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Frugal Living | You Will Feel Rich if You Spend Money With This in Mind

**Frugal Living | You Will Feel Rich if You Spend Money With This in Mind**



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Today I teach you how to become rich without making even a penny more in income. How can you do that you may be asking. Well watch todays video to find out.
what's up welcome to the proud brothers I'm Chris prowl and in today's video I'm gonna be talking about living like your rich I recently listened to a Matt Diavel a podcast where he was interviewing someone and he wrote a book name escapes me right now but I'm sure I'll put it somewhere on the screen basically he's talking about things that I've already been doing like in the past like nine to ten months in my life and it's really made a difference and I was thinking about how to put it into words but then turns out someone already did that for me so I'm gonna read this guy's book now I recommend that other people read his book it seems to really have helped Mandy Avella and many other people so when I say that I'm trying to live my life like I'm rich I don't necessarily mean like rich like how maybe some people see it like like a rapper like driving a Bugatti or four or whatever because I'm living life to the fullest like rich wise like what I like I don't care about cars I don't actually I wouldn't even be able to see a Bugatti and tell you that that's what we got I wouldn't know the difference I don't care about stuff like that and I'm sure that there's people who are the same in certain aspect like because everyone has their own opinions like everyone will agree and disagree with me so since I don't care about cars I chose to not spend any money on a car not saying that one has to do what I did because I literally I have what we have one car between me and my wife and then my dad gave me a second car it was one that he was going to get rid of and I just decided I would drive it and which I'm thankful that he's letting me drive this car because now I have a car for free it gets me from point A to point B but most people wouldn't drive this car because there's no a/c it doesn't open on the Trivers side so I have to get in from the other side windows do not roll down there is no door panels but for me I'm getting to where I need to go I'm fine with it like I do not mind at all especially knowing that like that's letting me save a bunch of money and now with me saving so much money me and Dara are gonna go to Europe in September and that's been like a thing that she's always wanted to do it's been on our bucket list without doing that and also moving into a one-bedroom apartment for the last six months or so we wouldn't have been able to afford to do that and I feel like we're living our rich life like we tell oh yeah we're about to go on this world trip we already went on one last year we're going on another one and we have another one planned after that and people are just like that's thousands of dollars how do you have thousands of dollars because we make the same amount as normal people like we're not rich as far as like numbers are concerned but we just choose how to spend our money really wisely and when I say wisely just think about like just making an exercise to just think about what do you really want out of life like what do you value I'm not saying that you have to like cut out a bunch of stuff that you like like if you like getting a Starbucks coffee every morning yeah people say that's expensive it's sure it's expensive you can find cheaper solutions for it but if that's what you like and you like the convenience of it do that just cut out something else that you are because there's so many people spending money on things that they don't care about like a car like if you don't care about cars but you're but you have a $250 car payment $400 car payment every month and you don't even care about which car you're driving that's pretty that's pretty dumb in my opinion like only spend a lot of money on things that you actually care about the things that you actually want me and Adaro want to travel so we're gonna put most of our money towards traveling and like those type of experiences in like food and activities when we travel and I recommend that you guys do the same thing it doesn't have to travel users whatever that you want like get what you want out of life another thing that I really care about besides travel is food so I spend extra money so I spend extra money compared to most people on food like I'll get the organic stuff I'll get like grass-fed beef type stuff I'll get certain like the more expensive eggs or whatever I'll get higher priced coffee but if you don't care about that stuff get the cheapest stuff that there is like just choose where you put most of your money and in my opinion that makes you so much more happy like I'm so much more happy with the financial decisions that we make now the more you spend money on stuff you don't actually need want or care about the more pores you feel and it feels awful it feels like you never have enough for the stuff that you actually want so my biggest advice is don't cheap out on the things you actually want in life and don't spend more on things that you think that you should spend more on just cuz everyone else spending more yeah so if you have been living your life like this comment below like if it like just to let everyone know that it really does help if you have been messing up and spending money on dumb stuff and now you're about to not like make that commitment in the comments below let everyone else yeah I'm not doing this anymore hopefully this video helped as always keep lifting keep gaming and I'll see you in the next video

Nomads Are Disgusting RV Living Full Time / Van Life

**Nomads Are Disgusting RV Living Full Time / Van Life**



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This channel will teach you the good, the bad, and the ugly of Minimal Living, RV Life, Camping, Boondocking, Tiny camper, camping, Van Life, Nomad / Nomadic Life, and frugal living.
After years of working 60 to 70 hours a week and never taking a vacation, Carolyn and I (Rob) decided to quit our job and begin living our dream. We bought a 1970 Starcraft pop-up camper and fixed it up, traveling the country, and only staying at free campsites. After living in it for a year, our pop-up was burned down by someone in a National Forest. We did not let that get us down. We built a homemade truck camper in 2 1/2 week so we could continue living our dream. Welcome to Little House On The Road 2.0 and welcome to the Little House On The road Family.
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if you want to continue to follow our adventure click subscribe so you don't miss anything click the bell notification being a nomad certainly have its perks there's a lot of downsides to it but this is this is one of the perks I think that nomadic life offers we're about 120 miles away from north rim Grand Canyon that before I quit my job and started a nomadic lifestyle I actually had scheduled vacation to come out to the north room that doesn't mean that we would have actually stopped at this location we would went directly to the North Rim obviously I would I would assume since I haven't been to the North Rim that this isn't just as all inspiring as the North Rim then the worst ones I'm sure is going to be better than this but that's not the point the point is I would have missed this you know I get to spend seven days here and enjoy the scenery before we head off to the North Rim now that doesn't mean that everybody's going to agree that the nomadic lifestyle is the right choice for anybody there's just some people that cannot even come close to imagining being a nomad why would you want to do it you know people spend their entire lives creating a career having children buying a beautiful home having great automobiles and so you know forever that has been the American dream since they have accomplished or trying to accomplish what the American Dream was supposed to be all about they can't imagine why anybody would move into a truck camper a whole matric ampere or a van or a small class C and there's really no expectation for them to understand it you know what they see is a bunch of losers out here not paying taxes there was a famous youtuber who was recently hosted on a CBS morning show and he was showing the reporter the lifestyle and so the reporter was trying to live in a van I guess for a couple days and he wasn't comfortable with it he didn't like it and there's no expectation for him to like it you know he just met a guy long beard long hair you know has to go to the bathroom in a in a bucket probably doesn't shower I mean this is this youtuber has said many times he doesn't shower very often sponge bath so he may not even smell very clean and so this reporter is trying to report on this about this newfound freedom that people are finding living on the road and so you can see the disgust on the reporters face that he wasn't interested on in it and at the closing segment you know he's behind the news desk Annie you know he said something a little quirky you're off I'll take you know out taste and you know something like uh you know I wouldn't want to do it her and again quite reasonable response to a guy who just lived out in the middle of desert for a few days in a back of a rented minivan you know trying to gather water and learn how to go the bathroom in a bucket and maybe not showering every day they had to be kind of difficult and so they don't have to accept it they can have their American Dream and I can have mine well since then there's been several youtubers that have commented about the CBS Morning Show and how how they really weren't happy with the way the reporter demonstrated this lifestyle and this is where I decided you know I'm going to make a video because this one youtuber said society is just going to have to accept that we're here and they're gonna have to learn to live with it whoa no no no no no no they don't that is the biggest problem with the nomadic lifestyle is people are trying to shove this lifestyle down the throats of people who live in a stick and brick you take it you like it and you leave me alone so nomads go and park in front of their houses throw trash around go to the bathroom in a bucket and people who live in houses don't want to accept it so they make youtube videos telling you we're going to have to accept it well they the people who live in houses aren't watching these videos the people who are wanting to live this lifestyle maybe watching these videos and those folks you may accept the route that there are people out here live in vans cars trucks SUVs and you're excited about it but the rest of the population are not watching these videos and they're not going to accept it so what these youtubers are doing is they're telling you and the people who want to live this lifestyle to shove this lifestyle down the throats of people who don't even understand it or care about it or give a second thought about it the only thing they think about is why is a strange-looking band parked in front of my house because when you do they are going to shut down this lifestyle we're seeing it all the time and I see constantly different towns I know everybody's going to say oh no it's on it's unconstitutional they have to let me live in my car the point I'm trying to make is more and more towns are making this lifestyle illegal Roanoke County Virginia has made it illegal there's towns in California who are making it illegal as a matter of fact I think it's Seattle or Las Vegas law says I don't know anyway there's a city who has made it illegal to park on city streets but what they did was since this you know constitutionality thing comes up is they say okay now you can a spot in the city a parking lot that you can go park it and sleep in but there's some rules being able to park in here you know there's quiet time I guess 10:00 to 6:00 and you know they don't want you to stay there permanently they want you to pick up and move and move on or get a job or get into a house so there's some rules and criteria about parking in this parking lot well the people who are living in the parking lot so that's just not right they're telling us what to do we have a right to do whatever what they want what the problem becomes is are you a nomad are you just trying to suck up off of people who live in houses and this is where the whole thing gets all messed up they want to live in this parking lot paid for by the tax dollars but they don't and they don't want to move well if you want to be a nomad then travel and don't stay very long put a burden on society go from one location to another you know stay around enjoy the area but and eventually you're gonna have to pick up and move well that takes money and the folks that are living in this parking lot or in city streets don't have money so it's not a lifestyle choice and this is where everything gets so confusing and there's a mix-up between homeless and nomads and this kind of thing so no we need to stop shoving it down the throats of people who live in sticking bricks living their American Dream we need to be more discreet you know we're all oblivious is why we're shutting this down but it's so logical if you just look at it from the perspective of the homeowner thanks for watching click like these like video and happy travels

Frugal Living : Stretching your food with leftovers. Irish soda bread french toast.

**Frugal Living : Stretching your food with leftovers. Irish soda bread french toast.**



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I started finding ways to us up leftovers. We throw so much food away . It’s not only a waste of food but money also. When I first stared doing this I kept track of how many meal I got out of left overs. In 5 months I was able to get 32 extra meals , that’s counting breakfast, lunch and dinner. Imagine in a year how much money that saves.
hi everybody I thought I'd show you how to use leftover soda bread this is from our set PEGI state dinner and in this bowl I have milk or almond milk which you can use regular milk 2 eggs cinnamon nutmeg and vanilla I'm gonna whip this up real good and then we're going to add in our soda bread they're with me folks I've got to go trim my brother down I've got a pan on with butter in it I'm melting the batter for my toes okay gonna run you back over here okay excuse my fingers but I'm at home just doing this for me and my husband I know not very good camera shots but I'm doing this one-handed sorry look oh okay about three hills going to put this one back into sup a little more and turn this one over we'll bring these over here and in our pan turn up just a little bit is really good with the raisins and everything in it I really really like it okay was just a frugal way to use up what you got we waste so much food nowadays but the whole is the people and this is just a way to use it up and so let me get dry it out okay guys here's the finished project project here's the finished french toast oh wow hi mm-hmm kids my mouth being full guys this is really really good this is definitely one you need to try here's what's left of the first choice I made it's just me my husband swishing see we have plenty of french toast left what I'm going to do with it is I'm going to wrap it in plastic and then put it in this bag in individual serving sizes and then when I want it for breakfast I just take it out unwrap it and warm it up in the microwave I wouldn't recommend using this in a toaster like you do with the frozen waffles and the frozen um what is it frozen um french toast sticks that you get in the store because of the egg that's on this since it's real Lake so I would definitely do either the oven or recommend you in the oven or the microwave anyway I'm gonna put a few these aside for our friend Jenn when we go see her today and then the recipes are gonna go into the freezer for very important and make sure you put the date on your package so you don't lose track hogs in your freezer and I would say use these up in a month I wouldn't go any longer than that but they taste so good I'm pretty sure we will use ours up anyway that's just a little hint on how to use up leftover so to bed and I've got a couple more breakfast in here bye have a good day

Frugal Living - 99 Cent Store Produce

**Frugal Living – 99 Cent Store Produce**



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In this frugal living video, I should you the produce I buy on a weekly basis from the 99 cent only store. The quality and value is excellent and I almost shop there exclusively for produce.

Preparing meals at home is one if the easiest ways I save money on a weekly basis. Combined with taking my lunch to work almost everyday, I can save quit a bit of money.

I hope you enjoyed this video. Please leave me a comment and give me your thoughts. If you liked this video please thumbs up.


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hey guys Tony here with frugal tips where it's okay to be a tightwad I wanted to share with you a quick tip lately I've been doing some grocery shopping at my local 99-cent store and if you haven't checked out your local on a nine cent store I highly suggest that you do they have a pretty decent selection of fresh produce I typically go there once or twice a week to pick up a few things and I just wanted to share with you the things that I buy typically and just show you some of the quality that they have to offer and generally these things that I buy weekly they're pretty decent quality they haven't let me down so why don't we go to the kitchen and I'll show you what I have alright guys the first item that I wanted to show you are some Tomatoes now I've bought these Tomatoes within a 10 cent store before these are really good and sometimes they even have organic Tomatoes next thing I want to show you are these strawberries now these were everything I show you here is a dollar these are actually really delicious I bought multiple packs I also get the blueberries from nine cents or as well as raspberries next thing I always buy are these baby carrots these are really delicious and that is going to corner that I get or Persian cucumbers these are delicious really crispy they make a great snack for work another thing I love together now in a sense though are these bags of lettuce so I get this romaine lettuce and I also get this fresh spinach bags these are great really good quality you can't go wrong with these sometimes they also have organic lettuce it just depends on the day that you go I also just recently bought some red potatoes again a dollar really great deal and then lastly they have a great selection of onions I got some brownies use to cook up these potatoes here thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed this video if you did give us comment please share this video and we'll see you next time

Rite Aid couponing haul July 9, 2019

**Rite Aid couponing haul July 9, 2019**



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ok I think I said it is the 8th but it is Tuesday 7/9. thanks for watching
hey everybody Michelle with Michelle's free-living here and thanks for watching my videos and today is Tuesday July the 8th of 2019 I went to write a today so finishing off giving my crust toothpaste and these are will be toothbrushes so this week they're it's a certain Crest toothpaste certain or will be toothbrushes and the scope mouthwash it's on sale for $3 use a dollar coupon either load the card coupons or the coupon that came in the P&G insert on Sunday so you could pay two dollars and you get two dollars back in bonus cash and you can do that two times so you got to pick two of those items and you can do that the load the card coupons of course will only work one time so that's why I did a toothpaste and a toothbrush on each card so obviously I'm used five different cards today and did it and so that's what it looks like so four dollars out-of-pocket plus whatever your tax is and then you get four dollars back okay so on a couple of cards I did get some cash register tape coupons so those are ready coupons that you can stack with a manufacturer coupon if you have something you can use them on okay the other thing I got I got these for someone else I don't use it I don't smoke I never have okay so these Nicorette lozenges these are the 24 count of course clearance can vary from store to store but anyways they were 75% off so I picked those two up anyways no cash back or anything on those we just paper something else I see people buying downs backache cream it's in if they're near the pain reliever pills and the thermic hair and stuff like that apparently there's a three dollar coupon inside and some people are finding it at 75% off clearance which puts it below $3 the coupons for $3 off so you can get some overage from it at my store it was just 50% off so it wasn't worth it for me to buy that yeah they put out back on Sunday the cashier was hanging new clearance tags and stuff like that so all over the store so you just might walk around and see if there's some clearance like the as seen on tv section there was like maybe 10 or 15 things that are on clearance there 50% off if that's something you're interested in so you might check it out and you know it's one of those I think just generally around the whole store so you might check that out alright anyways I'm not sure that I'm gonna get anything else this week if I do I'll make a video and as I said before the covergirl is a good deal to spend 20 get back 10 if you got the $2 off coupons and you know maybe you'll find some clearance there but there is anything particular in that that I decided I wanted to get yeah anyways for now I think that's about it alright I'll talk to you guys later