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10 Frugal Living Tips That Actually Work | Habits That Will Save You Thousands💰| #frugalliving

**10 Frugal Living Tips That Actually Work | Habits That Will Save You Thousands💰| #frugalliving**



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hello and welcome to my channel my name is Nicole from frugal chic live.com and today I'm here to share 10 of my absolute favorite frugal living tips that will help you save thousands of dollars for me personally I look at my frugality as a badge of honor and use it as another tool in my toolbox to achieve my financial dreams so with that said if you're willing to embrace your inner frugal then keep watching for these top 10 tips tip number one is to take your lunch to work it might seem very simple and very straightforward but it can save you thousands of dollars in the long run taking your lunch to work is something that many people have dabbled with here and there but in order for it to become a real habit you got to work at it you can't wait until you have 5 minutes left to get out of the door and try to throw something in the lunch bag because it's gonna be something you don't want to eat and then when you get to work at lunchtime you're gonna look at that lunch bag and say yeah I don't really want this and then go out for lunch anyway so by being prepared making your lunch the night before making sure that you have the foods on hand that you're gonna actually be interested in eating that is going to help you be more excited about taking your lunch to work every day tip number two is to meal plan and prep I don't know how many times as a busy wife and mother I've gotten overwhelmed didn't plan properly and just ended up ordering a pizza one time not a big deal 2030 times in a year it does tend to add up that's money that could be going into your children's college fund or into your emergency fund take out a piece of paper write out your potential meals for the week I also recommend that you do a quick inventory of your pantry your fridge your cabinets to see what you have on hand first and then you know exactly what items to put on your shopping list when you go to the grocery store tip number three is to shop for a cheaper cellphone plan a lot of times there are so many hidden fees or you could be stuck in a contract with early termination fees nowadays there is no reason to operate that way with your cell phone there are so many different competitors out there so I say every now and then do some research compare the numbers and see if you can get a better deal ya know it seems like a hassle to switch services but if it's going to be the difference between you saving hundreds of dollars per year it's worth a few minutes of your time to do the research and maybe May a couple of calls to see if you can get a deal for me right now I'm using a service called hello it's much cheaper than the service that I was using before currently the cell phone plan that I'm using is under 20 dollars per month so that is an excellent deal if I say so myself tip number four is to cut the cable the 90s have called and they want their cable box back in today's world there is absolutely no reason for you to still have a traditional cable box or even a satellite dish there are so many different options that you can choose from I think we cut out cable about two years ago now and it was one of the best decisions that we have made right now we have an Amazon fire stick we've used sling TV we also recently came across this service called soap layer and that has been amazing I'm still learning how to use it but it is a great resource for us and it saved us a ton of money tip number five is one of my absolutely favorite frugal living heck's and that is to buy items that can be used for multiple purposes who says that you have to have separate products to wash your hands with to clean surfaces with to wash up with maybe you can find one product that works for all three tip number six is to scale back or entirely eliminate paper products in your house now this one has definitely been a struggle in my household I have tried to get rid of paper plates my husband is not here for it he has a problem with it even though I'm the one that does the dishes and if y'all can't tell I'm still salty about this and we've been arguing about this for many years but sometimes you just got to give in and compromise so at this stage in my life I'm not personally able to eliminate all people products but I'm slowly trying to introduce my family to the benefits of reusable items in the household not only is it good for your budget but it's also better for the environment tip number seven is to stockpile there are certainly items that you purchase for your family on a consistent basis month after month in my household what I like to do is separate out my food budget from my household items budget and with the money from my household products our stockpile on a quarterly basis at this point I have a good estimate of how many tubes of 2-phase we go through in a three month period how many rolls of toilet paper we use I have it almost down to a science and what I do is just pick up those items I see sales available tip number eight is to try a no-spin challenge no spent challenges have been a great way for me to personally reset my spending habits even though I'm a frugal person I have had periods of my life when I've been a little more on the spending side I know y'all don't believe it but it definitely is true so if you are that person that can occasionally get a little bit spendy and have too many items on hand and your house too many clothes too many pairs of shoes then doing a no-spin challenge might be the perfect thing for you I've gone as long as a year and a half without buying clothes and shoes and for a lot of us ladies that is a difficult thing to do but I gradually built up to it you don't have to start out saying I'm not going to shop for two years that probably would be setting yourself up for failure start with smaller increments of time start with a week even you can start by saying for the next seven days I'm not gonna buy any items that are not absolutely needs for my family I also like to do specific no-spin challenges I want the entire summer on a makeup no buy I've also challenged myself to not buy new clothes or home decor that I didn't need so if you haven't done one already I'm issuing you a challenge right now to try your very first no-spin challenge tip number nine is to shop your closet this is a great extension of sip number eight and with a shop your closet challenge you basically challenge yourself to go into your closet and create new outfit combinations out of the existing pieces in your wardrobe so try pairing your favorite sweater with a pair of pants that you've never tried it with put on a different set of accessories try out different combinations and get creative with it and that will help you not to focus on the fact that you're not bringing in new items in your wardrobe as frequently as you were in the past and what this does is it gives you a greater appreciation for the items that you already own the final tip is a mindset heck if you are the type of person that's not naturally frugal this one is going to be perfect for you tip number 10 is to focus on your financial why what's the main reason why you want to get out of debt save more money and become financially independent what are your core values what are you working towards these are the types of questions that you want to ask yourself when we keep out mine on the way it makes those day-to-day decisions much easier so when you're attempted to buy that new $300 winter coat you can say to yourself does this purchase align with what I'm trying to do could I take this $300 and put it on my credit card debt could I take that $300 and make an extra principle payment on my student loans or on my mortgage so when you frame it that way it helps to make you a bit more motivated about the changes that you're trying to implement so whenever you have a temptation and you might get ready to fall off the wagon think about your financial why even better write it down put it on a post-it and look at it every single day so that you remember which are working towards in the comments below I would love for you to share your number-one frugal living heck also if you're looking to learn more about how to manage your money properly how to save more money how to budget and all of those things then check out the playlists that I've created for you here thank you so much for watching and until next time live well and speed lust

I Lost Friends Being TOO Frugal

**I Lost Friends Being TOO Frugal**



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It’s easy to get caught up being too frugal. When you goal is to become financially independent or quit a job you hate, you cant very quickly get out of hand. But you must also keep a well balanced life rather than shrink into a miserly life where you spend as little as you can in order to hoard as much money as you can. I talk about my experience with this as I have certainly stepped over the line a few times and what you can do to prevent this in the future.

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how's it going everybody this is beat the bush today I'm gonna talk about balancing frugality and actually living life now on this channel you see me go through a lot of different ways to save money and even myself that I spend very little money on everything else I try to cut on almost everything including my utilities the amount I pay for my housing costs electricity using minimal amount of water all kinds of things including using a less than premium cellphone plan not buying all kinds of new clothes not buying all the latest and greatest gadgets I kind of skip all of that so what disheartens me is sometimes when I meet subscribers I can just kind of get the sense that they are SuperDuper frugal that is what attracted them to my channel and these people can see me demonstrate that I can be frugal and yet be relatively happy at the same time but more often than not sometimes when I look at how frugal it is like it's a little bit too frugal and then I feel like oh my gosh have I been sort of conveying the wrong thing because I might be leading people down the wrong path because if you go around penny-pinching everywhere I feel like eventually it's gonna affect other parts of your life yes your bank accounts gonna grow really fast and a lot of people are really happy about it they come to me and go oh my gosh I save so and so much money but what I personally realize is that if you pinch too hard your social standing will just start to erode a little bit I do think extreme frugality could harm your relationship for example let's say you go out to movie theaters and then you go out with other people I guess maybe they're very used to just going out to the theaters and just you know buying concessions or whatever and then if you go around bringing your drinks meeting your food or something into the theatre and you are just kind of like a stand out person believe me I've done this before you are going to sort of stand out against everybody else so I say this as a sort of warning for everybody so you don't go around losing those set of friends because one hit did that I felt like I lost that set of friends and this is kind of like for me to you as kind of like a friend type of thing because from what I learned I want to like tell you what I know so that you don't fall into same kind of traps that I did so you can kind of tell how frugal I became by spending only thirteen hundred and fifty dollars every single month this is without electronics and without traveling if you add electronics and traveling together it might come out to be like twenty two to twenty five thousand dollars and this is really really low for most people so I do have to admit that in my pursuit especially after I became a youtuber I just kind of went a little bit nuts in terms of extreme frugality not as extreme as those people on extreme cheapskates right but I still feel like this kind of going down the rabbit hole you kind of go oh my gosh I save so much how can I save some more so you just go back to the drawing board and go okay let me cut here cut there cut there and then when you only have this one track mind this tunnel vision of I want to save as much as possible you start cutting in various ways and you don't realize that these different ways may actually harm your relationship with friends and family now I would say even if you harm your relationship with family sometimes you're stuck with them they just go oh my gosh you know this guy is so cheap okay maybe he goes up and down in terms of cheapness but I feel like sometimes if you just make these kind of mistakes with friends and as soon as you sort of get categorized into this oh my gosh this person is super duper cheap even with their friends then you're gonna I guess get left out so if it's not obvious already I think most people that you kind of know they are not extremely frugal if you are a frugal type of person and you only want to hang around other frugal people then this is going to limit your social network kind of because you know normal most people are not extremely frugal or even really frugal most people are just keeping up with the Joneses they're just living pretty typically right they don't have this financial independence retire early type of mind track but sometimes you still have those kind of friends you know you have a set of friends that are not SuperDuper frugal and not trying to retire very early and then you have other friends that might be also frugal and then you can you know just go all out very very frugal with everyone else for those that just kind of went down the wrong path and you're just cutting left and right and if your friends are asking you out oh you know let's go so-and-so and then you're like you know what it's a little bit too far I don't want to drive over there I don't want to go to that restaurant because it's too expensive the thing is there's a certain price to pay if you want to connect with most people yes you might have some friends that are like very very spending every single night that you spend with them might be like 100 or $200 you just have to sit down and go okay do I want to keep those kind of friends where you do have to spend a lot every single time you hang out with them or you know do you want to just go okay I'm okay if they're not in my life I have a whole bunch of other people that are more frugal that or you know more in line with the same mindset that you have in terms of finances when you have a friendship you have to think of it in terms of like a roughly equal exchange of value if let's say they treated you dinner right then it's almost expected that you have to treat them somewhat equal in value type of dinner you don't go have them treat you to like a $25 per person thing and then just go buy them McDonald's or something so this doesn't count it needs to be roughly equivalent and you know if you always go under then that's also not good either so the value don't try to like undercut it a little bit friendship is more of like an equal exchange but I do think sometimes if you feel generous yeah you can give a little bit more and sometimes you know it's probably good to you know take the first step to be a little bit generous first on the other hand you definitely don't want to be always generous because then you don't know if they are your two friends or not because if you are the one always paying for everyone right you always buy everyone dinner you don't know if they're just want to hang out with you just because you're able to pay for their dinner I feel like this might actually be very obvious to some people but from what I can assume I can only assume this and I probably fell into the same trap right sometimes when you get into this extremely frugal mode you just look at everything you just look at the price tag of everything right if you are only spending like a dollar on your meal and then you look at some twenty dollar meal you kind of like cringe on that right so I think the way to avoid this extreme frugal trap is you really want to fit in with people right if people are not bringing their own drinks or something through the theater you probably might want to lay that off unless you're going with some other people that you know agrees with you and then you can you know just do the same thing you know bring your own candies or something and on top of this is probably good to have a socializing fun I don't know how much your budget would be but I guess normal budget for the Bay Area you might do something between two hundred and five hundred dollars every month right you need some sort of budget for going to dinners you have some sort of event that you want to go to you gotta buy tickets and stuff so all of this adds up it's going to eat into how much you actually save this is gonna go against your extreme frugality where you want to save as much as possible as fast as possible and quit your job as soon as possible right so here's a fallacy over here for extreme frugality because if you push it so hard and you get there you might just kind of get there alone because in the act of being super frugal you might just a lien everybody around you so I think I have to admit whatever strategy I had might be a little bit wrong because I might not have made a video about the balance between extreme frugality or just regality right and actually living your life I did not stress this part enough and maybe some people might have just went down this rabbit hole went down the wrong path and just kind of press SuperDuper hard in terms of being really really frugal right now especially with the fire movement people are just so on top of this right they're trying to pinch pennies left and right and you have to really pick and choose how to pinch your pennies if good balance is if you're doing this in the comfort of your own home and no one really knows about this right and then outside when you interface with other people you appear to be pretty normal you don't have to wear designer jeans or anything you can just you know look decent clean and then you can still go out with people go grab a beer instead of just rejecting everyone because you don't want to spend any money on buying beers or going out to lunch so my initial theory with all of this was actually okay you want to get to fire as fast as possible so you just save like a crazy person and I believe I said this before save like a crazy person get to financial independence first retire early first and then once you're there then you can let off a little bit and just kind of increase your standard of living a little bit at a time until you are more and more comfortable but in reality I think I might have pushed it a little bit too hard myself reaching financial independence takes a long time it might take years five years six years so if you're living very miserly and I want to define this from the dictionary because you know when I looked at that word I'm like okay I gotta look it up here's a definition a person who lived in wretched circumstances in order to save and hoard money I've seen this when I met some of my subscribers when I talked to them about their circumstances sometimes whatever circumstances are live I don't want to point out anybody but there are a few I sense that their circumstances is a bit wretched because they're just pushing theirs themselves so much you're like oh I eat this and this you know it just sounds wretched okay or the proper word is miserly and I feel like this is exchanging too much of your standard of living in order to get to your financial independence faster there is a balance between pushing very hard and living you know you only live once type of thing so where do you find a balance I feel like you can find a balance as long as you try to keep your social connections you can push hard by yourself all you want but then when it comes to interfacing with other people your friends family you might have to make it so that they do not even realize that you are very frugal maybe only when they come to your house they're like oh my gosh how come you don't have any furniture how come you know you don't turn on the heat or something but you know when your guests comes over you do need to turn on the heat right so think about this being like a stealth frugal person okay no one else knows that you are frugal no one else knows that you are trying to become financially independent retire early or anything so go out with your coworkers once a week I think that's a very manageable amount of time to go to skip the $200 per night outings I feel like those kind of spending people it's just way to spend it's just not worth it because if you do this once every other week it might just derail you off your financial in the penance path so here's just a reminder that yeah I make a lot of videos about being frugal but it might be a good thing to go on a stealth frugal thing right do it so that people won't realize that you are frugal thanks for watching everybody and this video I mean it comes from my heart to you guys and because I don't want you guys to suffer in terms of some of the friends I lost because I was too frugal I I just kind of slipped up and I guess what I personally do in terms of testing myself right I push myself to the limit and then I go oh my gosh you know this doesn't work so I let off a little bit I come back a little bit so because of my experience I went a little bit too far I'm here to warm you guys don't go too far with this don't forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know what you think of finding a balance and I know if you guys are pushing a little bit too far in frugality let me know if you're getting a little bit influenced by this video let off a little bit being too frugal and as always don't forget to push that subscribe button and ring that Bell icon thanks for watching

How Frugal Living Really Looks Like - Frugal House Tour

**How Frugal Living Really Looks Like – Frugal House Tour**



View Time:10:5Minutes



How Frugal Living Really Looks Like – Frugal House Tour. If you’re curious about what a frugal person’s home looks like, here it is. I also have started my journey into minimalism and got rid of quite a few things since my last house tour.

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everyone so today I am super excited to do this frugal slash almost becoming a minimalist house tour I did a video on this probably like a year ago kind of showing you guys my house and there's some changes that have happened so let's just kind of go show you guys what this looks like when it comes to being a frugal minimalist and let's do this house tour by ourselves because my wife unfortunately works really late in the day and I have to do this on my own so this is our house here we live in a three-bedroom two-bathroom house I actually was purchased a long time ago when it was actually a two-bedroom one-bathroom so we completely remodeled it this actually looks way different than it used to I don't have photos or videos of it which would been really really cool so if you guys have been a fan of the channel for a while you actually know this looks way different than my normal living room videos because there's my clock but this looks entirely different so this right here is a brand new couch this wasn't actually purchased this was given to us by a family member which is my dad which was super awesome so that was entirely for free for us but the cool part was we were actually saving up for a couch because we wanted to get a new one so all that extra money we went into putting like new decorations putting like a new table in and these lamps and everything else as well too so that was really really cool and we were super excited to be able to do that but we did it on a budget we shopped at Ross which is we got like most of our decor from which is really cool because I own shares in Ross which means I get paid out those dividends from me buying my stuff from them and also of course the value going up but this is not an investing video but that is my couch there then we got our piano right over here which if we're lucky maybe towards the end we can have Daisy who is hanging out right here with me maybe we can have her play you guys some tunes because I've actually taught her how to play the piano so we got our entertainment system here we got our little TV alright so let's go ahead and show you the bedrooms which are on this side of the house so we go into this little hallway we got some nice little greenery going on over here got dizzy now just moved over here onto this bed because she kind of knew where I was going with this tour apparently she's kind of probably thinks this is weird because I work from home so I normally am in my office so now I'm recording while I'm walking around the house so she probably doesn't have any clue on what's going on here so we got our little bookshelf here with all of our books we got our guest bed over here of course got like a little theme going on we got a little Daisy hey Daisy you gonna play the piano for us later yeah all right so after Daisy is done getting so much attention we can continue moving on so right over here we actually have this really awesome Blue Chair this is what we like to call Dumbledore's chair it is super comfortable hey what's that a lot of attention that's what she needs anywho so this chair anybody that sits in it loves it it's so comfortable and yet Dumbledore's chair so if you guys are Harry Potter fans you guys could hit that like button alright so next up is going to be our bathroom and this is actually also quite different from before as well too so if you actually watched our previous video when it comes to the house tour this actually looks a lot brighter in the room and that's because the other stuff in here were like super super dark so we had a little theme going on here which is kind of like the tan and pink we have like the towels we have like holders we got like a little candle and then this right over here so kind of a cool theme we did a lot of this from Ross and this is not like a ad from Ross but we love them because they have some really awesome stuff at some really great prices so that's where we usually get a lot of our decor from our for a house so here we have our bedroom so this has like a grey and yellow theme I'm actually kind of a big fan of the color yellow very nice and bright so right over here we have this that we added a couple of months ago found it for smoking deal also at Ross as well and then of course we got our bed itself we got very minimal amount of stuff here you know obviously I'm not gonna lie I actually cleaned up the house a little bit before we started recording here just because of course I wanted to look nice and clean so we have you know like this was cleaned up because I had all of my wife stuff on there and then I cleaned up the nightstand a little bit but this is generally what I have – the actual phones when they're being charged that night and then we got our closet over here that has all of our clothes which you guys don't really need to see you right so if we move on over to the other side of the house here I'm going to kind of rotate like I mentioned I'm recording this all by myself so that's why we're kind of doing it this way I might like tossing some b-roll stuff here in between so this house was like I mentioned purchased a long time ago when it was only two bedrooms one bathroom so we did all the remodeling including the kitchen this looks completely different than it used to there was no bar over here this was actually a full wall so we've broke down the wall and then we turned the sliding glass door from what used to be just like a one regular door we wanted to open that up and give it some more light in the house so this is our kitchen area so kind of have a few things obviously our fridge here is very empty on the front we actually don't even use this but then the side is kind of where all of our little clutter is when it comes to that got our fruit stuff here which we don't have a lot of fruit right now we've got some of our wines the counter is a little a little stacked right now because we have some wines there but usually I like to keep it nice and clean that way it's nice and organized I would show you guys the back but honestly there's quite a bit of a mess it's been a long time since we've actually been able to do anything back there we're actually planning on the future to kind of fix it up a little bit more since there's so much dirt and we live in Arizona so there's a lot of different storms that go through the process of like just getting dust everywhere and so for me personally I'm just like I really want to get that taken care of so no more dust we can hang out outside a lot more and go in from there so here we have a new frame that we actually just got also from Ross we haven't even taken the edges off here because we're still debating if we like it here so you guys can let me know if you guys like this right over here it looks good I don't think it's centered right now because I didn't like actually put it on the wall I just kind of put like some thumbnails or thumbtacks so that way I can actually just have it up temporarily so what I'm going to show you guys next is actually my office and our craft room and this was actually all built in this used to be a garage so this is gonna be the bathroom here so right over here we actually put this built-in shower which is really really nice trying to get some good angles there I'll probably do some b-roll after and then we got of course the rest of stuff here in the bathroom there's that we got our bath and Bodyworks hand soaps for the holidays cuz that's what my look that's what my wife loves to get and then here we're gonna have the office now I was kind of mentioning that I'm becoming more of a minimalist and if you actually watched my previous video a long time ago this whole wall right over here used to all be full of stuff just like random nerdy things and it's now mainly my office and Daisy's little bed over here to hang out with me when I'm working but this you should just be full stuff and now it's condensed to about a third of what it used to be and I'm kind of proud of myself because two things one I actually was able to sell a lot of that stuff and make some good money and then to you know it just means less things that I have to worry about so it makes me really happy I'm actually probably gonna condense this even more down the road but it's mainly Futurama and like old-school video game stuff like none of the new stuff like Nintendo 64 and Super Smash Brothers and like all that kind of Jam so if you guys are fans let me know by hitting that like button or commenting down below as well too this is a little bit more closer look at my office here this is kind of where I work every day you see the lights you can kinda see the camera right over there awesome and then like I mentioned we got Daisy that hangs out with me pretty much every day and then if you guys have a wife that loves to craft this probably looks all too familiar or hurts you hope to craft yourself that right there is all of her stuff she has her Cricut and then I think she was doing some stuff a couple of days ago but this is kind of what it looks like that's the time and then we have our little closet over here that has probably the most like junk I guess you can say we have Daisy's food we have some stuff for when I want to sell things online um and then like all of our like picnic stuff and whatnot up there too so a couple little things here and there that we can still get rid of and clean up the house a little bit more but overall this is kind of a frugal house looks like I mean we don't buy a lot of things that we don't need we try to be very practical with our purchases because we want to make sure that we're getting the best value but then also being very useful with the things that we're using so we don't want to buy something that is just gonna sit around and not be used now of course we do buy things that are decor or things that are you know seasonal but that what that makes my wife happy and that makes me happy too and you know it kind of gives us excitement for like the holiday seasons or whatever season we might be in but these things make us happy but not also at the same time overstuffed with things in the house so for us this is pretty good I think there's more room for improvement when it comes to the minimalism side but as far as frugal side all the things that we buy we are very cautious with we do comparison shopping so we don't ever overspend when it comes to having to buy things like getting these lamps were unbelievably cheap and then I think I had to buy the smart lights which were maybe a little bit more expensive than the actual lamps themselves which is kind of funny but overall that is the house tour and as I mentioned if you stuck around let's get Daisy to play on the piano because I honestly did teach her how to play the piano and it's pretty cool so let's see if we can get her over here come on baby come on all right Izzy thank you so much for joining us you ready to show everybody your piano skills let's do it piano good girl sit sit good girl piano good girl all right guys thank you so much for hanging out and watching if you want to keep on watching more content here on the channel click on this video right over here and until next time take care

How to cut down monthly bills and save more money

**How to cut down monthly bills and save more money**



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How to cut down monthly bills and the way I do it.

what's going on YouTube my name is ty my blocks the ex-king calm and others are very dark day today just getting my work and I want to shoot a quick video on how to save money on how to save money how to cut things out me a wife has done some custom bills out and some things that people might not have thought about too recently so you know saving money one way to make more money it's a save on money right no you know if you're trying to make more money the best thing to do is look at your bills and what can you eliminate it and we eliminate some bills and we dinner ourselves and one bill that we got eliminated was the pest control service the orchid man the man was a great service and we lead them because there was a poor service a really good service on knowing bad thing was that you know was paying seventy seven dollars every other month so just running it up plus tax the most eighty bucks every other month to monthly that's forty eight bucks a month and you know in the beginning yeah I'd used them guy had these spider crickets in my home Oh camel crickets with the column in my home and I got it kind of hard to kill so I got me a pest control service and get rid of them which is fine and dandy but don't you have a kid you know stuff got your cut so that's what happened well had my son and stuff had to go so I called and canceled them and I invested in a one gallon water sprayer which I'll do review about that I'm about to get tossed are pro top star P and I heard a good chemical insecticide to use and I'm gonna use that to keep the bugs out so I can spray the yard I can spray the trees the the perimeter the windows actually the backyard the front yard and it kills mosquitoes too one thing about the orchid man I didn't like that you know we worried nine to five it was very hard walk I put it I was working in the world before I went you know across the street what they call it so the White House I was on Wednesday Thursday and Sunday so Wednesday I got make an appointment for Wednesday they coming to house pray and be done since I'm working 9:00 to 5:00 mode through Friday and they close at five o'clock it's very hard to get them inside the home versus Saturdays and Saturdays they work every other Saturday and then why do scheduled for Saturday it'll be close my neighborhood there'll be there's nothing I close but they'll be booked so the past four times I'll call for Saturday they make it pretty booked so why do and when they do come to the house they always spray once every other month so I mean which is fine but when they do spray will be at work so I don't know what they're doing I don't know if they're doing a good job or not I don't know do the sprayer the windows are they spraying the whole foundation or spraying the bushes to I don't know I really don't know so yeah you know nothing about the service but it you wonder that's why I decided to get rid of them and to do it myself and the product of doing the self is to positive things don't think it's just prozac all I know the con is that I waste more time but will take me maybe you know 30 35 minutes to get this mix of chemicals together put some clothes on and spray the whole house use the whole gallon whatever but the pros are I save money and I know that the work is done I can spray it knowing the house but the bushes the grass the trees shrubs the backyard I have a shed as well in my back I can spray that as well there's a lot of spiders and bugs in there I can spray that as well keep the bugs out of there as well so it looks like it's a good thing I counsel them so that's one thing the next thing we have done is we go spaying a lot of money for home security and it was paying about 50 bucks a month that's a lot of money for home security and no one of our family members said they pay way cheaper internet I'll talk to Taylor 15 bucks a month that's why there's a research on that and I know do with just soft security systems is on the rise right now and and I I can also mine once I saw the price how much would pay you got paper clip in the front but your pay 10 15 bucks 20 bucks a month for home security and then you know what will get me long story short the company that I had got bought out three four times so I was paying $25 more than beginning which is not bad but every other year they got bought out and the price keep going up and no and then the thing is but my my equipment did get better stay the same so I decided to it Do It Yourself security system and I kind of enjoyed doing it once you do it yourself versus get so I also come to it it feels better when you do it do you know it's done you know that the doors got sensors when those got sensors everything so it feels better so I eliminated that bill when I eliminated well I got cheaper bill so that's that really helps so those two bills I I got lured or eliminated on one thing we did was I invested in a hedge trimmer I invested in a weed whacker and I put much cutting all the grass all year long this year last year I hired a guy he forty bucks two more long I was pretty hot last year and this year wasn't too bad but this year I did all myself so if you paying someone to cut your grass then you older person you can't physically do it keep paying that person cuz you wanna be out there hurt yourself but you know a young person and you could do it yourself going investing money into a lawn mower a lot more like 90 to 100 dollars and now I'm a lot more maybe four or five years ago it's still going strong so will pay for itself I invest into a hedge trimmer by sixty bucks I got your weed whacker for like 45 so I thought all these things to help me keep my lawn good into the winter time when I'm growing more and it saved me money so how to hire someone to do it so the way you do it in square cut your grass dam with it know what to spray that I got a sprayer I go I go and Samari outside go ahead make stuff up and spray and and be done with it and be done with it so those are some ways you can start saving money see what bills you got now lower than light bill is harder maybe gets on energy-efficient bulbs into efficient appliances for your car insurance try to call around different companies and see the benefits the pros the cons and the cost compared to what you're paying now awesome one other way that's kind of if you're paying 120 and coming constantly what's hard you send in five eighty dollars I'll go ahead and do it because over time it will save me some money so try that as well I think what's something else another thing you could do with foam service that have a rising horizon sprint all the plates are extremely high I have a rising fault 115 years I'll have about 15 you got every one was 30 there was expensive I was paying $90 for one line and now I'm paying 80 bucks for two lines for me and my wife so I was like okay I'm seven ten dollars about she online I got a line and we split the bill we was clicking wireless that runs up 80 phone service is fantastic so hey if you got sprint verizon thinking about going to a prepaid service that has great services to be there there's so many out there and they think service is just as good so there's a couple things that help you save money dude don't do it yourself do yourself a pain exterminator learn how to do it yourself body stuff buy the equipment by the pesticides insecticides it'll last you a long time tossed our Protoss therapy with an uber I wanna do review about that as well I did I see somebody bought a plan of that stuff it lasted my year so it's imagine it is like $31 so after one bus will last me a year so they'll try to do it yourself cut your grass yourself do your peasant roll yourself do your home security yourself monitored yourself through apps try get a lower phone plan try go to a prepaid plan copy pay plan your bill never just never goes up and down it's always the same try to use more energy efficient equipment I mean the devices in your home and try to cut out cable I made people I mean people my job paying to 20 to 30 a month doesn't cable internet it'll need these days the cable is dead I would rather using Hulu or Netflix was internet service and my bill will be cheaper I mean in you know my youtube channel I show you how you can watch movies and TV shows for the world real real low okay so there's no reason for you to pay to 20 a month and the cable and you work 40 hours a week and you have kids so how many shows do you actually watch besides power and they have they have none so I mean you only watch three or four shows Mable's with sports but you pay the 220 a month that's ridiculous give her the cable going Netflix go to youtube live YouTube labs like like 30 or 40 bucks a month so what's your internet by self might pay for it for the lives of my 12 youtube live you might I paying forward you've had a hard I was a month but you're cutting your bill in half if you cut your bill in half so these are the ways to save some money you can save some serious money by cutting things out you don't need you could do it yourself you call around get a better quote and everything else stop eating out so much know maybe from from September there is a timber to December you should try to save money because know why the hot got Christmas coming up new year's Thanksgiving you have a lot of family soldiers going out coming up Black Friday and you need money so the best thing you could do now as a stop T now say more money hoping high-yield savings accounts to put that money in cook cook you a big possible get eat that for two three days cook you some chicken wings eat number two three days make up Potter lasagna and make eat that for two three days and use coupons week a lot of coupons in the mail use coupons you get in the mail that also helps use cashback apps on your phone use the dollar app you get a dollar back and it's not a lot of money but over time adds up you usually get outside gas at a time you get gas you scan your gas receipt and you get cash back right now since I've been using a gas app hell I've been using it since April to September I'm a $61 that's my scaly my gas receipt that says free money so these are some ways to save money just rethink your bills what bill can you eliminate and what bill key made cheaper what Bill you do yourself cat cut the grass myself I'll do myself alone can I do I'll do this oh security system saves the money I have to do it myself I can I cut out this pest control bill cut out cable and go out with another lor bill can I cut out there's a verizon bill the Sprint bill that's a lot of money mobile bills a lot of money can I cut those things out but cutting those things out you will save money how I say my my light bill many more installation in your home energy efficient devices lights all key things off that's what also helped you know save on gas you know when you one thing I do like instead of me you know sometimes if you get out were a good time and he goes if you're already out go ahead and do your good shopping while you're already out they come home versus on your day off you know except you get your car and go to the store coming back you're burning gas how about you go ahead and go shopping while you're already out they come home that way when we can you don't have to go buy groceries you can do anything but stay at home and save that gas money so yeah the plenty of ways to save some money you want to save money by cutting up bills and expenses kind of things you don't need and what it could not faith you could do yourself that's security bill the security bill right now and the orca man and you throw cutting grass I probably save $150 a month just cut those things out and do them myself that's it and with the home security won't you just it's easy it's easy you just stick it you good to go you good to go and but this goodness says that once you have a cell it's done it's done you'll read nothing else you've got a checking it out this is done and in and with the pest control you do it once a month you do it once a month you do we cut the grass do it once a month so all these things have to cut out you do it once a month you do it once a month and you save money you save money so but anytime what else can calm I read a blog post about this as well I have more videos coming out and I got a new video coming out I'm gonna do soon Peyer tomorrow Saturday it's called the peace of hunt hack I got I find a way to get we want a piece of her pizza you get cash back on to apps that didn't know had on there and check that video out download all these links below the video acorns you know acorns get money back your account by buying stuff get the dogs out you don't say get the dogs out go ahead and get it and you cash back on restaurants by link below get the get up side gas app you just get your gas receipt you get cash back within four hours get couple dollars back over time adds up that link below the video as well my name is Tyler asking comm help you save money make more money hide the whole money and I'll see you next time

HOW TO SAVE MONEY | Frugal Living Tips

**HOW TO SAVE MONEY | Frugal Living Tips**



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Hey Guys! I hope you enjoy this video about how to save money and how to be frugal! I love saving money. I think it’s really important to educate the importance of how to save money. Let me know if you have any money saving tips to add to my list. Comment down below! ❤️

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welcome back to my channel today I'm going to be doing a video all about frugal living tips I don't know about you but I love to save money so I'm just going to share my frugal living tips I am NOT in Middle s by any means but I do like to be wise with my money and not overspend on stuff if I don't have to so these are all the tips that I have accumulated throughout the years and I hope you find them helpful okay so first things first is you're probably wondering where my glasses are from and this actually does tie in with frugal living these glasses were sent to me by tij and I wear this video isn't sponsored or anything they just were kind enough to send me these glasses and they are prescription strength and I think that they are really really nice so that's the other thing if you are trying to save money or your glasses online seriously it really does save a lot of money so many people go to the optometrist and man it gets expensive going to the otama triste oh my gosh so if you're ordering your glasses online through sites like tij and eyewear you will save money because you're cutting out the middleman essentially so yeah I love these glasses I think they are super super cute and I just kind of wanted to give them a shout-out in this video like I said this video isn't sponsored but they were kind enough to send me the glasses so I just figured I would throw this tip in there because it is a pretty good tip I think okay so number two is nails this especially goes for you females out there I know that a lot of you like to go to the nail salon and get your nails done which I know is very nice it's nice to have your nails done but it's very very expensive and I just find that I can do my own nails at home and I feel like they look just as good I actually did my own nails and as you can see I think that they look really really nice these are my real nails I just grow them out and then I paint them and it's super cheap and I'm not going to the nail salon and spending like hundreds of dollars I mean if you think about it if you're going to the nail salon like I don't know like two or three times a month that really adds up so just keep that in mind okay so number three is to stop grocery shopping at the most expensive grocery stores I guess it depends on your area but I know for me like if I'm shopping at like a giant eagle tops you know stores like that you know the I know out west like there's like Safeway those grocery stores are very very expensive and there's so many other grocery stores that offer really good food at a much cheaper price so I really like to shop at all do you so if you have an Aldi near you definitely take advantage of that Aldi has really stepped up their game over the past few years and they're just much cheaper for me and my husband I go shopping for us once a week and I spend $80 so if you guys want to see a video on what I buy and what healthy meals I buy all $80 and under please let me know because I would love to do a video on that but yeah stop shopping at these really expensive grocery stores okay so the next tip that I want to talk about is gambling now we all know like of course like don't gamble but I think a lot of people don't realize like you know they go to the grocery store or the gas station and they pick up their scratch-off ticket and they think like oh it's only dollars only five dollars and I don't do it often it's like well you know if you're doing that a few times a week it kind of adds up but especially if you're not winning you know I just don't gamble like I'll admit like every now and then like maybe like once every month I'll buy like a dollar scratch to get and I don't win and then I'm pissed that I lost my dollar so yeah stop buying like scratch off tickets and gambling it's stupid you're not gonna win I mean you might eat but more often than not like you're not gonna win okay so number five I want to talk about gym memberships so many people have a gym membership I know I have had a gym membership and gym memberships are expensive like holy crap they're so expensive and it's like for what because you can just workout at home I swear by working out at home I mean you're watching this video right now on youtube you obviously have access to YouTube there's loads of free workout videos on YouTube all you have to do is get yourself a nice set of dumbbells maybe some resistance bands ankle weights and you're good to go you don't need a gym membership and if you feel like you really like your gym membership fine keep it but if you feel like you could get away with working out at home definitely do it because it saves a lot of money okay so number six is coffee I know that all of us when we're out about before work or anywhere we're all stopping at Starbucks Tim Hortons Dunkin Donuts and we're picking up our coffees day in and day out and this seems like a pretty common tip but it's really really true start making your coffee at home gosh coffee is expensive whenever you buy it out like you buy a coffee like a medium sized coffee and it's like two dollars and it's it's like why like cuz I can buy a giant canister of coffee for like five dollars and it last me for like two weeks straight and I'm not spending a bunch of money every day you know so stop buying coffee whenever you go out if you can and then the next one I want to talk about is alcohol alcohol is very expensive I know that a lot of you out there like to have your drinks but I can say if you are drinking on a daily basis like if you're coming home every night and you're cracking open a beer or whatever drinks you like any of that that stuff's expensive so if you can limit it to like the weekends only try to do that it's just it's so expensive like especially wine oh my gosh especially if you want to buy like decent quality alcohol – that's not going to make you feel like crap definitely living your alcohol consumption not only is it good for you but it's also good for your wallet okay so the next one I want to talk about is bottle of water a lot of us we live in areas where we don't like our water that comes out of our our tap and we buy bottled water but bottle of water if you think about it it really really adds up especially if you're someone who drinks a lot of water I know that me and my husband drink a lot of water and it's just crazy to be buying water constantly so instead you should invest in a water filter and you can either buy like the really nice Brita or pure water pitchers and it filters your water for you or you could hook something on to your sink and that really really will save money in the long run because bottled water really really adds up and it's just crazy and plus then you're set you're cutting down on your classic use and stuff and it's just kind of like a win-win all around okay so the next tip that I want to talk about is cooking at home so many of us are always you know eating out and it really really adds up so I know this sounds like common sense but really cook at home it really really makes a difference there are so many easy things that you can do because that's the thing was eating out like people do it out of convenience but invest in a crock-pot get a nice crock-pot you literally just dump the ingredients and leave like you can put it all in before you go to work or school in the morning and then you come home and dinner is ready and you didn't even have to cook and it saves you money and it's healthier okay so the next one I want to talk about is getting rid of your cable bill and I feel a lot of people have done this already but we all know like a lot of us are just on the internet now and we are really into like Netflix and Hulu and YouTube and it's like why even have cable anymore do you know what I mean so definitely get rid of your cable bill cable is so expensive I know my father still has capable and he pays something insanely it's like 95 dollars a month and he only watches like like three channels you don't I mean so it's it's such a waste of money when you have the Internet at the push of a button you know and personally I like Netflix better Hulu YouTube all of that it's so much better and cable I feel like 98% of it is commercials so stop paying for that it's such a waste of money okay so the next one I want to talk about is thrifting over buying something brand new now I know that a lot of us do like to buy a lot of things brand new I mean I know I do but if I can I do like to check out the thrift stores for you know like winter sweaters and stuff like that because sweaters are really really expensive I know that I just want thrifty a few weeks ago and I got two sweaters really really beautiful sweaters two of them for five dollars so they were 250 apiece now if I would have went to the mall and bought two sweaters that could have easily ran me about I don't know 60 $70 if not more so definitely keep that in mind thrift stores are the way to go there's a lot of hidden gems there I definitely want to do like more thrift with me vlogs and stuff because I feel like people don't realize like you can find so many great things at the thrift store for a fraction of the cost of what you spend at the mall okay so the next one I want to talk about is building your own furniture now of course not all of us have the skills for this I mean I know I don't but if you have like a husband who was like really handy I know my husband is very good with stuff like that he actually built me my own kitchen island because we needed more kitchen space so he built me one and it was so much cheaper than buying a brand-new one so you know there's so many tutorials on YouTube of how to pretty much build any type of piece of furniture whether you want to build a kitchen island or a coffee table or you know a desk anything like that sometimes it's a lot cheaper to build it yourself and that way it's like completely yours like nobody has the same one as you because it's you know you customized it so I think that's really cool too and you need to save money okay so the next one is cosmetics now obviously like my channel is very Beauty based I love makeup I love skincare all of that but so many of us think that we have to go to stores like Sephora and you know all the expensive Macy's counters you know like Lancome and Estee Lauder and Clinique all of those brands that's expensive and what's up why why are we spending so much money on cosmetics the drugstore has lots of amazing prep makeup products and skincare as well I feel like we don't have to spend as much on makeup in skincare as we think I love drugstore makeup it's pretty much all that I own and I just I like how it saves me money and I not spending copious amounts of money on makeup like foundations at like Sephora and stuff they can run you like fifty dollars at forty fifty dollars for a bottle of foundation but then you can turn around and go to like Target and buy a really nice bottle of foundation for like twelve thirteen dollars you don't I mean so it's like I I mean I I mean I guess I understand like if you are a big makeup enthusiast and you want to try everything that's out there but if you're trying to save money definitely cut back on high makeup and skincare okay so then the last one that I want to talk about is impulse buying I think so many times you know we got shopping with our friends or family and we just kind of just buy do you don't I mean it's like you really like back up and stop and think like hmm like do I really need this like is it something that I really need like I understand like we do like to shop because we just want stuff I mean we live in the age of consumerism but sometimes we really need to scale back and see if it's something that we like actually need or if your think about making a big purchase online or something you know just add it to your cart walk away for a few days you don't have to purchase it that day and if you still really really want it in a few days then buy it but you know we need to stop impulse buying because it really really adds up and also to like you never know you could find better deals you know so if they say you're shopping for like an area rug or something and you come across one out of store you'll go I love it I'm gonna buy it right now it's like well I don't know like maybe you should go online see if you can find like the same rug or a similar rug for a much cheaper price you know I mean so yeah impulse buying really really adds up so yeah those were all my frugal living tips I hope that you guys found this video helpful I know I really like to save money especially in this day and age I feel like everything is so expensive it's tough out there you know cost of living is high so yeah I hope you guys found these tips helpful and if you did please give this video a thumbs up and if you are not subscribed make sure that you are so you don't miss my next upload and until then I will guys in my next video you