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hey folks wisteria here and today I saw this amazing post on animal chimps Instagram page talking about a new code it's um like wow you know what this is what I'm gonna do I'm gonna make an animal jam video I have a lot to go over in this video actually so we're just gonna be helping or right into it first of all be sure to stick around slim very into this video because at the end of this video I'm going to be announcing the winner into the giveaway that I put in one of my previous videos which I'll put up on the screen right now and then after that I'm going to be hosting a new cafe for all of you to enter in the comments of this video so you all should definitely stick around to the end because then you have a chance to get your paws on some juicy bears and we all know how exciting that is so yeah stick around another thing I'm gonna mention did you all know that I actually have a vlog channel that's right since literally every single day I'm getting comments from people being like man I used to love watching you like three years ago all right guys I get the message I get what you're trying to say here you're getting too old for my videos well guess what I have a vlog channel with Styria like and I just uploaded a new vlog on there which I'll put up on the screen right now y'all should definitely check it out leave me a nice comment put your animaljam username at the end and assuming I have the time I will give you an autograph on Animal Jam that is right some good old fashioned incentives I'll say this is viable for up to the first two hundred comments ya guys should definitely go check that out and while we're at it I'm just gonna throw another little March promo that's right get yourself some snazzy merch on WWE Asteria world.com link in description we've got a lot of snazzy stuff on there with all different price ranges so no excuses folks check it out get yourself some snazzy wisteria apparel and now we'll get into the main point of this video the guts so the point is that Animal Jam for the first time in what seems like years has actually just come out with a brand's new promo code we're all jammers to use which is incredible stuff so I wanted to take an opportunity to make a video about this because it's just so rare for Animal Jam to actually introduce promo codes so let's give the good old Instagram post to read and check this out so if you go to animal jams Instagram which you can either follow them on and severe more good the desktop version instagram.com such animaljam uh you will see that they post a ton of helpful animal gym update related facts and like some really cool fan art and today they just created this post called well I don't really know if post have a title but anyways it's called celebrating Apollo 11 the post reads join us as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing 50 years ago today American astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin Buzz Aldrin set foot upon the surface of the Moon while Michael Collins flew the command module in lunar orbit solo for nearly eight days honor of these three brave heroes like an animal Jim calm into the coat Apollo 11 this code will be available for three dates only Saturday July 20th through Monday July 22nd delivering three lunar den items join us in celebrating the Apollo 11 moon landing anniversary hashtag animal Jim house check Apollo 11 Wow such insightful stuff we're really commending animaljam for throwing a little education or way and while they're at it some free items I think that this is a really nice feature and an all seriousness for the amount that I'm actually like kind of trivializing it this is a really cool thing for Animal Jam to do why because animal Jim never released his new promo codes anymore now I understand it might not be in their best interest because the whole point of like animal jam is for people to try to earn items on their own and that's kind of what keeps people playing an animal Jim can't just give up free stuff all the time however promo codes are a great opportunity for a lot of people especially Animal Jam youtubers because I'm telling you it gets hard creating Animal Jam videos sometimes I'm not gonna lie to you guys but aside from that it's also a really good opportunity to get people logging in get them excited get them really into different events so I really don't understand why Animal Jam hasn't been putting out more promo codes but I guess we should focus on the positives here they finally have one there's also a catch this promo code so I'm gonna start this off by redeeming it and just seeing what happens so without disclosing any of the previous disasters that unfolded let's go ahead and type in Apollo 11 of course can't even enter this code right alright continue click to get your gift and there we have it folks rare moon hat spectacular so as promised we are supposed to be receiving the reed n items end of our hat actually I don't know if everyone gets her hat I'm actually really confused well anyways I don't really know what the deal with this is according to the post we're just supposed to be receiving three rare dine items but now we have a rare moon Hat so that's exciting see what our den items are alright so you've got Rover Trax lunar footprints and a moon rock lamp now that seems pretty consistent with what everyone's been receiving but here's the tea folks here's the tea so earlier when jammers were first redeeming this promo code for whatever reason they were getting a Finland flag instead of a lunar hat all right let's try this again here we go Apollo 11 blast off Finland thank Allah for to continue and we have our promo gifts already so first of all we have a Finland flag I did not know about this is really cute actually so yeah they are got actually all of these lunar items they got the rover tracks the gosh whatever this is the lunar footprints the rover tracks in the moon rockland got all that but the hats no they definitely did not get the Hat they actually got a Finland flag don't ask me why but I just think this is hilarious because Finland is just one of those few countries you rarely hear about please if you are from Finland do not be offended I actually feel like I have a good number of fans in Finland so I'm not saying it's in a relevant country I'm just saying you don't always hear about it it's like what are the odds of all items that animal Jim could possibly accidentally send out it would be Finland like it's just so hilarious to me I just think it's so great I think it's just such a hilarious meme I'm probably gonna be making some memes about this I don't know maybe I have a really stupid sense of humor but I think it's hilarious like come on folks it's just so great another tidbit aside from the promo code disaster with the Finland flag accidentally being sent out um we also have something else that's really interesting ajhq actually sent out some rare gifts to the gym basa ders I kind of feel like I'm flexing here but honestly it can't be anything too too special I am very curious so I'm very curious to see what they've said because I think they just realized oh hey to get word of our promo code out there we'll send the gym best or some extra special stuff so yeah that's basically what's going on here let's give this gift a good old open shall we and here we have the lunar landing pod huh I honest know if this has come out yet or not I'm really not up to date no Jim Barris I should probably be a lot more excited but I don't really know the significance of these items we've got a lunar rover interesting so yeah I'm just gonna casually look this up real quick all righty so according to the animaljam wiki the lunar rover definitely has come out but I don't know if this is rare I guess it hasn't come out in like a really long time so watch this item suddenly get a bunch of clout just because everyone's gonna all of a sudden be looking for and then realize that probably no one even has these items because yeah I don't think these space themed items have really been out for a while let's check up on the other one okay so this one according to my observations is significantly less rare than the rover because it was rereleased oh wait JK this was also read the least so I don't really know guys I really have no idea about the significance of these items all I know is that this is a special additional gift from a GHQ to the gym bass udders so you guys shouldn't really be expecting like anything other than these three items but hey if it happens you can feel pretty special about yourself because I don't know I don't know what their thought process was I'm saying this stuff out either way I'm very grateful to ajhq for the added gifts I definitely would not have had these items before but yeah I appreciate them especially given the past history of the moon landing I think that is some super cool stuff but mostly what I find funniest about this whole experience is just the disaster of the Finland flag we came along with the oh my goodness that did not sound good hopefully y'all didn't hear that anyways all very unexpected but very fun I really do enjoy that I received a pink moon hat honestly I think this fits might look pretty stunningly because you know I'm with Syria moon and I now have a moon hat that's pink and matches my pink rock like that is some extravaganza I'm gonna be parading this around for a while of course only tragic thing going along with this is that moon hats have probably dropped in rarity a lot I kind of do you think it'd be cool if animal Jim released some like unique item but whatever I I really can't expect it at this point so I'm actually gonna be logging out real quick and trying to redeem this code on my spare account to see if we get some other kind of at color because I'm curious to see how that works so I am now on the good old handy spared count but uh yeah let's just go to the redeem code option type in Apollo 11 and we'll see what we get alrighty so we got a blue or a moon hat that has some same stuff got the same color of Rover tracks in color lunar footprints I don't even think they come in different colors TV a chance than a green moon rock limps I'm pretty sure that these will always remain the same color but then we get varying colors of the rare moon hats so you know if you want to start up a moon Hat color collection just start redeeming this code on a bunch of accounts or trading for it that could be some fun stuff I don't really know how well it'll hold its value but yeah alrighty guys so I guess that's just going to wrap things up for this little image ampere oh no code redemption slash reveal slash review I'm pretty excited about this and hopefully we can petition animal Jim to bring out more promo codes on that beautiful note I'm actually going to be purchasing some good old Vinland flags as a tribute to Animal Jam failures and shortcomings gonna be plastering a good number of these all over my den all right everyone just spam Finland flags all over Animal Jam we're making a new holiday folks this is gonna be the newest meme of Animal Jam and yeah let's go and pop these in we love Finland we're showing our Finland Jam or some loaf oh yes eNOS anyways folks before I believe it is time for me to announce the winner so they give away that I hosted in my last video that how to give away the winner to this had the username me self to and this jammer correctly followed all of the giveaway requirements which were to leave the like in the video subscribe to my channel and leave a comment containing their Animal Jam username and their favorite unreleased items yes see what happens focus when you follow the rules you might win a prize so let's go ahead and attach their prize of these short yellow where spiked collar huh there we go beautiful um I'll just say congrats Oh congrats to you myself too and scent so folks now is your chance to enter another snazzy giveaway in the comments of this video so the giveaway is going to be for this glorious short black where spiked color that's right we're just stepping it up folks anyways in order to enter this giveaway all you must do is leave a comment below containing your geom username and a gift that you would have animaljam make a promo code for I feel like I've asked people to come this a bunch in the past but whatever we're doing it again because Animal Jam clearly needs some more inspiration oh and of course as always you also have to like the video subscribe to our Channel and hit the bell icon next to the subscribe button to be notified of my uploads and yeah it may or may not host a bonus giveaway randomly chosen from people who leave a nice comment on my latest vlog on wisteria life that's right you heard it here folks but I swear if it's something like just an animal gym username or own G give me a spike like nah that's not a qualifying comments definitely gotta be something related to the vlog I mean you can just casually slip your animal gym username at the end you know but it's got to be authentic and real all right at the very least you'll probably get an autograph so yeah folks anyways that is just about going to wrap it up for this little code redemption video I really hope that you enjoyed it as always thank you all so much for watching don't forget to comment like and subscribe and I'll see you in my next video

All Secret Promo Codes in Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator (FREE HONEY, TICKETS & ROYAL JELLY)

**All Secret Promo Codes in Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator (FREE HONEY, TICKETS & ROYAL JELLY)**



View Time:13:32Minutes



All new promo codes for roblox bee swarm simulator! With these codes you will be able to get free tickets, honey and royal jelly! Thumbs Up for Bee Swarm Simulator

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are you gonna do is go to the top settings over here and you click on the settings it's called system and then right there there's a promo code you type in the first one meow and equals redeem and then that one gives you five free tickets hello everybody its gravy camera here and welcome back to a new video so today were exploring the little small updated a Hanan beast from simulator that added codes and you guys been commenting a bunch of codes for us and I counted up all the codes that I saw and I'm gonna add them all to this one video so make sure you guys stick around so you guys get all the codes to get three tickets free honey and free royal jelly let me go should I I should probably go to an area just so I can get some honey while I'm doing this let me go up here baby okay let's go up here boy do I have a question alone before we start let me just go right here but yeah guys if you do enjoy this video smash the like button and subscribe if you guys are new to my channel gonna be run away please no scorpion leave me alone we'll start in a second as soon as we take out the scorpions alright there y'all hear I'm gonna stay here and then let's get all of these coats so the first thing if you want to activate the codes guys all you gonna do is go to the top settings over here and you click on the settings it's called system and then right there there's a promo code and you type in the first one meow and it goes we redeem and then that one gives you five free tickets seed a lot of you guys buy like all my shirt it's a little like crazy alright let's pick Jeff alright Jeff I'm gonna add you to my friend list let me look for you except there you go me and Jeff are now friends guys right okay so let's continue with the codes Oh guys so the next code is um let me just copy and paste these so be easier I'll put them up on the screen too so the pop master and that one gives you 5 tickets to so we got 10 tickets so far your next one is connoisseur and I gives you also 5 tickets and then we got buzz and oh that gives you 5,000 honey's for buzz and then we got crawlers running rabbit right here crawlers and I get also gives you 5 tickets and now we got one which like a bunch of numbers as three eight two one seven redeem tonight gives you a bunch of tickets to wax ok wax gives you 5000 and then the next one is nectar so make it gives you five thousand also and then we got change but change it I can't your oil jelly a free roll jelly the next one is roof boom that gives you five ticket and then the next one is cog and that gives you five tickets now I'm not sure how many ticket that laughs 74 now so I think I got a bunch of tickets from this it looks like I got a bunch of tickets by the way you guys can also get the music right here is he just good see I like to give the music music as in music this music drives me crazy because if you guys know any other tickets alright if you guys know any other codes for tickets just comment down below and I'll be sure to make like whenever new tickets come out I'll be sure to include them on all my videos and stuff but another thing they did update is they made it so you get more tickets like every time you oh yeah I didn't get I don't know I didn't I didn't okay so I thought I got a ticket for fighting we're gonna try to fight all the bugs and see if we get one ticket from them but then the other update also added was uh it takes like less time to fill up your bag so let me try to feel like a wonderful nun up sell the bag to empty out the bag when it's full did you convert them all to honey so let's see if that is kind of true once you get full inventory I cannot hate when someone else is in my area I always like to be by myself I never like what's up with you guys look at how much honey you're getting with the Riley is Bucky guard it's literally crazy dude I just love being like solo Pete I got me this we don't need that anymore I just love being solo Pia it's the greatest dude it's literally the greatest hi guys so I had a 74 so if I get anything more than 74 then I know for a fact that I just got a ticket or this increased chance cuz I'll owe you some never get tickets at all so let's see if this works I need literally like 400k to fill up a whole bag so it's like kind of ridiculous like I need like so much so much inventory and this is like the max you can get 400 is the max you can get right now that's literally the biggest bag you can get unless you like one day's adds an infinite bag which I really doubt it because I think that would kind of ruin the game if she adds an infinite I got like how you can like kind of like get items and upgrade your immature okay I'm full I get a movie so fast oh my god I beat so fast Oh guys let's see how fast this goes ready let's wait for my beasts arrived and then we can really see how fast it is once all of these get here all right dango let's start let's go oh my god wait did I just say 50,000 I just took out 50,000 instantly well some people are saying codes in the in the chat dude it's so fast dude look how fast it is 200 keep going whoa I've been here for like less than 10 seconds what wanted to kick oh my god guys I'll have 70 million honey I'm thinking about upgrading my hive getting like a bunch of bees but I'm not really sure just because I don't know I'm kind of saving my money for the next update cuz I don't know what's gonna come on next updates I gotta be like really worried but dude that was a topi that was literally OPI emptied out this whole thing like super fast I'll let me go through the world jelly quest I forgot to do that okay let me get my speed up here oh yeah also I heard that the Sun bears gonna come up I hope this video doesn't come out and in the Sun bears are yeah because right now guys I'm recording right now and there's no new Sun bear there so I hope that's not hard a traveling bear I hope he shows up eventually I don't think it's gonna be this week I think it might be next week's update but if into this week I guess I'll just recorded tomorrow alright by the way I guys update on my cat I have 130 134 on my cat so my cat is literally super Opie I let me see ok so I haven't gotten the ticket yet oh yeah also this brown bear he also gives you a ticket every time I let's see what ok dandelion filled 100,000 from the dandelion field that's actually gonna be kind of hard again the dandelion Feliz it does unless just say it doesn't have a lot of GIMP on like one swipe of my bubble one kind of Claire's at the underlying field all bad Oh only if I get lucky I think if are you lucky what abilities I think I could get it oh no I'm earning a 10,000 I kid this is fast full power ok this is really fast oh man by the way guys something exciting one of my cats just gave birth so I have four new tats so but I'm planning on giving them all away no I can't keep them because I already have I already have four cats and then now that my cow gave birth that's four new cats so that's eight cats in total and I I just can't I just I just can this away too many cats as much as I would like to keep them that's way too many cats um I'm more like a I feel like an old lady the like just has a billion Chad I'm the cat King and I'm growing my cat army that's what's happening actually I'm just growing my cat army it's completely natural that's a billion cats oh man dude boom I don't know if I said this yeah for you know if you guys know any other codes I probably did say this comment them down below and I'll try them yeah we almost okay so we got about a hundred thousand just a little bit more to go and everything complete Oh bear I love being the bear okay we're done with the full time power by the way guys this is the biggest noob scam right here do not ever use this is the biggest scam ever like I don't know why to have that added it's kind of the biggest scam okay so I should get a ticket from this I think they changed it yes all I got two tickets okay nice I let me activate the honey storm – there you go okay let me guess Bonnie's storm let me grab the tickets oh snap I gotta grab them all I wish them link I wished the link thing would work with this and I would just use the link and then grab them off grab a photon power Oh more cabs 135 for the cat is cipro P I let me check his I have 76 tickets let me face these guys right here and let's see if I get a ticket from this and then oh I I think I might be able to find a king beetle I don't know if it's been two days yet so I'm not sure all right no ticket from that alright come on guys let's fight the spider and I would you fight oh there's another one right here never mind let me fight this one okay we haven't fought this one I take out this ladybug come on guys okay no tickets from that yeah where are these tickets let's fight the spider I feel like a spider I might get one cuz the spider is like a big mob so like there would be a lot of oh yeah yeah we got a ticket we don't take it okay so we got one ticket from the spider now these two beetles over here let's see if we can get it from two beetles talk up I feel like I'm definitely gonna for the werewolf I mean nothing from that but I still get I think you're a lot of honey from it I wonder what do you guys use for battle points like what a battle points use for I feel like it kind of useless right now oh we can do we can empty out our bag with the ticket I don't know if I want to do that Bell come on bees hey by the way guys I'm gonna have a miny simulator coming out tomorrow it's one for 750 rivers that I've done a while back there'll be a video that I did before the update so that's how you look kind of weird but it's so cool videos I got7 in the video 1150 of rebirths oh yeah by the way I got the glider if you haven't seen make sure you watch my videos my other video where I get the glider in the Riley garden the Bucky garden you guys can see how far like how far I am and like the process that I went to get so come on bees I let me wait for them there right are they frozen I feel like might be in the frozen and then me or my or my B is frozen there look at them they're frozen right there okay now they're moving right now it's so weird why would be frozen they were just frozen at all dude I'm also missing the field boost I'm gonna no fuel boost video one day don't worry guys I'm missing out on this I shouldn't be I should be grinding on this but I'm kind of being lazy right now I'm like being really really lazy okay come on guys all right now the werewolf I feel like I should be empty a ticket for the world Oh someone told me if I stand behind this pumpkin the world off can't get me oh they were right another wrong what a wrong oh I feel like okay we got a ticket okay we got we have 78 tickets now nice okay so this is work you know now you have to man piss I think these are the last mobs I'm gonna do let's see if we get a ticket from these I think you only get in from the big ma the big mobs like the spider and only the spider in the other one I don't think you get it from every single mom or the chances are very low let's see come on take about what are you guys doing it's up 20 honey okay no ticket from that oh wow okay let's go see if the the key feels there yeah I'm gonna wait I'm gonna wait here for my be so arrived because there's no way I'm going in this what out my bees there's literally no way to keep it it's like almost impossible I'm abused are arriving okay the beetle is here let's see three Rudd okay just let it look at you for three seconds and you just run away as far as possible rod oh man right you just saved me out three times meow meow meow run meow meow mail run looks at you meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow now run oh my god yeah yeah yeah oh yeah yeah yeah run last one yeah yeah yeah run okay oh yeah okay so we got to you for that so we do definitely do get a singer for every big mob that we fight and we gotta also a hundred thousand all right let me go okay let's see use up the rest of my others field cuz I still got two minutes on this and you don't want to waste like I said you don't wanna waste the fields the fuel boosters because this could be at least like a hundred million honey Oh there'd been lady but yeah I don't think guys I don't think uh tickets come from ladybugs now uh don't quote me on that because I'm not sure but it would just be to opieop they came from ladybugs because you know what ladybugs spawn like every four minutes it would just be way to opf fellas true all Panda all right mr. panda no dude no-ho-ho the pandas like the most LP thing ever I am like the most I think that most openings are panda the Panda ability the photon power and the baby ability I think the baby down the pan that might be the best and in the baby's second and then the third is photon power and if you have all three of those together I literally get like a hundred thousand honey like once they're all those are activated together it's like super LP I guess the music thing is on P to live the music thing if I had the music thing and they use that with the flaw he gives me crit like then everything is doing 100% crit now I'll up power with the bear and you guys see oh and a cat and I got a lot of honey I think I'm collecting a lot faster the last time I was here did I love the fact that I can mute the sound I'll get the music because I love the sounds of me collecting stuff but I hate the music yeah the music you see give me a headache photon power alright we're full okay let's go back to the beginning and sub this honey so although I know this rusty Collins Oh if this guy and caveman simulator guys go check out cavemen simulant if you haven't done so already but guys I think this is where I'm gonna end off the video if you enjoyed please hit the like button subscribe if you guys are new and if you guys subscribed make sure you guys hit the bell so you're notified all my videos and yeah again thanks for watching and I'll see you all and the next one goodbye

Kid Spends $1000 on FORTNITE with Dad’s Credit Card... [MUST WATCH]

**Kid Spends $1000 on FORTNITE with Dad’s Credit Card… [MUST WATCH]**



View Time:17:47Minutes



After Spending $5000 with Mom’s Credit Card, Kid Spends £1000+ and Buys 100,000+ V Bucks on ANGRY Dad’s Credit Card!! He FREAKED OUT (Fortnite: Battle Royale V Bucks Prank on Kid’s Angry Dad)




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YOU WON'T BEAT ME... | Super Mario Maker 2 - Part 5

**YOU WON'T BEAT ME… | Super Mario Maker 2 – Part 5**



View Time:26:20Minutes



I will not let you beat me… I will BEAT YOU INSTEAD!!

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hello everybody my name is markiplier and welcome back to Super Mario maker I'm glad you can see my degradation and slide into madness catalog so plainly for everyone to see so now what I'm gonna do is a nice one two three four I you know I could try easy but you know I'm good what I want is a sense of accomplishment you know actually my little OCD I want this to be four three two one I want to get a high score of four and then I'm gonna quit immediately if I die on easy before getting four levels I am going to lose my mind I will break my switch I will break everything in this room it is hot in my room I am about just what I need I'll be right back hope nothing bad happens while I'm away I'm back hey how's it going everybody got a cut on my forehead and with these glasses I'm turning into Harry Potter I just need to shake it up I'm fine everything is fine my first level seabass see this is easy stop yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes no no I don't have any of my tickle the fire you can't no okay I'm just gonna sneak under when they're jumping I just got to sneak under okay guys I'm gonna skip these it's very tempting but I'm gonna save them because I'm gonna need them okay two can play the fire game maybe I should just run oh no it's not broken back there why why is it not broken out oh whatever my hitting you whew okay well you know the way okay I can't even go through you there it's just like a bouncy block okay go hey I got a buddy to come on do a big jump oh don't do that oh come on you there we go good enough hey wait I didn't open the door don't mind the fact that I'm a life down on easy that's besides the point so let's just keep moving forward because that's how I roll this looks great love it low gravity we was that thing wow I didn't even know they had like a space-themed one that's so cool alright you know everything's forgiven I feel so much better wait why are you how are you I stole your brain I did that I don't know oh that's cool it's probably like some mario galaxy themed thing but since they have to have an nes version it's cool this is cool I'm not just a sucker for saying that cuz it's space but this is cool oh god that's only the halfway point oh my god this has been taking forever okay I mean it's cool and all but man it's get a little stale come on where's the fast-paced action and I just trying to get to four come on oh my god oh my oh my oh okay here's the action I guess Wow okay do I even get a chance to kill you or as this all just gonna go kaboom when I touch this thing here okay I there-there's bloated they ask bloated they they gone whoo – in the bag I'm gonna feel so good about myself what rank am I am I not even ranked why am I not ranked where's my ranking beef them all reach the goal after defeating all three dry bones I didn't know you had criteria for level oh that's why oh wow that's so cool I didn't know this is possible that's cool oh I thought that was gonna be like a big yo she's huge hey listen you oh oh wow I can have you thank you No Oh No BAM burger burger burger all right okay all right get blown all right this is so cool they added in like there's a lot of stuff that they've added in that I am not aware of because I don't make these levels so obviously how do I know about it in any way shape or form this one's a puzzle okay so if I'm I'm reading the room right there like a red switch or something wait of course of course of god red bricks okay wait wait for and oh well never mind then BAM yes I love it I love it this is cool honestly I was in a I was in a bit of a tizzy okay I was a little dizzy yes but feeling good now feeling good now feeling real good now look how good I feel boom that's to a-pluses right there new high score what what brain K my HD tennis I don't know what that means Oh oh it's pong it is basically pong that's crazy that actually work that actually what it actually works that's crazy that's nuts that's so cool this what that's so cool I mean I know that people were making a lot of these levels and making them in good ways before but it's like why it's so cool that's really cool I'm sorry it's very cool all right so that's four so now I just need to need to fail on this next one or I'm gonna quit I did it your progress will be saved oh all right I got the goo goo onesie I got goo goo onesie are you telling me I got goo goo one seat where's my goo goo onesie Google onesie I thought it was gonna be made of goo not a baby baby's onesie they look like you've got a full diaper okay that stays alright okay perfect now people can be thoroughly disturbed when they come across me in the multiplayer arena but what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go back to expert which is what I wanted to do originally so I'm gonna do that and I'm actually gonna do good oh I don't like that or your face up there Richie boy I can do expert that was a mistake it was a horrible error what have I done I don't know what's happening I have no idea what's happening excuse my right okay all right so all I got to do is be precise and jump from that very top tip eeeh stop point the tip top iasts point I've used myself I forgot I'm back on expert October I work if they keep tilting stop no no max P I didn't hit max okay all right oh yeah oh yes oh yes mama perfect excellent yes I know I am incredible bit okay so far so good P Y down I don't trust you should've trusted you so far so goo uh-huh okay not sure what the dealio is I feel like that was a bit unnecessary and they're overly brutal okay what's all this about huh what's this about huh don't be a troll don't you troll me don't oh oh what is this then all right good I guess sister quince actually means something right like the coins actually there I got a Lulu for the next one I'm gonna go back to story mode and I'm actually gonna like see if there's a way to do games like this where it's like you know you got to do stuff and things for rewards I'd feel good about myself right I feel like I got to feel good [Laughter] justify my existence mice add some resistance where I'm playing Mario maker and having a terrible got a pathetic okay all right what are we doing nothing act I guess nothing I guess a whole lot of nothing huh Oh as dork I'm in the middle of the darkness why is it filled with nothing but darkness here no that's why wait it was a mistake no please not like this okay I hate you is it just gonna be more boo is it gonna be more bullet bills oh my god it is a shark oh god why did I go back again why would I go back again why would I go back twice to die in the way that was very obviously the way that was gonna kill me why did I go back again I mean it's like fool me twice shame on you fool me thrice shame on Meg what's over here oh I need the bullet bill don't I know I don't know oh god no not that okay I'm on just like an idiot or something I've got to be some kind of stupid I forgot that hurts my bones my sweet bones don't be stupid mark that's all I ask just don't be stupid for once in your existence don't be stupid don't be stupid all right there we go I've now unleashed the red what hath that done for me I know not what I go this way blammo I don't trust but lurking behind maybe worse okay yay yay give me that checkpoint I'll take that blank or die now I know I know what I'm doing ain't gonna die there's no way look at me not dying here we go give me you oh I didn't want to do that but this would happen so I guess eyes got to be relatively not too upset I'm sorry what oh the turtle that's right it's still alive I didn't forget about that I fir I did all right let's do this I'm out of here baby gimme God here we go I think I need you for something I just don't know what why can't I quit you a nice sense now I know what I must do there we go now we got it now got it good all right now I know what I am doing now we have this on lock as people say I swear I don't want to lose my mind I don't know why that's my argument I swear I don't want to lose my mind my only defense why is that my one true defense that makes no sense that's that's the worst okay that's the worst defense I've ever heard of I'll forgive myself I'm such a nice guy ha boom all right it's going good guys I don't know where this leads but I guess I'll go up here what's up here nothing I could have gone here at any moment all right Oh what's all this then nothing nothing okay so what am I supposed to do I guess I could make it yeah could I if I run as fast as I can nope that's wrong okay so that ain't the right answer as it turns out that's I previously suspected oddly enough it is not the correct answer so what do I do I didn't even need to go there so why did I go there I can blow that up and then they can walk with me walk with me hey hey walk with me talk with me hey lean with me walk with me ah sorry is it just I gotta just my glasses hey how you doing hey look he's my little buddy oh yeah little bomb by really you ain't you cuter I might use you and I'm gonna kill you here we go yay all right I did it I'm the best oh crap I need to do it again I really got to go through it all like do you really really want me all right I'll do it whatever okay your friends in a cat you scoundrel out you scamp I got I got getting oh well you know what hey you know it's okay it's okay it's okay hey you know I'm a forgiving dude you're not even follow me you're just you're just going for it okay oh well little scary a little scary point okay and in run come along here all your friends are down this oh yeah I'm safe all right oh no I let him get that close your friends are safe yeah they're safe down here right in here just up up your little noggin in there and uh yeah you're you're gonna be with your friends for uh for all eternity all eternity I like the backwards slide very stylish very stylish and but off-key Borowski and vados ski whatever that did yeah that's what I call good maybe that was like something like I know Mario maker programming is a thing so if like people do it can set up flags and things like that to create variables and bullcrap like that I mean they can do some pretty crazy stuff boy oh is that than just oh who was that oh okay you're just down there now okay really I'm not sure whether it's taken me this is a long one is the thing oh okay oh I didn't know I could do that before I tried that it didn't give me the okay whatever I guess I just didn't hit it right okay sure BAM nothing could survive my nog all right where do I go with this now oh shit okay oh okay we gotta go I I wasted too much time I think I gotta go back not that way maybe I could hit this checkpoint at me I probably not a good idea I'm gonna do it anyway back go down here I don't think that was a good idea to that checkpoint no no not in here not in here there's nothing for me but that I don't remember which way to go I be able to go up in this way but I'm gonna ride time I don't remember if there was a place where I needed to bash blocks oh you know how to get out of here oh no this is wrong oh no it's all wrong no this is wrong oh no it's wrong oh it's wrong it's I needed to go no I don't know which ways faster to get back do I need to get that on or off or I don't remember what's up here Oh whop bees can you hurt me not today not today okay I back this way maybe no this back the way I came where buzz go oh oh twenty-three seconds okay well it's been nice knowing me I had a good run completely lost but you know good run pretty good anyway I have no idea what if those do where I'm supposed to go was it in here but this is where I got the spiky is where I got it for me what do you want from me oh good good thing I'm there holy crap okay I just gotta get the helmet and I got to do what the helmet is meant to do which everyone knows and we all know is there a way I can bring a bomb right here that's the question I got right now cuz there's a bomb here that falls down and then just as down there oh wait a minute oh no I can't oh this is a mistake oh no oh no oh no I made it no don't start no not at the beginning no I needed to get oh I hate you I hate you I hate you alright sucks losing my fragile hold on my wood sword my sanity obviously I've lost my intelligence long ago but my sanity that is what concerns I'm looking for something to tell me where I'm supposed to go but I seeing nothing you know what I mean I'm here but I ain't listening oh no you don't know you don't god damn you oh my god made it with perfect perfect miss with perfect perfection made it I made it okay I just gonna get through the bomb parts gimme mush thank you kaboom hey you come with me okay that's annoying yeah you keep walking yeah you keep walking and kaboom I'm back okay I'm back to exactly where I was all right so now I just need to get the spiky helmet and I'm still lost but at least I'm not so unbelievably lost that I have no idea what I'm doing damn it that might have been it no it can't be the only way that kid that would that would be a Chiti way but I don't think that would be the only way there's gotta be like a different way or someone that doesn't feel right there's only so many ways to go after this it's all basically the same oh come on oh come on oh fuck oh fuck off there's no way there'd be enough time to run a bomb all the way over there's no way I guess I had a lot more time than I thought I did I thought I thought it was gonna blow up maybe maybe may maybe but this is a stretch all right so here we go this is the big test I'm gonna hold on to it this time I thought it was she was gonna blow at any second but apparently not okay so I just gotta get up Oh God you freaking asshole okay so I just can't be sprinting down the way it's produced come on fuck are you kidding me are you kidding me are you kidding me are you kidding me five oh I don't think this is the right way but my god I'm gonna actually give it a try okay here we go just jump and chuck it here we go oh my god oh did the thing it's is the thing that's what it did it in it did it Oh Moon Moon hi moon hey hey oh my god Wow first clear and there were people that tried that there are people that tried that Wow Wow okay do you know what actually I think that's good enough for me right there for now I can save my progress on this one but holy crap parent and child skirt no thanks I'm good but thank you everybody so much for watching whew I felt good see that's the sense of satisfaction I was craving I feel good but they aren't you happy for me I feel good so thank you everybody so much for watching if you want to see more there's plenty more Mario maker that I have done in the past and there will be more in the future if you guys would like some let me know down below and thank you for watching and as always I will see you in the next video you

How I Got 3000 Initiative With 0 Coupons/Ingots | Naruto Online

**How I Got 3000 Initiative With 0 Coupons/Ingots | Naruto Online**



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– CPU: Ryzen 5 2600
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anyways today we're doing a lot of do you know I've been thinking to synthesize my runes into level 13s if possible from my move to I told her I was planning to do that but I totally forgot about it I guess I'm doing it today okay so my move to is gotta go oh maybe even move three what the fuck have seventh move fourth well Jesus Christ okay so mama I almost got to a point where I was gonna finish off my level 11 so my move – but now did they fucking release this useless ass function they gotta go oh boy okay let me just I'll do it like this I just remove everything I'm going full stack I don't give a sh you um all right what they really we how what I thought it was gonna give it like half yes I'll do 12 wait how what okay I'll do this and then a a seven I don't know if seven can I go I'll go Lowe's don't know if this is gonna be enough I hope so I think it is yeah there we go 13 this is so weird because like they they're not double like you this is weird okay so I cannot split this you need less to upgrade because look at I put a little 11 it gives 75% put a 10 this the right one no it isn't i oughtta split that okay I gotta put it sevens in I'll go a lemon algol sevens this is weird and then I'll go these lows five 875 a55 880 I gotta I gotta remember that I gotta I gotta have in a write that down someone five 880 unit for our level 30 okay I got a dollar I can go even more dude like so I'm I guess I'm safe to split twelve I gotta do that and then I gotta do this ten ten is too much I got her okay I gotta put in sevens again alright the five eight eighty five eight I need a team or thirty sixty two a four more there we go can I even do yeah I think I can well I don't know I get a little no I don't think I can do more let's see oh I can five nine twenty so I'll be over a little bit I gotta split to level ten again oh it's because of that one wait why was that one I don't remember that one being what is that a bug there's no way okay if I put this one and I put in two doesn't matter – that doesn't matter put in that twelve back this one okay this one this one now I gotta put in the nine somewhere five eight eighty so I gotta split another eight one I understood seven or can I even get like let me go this okay that's all ten nine eight five now that five thousand give shit wait how wait where did they go home they're up there I don't think I'll have oh I will I almost have just right okay okay okay this is so confusing to it because because they are not like even that's why they made a podcast you don't need you don't need it's easier to get a 13 now like 5 78041 hundred and twenty hundred and sixty I gotta split it again uh I think I got this one too one hundred and sixty eighty hundred and twenty seven that should be enough yeah so that's it for the I'm missing one more which is fine but what am I gonna do on this one I'm gonna have no runes which is fine honestly who cares I don't need initiative move for in ten move four and three yeah in ten as well I guess for the sake of like just having them there I'll just put in like I'll split the six one just to have something you know I'll split five as well but next key rebate I guess I'm gonna fill out those two like level fives together all fives and every well I don't really need to you know move three important like they just don't matter and just put these ones I might was a I might as well just go for the last 13 you know who geezers and then I'll and then I might focus move to maybe to just get level sevens and then I'll go all for for teens here I think I'll probably do that but I don't know maybe I'll just go for 14 straight away but that's probably gonna take like at least like I mean the probably someone already calculated everything so prolly knees like 10k keys or even more probably anymore so I got I got over 30 K by doing that I was at almost 31 I was at 2020 28.2 so I got I got 2 point 6 K any from just from doing nothing I really did that thing I just rearranged him and I lost 2 K here no I lost I lost 4 K here it's a big loss to move to but go who gives you know I don't give it i I just wanted my move for move on to dismiss AK now when it comes to critical like that injury I have I'll probably have to do the same probably have to do the same thing ok dude how do you turn off your PM's if I cancel blink I'll just won't see anyone it's gotta be way I guess I'll just fucking split it who cares wait what okay I gotta go in these ones hmm yeah I mean if I do the same I'll end up with with level fours everywhere I could have I could just well I could just play them in fives and then I get some fives as well maybe I should leave it on three afters I can have some across to others how much does that give me one move one I can't even check it here so this is critical critical 2828 keys fire I think I'll leave it on three so I can have at least something on my other positions okay I got injuries and I'll just put these back so I should have 28k on on those yeah I do have that's why