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How to cut your electric bill in half part 6 by Missouri Wind and Solar

**How to cut your electric bill in half part 6 by Missouri Wind and Solar**



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Stop wasting Energy and Cut your Bills - HOWARD JOHNSON Free Energy Motor

**Stop wasting Energy and Cut your Bills – HOWARD JOHNSON Free Energy Motor**



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Visit – – The perpetual motion magnetic motor is a poorly understood product. Skepticism has found its way to it and the most …

BBC News   Can smartphones help save money on energy bills

**BBC News Can smartphones help save money on energy bills**



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Can smartphones help save money on energy bills
using GPS technology smartphones can track your movements such as your journey home by knowing exactly where you are your phone can keep your heating's switched off until the moment you need it when you're an hour away perhaps the system begins to come to life knowing when you're likely to arrive and taking into account the forecast temperatures the boiler gradually ramps up the phone will then sense your actual approach so that by the time you come through the door a house and the hot water are warm the owner of this house paid 250 pounds for the system just two months ago but he's already noticing the savings it's saving us I think probably about twenty to thirty percent it's difficult to say as Y X I haven't actually had a full quarterly bill but I've worked it out based on the daily figures that it gives me and based on that it should pay for itself within about three years other systems offer even greater savings although they're more expensive to install in this house for example you can actually control the temperatures in individual rooms all from your phone and from anywhere in the world why heat your sitting room first thing in the morning for example when no one's actually using it well with the help of these wireless controls on the radiators you can actually shut off the heating just in here in fact by doing so it's makers claim you can save up to 400 pounds a year independent experts say such savings are possible but mostly for people who live in large properties comparing someone who lives in a large detached property which might be quite leaky and used a lot of heating to someone in a one-bedroom flat the person in the larger property will obviously have a much greater saving potential that they could make for the first time your lifestyle could also have a bearing on the amount you can save the more you're away from home or the more hectic your schedule the bigger your savings could be what the adverts do not say is that more basic green measures can save you just as much so best to do those first and then consider this technology Branigan BBC News

Cut Your Electric Bill in Half central air conditioner mist n save

**Cut Your Electric Bill in Half central air conditioner mist n save**



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Here’s a link to the Cool-N-Save
You should also check out the MistBox:

Here’s the link to my Window Air Conditioner video

Evaporative cooling is great. It’s how our bodies keep cool when it’s hot. We sweat. The sweat evaporates and that phase change carries heat away from our bodies because it takes heat to turn liquid water into water vapor.

When you spray a mist of liquid water into the air, the tiny droplets of liquid can evaporate into individual water vapor molecules. Again, it takes heat to do that, and in this case the heat comes from the air. The result is cooler air. If you live in a dry climate, you may even use this principle to cool the air in your home with a device called a swamp cooler.

Now, let’s take that principle and apply it to your air conditioner. I’ve explained how air conditioners work in a previous article, collecting heat from inside the house and dumping it to the air outside the house. Because the outdoor air is hot, the compressor has to make the refrigerant that carries that heat even hotter than the outdoor air because heat always flows from hot to cold, or in this case, hotter to hot.

If you can evaporate water into the air right before it gets pulled into the condensing unit, you can decrease the temperature of the air and thus increase the capacity and efficiency of your air conditioner. Then, instead of dumping that heat from hotter to hot, you’re dumping it from hotter to not-quite-as-hot, and that’s easier to do.

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