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Huge Bank Teller Score! Silver Certificates & More!

**Huge Bank Teller Score! Silver Certificates & More!**



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Silver Certificates found in circulation plus more oldies!
what is up guys we're at Bank of America and a teller has a bunch of cool finds that she was pulled out of circulation we're gonna go ahead and look at these real quick we got a silver certificate right here see what the year is probably 30s and guess nope nope 57 b-series circulated but it's still a really cool find we could another silver certificate this one again is a 1957 silent auction another silver certificate another 57 being that is so crazy Wow there are also certificates another one is the same place 57 B and another 57 be about the same condition and then we have another one in and it's a 57 no star that's on its that would have been really cool to get started we have a two dollar bill here that is from 1963 so that's gonna have the difference style back okay it's in really good shape other than a little bit of lighting right there I've got another one some me from so that's got the let me work style back on it look at that we got a five dollar bill 1950 D that's super cool nice condition another one for 1950 wow these are really really nice condition it's a really nice and crisp on another one another one nineteen fifty d another nineteen fifty D that is insane we got another nineteen fifty nineteen was there we go from nineteen fifty D that's awesome and this nineteen fifties got ski stamp on there what does that stay up saying Wow some sort of a stamp I'm not sure what that is counters think but what a really cool lot of those guys I hope you enjoyed the video be sure to give a like subscribe share post your comments down below we'll see you next time and as always happy honey

How To Get Kohls Coupons|Free|Discounts|TIPS|Gift Cards (Giveaways) Printable [Vouchers]

**How To Get Kohls Coupons|Free|Discounts|TIPS|Gift Cards (Giveaways) Printable [Vouchers]**



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Find Kohls Coupons here:

How to Get Discounted Coupons?

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hello everyone now Cole's is one of my favorite brands what I love about them is that they are one of those brands that always keep giving wave outram coupon codes and to tell you the truth I've never paid the full amount for any of their products what you have to do in order to follow my experience is every time you want to buy something from them go to coupons my wacom and find the available discounts there is actually a smart move than that click the link below in case you're watching the video on youtube and grab a five-hundred-dollar voucher then you will not need a discount as you'll take everything you want for free if you're ready on the website and you're watching the embedded video of this check out the article and click the link on the huge banner which says free calls five hundred dollar gift card and you're taking right where you want to be good luck





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I'm scared to let these words out don't I'm sneaking up and checking Dollar General real quick [Applause] I have to probably come back [Applause] [Applause] sorry [Applause] [Applause] let's get some soaked into old okay y'all I'm gonna get this in the truck and see y'all hey everybody come out check CBS ceiling foggy thanks I got it cleaned up [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] some bosses show [Applause] [Applause] there's a bag that's a good boss ski right for shipping stuff [Applause] okay I can't get this back without the boss somebody's looking behind me – hey is that car gone will you feel me because I can't do it [Applause] put it back back and rotate open the door [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] what you say that's a make sure you pick that up okay hey everybody we are back home from going dumpster diving and we actually ended up finding one bag from CBS and we found some dog food from Dollar General so after this we'll go out the garage and stuff first thing we got is I got it sour punch bites sort of flavors strawberry green apple and blue raspberry aspires 2020 so it's so good we have a pair of we have some planners souls Hershey gold kisses caramel cream with pretzel bites [Applause] they have some M&M with almonds what are you doing these aspiring 2020 make no sense why I don't know y'all so also we got some swedish fish mini tropicals yeah sit down elevate these aspire 20 $20 and they are off one bag hanging out so I have to try how else will your fish baby Sammy that's when I'll finally we got some Albanese flavor gummy bears fat-free gluten-free and low in sodium these aspire in September of 2020 where you going Ellie we're just getting along oh my lord some Dove chocolate truffles dark chocolate silky smooth so come on sit down baby to do some more swedish fish oh so much they don't want to eat all this stuff and it's not expire until 2020 everything I've checked some more the sour punch bike visit this some more almond family sizing them you need the kitty alone Ella come here leave TD alone sit down come on now baby she's looking for the kids f we have some more sour punch bites flavored warden well a little thing up captain crunch crunch on the go crispy corn oats we have a bunch of all these actually all I gave a bunch away also yeah sit down Oh sugar babies I used to get these when I was kid awesome on this fire the box is starting to rip open they aspire or best by date on the same not people get upset about seeing aspire anyway they're good forever I guess some more of babies this is awesome right sure babies in here what is good we have some more the Lindor oh ice cream assortment y'all here's this least move sorted milk and white chocolate truffles that's something they got butter pecan milk chocolate fudge swirl milk chocolate what is that strong very white chocolate yeah that's pretty cool have another one on them to you ice cream assortment this is lemon edition y'all let me see what the expiration to use on these 2020 again [Applause] look we're going not the one 2020 inspires to you another ice cream assortment oh Lord we got a party sized bag out of PCAST this is 2 and 2 pounds 4 ounces milk chocolate white cream bit mildly sweet dark chocolate a gold bay [Applause] what do we have here another Captain Crunch to go we have some more of the Albanese 12th waver coming there we have some more the ice cream assortment looks like that's all sugar baby imma back of their deal so let's not stay on the sides and that gets into it oh man the three best candies rolos kisses and Reese's Reese's and Rolo's are some of my favorites was horrible I wish I could eat candy like food when I was kid I can't no more they these on this fire – little cat what are you doing on a wall huh Luna Looney what's she doing what are you doing huh look at this cat she's trying to climb the wall Munna what are you doing le leave her home can you jump down the Luna said hey let's go through the back so we got it whoa and maybe it oh no I see a bagel some more dark chocolate truffles this one of Julie's favorite is the doves and dark chocolate Sochi I don't think she's ever trying to be you so situation [Applause] another bag y'all assorted ice cream and yeah there's a spill thing of all the babies what are these chuckles original chuckles I thought something would be in there y'all can see that all the my arm CBS I go to get something dumped on Tuesday so after they dumped it yesterday then they had somebody come in today and they cleaned it all out all beside it what his problem was people dumping in it it wasn't me on making the mess this song people illegally dumped it all in it so I hate when they do that because it's gonna end up making them where they put lots on everything so anyway y'all here we go show you all this feel like I need more candy right mm-hmm I think even the kids have gotten tired of candy anyway y'all that's it so thanks for watching oh wait a minute scratch that give me just a minute and we're gonna go out and check what I found in Dollar General be right back hey everybody okay we just finished on CBS now we're gonna go through the Dollar General fake we score also we left some of the bags that you see me pick it up that wasn't in this bag we left them in the back of the truck cause we're gonna just take them straight and don't hate that's a more kitty food kitten food premium ever pet something else in there this was on sale for six seventy five [Applause] another thing is [Applause] some nutria wholesome essentials for a dogs I see what the deal is then see the glass yeah we got some crunch trees wouldn't real mix berries yeah it's dog treats either give him some of these problem steak which they have nine million dollar trees already there it's another bag of them wonder if expiration aspired well mess bottles everywhere all these these were all the ones on the clearance rack anybody yet no cuz we do something I bet a dollar general I'm buy stuff [Applause] [Applause] I don't like porn to say that big comfortable ass [Applause] is a can of mystery meat poor town I can't bear okay but we had about I'd say five bags for this and three bags of these so for eBay said yes to the rest on the truck mostly these will probably go back to the truck anyway that's everything so I hope y'all enjoyed the video help us out and give us a like it helps spread the video and all the more people get to see our channel also when you watch the videos all the way through it helps us make a few dollars off of the video and we get to pay for gas and keep doing this so like I said try to help us out with that some if you can't understand but thanks for watching we'll see you next time bye

Found Possible Murder Weapon Underwater in River! (Police Called) | DALLMYD

**Found Possible Murder Weapon Underwater in River! (Police Called) | DALLMYD**



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In this video I search for river treasure in Columbus, GA!
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Found Possible Murder Weapon Underwater in River! (Police Called)


hey I've got record al-mahdi here today I'm down at the river we're gonna be looking for some more River treasure check it out I got my swim fins and camera gear with me I haven't looked for River treasure in about two months the water got super cold I don't know how long I'm gonna be able to last in the water it is freezing you guys I might be the last maybe like an hour but I'm going to try my very best to find some cool stuff to share with you guys in today's video hey drop a thumbs up if you guys want to see another River treasure hunting video this weekend I'll make a deal with it yes and we can break over ten thousand likes on this video I'll do another one for you guys this weekend ten thousand lights man it's a lot of lights but it is absolutely freezing cold be honest with you guys I don't even know if I wanna get back in that water it is too cold man I got a lot of comments asking me to do another River treasure hunting video but without any music so I'm gonna give it a try let me know if you guys like this and if not we'll pick it up maybe next time with some music alright I wasn't out here swimming for too long just cuz it was really cold but I ended up finding some cool stuff let's check it out like I said I wasn't out here for too long but I ended up finding a couple nice things that pistol man was one of a kind fine like it's almost as good as finding a GoPro it's really cool to find something like that in a river I cannot believe I found a real pistol man this is most definitely a murder weapon like why else would it be in the river I don't know what to do with it should I turn it in to the police station I honestly have no idea what to do with this but other than that we found a couple nice lures I found most of these lures at cut bait there's probably so many more lures out there I just haven't had a chance to really look at all the spots I need to look at just because it's so cold we got three nice lures right here check these down man these are solid they're all like green kind of chartreuse looking we've got a lipless crankbait right here like most of these lures I find are hung up on walls but nice lipless crankbait I'll probably reuse this one right here I got another nice Clank Bay right here I'm digging the color on this man this is gonna be really good for stripe season I'm gonna have to change the hooks out on this but hey look there's only one hook right there but might be able to reuse this one too this is a little square bill it still has some a cloth or string or something from the wall that I snatched it from pretty cool what in the world was this guy thinking man so this is a black and blue jig with a fluke on it I always find a whole bunch of flukes down at the river but what in the world is this combination man you know what he actually might have lost this lure on a huge fish but definitely a different kind of set up here that I've never seen before this is half of a swim bait so whatever broke this off had to be a monster I've never seen a spoon like this before this is definitely one of a kind so there's like another little blade or I hear two red-and-gold I've actually never caught a fish on a spoon before but I might have to give this one a try in the future I found most of these sinkers over there at cut bait and a Centauri is for catfishing I mean a name of it is cut bait you know like they cut fish and I throw it out there and this is the sinkers they use so I might give these back out to some of those fishermen over there I might remelt them I got really catfish but I can give these out to some of those guys if I wanted to like lettuce this poor guy was using a spark plug for a sinker so there's definitely people that can use these sinkers who in the world has enough spark plugs to think about even using these as sinkers I don't even know but I find these all the time cool store behind this I actually lost this lure a couple weeks ago and I found it it's my understanding with a high tech swim bait there's actually like my go-to lure I love this lure this is a typical lure you'll find here this is actually the jig head I normally you during striped bass season I'd rather go with a whiter fluke but this is like a silver one alright we're getting over here to the greasy looking lures now the nasty ones these ones have been in the water for a long time like look at this that's just disgusting dude that's been on the wall for a decent out of time it's starting to have like mold or something on it got a couple more like that – here's a little paddle tail one this one's broken off right here look at this man that is so nasty that was probably a fluke at one point I found it's pretty cool spinnerbait but there's no hook on it it rusted off I don't think I'm gonna be able to reuse this it's definitely seen better days but pretty nice spinner bait man I don't find too many of these out here that's on this tennis ball definitely not the greatest fun of the day so the best fine today has to definitely go to the pistol there's probably some really cool story behind this like why else would the person throw this in a river let me know what you think the story behind this pistol is I guarantee there's something cool about it man you know I'm actually gonna have to turn us in to the police station because what if this gun was like a smoking gun to a murder case or something and then like they figured out who murdered someone just because you know I found the gun in a river like how cool that be that would be a story of a lifetime man you know what I'm actually gonna call the police I was gonna go to the police station but it's getting late and I don't know if I'm gonna make it in time okay thank you appreciate it have a good day bye bye alright so we have a police officer on our way over here thank you I do dumb-bunny sweet so what'd you guys think about it that you think it'd be any use for you guys we're going to run the serial number yeah we're running serial number finite again it's been stolen or something and then we'll go from there awesome well thanks for help guys now coming down rich is your coffee shitty be careful out here I will so I'd rather keep the gun but it is what it is you know I decided I think it'd be best to give the gun to the cops maybe they can use it but pretty cool man Don a gun make sure to subscribe if you guys are new we are closing in on six hundred thousand subscribers that's just insane man thank you guys so much you definitely have changed my life this year

Tommy Wright III cousins Clinton & Martin Lewis found Guilty with DJ Paul stepbrother Craig Petties

**Tommy Wright III cousins Clinton & Martin Lewis found Guilty with DJ Paul stepbrother Craig Petties**



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Tommy Wright III cousins Clinton & Martin Lewis found Guilty with DJ Paul stepbrother Craig Petties 5:31 pm
no am i could'nt cleaning Martin so hurt because they know they have never be able used the skills that they get they know they're good if some and they know that they're never bear to use them skills again behind the wall that's what hurt you demote you when I was in jail what kind of mind is wood skills I get I can never use an injury and I can never have use them again skill is going to waste and you know and you think about it and that's bender was staying when you talk about going to jail they starting with me and I know it strong with them and they know they smooth criminals Kanab since making the heaven and he'd heal I got all these kids you're gonna put there to risk it hurt