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Power House Pack By Bright Star Fireworks - From Galactic Fireworks

**Power House Pack By Bright Star Fireworks – From Galactic Fireworks**



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This fantastic ‘Power House’ Barrage Pack is a must-have for anyone looking to set the New Year off with a bang! It comes complete with 2 multi-shot barrage fireworks and is guaranteed to add fun and colour to the party! Ideal for Birthdays, Weddings, Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas and any Special Occasion. Includes: THE OBLITERATOR 60-SHOT FAN BARRAGE DEMOLITION MAN 105-SHOT FAN BARRAGE

Well you probably already know we here at Galactic firstly and forthmost sell the best fireworks in the UK bar no one ! We then also guarantee you cannot buy anything that we sell cheaper. Just look at this amazing deal we are doing with the brand new Powerhouse twin pack, this pack is a genuine £165.00 pack that we are selling for only £99.99

How To Save Money At A Cardinals Baseball Game - Busch Bleacher Bums For A Day #Cardinals #Cheap

**How To Save Money At A Cardinals Baseball Game – Busch Bleacher Bums For A Day #Cardinals #Cheap**



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Please Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel If You Haven’t Already – We’d Appreciate It! We decided to go to a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game and see how …

Why You Never See Brilliant Blue Fireworks

**Why You Never See Brilliant Blue Fireworks**



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Bright blue fireworks are far more challenging to produce than common colors like red, white, or green. The issue is that the chemical compound that makes that brilliant blue is more fragile that that of other colors, breaking down at high temperatures. So pyrotechnicians are looking for a way to reach high enough temperatures to burst, but not so high that the compound is destroyed.


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Why You Never See Brilliant Blue Fireworks
[Narrator] Fireworks have
been around for millennia. They flood the sky with brilliant bursts of scarlet, emerald, and ivory, but never blue. Pyrotechnicians have tried to produce blue fireworks for centuries, and they have yet to succeed. Why is blue so elusive? John Conkling: The blue has been very, very difficult to achieve at a level comparable to the
greens and reds and whites, just because it's a stability
issue at high temperatures. [Narrator] That's John Conkling. He's one of the world's leading
experts in pyrotechnics, and he says the problem
comes down to chemistry. You see, to make fireworks, you need four basic components: fuel (usually gunpowder), a compound that produces color, a fuse, and glue to hold it all together. You mix this stuff up into
what's called a pellet, and then shoot it into the air. When the fuse burns up, it sets off the gunpowder, which explodes. That explosion heats up those
color-producing compounds, causing them to glow. And it turns out… Conkling: The hotter you
can get the molecules in your flame, the more
emission you're gonna get, so the brighter and more intense
the flame color's gonna be. [Narrator] But there's a limit, because temperatures that are too hot will break down those molecules
and wash out the color. But some molecules are
hardier than others. Strontium chloride, the compound
used to make red fireworks, can withstand at least
1,500 degrees Fahrenheit. That's hotter than some lava. But to make a blue firework,
you need copper chloride, which is much more fragile. As soon as it gets hot
enough to blaze blue, at least 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, it starts to break down. So pyrotechnicians need to find a mixture that gets hot enough to
set off the blue compound but not so hot that it destroys the color. Conkling: It's a delicate balance. [Narrator] And even after
centuries of searching, we still haven't discovered the right one, nor have we found a
more stable replacement for copper chloride. And even if we do, we'd
better hope that it's cheap and nontoxic. Conkling: Arsenic, for
example, has been used in some old fireworks formulations, but obviously an arsenic compound is not something you
wanna put up in the smoke where people are watching the fireworks. [Narrator] To be fair,
we've gotten close-ish. Conkling: There's some
respectable pale blues that are used more in special effects, where the audience is a
little closer to the action, and usually the color is more visible. It's been a long search,
and we're not there yet. [Narrator] But there's
still hope for bright blue. Conkling: Certainly it's possible, as there are people working on it, so there could be a
breakthrough one of these days. [Narrator] And even if we
never find that brilliant blue, there's still plenty to get
excited about on the horizon, like fireworks that burst
into different shapes and patterns, even letters. So maybe one day we can have
an American-flag firework for the Fourth of July. We just need to get that blue.





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Hey everybody! Another fun day of getting gachapon, playing kuji, and trying to win arcade prizes. Join us on our arcade adventure 🙂

You can find us on Instagram @nancy_micaiah

Music found on YouTube Audio Library
Songs: Retro by Wayne Jones
Get Outside by Jason Farnham
Safety Net by Riot
Above and Beyond by Silent Partner
Fun by Vibe Tracks
If I had a chicken by Kevin MacLeod
Sugar Zone by Silent Partner
Sophomore Makeout by Silent Partner
what's up everybody kawaii aren't gamemaster day so a lot of friends are like Nancy you're showing a lot more of like food and other stuff that the girls and I do in Japan and that's because their daddy is away for work and yeah it's okay he's doing fine he's doing great and when he has a chance to watch these videos he's like what you guys see what you guys do so we try to show him little little clips of what we do besides going to the arcade and play for friends oh yeah I want that one last time now I gotta win this one oh my gosh do I remember how to play this game it's gotta pick up for like a second and then it drops it oh that thing goes hello so let's pick up the front and inch it over hopefully we can do that much right there pick it up an inch up or pick it up an engine board hears it up an engine for all right in chipboard and down there we go okay that works just gonna do that about three more times because if this plot gets closer and closer it gets weaker and weaker the grab all right all right there we go there we go that okay mm-hmm and I don't want the whole entire box in the grass because then it's gonna lift it straight up and that's not fun that's just like starting all over all right right here right here that looks good that looks good okay all righty we're gonna have to pick it up and I have a feeling it's gonna lift the whole entire Fox up and I don't want to do that because it's angled now I need to straighten it out hopefully when it lifts it up and puts it there we go there we go perfect perfect okay oh yeah one try left okay need it to be straight all right last one this it is this or I think I went too far back I think it's gonna grab it and pick it up oh no oh no it's gonna miss it it's gonna turn it again yeah I hate this wall all right five more dollars five more tries well actually five dollars-six choice I get a preacher there I don't want to hit that box oh I'm gonna hit that box oh no will it straighten it maybe it might no it didn't do anything okay I think it's in the dead zone then guys her I don't think I can grab it it doesn't open that wide so alright we'll try it one more time right there right there okay clear the box clear the box don't stab it don't stab it I miss that side it doesn't have enough grab oh yeah okay okay so we're gonna go for this box now so I don't see an arcade worker to help me and I don't want to waste my floor tries hopefully I can get this one right did I go back enough did I go back in it oh I did not go back enough okay if I pick it up right here it's gonna fall back put that box is right there [Applause] stuff going lower right here maybe oh okay it is swinging it forward which is nice I'm gonna go to the very back of the box to make it come forward I'm gonna pick it up from the behind there there oh no did I okay there we go there we go there we go good good there we go knees lift it up please lift it up and down now held onto it and drag it back alright one try left can I get it remember when they made this one two dollars grateful that it's one dollar but I'm just not picking it up in the right spots oh it's gonna stand it up aren't you you're gonna stand it up aren't you yeah you did okay walking away oh well I put five doors and I got a free try is it trying fatale I think so you have that bass and you know what happens when it doesn't fall I'm gonna get this one and I'm gonna get this one here we go the lighting is not the best I know I'm so sorry guys here we go here we go angles don't miss yep Oh what happened we did not cut it oh it kind of it kind okay let's do that again then shall we right there angle is it still okay okay I see how it is alright alright barber cut let's do this right there and I'm gonna slice it did slice alright I have to have to get a dead center dead center yeah [Applause] right there dead center there begets Chansey Chansey yes that's Chauncey about 1 try left can I get chanting with one try maybe close oh I went past 20 okay well I got that one in that one yeah all right Carrie I'm getting you your tenth one piece good luck and you want it to be a mystery are they colored caps northern Oddie are they are color-coded and there's 62 left six figures first ones a purple one can I see so purple is I can't tell okay mystery next next one next one next one getting 10 of these cuties don't be purple this one we can tell and this one is that bowl can you read it need for more needful not for that's equal okay so the white ones neat book still don't know who's in the purple window is that white or that gray gray gray one is long yeah Wow doing pretty good so far so you know you've got three different ones so far boom green is that law I mean not LA I mean little that's or so Green is old oh yay all right ending now so Sophie opened it up and said purple one is this one cool so we know grey green purple white the white one duplicate so we just need these two to complete the set and that will be a mystery Kari we'll find out when she gets them totally Tina we're kidding you your three Donald to touch upon good luck totally Tina says she really hope she gets the one where Donald looks mad and that's the one she got it that's Donald look man all right she got that one let me the new texture I don't know let me it's yeah let me DM her and see if she wants me to keep going okay so totally Tita just DM me and said let's do one more which one does she get is it the same one are they all blue I think they're all blue oh he's sleeping it's this one he's sleeping alright so if he's testing her luck she's got one ticket see if she can get the cushion you ripped number one [Applause] don't see one ticket that's the luckiest you've ever been Wow here are yours me Monchichi gotcha phone good luck the green one they're color coded so go keep going honey I'm going to fall it's the bow it's the girl one with the bow girl one with the bow that's Claire B so we got the beat all right you can kind of see through it right there girl one with the bow and that's a cheap one I'll lift it up sweetheart go ahead because there's copyrighted music playing and I really want to get out of here the red one girl with the faux to this one G yeah we're doing driver doing good we're doing well honey doing an awesome job and yellow nice three different gotcha pull and why and this one huh oh now that paper is in that way that paper is in the way okay I see a whole bunch of munchy cheese there a little you know I think it's C it's a pair of one there's one cheat sheet yeah it's C all right I'm gonna go for the front sweep the front sweep the first week the front sweep in front sweep the what happened what did it are you kidding just one more just one more just a little bit right there for what did it why [Applause] oh that's not good I'm gonna get it right here I'm gonna get it right here kind of wiggle it in just don't get underneath it okay there we go there we go get in front of it good good lift up three no that was supposed to come down okay bad decision Oh all right we're gonna try to get in front of the box lift it forward again lift it up lift it up lift that side down is it working or is it just smoke maybe I should go from behind behind okay okay now all I have to do oh it's this side [Applause] have you guys ever played as punching game it's so much fun oh the arcades worked it was so nice you guys she put it like she helped me like four times she was like watching him like it's tough it's tough because of rubber gripper and we're so sticky it kept you know the box is like glued to it practically but she helps us out so okay guys so mom is going to do this punching game that Sophie and I played it's a lot of fun the salsa pre difficult as do your hardest whatever no I don't think she is there you go whoa showing daddy you can see it you can see all the fireworks right there girls KCM when they let it up right there you can see the campus no no no he'll be brighter beat Disneyland [Applause] okay that's cool [Laughter] I'm in the ocean that's it okay nope that's onion something nope that's like Wow [Laughter] all right you

How to make your dollar bills look brand new

**How to make your dollar bills look brand new**



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tutorial on how to make your dollar bills look new.