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Mid-Year Goals Check-In | 2nd Quarter | Money, Life, Business  Updates + A BIG Announcement!!!

**Mid-Year Goals Check-In | 2nd Quarter | Money, Life, Business Updates + A BIG Announcement!!!**



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hey everyone welcome back to my channel today I wanted to do this video and it's gonna go fast because it is 20 money-saving tips for 2019 so I wanted to kind of share a little bit about our game plan for 2019 some things we've done things that I endorsed and things that I think will help you if you're looking for money-saving ways for 2019 in 2018 we got debt-free we paid out seventy thousand five hundred fourteen dollars worth of debt we no longer have any consumer debt besides our mortgage and we are about thirty three percent into our six month emergency button so if you're a Dave Ramsey fan that would be baby step number three is what we're about we're a third of the way through so I think that's right I don't know but anyway let's get going here cuz I have 20 ways that I think are gonna knock your socks off some of them you might already be doing and you're like yeah girl got this and some things maybe they're new and maybe it'll be a game changer for you on your financial jury so 20 is a lot and I try to do my videos in 10 minutes so I'm gonna go quick follow along alright the first one is meal plan for the week this saves us about six thousand dollars a year okay I'm not even kidding if we spent $500 a month eating out which we used to let's be honest we save six thousand dollars a year six thousand dollars can you even wrap your head around that that's half of the carp value of a car so if you really wanted to get saving or get out of debt that right there is huge meal planning I need to do a whole video on that maybe I had if I have all linkit but if I have it I need to second one make your own coffee at home okay very rarely we see me go to Starbucks now I send about 1800 dollars a year I used to spend about $5 a day at Starbucks I know it's bad but I did it judge away now I make it at home I actually prefer from home I I love my copy at home I have a little frother I got from Ikea for 2 bucks I make my own lattes they cost me about 25 seconds I make them at home it's genius so if your Starbucks like habitual excuse me habitual going in Starbucks I was – I need that have it you can too and save 1800 dollars a year that's a family vacation that's a family vacation the third one quality over quantity I want to give you an example so when my boys were little I used to always buy their shoes at Payless cuz I thought or Walmart or something like that because I thought you know they're cheap shoes right um you can get choose her sometimes ten bucks whatever what I found out first of all with little kids is they don't always take care of things and the cheaper they are the harder it is to take care of and they fall apart quicker so I was buying about three pairs of Payless walmart shoes in the time span that I do when I buy them good quality shoes now so I love shoe carnival I don't know if you have one of those near you but I love to buy my kids shoes there with their BOGO so I'll get my older kids like Nikes and I will do like they're really good Nikes like 80 bucks and then the second pair is 40 so I think it's a win-win because right now their shoes last them like six to eight months if I was buying cheap shoes they would be lasting maybe a month or two so I feel like I would have spent the same maybe the same amount of my money anyway so now I feel like that's a good deal so quality over quantity you know sometimes it's better to pay for things like winter coats shoes backpacks things that they're gonna get a beating right you want quality um number for handmade gifts and cards I hate cards I think they're the most ripoff thing ever like I know there's a good sentiment and I I love that when people give them to me and I appreciate it but I think it's so stupid to go buy sometimes they're like six bucks like a six dollar Hallmark card or whatever at Target six bucks I would rather just get six bucks I mean cuz you're kind of look at the card you're gonna be like oh thank you and then you're gonna throw it away what are you gonna keep it like an order for 75 years I don't know I just think there are wasting money first of all you have kids maybe have them print out some cute cards maybe even just draw your own and make them hand me handwritten Plus or super cute because when my kids make something and they draw a like Q things I do save that for 75 years because my kids do it and they're so cute and in 40 years I'm gonna use that to torture them so what do you want for me the fifth one water only you guys oh my gosh this is Big Ben my water bottle I'll link it down below it is the best water bottle ever it's a gallon I drink it every day the whole thing I basically have a floating eyeballs but I am actually getting all my water in so it's a win-win holy cow I'm only on number six six use your library we saved over five thousand dollars in 2018 using our library how do I know that at the bottom of our receipts it actually says you have saved over five thousand dollars at the library that's insane so if I would have gone to Amazon or Barnes and Nobles or wherever and bought these books CDs movies whatever we would have spent over five thousand dollars that's insane insane so don't forget your library there are some great resources there number seven make a capsule wardrobe okay I'm doing a video on that very soon so be sure to be subscribed on a winter capsule wardrobe number eight fix things yourself YouTube everything I youtube everything I go to youtube to learn everything because if it's on the Internet it is the truth right I'm just kidding it's not not everything I mean I'm being funny but you can learn how to fix almost anything you can learn how to cut your hair to DIY things DIY Beauty things things in your house whatever YouTube everything try to fix it yourself if you can I mean if it's above your pay grade I'm saying like plumber electrician level skip YouTube and call the professionals but if it's something silly you know miner around your home or whatever do it yourself number nine move to a cheaper location we really want to move to Colorado like my heart lives in Colorado I love going there I dream about Colorado in fact I have a whole book of like vacations I have planned to Colorado which I'll take them all but guess what if we live in Colorado it would be double the price of what it is here housing mines tax wise we live in a really cheap state we live in Kansas it you can live in a shoebox here for 25 cents I'm not even kidding you okay I'm kidding but you can live in a really beautiful big home for a really good price it's a really great cheap place to live and then we can travel all we want because our cost of living is super cheap so if you live in Colorado maybe you should move to Kansas no no don't do that but I'm just saying maybe move to a smaller house maybe move to a I don't know but think about that you're not a tree you can move we did in 2017 we were in debt up to our eyeballs I'm not even sure how Wells Fargo gave us a loan I mean I know they had to underwrite it because we were in such a train wreck financially and we probably shouldn't have moved but that's a whole nother ballgame but no to a cheaper location you're not a tree pack food for road trips number 10 pack food for road trips we always travel with a cooler we call it in the minute and then a bag we call it the food bag feed bag like we're animals and I have it loaded with snacks I just go through my pantry and basically all into the bag because here's the thing all those crackers all those cookies that are just sitting there that nobody's eating when they're in the car and they're hungry enough they'll eat all those things that's a great way to clean up things you've already spent money on number 11 skipped dryer sheets first of all they're full of chemical garbage they're really harmful to you by the way just skip them invest in some good wool dryer balls I will link some of those down below I got what I know if Amazon and they're really great saves you a lot of money you don't have to keep buying things and keep using them the balls just stay in your dryer here's a fighting game I like to play when the dryer balls are missing I make all the kids put up their devices and once they find all my dryer balls throughout the house they get their devices back I know I mean but usually they're hiding it under their beds and they're so they need to find them for me so that's a fun game you complain your kids will hate me for that you're welcome number 12 negotiate credit card rates and fees I'm gonna give you a really fast example of our city I know I'm going so fast you guys but I mean really I value your time so I want this to be like yeah so here's the thing you go she ate credit card rates we had a city card and I owed like eleven thousand dollars on it and I called them and I just kind of wanted to see what I could do here so I said hey I'm not gonna be able to pay my credit card anymore what can I do what are my options you know we're looking at we had a death in the family we had we're looking at job loss what are my options and they were like oh um well we could close the card and then set you up with a drafted monthly payment amount and then freeze it so there's no more interest accruing I knew that that would save me a ton of money and we would be able to get momentum to pay off debt so I said yes and it didn't affect my credit any because I didn't default on the card I still paid it every month so I said yes and it kind of stunk because I had the card for like 17 years but honestly I don't care about credit cards anymore not about that life anymore so I said yes so negotiate everything is negotiable you guys everything do not take for face value what everything is usually you can negotiate things down if you're not good at it maybe your spouse is my husband would never call and negotiate things like that just not his personality he's not like pit bull with lipstick like I am I will I'm a businesswoman I will take care of business my husband he is super like chill he doesn't want to do those things so I don't have a problem doing it if maybe you don't ask your spouse number 13 embrace your waist food-eating I just did a video on this I am so passionate about this you guys try to use up everything can in the house batch cook cook every other day use up everything in your fridge freezer in pantry don't let things get freezer burned and wasted use it up and only buy what you need every week thinking abundance not a poverty mindset you can always get more okay number 14 try home remedies if you're seriously ill obviously you need to go to the doctor I need if you have strep throat you need an antibiotic or something don't be crazy get your bet to the doctor but if you are just like I don't know like think about it like I love essential oils always have oils around love them I do epson salt baths I do with you is we do vitamins we do healthy smoothies you know try to do home remedies good self-care for prevention get those dental checks get those you know take care of yourself take care of your family but try to do things whole at home yourself even beauty treatments things like that like pedicures things like that but if you're really a legit sick go to the doctor but a lot of people go to the doctor because they have a cold yeah you got a cold get yourself a nanny pot get a diffuser put a little breathe in it and chill you got a cold now if you have strep you've got you're like sicker than a dog with a crazy fever go to the doctor but if you're just going to the doctor with your cold you're just gonna give that cold to all the other people there just stay home eat chicken noodle soup and take care of yourself don't don't freak out don't go on WebMD because they do you think everybody's dying that's oh no don't do it number 15 be accountable check in daily with your finances I know that seems like overkill but a lot of people they have no clue what their numbers are and sometimes you have to do it daily to get on track with what you're spending and how to keep yourself accountable number 16 use Airbnb when you travel okay I'm gonna put my link down below guys it's an affiliate link but I love Airbnb I used it four times in the past year I went to Colorado Utah Oklahoma out three times I'm going to Oklahoma at the end of the month but don't come murder me but three times I guess Colorado Utah Oklahoma and I'm actually going to vlog that Oklahoma trip because I'm not gonna spoil it but make sure you're subscribed because it's gonna be really cool but use Airbnb I like it because you usually have a kitchen you can cook you can go the grocery store you can buy all your food you just save so much money using Airbnb or VRBO or whatever that one's good too I'm sure um I will use Airbnb I can't vouch for the other one but I know other people like it to get rid of things number 17 I feel like I'm a sneeze oh my gosh numbers how to get rid of things when it's less overwhelming it feels better and when you work really hard to declutter your house you're less likely to bring things home number 18 pay up front and save car insurance this is why seeking funds are so important I always have a year of car insurance saved up I have a year of I have our Christmas money saved already for next year I have a sinking funds account that I put I need to like do a whole video on this if I haven't already but I think I have I have I'll link it in the iCard but pay up front I have things to your sinking funds every month you should put away whatever you can and build up a sinking funds even if you're trying to get out of debt I really recommend having sinking Punch you guys those really saved our butts whenever something will come up for our cars for house maintenance we had the money saved we didn't get set back because we had something come up that we knew could have come up so sinking funds are so important so when I say pay upfront build up your account so that when your car insurance is due every six months you can pay it in full and sometimes you save like a whole month worth of car insurance by doing that it's a great way to save number 19 almost add create a plan and get out of debt if you don't have a plan to get out of debt you gotta do it guys you've gotta have a plan when you don't have a plan you have no map no way to get things done no way to know where you're going and how you're gonna get there so create a plan and follow it if you need help with that I'm doing a video on it soon so be sure to be subscribed number twenty fries almost everything unless you live on the moon you probably have a freezer everyone has a freezer freeze everything when like kale spinach things like that are getting ready to go bad I will freeze it those all go in my green smoothies when I make too much meat portion it out and freeze it when I have cheese I freeze it if something could go bad freeze it it just kind of like stops the process keeps that food safe so you can keep using it so freeze everything carefully watch dates that's why less is more when you only buy what you need you can see what you have what you need to freeze what you can take out and then your meal plan and constantly out of your freezer so you use step up even if I can't use it for two days and I think it could go bad I will freeze it no joke I don't play around it's money I'm gonna be a good steward of our money of our income so that's it guys those are my 20 things what do you have that you would add to help you and your family save money in 2018 we have big goals for 2019 and I want to be do the best we can with what we have so comment down below I'd love to know don't forget to subscribe give a thumbs up and let me know that you're here I love to get to know you too thank you guys so much for watching bye