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Xbox Codes Free - How to get Unlimited Xbox Promo Codes 2018 *WORKS*

**Xbox Codes Free – How to get Unlimited Xbox Promo Codes 2018 *WORKS***



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Link| findcodes.us join this awesome discord server its tons of fun and they got friendly staff and giveaways| Sub to Treflipp and …

The Red Wallet Trick

**The Red Wallet Trick**



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The Red Wallet Trick To create more energy in your financial life, a great trick is to simply buy a red wallet! The colour of passion, energy and life force then gets …

How I get Free Groceries at Walmart Extreme Couponing for income

**How I get Free Groceries at Walmart Extreme Couponing for income**



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Where do I get my coupons from ?

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[Applause] so a lot of you guys said to me oh yeah Erica we saw your Publix video and we saw how you got overage money back at Publix but try doing that at Walmart well guess what I'm at Walmart I'm gonna show you today how you can get the same over it's at Walmart now they don't give you cash back and they definitely don't give it to you on a gift card but what they will allow is for you to use your overage to apply to your other groceries so let's say you buy something for five dollars and the coupon is take six dollars off well you just made a dollar and you can use that dollar to buy some chips or whatever else you wanted for a dollar so they're not gonna give you cash and they're not gonna give you a gift card but you still can make the money and use it to buy something else I'm gonna Walmart I'm gonna see what I can get let's see if we can find anything okay guys so I'm here at Walmart of course and I'm looking around for clearance things now I see a lot of name brands as he Tresemme pantene and a lot of things like that but the only coupons I bought in today oh there's also Colgate at the top and there's a lot of makeup but the only coupons I brought in today were for P&G items like Herbal Essences Old Spice and I left my Pantene coupons in the car because I was specifically looking for certain brands but if you're checking out the clearance section at your Walmart you might want to get coupons ready for some of these brands now I'm gonna teach you guys an incredible trick today to where anybody can look up clearance super super fast but while we're here I'm gonna show you guys how you can actually make money at Walmart to pay for the rest of your groceries now I went ahead and scanned these Herbal Essences on the Walmart out now I showed you guys how to do that a few videos back so if you don't know make sure you go back to that video and learn how to scan in-store and I might do some of that later on in the video if you're still looking forward to seeing how that happens but I scanned these purple hair Herbal Essences and they're coming up for a dollar fifty each that's even cheaper then that clearance tag is telling us 450 no way I scan them and they're coming up for a dollar fifty always scan your clearance it's definitely gonna be cheaper at least 50% of the time something will be tagged one price and it'll scan for another so these actually rang up a dollar fifty each and guess what we have a five dollar off coupon for five dollars off when you buy two so guess what if I buy two that's only three dollars and I'm still gonna get five dollars off so I just made two dollars Oh so I also had my eye on this Old Spice the clearest axe is four dollars but I scanned it on the warmer a pin and actually rang up for only one dollar so I'm gonna grab this too now it won't be a moneymaker but check this out we have a $1 off coupon that makes this free so that is a great deal it's ringing up for a dollar the coupon will make it free so I'm definitely going to get this so between my Herbal Essences I'll be making $2 with that and with this one it'll be absolutely free now these are all the products that they had that I actually had coupons for but if you see anything that you have coupons for like the Pantene would have been a great deal but I left my coupons in the car and I'm not walking all the way back through a long Walmart parking lot just to go grab my coupons but guys if you have your coupons when you go to the store scan scan scan and just be ready you never know what you're gonna find and you never know how much it's gonna cost until you scan it okay guys so this is what I have in my cart so far just the two horrible instances in just the one Old Spice but since I'm gonna be making $2 I have to find something to fill up that overage because like I said before they do not give cash bags if they don't give it back in a gift card so I have to find some type of way to spend it so I'm gonna walk around a little bit and see what I'm gonna spend my two dollars on okay guys so this is crazy I was thinking why not come back to the clearance section and use the two dollars I'm getting back to spend on more clearance so then my eyes immediately came to the L'Oreal ever appeared now they're marked for two dollars on clearance and we have a two dollar back I bought a rebate I'm gonna scan them to see if they're really two dollars or not so let's see together if they're two dollars oh oh my gosh they're only one dollar in this store so wait a minute is that really wow they're only one dollar and I bada is still gonna give me back two dollars oh my gosh I was trying to spend the money that I'm gonna make from the Herbal Essences and now I'm making more so now my total is up said three dollars made and I bought a says I can do it twice so now I'm up to four dollars profit I was trying to spend it but I don't know now I'm making money but you know what with the two dollars that I'm making with my Herbal Essences I think I'm going to just with the two dollars that I'm gonna make right here with the Herbal Essences I think I'm gonna use that two dollars at the register to pay for these bad boys and then when I submit my receipts ibotta then I'll just end up getting that four dollars right back oh my gosh guys this is a four dollar moneymaker oh my gosh I'm trying to explain it there's some kind of in a scanning mood now after scanning that I'm pretty excited so I kind of want to show you guys what this scans at just so you'll kind of know for yourself what I'm saying see it's actually scanning for 150 in this store okay and like I said before in a previous video make sure it's always set to in this store because if it's set to Walmart calm you've got to get a different price see online it's 341 but your store will show you if they have it on clearance or not and then the Old Spice just so you guys will believe me because there's every there's always gonna be somebody who's gonna say oh there's no way that was on sale so let's check one dollar in this store and let's see how much this would have been a Walmart calm 497 so in this story the Old Spice is only one dollar I told you that but you know somebody's out there saying that's not true there's no way that can be true but you just saw it for yourself okay so I'm headed to the line with my few little things and we'll see exactly how much my total comes out to be hopefully it won't be too much hopefully it shouldn't be anything maybe just tax because the Old Spice is free with this one dollar coupon the Herbal Essences are free with the five dollar coupon there's two dollars left over and that should cover each of these and I'm thinking out only pay tags but like I said after I submit my receipt ibotta I should be getting four dollars back so this should be a four dollar moneymaker but we'll see I'm optimistic I hope everything works out okay but I just I want to show you guys that just like I did this at Publix you can't we do this at Walmart okay they don't give you a cash back or a gift card but they do let you use your coupons and their policy is clear okay so if you want to see their policy click the link in the description box below but hopefully this goes well I only have two coupons and I do just kind of plan on getting that money back in a rebate from ibotta so this should be a four dollar moneymaker let's see how it goes hi good thank you it's already off to a great start I just got a super awesome greeting I love when that happens so somebody was saying on my other video that when I talk infront cashiers it has to be planned I'm just a outgoing person so I do a lot of talking I can't help it I talk a lot okay so my total is 642 what's my total before tags oh great okay so the tax was the 42 cents so I have six dollars in coupons let's see how this works out that was perfect guys if it works out how it's supposed to I should only pay 42 cents so far so good 42 cents is my final total guys that was awesome we did great I was about to put you guys inside in my purse while I look for my card I guess that's a bad idea okay so everything went perfectly I paid my 42 cents thank you so much you too everything went great not only was I greeted awesomely by the cashier she was so nice she didn't give me any problems at all and she had a perfect attitude I got all of my stuff my total came out to six dollars even before tax yeah my total came out to six hours even before tax the tax Florida tax for me was 42 cents your tax may be different if you plan on doing a deal like this so I paid 42 cents out of pocket but listen I'm gonna go and I'm bada and I'll be getting four dollars back and a rebate so let's check that out on my ibotta and see how that works out this is what my Walmart looks like guys meanwhile I brought Tiffany with me to the store and she just spent twenty one dollars and 27 cents and she barely got anything guys look how much she puts me to shame guys like she spends all for money and just watches me use my coupons actually made money and she spends money and then she doesn't even want to use coupons what do you have to say for yourself Tiffany okay so Walmart number one was a success guys I have on my shirt today phone keys coupons check check check check check OCC gang yeah so I knew it was gonna be a success not really I didn't know but because things can go crazy all our but I'm happy that they went the way that I was hoping they will go let's go to another Walmart I am feeling like we can do big things today and Tiffany's here so maybe I can get her to at least do an iPod a deal or like do one coupon it's the next Walmart guys tell her in the comments below that she needs to start using coupons right right so I opened my eye bata app and I noticed there was a rebate for 10 cents back just for buying anything so immediately I was able to get a rebate for 10 cents back I thought that was cool but if that wasn't cool enough I also qualified for the Loreal rebate twice not once but twice so both of those rebates together that was four dollars and ten cents that I got back just for shopping so not only was my total free but I just made four dollars in 10 cents at Walmart if you want to download I'm by to click the link in the description box to do it but for now let's go on to the next store okay y'all now we're gonna go to Family Dollar I have two paper coupons that I want to use I want to see if they actually work here they look valid on the product that I'm thinking about but the product cost less than the coupon so Family Dollar does not give back overage like Walmart they don't let you apply it to the rest of your things they don't give cash back on a gift card like Publix so it's a little bit different at Family Dollar but I'm gonna run in here anyway and see if these coupons can and you'll get to see how overage works here hopefully I'll be in and out just walk it in hope I'll be walking right out it's cold outside it won't clearance sorry Clarence has my attention okay so this is what I have my eyes on it's 175 the big deuce it's a 2-pack and this coupon we have from a recent insert says $2 off anyone so let's see big single blade twin blade bit comfort three big three razor and there are commas after each of those which leads me to believe that those are kind of individual distinctions so big single blade or twin blade or a bit comfort three or big three razor packs so I think these would count and they're only 175 but the coupon is for $2 off now guys I'm telling you Family Dollar doesn't give overage they won't give me the extra 25 cents if it works if this coupon does qualify with this item now they won't give me 25 cents back what happens at Family Dollar is well let's see if it works and you guys can see for yourself how it works here at family dollars I'm just gonna take these two with these two coupons and just go up to the register see what happens there's not a line there's usually a line oh my gosh I guess I'll start shopping here there's not even a line let's see might not even work hi good thank you okay yeah so just two items in two coupons let's see if they even actually work mm-hmm so if they do then I'll end up paying tax I guess okay so my told was 25 cents and is that just a tax yeah and that was just a tax yeah when I tell you I am hype about this purchase about my bag right now my family dollar is becoming the new best friend okay best friend yes best friend let's take a quick look at my receipt okay so easy-peasy I got two of the razors and I use two of the two-dollar coupons but I want you guys to pay attention to how overage works here because that's really what the whole point of this is in the first place so they were 175 each and do you see how the coupon only took off 175 for each item even though the coupon says $2 off each item and Family Dollar they don't give you anything back although they will get paid from the manufacturer for instance BIC the company BIC they will pay Family Dollar back two dollars for each coupon so the store does get reimbursed from the manufacturer so Family Dollar will get the two dollars back for each coupon they'll get exactly what the coupon says but for us they didn't give us the overage they only gave us 175 off so they they made 50 cents Family Dollar made money but at least we got the item and at least they allow coupons that are over the value of the item so a Family Dollar if you're looking to get money back to pay for other things sorry it's not gonna happen but you will get to keep your item for free so that's good at least my total you can see subtotal with zero but Florida tax I had to pay 25 cents out of my pocket so taxes okay on something like this 25 cents that wasn't too bad for two packs of razors okay guys are y'all ready to hit another Walmart let's do it what's up OCC gang let's play a game anybody want to play guess what season it is just by looking at the amount of gunk on my car still can't tell can you by the sound of my voice okay so here at this Walmart I just hit the jackpot these are her bow instances are ringing up for a dollar fifty each I scan them on the app and at my store even though they're marked on sale for $3 they are ringing up only a dollar fifty each and I'm gonna go ahead and use this $5.00 off two coupons that we use before so that's gonna make these again free plus again I'm gonna be making $2 they're ringing up a dollar fifty each and I'll still get five dollars off for buying two so I'll make two dollars per two that I buy so this is gonna be a great deal okay so I'm walking around looking for something to spend that money on because like we already should know by now they don't give money back so I'm looking for some more clearance to spend that money on here's a pro tip if you ever get overage in your transaction at Walmart you got to spend it on something right because they don't give cash back now here's a pro tip try and spend it on something that is on ibotta that way even if you use your overage on it you'll still be able to get another rebate from ibotta so yeah you might spend your overage on let's say if this had a rebate on my bottom you spend your over done this but iPod is gonna give you money so it's like making your money make money never spend your overage on things that you don't need just to get them or never spend your over it's just like well I don't know what to get so I'm just gonna grab this soda by the register or this this bag of chips by the register try to plan and make your money make money so using it on something that I bada is offering another rebate on is even better because you're not paying any money out of your pocket and then you're gonna turn around and get more money right back okay so this is a little off-topic but I was walking around and I noticed that the bras were on clearance for only two dollars so definitely check your story it's definitely a good price if you were looking for a bra totally better than paying full price so at my store there are $2 check yours there's some other great deals and clearances all around the store I'm seeing really awesome things like everyone does not have a Victoria Secret budget you know what I'm saying so if this is you and you're like you know I don't see myself spending like an arm and a leg for a bra some of these are really cute like this was 1494 and now only three bucks and that's a really cute one hold up and I see one for $1 so yeah definitely worth checking out the bra section or the lingerie section at your store because hey everyone is not running to Victoria's Secret trying to spend $75 on one bra you know what I mean okay so at this point I keep running into random clearance like it's not the type of stuff I was looking for but I keep running into like random clearance like everywhere I'm looking I'm seeing children's clothes for like a dollar umm so much stuff like two dollar sections for kids to this is crazy and again remember I taught you guys before scan scan scan because a lot of times it's a lot cheaper venez market I'm not gonna stop and scan right now because that's not what we're in here to do but guys when you see these clearance signs up some sorts have yellow balloons this one mostly just kind of has those yellow clearance signs so when you see the yellow you know automatically okay this section is a scannable section it's time for me to get to work okay because you won't know unless you give it a scan if it's marked correctly or if it's a lot cheaper let me know in the comments what you found at Walmart what was your best find that you scanned and it was like completely cheap and you wanted to just like tell everyone okay so I've literally liked walked around the store in a circle and I'm right over here by the Y Q yogurt it's when I bought it for a free item so I'm gonna spend some of my overage on this basically what that means is I bought it is telling me that if I buy it for a dollar 34 they will give me a dollar 34 right back in cash on my ibotta account that I can send to my PayPal account and from there I can send it to my bank account so if I buy this yogurt for 134 I bought it will give me the money right back but the good thing about it is because I'm gonna be getting the Herbal Essences with coupons I'll have money left over so I won't have to pay for this yogurt in the first place so that's another dollar 34 that I'm gonna be making thanks to ibotta for this one so I'm gonna go ahead and go with this but that means I still have money left over to spend so let's see what I'm gonna spend that on so I'm actually carrying everything guys so yeah it got kind of awkward I'm one of those people that when I walk in I swear I'm not gonna need a cart so I actually just put that Herbal Essences and the yogurt in my hands this is so on comfortable like seriously I know I can't be the only one that does this okay so after the yogurt I think I have roughly $2 left to spend a little bit over $2 but at the same time I want to account for tags so I'm looking at some of these fermented drinks because they're offers for them when I bought it so I'm thinking I'm gonna go with one of these but they're 250 so I might go over but like I said I have roughly $2 I just kind of have to account for tags so hopefully I find a drink that's in the price range with the ibotta offer but either way it's still gonna be a moneymaker I just feel like I'm making money all the way around because no matter what I'll just be spending my overage paying a little bit of tags and I thought it's going to give me the money right back anyway so I don't know if that's me trying to reason with it and make it okay to go over by a few cents but I really don't want to spend that much money the haircolor is free and for every two boxes I make $2 so this is four dollars worth of spendable money in my hands right here and then the yogurt is 134 so that comes out of the $4 of overage hmm then I have like 2 something to spend and then tax so I don't know decisions decisions and I know this sounds like extremely cheap but oh well I don't care if it sounds cheap like free is free and I want to make money not spend any okay guys I'm finally in line and this is it this is all of it these are 150 each don't forget even though they say three dollars they're 150 each and they should ring up that way I showed you guys how to scan on the app so you'll get to see at the ridge so how they ring up so this is three dollars worth this is six dollars worth but I have $10 worth of coupons okay so that's where that extra four dollars comes in that might be a lot more simple for some people and then I decided to go with this sparkling drink because the ibotta offer for it gives back like I think like forty five cents so I thought that was pretty cool so I'll get 45 cents back for that one I bought it and then this one was 134 but I'll get a dollar 34 back on ibotta so hopefully I don't go over hopefully I have ten dollars worth of stuff and ten dollars with coupons but we'll see once it gets ringing up okay so I'm still waiting it's not quite my turn yet it's still somebody else's turn but I'm pretty excited about it and I hope I broke it down enough ways that you can definitely understand it but I'll say it one more time and some of you guys say I repeat it too much but you know you get like brain fog when you're trying to learn something new and a lot of people get brain fog so 150 150 that's three dollars 150 150 that's six dollars and then the drink I forgot how much the drink was we'll see okay yep everything's ringing up just like it's supposed to let's see how much these ring up see 150 I told you okay grand total 244 and guess what $10 worth of coupons so it looks like I'm gonna be taking it looks like I'm gonna be paying tags let's see if everything works out supposed to coupons are coming up like they're supposed to 44 cents do so that's what I have to pay and then we'll just go and see exactly how much I get back on I bought it oh my gosh guys I had to like stop and like pull over in my own little corner look I'm in a corner that's how serious this is I'm in a corner because I just looked at my total look at that subtotal negative 16 cents I was in the negative oh my gosh it ate up some of the tags check it out my tax was 60 cents but I only paid 44 that's because my total was negative 16 cents so before everything before coupons my total was 984 but I still was able to give my $10 worth of coupons that put me at negative 16 cents Wow Florida tax was 60 cents and my total do was only 45 cents yes okay I can get out of the corner now but yes I'm excited so now you kind of see how overage works at Walmart cuz in my last video people were like I don't have a public and one girl was even like what's a Publix I was like girl bye like you might not know what Publix is but Publix is dear to the hearts of southerners everywhere anyway I'm happy you can do this at Walmart guys like there's no reason you shouldn't be couponing I literally just got a bag worth of stuff for free and guess what I'm still gonna get paid more money that I can use somewhere else the last door I bought it paid me I still haven't used that money yet this store they're gonna pay me again and I'll have more money like seriously are they gonna hit me are they gonna hit me they're not stopping they're not something you're not something Wow like seriously dude seriously he was gonna hit me up if that's your grandpa get him like seriously if that's anybody's dad like Wow anyway like am i invisible did I get new cloaking powers like that guy was really gonna hit me anyway guys like let's go and see how much I make back on I bought it from this one and we'll tally it up from how much I made back when I bought it with the last one so I went ahead and went on I bought it and submitted my receipt for the yogurt it was free 134 is what I paid at the register but I got 134 back so it was completely free the same with the drink I paid whatever I paid because overage took care of most of it and I got 45 cents back so it was free anyway and I got 45 cents back altogether I made 179 from ibotta at that second Walmart now if we look at the 179 that I made from the second Walmart and if we combine it with the four dollars in 10 cents that I made at the first Walmart all together for the day I made five dollars and 89 cents all free so somebody's gonna say what about the tax well at that first Walmart I spent 42 cents in Florida tax and then at the second Walmart 44 cents that brings me up to 86 cents in tax and I definitely don't want to forget what I spend at Family Dollar in tax which was 25 cents this brings me down to a dollar and 11 cents total for tax for the day if we subtract that from the five dollars and 89 cents that I made I still made four dollars and 78 cents in cash and I definitely plan on spinning it on the next video [Applause]