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Man Living in a 10'x10' Tiny House & Homesteading in the City

**Man Living in a 10'x10' Tiny House & Homesteading in the City**



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Rob Greenfield’s latest sustainable living project is to live in a DIY 100 ft² tiny house for two years while foraging and growing 100% of his own food in an urban …

Saving Money on Pet Bird Foraging Toys

**Saving Money on Pet Bird Foraging Toys**



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Bird toys that are meant to be torn up can get very expensive! A great way to save money on these foraging toys is to buy a toy that you can refill with foraging material.

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hey guys it's Annie so today I'm going to show you how you guys can save a little bit of money on some forage and toys now if you've had a bird for a while and you've bought a lot of toys for them you know that the toys that are meant to be torn up ironically seem to be the ones that are the most expensive so a really major way that you can save some money on some these foraging toys is to get something like this that actually can double as a regular toy and a foraging toy by you know just filling this with some material that they can pull out and tear up but at the same time this toy is very sturdy I've had this one for a long time and you can refill it over and over again and it never you know really never just falls apart so I'll show you what what I usually do free this one to turn it into sort of a foraging type thing numbered some have a very strong foraging instinct because that's what they do in the wild you know they'll be foraging for food or foraging for toys or things like that ok so here I have some sisal rope and what I did is I just cut it into little pieces like this and then I sort of untwisted them just like that so I have these little twigs that I'm gonna sort of stuff into here that they can pull out and use for foraging and that'll kind of satisfy their foraging instincts when I fill this up with it ok so here's what the sisal rope looks like normally and I've already untwisted this and this is a safe material for birds it's used in a lot of bird toys that you find in the pet store so you can find this in a home improvement store and what I'm going to use as the foraging piece is just one of these little toys because my Birds absolutely love these you can also use something like a treat so they can forage for food instead and that will also work very well okay so what what this does is it just untwists from the bottom just like that and now I'm gonna fill this about halfway with these pieces of sisal rope you just stuff it in there okay now I'm gonna take this and stick it in there see it fits in there really nicely and then they can sort of pull this out to get to the toy more and then just fill it the rest of the way with the sisal rope or other forging material you can use strips of paper or something like that just make sure just do a little bit of research and make sure that it's a material that's safe for your bird so so that's pretty much it and my birds really really like sisal rope so it'll enjoy kind of pulling that out of there to get to the toy put this back on okay now this this toy itself I think costed me about $9 when I first got it but the reason that it'll save you so much money in the end is that you can keep on refilling and refilling it and this is something that they can't tear up so all you have to do is refill it and you don't have to you know spend eight or nine dollars every single time you want to buy them a toy that they tear up so I found it really useful and it's a very sturdy toy and even you know this stuff on the bottom hasn't really gotten torn up or anything so and then it just hooks on the cage like that and that's what you have keys there's mile up there they're kind of having a lazy day today probably cuz it's cloudy outside one thing I've noticed about them is they're not as active on cloudy or rainy days and then on sunny days they're really active and excited and around and playing and stuff okay so anyway we're going to do with this one is I'm actually gonna put it up here on top of the this little play area on top of their cage so when they come out of their cage they can play with it here so I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial and I hope it helps out some on how to save money on some of the more expensive foraging toys alright so I'll see you guys next time and if you have any question just let me know

Money Matters- Debt Free Frugal Living - Homestead Heart

**Money Matters- Debt Free Frugal Living – Homestead Heart**



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Marriage Tips | Homestead Heart | Money Matters is a look at The finances of Danny and Wanda and Tommy and Patti Alderman. Wanda and Danny are debt free and living frugally off their land. Tommy and Patti are working toward being completely debt free and raise most of their food. This is a series with Alderman Farms in which we each talk about our marriages and how we handle situations. We are both living a self substainable lifestyle. The next in the series will be on Alderman Farms channel so check out Alderman Farms for the next part Communication in Key:

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hello everybody this is Danny and Wanda Tommy and Patty from the Alderman's come over the farms and we're from PETA homesteads we're here doing homestead horse today we already head up part one both of the tasks like y'all have a port one into it starts great this is going to pray that you guys leave but now today we're going to be talking about how the relationship works after marriage how we belong how we use which words about you how we handle handle situations between spouses is all come together there you come there is a conflict rather than the result okay look for that one yeah okay you're just off hey everybody I'm Tommy okay and we're with all of the farms and we are so excited to be back at Deep South homestead today with our dear friend Daniel on Dakini Danny sweet sailor team who is also the sugar daddy and you'll see that on another video an expense okay y'all leave off we've chosen for the first part of our our talk here is how do we deal with finances here so Abby self homesteader clean Wanda not and money seems to be one of those issues that destroys more families and spouses than anything else that I realized I know back when I used to do ministry work I was constantly dealing with people who had financial issues and it was at that point that I myself again to study finances difficult finances and I learned what the Bible has to say about finances I learned what the Bible is a about being in debt and it was at that point that I realized what took to make a successful marriage based on Biblical finances a wandering eye let me have your money so we don't have any money is not wrong plan that if there is no money money's not an issue but it is you yeah like you there is no money money becomes the big accessorize yeah the one that I have learned where each other's role takes place is for Sciences the concern here at each other homestead any time any financial decision is made we do it as a team never do I do search authority over my wife and I'll tell you why it's because I learned early on the life of the minister that sometimes the Holy Spirit will skid to a woman before it does the male because the makeup of the male and the female is completely different a female has more of a tendency to thing with her emotions for a male has more of a tendency to think for justice brains and because of that it has been two different aspects of doing things and a lot of times the Holy Spirit can deal with someone who hadn't grieved him quite as bad so therefore there's lots of times he can get through to the wife a lot faster than you will the male because the males just goes off the what's on top is head a lot of times we don't think that something let's just be honest with you you go what's in our brains where the white a lot of times is more susceptible to the ruling of the Holy Spirit and there is many many aspects in my life and many times in my life bro I have something on my heart and I'll say Lord I don't know if it's me or I don't look at you if you can give your vision to my wife your gloves about into my wife become followers and start mentioning something to me and it would be exactly what I'd ask to the Lord especially in the area of finances because it's so easy for a guy to get caught up with toys and buying things and different you know things around the homestead that he needs and not think about the family's needs a lot of times it's not that we're being neglection or anything it's just a simple fact that we just think with our age sometimes we all we don't stop and put things into perspective many times and that's why I left Wanda lots of times all okay I say what do you think about this particular subject you know finances and if she happens to tell me something that really doesn't agree we need then it's time for me to sit back and to reevaluate my own himself we have to do that we had to do that because there's lots of times I I would I would sit back and I would say wow you know you were right wrong he wants he has projects yeah he's the man of trust no way and he's always come but if we just did this this is this I'm like whoa wait a minute and so we have to scale back sometimes and so try to take my by the wayside because y'all it wasn't feasible at that time what a beautiful so we kind of bounce off each other we prioritize prioritizing is one of the big issues yes and we try to make things work according to priorities yeah we always make sure going to get his part first and then what God said his part we take what's left and I know the script has a lot this thing about that about there those to catch the reticle waters and it returns up too many days there's scripture to deal with you need basically you can't outgive God and all these different things and we take all that into consideration when we do things the main thing is we just try to stay out of it those in did it is where you get into more trouble this is kind of a difficult situation these are talking about alliances is the indebted part everybody goes but I gotta have a house though I got how to be in for them I got to have all then the answer to that is yes and no it's all about how we start out as a code it's all about not learning everything that dad's mom and grandma grandpa had all at one yeah yeah is that microwave society that we live in with instant gratification and if once you understand that I mean I thought it keeps my kids is is if you short out with a home start small start with something that you can afford by Eddie always told me when I was a kid son never made it monthly no more than what were your week's income in it and I stood by that whole life and it has hit pay off for me so and one thing I would like that even today we don't have a weekly and they are some very small load yeah what one thing it been so different with Tom as marriage – even with y'all's marriage is your maturity as you when y'all marry Roy yes you had so much more knowledge in helmand I was 19 I got married and you were 21 22 my birth George hurry up yeah anyway you know we uh how's that brain thing oh yeah you know I'll do better I think but you know that was really hard that even after we we got anything everything that was something in our marriage that we struggled with because I was the budget minded person Israel I would make and I could make a budget from you know where nobody stick to it you know everything about but I mean you know no leeway you know and one thing and it's all about yes you know one thing that coming house notes and stuff like that coming with a police officer we didn't have a lot of money yeah but we were yeah we had any common we were able to not house you know Gil on my house but we were so bad because tell about more things and everything you know who both let's come into marriage we had new vehicles okay for bringing us so we didn't have to have a note for that and but we did have a computer and that success sound 100.1 in that but you know we took the note on the computer you know just really um music you know but it was more on I want hit maker workloads recruit and what you up did that already off yes Avery yes earlier yeah and we welcome and you know and one things and stuff like that now that we want satisfies that words are blessed and then we learn how our kids and so you know that we have numbers for kids and we make mistakes along the way it's like but but we did get convicted and belt I guess 10 years in my marriage about the debt and everything set our minds to get debt-free and when we have house and we moved to Mississippi we're able to come back but you truly get Britain selling off now and we were before we became Christians and the town life might not be complete in my mind because this is a long time ago but you know I took no responsibility for keeping track of our finances and actually none and it all fell on Pat and I allowed the excuse them it is absolute fact that I'm not getting that it's also an absolute fact that I'll mop the pockets in my pants don't have bottoms money money goes to my head like sand you know through your fingers and so that was a ton especially as we were tight and we had made some bad decisions and which led to the consequences of our money being even tighter all of that fell on her and it took it from mendes hold the pressure of Patti having all the responsibilities for the finances in our home really created unbelievable stress on our relationship because I didn't understand that I was supposed to be taking responsibility for those things work functioning as a team you know and so again you know at some point in time I didn't understand probably because she had to hit me in between the eyes of a two-by-four and somebody found who did understand and she basically I don't know we understood if she just wash their hands of it but the point is at some point in time if actually was all on me well that didn't work well either you know so all of them sig was that eventually we got to the place where the responsibility is mine I understand that I'm responsible for making sure that the bills are paid and things of that but she is the one who has gifted in mathematics and budgeting things like that so because it's my responsibility doesn't mean that I can't rely on her to help I remember things to help me you know make sure things fall into the budget and so I understand it's my responsibility but she played a huge part because there are giftedness and her mathematical mind that I was on that you know we joked that men's brains are like waffles and a man can only be in one square of that waffle again I'm Bob look I don't mass square in – try the fun factor when we're going through the struggling and everything with it I would get so mad at Tommy because you know he was not the kind he wouldn't just go spend the money because I did the budget and everything we didn't have that much money in there they would include me long yeah he would go and blow up on me and then I didn't have bill money it was not that at all it was that we weren't doing it as a team he was you know just let me do it all and I mean he brought the money to me you know and everything but it's best if you it's going to say I want to get this I want to get that and I would feel bad but I think no we can't get that no and I love it I feel like your heart quit asking me you know because it was just get off you and at one point I could hear you do it do you find the money in there you are by using the budget and I didn't mean to be come out of her for permission but that's the way it sounded yeah over like there yeah that's the one he took it and it was like we want our lives my money and he wants his but not necessarily this is mine this is yours but we had some like I was still in my pocket and he wants in his pocket and we want to know that we go to town we have some ways paper our own stuff and it was kind of funny because I was used to have anomaly because I was on myself and we go to town and we put stuff up on the tiller and I will put my stuff on the counter and I taper mom and kids pay for his and it took us a while just to work Britain yeah merging our than just that yeah because I mean I ran a business my whole life and for me it's all about fun everything's about finances yes and early on in my life I built my first home I financed my first home and it was at that point that I realized I wasn't dead and I didn't like being in debt because I paid on that house for five years now and one day it just hit me I was like I got 30 years of this yeah yeah I'm not going to do this for 30 years because I think it's killing me so I could put the house up for sale and so it was more honest than I did when I boarded the money board and I paid on it for five years because it is the rule of 10 th Plumbly at that point I didn't know that much about banking and it that's what pushed me o answered said oh my word what do I need to look at this for that's going on I feel all homes I said look I'm just gonna build my own house you know and it would take me three or four years maybe going to shell well my family living in some really bad conditions to get these houses built within four years they were paid for awesome yeah I did that flops in my life and that's where I was from in my first marriage we built a small 2530 and it was a finished that I had five kids in a twenty five thirty Wow and we work with that and gradually added wisdom we never had a deal so I came into this relationship not ever Oh anything except my wife when I do it so that's where both of us is the Twitter really yeah we had a very even place you'll want to come out of same mentality I raised my family in well I did have credit cards yeah I had two or three three how did you know that much on and just one thing when we got together is he said okay I'll do credit card yeah and he says you're the house of new surgery I think we got half plastic surgery now and every one of them although I would probably colored on one and three four hundred others paid all off and flip them and until this past year we have not had any credit cards at all and we only have one now and that's because of the u2 in that and to deal with some say oh yeah this is debit card how grateful not at the difficult because up when y'all from the moment y'all got married did y'all have one single account result immediately like your checking account so you did you love me I'm sorry I got a store they would have it yeah well I am a Casper – for everything I have a debit card when we got married yes because she did have a bit more and I had a checking account only because I feel um he's uh privately at home I said fulfilled and that's all it everyone in his name that's all I ever put in any exercise of a snowmobile and I had my desk clerk adults going to college and they put money on the debit card and so I was like the card all the time and after we got together and gradually weaned myself off of that and so rule of thumb with us is if we don't have cash in our hands we don't do it real by now we hardly ever wipe a card for anything anything you won't sell you know we have data card really not least wiper get it card now if we go to the post office and we go to mail pumping yeah release now the homestead reg are we go with long Martha by something like an envelope response available and I ordered to accompany different things like that we will use our debit card for them other than that it's a strictly cash yes well and I really believe that's the best method to get to have it's the cash method because we have done that kind of like the envelope system is to develop budget and everything and you have you start a lot of money and all that goal restored to each other y'all cash we still do that in a way we got a feeling that we voted or so yeah yeah and I mean as we first got married if I maybe can always not always right we know five all the top ten dollars every Jewish woman I was not on with it yeah that was that was thirty years ago this you know just just in case you're keeping score at home that wasn't a lot beneath you right hello it was second with our friends you know we are the custom cables in a day or ham borough and pull out you know that they have a lot of $20 in their wallet yeah and I mean that I used to kill bad four times because that's all that so men did they always had a lot for money well but yeah he's you know I mean we still get twenty twenty twenty dollars now you know really we don't have any really overwhelming we don't wholly spend it so we don't really need to use and what I do was with which I have it we have gotten bad about doing the dead of car you know and I try and keep track of it to make sure I still you have to smoke this much for groceries and this much for dad don't like that but it's so much harder to keep track of so I don't suggest people doing it because I want to go back to just the cash method because you don't have a young you don't get it and then you can rob Peter to pay Paul – if you want to sell so much in groceries because you want to get this so that exactly that's way that's way off live my life and then I had $100 in my kitchen going out for groceries and if one ever needed a pair of shears I'll involved the shears and the rest for groceries so how you just kind of learn to work with the others and yet really really wipe that card to spend $100 on groceries and 20 on shoes you know with all the babies when you can get shoes for coming out is that all the kids hated them shoes yeah yeah we like your shoes we're here you can cover right enjoy your shoes when you have five kids you can't go buy a parachute at a lot no time you go buy this one shoes this time and next month this one and you go to pay everything is right when you return well that's what it's done budget planners they suggest having a clothing clothing allotment for every month so we can buy clothes and shoes every no really how they work yet and so it's like I put the board to keep putting that money over there every month yeah you know and so I'm like you whenever something came up and they needed it it would just come out of our money yeah so then you thought about earlier you know how this is the spirit speaks to the to the wife sometimes our apartment Oh mommy daddy nigga he's sleeping all the time because but the wife seems to pick up on it and that if he would run something by wander and she said didn't have good feeling you know you would kind of regroup and rethink it and all that well I've learned a short circuit that process if I bring it up she says no that ends up you know I mean I say that kind of half way jokingly but I know she's right yeah because again I know what my inclination is you know my right my information is to want it want it and I'm going to have to just walk out wooden path for a few minutes but in this say well I know she's right you know and it's not that way as women are being ugly sometimes oh no it is sometimes one of those things where we made that often say okay is that really beneficial save anyone and you I don't know whatever and I'll say you're going okay we really need this or this something he's really going to use or the companies want and I mean for a jolly free meter I love that I was drunk y'all of those have a guess but in order to buy a job that that's really a lot of money that's a lot of money from just cause he might want one that's not necessarily beneficial right so you know until that cash money in our hands there won't be enough we can't do it out yeah oh how I mentality is if I spend $1 gotta make two yeah that's the way I do apologize what's the yeah I'm striving like that but he is not that way joined us by something by house for instance I'm thinking you know it can't make money off of it that's about the only fight don't make that way okay guys you know try to ramp up the financial side of this thing a little bit I know we probably haven't covered all the bases you know it's impossible to cover every base in just amount of time but the bottom line is this theory for 109 and 112 kg what I often sit here and yet understand I thought finances and finances is something that's emotional for me because in the Bible God has more to say about money than he does about salvation to this room you know it was a big deal with God so God knows a big deal with mankind that's right so I mean idea I guess what I'm trying to say is you know in a marriage communication is one of the big issues that you'll please and it's for Sciences is conjunctive concern don't get upset don't throw fit communicate listen to what your spouse has to say but doing them adult way don't lose your temper don't you all get out behind a shaken and be childish be like the Apostle Paul said you know now that I'm an adult I speaking to the dolt you know put childish things behind and I think your marriage will go a lot smoother if you realize who has a define an shal mind in the relationship give that person a little bit more freedom to make some of the decisions and kept you make a decision if you don't have the financial man in the relationship and it doesn't matter if it's a female it has a financial mind because frankly a lot of women a lot smarter than a lot of guys becomes money and they can not turn into some women can't stay away from stores but I mean that's right it goes either way find out you on that right side every lady here who has the financial side of the line and land you know and didn't try to work with that you know I mean just telling him don't get bent out of shape listen what God's word has to say about that and I think your relationship with prosper if you didn't do that yeah exactly and things got too easy for us once I understood Patti giftedness in the area of math and financial things and as I you know years later you can understand that she is a proverbs 31 woman I mean I in especially in the sense that she understands she makes good business decisions she's just like the proverbs 31 woman did it so one piece of advice I would give to people especially well I thought that especially young couples is just getting married is just on to think about finances but really anybody even if you've been married a long time if you've been having separate accounts don't do that if you use the banking system and you've got checking accounts and savings accounts put those things together but there's listen the bottle says when you get married came one flex right and so I died or one clashing in the eyes of God and so I said one less has two different areas of interest yeah so all the money now most of our marriage up in the sole income not all the time petty and federal side enterprises her proverbs 31 women wanted everyone on but all the money to my work comes from goes into one pot in it at hours it had even known forever that she never had to get my permission to spend some of that money that I made because it's her man I never thought about it in his money I was always been our know yeah I'm that weirdly upgradeable family land that came from my family to nobody ever bought but you know what it's our land it's our home they're our vehicles everything we have is ours there's no more mine in hers it's already courage used to think along those terms because it has far-reaching implications far too many a parking fee for us to going through here but maybe we'll talk about that some more sometimes yep alright y'all so this is been our section on finances and uh thank y'all for having watch this we've enjoyed sharing some of the transparency of our lives in this area with y'all and I hope it's been a blessing to you and thank y'all for one some detailed homestead and the ordinance come home and pause