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How To: Revamp A Boring Hostel Room On A Budget | Indian Hostel Life | MangoPeopleShop

**How To: Revamp A Boring Hostel Room On A Budget | Indian Hostel Life | MangoPeopleShop**



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How often have you come across a dorm or a hostel room that goes perfectly with your vibe? Almost NEVER, right? It’s not that easy to manage your college life and maintain your hostel rooms up to your aesthetic goals when you’re on a tight budget, but don’t you worry; MangoPeopleShop has got you covered.

Presenting THE BUDGET LIFE by MangoPeopleShop where you can find simple and achievable dorm decor and apartment decor ideas, curated by our in-house stylists who understand your needs and bring out the best for you! It’s easy, affordable and will not take a lot of your precious time to give a makeover to your room. Are you ready? Go watch this video and do give it a thumbs up if you like this video!

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Blah Blah Wall Poster:
Young Wild Free Poster:
Sarcastic Giraffe Poster:
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How to bake bread! EASIEST bread recipe ever! (Fail proof!)

**How to bake bread! EASIEST bread recipe ever! (Fail proof!)**



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Freebs, I have found the best, easiest, and most delicious bread recipe ever! I make it with simple white flour to cut and use for toast and sandwich bread, but you …

My Favorite Baby Must-Haves! | What's worth the splurge + $100 Giveaway!

**My Favorite Baby Must-Haves! | What's worth the splurge + $100 Giveaway!**



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Here are some of my favorite baby necessities! Some are worth the splurge, others, you don’t need to spend much. What are your favorite baby items? WIN $100 …

Meet Jordan Page from FunCheapOrFree.com!

**Meet Jordan Page from FunCheapOrFree.com!**



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Jordan Page is a blogger, family finance and frugal living expert, entrepreneur, and mom of 6 kids 8 and under. Her simple, effective, and FUN budgeting and frugal living techniques have helped hundreds of thousands of families all over the globe completely revamp their finances, get out of debt, stop fighting about money, and find room in their budgets for the fun things in life. Her wildly popular budgeting program can be found at (use the code YOUTUBE for 10% off).
She is a Utah transplant, wife to Bubba, kitchen dance party enthusiast, and lover of anything sparkly. See more at FunCheapOrFree.com.

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About me:
I’m a blogger at I have 5 kids 6 and under, live in Utah, and love talking about lifestyle, frugal living, and parenting! What would you like me to do a video on next? Leave a comment in my video and let me know!


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meet the so called queen of frugal hi I'm Jordan page I'm the mother of four and I'm an everyday finance and civil living expert and one hundred and twenty five dollars is much easier to track than five hundred dollars over 30 or 31 days so we started making popsicles basically we would take an ice mold or even just his bowl it went delicious make a mess in the process looking he's freaking out already so if you just frame your shopping your grocery shopping around the deals on the front page and the back page you can save half on your groceries just by doing that alone my favorite lipstick was a dollar at the dollar store so guess what combination of the two killer deal walk through your house and find something you can sell my husband sold his old calculator from high school for $50 on I'm serious fifty bucks there's always something you can sell it's a yard sale okay you're not like negotiating for a house it's a yard sale so but they who's baking pies my hands on it okay do you have the clarinet that you're not made you play back in sixth grade and salute no Anna put me to high five for the flute it was an awkward moment in my life what's with Krispy Kreme how am I gonna deal in Krispy Kreme can you sit now then let's be honest it's the hot dog we all love the hot dog oh they're everywhere they're so easy and they're great cause you get him instantly I feel like I'm walking proof that it's possible you

Where do I even start with budgeting?? | Q&A Tuesday | Live

**Where do I even start with budgeting?? | Q&A Tuesday | Live**



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Welcome to my new series, Q&A Tuesday! Each Tuesday throughout the summer I’m going to take a money/budget/frugal living question from my blog, YouTube, or social media, and answer it live on Facebook! Then I will post the video on Tuesday night, or Wednesday. Turn the notifications on so you don’t miss it! This will be a way for me to help you with YOUR personal financial situations. Got any further questions for me? Leave them in the comments below!
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How to stay motivated & motivate your spouse:
The 70% rule – GREAT way to get started with budgeting!
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♡ About me:
I’m a blogger at My husband Bubba and I have 5 kids in 6 years (plus a dog!) and live in Utah. I’m all about family, frugal living, and fun! I’m best known for my super simple budgeting and frugal living tips, that have landed me on TLC, The Today Show, Rachael Ray, Good Morning America, Inside Edition, and more. I also love to share organization, family, parenting, and beauty tips. What would you like me to do a video on next? Leave a comment in my video and let me know!


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hi guys i'm jordan page from punchy for free calm and budget bootcamp calm and welcome to QA tuesdays which is a new series I'm going to try throughout the summer I've done live Q&A is quite a bit in the past but I really every Tuesday I really want to be available to answer your questions about finances and budgeting and frugal living and today I pulled the question off of Facebook that is Larissa as Lursa if you're on this thank you so much for your question which is basically like where do we even start how do we even get started with budgeting she's like she said we want to get our finances in order but it's just overwhelming we don't even know where to start and I thought that was a perfect question um you know especially like to start off this series because that is what everybody should be thinking so let me let me back this up a little bit so when people find out what I do like if I'm just at a blogging event or if I'm out and about people say oh what do you do for a living I'm like oh I'm an everyday finance blogger I don't know I don't even know what to call myself so I make it up sometimes but 100 percent of the time my response is like oh my gosh I really need to be budgeting I'm the worst at that like I really need I need a budget I need your help so I if I have more time with people and if I can tell that they're genuinely interested I actually kind of dig a little deeper because here's my thing it's kind of like um somebody saying to whomever like oh I just I just need to lose weight I just need to I just need to lose weight so think about that for a minute sure maybe we all have some form of dissatisfaction with our bodies but like at what point do we decide to take the plunge to lose a bunch of weight and diet and hit it hard like what leads to that and usually it's motivation for something and it's the same with finances so you sure you can say like oh I should just spend less money or a budget but the way to start is to figure out why why do you even want a budget in the first place because guess what it's not that fun it's really not coming from somebody who does this pretty much every day for a living it's a lot more fun than like a job in my mind but I'm not good at money I don't love it I'm really open about this with you guys it's a work in progress for me it's something I really have to work at it doesn't come naturally I didn't major in finance because I just couldn't imagine anything greater than talking about money all day not at all not at all but um I I do it because it was a pain point in my life and I figured out how to make it exciting because we set some goals and accomplish those goals so the very very first place to start is to figure out why when budgeting gets hard when you really want to go to Target and eat out instead of eating at home and using what you already have when it gets miserable and you're just like this is really the worst thing ever why are you doing this so the first step is to sit down with your spouse if you're married or your significant other if you share finances with anybody and to set some goals and figure out why why do you want to be better with your money why do you want to budget because honestly don't do it just to do it it won't work I promise I promise it won't work I thought to myself before like well maybe I should just try that whole xxx thing like everybody's doing it I see it on Instagram I don't know everybody makes it sound great maybe I should just do a whole 30 but really at the end of the day like whole 30 is super hard right it's a diet if you guys don't know so I don't have to be super ultra motivated to to do it and to do it well and to see it through the 30 days and it's the same with money and so set those goals and figure out so why is it are you tired of the debt is it stressing you out is that not is that not you are you not the person like for me when we had credit card debt I was like that is not the path for the pages we will not be those people that live our entire lives just sitting in debt being okay with it like no we are going to be self-sufficient and abundant and do well in the world instead of like mooching from the world you know so for us that was part of it we also were in a 2-bedroom townhome in an inner-city area that wasn't super safe and it really wasn't ideal for raising kids so we really wanted to be able to get out of debt make more money save more money to get into a better house that would be a better lifestyle for our family and then you know now we're at we are in a great lifestyle for our family we're in a safe neighborhood called effect all the things right so now why why should I even bother now because now we have a consistent paycheck we've got a couple years worth of living in the bank we've got our house that we wanted so why now so now it's because we want to do more with our money we want to send our kids to college we want to save up for retirement we want to go do fun things that we weren't able to do the first nine years of our marriage because we were scrimping and saving and different things and you know and also now it's a deeper thing because now we really just want to teach our kids to be self-sufficient and because of their money to not care about brands and to not care about things all about them so you have to sit down and set some goals and a good place to start is to take your pain points and to start with those so what are your pain points so for us when we were you know when we were first starting out like I said we were in a 2-bedroom townhome it was great and beautiful we loved it but it became a pain point it was too small we started having kids like I said it was unsafe there was a lot of there was a shooting at the park across the street there was some homeless issues tracks was right next to us which is the public transportation that was leading to graffiti and other things that became a pain point so we took that pain point and set some goals to solve it and then you know our debt was a pain point because we couldn't move forward until that was taken care of so we set some goals with that blah blah blah blah so start with your pain points um and then set some goals because um one thing that's really important is when you have a spouse that is maybe less motivated than you and I know a lot of us you know have those issues not in my case I say us because that's politically what you're supposed to do when you're talking to people but was way more motivated than I am going to be honest but if you have a spouse it is less motivated than you the only way to get them motivated cuz you can't force anything on anybody is to get them excited about some goals that excite them so what is it do they want a camper someday do they want to move do they want to go to Fiji do they want to get season tickets to an NBA team whatever I don't even know what it is how you guys hi everybody I'm reading your comments by the way but I'm just trying to be good because I'm going to post this on youtube so I'm try not to get too distracted but I know everybody watching and have them chime in with what's important to them and set some goals and they may be a little more individual like for me I don't care about NBA tickets but I definitely want to redo my kitchen so maybe it's kind of like maybe you don't see eye to eye on all the goals but that's why you kind of set like dream goals for him dream goals for her and then some goals together that's a great place to start now once you know why you're doing this and why you're motivated to budget and why you're committed to seeing it through like a diet because if you pain pain pain deprive deprive deprive workout workout workout to lose this weight and then halfway through you just give up you don't want it to be a big waste of your time right you want to see it through so the way to do that is to start small you got to start small so a lot of people will be like okay we've got $40,000 in student loans that's it we're going to do it we're going to pay off that $40,000 okay sure totally yes you need to pay it off but how realistic is that for anyone to just write a check and pay it off it really needs to start super small like take your grocery budget set a grocery budget and break it down per week and all you're going to do is you're going to set a budget and commit to hitting that budget every six or seven days that's it that's a small bite that you can chew and that you can do you have control over it and then what you do is you take that excess money that maybe you were spending on groceries put it towards the debt did you see how that works that and it's the little decisions that end up accomplishing the big things so start really super small and maybe if it's like okay we want to go to Disneyland that's it that's my goal Disney Lee you can put it on a credit card you certainly can you could take your whole tax return or you could pull out your savings whatever it is or what if you start small and what if you get your family involved and you say hey guys we need to go to Disneyland but we don't have the money right now so you make it plan together we're going to have a yard sale everybody we're not going to do allowance for the next six months it's going to go towards a Disneyland fun your kids will be fine tell them to go get a job and we are going to self sno-cones as a family whatever it is get people involved so um so that's that's kind of step two is so step one to set goals step two is break it down bite-size and then honestly for people who really prefer and need the hand-holding I understand it I am that type of person if I'm doing something I've never done before like training for a race I don't even like running I still don't like running and I just did Ragnar I don't like it at all but I did it I wanted to do it I had my motivations behind it so instead of figuring out myself and spending hours trial and error research bubble blah instead I went to people that I knew and trusted that had success with it and told them to tell me exactly what to do so um yeah hand-holder I see some I see some hands being raised here in the audience I'm a hand holder if you are a hand holder go to my blog it's free I mean it's this feels really weird because it's kind of self promoting but I want you to know that I still I know I'm supposed to for tax reasons and I said I was going to but I'm still not taking a personal paycheck from my blog my blog makes money I've got employees I use that money to buy hats or to throw events or whatever totally but I don't take a personal paycheck this is for you for a minute if you are struggling with your budgeting and don't know where to start don't feel like you have to figure it out on your own because there are people out there who have done it before you sue the Orman and Dave Ramsey whatever and my blog I've got tons of free content I also have a program which is budget bootcamp com that is like literally step by step 27 videos like right this type this do this say this openness that it is and if you use the code Facebook you get 10% off but aside from that and if you don't like anything I have to say that's fine go find a friend someone that you respect and admire and take them to lunch and ask them how much they spend on groceries how they handle finances with their spouse so find someone that can help you so you're not reinventing the wheel and those are my tips there you go until next time I love you all all your comments are so nice my wall color I have posted on my blog Sanchi for free comm slash the page project and I'm gonna let you guys go until next time we've leave additional questions below and I'll either answer them in depth next week or I'll try to come on but I need to go save all my kids so love you guys bye distribute calm