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THRIFT HAUL  how to save money on clothes!

**THRIFT HAUL how to save money on clothes!**



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Tried to find some deals..then trying to be more frugal..found even better deals at a few yard sales!
welcome to the green apple home here is the loot there are six shirts and five pairs of pants at Target the total if you can see I don't know was 108 47 but I think I can do better if I can find her size at a yard sale or a thrift store or something usually I like to go yard selling because it's cheaper than even then like a goodwill or a thrift store I'll have the clothes if I don't find anything really in her size but so far I've been pretty successful in this area of finding really super cheap clothes in great conditions if you buy something and they're not quite using it yet just hold on to the receipt don't wash it or anything don't just send up everything off and wash it and do it unless you're not planning on going out you're exhaling or anything why spend the money if you can find it somewhere cheaper just as good it just makes sense my wife just wins yard saleing and she was supposed to get some clothes for Moo we'll see what she got who knows what she came up with if I came up some kind of weird Wien back chair that she wants to reupholster or something but anyway let's find out what yet hey would you get things that work I got a few things that were the list you had the list that's in her head who knows what that is maybe just a jacket let me show you what I got sure it's just stuff that I didn't get but they were just so cute through galvanized buckets and then okay but I scored like I got I got DD winter coats nice let me show you what I got and I got this pile for 15 and this pile think was four so it's been under $20 on all of this I can probably take back some of the clothes maybe if I did do a lot like see you there nice drill Nucky I really raked it in fine clothing so my mission today on the yard sale was to get clothes for boots so if you want to save money this is the way to go yard saleing we're going to take back these and the only reason why I can do this is because I didn't take off the tags yet there is a man genius my wife is a genius

Invisalign to Close My HUGE Gap | Buying on Groupon, Tips & Regrets

**Invisalign to Close My HUGE Gap | Buying on Groupon, Tips & Regrets**



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I’ve been wearing invisible braces for about 6 months now. The experience has been transformative, and I’ve picked up some tips along the way.

On My Eyes
Juvia’s Place Nubian 2 Eyeshadow Palette
Kenya on my lids
Jezebel on my crease
Leyla on outer corners

On My Lips
Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit in Love Bite

hi guys welcome back to my channel today I'm going to be talking about my Invisalign story if you've been watching my channel you know that I've been on it this one for about the last six months on it is currently March and I started my Invisalign treatment in September so I thought I just kind of you know you have a little bit of information and can actually give a full accurate review of how Invisalign works and how I'm liking it so far like I said if you've been watching me for quite a while you would have noticed that I had a very sizable gap in my bottom teeth um that was kind of like the biggest issue with my teeth of that my teeth in general healthy gums were healthy never had like cavities or anything like that but you know I had like oh I was a house through the gaps in my bottom teeth um it didn't really bother me I think of all the other people one of the bother me because like other people saw my teeth more than I saw my teeth I don't know when I look in the mirror I don't really go like him you know I'm sorry I didn't notice like the gap it's not unless I was watching myself back on day I'm like wow that's pretty big so it just wanted something I was thinking about for a while you know growing up my parents my very active and didn't really want me to have traditional braces they've got a weird or like a wire people putting metal in their teeth when I come from having gaps in your teeth or just normal I guess it's not like fresh you too big deal but obviously me growing up in America um it's not like I guess slightly need to have like not nice and straight teeth I don't know so I will say it didn't bother me to not to go to bother me just enough and I was like well if I could afford treatment then why not and the older I got you definitely I do not want to have metal braces in my mouth this was like I decided to be buck teeth or buck through this rather than just you know have races at like 35 I don't know it just wasn't something that I really wanted to do but then midwives you know you came popular and I would see the ads and I'd see the commercials and I was like wow I mean it looks and difficult I just always thought it was are going to be really ridiculously expensive and not I wouldn't be able to afford it but that's actually one of the biggest mixed about in July I just braces in general on and I really like to go with the mindset but I can't afford anything I think you can sort anything if you put your mind to it if you save enough it may take you a year it may take you ten years may take you 30 years but at some point if you put enough money anyway you will be able to afford that thing that you want um so I just scrolling there group on one day and I just saw a bunch of Invisalign deals and I was like well not only doing anything with my life you know I might as well go check it out and a little bit of that rounding is I went school for journalism actual broadcast journalism and I was like if I'm going to be on TV if I'm going to be on camera a lot you know just because I don't care about this is that other people don't care about it so this is something I really want to invest in I want to invest in you know my looks I wanna invest in how I present myself to the outside world so that wasn't the biggest kind of factor and why I decided to go ahead and get in design and the second thing was I was able to afford it so I saw him from phone that they were having $2,000 off the Invisalign treatment for one of my local dentists so Annie came look like a $200 teeth whitening whatever whatever so I was like you know what I'll just go for the consultation I'm probably would even be a good candidate for Invisalign but the Groupon deal was only like ninety nine dollars you got two thousand dollars off under the lion I've as well just go see so I went for the consultation and then traditionally told me that of course you know you're a candidate for Invisalign not only are your this is where he gets returns a good part not only are your teeth obviously have gaps in them but you know there there's this there's that there's all this other stuff but you would be a good candidate ferns in line um and I was like old awesome grapes I have $2,000 off because of the group on how much it's gonna cost and she says well typically I charged $7,500 but what the $2,000 discount it's going to be 5500 and I was just like what $5,500 so that I could close my gap just kind of seemed like a lot and I'll break I there it just did not sound right to me like oh but there's no way this treatment can cause $7,500 like that's a whole semester to semester for college like no this Groupon was stupid I didn't need this um when I went home and I was like I'm going to just do some more research because I'm sure you know she's just trying to take advantage of the Groupon deal so I actually went online and I went on this website called real self and real self is a great website if you're ever looking to do anything cosmetic they have before-and-after pictures how much people pay depending on their location and stuff like that so that's where I want to do the bulk of my research and I was seeing prices from like 3500 all the way up to 10,000 for Invisalign okay I guess it just really depends on here you go to how long your treatment lasts and all that kind of stuff so I did some research and I actually found a local dentist in my area that you know had really great reviews on Google so I decided to go in for a second consultation and here's a really important part is that you want if you're doing any dental work you want your work to be done by someone who really knows what they're doing because that first lady was like yeah sure you're great Canada just give me fifty five hundred dollars or maybe years ago and then that same day after I had that consultation with her I went to my regular dentist for normal teeth cleaning and I told him about he was like you you're not a candidate for Invisalign you know and biz mines horrible like they it straightens your teeth on a very superficial level it doesn't move it from the bottom this man's third and I was like well this lady just told me that great news like she is a dentist you want to talk to eighth orthodontist and he was like you know what I'm going to give you a referral to these doctors for this or Kadampa and they say that you're Canada for it then I believe them but just don't believe any dentists such as got licensed in you know in the mine three months ago sounds like that sounds fair enough and after did my research I found these thoughts these group of cosmetic dentists so one of them is an orthodontist who the other one is a cosmetic dentist and they live in my area they are a little bit closer to me and I went in and had a second consultation he said yes you know you are candidate for it and he mentioned us like what she said where it was I had other things wrong with my teeth that been just the big gap I actually had gaps on the top apparently I'm a tongue thruster so um my teeth that's where my teeth were flared and he basically just said you know you're a candidate for it but I'm not going to tell you that you're going to be done in a year like I'm in the States probably anything about two years you know it's going to be a slow process just I want to give you very realistic expectations and then I was like great you know I'm ready for this how much is it gonna cost and he said typically I charge $5,500 but if your insurance doesn't cover it then you know I can give you a discount and I was like my insurance does not cover it so he gave me a discount I think overall ended up paying about $4,000 we just still quite a lot but like if you compare 4,000 to 7,500 like that's a great deal so they did very wasted my money on the Groupon because she discharged me but she was in a charge of the regular price anyway this guy was great dr. mom she's wonderful with the how universities will love him to death and what happens is after I heard I had that first consultation like I think that same day actually she took molds of my teachers I was just like you know what I'm buddy I want to do this but I don't want to start the treatment just yet cause it takes some time for them to take the molds and Senate or things and one people and all that stuff so I think what happened that did they took molds with my teeth and um they took pictures and all that all that stuff and that part cost two hundred and fifty dollars and I think I hate that like that day and then after they send it to visit line they make all your trees and all that kind of stuff and that's when you start that process takes about two weeks but it took me three months from when I got my most two lines whether that I actually wanted to have them on my teeth and that was mainly because I just wanted those three months to save some more money because now I knew I'm going to be maybe four thousand dollars um I kind of wanted to pay everything upfront and you know you have to pay like a depositor I think my deposit was about a thousand dollars or something like that so I just wanted to give myself those three months to save up a whole bunch of money rather than just going on like a payment plan and cane forever so that's what I did and I came back in two weeks after he had sent my silver Invisalign and I saw the video and the video completely sold me I forget what it's called but basically it's a simulation of what your teeth look like and how they will change over the years so I do not realize how bad my teeth were like all I saw when I lived in there I had a couple of gaps here and there but seeing my teeth in that like simulation but well that's what's in my mouth and he just as he puts the video I'll insert the video but as he took the video from week one week two week three and useful the teks is coming closer and closer and closer and back and back and back I was like this is like magic I need to do this but I want to do this this is definitely worth the $4,000 going to be copying up so yeah that's that first pot that is hot my whole story of how I got started now I got started September 1st and it is now like what March 10th or something so I've been having I've had them in for about six months and I will tell you second part of the video is my thoughts on Invisalign the treatment it was very painful verse three days you know a lot of people say oh it's better than having you know traditional braces cuz you don't have to do the tightening and stuff the first three days were brutal and maybe that's just because I don't know maybe I had a huge gap and it was close closing it up but those days those were brutal like it actually physically hurt and I was just like I cannot do this for like you know two years like that's just I can't do it for two years that's too much um and I actually like wanted to give up and I've actually read a lot of blogs about people just getting up on Invisalign like it's within the first like create quarter brief and you know so those first three days really hurt I had a very I still have a list but you I was inaudible for like the first two weeks but you cannot hear what I'm saying I guess it was so bad like my list was horrible and it was like what there's really no point in having the invisible braces that people can still like not hear what I'm saying they're going to know something about but no after I really thought I was going to have to list the whole time and it went away in about two weeks and now I sound like a semi-normal person you can still hear it felt like I can definitely still hear it I sound a lot different than when I talk about the abyss ion and as you know this they come in little taps like speed and so my whole treatment is supposed to last 29 trade and you were each trade for two weeks so if you multiply 29 by 2 you get 58 weeks which is just a little bit over a year but then as I told you my doctor had told me that it was going to take me two years I've read that after you have the initial treatment of the trays there's also a refinement stage where um so they go and fix anything that you know wasn't fix in that time and then you also have retainers so that your teeth don't move and my dentist told me that basically I'm gonna have to wear the trays for 29 trays and then after I have them for 29 trays I'm going to have to wear a retainer every day morning through night for six months straight and he said what's my case he may just give me like linear breaks on linear retainers where they're just on your teeth forever basically but if I don't do that I have to wear them all day long basically for six months and then every night for the rest of my life after those six months but you just thought he might just go ahead and just give me like linear retainers with your retainer one back of your teeth and no one sees them and they're just stuff on there like put the rest of your life I prefer that option than you know having the visible ones in the front but yes so you where I my days by change days are Tuesdays which is really awkward sometimes cause it's like I kind of just another Tuesday's little beer day for me i bribe me with sundays but my changing days are on tuesdays for it so every tuesday i not every day every two Tuesday's I change my trades myself and I see my dentist every six weeks so every six weeks Tegan in a three and it's kind of like checks to food everything is going on and he has actually been amazed i've we've both been amazed because i thought it would be a much slower process than it already it than it is but actually within the first month i could see a change a drastic change in my teeth um my job which is getting my my top teeth i think are almost like completely fixed like all my gaps are gone from and talk to eat my bottom teeth some of the gaps are they are closing up but the biggest one right here is still there but it is literally like at this point half the size of what it was when i first started and that is totally amazing um another thing is that I have one two three four five six seven eight nine ten at eleven buttons on and you probably can't even tell but there are these little white buttons they stick on to your teeth that make your arms he's actually moved that's like what makes them that's what does a job basically and I think that first they used to be read when Invisalign first came out but now they're just like the color of like your actual tooth so you can't even tell that they're there unless you come a real close and see them and one actually fell off and I didn't know that my dentist is not very happy about that music you need to tell me you like it's going to slow down your treatment so now I check like every morning that all my buttons are still on there but yeah I have a total of eleven three on this side three on that side on the top and then three on this side and two on this side on the bottom and they don't hurt you don't really feel like anything they're kind of sharp if you like just put your bare hand against it but I don't really do that and yeah that's pretty much it for what's actually going on in my mouth now the next part psychologically is on the fact that you have to wear it for at least 20 hours preferably 22 hours a day and at first I thought this was going to be really really hard like just wearing them all the time so I'm you know 18 and I'm going to like timely so like when I first week I had them I actually timed myself but every time I would take them off students tried to not exceed four hours of them being off and like eating the first couple of weeks the first week I would say it was really really really really hard because my teeth they were so new to my teeth that like every time I would take them off to eat like they were really my teeth are really tender and then putting them back on just was like so painful that I had to get like or a gel just to a ton of numb my teeth before I put them in but on yeah I don't have those problems anymore now I can just pop a mom and pop them off I get used to me so long them on and off but I don't have that problem anymore like it takes me like literally 20 seconds not even 20 seconds probably ten seconds to take them off so you cannot drink anything besides water with your Invisalign on and that wasn't a really big problem for me because I've really only drink water anyway but if you want to do in something like coffee or tea or soda like anything pretty much this not water you have to take them out to drink that so I can see how that could be a little bit bothersome for some people like I'm not a heavy beverage drinker so I'm fine with it but it can get in the way specially when you're like on the town or like at a party or something you just want to like drink some alcohol take some shots it's really annoying to always just take them off and put them on and same thing with spoons you cannot eat any food whatsoever with that anti-god it's actually very like uncomfortable to eat with them in so you have to take them off so that you know maybe me and having such a healthy relationship with food I found a way around this so um if I pretty much drink anything with them on as long as I have a straw I mean right now I'm drinking but usually I will just drink whatever with the straw I mean the main reason you don't want to drink anything with sugar in it or anything with coloring is it's going to stain the actual invisible eyes going to swing to plastic so it won't be invisible anymore we're trying to like I guess looking to the point and you're not supposed to eat anything but the things you're not supposed to chew because you could actually break the plastics but like I said I found reefer I was like I usually the first week that I have them on I don't do anything crazy but towards the end of the second week where it's time for me to swap the trade anyway it's like to get a little careless and just like no gummy bears I can do soft foods I can do um and every now and then like a smoothie or something I can just do like I don't know I just was so annoying for me to just change my whole eating schedule based on my Invisalign but I just flick on them and do that and the other thing is that also um they recommend that you brush your teeth every time you brush your teeth and you brush the actual Invisalign trays every time you take them off that also is like kind of impractical I used to get those small toothbrushes and stuff but you can get some targets that are like portable at the beginning I to do that and then I just flex stop caring I can't use it anymore um one thing though that I will say is you don't want to brush the end you don't want to clean the end design with food but you just want to clean it with just water and a toothbrush because if you clean up with toothpaste it gets a little foggy and like very weird looking you want to do that and yeah that's pretty much it um I won't say that immediately I put me into the Lionel and I already felt like my smile is just so much better just because with the trays on it cool it makes the gas look smaller than they already are like I don't know why I don't if I'm swinging that correctly but like whenever I put them on and just makes the gap look smaller I guess because I like the plastic it's like I don't know I mean it makes sense in my head I'm trying to say and the other thing is that if you are a lipstick where you will get lipstick on your liver line and getting what's thick on your design is a lot more annoying than getting stick lying to you because it actually takes a little bit more work to wipe the lipstick off I probably have lipstick on mind of mine right now but you know when I just haven't care anymore and um what else kissing is like the same like I don't really notice like a difference I guess she doesn't want to different side of there um yeah that part is fine other stuff is lucky I don't know he's gonna have to figure out a little works for you what doesn't but um and also when you get the end of montre you want to get your Invisalign pack when you first start you get two trays you get a blue one and you get a red one I already broke my blue lines but I still have my red lines but overall like I really really like the treatment like I don't have any complaints I think it's totally worth it I will say though like 23rd month when my teeth actually started really shifting and I started seeing like a huge difference I kind of felt bad because I was like I felt like I did this more for other people than I did for myself like I spent so much money just to like make other people want to look at me if that makes any sense like I did this because I wanted to be actually broadcast journalism I wanted to be on TV I wanted to you know do all that stuff and now like my career goal to kind of change it a little bit my priorities have kind of changed a little bit and that doesn't matter to me as much anymore so it's like okay I'm already like deep into the treatment like was what was really the point like it's kind of insane when you think about it but I don't know the closer my teeth get I just that thought kind of goes away because I think it was great right now um yeah I will say that I had a little bit of those like well why did I really do this like this is kind of like I could have put that money to work something else you know this is crap this is all vain but I mean I don't know I don't know I already did it already put all the money up um so yeah that's the other thing ask a dentist about payment plans because I had to save up a good amount of the money but then I just felt like I don't want to give this man with my whole entire life savings so interest free I had payment plans for about five months in each month I feel like 675 dollars for five months with no interest in that was that was pretty cool but yeah that's really it I really really really enjoy the way my teeth look I love the treatment like it just it doesn't feel like anything anymore like I just feel like these are my normal teeth actually sometimes I feel weird when I don't have them on like I should put them back in but yeah I totally love it if you guys have any question I know I ramble a lot I'm really trying to stop rambling but if you have any questions or you feel like watching this whole video just leave a comment down below and I'll try and answer them for the best of my ability if you have any tips or if you we're in the plenteous if you have any tips you want to share with me let me know like I said again not sponsored by Nisswa nor anybody but real self is a great website if you really want to see if this is the right thing for you to do and yeah I'm so happy and I cannot wait to show you I think how if I do late when I'm finally done with treatment do another review but thank you so much for watching this very long video and I will catch you guys next time bye

How to use Gap.com coupons and promo codes

**How to use Gap.com coupons and promo codes**



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Visit for up to date Gap coupon codes!

This video demonstrates how and where to enter Gap coupon codes during the checkout process for their online store. Make sure you’re armed with a coupon whenever shopping online!
here at the coupon chief gap page you can see all the deals that gap is currently offering their best deal is usually free shipping on purchases over $100 so this first linker right here notice that there is a coupon code here and you can either write down that code or with something that makes it even easier is if you can click and drag to highlight the coupon code and then right click on it go to copy and then I'll show you where we use that here in a bit let's go ahead and click the link and now all we have to do is go shopping and get over $100 let's click min and we'll get some pants let's see we'll select by size and maybe these here okay looks good let's add those to the bag okay and let's go ahead and look for a jacket too let's try this one here good and we're real close to our $100 mark so I'm just gonna go ahead and maybe get a pair of socks how about that right here this should put us over okay and we are right about at it aren't we so let's go ahead and go to checkout okay and currently shipping is gonna cost us nine ninety five so let's go to checkout I'll go ahead and sign in then we'll fast forward to the last screen now towards the bottom of the billing page you're going to look for a little section that says promo code and you'll notice if I scroll down here here is a summary of my order and right now I'm being charged for shipping 995 so let's go ahead and right-click in that text box go to paste and then apply okay and that coupon has been applied and now my standard shipping is free