked everywhere everywhere for Cottonelle coupons some lady messaged me the other night I told you guys about this in the rant stream that I did I literally told her you're wasting my time and I'm trying to do scenarios here and you're wasting my time and anyway she got mad at me because I was told her she was wasting my time and she said well I just found dollar off coupons on the happy coupon her marketplace and I was like what and so I went immediately and they had coupons and I ordered some but she was trying to be rude to me and she told me that I don't know it was the weirdest thing I thought we were gonna get a dollar digital yes but these are included in the instant savings at Dollar General so you want to buy 3 eat look look let's back up here they're gonna be on sale what was it how much you guys do you remember for $3 I think and then we have dollar off coupons and thereby three save three dollars so let's assume that you cannot order any coupons or you cannot have anything but digital coupons you can't order you can't print and you only have that one $1 digital coupon you're still either gonna be able to get one package of continental toilet paper for just two dollars or you could get three packages of Cottonelle toilet paper for three packages for five dollars that's a good deal assuming it works out right I'm so nervous now cuz I'm like what if the instant savings don't come off what if what if what if cuz you know I just never want to be wrong cuz I never want you guys to depend on me and then maybe wrong but so far so good everything looks like it's working fun so we should be good but yes you can only use one digital on one pack yes is it 395 Vanessa on the 14th oh it was using a 300 yuan if you bought six packs and use a three off 15 and six $1 off coupons you would pay six dollars which was like a dollar a pack I remember that was the scenario but I couldn't remember the price Instagram has tons of coupon fairies we'll definitely have them just be careful you guys do not be weary of ordering internet printable coupons you probably already know how I feel about that I worry so much when people order internet printables of course you can do whatever you want but I'm just saying hold on tell you what insert they were in because I thought I said initially and I'm wanting to make a video about it that out I thought about this long and hard you guys when I found that dollar off coupon I was like first of all if I make a video about it this website is gonna be flooded and there's no way a thousand people are gonna get this coupon see it's even sold out now I don't know but anyway all right guys let's end this live stream I gonna get my kids in the bed they're up late please give the video a thumbs up if you could that would be so very nice if you do join ibotta please use my referral code that helps me out somebody says it's 3:50 on the 14th the Cottonelle I don't order from fairies yeah just after like newspaper coupons but I'm really scared of internet printables because I swear guys think about how many they sell sometimes I see some fairies selling hundreds of Internet printable so you don't know if they've copied them or what they've done to get them and if you go to Dollar General and it's a copy coupon and you use it it's gonna look bad for you can you imagine one two gel for something like that and you just simply order to coupon from somebody I mean I don't know that you would would go to jail especially we could prove that you ordered the coupon that it just worries me like it's more I don't know anyway yeah only paper coupons all right guys thank you guys so much for watching yes Amberly we're leaving I'm sorry but you can start the meeting from beginning don't forget we go live every Monday morning and every Tuesday night at 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Monday morning I try to make it 10 a.m. and if I'm a few minutes late on the live stream it just happens like sometimes it's a bit of a rush because I'm like oh no 8 o'clock I gotta go get a drink oh no oh no oh no it's 803 but I will be there very shortly if it's not exactly at 8:00 the way YouTube works sometimes it can't be exactly a date but you get what I'm saying thanks so much you guys for coming I really really appreciate it when you comment even if you comment hi it does help my videos and it really helps me out in YouTube's I'm on there naughty list again and I don't know why but I appreciate all y'all's support and comments and thumbs up and chairs and stuff so we'll see you in the next video bye

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**How To Save Money FAST**



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IF YOU ARE READING THIS: How much money do you want to save?
hey guys welcome to my channel I'm Juliana if you haven't seen me before I would love for you to subscribe to my channel and give this video a thumbs up so today I'm going to talk about how Levi has been saved over fifty thousand dollars in just one year working basic jobs saving money is not very exciting or at least at first it's not so whenever you first start it is a struggle and you probably won't be able to go out as much you will probably not going to be as happy because we all develop a habit of things making us happy it's an instant gratification whenever you buy something you'll instantly feel that high you feel happy and you're excited and that lasts about probably two seconds or you know now we're for some people and then you move on to a different thing so the first thing you want to do to save money is break that habit stop shopping do other things that don't cost money go to the park go to the library get some books start reading do different things that don't require you to buy stuff the second thing you want to do is record all of your expenses and when I say all expenses I do mean all expenses the vending machine purchases even if it's 75 cents the coffee you get even if it's something from a dollar menu you still want to put that down so whenever I say all expenses I do mean absolutely all expenses next you want to make a budget write down things like bills as well as some necessary things like gas and food and so on the next step I call trimming the fat look at that budget you made and now find creative ways to cut the costs maybe use less electricity to cut the utility costs down get rid of things like cable bills don't shop for clothing you can even call credit card companies and utility companies and ask them to lower your bills shop around for lower prices things like phone internet cable different types of insurance you can bring the price down just by shopping around the next step is to take a financial fast basically don't buy anything but the necessities that includes gas groceries only the necessary ones and that's about it do things that are free go to the park go to different events that are open to the public and are free your library would have lots of different events that are free to the public speaking of libraries never buy books always get them for free at the library you can even rent new audiobooks for free I don't know about you but I'm obsessed with audiobooks whenever I'm driving or working out or going on a run or something cancel your memberships things like gym memberships Spotify Netflix you really don't need those things you can still watch free things on the internet listen to music for free and exercise at home or outside for free these are the tips that I have for you if you want to save money fast you can still save money using just a few of these tips but for me and my husband we really wanted to stay focused and save as much money as possible in a short amount of time I know this is not for everybody it's only for people who really want to save a lot of money in a small amount of time like we did I hope you enjoyed this video and if you have any money saving tips comment those below and share with all of us don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you haven't already and I will see you in my next video bye